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Sal's Weekly Picks
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   Dan "Salamander" McLaughlin, a former student at Cardinal Dougherty, is checking in from college. He used to hang out in the Looney Bin and come up with  funny comments. You may reach Dan at GrandWazy@aol.com.
He is world-renowned as a deep thinker, as you can undoubtedly tell from the picture to the left.

NOV. 8
Ted, I'd like to lay down my predictions out on the TABLE RIGHT

Roman 28 Ryan 17
Conwell-Egan 24 Kennedy-Kenrick 12
O'Hara 17 Bonner 3
McDevitt 21 Neumann 0

OCT. 25
  I was 1 away from perfect last week ... damn those Cardinals for ruining
it. Well, this week I guarantee victory over Huck and prove to Ted that

Red Division
GAME OF THE WEEK: La Salle at Roman. This is a matchup of Roman QB Sloan-El
against La Salle's tough D. Winner will probably finish #2 behind the
steam roller that is the Prep. Roman 17 La Salle 10

Prep 35 O'Hara 17
Bonner 21 Judge 10
North 21 Ryan 20 <---- UPSET SPECIAL!!!

Blue Division
GAME OF THE WEEK: Carroll vs. McDevitt. The winner of this game can
take sole possession of first place with a victory here coupled with an
Egan loss. So whoever wins this will be tied with the Eagles coming
down the home stretch. McDevitt 21 Carroll 17

Neumann 21 Wood 7
Egan 40 Kenn-Kenrick 14
West 48 Dougherty 0

  P.S. To the fan who wrote me the 2 page email about how stupid I am...
Who is the real retard? Me for having fun on this website or you for
taking the time to write that long email full of typos and such? I
expect that kind of behavior from Tate, but not from you people.

OCT. 18
Howdy everyone, I have returned from my week of absence and it's time for
me to pick the perfect week. Unlike my colleague Huck, I can do it.

Red Division
GAME OF THE WEEK: Bonner vs. Prep showdown lacks passion of last year's
rivalry. Bonner's D is good but i's O isn't explosive enough to
outscore Prep. Prep is unstoppable 35-10.
Roman 28 Ryan 20
Lasalle 27 Judge 13
O'Hara 30 North 24

Blue Division
GAME OF THE WEEK: Dougherty at Neumann might not be the blockbuster of
the week in the Blue, but it offers a good match up of talent
against...tenacity. Neumann has the size but it is CD's homecoming so
they'll be fired up and hope to keep Neumann down in the basement.
Upset Special Dougherty 17 Neumann 10
Egan 24 Carroll 10
McDevitt 27 K-K 14
West 35 Wood 7

Good luck to all and be simply the best.

OCT. 4
Hey, kids, it's me again. I was 1 away from being perfect last week, and
my scores were pretty damn close, too. Let's see how I do this week. And
if I pick against you, don't take it personal, just deal with it and
prove me wrong.

Catholic Red
Game of the Week: This game could decide the #2 seed in the Red for the
playoffs. La Salle got spanked last week and they face a tough Bonner D.
Bonner 17-10
O'Hara 27, Ryan 21
Roman 28, Judge 7
Prep 45, North 13

Catholic Blue
Game of the Week: It's put up or shut up time for Egan. After my last
entry, I  got blasted by at least 15 Egan fans for "dissing" Slaton. He
can earn some real respect this week and I think he will against
McDevitt. Egan 28-21.
West 30, Neumann 17
Wood 21, K-K 7

A personal note on the Carroll/Dougherty Game. I played back when
Carroll owned the Blue a few years ago and ran up the score without mercy
just so they might get ranked in state and national polls. They're
playing a tough, but depleted Dougherty team this week and I wouldn't be
suprised if they once again try to gain respect by attemping to run up
the score. Little memo to Carroll coaches, NO ONE IS SCARED OF YOU
ANYMORE! You're the 3rd, maybe 4th best team in the Blue. Beating up on
Dougherty will prove nothing. Have a little dignity while playing this
Carroll 35, Dougherty 17

SEPT. 24
   I think I should go head to head with Huck each week and see who can pick the most games right in the Catholic League. Sure he knows a lot more than I do and gets to see all these games first hand, but Sampson will guide me.
Red Division Game of the Week: Prep makes another early-season statement. Prep 28, La Salle 7
Ryan 20 Judge 17
O'Hara 21 Roman 20
Bonner 28 North 10
Blue Division Game of the Week: West went and hissed off Carroll; not good for Neumann. Carroll 35 Neumann 14
McDevitt 17 Wood 7
Slaton...I mean Conwell-Egan 47 Dougherty 0
West 35 K-K 10
Penn St 33 Iowa 13
Have a good weekend and try to go see at least one game. I know which one i'll be at.
Dan "Salamander" McLaughlin