Thoughts on Prep-La Salle Cancellation
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   The St. Joseph's Prep-La Salle football game has been canceled for Thanksgiving.
Many people have indicated a desire to express an opinion on this. Please send your
comments to We will list e-mail addresses with the comments.
Thanks very much! 

   The thanksgiving game is a great atmosphere, you get alumni and people from both high schools back. It definitly hurts the Prep cause its the homecoming game. The crowd is always overflowing and even for the social aspect is a great time.  I can see why Lasalle doesn't want to get crushed a third time, and going up against the 3rd team in the nation 3 times is a tough task to ask of anyyone. Still, I think tradion needs to be upheld and the game should be played.

    I played in this game last year and it is more than just the football.
The game provides a place for all alumni to meet and hang out with old
friends from high school. The game also provides an amazing atmosphere
for the players. I think it is ridiculous to take the oppurtunities
away from the fans and the players by cancelling this game. I know
most of the college students won't be at the game on Friday that would
have gone on Thanksgiving. If Lasalle decides to play another team,
the game will not be the same because of the long-time rivalry between
Lasalle and Prep.
-- Former Lasalle player Bruce Pohlot

   No matter how many times you lose to a team in a season, you don't just go out and drop a Thanksgiving game. All I can say is that is such a LaSalle thing to do.

   Why doesn't Lasalle does drop out of the catholic league? Nobody wants a school scared to play a traditional game in their league. If Lasalle is canceling the Thanksgiving Day game then they might as well cancel the playoff game too; because the Thanksgiving Day game means just as much. Lasalle should take their football team and move to a weak division like the Inter-Ac. I'm sick of those losers who can't handle a good butt whupping by the Prep.
Playoff Game Prediction: 63-0 Prep !!

Yo Ted,
I think LaSalle is the biggest joke in the Catholic League. Playing three times in a season has nothing to do with this. They just don't want to play the # 3 team in the nation. Hey when LaSalle's good the Prep never backs down. We played with no complaints and we battled through winningless seasons. We've lost to LaSalle as much as 40-0 in this series. All of a sudden the Hawks are flyin high and the Explorers are searchin for a new team to play. The Prep has pride. LaSalle has none of it. Anyone who goes to LaSalle should be embarassed.
"Yeah Prep"
P.S. Yo Gil, if you're reading this, I suggest we score enough points on Frdiay night for both games.

Dear Ted,
The whole thing just doesn't make sense.  The Prep-LaSalle game is a tradition, and over the past 10 years I can't think of a better Thanksgiving day rivalry in the area.  It's a huge money-maker for both schools, and the alumni, students and parents love waking up to it on Thanksgiving.  I don't see why playing each other a third time ruins things, it happens in the NFL all the time with teams from the same division playing each other in the playoffs.  If LaSalle's administration is just worried about Brian Tracz and Matt Parkhurst injuring their multi-sport athlete football players, and I mean...they probably will, but thats just part of the game fellas.
There have been years that LaSalle's beat the Prep like 49-0 in the Thanksgiving game, and we knew it was coming, we took it like men though.  And even though we already killed LaSalle once this year, and we'll kill them again Friday the 14th, there's always that one in a million chance lingering out there somewhere I guess for the Thanksgiving game.   In 77 the Prep won it all, but lost to LaSalle on Thanksgiving.  And far stranger things have happened than that.  I hope the alumni (Prep and LaSalle alike) and Prep administrators come through to fix this problem sometime in the near future, cause I'm not really tryin' to spend my entire day watching the freakin' Lions and Cowboys.  If nothing changes in the next 24 hours though, I think we should run the score up in the playoff game, if LaSalle decides to show no class, why should we?
-- James  Prep 04

   As a die hard LaSalle fan it is hard not being able to see my team go on Thanksgiving day. But there are a few reasons. If the two teams faced off on Turkey Day then both of them would have played a quarter of thier seasons games against eachother. And even though it is the best rivalry in the city no matter what the score is. But playing someone 3 times is just to much in football.    Also this gives athletes who play a winter sport to start alot sooner and not fall two weeks behind. It also will not giveThe Prep another win towards their winning streak which will end whithen the first three games of next year. As always...

Hey Ted. I was really disappointed when I heard the
confirmation this morning that the Prep - LaSalle
Thanksgiving game was canceled. I've been going to the
game since sixth grade when LaSalle (and everyone
else) used to dominate the Prep. Now a senior at the
Prep, I am very angry that the breaking of this
tradition had to come in my last year. I certainly
understand that LaSalle does not want to play 3 games
against us in one year, yet their coach in the paper
two days ago said that they would play on Thanksgiving
if they beat us in Friday's semi-final game. This
shows their very immature and unsportsmanlike attitude
of wanting to win, completely ignoring one of
Philadelphia's best traditions and rivalries. Let it
be known that the Prep in no way wants to miss this
game; LaSalle brought up the topic and basically said
that they would not play us. It's a shame that even
though we used to lose to LaSalle for years in the
past that, now that we have become the area
power-house, they now look for any excuse to avoid
playing us. Don't be surprised if we make up for the
cancellation of the Thanksgiving game this Friday in
the semifinal with a couple of extra touchdowns
against our "esteemed" rivals.
SJP '04

I don't have any real strong feelings on the matter, but I am delighted to see that readers once again have a place to voice their opinions on a topic, whatever it may be. This is a huge step toward the revival of Random Thoughts, or at least some kind of moderate opinion page.
      The one good thing about this cancellation is that it opens the door for a MCDEVITT vs. LASALLE Thanksgiving game. McDevitt hasn't had a Thanksgiving game in years, and these teams did not get a chance to play against each other this season. This is a great oppurtunity for an excellent game, and the resuscitation of a dying rivalry.

I would like to see Prep play Temple on Thanksgiving....both recruit heavy on the east coast.....Maybe LaSalle University can play LaSalle High School. That might be a competetive game.

I'm going to make tonight's game my Thanksgiving game....any other team on Turkey Day just wouldn't be the same.
My former boss, a Prep Alum, brought up a good point.  He said, "This doesn't make any sense, for all of the years they beat up on us, we took
it like that we are winning, playing the Thanksgiving Day game is cancelled."
Given that, playing three games in a season in any sport other than major league baseball, and professional b-ball and really awkward.

I think this is absurd! The only lesson the Pres at La Salle is teaching
his students is if you cannot win; QUIT!!!  Whatever happened to "If the
going gets tough, the tough get going"? This game has been a tradition
for the last 26 years. It is the last game these seniors will ever play
in high school, and for some of the boys it is the last time they will
ever play organized football. I think both schools should reconsider
their decision, show the students and alumni the administrations are
truly educators.   There is a valuable lesson to be learned here,
hopefully they will come to this realization.
-- Don Friday

Woods has TWO excellent points (stop while you're ahead Sean). One is the revival of a "Thoughts" board and two - Here's a golden opportunity for BOTH teams to start a new Thanksgiving Day tradition with teams that match their goals and are not in the PCL so this can't happen again.  I must add that playing any team, let alone beating them big, three times in a season isn't fun for me (that's what the NBA is for). Go Prep!

Hey Ted,
I would just like to commend the LaSalle High School administration on their decision to cancel the upcoming Prep-LaSalle Thanksgiving day game. The leaders of that school sent a wonderful, resounding message to its students, faculty, and alumni: If you don't think you can win, don't even try. This cancellation is a great disappointment, I think, for everyone involved. There is so much more involved with this game than the final score. As long as I can remember I have gone to this game, most times leaving without having any idea who had won. This game had been a chance for students, alumni, and fans of both schools to come together and share memories, stories and laughs. These two schools have always had one of the best rivalries in the city, and it was a very healthy rivalry. That rivalry suffered a tremendous blow yesterday. It is unfortunate for all involved that this game will not be played. For the seniors, who will miss their final chance to play in this game, for alumni who will need to find somewhere else to go on Thanksgiving morning, and to the youngsters whose mothers will now drag them to the Thanksgiving Day parade (smile). One final note, the Naval Academy has not beaten Notre Dame since 1963, however the two school have played every year since. At least there is some sense of tradition and pride somewhere in the athletic world.
-- Greg McKeever, Prep '03

Yo Ted
I think La Salle is scared to play the Prep but I also think the Prep should play thier Thanksgiving day game against a real team like Strathaven or will Gill be scared to break his winning streak.

Dear Ted,
     All I have to say to Lasalle is this, IF YOU'RE SCARED, GET A DOG! 
This is a typical Lasalle move.  Not only are they afraid to play the prep
again and be embarrassed, they were also afraid of losing to McDevitt, a
lowly blue division school.  I am happy however that it ruined the
traditions of these schools for this year cause I'm not a fan of either
school.  If these people had any true boldness, they would be playing tackle
football themselves, no pads style, in the playground.  I know I'll be doing
such when I'm running over all who oppose me in the Turkey Bowl of Mcdevitt.
  I really can't say enough about how the lasalle administration is just
scared that thier precious lacrosse players will be hurt(lacrosse?  please.)

Yeah we all know that for the past 26 years, the Prep-LaSalle thanksgiving
game has been arguably the best rivaly/tradition in the city.   But it seems
to me that Prep has outgrown that kind of game and possibly outgrown the
catholic league all together.  I may be jumping the gun here but I know I am
not alone when I say that the Prep (probably LaSalle too) has overstayed its
welcome in the PCL.  Nobody can really blame LaSalle for not wanting to play
the tri-state all star team 3 times in 1 season.  It absolutely incredible
what the Prep have done with their program in the past couple years.  This
year's team is flat out wicked and has an amount of talent that I would dare
to call absurd and something tells me that very little will change in years
to come.  I think that unless the Prep changes its rules and abides by the
same policies that the rest of the PCL teams to (ex: playing games as normal
& being unaffected by the strike earlier this year) and obviously with the
recruiting.  Having said this I am not hating on the Prep and am praising
them for what they have done with their program but something has to change
soon if this pattern continues and I think it is inevitable.   Not to digress
from the subject here.  It is crazy that any 2 teams should play 3 times in
1 year most teams in other areas would say it is not right to play a team
twice even.  I do not blame anyone for the cancellation nor do I call anyone
names but I do feel bad for the senior players on each time being deprived
of a game.  The Jimmy Price fantasy bowl on thanksgiving: North Penn drops
landsdale catholic to play prep.  Never gonna happen but boy what a
beautiful thought...thanks ted-Jimmy "PAY IT" Price

Yoo Tedd,
       there's no question that the cancellation of the LaSalle - St. Joe's Prep Thanksgivng Day game is a shame, but if the idea im thinking of ever came to pass, I really think it would make everyone forget about any Prep-LaSalle game. I'm not sure whether North Penn already has a Thanksgiving Game, but if not, I think setting up a St. Joe's Prep - North Penn game would be a solid solution. Think of it, two of the top teams in the country going head to head on Thanksgiving Day. I also think setting up a game for LaSalle would be worth the effort, vs. either McDevitt or Wood. Everyone knows that LaSalle's second most hated team (besides the prep) is McDevitt, so if this could be arranged it would make for a solid matchup and bring in the alumni, most of whom share the same feelings towards mcdevitt as they do towards the prep. And with Wood being a big-time rival of LaSalle's in other sports, the idea of a LaSalle-Wood Thankgiving game would be a solid second option, granted that the LaSalle - McDevitt idea fell through.
I think the most important thing through all of this is that the powers that be find a way to get a game played on Thanksgiving involving both teams, and that both teams play against an opponent that means something. I like Huck's (or Puck's??) idea about having both teams play a different opponent, but playing an Inter-Ac team does not have the same meaning to most players and alumni of both schools. Pinning the Prep vs. North Penn would definitely bring the crowds, and LaSalle vs. McDevitt, or Wood, would unquestionably draw major attention. I would not be surprised if neither of these ideas are possible, and even if they were possible, I would be surprised if it was actually put into play. All I'm saying is that it's just a shame that the students this year of both schools, the alumni, and all involved are going to miss out on an always outstanding outing, and I think if their is any way to salvage this shameful situation it should be worked on with the attention and dedication it deserves. Keep the Thanksgiving Day Game tradition for both schools, don't let a good thing die even if it is only for one year. Remember that this is the Senior's of both schools last year, make sure they have the game they deserve.

As a LaSalle student I am very disappointed in the administration and football program fro backing out of the gamne, as Joe Co pretty much said we wont play if we lose twice prior to the official cancellation of the game.  I also feel bad for the seniors on our squad this year as they are being robbed of the Thanksgiving day tradition.  I think that LaSalle should swallow its pride and try to reschedule the game.  If they don't, I thinka Prep/Temple game is a good idea...prep will have the advantage...becaus temple still has to abide by admission standards for athletes..Anyway big upset tonight 17-16 Explorers

I  just have one thing to say,  The prep  is a HIGH   school and the recruit
like a college  does   ( unfair)  no wonder they are so good

Hey Ted,
I think cancelling the thanksgiving day game is a terrible idea. When I was a
little kid my dad would take my brothers and me to the games. I always wanted
to play in the thanksgiving day game against st. joes. the three times i walked
onto that field it was so special. I think that taking that away from both
these teams is the worst thing that could happen, especially to the seniors. i
would have been heart broken if they cancelled the game in my senior year, id
rather play it and get slaughtered than cancel it. It doesn't matter how many
times they have played each other, thanksgiving is a sacred game and should be
played no matter what.
-- Chris Galbally La Salle '03

Actually I think that both schools should get out of the Catholic League.
If you think recruiting is rediculous now, just wait until the Catholic
League decides to go to the PIAA and teams want to create a state champion
and be on the USA today top ten list.

The choice to cancel the game on Thanksgiving sets a very
troublesome precedent for years to come.  As Huck pointed out, this is
not going to be the last time this will happen since The Catholic League
will not switch back to North and South for football.  The situation raises
the question, "Does LaSalle want their alumni to see their team lose big
on a big fund raising day?"  The same question could also e asked if
the roles were reversed.  In the mid-'90s LaSalle was a dominant
program and no matter what the outcome would be, The Prep still
showed up to play.  The decision was said to be a mutual one, but it
didn't even have to be that way.  One team could have just said "we are
not showing up, so go pound sand."  Is there a reason that the JV
squads can't play the game?  I am sure it will be a thrill for some of
those guys who may never get real time in a varsity game to play on
Thanksgiving.  To me it seems that if the game can be canceled one
year, why not next year if the situation presents itself again?   What if both
teams advance to the final?  Will they tell the League "we are playing on
Thanksgiving, it can be for the title or not, it is your choice."  The only
logical solution seems to be to end the game all together.   However
neither team can afford to do that because no one wants to schedule a
regular Thanksgiving Day game in which they may lose more often then
they win. (save The Prep, who is losing in this all-time series 18-9)  As a
graduate of The Prep, I am dissapointed by the whole situation.   This is
slippery slope that we never should have ventured onto.   The game
should be played, no matter  how many times the teams played each
other, use the JV, heck use the Frosh Squads.  Will this predicament
arise every year? Hopefully not.  Will the Prep always be this dominant in
the Catholic League?  This is a team that won about 4 games in 4 years
in the early '90's.  No team is great forever, Ryan won 4 straight titles at
one point, now they are barely a .500 club.  The long term needs to be
looked at, and I feel with this move the schools have killed what was
once a great game.
Peter Castagna-Prep class of '99.

   I think the Prep vs. La Salle football game is a great tradition and brings a great atmosphere to the Holidays.  But wats up wiht all this talk that these prep fans are saying about us being to scared to play the prep. La Salle football isnt scared of the Prep . . . I kno when i am senior will run over the prep and there will be no thanksgiving day game then because theyll be the one afraid. peace

Did it ever occur to the geniuses and to both schools who adopted the Red Blue concept that this was a distinct possibility somewhere down the line?

First of all, I didn't go to La Salle or Prep, and I never even watched either team play, but this is ridiculous. You play the game for the fun of it. This is high school ball! One thing that my coach taught me, was that no matter who you play, you never go into game thinking that you can't win. The school canceling that game shows that they have no faith in their players, no respect for their coaches, and no pride in their school. How many times are student-athletes told that winning isn't everything? I guess that's only something used to console the losers. That seems like a real good lesson to teach your students. Go out there and try your best... unless you really don't think you can win. Playing each other three times in a season has nothing to do with it. The school just doesn't want to be embarrassed. If I was on that La Salle team, I would walk my players on to the field on Thanksgiving and play my heart out, no matter what the school says. I don't care if its a flag football game, I'd play til the clock was filled with 0's and keep my pride, since the school doesn't really care about theirs.

I just have 2 things to say to finally shut those prep kids up. 1. Sure you guys played La Salle when they were a powerhouse, but the only difference is that we were good using the players that came to the school for the sole purpose of an education, we didnt have to resort to recruiting to become good. 2. I could almost guarantee that any other teams in our situation (LaSalle-Prep) would've done the same thing we did. Who wants to play the same team 3 times in one season. Look at lastyear and the year before when we still played the Prep on Thanksgiving even though they were as good or better then they are this year. I just thought id give those kid something to think about while they're hangin off . . . (jockstraps).

We all knew this was going to turn into a random intelligent thought section all over while I'm going to mention the Turkey Day thing, I want to touch on the ever popular recruiting topic again.
After watching the Prep/LaSalle game Friday night, my anger about the Thanksgiving Day game diminished.  The Prep scored enough points for both games anyway.
Now on to the recruiting and all that admissions hub-bub.  First, everyone recruits now.  The Prep simply does it better, haha (much like everything else).  But even still, much like the Eagles nowadays, the program/system is so good and works so much like a machine that any schmo can be plugged into a position and perform well.  They have interchangeable parts.  The guys simply work the hardest in the off-season, work the hardest during practice, work the hardest in the film room.  Bottom line.  As a Prep football player, anything less than excellence is not tolerated.  Sure Gil recruits....but name me the stud standouts who are passing for 300 yards or are sack machines.  Right, you probably can't.....sure Danny Jones and maybe one or two others are MVP type guys who were "recruited" but thats about it.  98% of the other guys on that team would probably be average players at any other school.  Its the system, the coaches, the style, and the attitude that makes Prep football different from any other school.
-- Mark Gress Jr.

The cancellation of any Thanksgiving game is never good. But, hey, didn't the rest of the PCL teams miss two games in the beginning of the season? I still remember them; playing two less games during your senior season isn't welcomed in my book. However, you have to take it in stride - life isn't always peaches.

Whether you're a Prep fan or LaSalle fan, the cancellation of this
game is no doubt a disappointment. Since I've been at the Prep, this has
been my favorite game of the season.  There is something different about the
atmosphere on Thanksgiving compared to any other game- the event isn't about
the competition, it's a social event where students, families and alumni
from both teams come together for a great annual tradition.   To disrupt that
tradition, no matter how uneven the matchup is, or how many times the teams
have met in a season, is wrong.  It is unfortunate that such a big decision
was clearly made without the alumni or students' input.   Not only does it
make LaSalle look bad for quitting on their own team, but it tarnishes the
future for this event and rivalry.  Having LaSalle and Prep meet in the
playoffs is great, it adds even more to the game; however, now we'll hope
against such a meeting so that the rivals can play on Thanksgiving.
        Regardless of what the future holds for this tradition, I hope to
see the tradition carried on in any form this Thanksgiving, even if no game
is played, at least have some organized event to celebrate such a great
rivalry.  Even just a get-together, where the families and alumni could
interact like they do every Thanksgiving would be enough. A double header
would be great too, here's an idea- Prep vs. Temple, LaSalle vs. Merion
Mercy- don't think they're played each other three times yet.

Hey Ted,
I would just like to say that I am in a state of disbelief right now.  What kind of messed up precedent is La Salle trying to set.  What am I, a Prep alum, supposed to do, wait until La Salle gets better or the Prep gets worse to get my Thanksgiving Game back.  I can remember a year ago standing in those stands when the clock went to zero with this strange feeling of that being my last football game as a student but at the same time thinking next year I get to come back and enjoy it in a whole other way as an alum.  Now I don't get that chance, because let's face it nothing is as good as it would be the first time around, meaning going back two years from now won't be anywhere as good as the first time back because I am two years removed and that strong connection to my alma mater has diminished just a little bit.  In closing I would just like to thank La Salle for ruining a perfectly good tradition for our seniors, their seniors, and the thousands of alumni  from both sides who come from many miles to many states away to experience the only thing that comes close to the wonderfulness of a Thanksgiving meal after having to eat college food for many months.   Never in my entire life have I been so glad to not go to that unholy institution that was only 10 minutes from my house.  Thank you, La Salle President, you have made my 45 minute to an hour and a half drives to the Prep in the worst and best weather one on of the most treacherous roads (the Drive) that much more special because of your selfishness and closed mindedness. 
-- Tom Meehan, Prep '03

I propose that either the prep or lasalle play archbishop carroll on
thanksgiving. This game would create almost a natural PCL championship since
no one else in the red is capable of beating carroll, prep or lasalle on a
consistent basis.  Carroll, although a diocesan high school, has as strong a
program as LaSalle and the Prep.  This game would put an end to all the talk
of the Carroll bashers and their opinion that the RED is such a great
division.  People complain about Carroll simply because they win.  They are
just mad they have to play the Prep and Lasalle, and they probably have a
point there.  Both teams play in the same league, but don't play by the
league's rules.  What has Carroll done?  They are the fourth smallest school
in the league, and cannot offer scholarships like Prep and Lasalle.  Schools
attacking Carroll for not playing in the Red have absolutely no ground to
stand on so they should just keep their mouths shut. I am not bad mouthing
the prep, because I think they are a great team that works hard and
obviously has a great deal of talented players pass through their system. 
The prep's team is great, no one can deny that, there is nothing wrong with
what they do except for the fact that they play in a league in which they
have unfair advantages over others.  The same goes for lasalle.  Thank you
for your time Ted

Class seems to be an issue brought up by several Prep fans.  It disgusts me that people have the nerve to call Lasalle's administration classless.  Prep is a HIGH school, and they recruit for atheltic purposes, regardless of academic standing.  Last time i checked the school was named St. Joesph's PREPARATORY School.  I guess the capitilized word only applies to certain students at the school, and for some football players the word means nothing.  Tell me where the class in recruiting is, no one else in the league does it.  Where is the class in 40-0 wins week after week?  I guess that shows class because you can beat lasalle.  Prep can cry all they want about having 4 wins in 4 years, and lasalle owning them back in the 90's.  It was different then....Guys like Brett Gordon and Chris Pennington went to Lasalle to increase academic knowledge, not to help build a precious football dynasty.  Prep will probab! ly win a third straight title(no disrespect to ohara), and if it means that much to happy for you.  Do high school football championships mean so much that you'll recruit like a major university to keep my shouldn't.  The rules should be changed to stop recruiting, because in this is out of hand.  I don't blame Lasalle for cancelling the game, i'm behind the decision 110%.  Play a third time...for what?  No one wants to play just to see Prep's team roll again.  Classless is only a term that should be used when discussing Prep's desire to pound the catholic league red division.

I wanted to comment on how much of a disgrace it is to cancel the LaSalle/Prep Thanksgiving Game.  As part of the alumni of Lasalle and LaSalle Football, I can tell you that this game was more than just a game.  It was about tradition and most of all it was about being able to suit up one last time as a senior player.  I missed my last 2 games of my senior year last year at LaSalle due to a shoulder injury.  The games were the semifinal against Roman and Thanksgiving against Prep.  I was devastated when I found out that I would need surgery on my shoulder and that I wouldn't be allowed to play in those two games.  As a former player, I know what it was like and what I went through having the final games of my senior year taken away from me.  I still think to myself how much I would have loved to been able to play in the Thanksgiving Game my senior year against Prep, and I probably always will.  By canceling this game, the short-term actions of a few are going to forever effect the long-term memories of a bunch, both from LaSalle and the Prep.
- Former LaSalle Player Jim Finore, ' 03

we take time out from this discussion to post a message from a long-time buddy of huck's . . .

I need you to pass onto Puck a little wisdom that I learned a long long
time ago........NEVER, EVER, I MEAN EVER try and beat Huck in something
that he created OR more importantly made up the rules for the game.
Whether it's stick ball, box ball, street hockey, crate basketball, wire
ball, handicapping games.....IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!!! He always wins, no
matter what! ALWAYS!

-- Bill Bethel

OK, back to La Salle-Prep matters . . . (ha ha)

LaSalle is a joke. No other team would back out of a game just because of the circumstances. 3 times to many? Cry me a river. LaSalle athletic programs have declined in recent years not because they don't recruit (because they do, my brother is being contacted and there is no way he's going there after this) it is because they don't care. I'm a senior Football player at McDevitt and although I would give anything for a game against LaSalle I don't think it's right that they break up such a game. Not only is this the first year in 26 years LaSalle and Prep wont play on Thanksgiving but it's longer then that since McDevitt has not played the girls from the Hill. They cancelled our game this year because they couldn't take the embarressment of losing to a Blue Division school. But now we don't have to embarress you, you did it yourself by quiting. It's a disgrace for anybody to defend LaSalle on this position because if games were played on paper the excitment would b! e lost. There is only one thing that could make LaSalle look worse in this situation them scheduling another team. It doesn't matter what the outcome is cancelling a traditional game and scheduling in an easier opponent is low. Although it would be funny to see them lose to 2 Inter-Ac schools in one season.
- Terence Sawick, 04.
P.S.To the Carroll player who wrote in saying that they can challenge the Prep, is a fool. I don't care how cocky you are, your statement was pure stupidity. We played you and lost 21-0 but the score did not reflect the game. You would get trampled by the Prep like everybody else, but atleast your willing to play, unlike some other people.

For all you guys that won't be attending the Prep-Lasalle Game on Thanksgiving. All are welcomed to come to the Roman vs. Roxborough Game at Roxborough Field. I mean, It IS the best Thanksgiving Day game in History. Plus I think It'll be a good game this year. Dante Bryant is NICE. And if you do decide to come. Look for us on Cheap Skate Hill ( Hill behind the scoreboard)
How the Flip are they going to cancel a Turkey Day Game? O well
   And Ted, Hopefully there won't be any Moats around the field like last year at the one game. That was crazy.
-- R. Deer

Everyone needs to chill with "La Salle is afraid to play us".  That's the dumbest thing I ever heard.  If we were afraid we would of forfeited the first two games. "Being afraid" That's not the case at all.  The decision to cancel the game was an adminstrative decision and does not reflect the way the players feel.  Everyone on La Salle's squad wants to still play this game.  Many parents of players and players themselves have emailed the school protesting the cancellation.  So the idea of "La Salle's scared to play us" is I guess an easy way to look at it from the Prep viewpoint, but is incorrect.  My point is that the players were not involved at all in the decision making. So to say "they're afraid" is pretty dumb, because no one ever asked what the players thought.  Sure Gil's quote and Colistra's quote in the Inquirier may make it look like LS didn't want to play, but ultimately it was to be decided among the principals of the schools.  None of us who write in know what exactly was said during that meeting: the reasons behind the canceling, the terms, who wanted to cancel, what the factors were, whatever.  I don't know what the admistrations are thinking, because my teammates and I want to play, but my point is that you (Preppies) don't know either.  So, Preppies, don't act you have all the answers because you have no idea.

Hello all you fans of the La Salle- Prep rivalry! I am a player on the La Salle football team this year and I have been attending the game ever since I can remember. I am mad the game is not happening, but before everyone blames La Salle for this cancellation of the game I think both sides had something to do with it. Coach Brooks said in the paper that he found it silly to play three times. So everyone can go blame La Salle and talk ish, but when it comes down to yeah we lost twice already but I know every player on our team would not mind another go around. We know Prep is better, that's a given, but never NEVER say we don't have any heart or are "scared" to play this game. We were never given the choice. The call came down from the powers that be and to my knowledge it was a joint decision. So please don't attack our players and administration for a decision the Prep had just as much control over. Also, all you Prep fans out there that are enjoying kicking us while we're down have fun, but we will always be ready to play Prep whenever the time comes no matter if we play 3,4, or even 10 times in a season. We enjoy playing Prep and they can beat us as much as they want, but we'll come back and someday soon we will reign victorious once again!
-- Eddie DiDonato
La Salle Football #10

Time out for a note from Ted . . .

There is no doubt that the original push to cancel the game came from La Salle's administration.
As you said, The Prep at some point did go along with the decision, but not without severe
disappointment and head-scratching.

OK, the timeout is over . . .

Im sure the Prep players are happy about the cancellation, they wont have to make the trek from the Jersey Shore to get to the game. Prep fans call LaSalle sore losers....are you kidding me! The Prep recruited students solely for their atheltic ability just to beat La Salle. And to discredit a previous Prep fan, if you didnt have Jones, Shaw...and other south jersey residents, your team would be as sorry as it was back in the 90's.

Hey Ted,
I am a currently a junior at Lasalle High School and think its a shame they cancelled the Thanksgiving Day game. In my opinion LaSalle cancelled this game out of, i dont think this is the right word but our Out of Fear to embarrassed again by a superior Prep football team. This matchup was no different in the 1990's when LaSalle had the great squad with Brett Gordon and Co. In conclusion why not announce the Seniors do all the pregame ceremonies and let the JV teams play or the maybe the Freshman play. its what its going to end up being anyway cause Prep will be winning by alot.
-- TE

clsportsfan is a moron with little or no grasp of the reality of the Prep, its
football program, or the players who make up that program. He implies that the
Prep's football players are enrolled there solely to show up and play football,
they're not there to get an education. He has no idea what he is talking
about, the football players do the same work as everyone else in the school,
and they get the same "increase in acadameic knowledge" that everyone else. Go
down to the school one day and see if anybody thinks that Greg Ambrogi, yea the
kid with 12 picks for this squad, isn't one of the smartest kids in the whole
school. I'm not gonna sit here and run through it piece by piece, but a lot of
these football players clsportsfan wants to deride have gone on to some pretty
highly regarded colleges. A few which come to mind immediately just from guys
I know that have played on the 00-02 teams are Harvard, Penn, Columbia,
Dartmouth, Georgetown, Lehigh, Notre Dame, Bucknell, Air Force Acadamy, etc.
It goes on. Those kids are there for the academic opportunity and to play
football. To suggest otherwise is ludicrous and false. And the complaint
about 40-0, what are they supposed to do, kneel on the ball the whole second
half? It's not like Brooks is leaving the starters in all game, if his second
teamers are still scoring can you really be angry with him? No one was
complaining when Carrol was beating teams 70 something to 0 a few years back.
The Prep could do the same if it wanted to. If some of these other coaches and
teams spent less time whining about the Prep and more time in the weight room
and watching film we wouldn't be having this discussion. End of story.
Tom Bradley, Prep '03,
Are you kidding me?
Carroll who is ranked 3rd, not 1st, not 2nd....but 3rd in the Baby Blue
Division playing the Prep.....why not just roll out St. Matt's Grade School
on Turkey Day to play the Prep?

I am Prep class of 1953 and last year we were provided a room in the old High School building to watch the game from a "Luxury Box" position as the 50 year class. I feel sorry for the Class or 1954. As for recruiting, I heard that about LaSalle in the mid 1990's when they were winning 30 straight games. It is called "Sour Grapes." The administrators of the Catholic League High Schools endorsed recruiting when they provided "Open Enrollment." Admission standards at LaSalle are no tougher than SJP. Things go in cycles. One of my classmates remarked that it was tougher to make the band than the football team in our day. Now, I must endure a Thanksgiving morning of "Honey Do."
Bill Hamburger

   First of all, all the talk about recruiting really has to stop.  Everyone does it, its just that it's not that hard for the Prep to recruit good players considering the caliber of the team, program, and coaches.  All the coaches in the Catholic League go to grade school games looking for someone to fill a spot . . . How can you blame Gil Brooks for having a good eye for talent and then knowing how to coach that talent into a well rounded football player and man.  As for the "outsider" input from people and their resolutions, it's not a matter of the Prep playing someone of equal ability.  Once again this is not just a game, its an event.  It's where guys who hated one another in high school because they went to rival schools come together years later.  Guys like these are now partners in the same firm, run the same practice, or work together in the same business.  I have spoken to many alumni who say that they work with La Salle guys who are great guys.  During my four years at the Prep, there was a big effort to get rid of the hate between the two schools.  This is the one major event where that hate is overlooked.  The two teams come out on to the field and shake hands at the beginning of the game while alumni from both sides do the same and share stories of the old days.  The fact that La Salle just "handed over the trophy" Friday night is a disgrace.  First of all, it wasn't their's to hand over since the last time I checked it was in a Prep trophy case.  We need to come up with some way the Prep and La Salle can compete on Thanksgiving.  How about a round of golf or game of tennis, because let's face it that country club of a high school definitlely recruits for those sports so they should have no trouble competing.
-- Tom Meehan Prep '03 (All We Do Is Win Championships)

Hey Ted,
Just wanted to thank you for reminding me how much I don't miss Random/Intelligent Thoughts. You open up a discussion about a longstanding traditional Thanksgiving day game, and what a surprise, simply because the Prep and LaSalle are invovled, the recruiting "scandal" once again comes up. If I could I would just like to take the time to explain this to everyone. EVERY SCHOOL IN THE COUNTRY, LET ALONE THE PCL, RECRUITS. IF YOU DO NOT ACTIVELY TRY TO GET PEOPLE TO COME TO YOUR SCHOOL YOU WILL NOT HAVE A SCHOOL AFTER LONG. RECRUITING IS PERFECTLY LEGAL. I get the impression that a lot of people do not understand this. The only time this becomes illegal is when athletic scholarships are given out. The giving of financial aid on the basis of athletic ability is illegal; but trying to convince a kid to come to your school, who happens to be good at football or basketball or whatever, is not. Despite what everyone seems to think, The Prep and LaSalle do not do this. Neither of these school are in violation of any PCL rules. I hope this clears up any confusion (ignorance) that any of you may have. Again it is just a shame that this game had to be cancelled, and I think whoever had the idea of having JV teams play may have been on to something. I hope the two sides can come up with a solution because this whole thing is an ugly situation, one in which there is no winner. Thanks again Ted.
Greg McKeever
PREP '03
(P.S.- I think the PCL only stands to benefit from the Prep's involvement. The "dominance" of the Prep over the past few years only forces teams like O'Hara and Roman and LaSalle to improve their football programs, making the league better as a whole.)

           as an alum of the prep and a veteran fan of this game every year, I was very displeased to hear about the cancellation of this game. the fact that lasalle does not want to lose to us 3 times in one season is no excuse. it’s a tradition that these teams play every year on this day. the prep used to get killed by lasalle every year, and last time I checked, despite our recent victories, we are still losing the thanksgiving series by a fair margin. not wanting to lose is no excuse to cancel a game. you play because it is football, and it is what you have dedicated the better part of your year to do. canceling this game is yet another reason for the current prep students to hate lasalle. if their intention was to keep the rivalry hot, good job, otherwise, the lasalle athletic department has proved just how esteemed they are.
SJP ’02

Lasalle...afraid to play Mcdevitt...ha! Lasalle won 37-0 last year and your team was even weaker this year.  Any team would have done what Lasalle did...they know it.  Lasalle made the playoffs, Mcdevitt didn't.   The game would have been cancelled cause of your teachers strike anyway.

Dear Ted,
This is a bad situation no matter how you cut it.  I feel for the seniors at both La Salle and St. Joe’s.  The memories of their final high school football game have been taken away.  As a member of the La Salle alumni, I would have more respect for La Salle if the team went out and gave everything they had against the Hawks.  This will be a sad day for all of the “adults” who were responsible for this decision.
Mike Casey
Class of 1986

From the "beating the dead horse" side of the this discussion I'd like to
address clsportsfan.  You seem to say that dominance in a sports
mean you must recruit.  If that is the case then LaSalle has some
explaining to do for Golf, Tennis, and most of all swimming.   It seems
whenever the Prep gets good in one sport, there is this underlying
comment on recruiting.  Can we also look at some of the better athletes
that have come out of the Prep and where they are going. (i.e. Penn,
Columbia, Air Force Academy).  Does the Prep seek out kids who are
both athletically and academically talented? Of course. Do other
schools? Without a doubt.  So clsportsfan (I love the fact you didn't post
your real name), here's a tuition break, buy a clue.

the following e-mail comes from Tony Resch, La Salle's athletic director.
we appreciate that he took the time to express his school's viewpoint  . . .

   I am disappointed by your comments that the “original push” for this decision was from La Salle and that St. Joe’s went along “…but not without severe disappointment and head-scratching.”   Here was the timeline as I experienced it.  When it was confirmed that we would play St. Joe’s in the PCL semi-final, we knew a decision would have to be made regarding Thanksgiving.  On Monday, we held a meeting at La Salle with our president, our principal, the athletic director (yours truly), the former athletic director, the assistant principal of student affairs, and the head football coach.  Prior to this meeting, I personally sought out input from our former principal and former-former athletic director.
   The meeting attendees brought up all of the issues that have been raised on your comment board: first and foremost the students, but also tradition and alumni.   The fact of the matter was that the possibility of the two teams playing three times had been coming up for the last seven years.  Each of those discussions with St. Joe’s resulted in a mutually agreed upon position that we would petition the PCL to have our playoff/championship game (depending on the situation in a given year) played on Thanksgiving because playing three times in one season was too much.  (As an aside, a reporter personally -- told me that three times seemed a bit much and emailed me that there was no precedent for playing three times in football – and this guy knows the history of the area.)  As it turned out it never came to pass until this year.   This was the driving force behind the consensus reached at the meeting: two teams playing three times was too much for one season.  At that point, our principal called St. Joe’s principal and informed him of our position.  After some pursuant conversations at the principal and AD levels, the next day the principals agreed on a joint statement.  If the disappointment was “severe” and there was much “head-scratching” at St. Joe’s, it was not communicated to us.
   The proverbial “fly-in-the-ointment” here was the preemptive newspaper article last Monday.  If we could have had these discussions between schools before those comments were in print, it might have seemed more like a mutual agreement.  From my perspective, it was a mutual agreement.  Be assured that there was no internal discussion of “ducking” St. Joe’s or “being scared” of a third loss.  Nor did we ignore the tradition or the alums who enjoy the rivalry.  I completely understand tradition.  I was a participant in the 100th Yale-Harvard football game.  I have been a spectator/participant/coach for the last 30 or so years of the PC/GA game.  The rest of the leadership of La Salle is equally committed to tradition and continuing this fine rivalry.  But if this situation of three games in a season comes up again, the two schools will discuss the situation and come to an agreed upon solution.
   So there you have it, from one person’s perspective.  I know this won’t be of much help to those who are disappointed by our decision.  But I hope it gives them some context as to how we reached this point.
-- Tony Resch
   (Ted's note: I was the "reporter" mentioned above. Three meetings are indeed a bit much. Under normal circumstances. But Thanksgiving games, especially one such as Prep/La Salle (or La Salle/Prep, just to be fair in the billing -- smile), are more of a social occasion than anything else for many of the spectators. Football is just a backdrop. I strongly believe this, and it's just an opinion: if the teams were closer in strength this year, there would not have been a Thanksgiving cancellation . . . By the way, I have known Tony's family since my days in high school at PC. His father was a beloved assistant coach for our football team and his brother was one of my teammates. (I use the word "teammate" loosely because Hank was a actual player. I just kicked and punted -- smile.) Once again, I appreciate that Tony took the time to weigh in on the matter.)

Back to the regular e-mails . . . 

My Prep football career was far from anything special...As a 5-9 135 lbs.
backup QB/Punter I usually looked forward to warm-ups more then the actual
game...During my senior year we went 0-10 (not counting the win we got
because Roman used a 36-year player)...We only scored 2 TD's that year (one
on offense and one on defense) and we got rolled by LaSalle in the Turkey
Day game.  Not something to brag about, but I will say that the game vs.
LaSalle on Thanksgiving turned out to be my most memorable game.  I took a
few snaps and even threw a few passes (I don't think I completed any of them
though).  What was great about that game was that it was the first time that
most of my five other brothers and sisters got a chance to see me play since
at the time they were all living somewhere else and were home for the
weekend.  It didn't matter that I sucked and that we were losing big in the
2nd half when I went it, what mattered was they got to see my play.  This is
what bugs me the most with this game not being played.   There are kids on
both teams, that will not have a chance to play even a few downs.
  If I were a LaSalle alum, student or employee, I would be embarrassed.
  You wonder why the Prep is having so much success?  Coaching!  Coaching

is what has separted the Prep from the other schools if you ask me.  Gil
Brooks is a Prep grad and his passion for the game is contagious.  He alone
has taken the Prep from being the perverbial doormat in the Catholic League
to a team that will play anyone, anywhere.
I read all this talk about recruiting and the Prep is the only team that
does it.  To those who feel that way I say you are ignorant. There was an
earlier post that read that we bring in kids from New Jersey.   Your right,
you got us.  They come from to us from the far reaches of Cherry Hill to the
Cornfields of Marlton.   If you knew anything about the Prep, you would know
that 25% of the students come from New Jersey.  You see; the city of
Philadelphia, where the Prep is located, is just on the other side of the
river from New Jersey.  Yea we brought Danny Jones all the way in from New
Jersey to play for us.  He probably gets home from practive sooner then half
his teammates.  Gil Brooks - did we recruit him to?    I mean he lives in New
Jersey.  Ask John Shaw how many schools in the Catholic League recruited him
and he will tell you that Prep wasn't the only one. And to think, he comes
all the way from Gladwyne.
Back to my point...It is a shame that there is not a game this year and I
think the only way to make sure something like this never happens again is
to look for other opponets as this WILL happen again...I am sure when we
first played eachother in 1976 there wasn't much to it.   Well both schools
need to find another opponent and start a new tradition or make an agreement
that not matter if they have to play four times in a season, thay they will
always play on Thanksgiving.  The problem that I see the Prep running into
is that there are not many schools out there in the area that want to play
us and if they do, they probably already have a Thanksgiving Day game...The
people who want to see a North Penn - Prep game are wrong as well...That
would not solve anything and it would be quite unfair to both North Penn and
Lansdale Catholic as they have their own rivalry and who are we to change
that.   Ideally the I think the Prep vs. Malvern
or Carroll  at Vilanova stadium would be a win/win/win for all the schools
involved...For the high schools because they are all catholic and are
somewhat competitive from a recruiting of students standpoint.   Kids that go
to the Prep may have had Malvern or Carroll as a 2nd choice and vice versa. 
Villanova wins because they get to expose some of the best high school
football players in the area to their program.  Maybe Downs, Stovall or
Hobson would have opted to stay local and play at Nova.   Who knows?  Anyway
they need to either say we are playing regardless or look for another
opponent.  None of this, let's see how the first two games go then we will
decide the fate of a tradition dating back over 25 years.
The real tough thing here though is that there are going to be a whole bunch
of Prep and LaSalle alums from all over showing up at work on the Monday
after Thanksgiving limping from all the muscles that are going to be pulled
from playing in Turkey Bowls in their backyards.  Over the years many from
both schools have passed up the neighborhood Turkey Bowl game to attend this
game, but not this year.  It will be a time to lace'em a relive the glory
days and if your me, that is 4th and 17, down 35 to LaSalle with 3:31 to
play and your entire O-Line are guys just like you, not good enough to
GO Prep!

First of all I want to thank you for having a great forum for comments and information source for high school sports. Since this is such an urban area, with so many professional teams, the high school sports do not always get the coverage they deserve.
Plus the number of high schools is huge: Philly, and the suburbs, South Jersey etc.
I grew up watching the Catholic League. North and South division (I know I am dating myself) I loved it when my son chose LaSalle and we were back in the Catholic league.
We live up in the North Penn area.
I loved the football, the rivalries and the tradition in the PCL. With open enrollment that is beginning to change. It is my belief that every team should play each other in the PCL.
But no ....Now they can pick and choose..
Mc Devitt did not want to play LaSalle because of the 37-0 loss in 2002 so Mc Devitt refused to play in 2003.
Wood is on a winning streak so they backed out playing the Prep in Nov 2003.
I want to go back to less CHOICES!!! Everyone in the PCL PLAYS EVERYONE ELSE!!
As a parent of a LaSalle football senior, I wanted my son to play his final football game in
front of thousands of family, friends and fans, some of whom could only get to the Thanksgiving Day game.
I wanted to take pictures of my son with family, friends and team members.
Years ago the administration decided not to play 3 games. No problem.
Now that the PIAA is coming to the Catholic and the Public Leagues, many Thanksgiving traditions may change.
The Friday night game of LaSalle Vs the Prep was a great one. Every player seem to reach out and give 200% as they would do on Thanksgiving,
But it transcended the typical high school rivalry especially for the seniors. All of sudden you were now up against a short-term rival but a possible (based on his college decision)
teammate.. you can appreciate his ability and hoped to learn from any of his tips (and his
mistakes if next year you are vying from that same position). My son received his devious mind from me.
I would a forum where we can hear from the college athletes. Here are some that I know of. The recruiters probably know more than I do.
Pohlot (Yale) Marabella (Penn) from LaSalle
Kaiser (?) Ambrogi (Penn) from the Prep
Kevin Jones (VaTech) from OHara ( HEISMAN potential)
Greg Hennigar walk on at Penn State who wsa tragically killed in an auto accident,
Mc Court (?) from Roman
The future:
Prep Jones
Ohara Heygood
and the poor nameless LINEMAN who never get press
Where are they going? How did they get there ?
Sorry if this is too boring I am a MOM after all and the is life after football

The Thanksgiving table will be a little quieter this year without the
game. It has always provoked some interesting family friendly
conversation. The rivalry was not only on the field but around the
dinner table as I am a graduate of LaSalle and my sons currently attend
The PREP. Oh, well maybe next year!

I know that both sides of this issue have strong opinions on the subject,
but I would guess you are all football fans. Since there will not be a game
between Prep / LaSalle this year on Thanksgiving, I have an alternative for
football fans who want to see a great game. Come see St. Dorothy's play St.
Bernadette at Dermond Field in Drexel Hill. The varsity starts at 10am and
the JV starts right after the varsity.
St. Dot's and St. Bernies have been playing their annual Turkey Bowl for the
past 44 years, which is the longest grade school rivalry in the Philadelphia
area as far as I know. Not only does the Turkey Bowl provide fun football
games to watch, but it offers a great atmosphere for the kids and fans
alike. In my opinion, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the Turkey Bowl.
So if you don't have one to go too or your's was canceled.....take a trip to
Drexel Hill, you will not be disappointed. Happy Thanksgiving!

As a football player at Middlebury College and a LaSalle football Alumni, I
am very displeased that the Thanksgiving game was cancelled. There are few
opportunities for alumni like myself to gather in one place and catch up.
It's more than just a game, it's one of the greatest traditions Philadelphia
has going on. Also, I'd be disappointed to miss any chance to watch LaSalle
take a shot at the Prep. It's only a matter of time Explorers.

- Drew Babin
LaSalle '02

   From an outsiders view, I think the most dissappointing thing about
all this is that it has just become another reason for the Prep and
LaSalle to bicker. Stop being so mad at each other about everything,
and be upset that the adminstrations are taking away Thankgsgiving
football for every senior at your schools. As a college student, I can
tell you nothing compares to that, and it is being taken away with such
ease. On the whole, I think most reasonable people would agree that
three times in one season is too much, but I agree with Ted that its
different...its thanksgiving. Like most kids, students at the Prep and
Lasalle will have a memory of thanksgiving football, but unfortunately
for them it will be a sour one because some adults were worried about
how the score will look in the paper the next morning, or that a
national ranking may suffer.
-- Mike Madera(AHG for the all timers)

It seems based on the tone of the e-mails I have read, and on a total lack
of understanding the history of this game.  To read the vindictiveness of
both sides, to read the pettiness of both sides, I can come to this
conclusion: maybe some traditions were meant to end.

It is a shame that the game is going to be canceled.   It was always the game we looked forward to during the season, no matter what the regular season standings were.  PREP vs LaSalle was the "bowl game."   I just wish people would be honest and let the alums & families know the real reason for a cancellation. ---  LaSalle fears another loss to a NATIONAL POWERHOUSE!
"Z" - '88

Hi Ted,
I was just browsing the Lasalle website and I wanted to share this with everyone.  Go to and on the left menu click on either the 'recruiting' or the 'player profile', and then come whine about The Prep recruiting in football.  The Prep's dominance of the catholic league in football over the past 5 or 6 years is totally analogous to Lasalle's reign in PCL lacrosse (132-3) since 1993.  We (The Prep) didn't whine about their recruiting and we never refused to play them, even when their coach would make them do pushups on the field during the game every time The Prep scored.  Instead we sucked it up, got in the weight room, hit the wall and got our program to the point where we could compete with and eventually beat them.  It'd be nice if instead of just complaining about how good we are, Lasalle just sucked it up and fought through the losses knowing that if they worked hard enough that in a few years, maybe even next year, this game would be an extra shot at the prep, instead of just another game for them to lose.   I know last years Lasalle lacrosse team wouldn't have cancelled a third game, had they got another shot at us.  It is not unprecedented to play a team three times all season, it's an inconvenience for Lasalle to have to lose the The Prep three times in one season.  In fact, in soccer the PCL is set up that in the event of a tie in the championship game, those teams must play another (third possibly fourth) game to decide the championship.  I'm just rambling now but I guess what I'm trying to say is Lasalle shout stop whining about recruiting because they admit to doing it themselves, and three times is only too many when you've got no faith or no chance for that matter.
Pete Mellen Prep '03

The game should have been played - if not the varsity, at least play a JV or
freshman game. If you want to make it a tradition, then it should be a
tradition regardless of the season. I can understand LaSalle wanting to
back out of the game but the two schools should have determined an
alternative. Going forward, both schools need to determine if this
particular "tradition" should continue because, being in the same division,
I'm sure LaSalle and the Prep will be in the situation again - maybe it only
happens once every 10 years but that's still too often. So let's find
another team (outside the Catholic League) to start a new rivalry ... or ...
identify an alternative (i.e. JV or Freshman game) TODAY before the next
time this happens.
Tom Dugan - Prep '78

Its TE again and I just wanted to clarify my comments made earlier in the week that were misconstruted in every which way. I was not speaking about the LaSalle Football team being scared or intimidated by Prep. I know many of the football players and they would play them 40 times if they had to. My comments were more directed to LaSalle Alumni and the people who made the decision about the game. If it Was up to the players there would be a Thaksgiving Day game and the tradition would carry on. I hope that sets the record straight.
-- TE

It was recently brought to my attention (by Prep alumni) that the game is
now officially off. As a LaSalle alum, I am thoroughly embarrassed by the
actions of our football coach, and administration. I was fortunate enough to
attend LaSalle during the Brett Gordon era, when the Prep (and anyone really
in the PCL) had no shot against us. They still showed up every game intent
on beating us. They took pride in the tradition of the game. The score is
inconsequential in games like these. Who cares if LaSalle lost 100-0, the
point is to continue the tradition. I hope that this act of cowardness does
not go without notice by the esteemed LaSalle alumni. Sack up, play the
game, try for the "W" but don't run from the "L".

I've read most of the emails sent in with the majority from prep fans blasting la salle. Now id like to let every1 know what i think about the topic. First off for all those prep people who say how they "took it like men" back in the day, id like to remind you that you played one and only one time. Brett Gordon's junior year a prep team that was very close to playing lasalle in the title was losing 35-0 at halftime on thanksgivin. So can all you prep fans honestly say you'd go through that three times? didnt think so. And for all those prep fans who talk about how lasalle took the cheaters way out of things id like you to think back to last year. your soccer team was in the title and was missing a player due to a red card, so u brought up a football player, who never played soccer in his 4 years at the prep, to play. That player was Pat Kaiser. And guess what, the prep still lost! I can tell you for a fact t! he athletic department at lasalle would never let that happen, theyre not that desperate to win a game, after all thats all that it is. So next time any prep person writes in talkin about Tony Resch and the atheltic department as bad role models id like you to look at the prep and how desperate they were to win a soccer championship. Besides the prep is the most overrated team in the nation. are they an extremely good team? yes but i could find 20 teams right now around the country who would run up and down the field on them. The only nonleague team who they played who was anything above average was the team from brooklyn. The gilman school was 3-4 after the prep beat them, but all you people can think that theyre a real powerhouse down in the d.c. area.  Don't you worry guys joe collistra is gonna have lasalle back in order soon enough, with a 1900 yard passer returning theyll be looking to play a more important game after thanksgiving next year, the title game. And no lasalle wouldnt use someone who never played football just for that game because they have a little thing called class.   no one knows the history of the game or the teams.
p.s. the 14-0 1996 team from lasalle would throw all over the prep, dan jones would never be able to cover all-state wide reciever mike mattia. matt parkhurst wouldnt be a factor because former stanford football player paul weinacht would toss him around all game.

As Thanksgiving apporaches i would like to make one suggestion to the Catholic League Change St. Joes Prep to South Jersey Prep. Stop recruiting and get kids to come that can actually get into the school on their own. I propose this. Only Pennsylvania natives should be allowed to play in a Thanksgiving day game between LaSalle and the Prep and we will see who wins. Hey to all you Prep guys a gaurantee 6 years ago if this happened you would do exactly what LaSalle did.

   whats up Ted im back i just had to correct my good friend Pete Mellen on a few things. Now Pete you say you went to the Prep so i assume that your a somewhat intelligent human being, but some of the stuff you said in your email were pretty offbase. First off if you clicked on the link to the that LaSalle web site that you included, you would be taken to the Lacrosse page. then on the left hand side is the link you mentioned titled "recruiting". Now Pete if you click on it and just skim, you dont even have to read, you would see that it says that recruiting was illegal until 2001. So Pete your trying to say that the reason LaSalle has been good at lacrosse is becuase they recruit like the Prep does in football. But seeing as LaSalle won the title in '93 and then from '94-'02 its kinda hard for the whole basis of your argument to be believable. and you guys had one good year at sports Pete (last year) the only sport the Prep is going to be good at this year is footba! ll, so dont say LaSalle should suck it up and work hard "and maybe in a few years theyll be as good at sports as the Prep". dont worry it wont take a few years because LaSalle is already better than the prep at just about everything. oh yea and LaSalle has more national merit students, so i guess it might be a better school too....

   Some interesting points were made in the past couple posts. In respose
to the Prep's Pat Kaiser playing in the soccer championship-   Jets coach
Herman Edwards said it best, "YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME."  Also, the whole
"Prep recruits players from Jersey" thing has gotta stop.  Dan Jones, as
many have proclaimed was recruited from NewJersey, lives 18 miles from the
Prep. Concurrently, I myself hail from Paoli PA, which is 24 miles from the
Prep.  Now some might say that that this is not an accurate stat because I
could have been recruited for several different sports or just for being
awesome in general, but nevertheless- it's not like the Prep is travelling
to South Florida to recruit prospects; in fact, 25% of the students at the
Prep are from New Jersey, and not all of them play A sport, let alone
football.  In fact, the vast majority of them don't excell at any sport.
Point is- the Prep doesn't aquire any more football players from New Jersey
than they do from PA- probobly less.  And also, let's stop with these
doctrines stating that no way could this year's Prep team have beaten the
LaSalle team when Brett Gordon was there, or that the Prep would have
cancelled the Thanksgiving game six years ago if they had played 3 times.
Honestly, none of us know what would have happened, so let's not pretend
that we do.   Now that the dead horse has been thoroughly beaten...
something's gotta be done or else we could end up with this damn board every
year (smile).