Philadelphia High School Basketball

Catching Up With Ed Robinson,
Early 1980s Ben Franklin Star

The following email was received from Ed Robinson on June 8,2021. Ed was a starter for the Electrons'
Public League semifinalists in 1982 and '83, that '82 team advanced to the championship game.   

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  Hi Ted. This is Ed Robinson (former basketball player and All-Public at Ben Franklin H.S.).
  It is great to know you are still involved in the Philly sports scene. Hey, I just wanted to provide an update of what's happening in my life especially something that recently took place. From the athletic standpoint, I was a two-time All-Amercian for men's basketball at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. When I played, the college was NAIA, but is now NCAA Division 3. I was named Small College Player of the Year by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I was inducted into my college's Athletic Hall of Fame and had my jersey number (#22) retired. I averaged 22 points and 14 rebounds per game during my college career. I was one of a few college players that amassed over 1700 points and 1100 rebounds in just three years. I was also invited to tryout for the Charlotte Hornets.
  Although I am proud of those accomplishments, there is something that just might eclipse all that I accomplished athletically. A few weeks ago, I received my doctorate degree in higher education leadership. Although I have served as a vice president at the college level, my goal is to become a president of a college. So, obtaining my doctorate degree was important for numerous reasons. Besides needing the doctorate for a president's role, I hope it serves as an example for the countless number of athletes and aspiring athletes. It is fine to have dreams about playing athletically at a certain level, but very few athletes are prepared when that dream is deferred. I would love to see more athletes and former athletes pursue advanced degrees. 
  Thanks for all you do and have done over the years. You're an anomaly, which is why you are very special to so many people.
  -- Ed Robinson,

   Best of luck going forward, Ed!! please keep us in the loop and keep providing inspiration.