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Intelligent Thoughts, Football No. 9
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Nov. 17, evening

Hey Ted,
  This comment goes along with the comments of Chris Clement. He
knows what high school football is all about. Even though I do not know
Chris , I know exactly what he means. When i lost to Wood last year i
have never hurt so bad in my life , but when i looked back on it I
realized how great McDevitt football was , and how great highchool
football was. It was a season all about pride. That is why Catholic
League Football is so great.
Thanks Ted.
-Brian O'Meara
   (Ted's note: Amen, brothah Bundy -- smile.)

Neumann v. West Catholic.......... WHAT A GAME!
Ted, I've played in many football games from weight league, high school,
college, and semi-pro. I've been a spectator at many more. But on Friday
night I believe I witnessed one of the best games and single game
performances ever. Let it be known that I am a Neumann fan. But I am more
of a fan of great football and football players. West's #1 (Brinkley) is
nothing BUT THE TRUTH. Ever time we (Neumann) gain momentum, #1 broke our
hearts. And you knew it was coming, but there was nothing you could do about
it. But I am so proud of the Neumann players and coaches. They improved as
a team with ever game. Friday night they played like champions. Brady threw
the ball well, Hatty showed that he was an under used weapon all season. But
the difference was West's #1.
Also as a follow up on my email last week concerning Slocum, thanks for the
compliment. With an intense and focused weight lifting and running program
in the off season, Marques will return for the 2003 season bigger, stronger,
faster, and meaner. LOOK OUT CATHOLIC LEAGUE, you wont be able to
overlook him next year.
   (Ted's note: That game was literally an all-timer. I enjoyed it big-time. Over
the next two years, foes will NOT enjoy going against Marques -- smile.)

   Please don't hesitate to provide corrections/updates for TEAM PAGES.
We want these to be legit permanent records of your seasons. Thanks!

Nov. 19, evening

Dear Ted,
    What do you see as the outcome of the Catholic League Blue Championship?
   (Ted’s note: That’s why we have Huck. -- smile)

whats up ted,
you have seen us two weeks in a row, against central 47-20, and against bartram 30-0. what do you think it the outcome will be against washington?
   (Ted’s note: Like I said, that’s why we have Huck -- smile. I do feel Gratz can give Washington a
game as long as it maintains composure if things don’t go right early.)

hey ted
i know you werent at the lasalle roman football game but i must say it was
the best game that the lasalle AND roman defense had played this year. two
VERY evenly matched teams played a great game. i have seen many great
defensive battles during my time at lasalle but this just could rank at the
top. its a shame that the roman kids had to end the game the way they did. i
also thought it was ridiculous that the roman coaches let the fans stay on
the field. both teams should be proud with the way they played.
   (Ted’s note: I don’t know what you’re referring to. Maybe someone can expand and
be a little clearer on what happened
at the end of the game????)


   I attended the Carroll vs Egan semi-final game at Roosevelt field on
Monday, 11-18-02. This was a very exciting contest with two well
matched teams. The game came down to the final 3 minutes. The outcome
could only produce one winner; however, there is no doubt in my mind
that both teams fought to the wire, and that both are true winners. The
coaching staff at Carroll and Egan should be very proud of their
respective programs. Both defenses rose to the occasion. The goal line
stand by Carroll, on the one yard line, at the end of the first half was
terrific. In the closing moments, when Carroll had to perform well, on
both sides of the ball, Carroll did the job. What really impressed me
was the way the wall formed on the punt return by Ryan Stewart. Yes
Stewart is fast, has great moves , and read his blocks extremely well.
But the way the wall was set up, and the blocks which were thrown sealed
Stewart off from the pursuing Egan players. On this one play, all 11
Carroll players showed how a well disciplined team can execute a play to
perfection. All men on the field had a task to perform, and performed
their individual part well. Big Rig had a great night, as well as all
of his team mates. I am a proud parent of one of the Carroll players,
but am also proud of the entire Carroll team and coaching staff. I also
took the time to watch the expression of the Egan players as they left
the field. To all Egan players, hold your heads up high. This was an
excellent game and each player, including the coaching staff, prepared
extremely well for this contest. It was a tough battle, and Egan fought
to the very end, never gave up, and was a formable opponent.
Unfortunately, there can only be one victor. Remember that this was a
hard fought contest, very similar to the game against KK. This year I
firmly believe that all teams in the Blue Division were strong
competitors. So to all of the Egan players, be proud of your
accomplishments. You fought well, executed well, and are a class team
with an excellent coaching staff. To the Patriots, continue to work
hard as a team, execute well, and listen to the instructions of your
coaching staff. The hard work which has resulted in 7 straight wins
should act as a catalysts against the "Burrs" (by the way I graduated
from West). Keep your heads up high, continue to work hard, and
remember that every member of the Carroll squad has an important role to
play on the road to the championship. Good luck on Saturday night and
thanks to the Carroll coaching staff, team, and administration for
another great season of exciting football. By the way Ted, for the
record, I will be cheering for Carroll on Saturday night, along with my
wife, Irene who also attended West, my dad, Big Mitch ( who graduated
from West in 42) and my daughter Adrienne, who graduated from Carroll in
-- Mitch Yanak
   (Ted's note: Most Catholics in the western suburbs have West Catholic
roots, I'd imagine. Thanks for this note, Mitch. Well said.)

YO ted baby
  I just wanna know what your picks for the pub championship. I would like to see Frankford and G-DUB. I kno Those eagles lost to frankford before but I feel that is the Eagles got a second chance things wouldn't be the same. I just wanna know your input on the Situation.
-- Anonymous High School football Fan
   (Ted baby's note: Fkd and G-Dub go in as solid favorites. A rematch would have classic potential.)

      Hey Ted why should we talk about football anymore, we all know the Prep is not only going to win they will steam roll over Roman.  We might have lost Junior Brain Tracz but we have other roll players to step up and fill his shoes.  Truly this team is filled with many stars to come.  These are going to be some names to look out for in the upcoming years: Soph Steve Quinn, Jim Bogan, Andrew Cabrey, Jeff DeSipio, Andrew Spross, Jim McCormick and many more.  Keep your eye on all of these stars (It's scary they are all sophomores).  Not to forget Dan Jones, Greg Ambrogi, and Solomon Patterson.  And after we win on Sunday or Saturday it will be the 2nd in 2 years and maybe maybe we will let the Thanksgiving Game be somewhat of a game...NAAAAAHHHHH (LaSalle just stay home and eat turkey)     
-- CJC 05' SJP
   (Ted's note: You're pretty brash, youngster. Are you related to PJ Mullen??? -- smile.)

  first things first - big up to egan who gave us a great game..
they had me sweatin a little bit after they intercepted that pass in the
2nd half, but we came through.. james' long td run was great, alot of
credit goes to the OL on that one.. they usually get forgotten along the
way, but keep on overachieving.. faust n lahage both dominated, jelly
had a solid game as usual, and campetti impresses me more n more every
game.. my man is undersized as hell n still makes holes for the runners
n gives brochet time in the pocket.. stewart's punt return was nothing
short of amazing.. i thought he was gonna get stopped for a loss once i
saw him backtrack all the way across the field, then he turned on them
jets like we've seen him do so many times this year, and ran us into the
chip game.. defense came up huge.. i can't really recall slaton doin
much in the 2nd half at all.. can't forget to congratulate coach Bielli
n his staff on gettin this team back to the chip after an 0-4 start..
"strength n honor".. the team's ready for a 3peat, bring on old man
brinkley n west.. holler at 3 straight.
-- a. ryan
   (Ted's note: For an "old man," Brinkley moves amazingly well -- smile.)

Nov. 20, morning

Hi Ted I read the comment from that LaSalle fan about the end of the Roman
and I would like to fill you in on what happened. There was an interception
to end the game by # 24 and when he was tackled a few LaSalle players were on
top of him and one was trying to twist his foot off his leg. One of   # 24's
teammates went to his aid and then one of the coaches from LaSalle ran over
looking to take his frustrations out on one then another Roman Players . This
un-class act was started from a School that should know the words "GOOD
SPORTSMANSHIP." Ted thanks for all you do for High School Sports and keep up
the good work.
   (Ted's note: No. 24 is Charlie Squitiere. It sounds like the friskiness went both
ways, which is to be somewhat expected at the end of a tight, emotional game.
We welcome other opinions/versions. Thanks for the kind words.)

  I just want to wish all the semi-final teams good luck in their quest
for the pub championship. Also, to those seniors who are potential
Division 1A or AA players who get snubbed by the Division I schools, the
PSAC is a great league and the pub has many players who are excelling
and playing at a high level. At Shippensburg, Brent Grimes(NE 2001)
finished the season with 8 interceptions(2nd in the league and 6th best
in the nation). Other players who made strong contributions this season
to their teams were Dobbins alumni Andre Davis and Mike
Baldwin(Kutztown),Twayne Brown, Trevis Willingham(Cheyney), Khari
Cooper(Central), Dante Poole(Shippensburg/NE), Noel Nation(East
Stroudsburg/NE) and Amel Odem(Millersville/NE). So as you see it's not a
matter of where you play but how you play the game and if you're good
people will notice you no matter what level you play on.
  (Ted's note: DEFINITELY, Anthony. Some guys had have had successful
NFL careers out of D-II leagues like the PSAC, and others.)

Nov. 20, afternoon

  Hey Ted, what's the deal with the championship game? Why are things so
confusing this year? I can remember when my brother played the
championship game against Ryan in '97 (I think) and that was the first
Saturday in December. Two years ago, when I played against O'hara, it
was the first Saturday in December. I'm only 100 percent positive of
those two, so they are the only ones I wanted to bring up. Why is their
a problem with the timing and scheduling of this years game? I don't
agree with Coach Brooks on many things, but it's not that fair to the
kids on Roman or the Prep to have the game Sunday at 7. They have the
Thanksgiving game only a few days after and that's tough for both teams
who are playing such an emotionally and physically tough game for the
title. Can you explain the mayhem?
Mark Gress Jr.
   (Ted's note: Lord only knows, Mark. Wait, maybe not even He knows. -- smile.
Before, there have been complaints about playing a third game of the day on
NE's field; the Pub semis are at 10:30 and 1:30. I was told Roman has a school
function Sun. afternoon, necessitating a night game. Frankly, I'm SICK of all
the schedule changes that take place EVERY WEEK. They wear me down and
take away from the enjoyment. Check this out: For decades and DECADES,
the SATs have been given on the first  Sat. in Nov. Every year, a game or two
will be scheduled for that morning until some dimwit realizes, "Oh, yeah. The
SATs are that Sat. morning." Unbelievable. By the way, I'm usually pretty
easy going and it takes a lot to hiss me off. This is one issue that does.)

Nov. 21, morning

Dear Ted,
  As a Hardcore SJP fan to the bone, I cannot believe how much little
respect the Prep is earning on both a local and national scale. Now I
realize that we are just a small catholic league school, but 23-0 in our
last 23 games is pretty impressive. The Prep is going to steamroll over
Roman no question, with those of us preppers (the best fans in the
Catholic League) cheering them on. The Prep will be a force to be
reckoned in the PCL for years to come. BRING ON ST IGGY'S, and Lasalle,
you'd be better off not showing up on thanksgivng because your just
gonna embarass yourself. PREP PRIDE FOREVER, BABY.
-- LJV '05
   (Ted's note: Prep has been ranked by USA Today. That's respect. If
The Prep happens to lose on T-giving . . . Oh, baby, you guys don't EVEN
want to think about it.)

I enjoyed the Carroll v. Conwell- Egan semi final at Roosevelt field but
I think that the coaching staff at Carroll needs to remember that they are in
the Catholic league.....it was bad enough for two years watching them run up
the scores on every team they played, but to have the game won with 40
seconds left and to use their last two time-outs to run two more un-needed
plays to pad stats was totally classless.There comes a time to remember the
bigger lessons learned while participating in inter scholastic sports than
just wins, losses and statistics.... I guess that is why I'll be rooting for
the Burrs this Saturday......
-- Jay McCarrie
   (Ted's note: I was surprised knees were not taken, especially with the
possibilities of fumbles. But the QB ran the ball, so I dispute what you
say about stats being padded. The second time, he even got a few yards
and then fell down on purpose.)

Yooo Ted,
  Last Monday I attended the Lasalle-Roman game, and i realized just how
bad the rest of the catholic league is this year. a 9-6 score. i was
watching a quarterback who can't throw the ball 20 yards, and two
mediocre defenses look like they were great. has there ever been a
championship game that will be as lopsided as this one? i truly believe
that we could beat either one of those teams w/out quinn, quinn, kaiser,
stefanski, jones, trazc, and anybody else. we r soo deep with players
like addis and bradley. although i do think that the team of 2 years ago
with mcgann is the most talented, this team is the most dominant. and
its not gonna stop this year. i can feel a little cb west-like winning
streak coming on. although a sunday night game, the prep fans will be
out rowdy as ever. thanks ted, peace
   (Ted's note: A final score of 41-7 indicates a rout, but Roman truly did
hang with Prep the first time around. If you'll go back and read my report,
you'll see that two plays were killers and removed all wind from Roman's sails.)

Dear Ted,
         Everyone is saying that Prep is going to win the Championship, not even giving Roman a chance. Roman is a very talented team and can beat Prep, If Roman's offense goes into the game like they did with Ryan and their defense goes in the game like they did with LaSalle, Prep is getting beat. Don't get me wrong Prep is a good team, and they will be hard to beat but it can be done.
-- Ashley

   (Ted's note: Here's what I KNOW -- Bonner, O'Hara, La Salle, Judge, North and Ryan
WON'T win Sunday night. Roman COULD win. I'd rather be in Roman's position. -- smile)

Nov. 21, morning

hi ted what do u think of cardnal dougerty coach McNally
i think he is a good coach, do u
and is he good enough 2 turn that program around
   (Ted's note: I didn't see Doc this season. Bob is very intense, so I'm sure
the losing is eating him up. He's truly one of those inner-fire guys, so I'm confident
he'll find a way to get it done if the school gives him half a chance.)

Hey Ted
      Do you want to start this championship weekend off with a bang show up to The Prep for the wildest pep rally in the whole nation.  If u feel like coming show up Nov. 22 at 1:30 to cheer on the Prep soccer team and The Prep football team. ( Buy a shirt for the Thanksgiving game that say "EXPLORE THIS", and show your PREP PRIDE TED)
-- CJC '05 SJP
   (Ted's note: I'm not allowed to have Prep Pride -- smile. I do have respect, though, for how Prep has built
a wonderful FB program. Soccer, too. Have fun. Keep PJ under control.)

yo ted,
       im tired of these prep FANS, NOT PLAYERS and their cocky attitudes. yea your good, uve proved that, but no need to rub it in and hiss off everyone. i dont see any players writing in, because they have too much class and respect for the rest of the league, but the fan who couldnt carry Joe F. Winning's buttpad is whining about how bad the league is. hey kid, put on some pads and see what your made of. anyway, i just wanna thank all the players and fans of LaSalle it was a great season. Also, good luck to prep and roman in the final. and yea we'll be there on t-giving.
-- Matt Malloy #27 LaSalle
   (Ted's note: Prep kids enjoy bugging people -- smile.)

Nov. 22, afternoon

I thank that all of the players form Ben Franklin High School should play
on first team O or D. Because they played there hardest all year. These
five players Stanley "The Worm" Hunt OG-DT, Edwin "Goose" CruzOT-DT, Bryant
JenningsTE-DE, Jestin Brisbon RB-LB, Jesse Edney  RB-DB helped in a big way
to go from a 3-8 team to already win 5 games. Also these players, play both
sides of the ball. All of them play with heart and never get locked at.
  (Ted's note: Never get looked at? I've written stories about three of them!)

   On Friday, November 29, Germantown Academy will host the 2002 C.Y.O.
Thanksgiving All-Star Classic.
  The event will feature the finest grade-school football players from
Philadelphia, Bucks & Montgomery counties. Three games will be played
between the Philadelphia and the Bux-Mont leagues of the Catholic Youth
Organization (C.Y.O.). The 7th grade game will be played at 10am, the JV
grade game will be played at 12pm, and the 8th grade game will be played at
2pm. The schools and organizations participating in the Classic are
Ascension, Assumption, Corpus Christi, Holy Savior, Immaculate Heart of
Mary (Steelers), Our Lady of Angels, Our Lady of Calvary, Our Lady of Mount
Carmel, SASH, St. Barnaba's, St. Basil's, St. Genevieve, St. Jerome's, St.
John's, St. Matthew's, St. Michael's, St. Monica, St. William's, The
Romans, The Saints, and Visitation.
For directions to Germantown Academy log on to www.germantownacademy.org

Nov. 22, evening

Hi Ted:
The annual 7th & 8th grade CYO football Parade of Champions will be held
this weekend Nov. 24. The games match Division Champions from the Delmont
verses the Buxmont and the Phila City Champion. The games were to have been
played Saturday but it appears they have been switched to Sunday and will
now be held at the Haverford School. The Buxmont Champ features many players
who go on to play at CB West & CB East. The Phila Champ is usually Our Lady
Of Calvary and recent Calvary teams have featured Tony McDevitt at Penn
Charter the Inter-Ac MVP and the Zeglinski brothers, Zack at PC and Joe at
Ryan. The Delmont Champ White Division for large schools is St. Bernadette
in Drexel Hill who has seen many of their players go to Bonner and the Prep.
Once again due to the time change folks need to check with the head coach on
time and field changes.
Also Malvern Prep will host some games on Sunday Nov 24 starting at 11am.

Hey Ted,
First of all I gotta get credit to Roman. They have had a hell of
a turnaround this year. I wish them the best of luck against Prep, I
would love to see someone beat them. But also wanna say I cant wait to
see the NC soccer team beat Prep tommorrow for a repeat. That will
start off championship weekend with a bang.
-NC student

   On a matter that has an immense relationship to the upcoming football
championships, how about GA grad Matt Walsh's electrifying debut
performace for Florida! That kid is the best thing to come out of
Holland since wooden shoes and Rufino deSantos. Shoutouts to my main
dawg James Roderick as he battles those West "Aaron" Burrs. I'd like to
thank Pulse for a great reporting job this year. A little quiet, yes,
but very subtle as well. I'm also glad that the phantasmagorical photo
of Hockey Puck in More Special Photos can act as my computer wallpaper.
Ted, thanks for the updated pic of your suddenly blonde daughter
Kristen. I am sure Kozilla is in 7th heaventh. Roman versus Prep,
watch out for el Sloan aka baby McNabb maybe? Minus the injured. Also,
it is nice to see Curtis "Boonah" Brinkley's family has got his back.
I'm still waiting for an email by the family dog or goldfish though. On
a much more important note than anything else mentioned above, please
come one, come all to belmont Platuea on November 29th for what will
inevitably be a carnival of delights in the rich tradition as our
favorite Merry Prankster, Ken Kesey. The HCFL Game 2 continues
tommorow, be there yall. At least we still have Koy Det. Whoops. Thats
a proverbial fumble. On a teleogical note, Tom "Golden Arm" Cahills
says, "Ted, I miss you. I will be back." Bryan Dimare, born and bred
in North Reading, Massachusetts states, "Ted, I haven't really known you
up until now, and I feel like I was missing out all those years. But
you're website has become an integral part of my daily life. Chowdah."
Chris Culina, hailing all the way from San Diego has this to say: "Dude,
man, I am so tired." Moral of the fable: From Philly to Oreland to
Mass to Cali, the TEDSILARY phenomenon is taking over. The mission is
   (Ted's note: Glad the computers are working again at the institution, Gilla.
I was starting to worry -- smile. Entertainment=you.)

Hey Ted,
The stage is set for Sunday Roman vs. The Prep are you coming Ted?
And also when does the Basketball Intelligent Thoughts come out cause
the Prep already played Father Judge and beat them 79-51 in a scrimmage,
and the start of this Basketball season for Mark Zoller looks good 37pts
12reb pretty impressive number heh. Ohh and for all you Lasalle fans
see you at the Thanksgiving Day game. Just curious Ted who leads that
-- CJC '05 SJP AKA "Colin"
   (Ted's note: I'll be there . . . Hoops ITs will start next week. Not sure
which day yet.

Nov. 24, morning

   What a soccer game I just got back from, Prep vs. North. I tip my
hat to both of them, both teams left everything on the field. The game
ended in a 1-1 tie after two overtimes and there will be a new game
Tuesday at Lasalle. As for Prep Football I am pump for the game vs. Roman.
As for Lasalle I am not as pump for the
Thanksgiving Day game b/c the game is going to be over in the 1st quarter

Yo Matt Malloy
  Im sick of you big tough football players comin on here and calling out fans.
Ive said it before and I'll probably say it again, but fans are what make PCL
football what it is. And by the way 90% of the people that write in here are,
yeah you guessed it, FANS!!! So dont come on here and talk trash to go out
and support you and people like you. You call us cocky and then tell us to
"strap on some pads and see what what were made of ." Yeah that doesnt sound
cocky at all. Im sorry we cant all play football, but I guess were just not
as lucky as you. You go out and call us classless, and then rub it in that we
dont play. Yeah thats real classy. Sure, at times we can be a little cocky
and give some people some crap, but were just having a little fun. We love
our school and we want everyone to know how great it is. If that hisses you
off sorry, but were probably not gonna stop so get used to it. All you people
around the PCL need to lighten up and remember that its just a game and were
just kids, god forbid someone have a little fun playing or watching football,
we wouldnt want people to start enjoying themselves. Anyway, cant wait for
the big game, hope it doesnt end in a tie.
-- McKeever PREP '03
   (Ted's note: Matt's just as frisky as you are, Keev. Don't let him get to you.)

Hey Ted,
I just wanted to give my kudos to the Central Lancers for a very entertaining season.  They had a great run, and a great year.  Even though we didn't show up against Frankford today, we will come back with a great game against NE in the best Thanksgiving Day game rivalry ever!  Congratulations to Frankford and Washington for playing great games, and good luck to both in the finals.  PL football rules! Go Lancers!
NRC- Central HS (264)
   (Ted's note: Hang in there, Nick. Still a chance to end the season with a win.)

Yo, Ted
  I came here to tell you and this goes to everybody too, us (lincoln) have a bad record as Father Judge but we all do have a full confidence of beating Father Judge because their team wasn't good as we expected them to be. What is your prediction for this game, our record are 2-8, the winners and the losers, whose should it be, ted ? That's the only question that concerns me but Our passing and running are getting improved that because we almost beat MLK but some mistakes were made so we already learned our mistakes. We all are going to have a full contact on them and hopefully we will beat that streak just like Angelo Ocasio's wish. Ted, Do you think the wish will come true ? What do you think of this Lincoln vs Judge ?  OPINIONS ???
   (Ted's note: Judge still has to be a big favorite, despite missing the playoffs.)

3-PEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG up to the entire team for bringing
home the chip ONCE AGAIN.. we SHUT DOWN "BOONAH", their defense COULDN'T
stop us.. congrats to my man Mitchell on FINALLY getting that elusive
interception.. errrbody gave it their all, the whole team deserves all
the credit in the world.. seniors, good luck with whatever yall do in
college............ now let's get bball season starteddddd!!
a. ryan
   (Ted's note: Carroll was solid all the way around. A fine performance!)

  How have you been my man... i'm sorry i have not been chimin in and cuzin trouble on your site... i'm sure you've missed it.  I've been out and about doin my college thing- lookin for schools, just actually got back from the PSU 61-7 win over Michigan State... was that a preview for the Prep/Roman game.  AS of tomorrow- i am proud to say that ALL of my predictions from the very begging of the season were COMPLETELY right- undefeated...CL title... rowdiest fans... Kaiser MVP... instead of listing all the things the PREP did accomplish this year... can anyone list anyhitng they didnt accomplish?   Its been one hell of a year, briingin back a city title game would make it even better.  I dont know who the dude is "CJC" from the prep that is writin in.. i like him though... he has potential to be the next.... i think u know who i'm talkin bout Ted.  I will miss all the emails from all of my "fans" out there- you all know who you are...i know everytime the words "i hate you MuLLen" and "You suck MuLLen" or my favorite "You dont even play MuLLen"... i know that was all from the heart and that was all positive stuff.. haha. any way- i'll miss it. This may be the biggest Blow-out of a championship in recent CL history.  If anyone is lookin for a GAME to actaully see some competitiveness... i think my 13 year old brother has an 8th grade basketball game somewhere in Media- i'll pass Ted the directions to post for whomever. Alrite Ted, i gotta go  think up some chants for tomorrows game besides "start the busses" "he's a sophmore" and "we got kaiser"... i'm runnin low... I will see u There man...
-- MuLLen '03
   (Ted-e's note: Hi PJ. It should be an interesting game either way. Either to see Prep complete a run of rare dominance or get challenged and have flashbacks to 2000 and see how everyone reacts.)

First of all, let me start off by saying congratulations to Carroll for their 3-peat.  You guys overcame the start of an 0-4 season, and proved everyone that said you couldn't win again wrong.  I've been reading comments and waiting for the oppurtunity to write this message, and I think this is it.  First off, to my man "Dan the Salamander"....you should pick up a book, newspaper, magazine, or SOMETHING before you talk crap.  Talking out of your backside and bragging about going to PSU is nothing special.  I also go to PSU, and if I see you around campus, I'll let you know, believe me.  Second, Ted?...what's the deal buddy?  You also think you're the man and that you know everything about football.  I don't know if you saw the game or not, but Carroll shut down Brinkley, whom you said Carroll would not be able to stop.  If it wasn't for the refs, the score would have been 22-0.   . . . Hats off to channel 6---which didn't even show any of Carroll's scores, and said that "it was a shame Brinkley could only muster so many yards." . . .  yeah Carroll!!!!!!!!
  PS: Yo Dan the man......Penn State 61, Michigan State 7, Larry Johnson 279 yards 4 TD's in first half....I think I saw it, I was at the game!  haha  Larry for heisman!!!!!
   (Ted's note: I'll let Dan defend himself. If you'll look at some ITs from October, I said something along the lines of, "I believe Carroll will be heard from before it's all over." Where did I say Carroll would not be able
to stop Brinkley??? By the way, he didn't get off like he usually does, but did account for 171 yards (121
rushing, 4 receiving, 46 on returns) and a TD. Not a bad night's work.)
   Here are three commens I made about Carroll along the way . . .
   I can't imagine Carroll is going to shrivel up and die.
   The Blue is wide open. Somehow I think Carroll will be heavily involved before it's all over.
   As I mentioned earlier, I still suspect Carroll will make some level of noise.

Nov. 25, morning

Yooo Teddy,
  The Prep has completed its season of "rare dominance".  All of the hard work in the offseason has paid off for all the players. I want to thank all of the prep players for giving everything possible to make this the season it was.    I first fell in love with prep football the first prep-lasalle game of my freshman year. ever since then i have been a dedicated fan, and there is no better way to end my four years at the prep than with a season like this.  You guys are awesome, and thank you for all the memories.  as for the prep, we still have two more things to take care of. first, the soccer championship on tuesday, and then the thanksgiving day game against lasalle. once those two are done with, prep's dominance over the catholic league continues with the beginning of basketball season. thanks ted, peace
ps after kaiser came up huge against a pretty good roman d, is there any question who the best player in the league is?
   (Ted's note: As I stated before, I believe if Pat and Brinkley switched teams, their performances would
have been identical. Both have been outstanding.)

hey ted
  i want to take this time to take my hat off to coach fluck and the burrs.  west has no feeder schools and yet he turns the program around.  let the rest of the league feel that pain. it's not an easy sell yet he does it. we will be back.
west 89
   (Ted's note: Despite the title-game loss, this has been a special fall in Burr Land.)

   One more thing Ted, I understand if you decide not to post my comments,
but hey, whatever. I'd just like to comment on how you say fans might
be getting tired of Carroll winning. Well, it's gonna be that way for a
long time b/c every other team in the Blue division [stinks]. If you don't
like that then it's a damn shame . . . all teams from Philadelphia [stink] I guess.
... Ted, i'm sorry, but you need a new job. Nice reading your posts over the past
few years. I've actually become dumber from reading them.
   (Ted's note: I cut a few comments from this guy's last "effort" and this one.
What sense does it make to do things that make you dumber??? I respect the
job Carroll does. I like watching the offense and appreciate the timing and
precision necessary for those speed sweeps and inside reverses.)

Dear Ted,
  Whats up with this random, no name person attacking us over what
Carroll did in the playoffs? So they won the Blue, whoop de doo. The
Blue was without a doubt the worst division in the city possibly ever.
He suggested i should pick up a book, magazine or something... why?
What, is Carroll on the cover of Sports Illustrated? or Time? People
perhaps? Did the Carroll coaching staff write a book called "The Art of
Running Up the Score On Dougherty and Kenrick"? You think your smart
or something? Did I ever BRAG about going to PSU? Nah, all i did was say
i go here. So in conclusion, I am not "your man", we are not friends,
and if you ever see me on campus and say something, I can't be held
responsible for my actions.
-- Dan "Salamander" McLaughlin
   (Ted's note: I know you're messin' around, Sal. Actually, the Blue
provided very entertaining FB this season.)

Hey Mullen McKeever and every other fan from Prep,
  I would like you guys to know that FANS are not what makes PCL Football
great. Hard work, talent, and dedication of the players is what makes our
league one of the best, if not the best, in all of Pennsylvania. We are out
there from the middle of August until late in November, working as hard as
we can every day. If the stands are empty, which more often then not they
are for day games, or games against teams that are not very good, the
football is just as good. We play hard no matter when we play, it doesn't
matter if we are playing in front of 5 people or 500.
I don't care if you want to talk about how good your team is, because
they are a good team. But, please do not be delusional. You have very
little to nothing to do with the success of the team. They are good, and so
is every other team in the league. Even North, who didn't win a game in
league play, played with heart. They played just as hard, if not harder
than the other teams we played. The Catholic League can play with any other
team or league in the state. But, you guys in the stands have nothing to do  with it.
I also want to thank my teammates for 4 great years of football. I also
want to thank anyone that I have ever played against.
-- Andrew Lynch
# 62 O'Hara - OL
  PS. I know I will get a reaction from the Prep fans, so will all  football
players please back me up on this one.
   (Ted's note: Nothing to do with it? C'mon, Andrew, that's a little harsh.
I do believe, though, that the true athlete is one who can be completely
motivated if no one is watching, indeed.)

Congratulations to Carroll for the 3-peat.  They clearly are a very good team but I find it difficult to determine how they measure up to the other teams in this area.
Is there any talk about scrapping the RED/BLUE divisions or is this system here to stay?

My sources tell me that the Carroll enrollment is up. 
Aren't the divisions based on enrollment? 
Don't you think that they belong in a division where they can play the Prep, Bonner, Roman, Ohara, etc.? 
Will we never know how good they really are?
Also, I had the chance to see the Prep-Ohara game.  What impressed me most was the team speed on both sides of the ball (for both teams).
One more question: Will the PCL ever get involved in the state playoff system?  I'm sure that the quality teams like the Prep, Carroll, Ohara,  etc. would go deep into the AAA playoffs and perhaps win the state if given the opportunity.
Thanks and keep up the good work.

   (Ted's note: I'm pretty sure Neumann is No. 9 in terms of enrollment. It would be interesting to
see Carroll matched up against those teams on a regular basis. Hey, if the Public League is about
to join the PIAA, anything is possible. Even the end of the world as we know it -- smile.)

yo ted,
  did mckeever just call me big and tough? hhaha looks like hes gettin a
lil bitter....now u kno how everyone else is feeling about u and ur
buddies. so dont get all hissed when one little intelligent thought
comes up about how obnoxious fans are. hey man i was just havin a little
fun.. cant u take a joke, u prep kids need to lighten up haha, anyway
ted wat's your preview for the Lasalle-Prep matchup on t-giving. i dunno
about u but im rootin for the blue n gold.
Matt Malloy #27 Lasalle
   (Ted's note: There is so much on the line for Prep, which can conclude a
13-0 season. We know there is a difference in talent between the two teams.
With Prep just having won the title, will there be a difference in focus?)

Dear Ted,
     I want to take this opportunity to add to what was said by La Salle player Matt Malloy. I never thought I'd agree with a Salley but these prep fans are ridiculous. Here are a few lines from a recent conversation I had with a prep FAN:
Tomme589: yo woods i read ur stuff on ted silary

Tomme589: stop talking like the blue league is the [doo-doo]
Tomme589: u guys play single a ball while the prep and everyone else in the red league r big leaguers
Swoody84: put on some pads
Tomme589: my place is in the stands pal
Swoody84: as it should be
Swoody84: and refresh my memory but where did I ever mention anything about the blue or red?
    We then continued to argue about several things and I shut him up because he did not know anything about playing the game, nor did he have as much knowledge of PCL history as I have. Mullens OK but most prep fans are just idiots. There’s nothing wrong with having some school pride. But who do these kids think they are talking trash to players? I have come up with a solution to put this prep nonsense to an end. All the PLAYERS that have been annoyed by these stupid prep kids would play a real game of football against the FANS who annoy them. After the game we'll see whom really sucks and if they talk any more trash. The worst thing about these prep fans is that they take credit for what the prep does on the field. "the fans r the ones who motivate the players" a prep student said. "no one would want to play if only there parents were watching them". I found this to be absurd and selfish. Do fans really think that players ever think about fans' approval when they are busting their butts in the weight room and on the practice field? NO, they don't. Players work hard all year because they love the game. Also the Blue-Red issue was addressed in this argument. As member of a team in the Blue division I get sick of hearing how much better the Red division is, but honestly, It was designed to be better. I understand that some small schools were not being very successful, but a program's ups and downs are the nature of the sport. McD and other blue division schools won championships in the past and even schools like the prep had some horrible teams. I did not follow the league as much before entering high school, but I'm pretty sure that games were not as lopsided as they have been in recent years. This year people made a big deal that the Blue division would be close and competitive, no more of teams regularly winning by scores of 40-0, even 77-0. I think the reason for the lopsided games was that the blue division gave teams excuses to lose badly. The division changes were not successful in making teams play better, it made them play worse. The division changes seemed to given bad teams less hope and let them go into games with the mentality that they were small schools and were not expected to play well anyway. I am sure that a small school would go into a game against a big one with even more intensity and would play up to the challenge. As much respect as I have for my coach, I feel that the PCL should be changed back. No real athlete wants to win a championship that comes easily. Finally Ted, I want to say that it is time for you to open the Basketball Intelligent Thought Page. The teams are set and ready to go and there is much to talk about. Most importantly, how the Krazy Korner will destroy all other schools this year,
-- Woods
   (Ted's note: If you behave, I'll open Basketball ITs on Tuesday -- smile.)

Ted and fellow "Silary" brothers,
  It was a great year... thanks for entertanin me night in and out, this site kept me from the "other" sites.  Anyone that got to see Kaisers final CL game (not including T-giving) you got a show, he was the man thats all i gotta say. The D was sick- but the gys that really desrve the credit are the O-line for ths game... they played unreal- my man Tommy Bradley got the game ball and was very "cool" about it- after the game some-one said to TOM.. "YO LET ME SEE IT MAN!" and TOm replayed: "What its just a ball" haha mad props to tom, and the rest of the line- it coudlnt of been easy esepcially wit the loss of Willy Oleckna. Thats all i got on that... Sloan-El is fun to watch- he's real fun to watch, so is ortiz.   Sloan-El looks like a little Quincy Carter- sorta tall and skiny- and fast as hell- and can throw like no other on the run...besides the fact that those 2 are fun to watch- the Roman fans on the other hand r CLASS-LESS.  You dont come into our house and yell personal crap at my boy Kaiser when he's schoolin' your aces all over the feild.  Its a shame Roman had to stoop that low, it doesnt show the true character of the team- cuz the team gave the Prep mad props, and the team accepted that they were #2- and #2 was the actual spot bein fought for all year long in the RED- it was well desrved too. To the Roman Fans- You got No Class and i dont really know if spellin Roman and Prep backwards was an insult to my boy or if thats just the way you were taught to write over there...To Kaiser, STefanski, Sloan-El, Ortiz, Heygood, Heywood, Winning, McGurken,Mitchell, Noonan, and all the other players that made this year fun to watch...Thanks and good Luck in College ball-

-- MuLLen
   (Ted's note: Thanks for your hustle and entertainment all fall, PJ. There was a very weird sensation when
the Roman fans yelled what they did at Pat. I was in the press box doing a voiceover for a videotape and I
could hear the noise level go down in the Prep's stands. It was like everyone was thinking, "Am I really
hearing what I think I'm hearing?" Then they got horrified and grew very quiet because they knew Pat
had to be hearing it, too, and that it had to be a sad moment in his life. When I looked down at the
sideline, I saw that coach Brooks was VERY animated and steamed.)

Nov. 26, wee hours

Hi Ted,
           Just wanted to say I heard about what happened at the Roman Prep game and I must say I was a little disturbed, it is one thing to try and gain an edge on your enemy , but we can't lose sight on what this is ...and that is a kids game. I understand that people get caught up in the excitement of highschool football and that is ok, it is good for the kids, but we have to remember they are still kids.congrats to st.joes prep and roman for a great season and hats off to pat for overcoming the adversity and playing one hell of a game.
   (Ted's note: I second your thoughts. Thank you.)

  First I want to congratulate the Prep on an outstanding season.  Not only is the squad very talented, but they have tremendous class, as was shown on Sunday night.   I was very dissapointed in the behavior of Roman's fans.  The crap they pulled is very unneccessary.  My hat goes off to Kaiser for keeping his cool and using it to fuel his performance.  At least their players showed some class.  Both teams should be commended on having outstanding seasons.  Second, I want to address the comments on here about Prep fans.  I've seen a few games this year, and not much has changed since I graduated.  The Prep fans are loud, spirited, and obnoxious, and they're good at it.  They add a great atmosphere to the game and certainly make it worthwhile.  Ask any Prep athlete and they will tell you that the fans make a difference.  Another thing about Prep fans is that they rarely pull the crap the Roman fans did last night.  For the most part, their actions are in good taste.   So I really don't see a need for people to come on here and bash the Prep fans. Let them talk..the Prep is the champion once again.  Good luck on Thursday fellas!
-- Prep Alum
   (Ted's note: The Prep fans have had their moments of knuckleheadism, too. It happens. I truly don't want
the Roman kids to face any disciplinary action. They were wrong. Pat handled it well. Time to move on.)

      This is Colin I need to talk about the Roman fans and the low class they had.  Last night was a disgrace making fun of Pat's learning disability.  Truly I don't care if you chant against the team, but not a player that tore you guys up last night for 316 rushing and 4 td.......... And I need to comment on the number 1 prep fan, PJ Mullen we are going to miss you and sure I will continue the tradition on coming on here  . . . all for you Mullen
      CJC '05 SJP "Colin"
  P. S. As for Lasalle you better study Pat's numbers against Roman  because Roman beat you guys, so lets double those numbers 632 rushing and 8 tds, STUDY HARD.
   (Ted's note: I found out this afternoon that Pat has tied the state record for points in a season, with 288. Amazing, huh?)

dear ted,
in response to mullen's comments about the roman fan having no class, that
was a very small section of are over all fans.  I was right there and i did
not take part in the chanting and making fun of preps pat kaiser.   the people
who were yelling that did not have any class but again that was a very small
section and did notrepresent the overall feelings of the studnet body and
fans. kaiser is an amazing football player and i guess a few fans could not
take it. one last note he had 32 of 38 points. take him away and is possibly
a new ball game
-- wiz

   (Ted's note: I understand what you're saying about the small minority, but their
voices were very loud and caused a lot of pain/hard feelings.)

yo ted,
i just have to say that i was at the roman - prep championship
game to support my friends tommy sugden, johny O, chris ginter and
charlie squitiere, and some of my friends and i from judge were just
walking up to the stands when they started the demeaning chant toward
kaiser i and just thought to myself, what must be going throw his mind.
I though it was VERY classless of the roman fans to do that because it
just isnt moraly correct; i mean going to a catholic school and all and
doing that to another person. And all this talk about the prep fans;
they are very good fans and no one, i mean anyone has the right to talk
dirt to the fans or the players because, that team beat anhilated every
single team they had played against. eventually you have to give them
   (Ted's note: I have known Pat Kaiser since he was a freshman. He kicked
a FG to beat La Salle and I did a story on that game. He is totally
unaffected and appears to blend easily with everyone at Prep. I guess that
was why I, and others, were so bothered by the treatment he received. It's
not like he's some raving egomaniac who needs to be brought back to earth.
He's just a regular kid who happens to be excellent at FB.)

how can you say that a team in the blue is less than a team in the red. the
teams in the red and blue are in it because of the amount of boys they have
in there school,are schools like carroll less of a team because of how many
boys they have.
Not. come on ted people need to open there eyes and see the truth. i am not
saying that carroll would win the red because it great teams but they would
have just the same shots as anybody in the red. i think carroll would have
won the red in 2000 and would have been a contender every year.i am not
hating on the prep but when was the last time you got a cross-country runner
from nj.hint v.hobson so dont tell anyone you dont do extra to win. but
people dont say anything about roman in basketball. you cant play both sides
of the fence. carroll goes by the rules. carroll makes boys into players. did
anyone even know who stovall,chaz scott,james"big red",ryan stewart were
before high school football no because they all did not play cyo or org.
football. if they did the prep would have been on there hills. to all the
teams that say carroll runs up scores on people have never been to one of the
77-0 or 74-7 games. just because the other teams gives up does not mean
carroll should. what are we suppose to do take a knee in the third quarter.we
work hard all week and play hard all game like we should stop feeling sorry
for yourself and play hard. and ted let me be the first to tell you carroll
is not going anywhere next years team could very well be better than this
year team belive me you should have seen the jv games it gets worse something
to watch indeed. to brinkly and select players form west good year.you beat
carroll in the reg season and that something big cause thats their first loss
in blue reg season play 4 year and going. but when it comes to the playoffs
it a whole different store and west found that out thank for your time ted.
   (Ted's note: Thank you, too.)

yo Ted,
I just wanted to say that i dont know about anyone else from the catholic league but i have a large amount of respect for Pat Kaiser. I have played against him 7 times since 8th grade and every time he has put on a better show after another. Hopefully I will get a chance to play him in college to. The things that were being said at the championship game were uncalled for,but in a championship game many things can be said and done in the heat of the moment.Well i just want to say thank you to all my fellow teamates from Roman Catholic who made this season a very memorable one.We improved alot since last year lets end the season big on thanksgiven..
Roman Pride
-- #84
   (Ted's note: Thank you for this, Kev. Good luck vs. 'Borough.)

Sup Ted,
      First off, I would like to congradulate St. Joe's Prep on a great season. You guys have to be, hands down, the best team I had to face in my four years at Roman. My hats off to yous. Secondly, I want to thank all my fellow seniors, Joe"White Lighting"Miller, Tom Sugden, Kev Cahill, John "Byrd" Pendergast, Chris Guniter, Jeff Grimmie, Johnny Ortiz, Andy Amaro, Tim Breslin, Matt Roakes, Pete Cupo, Ed Penna, Derek Dopkin, and who could forget good old Johnny Odom, on a great season at Roman. I can honestly say it was an HONOR to line up with you guys every Friday or Saturday night and go to war against opposing teams. I'm going to miss playing with yous, but I'm goin to cherish it forever. Who would of thought that a team whos record last year was 1-6, 4-7 overall would go on the following year to be 7-2, and play in the championship game! Third and lastly, I also would like to thank the Roman community on their constant support throughout the year. In school and out of school there was always a great support with the great Alumni, fans, teachers, family, etc.... All I can say to the younger classmen at Roman is to WORK your butt off in this offseason and get what you so very much earned, another shot to hold that plaque up high with "Roman Pride". Thank you Ted on covering another great season, and what I believe is the BEST league in the City, the Catholic League Red Division.
-- #48 Mike Rosanova
                  P.S. - I also like to say on behalf of Roman Catholic, the football team, coaches, and everyone in the school that we are very sorry for what our fans where shouting about Kasier, that in fact was wrong to say and we again are sorry. But I will say that the "class" is at Roman and always will be, and it will show from years to come. And O yea, I cann't wait untill this upcoming basketball season. Trust me Ted, your going to see the REAL student section at them games, just wait......
    (Ted's note: There's nothing quite like a game in Roman's gym. Especially when the boys on the stage
are into it. I'm sure Pat appreciates the apology.)

last time writing in this year, well prep won and congratulations to them they
deserved it. i heard about what the roman kids were chanting and that aint
cool, yellin personal stuff at a kid in highschool isnt right. anyways i was
jus reading one of the posts and that flyers guy who said that all teams from
philly suck is an idiot. prep is from philly buddy and they would kick the
living crap out of carroll. maybe you should think about what you post in
before you do, and this is just a little side note, anyone from ohara that has
anything to do with scheduling games please try and schedule a thanksgiving day
game next year, it sucks not being able to go to a game over the break.
later ted.
-- sween
    (Ted's note: I've always wondered why O'Hara doesn't bother with TG games.)

dan the trout,
   hey how's penn st man? must not be so hot if you're still backin
CD and takin offense to what us kids still IN high school say.. listen
up lemme school u to a few things son.. actually, while Carroll may not
have been on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Carroll alum MO STOVALL
was.. haha sounds like someone's bitter cause Dougherty will never have
anything worth cheering for.. wait, did they even have a football team
this year?? o that's right.. chaz OR stew OR james had more points
THEMSELF than dougherty's team ALL SEASON.. dog, stick to doin whatever
the hell else you're doin at penn st n let go with all your assinine
predictions and comments - like, seriously, did u really believe
McDevitt was gonna beat us? probly not, just wishful thinking.. we
understand tho.. u had to take our beatings for the 4 years u "played
football for Dougherty" (sounds like an oxymoron).. but, when you're on
top for 3 straight years, everyone's out to get u.. now there's a
concept that you couldn't understand.. Carroll doesn't choose to be in
the Blue, and 2 years ago/last year we damn sure woulda competed in the
Red.. go ahead, say we couldn't have - you'll just be kiddin yourself
again.. why don't u let go of the past n give Carroll some credit, we
don't let u bother us - so why let us bother u??
-- a. ryan
   (Ted's note: Dan likes to agitate, A. So do you. Let's call it a draw -- smile.)

good season everyone.....ted i must agree with #62 lynch from ohara, the
players are what make our league not the fans. The prep fans were good
all year, but i think now they know how the rest of the league feels
when they start chantin 'start the busses" or whatever they say....i was
not at the game and i dont know what the roman fans said about Pat. i
think he showed them up with his performance. i believe it was the prep
last year who was saying that LeSage shouldn't have been MVP of the
league and Ambrogi should have been solo Mvp thats [crazy]....the prep
got everything they deserved including the championship
Bonner 72

   (Ted's note: Be good, Wick. See you at a basketball game.)

Nov. 27, morning

Dear Mr. Silary,
  The old saying goes "Sticks and stones will  break my bones but names will
never hurt me". The fact is  my nephew Patrick Kaiser has proven that
hurtful words can make you stronger, even build character. I am always
proud to say that I'm Pat's aunt when people are discussing his incredible
athletic ability but I never miss the opportunity to also let them know that
he is a kind Christian young man. Patrick is not just a gentleman he is as
"gentle man" and this will take him further in life then scoring touchdowns
and breaking records. They also say that "children learn what they live".
Pat has learned to deal with his learning disability and the mean taunts of
those who don't know any better with the blessing of strong caring parents
and family who have taught him to never give up and to be proud of who he
The chant of those few Roman students just  proves that you don't have to
have a learning
disability to be ignorant.
Thank you,
-- Barbara Kaiser, # 31's Aunt!!!
   (Ted's note: Thank you, Barbara.)

Nov. 27, evening

Hey Ted,
I'd like to congratulate the Prep football team on another Championship (possible "early 90s AR" dynasty building?)...And I'd also like to give some credit to Coach Murphy and his squad.  They didn't quit and played as hard as they always do...As for the chants about Kaiser- I and everybody else know they were disrespectful, but it wasn't the whole crowd on Roman's side,  they do have class, and always show very good sportsmanship...let's enjoy the game for what it was, and look forward to the Turkey Day games....Good luck Prep and Roman on Thursday.  Thanks Ted for another great year,
-- Mark Gress Jr.

   (Ted's note: I second your thoughts, Mark. Thanks for being a friend of the site.)

  I have been looking at some thoughts that weren't all that intellegent. 
First LNCBROOKS, what are you smoking.  The Prep has a ton of kids from
Jersey, yea it just so happens that Hobson is a great fball player, but to
say Carroll plays by the rules is a joke.  Maybe the Prep went to Jersey for
a player, but Carroll went to Europe for a bball player (Bigus), I'm not too
great w/ my geography but I think that is a little further away then the
garden state.  And don't act like that is the only instance where Carroll has
done something of that sort.
     Secondly I will defend CDougherty, A.Ryan what do you mean Dougherty has
no one to cheer for.  Did you ever hear of a little known player by the name
of Cat Mobley, he's only a starting guard in the NBA.  Carroll's got a
college fball player who doesn't start (YET). 
    PS   Can't wait for bball to start.

Dear Ted,
     I have thought long and hard for this Intelligent Thought.  I have so
much to discuss that my mind is going crazy.  I am seriously going insane
typing this.  First off, I love this kid Flyers37828.  You must be the
dumbest person alive.  The only person all season who was giving Carroll
credit was Ted(You most likely realize that after he owned you after your
first post.)  Are you still mad at Ted for questioning Carroll's coaching
methods for various sports in the past?  Next, let's talk about another
idiot-a.ryan.  First things first, your writing(and I'm using
that term loosely here) is very hard to understand.  Did you learn anything
over at Carroll?  Your argument didn't even make sense.   The original
argument was that my man Sal should pick up a magazine before he talks
crap(which is pretty vague).  I assume(as Sal must have too) that flyers was
talking about picking up a magazine to catch up on Carroll.  So the question
remains, why did you even bring up the fact that Stovall was on Sports
Illustrated?  Stovall doesn't play for Carroll this year.   He has nothing to
do with Carroll this year.  As you can see, it had nothing to do with the
argument.   One other thing on owning people,
many people have talked to me online and have had the audacity to question
my grades or grade point average(which is profound).  My only answer to that
is this-all the grades in the world won't save you from being owned by
me in an argument.
     My next area of discussion will be focused on the Roman-Prep game. 
Arrogant Carroll kids need not read on(again, I am assuming you can read in
the first place).  . . .  Kaiser
successfully owned that whole crowd by scoring many a point

on the field that night, and shattering any hopes of an upset early.   I hate
the damn double standards that people have on this site.  I mean, all these
Prep kids saying that Roman's chanting was classless, yet they themselves
chant many a classless chant.  Don't get me wrong, I think it's funny, but
don't come on here saying that Roman's chants cross the line, when you guys
have crossed it many a time.  Recently I received an e-mail from a man who I
consider close to my level of owning people-Sean Woods.  In this e-mail, a
fan from the Prep tried to talk doo doo to Sean, and the outcome was
hillarious.  Obviously this situation was already handled earlier in an
intelligent thought of Mr. Woods' so I won't go into it in detail, but one
thing worth metioning from that e-mail is how he ended it.  It states, "it's
alright, it's ok, your gonna work for us someday."  This is wrong on so many
levels(I still think it's funny though).  This kid has some real boldness to
say this in an e-mail.  I guess he thought it was only going to Woods and I
wouldn't get a hold of it-tough luck.  This is almost as offensive as the
learning disability chants.  This person better hope I never work for him
someday(cause I'll find out it was him who send the e-mail eventually), if I
do work for him I will make his life a living hell by owning him everyday of
work(he won't know it's me, but I'll  know it's him).   He'll go home to his
wife and complain to her about how this man at work just doesn't like him,
the wife will not give a damn, they get a divorce, and the former freshmen
football rowdy winds up a lonely alcoholic.  I WIN.
     I see it's time for basketball IT's, so I'll chime in there soon.  I'll
end this by asking this question-who did I have on my BOLDNESS poster last
year?(Hint:  his initials are KD)
   (Ted's note: I had to delete bits and pieces of this, Tate. You
still got some of your ever-present leeway, though.)

Dear Ted,
    I think that the Catholic League Blue and Red should have a system set up
so that the lower teams in the divisions move down into the Blue and the
champions and runner-up in the blue move to the Red.  I think this would
allow teams like North Catholic to compete with teams of their caliber and
set  arrogant teams like Carroll in their place.  Yes, Carroll is a good
team; however, I cannot see them competing against St. Joe's Prep, LaSalle,
or Roman.  The reason why Carroll wins all of those games is due to their
schedule.  Let Carroll and West Catholic move up to the Red and let North and
Judge move down to the Blue.  This would make it so that the Carrolls of the
world find their true place and let North Catholic compete with teams their
size.  And one final note: I think that if Brinkley had the line that St.
Joe's Prep's Kaiser had, he would have surpassed 4000 this season.   Kaiser is
a great running back, but I saw him play and I don't find him even comparable
to Brinkley.  Do you think Brinkley will be allowed to play PCL ball next
   (Ted's note: I wouldn't like constant moving from season to
season. Great rivalries have been killed by Red-Blue as it is.
Your opinions of Brinkley and Kaiser would greatly depend,
I'd think, on when you saw them. The Brinkley issue will be
very interesting to follow. So far, extra years have been granted
almost exclusively to kids who overcame drug/alcohol problems.
That's not Curtis' deal. He had family problems, which caused
him to lose focus when he was a freshman at Roxborough. I do know
one thing: He has reflected nothing but credit on CL football.)

for use to say that roman is class less because of a few idiots boggles
my mind, its like saying all eagles fans are drunks because some eagles fans drink. i am from roman i do have class, do not put my school down
because of a few idiots, if i rember correctly prep fans use to put up
kids s.a.t scores on cardboard a few years back, and there is no excuses
for what happen but to classify roman as classless disgusts me. i
personally apologized to pat already. i'm a roman fan and i got class
and so does a lot of roman fans out there so stop acting like roman
catholic approved of this and we were all happy for it because that
didnt happen. roman is very sadden by this situation, and has made sure
an incident like this will never happen again.
-- #54 tom sugden roman catholic student, fan, & football player
   (Ted's note: Roman has acted in admirable fashion these last two days.
See you on the stage, Tom! Maybe Byrd will let you borrow the fright
wig this season.)

Yo whats Up ted.
  I never talk on here I just come on and see what everyone else is
saying and this time I feel I should say something. I (Chris Guinter 71)
play for Roman Football and i heard what a few of our fans were saying
to Pat and i agree what our fans were saying was disgraceful and it
definitely was a low blow but if anyone knows Roman as well as i do you
know that,that was not the true Roman, Yea we had a couple of idiots in
our stands but some of the things the prep fans were saying was not the
most appropriate thing either but I know two wrongs don't make a right.
Well, any way the main reason I am sending this is to say sorry to pat
for all the Roman fans that were disrespecting him and would just like
to say that even though some of the prep fans after that game weren't
respectful to us the Prep players were. Congrat's prep
-- Guinter 71 "03
P.S i would like to say thanks to everyone that had to do with
Roman football this year especially all the players and coaches everyone
gave everything they had and even though we didnt win the championship i
will never forget this season. Thanks
   (Ted's note: Thank you, Chris. I know what you're saying about the True
Roman. I've had respect for that for years. Decades, actually.)

Nov. 28, morning

Hey ted,
Its my first time on here but I just want to let you know that i've been
following football at Mcdevitt for awhile. Bishop Mcdevitt has this good
sophomore by the name of Damian Jorden he is very talented. He is not like
Lamarr Mcpherson Hes smaller in size hes not built like that but he sure
enough has the speed. Unlike Lamarr Damian worked his way up in the ranks
comin in as a freshman 9th ranked in the east coast. His freshman year
Damian scored 28 times in a 7 game season!! thats 4 touchdowns a game!!!! he
also received MVP. But then again thats Freshman? Right? well this year his
JV season he also did the exact same thing but better!! Over the past 2
years Damian had too rush over 2,200. well, next year is going to be his
junior year and he will most likely be starting, I just wrote this 2 fill
you on our new talent because Damian and lamarr in the Backfield next year
is like "Thunder and lightning BABY!! there will be no end to the madness"
So look out Cause Mcdevitt is definitely making a championship run next
year. well got to go and look out for #1 and #21
-- a friend

Hey, ted
  Im just one of the fellow football players at Bishop Mcdevitt H.S.
and I just wanted to fill you in on an important player. His name is
Damian Jorden and he is probably one of the next rising superstars in
the catholic league blue. The boy has pure talent, and now that he knows
hes a big aspect hes turning that talent into pure skill. I go to school
with him everyday he is determined to do his best. Damian and Lamarr
sharing carries between each other is DANGEROUS Cause Lamarr has the
power and Damian has the Speed/power now im telling you this because I
know these things. It might seem like Im hypen him up but trust me Ted
the boy is Nice, always remember theres no I in TEAM but there sure is
an I in WIN!!. well just thought u should know bout him so it wont be
too much of an surprise for you next football season. well got to go
I'll be writing you
-- your MCD reporter
   (Ted's note: For a guy who's still unknown, Damian has a pretty good fan club -- smile.)

Yo Ted

Ted first of all i would like to congradulate all my teammates on a
great year we overcame many non-believers and were thought to end up
fighting for the final playoff place. Secondly hats off to prep, you
guys are an extremely good football squad and truely deserved it this
year. Then theres that whole thing with our student section, i know it
wasn't right to make fun of someone like that, but trust me you hear
much worst on the field. Kaiser handled it well though, as did the rest
of the team. So overall great season not only did we become teammates
over 4 short years at roman we became best friends and thats what high
school football is about....
Roman Football
-- Miller #11
   (Ted's note: It truly is about building friendships and learning lessons
you can carry through life. Congrats on getting it.)

Ted and TS.com brothers,
  Roman has proven its point... and i have gone outa my way at school to make sure Pat, and other football players, and even some teachers have taken the time to read these past few days of "thoughts".  The one kid from roman was right-- me calling roman fans CLASS-LEss is like callin eagles fans drunk... its a shame a handful of kids give the school a bad rep.  I know and udnerstand taht it WAS NOT all of the Roamn fans.... way less then a majority of them at that.  I did say in my "thought" that it did not represent the classiness of the team.  But yes- ROMAN in itself does have CLASS- some of the fans in their stands messed up, and made the rest of the crowd look bad- its a shame but the public DOES always notice something REALLY bad before it eer notices anyhitng REALLY good.  Lets put this all behind though- it did hurt kaiser, but he moved on from it and many players and some fans from roman have called him and appologized, he has moved on from it... the more we talk about it the more people are reminded of it... lets move on.  The season is over.  My boy Tate is killin me with his thoughts about my prep fans... he warned me he had some "intelligent" thoughts goin on kidna puttin them down, so i udnerstand its all in fun, and he does have some FACTS in there. haha- if it was ANYONE but TATE (my future 610 WIP partner) there would be some ruckis haha...we'll see what his KRAZY KORNER has this year... he knows wuts up, anyway Ted about that interview you wanted with me for my MVF (most valuable Fan award)... I gotta get back to you on that- fit it into my schedual...until then- happy thanks-giving.
-- MuLLen
   (Ted's note: Have fun at the La Salle game, PJ. Wait. Are you allowed to go??? -- smile.)

   Thanksgiving will be extremely busy and then I'll be grabbing a few
days of rest (hopefully). Please do
NOT send e-mails until Sunday
night or Monday. Thanks for your understanding. If possible, some
or all of the FB TEAM PAGES will be updated.

Dec. 2, evening

  Ted i would just like to tell you about a young new talent coming up into the
catholic league his name is Joe Mulhern, he is 6'0, 212lbs and still growing,
he's only a Freshman but he can sure punish anyone who gets in his way. His
Freshman season he scored 13 touchdowns which is ok because he really never
played when he was little, because he was always too big. But now he is
practicing everyday on the track team and is lifting weights almost every
single day. He knows he has a lot to work on as an established Fullback, but
he is willing to go the distance and become the best Fullback in the Catholic
League. I talked to Joe and he really wants the chance to open some big holes
for Lamarr McPhearson and Damian Jorden who are tailbacks and can run the
ball like a pro, I know if Joe plays Fullback he will not only play great
running he will also do a great job blocking and leading holes for Lamarr and
Damian. I would just like to say that this kid is an animal and he is a big
upcoming star and I just hope that he gets the chance to prove it because
this kid likes to play rough, aggresive,smashmouth football and someone with
an attitude like that would sure like to win a championship for his team and
he sure hopes he can do that for Bishop McDevitt this upcoming season.

-- Someone close

  (Ted's note: Sounds good.)

wazup ted, i was wondering when the ''daily news'' all public selection will be posted, and i also would like to know if the jr class will play in the game.MBF#64 holla front
  (Ted's note: Next week. The all-star game is for srs. only.)

  Congratulations to the NE Vikings on finishing their season on a high
note. They had a tough year but still were in the playoff hunt until the
final week. You sent Coach Schumer out with a bang. The offense finally
got clicking and they finally played to their potential. The Horse is
back where it should be and hopefully the class of 163 will pick up
where they left off and keep it at NE as well as bring home a bigger

can you please tell these people why carroll is in the blue. no let me tell them
carroll has the third smallest enrollment of all pcl football teams so why would
we move to the red there are four other teams in the blue with larger enrollment
go talk to them. so this means that if north cath. was to come to the blue carroll
still is not next inline to come up. people act like carroll is a losing
program that foundlife in the blue carroll has the most playoff victorys in
the pcl playoff history ever and ryan is
second for every one that thinks they no it all. an for that dan guy chill out i am
beginning to thank you really have a problem with carroll. why are you worried about
us help your team do something hatting on other schools get you
nowhere.because you hate carroll that not going to make cd any better and big
red is 17 dont worry
about age mo stvoll still 17 chaz scott only 16 yes you heard me right.
   (Ted's note: Carroll has shown no interest in moving up, which is its right.
I KNOW, however, besause they've e-mailed me, that some of the players wish
they had a chance to prove themselves against the Red schools.)

Hi Ted,
   Sadly another high school football year closes. As a dad and fan, I must pay tribute to the young men who put on their school uniform. Some get to play their hearts out and some get to stand in support and readiness. I don't who has more heart, the easy winners or those that go up against them; the weekly players or those that practice knowing they won't get their shot, yet. Just to watch this kids' sport is great. It matters not the name of the school, size of the team or the season record.  To me and many, they are all winners. Thanks, men. Tony C. softdyn@voicenet.com
   (Ted's note: Well stated, Tony. Want to write for the website? -- smile)

   First off i would like to say it was wrong what the roman fans were chanting to Pat Kaiser he is a very good athlete and player and they had no right to chant them about him.  2nd : Is the Neumann Vs. Southern Game even really a game ? 68-0 Neumann goes and blows them out when they have a team and thats the end of it , really they should be playing someone with way more potential then Southern i know its a tradition but your last game for a senior should be fun yet challenging. The West Vs Neumann game was just unbelievable both teams really left there hearts out on the field, If it wasn't for the Kickoff Touchdown And the following Offensive Series a Jimmy Porreca Fumble Would Neumann Of Won?How about that punt that was touched by west and rolled into the endzone and they said it wasn't touched? You Never know. Neumanns Offense Played real well . Ted How come Neumanns Offensive Line didn't get O-Line of the Week Neumanns Offense had more Total Yards then West's. One More thing Why do you thing Joe Sandefur And Marques Slocum didn't even get honorable mention on the All Catholic Selections?
  (Ted's note: The A-C thing is simple. Not enough votes. The Neumann-Southern game is darn near worthless for all involved, at least for the moment.)

Dec. 3, morning

Congratulations to the NE Vikings on finishing their season on a high
note. They had a tough year but still were in the playoff hunt until the
final week. You sent Coach Schumer out with a bang. The offense finally
got clicking and they finally played to their potential. The Horse is
back where it should be and hopefully the class of 163 will pick up
where they left off and keep it at NE as well as bring home a bigger

Hi Ted, Just wanted to let your readers know that the Public League has some
great football this season; more folks should take the time to check it out!
I did a stint as an assistant in the Catholic League back in the day and know
that the Pub sometimes didn't get the support or respect of other leagues in
the area. I had the chance to see Washington v. Northeast a few weeks ago and
it was as hard hitting and well disciplined as any other level I've seen over
the years. On Thanksgiving morning I saw the Ryan-Washington game and despite
a good effort from a young Ryan playoff team, they were pretty much dominated
across the board by Washington. I think the Ryan v. Prep score was 38-14;
Ryan v. Washington was 32-7, so draw your own conclusions about the quality
of play by teams like Frankford, Washington, Northeast and Gratz. The LB from
Washington, McClain, looked big-time in both games; #4 ran the ball well and
the QB Kennedy ran the offense well and is an explosive hitter on defense.
Both lines were strong and the special teams were solid too. The punter,
Kaplan hit one from his two yard line against the wind and a strong rush out
to across the 50 against NE and hit a couple solid punts under a heavy Ryan
pressure. The return teams also look like they could break one at any time!
So, this Saturday the championship game, Frankford v. Washington should be a
great one! If you are a fan of High School take the time and you might see a
classic, and the kids would really appreciate the support.
   (Ted's note: Depending on how the weather is these next few
days, the game could be very good. I'd love to see a great crowd.
Won't happen, though. The Pub just doesn't draw. At least not
like the Catholic League.)

Dec. 4, morning

Hey Ted,
  This year's season is now over for Bartram. It was hard not   playing this year in such a close game with BOK. I think the Braves did well on the entire season even with the loss. I would like to spend this time not just talking about football, but talking more about education. Upon returning to see my old school play their thanksgiving game my heart was saddened; I watched as about 13 players sat on the sideline. These players were sidelined not because of lack of ability,or to injury, but their insufficient grades. Picture this: you're an all-public or great eight player sidelined the last game of your senior year because you can't perform in the class room.
I think there is a great misconception. So many high school greats become high school has beens because they did not take their grades as serious as they took their sport. Let this point be clear that no matter how good you are, or how good you think you may be, college is a different level. On this level education is first. Inside the walls of great universities there are no professors that are will to push a good athlete's grade up because he or she can perform on the field. You may make in though high school without working, but that will not fly in college. Please don't think I am hating on anyone, but I am trying to make it as plain as possible that education is the most important thing. I pray that everyone's holiday season is an enjoyable one.
With Kind Regards, I am.

-- Sen. Jordan A. Harris
Millersville University
Student Senator

The Original Bartram's #59
  (Ted's note: Thanks very much, Jordan. The timing is great on this. In today's paper, I have a story about ex-Frankford player David Kenner. He passed on the chance to attend college out of high school, then worked for a year at a glass factory before seeing the light. He's now at Lackawanna College and has just made a verbal commitment to Florida. Great to hear you're doing so well at M-ville. Of course, I am not surprised.)

I thought I'd give
you a little update on a few public league players and
where they'll be playing next year. James Franklin the
starting QB for NE last year is getting ready to sign
with Millersville as he is waiting to take the SAT's
one more time to achieve a qualifying score. His final
3 schools that recruited him were Millersville,
Cheyney, and Thadeus Stevens. Brandon Scott of GW also
is on the verge of signing with Millersville. Chris
Poindexter(NE 2002)is up at Valley Forge Military
Academy spending this year as a prep student and after
numerous visits at Marshall, Norfolk State, and
Virginia he has decided to go to Norfolk State this
upcoming school year. Just thought you might like to
know how some of the former pub players have proved
that the pub has some genuine players just as anyother
league in the city or Delaware Valley.
  (Ted's note: Thank you, Ant.)

Dec. 5, morning

Hey Ted,   
Well another great season is in the books, and while this one may not have
been as exciting as either of the past two years, it was still fun to sit
back and watch the sheer dominance of the PREP as they rolled over everyone
they faced. With Bball season already upon us, I just wanted to take this
oppurtunity to officially retire from IT's. First of all I just wanted to
stick behind my stance that fans are what make PCL football great. True, it
is probably not why players work year round, but it is what makes Fri and Sat
nights in the fall the best times of the year. Second, I think Mullen has a
good point, the more we bring up this situation with Kaiser the more he has
to think about it so it would be best to just drop it. It was a mistake and
it was acknowledged so lets move on (though I would like to say kudos to
those people from Roman who took the time to apologize to Pat, its good to
know there really are some good sports still left). Also, I just read The
Pulse's special contribution, and I would like to say I completely agree with
him. Separating these two league's accomplishes nothing more than hurting the
kids. Not only does it destroy rivalries and make a sideshow of the regular
season, it insults everyone involved with blue division teams. By doing this
you are basically telling these kids that they are not as good as those other
teams and shouldn't even try to play with them. What kind of message does
that send? However, what should we expect from a league that has brought us
fans being shutout at Philly U, the abandonment of the greatest basketball
arena in the city (if not the country), and many other embarassing mishaps.
Hopefully (albeit doubtfully), the "people in charge" will get some sense and
put a stop to this embarassing and insulting situation. Finally I would like
to congradulate every team and every player who went out there and worked his
ass off this year. Being a student athlete is not easy and I am very
impressed by anyone who can so it (I know I couldnt). Well I guess thats it
from me Ted, unless of course someone has a response to this, in which case
I'd be more than happy check in once more. Hopefully I'll see you a few times
this bball season or at the fan tourney.
McKeever PREP '03
(ps- anyone who feels the need to respond to my opinions, feel free to email
me. I love a good debate.)
  (Ted's note: Thanks Greg. There was a very interesting article last week in Sports Illustrated
about basketball in Indiana, and how changing to an enrollment-driven state tournament has
wrecked things. There is no longer a chance for a Hoosiers repeat and attendance is down.)

Dear Ted,
     Just wanted to tell you that the pulse comments were great.  He summed
up everything I have against the new allignment.  He also made me realize
why I hate it so much.  It made me think back to a time before high school
when I followed high school football and actually cared about both leagues
because they could be potential enemies in the playoffs.  The old way really
made you root for alot more teams in the league and was generally more
interesting.  I haven't fealt that feeling in a long time, and reading the
Pulse's arguments made me remember.  That's straight up boldness.  Alright,
PREDICTION TIME.  HERE WE GO-the Catholic League, Inter-ac, and public
league will all face off in a championchip in the upcoming years for the
District 12 championchip to play for states.  BOLD?
   (Ted's note: I wrote a story in today's paper about some of the PIAA stuff.
It's possible CL schools, even those inside the city limits, will have to compete
in District 1.)

Dec. 5, afternoon

I would just like to thank all of my teamates and coaches for a great year. I
can truly say that it was the funnest time of my life because I really didnt
know what the feeling was like to have a winning season and it was the best
feeling.  I wish the Eagles best of luck next and years to come I just want
to let them know that they have the best coach in the league and if you
follow him and do what he tells you I dont see anybody who can beat you.  Ted
I like to say thanks to you for all the games you covered on us this year we
really appreciated it, you do a great job for the league. Thanks.
-- #55 Matt Brazil
   (Ted's note: Thank you, Matt. Good luck with the recruiting stuff. I hope you
express your appreciation to Todd, too.)

Dec. 6, morning

I believe this weekends game will be a great defensive struggle although
both teams seem to have sharpen up their skills the later part of the
season. GW has a potent offense for the first time in 3 seasons with the
emergence of Larry Turner, Marcus Kennedy, and Andre Odom. The weather
conditions could play a big part in the outcome and with neither team
having a solidified kicker I wouldn't be surprised to see them go to OT.
Frankford has a strong running game and a good QB. The problem is they
only have one proven receiver in Adam Hartman. I'll be in
attendance and I believe it won't be as exciting as the GW-NE title game
last year but it'll be better than the GW-Frankford title game 2 years

   The PL title game has been rescheduled for Tuesday, 2:30, at Northeast.

Dec. 6, evening

 Who is this LNCBROOKS character? Talk about hardcore Carroll, anyway while we are on that subject what would it take for them to move up? I heard they had the opportunity after the 2000 season but they refused, is that true? They clearly would contend, I guess they like winning second tier championships.
-- Ryan D.

   (Ted's note: If Carroll requested to move up, I'm sure the league would approve.)

Dec. 7, afternoon

  We had to delete the previous FB Intelligent Thoughts because the server space limit was reached.

Dec. 10, morning

  Kudos to Ron Cohen!
  Ted, here in Dallas, Texas, high school kids get to play playoff football games Friday and Saturday afternoons and evenings at Texas Stadium, and it's the thrill of a lifetime for so many kids who might live in rural areas (Terrell, Mesquite, Celina, etc.), or in the 'hood of South Dallas (Carter High, South Oak Cliff High, etc.). When I read that a PL title game will be played at 2:30 on a Tuesday afternoon, I wonder if whoever is in charge really has the best interests in mind of the players, coaches, parents, and Public League Sports. And, from a dollars and cents perspective, more parents means more dollars coming into the PL coffers. Is anybody with half a business mind in charge there?
I'm glad you wrote the story the way you did -- and I would think Frankford's Mullineaux and Washington's Cohen would've joined forces to provide a better time for this game that climaxes an entire season. Geeez, it seems like an afterthought the way they rescheduled it. And, if it absolutely had to be Tuesday, at least play it under the Northeast lights (which my folks can see from their place on Horrocks Street near Faunce) to give more people an opportunity to enjoy the game. I mean, it's only a championship game, right?
  And, as an honorary member of the George Toma Fan Club, thanks for giving some props to the groundkeepers. That was a nice bit of psychic pay for a job well done.
-- Mike Stern (Olney '73 Temple '77 North Penn Reporter '81) 
  P.S. Nice to see the PL is joining the PIAA. That type of arrangement has been in existence here in Texas forever. It'll force everyone to raise the level of facilities, play, etc. There's nothing wrong with the Gratz Bulldogs taking on Downingtown or Coatesville, etc.
   (Ted's note: Hello again, Mike. I'm not convinced that joining the PIAA makes any sense, but we'll see.)

  hey mr.silary its jim corbett again.  i was just wondering if u read the special pulse report? i see alot of points he made in his peice and disagree with some aswell since i played in both set ups.  he said he didnt no if a 5th or sixth seed has ever won yet.   If he payed attention he would have know that we i mean card. doug. won as a 6th seed the first year of the blue divsion. we beat wood 26-21, which im sure you knew already. i let ur freind no bout it but got no response. soo u should just fill him in on his history alil bit i mean it didnt happen THAT long ago. have a good one mr. silary.
--  jim corbett
   (Ted's note: Hi Jim. Yes, I did read it and I did think about the Cards' upset. I remember doing a story about
that game off a phone interview because it was played on a Friday night. The Pulse is a Red Division guy. Don't be too harsh on him -- smile.)

hey ted,
i jus wanna no what u expect from carroll next season in the pcl blue. we hav
sum good players comin back on offense and defense and i think we can have
another good year.  i think that our star rb ryan stuart will step his game
up even more for next season.  I think that we will do good because we have
many seniors who want to play (including myself).  I played middle linebacker
for our jv team and hope to continue my interception streak for ever year
(2). thanks ted. Go Patriots.
   (Ted's note: Carroll's program appears to be in an always-strong phase.)

Dec. 20, morning

  It's hard to believe the season is over and what a crazy year it was
especially in the pub. Gratz reaches the semi-finals, who would've
thought that would happen. I'm pretty sure when its all said and done
there will be at least 5 players from the pub who'll be playing Division
I ball next year. As for next year Frankford has to be considered the
favorite seeing as though they will be heading into the season as the
defending champs. I believe that 5 other teams will give them a run for
their money and anyone of these 3 teams could be the next public league
champions. Northeast, Central, and Mastbaum all have most of their key
players returning and could cause havoc throughout the league next year.
I enjoyed this season and can't wait until next year.
-- AF
   (Ted's note: Thanks for checking in all year, Ant. Have a great offseason.)