Memorable Moments, FB '02
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Contributions . . .

  yo ted this is a old mastbaum football player my most memorable is when we played ben franklin hs in the 2000 season it was a game that we had lost but then my coach call a play had me sweeping left I then jumped over the ben franklin player and ran 70 yards for the td. I've had alot of good plays in my playing time in hs but that stands at the top.

    My most memorable moment came in my senior season. We were playing Bok in
the quarterfinals and it was a  long game , both sides were tired and the
field kept kicking up dust storms. We went into overtime and Bok stopped our
drive then they got the ball and we stopped them . Then we went into double
overtime , they were on offense first and we stopped them again. After three
long plays I remember looking up and watching the refs hands go up signalling
a touchdown. That has to be my most memorable moment.
-- Russell Kubach
Former Mastbaum OG/DT#53-All Star OG #63

         My memorable moment came last Thanksgiving day when North beat Frankford 20-9. This was special because i experinced beating them once as a player and once as a coach also it was a joy because i was able to share it with my dad (Jim Whitehead) It was a joyus day for us as a staff and it was our last game we coached. I will miss those days coaching with my dad they were alot more enjoyable than when i played for him(haha j/k dad) .
-- jim whitehead jr

   The "Memorable Moment" that I would like to share with you happened on
November. 2 ,2001 King vs Franklin .We had just came off a big lost to
Mastbaum for the division championship. All week coach was talking about if
we win this were "IN" so we knew all our season was on the line. The day of
the game had come so fast it felt like we played yesterday but it was time to
get down to business. The thing that always got me hype before a game was
after the coin toss we would huddle up to get hype but Coach Warren was
already hype that morning so he would knock people out of the way to get to
the middle of the pack and he would get us hype.This game was all about whose
defense was better. The score was 0 - 0 approaching the 2 minute warning they
was at about the 23 yard line and  all I could here was coach Warren saying
they are too big for us to play them in overtime. My friend Gary Dunlap # 66
was having a great game I can't even count how many tackles. This next play
decided the game for us. On the snap of the ball it seemed like somebody shot
Gary out of a gun he got in the backfield so fast and hit the franklin QB
causing his pass to what looked like a Intentional grounding call but sitting
there was our OLB Lance Burnett # 8 and he scooped up that ball about an inch
from the ground and took it 80+ yards for a Touchdown to win the game. The
main reason why this is one of memorable moments is because it let me taste
what it fells like to go to the playoffs and gives me the hunger to taste it
-- Brandon Truesdale # 65  OL/DL
"Cougar Pride  I Bleed Purple and Piss Gold"

  I feel the greatest moment in Philadelphia High School Football was on a cold dark October night. It was Mischief Night
and we had just lost a heartbreaking JV game to West. Suffice to say, our bus was 45 minutes late getting back to the field
and we were stuck in the middle of West Philly. Then we saw him, an orange beacon of light in our dark day. That day we
found the legend that is now Sampson. He taught us how to truly love the game of JV football and he guided us the JV
world champs, where we defeated C.B West in a Carroll kind of way of running up the score 77-0. It was a day that will live
in infamy.
-- Dan "Salamander" McLaughlin
   (Ted's note: For Salamander, lover of all that is nutty, I have a feeling most every night is Mischief Night. For those who
forget, Sampson was/is an orange traffic cone used for inspiration by Dougherty's FB team. Sometimes it even works - smile.)

Yo Ted
   I remember the most dominant PL football team in the fall'88. We were the DARK HORSE of that season. We knocked off the Defending Champs- Frankford at their home field. We smacked the division, and took out King, Lincoln, and Washington on our way to win the Pub! I remember how, We ran the board to an unblemished record of 11-0. We were led by running of J. Washington and S. Rush. Our Defense was like that! I was a junior and the starting safety of that football team put together by B. Cullman. I'll never forget Central's Last PL Football Championship!
-- #15 Jason Henderson
   (Ted's note: Jerrod Washington and Sundiata Rush formed one of the best 1-2 RB punches in Pub history -- both went over 1,000 yards.
Also, Mark Hrubar was the Pub's best lineman that year. Jason wasn't half-bad, either! -- smile)

Yo ted,
How are you doing big man in the media. Well to
get to the point, the most memorable moment that I
remembered, is when West Philadelphia High School
played University High School, and Terrell "Beast"
Roper scored 3 recieving touchdowns. Also by doing
that Terrell also set a school record on that day, The
first person to have 3 recieving td's since 1978.
He just could not be stop, or as the Westside weekly
said " Terrell "Beast" Roper was a one man wrecking
machine". He is now starting at a D III school but
next year he is transferring to Louisiana State
   (Ted's note: Terrell was a good player more than just that once.
It's nice to hear he's doing well.)

yo ted,
my most memorable game was in 1997 when Judge kicked the crap out
of LaSalle. i was on that team and played defense and was a 3 yr varsity
player starting my junior and senior year. and all those years we could
never find a way to stop LaSalle's high power offense. but on one day it
all came together offensively and defensively and we kicked their ass
47-14, a day ill never forget. Jim Casey, Ed Guzak and Joe Tyer ran all
over them. for once they couldnt stop us. although my performance that
day wasn't spectacular it didnt matter to me because we had finally
beaten a team that beat us plenty of times in the past. to knock them
out of the playoffs was like winning the championship for us. i hate
LaSalle along with Ryan.
Mike Brzycki
#95 DE, Father Judge 98"
  (Ted's note: That was a helluva show by the Crusaders. No reason to
hate, though, Mike. Dislike is enough -- smile.)

  One game I'll never forget was the NE vs Lincoln football game during
the 2001 season. NE had just shut Frankford out the previous week and
Lincoln had shut U-City out the previous week. I had to be partial
seeing as though I'm a former Viking and my little brother Ben
"Slimherc" Franklin was a reserve CB/RB. I also had my uncle starring as
the starting QB for NE. On the other sideline I had my little brother
Bernard "Franchise" Franklin who was a often used sub for Lincoln as a
DB/RB. I arrived to the game late and was told James had been hurt a few
minutes earlier. At halftime the game was out of reach with an 32-0
score so out came the backups. Bernard got on the field first and on his
second carry he ran up the middle and heard a pop in his leg. He
immediately fell to the ground and thought he'd torn his ACL but the
trainer diagnosed it as an severe sprained M.C.L. On the next to last
play Ben ran the ball and as he went to meet the defender up high he was
tackled below the knees and he also sprained his M.C.L.(ironically the
same leg) although his injury was a little less serious. The funny thing
was the trainer only had two crutches and so they had to use one crutch
a piece. It was a game I'll never forget.
--- Anthony Franklin
   (Ted's note: I was at this game and Slimherc showed brass.)

  Wasup Ted. My name is Mikal Sabree I'm a sophmore and  I play football at Ben Franklin. I am the JV QB/DB and I play Varsity. When we played West  philly we were up 18 - 0 in the fourth with 5 min. to play. Coach Allen Rushing called time out and put in the whole JV team to run a few plays. He told me to run 3 18 bootleg. I went in the game , 1st and 10 on west phillys 18. franklin down, set , go . i started to run and i got around the corner and broke a tackle. then i took it strait up the side line for a Td.  Then we were on D.  I got 3 tackles on the first 3 downs.  On fourth down they tried  to throw a pass and i caught a int.  It was the best year of my life. I scored my first varsity touchdown and interseption.  I later got another int against Edision. I later led the Jv football team to a undefited season. This was the first time the Jv team went undefited in 38 years.
   (Ted's note: Mikal didn't send this until early May, WAY after the season, but it's nice and we decided to post it.)