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Football Preview, 2017

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    Ed "Huck" Palmer is one of our trusty statisticians/observers. He is not to be confused with Tom "Puck" McKenna. (Huck is normal. Puck is not even close). You may contact him at
     Huck's sons . . . Jack (L) and Max.


(Selected by PCL Coaches)
Chris Maloney-OL-LaSalle, Kyle Pitts-TE-Wood, Marquez McCray-QB-SJ Prep.
BLUE- Justin Santilla-WR-O’Hara, Patrick Garwo-RB-Con.-Egan, Dan Fiorella-K-McDevitt, Jack Barreras-K-Con.-Egan.
Ryan Bryce-DL-SJ Prep, Garrett Zobel-DL-LaSalle, Austin Lemke-LB-LaSalle, Matt Palmer-LB-Wood, Dahmir Ruffin-DB-Carroll, Nasir Peoples-DB-Wood.
BLUE- Calvin Pressley-DL-West, Jamir Redd-LB-O’Hara.
Tom Walsh-C-Wood, Garrett Zobel-OL-LaSalle, Connor Bishop-OL-Wood, Liam Trainer-TE-LaSalle, Darryle Simmons-WR-SJ Prep, Troy Holland-WR-LaSalle, Ryan Flaherty-K-Roman.
BLUE- Quameer Francis-OL-Con.-Egan, Rovny Dasilva-TE-West, Da’Vion Kidd-Jackson-QB-West, Matt Casee-RB-Lansdale, Jack Barreras-P-Con.-Egan.
Bill Shaeffer-DL-Wood, Mike Leyland-DL-Roman, Tyler Smith-LB-Wood, Myles Talley-LB-SJ Prep, Liam Trainer-LB-LaSalle, Dawson DeIuliis-DB-SJ Prep.   BLUE- Nasir Pettus-DL-McDevitt, Dwayne Majors-DL-Con.-Egan, Jacir Savoy-DB-West, Kyrin Jackson-DB-Bonner-Pren.




  Coach: Mike McKay, 5th year; Education: Father Judge, Philadelphia Community College; Career: 24-22.
  Last year: 3-3, fourth in red; 6-6.
  Great eight: Ryan Jakeman, WR-S, 5’9”, 175; Steve Arrington, WR-DB, 5’9”, 162; Mark MaGuire, TE-LB, 6’1”, 218; Dan Adams, OL-DL, 6’2”, 265, Tim Weldon, RB-DE, 5’11”, 207; Katob Joseph, RB-DB, 5’11”, 172; Shane Dooley, QB-S, 6’1”, 183; Nick Conway, WR-LB, 5’11”, 174.
  Happy about: Skill positions and senior returners.
  Concerned about: Inexperience on offensive line and young roster.
  McKay’s comment: With experience, leadership of returners, and overall commitment from this group I think we can be competitive.

Coach: John Steinmetz, 3rd year; Education: LaSalle, Spring Garden College; Career: 14-8
  Last year: 4-2, third in Red; 6-4.
  Great eight: Isaiah Jones, QB-S, 6’2”, 225; Garrett Zobel, OL-DT, 6’3”, 285; Liam Trainer, TE-LB, 6’2”, 240; Chris Maloney, OL-DE, 6’3”, 227; Colin Hirschmann, OL-DE, 6’6”, 240; Dan Kuznetso, OL-DE, 6’2”, 240; Troy Holland, WR, 6’2”, 170; Austin Lemke, LB, 6’0”, 220.
  Happy about: Senior leadership especially on the offensive line, speed at WR.
  Concerned about: Staying healthy thru a difficult N-L schedule because our league will be tough.
  Steinmetz’s comment: Excited about our strong senior leadership. We had great participation and commitment to our offseason program.

Coach: Jim Murphy, 11th year (first stint at Roman, 2000-07); Education: North Catholic, Holy Family; Career:  69-51; 5-17 this stint.
  Last year: 2-4, fifth in Red; 4-8.
  Great eight: Marquise Cooper, RB-DB, 5’11”, 200; Daniel Fitts, OL-DE; Mike Leyland, OL-DE, 6’3”, 230; Donathan McCants, WR-DB, 5’10”, 180; Rodney Michel, WR-DB, 5’9”, 175; Stephen Zakrzewski, OL-DL, 5’10, 215; Jeffrey Grosso, QB, 6’0”, 175; Harrison Frazier-Gibson, OL-DL, 5’9”, 255.
  Happy about: Work ethic of this team.
  Concerned about: Youth and inexperience.
  Murphy’s comment: My hope is that we improve each day and that the young guys understand what it takes to succeed on this level and in our league.

  Coach: Gabe Infante, 8th year (also Paramus Catholic, N.J., 2008-09); Education: Memorial (West New York, N.J.), Holy Cross. Career: 89-31; 79-21 at SJP.
  Last year: 6-0, first in Red; 14-0.
  Great eight: Phil O’Connor, LB, 6’0”, 210; Darryle Simmons, WR, 6’3”, 205; Dawson DeIuliis, DB, 5’10”, 195; Marquez McCray, QB, 6’2”, 220; Ryan Bryce, DL, 6’4”, 285; Nick DiPrinzio, OL, 6’2”, 265; Rayshad Wallace, DL, 6’1”, 225; Bradley Cobaugh, LB, 6’1”, 190.
  Happy about: The strength of our defense with key returners back; McCray leading our offense.
  Concerned about: Inexperience to the offensive line.
I  nfante’s comment: Excited for the challenge and to watch our kids compete against some of the best competition in the country.


  Coach: Dan Connor, 2nd year, Education: Strath Haven, Penn St.; Career: 1-10.
  Last year: 0-6, seventh in Red; 1-10.
  Great eight: Dahmir Ruffin, WR-DB, 5’11”, 165; Ryan Graham, FB-LB, 5’11”, 200, Zebby Zarwie, RB-DB, 5’10”, 185; Kamal Gray, QB, 5’11”, 175; Anthony Warnick, OL-DL, 6’2”, 245; Rich Kimmel FB-LB, 6’2”, 220; Bobby Ferry, LB-TE, 6’0”, 205; Jaelen Parker, TE-DE, 6’0”, 230.
  Happy about: Leadership and culture change in the program.
  Concerned about: Depth.
  Connor’s comment: We are hoping to have another year where positive strides are made.

  Coach: Frank McArdle, 9th year; Education: Ryan, James Madison Career: 43-44
  Last year: 1-5, sixth in Red; 7-6.
  Great eight: Tim Moulton, DL, 6’4”, 270; Dylan Cariss, WR, 5’9”, 160; Dan McBride, TE-DE, 5’11”, 185; Mike Minnitti, RB-DB, 5’9”, 165; Colin Boyd, WR-DB, 5’10”, 190; Kyron Long, WR-DB, 5’9”, 170; Jason Jefferson, RB-DE, 5’9”, 210; Chris Reed, QB, 5’10”, 160.
  Happy about: Team chemistry, work ethic, and high character kids.
  Concerned about: We are very young, but we get better everyday.
  McArdle’s comment: I really like this group. We refocused some things after last year. This is the best camp we have had in years.

  Coach: Steve Devlin, 11th year; Education: Ryan, Lycoming Career: 120-20-1.
  Last year: 5-1, second in Red; 11-2-1.
  Great eight: Kyle Pitts, TE-DE, 6’5”, 240; Nasir Peoples, RB-DB, 6’2”, 190; Matt Palmer, FB-LB, 6’1”, 205; Bill Shaeffer, WR-DL, 6’4”, 225; Jack Coylar, QB, 6’3”, 200; Tyler Smith, FB-LB, 6’2”, 235; Tom Walsh, OL-DL, 6’4”, 255; Albert Glasgow, OL-DL, 6’2”, 260.
  Happy about: Experience returning.
  Concerned about: Replacing our kicking game.
  Devlin’s comment: We are excited about our returning players, but we need to get better each day as our schedule is very tough.



  Coach: Jack Muldoon, 2nd year; Education: Bonner, Eastern University. Career: 4-7 
  Last year: 3-3, fifth in Blue; 4-7.
  Great eight: Kyrin Jackson, WR-DB, 6’1”, 190; Mike Killian, OL-DL, 6’2”, 235; Billy McGoldrick, RB-S, 5’10”, 185; Ryan Beck, WR-DB, 5’6”, 185; Jake McGillin, LB, 5’10”, 180; Semaj Wilkins, OL-DL, 5’11”, 245; Nasim Cooper, RB-DB, 5’8”, 170, David McMullen, RB-LB, 6’0”, 190.
  Happy about: The leadership on and off the field from our small, but dedicated group of seniors.
  Concerned about: Depth at certain positions and overall program numbers. However, we hope to change that with a strong freshman class.
  Muldoon’s comment: We are very young and hope to be in the mix as the season progresses. The competition in our league will be challenging.

  Coach: B.J. “Butch” Hogan, 3rd year; Education: O’Hara, Widener. Career: 11-10. 
  Last year: 6-0, first in Blue; 10-1.
  Great eight: Justin Santilla, WR-DB, 5’11”, 175; Jamir Redd, WR-LB, 6’0”, 200; Cameron Blair TE-LB, 6’0”, 190; Nick Kutufaris, RB-DB, 5’11”, 175; Tom Wertz OL-DL, 6’0”, 215; Tyric Gould, WR-DL, 6’0”, 195; Taseer Jones, RB-DB, 5’10”, 175; Josh McCallister-Afflick, WR-DB, 5’10”, 175.
  Happy about: Experience at skill positions.
  Concerned about: Offensive and defensive lines.
  Hogan’s comment: Behind a strong senior class we feel that we can accomplish a lot. Development on lines will ultimately determine how successful we can be.


  Coach: Jack Techtmann, 10th year (first stint at Egan/C-E 1991-93); Education: Egan, Delaware Valley.  Career: 33-66; 28-40 this stint.
Last year: 4-2, second in Blue; 9-4
  Great eight: Patrick Garwo, RB-S, 5’10”, 205; Quameer Francis, OL-DE, 6’3”, 250; Gino Turchi, C-DL, 6’3”, 240; Dwayne Majors, FB-DE, 5’11”, 260; Chauncey Kratee, OL-DL, 5’11’, 300; Chuck Layton, WR-S 6’2”, 190; Terome Mitchell, RB-LB, 5’11”, 190; Alex Goldsby, QB-DB, 6’0”, 175.
  Happy about: Defensive front four, offensive backfield.
  Concerned about: Youth at certain positions.
  Techtmann’s comment: If we can maintain health then we should be competitive every week. Ball security on offense and controlling the defensive line will go a long way for us.

  Coach: Tom Kirk, 6th year, Education: Wood, Delaware Valley. Career: 27-23.
  Last year: 3-3, fourth in Blue; 3-6.
  Great eight: Matt Casee, RB-DE, 5’11”, 190; Jake Doheny, RB-LB, 6’0”, 200; Nick Picozzi, TE-DE, 6’5”, 190; Billy Piotrowicz, OL, 6’4”, 280; Mike Dutkiewicz, QB-DB, 6’3”, 190; P.J. O’Connor, TE-DE, 5’11”, 200; Jason Carr, RB-DB, 5’10”, 170; Alex Arrow, TE-LB, 5’11”, 190.
  Happy about: Our senior class, strong leadership, and work ethic.
  Concerned about: Lack of depth at key positions.
  Kirk’s comment: This year’s team has a very special group of seniors who genuinely like and respect one another, who have worked extremely hard in the off season, and who understand the commitment necessary to have a successful season.


Coach: Mike Watkins, 2nd year; Education: McDevitt, Kean University; Career:  2-7.
  Last year: 1-5, sixth in Blue; 2-7.
  Great eight: Nasir Pettus, OL-DL, 6’1”, 230; Giancarlo Kelly, OL-DL, 6’1”, 240; Lawrence Richardson, TE-LB, 6’0”, 200; RJ Laurie-Clark, RB-S, 5’10”, 180; Richard Cotton, LB, 6’1”, 230; Lonnie Rice, QB-S, 6’0”, 180; Dwayne Nelson, RB-DB, 5’6”, 150; Amari Jones RB-DB, 5’6”, 150.
  Happy about: Overall team speed; skill players that can create.
  Concerned about: Youth; developing fast enough.
  Watkins’ comment: Excited about makeup of this team.We are young but competitive. A close group of kids who are buying in to what we are trying to do.

Coach: Albie Crosby, 1st year (also Imhotep 2012-15); Education: West Catholic, Western Connecticut; Career: 53-6 (at Imhotep).
  Last year: 0-6, seventh in Blue; 0-8.
  Great eight: Chris Wells, RB, 5’10”, 190; Terrance Williams, OL-DL, 6’2”, 285; Tre Bouie, WR, 5’11”, 170; Charles Britt, QB, 6’1”, 185; Kalif Jones, DB, 5’8”, 160; Tysheem Johnson, RB-DB, 5’11”, 170; Sincere Hall, LB, 6’0”, 190; Kharon Lloyd, LB, 6’2”, 235.
  Happy about: The competition that the players bring everyday.
  Concerned about: The unknown.
  Crosby’s comment: Very excited to start this chapter.

Coach: Brian Fluck, 19th year; Education: West Catholic, Temple. Career: 159-75.
  Last year: 4-2, third in Blue; 7-6.
  Great eight: Rovny Dasilva, TE-DE, 6’1”, 225; Calvin Pressley, OL-DL, 6’4”, 255; Da’vion Kidd-Jackson, QB, 6’0”, 175; Koddy Mills, 6’1”, 195 RB-LB; Keith Jenkins, FB-DE, 5’11”, 225; Jahmere Crumpton, 5’10”, 170; FB-S,  Tre Johnson, RB-LB, 5’9”, 205; Jacir Savoy, 5’7” RB-DB.
  Happy about: Athleticism and quickness in the front seven of defense.
  Concerned about: Inexperience at the skill positions.
  Fluck’s comment: If this group can come together and meet their potential, then we can contend for a league title.


2017 GAMES TO WATCH: (League Games Only)

Sept. 15 - Wood at SJ Prep (@ Widener) - 7:30
Two of the state’s best take center stage in this Red Division early-season clash.

Sept. 16 - Con.-Egan at West Catholic (@ Drexel - Vidas Comp.) - 1:00
A tussle between Blue Division hopefuls in the league opener for both.

Sept. 22 - O’Hara at Bonner-Prendie (@ Upper Darby) - 7:00
No love lost here as the Lions and Friars renew their Delco rivalry.

Sept. 23 - Wood at Roman (@ Northwest SS) - 7:00
Florida bound TE Kyle Pitts will look to lead what is typically a strong Vikings’ skill group.

Sept. 29 - Judge at La Salle (@ Ply.-Whitemarsh) - 7:00
The Explorers’ bring back talent and experience led by bookend linemen Chris Maloney & Garrett Zobel.

Sept. 30 - West Catholic at Neumann-Goretti (@ South Philly SS) - 6:00
With former West assistant Albie Crosby at the helm for Saints this rivalry will have plenty of intrigue.

Oct. 6 - Neumann-Goretti at Bonner-Prendie - 7:00
Potent Saints backfield of Leddie Brown & Chris Wells should be rounding into shape by this point.

Oct. 7 - Carroll at Ryan (@ Northeast) - 7:00
Pats’ soph QB Kamal Gray has the makings of being one of the league’s better dual threats in time.

Oct. 13 - Con.-Egan at O’Hara - 7:00
The Eagles’ star rusher Patrick Garwo will be seeking a little revenge against the Lions.

Oct. 14 - SJ Prep at Judge (@ Northeast) - 7:00
The Crusaders behind bruising RB Tim Weldon will hope to catch the mighty Hawks looking ahead.

Oct. 20 - La Salle at SJ Prep (@ Widener) - 7:30
This PCL marquee match-up will probably be just an appetizer before the main course a month later.

Oct. 21 - Roman at Ryan (@ Northeast) - 7:00
The Cahillites’  Mike Leyland and Raiders’ Tim Moulton will anchor the trenches for their respective teams.

Oct. 27 - La Salle at Wood (@ Tennent) - 7:00
This regular season finale could go a long way in deciding the PCL Red Division title.

Oct. 28 - McDevitt at Lansdale (@ Wissahickon) - 5:00
The Crusaders’ RB Matt Casee and Lancers’ QB Lonnie Rice will look to guide the offenses  in this one.


2017 PLAYERS TO WATCH (Listed Alphabetically)
*BOLDED players: Supreme 12

Christian Barmore (DL) - Neumann-Goretti
Emerging, late-bloomer is currently committed to Temple.

Leddie Brown (RB) - Neumann-Goretti
-West Virginia commit is a dynamic newcomer to the league.

Ryan Bryce (DL) - SJ Prep
-This future cadet is the rugged anchor of what should be an excellent Hawks’ defense

Matt Casee (RB) - Lansdale
A tough, downhill runner who will spearhead the Crusaders’ offense.

Marquise Cooper (RB) - Roman
Could be primed for a breakout year as the Cahillites’ top offensive weapon.

Jack Colyar (QB) - Wood
The junior signal-caller will look to build upon his successful sophomore campaign.

DeJuan Dandridge (S) - SJ Prep
Underrated, rangy security blanket in Hawks’ secondary.

Rovny DaSilva (DE) - West
-Speedy, strong end that is adept at getting to the quarterback.

Dawson DeIuliis (DB) - SJ Prep
Princeton commit will quarterback the Hawks’ defense.

Nick DiPrinzio (OL) - SJ Prep
A first-year starter who will look to stabilize a young Hawks’ offensive line.

Shane Dooley (QB) - Judge
The Crusaders expect big things on both sides of the ball from the rising junior.

Quameer Francis (DL) - Conwell-Egan
This three-year starter is quietly one of the better two-way lineman in the PCL.

Patrick Garwo (RB) - Conwell-Egan
-Powerful, speedy back is accumulating offers as one of the state’s best juniors.

Kamal Gray (QB) - Carroll
Bright future lies ahead for this dual-threat quarterback.

Colin Hirschmann (OL) - La Salle
-A two-way lineman with length is a pivotal piece for an Explorers’ squad with high expectations.

Troy Holland (WR) - La Salle
A sleek deep threat in a potentially potent LaSalle offense.

Kyrin Jackson (DB) - Bonner-Prendie
The Friars most experienced and best two-way performer.

Keith Jenkins (DE) - West
Possesses quickness and is rock solid along the defensive line.

Justin Johnson (OL) - Neumann-Goretti
-Mammoth Oregon recruit will pave the way for a talented N-G backfield.

Isaiah Jones (QB) - La Salle
-Coming off a lost season to injury this dynamic playmaker will look to make amends.

Da’Vion Kidd-Jackson (QB) - West
A high level athlete will be counted on a bunch to guide an inexperienced Burrs’ offense.

Ryan Jakeman (WR) - Judge
A handyman who will play wherever he’s needed for the Crusaders.

Austin Lemke (LB) - La Salle
Strong and experienced middle linebacker who will look to lead an improved Explorers’ defense.

Mike Leyland (DL) - Roman
Consistent two-way lineman will be counted on heavily to bolster the trenches for Roman.

Dwayne Majors (DL) - Conwell-Egan
Burly force who thrives on wreaking havoc in opposing backfields.

Chris Maloney (DE) - La Salle
This three-year starter is as steady as they come for the Explorers.

Donathan McCants (DB) - Roman
Competitive DB who aims to shutdown the oppositions’ top receiving threat.

Marquez McCray (QB) - SJ Prep
-Tossed 21 TDs and 2,100+ yards to help Hawks win 3rd state title in four years a season ago.

Mike Minnitti (RB) - Ryan
Unassuming playmaker who might have strong season if he can avoid the injury bug.

Tim Moulton (DL) - Ryan
The Raiders most experienced an talented lineman will be counted on significantly.

Phil O’Connor (LB) - SJ Prep
Scrappy backer with a nose for the ball and big-play ability.

Matt Palmer (LB) - Wood
Smart, instinctive force for the Vikes’ defense will head to Delaware after this season.

Nasir Peoples (DB) - Wood
The VA Tech recruit should emerge as one of the top Wood threats this season.

Nasir Pettus (DL) - McDevitt
A four-year starter will be asked to do a lot for a young McDevitt squad.

Kyle Pitts (TE) - Wood
-Blessed with size, speed, and hands this Florida commit is a big play waiting to happen.

Calvin Pressley (DL) - West
We look to improve upon an encouraging junior year as the Burrs’ top two-way lineman.

Jamir Redd (LB) - O’Hara
Sure-tackler, who was beyond steady in O’Hara’s team defense approach.

Lonnie Rice (QB) - McDevitt
Only a sophomore this Lancers’ signal-caller and defenisve back should handle the ball a lot.

Dahmir Ruffin (DB) - Carroll
-Capable of making plays on both sides of the ball this ballhawk picked-off five passes last year.

Justin Santilla (WR) - O’Hara
-Stalwart on both sides of the line of scrimmage who notched 11 receiving scores a year ago.

Bill Shaeffer (DE) - Wood
A Lafayette recruit who will be a leader on the Vikings’ defensive line.

Darryle Simmons (WR) - SJ Prep
A VA Tech recruit who hopes to make it back at some point after an achilles injury this spring.

Tyler Smith (LB) - Wood
Underrated Wood backer who is always around the ball.

Liam Trainer (DE) - La Salle
One of the Explorers better two-way players is headed to Delaware.

Gine Turchi (C) - Conwell-Egan
Strong, gritty center and defensive lineman for the Eagles.

Rayshad Wallace (DL) - SJ Prep
Speedy edge rusher who lives in the opponents’ backfield.

Tom Walsh (OL) - Wood
Just another fundamentally sound and smart O-line performer for Steve Devlin’s crew.

Tim Weldon (RB) - Judge
This bruising back has a low center of gravity that helps him gain addiitonal yardage.

Chris Wells (RB) - Neumann-Goretti
Quick and elusive back who hopes to form one of the league’s top one-two punches.

Garrett Zobel (DL) - La Salle
-A division-1 hopeful who often displays taking candy from a baby tendnecies.