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    Kevin Laukaitis, No. 44, is a football player at North Catholic (starting safety, backup running back). He wants to be a sports writer (someone help this kid, quickly -- smile) and we're giving him a chance. He will file occasional reports on basketball matters. Please give him your support.
    You may reach Kevin at

JAN. 12
Unity = Success

   What do the Sixers and PCL Basketball have in common? Well, an issue important to all sports teams…”unity.” To start the season, the Sixers struggled, and despite the seemingly enhanced additions to the team over the summer, no one had an answer for the losses. Well, about a week ago, all questions were answered. The problem: no team unity. The answer, which was provided by “The Answer” Allen Iverson: headbands. The night the Sixers played the Suns, we confusingly saw a majority of the team wearing these headbands. Then, the reason was announced. The headbands were developed to promote team unity, which in turn, would generate wins. Well, it worked…kinda. Those few with the headbands, we saw a whole new unified Sixer team, which won games (the right way). The headbands, however, appear to be gone now, but the idea of promoting unity was still effective.

So, what does Sixer Basketball have to do with High School Basketball? Throughout the years, and throughout this year’s season, we see various forms of team unity in Philly High School B-ball. To Judge’s traditional high school-colored-socks, to teams getting their shoes customized with their team’s name on them, to West Catholic’s warm-up shirts, which don the word “Family” on the back…We’ve seen many forms of team unity to spark cohesiveness, which in turn will [hope to] produce wins. But exactly how does this concept of team unity operate and produce success?

The Catholic League, especially the North, has shown one player can’t win basketball games alone. Even the ‘power’ of the North, Dougherty, has a bunch of good players who work together. Yes, White, Clark, or Greer could opt to try to take over a game by themselves, but they understand if everyone works together as one, they can win a title, and in some cases, dominate other teams. Teams like Egan with Holland, or Wood with Spadafora won’t experience that success this year despite having arguably 2 of top 5 players in the North. The reason: no one else from these teams has the ability to score and step up their game, so they’re simply watching these 2 great players take all of the shots to win games. And we’ve seen, in some instances, when these players are having off-games, so are their respective teams as a whole.

Teams like North and LaSalle, have chances to make the North play-offs this year, but they can’t constantly rely on Welte (North) and Sullivan (LaSalle) to carry their team. True, you can rally behind these good players in tough times, late, in crucial games, but some sort of chemistry most develop between player-and-player, and even player-and- coach. A team like Judge appears to have this unity down pretty nicely. (I wonder if it’s those socks? Hmm…) Yes, you can make a case that Haigh is one the elite’s in the Catholic League, but he doesn’t act alone. Granted, maybe Judge just has a very talented team this year, but seeing the whole rotation constantly produce day in and day out shows that there’s some kind of unity, cohesiveness, and player and/or coach trust going on there.

So, as you watch the many Catholic League games this season, be aware of team unity. Observe some the different forms of the team unity shown by each team and observe cohesiveness on the court. You’ll be surprised how a better, more talented team CAN be beat by a group of players working together and who trust in their coach to help win the game. Watch the players on the court and see how they get along with their teammates and recognize those who don’t. Also, keep a close eye on the so-called “stars” of the Catholic League. And, if they truly fit that title then they’ll not only come up big in crucial situations, but also encourage their teammates to do the same. The team unity will show and, in the long run, so will their record and a spot in the playoffs.

Introduction To The 2002 Season

I’m baa-aa-aa-aack.  Considering my Kommentary for this year’s Football season caused at least SOME interest, I’ve returned to try my hand at the B-Ball scene.  Now, my articles for B-Ball may not be as extensive and frequent as my Football Kommentaries considering I don’t actually play for the North Catholic B-Ball team.  (Well, at least not anymore. ‘Long Story’) See, the last 2 years, I actually DID, and I consider myself of having a decent knowledge of the game and mainly the Philadelphia Catholic League.   I’ll do my best to keep my Kommentaries freshly updated, but bear with me.  Another thing…Don’t expect game reports of the NC Varsity, here.  Basically, aside from North Catholic students/players, I really don’t think anyone would care. All I will try to accomplish is discussing interesting and sometimes controversial topics concerning all of Philadelphia B-Ball.  And that’s where, you (all of my loyal fans…YEA RIGHT), come in.  To make my page most enjoyable and relative to the fans and everyone else involved in the Philly B-Ball scene, feel free to send your thoughts of past and suggestions for future stories.   My mailbox is always open for thoughts, comments, and suggestions from ANYONE.  Well, now enough of me tediously describing my syllabus for this year’s course (Just Kidding)…Let’s get to the first Kommentary for the 2002 Philadelphia Basketball season.

My Philadelphia High School B-Ball Christmas Wish List
       O.K. we’re not kids anymore (excluding Sparky).  But it’s fun to reminisce, isn’t it?  Remember your annual Christmas wish list to Santa Claus?  And moreover, remember how you actually thought the list you sent in the mail to “Mr. Claus” would not only be read, but also answered by the jolly fat man from the North Pole?  Well, how bout’ we relive old times, and write our own Christmas wish list.  (Well, at least MY own wish list.)  Only this time, we’ll whip up a few “wants” involving Philly B-ball.  And oh yea, we won’t mail it, just post it on the site.  Let the asking begin…

 Dear Santa,
     Now I know your busy this Christmas, and I know you have a lot of houses to visit, but can you PLEASE try your best to bring us these gifts for the 2002 Basketball season.   I know you can’t give us ALL of these gifts, but please try to bring us most of them.  Thanks Santa.  Here’s my list:

   1. Please bring us a competitive Catholic League Northern Division this year.  We don’t want Dougherty to run the show with their cheesy Public League Transfers.
   2. Please grant Southern a good, successful, or even just a winning season this year, after their disastrous Football season.
   3. Please watch over “Hockey Puck” and hold his hand as he walks down the gym steps in the games he will attend this year.
   4. Please cast a spell on Germantown Academy this year, and don’t allow them to win the Inter-Ac.  That team is just TOO good.  It’s not fair.
   5. Please give Amar a “pat on the back” for all of the present, and I’m sure, all of the future coverage he will be doing this year on Philly B-ball.  He’s doing a ‘hell’ of a job, and might be working the hardest out of everyone on the site, to help High Schoolers.
   6. Please tell everyone to stop talking about Grade School CYO teams for this season.  After all, this site is the main source for area HIGH SCHOOL sports coverage.
   7. Please tell the so-called “writers” who report on their teams’ games to STOP, since (besides their own school) no one cares.
   8. Please grant success to the most well coached team in the Philadelphia Catholic League, St. Joe’s Prep, and show that a well-coached team of any kind of players (young or old) can defeat pure, raw talent.
   9. Please let me see just one “Up and under” from a big man in the Catholic League North this year.  I know this is asking a lot, but PLEASE try.
   10. Please watch over Ted this B-Ball season, and don’t let him go blind after looking at his computer screen each night, updating the site.
   11. And finally, I’ll wrap it up because I’m getting tired.  Please let this year’s B-ball coverage be just as successful, if not BETTER than the past Football season, to show just how good this site really is for all of our High School sports needs.

Thanks Santa. Have a safe trip.
P.S.  Don’t leave any crumbs!  O.K.?