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  To all scorekeepers: PLEASE try to make sure that correct info on scoring is called into the Score Service -- 215-854-4570. Generally, it's better when the winning team calls in the results. That way the papers receive info to explain HOW the game was won because representatives of the winning team will usually be in a better mood (just human nature) to provide extra details such as rebounds, assists, etc., or the identity of someone who maybe hit a winning shot. Thank you.


JAN. 18
As noted yesterday on the homepage, Malvern Prep will honor the members of its 1976 and 1977 Inter-Ac championship teams at 7 o'clock Friday night, right before a game vs. Germantown Academy. Those were my first two seasons covering Philly-area high school sports for the long-gone Philadelphia Bulletin. (I switched to the Daily News right as the 1977-78 hoops season was beginning.) Malvern's coach in those campaigns was alumnus Fran Dunphy. Yes, THAT Fran Dunphy. He was just as great a guy back then as he is now and I hope he and his players/assistants/managers have a wonderful time reliving their title-winning moments Friday night. Meanwhile, here are my Inter-Ac scoring numbers for the Friars in those two seasons. Take note: GS means games in which a player scored. That approach considerably ups some guys' "averages" (smile).

League Scoring for Malvern's 1976 and 1977 Inter-Ac Champs
1976 Season GS Pts Avg.   1977 Season GS Pts Avg.
Gordy Bryan 10 146 14.6   Pat Purcell 10 223 22.3
Pat Purcell 10 81 8.1   Gordy Bryan 10 175 17.5
John Maguire 10 80 8.0   Pierce Keating 9 51 5.7
Joe Carney 8 78 9.8   John DeAngelis 9 44 4.9
Gil Nassib 10 76 7.6   Kevin Maguire 9 39 4.3
Steve Donnelly 10 56 5.6   Al Shrader 6 22 3.7
Rich Devine 7 33 4.7   Joe Miele 5 14 2.8
Kevin Rafferty 5 30 6.0   Jim Battista 4 9 2.3
Pierce Keating 5 22 4.4   Bob Bradley 2 7 3.5
Dan Dixon 6 21 3.5   Joe Squire 4 11 2.8
Mike Dolente 6 19 3.2   Darnell Burton 1 3 3.0
Bob Brennan 2 9 4.5   Bernie Glavin 2 3 1.5
Al Shrader 3 7 2.3   Bruce Irrgang 1 2 2.0
Joe Miele 2 4 2.0   Kevin Rafferty 3 7 2.3
  10 662 66.2     10 610 61

JAN. 17
Penn Charter 69, SCH Academy 42

  The Quakers recorded a knockout. Why the boxing reference? The great Bernard Hopkins was among the spectators. As rumor had it, he's friendly with the parent of a kid who played in the JV preliminary. He was way down the other end, so don't ask for a pic. Zamani Feelings was down there, though, so he definitely got one. Anyhoo, the ins and outs of this 5:30 tilt are almost completely reflected in the final score. SCH is inexperienced and some of its guys play hoops as a second sport. In the early moments, PC was not exactly impressive, either. There were some sloppy sequences and coach Jim "Flipper" Phillips at one point semi-bellowed, with a slight delay between each word, "Finish . . . the . . . play!!" The Quakers responded with another sloppy turnover, then began to click while opening an 11-5 lead. From there? Mostly perfection. OK, that description is over the top, but PC did play well thanks to correct decisions and comfortable looks on jumpers. The Quakers hit four of their first five shots in the second quarter to claim a 26-9 pad. That last bucket was a perfect step-back jumper by sr. PG Adam Holland. In their last two games, the Quakers finished with seven assists apiece. By the time "Dutch" hit his jumper, they already owned seven en route to 17. It was nice to see almost every guy look comfortable and not rushed while shooting jumpers/floaters/etc. Here's hoping that relaxed approach can be maintained even when the defenses are much more active. The game's most interesting moment came with just under two minutes left in the third quarter. Jr. WG Will Samuel let fly with a trey that, from the far end, looked like an air ball. The refs' arms soared upward. Threeeeee! Huh? Here's the deal: The net at that end was partially shredded and the ball hit nothing as it passed through the rim. Gotta love cool optical illusions. Jr. WG Mason Williams sniped 5-for-7 on treys while scoring 21 points. Samuel (13) also bombed home three triples. Frosh WG Ryan "Pooch" Holmes had a nice overall outing with 11 points, three rebounds, four assists and four steals. Sr. F Alex "Florida" Cohen, soph SF Ryan "Zingy" Maloney and jr. G Jake Nicastro notched fourth quarter buckets. Matt Rahill, SCH's QB, also hit three triples while scoring 13 points. Sr. F Zuri Peyton had nine points off the bench. He's quite thin, but has a serious wing span and could be a decent player if he fills out and keeps working. Today's first stop was PC's pool for a girls meet vs. Baldwin. Then, en route to SCH, I wolfed down a ham and cheese sandwich, as wonderfully prepared by The Wife. Made a pit stop at the girls basketball game (maybe 10 scoreboard clock minutes), then scrambled over to the other side of the campus for the boys game. Best part of that scene: A quality zebra crew consisting of Bob "Notre Dame Harvey" Sumner, Harry Edwards and Pat Tobler. Other prominent folks, no special order: Ed Aversa, Antowine Graham, Luke Stansfield, Mike Mattei, Ed Foley, John McArdle, Matt Paul, Marcel Quarterman, Aaron Sistrunk, Ted Monaco . . .

JAN. 17
Young bucks will find this fact impossible to believe: The individual records for one-game scoring in LEAGUE play in the Public, Catholic and Inter-Ac Leagues have stood for a total of 168 years! The marks, respectively, are 90 by Overbrook's Wilt Chamberlain in 1955, 51 by McDevitt's Bobby Haas in 1968 and 63 by Penn Charter's Bill Soens in 1963. Below is a breakdown for how the CL record reached 51 from first-guy-with-at-least-40 on up. That first guy, North Catholic's Bob Devenny (his name was sometimes misspelled as Devenney in newspaper accounts), wound up playing for Michigan State. Meanwhile, Joe Heyer holds the CL record for most points in consecutive league games with 88. He scored 49 on a Friday and racked up 39 two days later at Judge on the final day of the regular season. In that one he shot 17-for-34 and 5-for-8. He owned 37 points after three quarters, so he could have broken his own mark if he had not become a spectator shortly after adding two more points in the fourth. The CL record for most points in three consecutive league games is 116 by Carroll's Barry Bekkedam in 1986. He went for 37 vs. Neumann, 38 vs. West Catholic and 41 vs. St. James, breaking the school record each time. He then became ill and missed the Patriots' quarterfinal loss to O'Hara.

Progression of CL Record for Points in League Play, 40 Points on Up
Name School Opponent Site Date Score FG FT Pts
Bob Devenny North St. James North 2/2/51 88-51 19 4 42
Joe Ryan SJ Prep North SJ Prep 1/26/55 79-72 15 15 45
Pat Carey West Roman West 2/13/55 96-72 20 7 47
Joe Heyer La Salle ST More La Salle 2/17/56 90-62 21 7 49
Bobby Haas McDevitt Ryan McDevitt 1/28/68 98-55 19 13 51

JAN. 16
In a loss to La Salle yesterday, O'Hara sr. G Jaye'lyn Peebles scored 40 points to not only claim the school record (Mike O'Hara had 38 in 1987) but also become the first CL guy to score as many as 40 points in league play since 2011 (Wood's Joe Getz had 41 vs. West Catholic). It's unlikely that any CL players scored as many as 40 points prior to the 1949-50 season. In the 1947-48 season, according to a story that appeared in the Inquirer three years later when Bob Devenny scored 42, Tom Stoeckel scored 36 points to claim the CL record. Both guys played for North Catholic. Stoeckel later played for St. Joseph's College. Devenny played at Michigan State.  

40-Point Performances in Catholic League Play, 1950-present
Year Name School Pts Opponent
  *advanced to NBA      
1968 Bob Haas McDevitt 51 Ryan
1956 Joe Heyer La Salle 49 ST More
1955 Pat Carey West 47 Roman
1956 *Bobby McNeill North 46 St. James
1976 *Michael Brooks West 46 Bonner
1955 Joe Ryan Prep 45 North
1969 Mike Jones ST More 45 St. James
1974 Don Hobson North 43 McDevitt
1951 Bob Devenny North 42 St. James
1952 Bill Lynch St. James 42 Prep
2010 Ike Robinson C-E 42 Carr
1976 Lawrence Reid Dougherty 42 Egan
1999 Ashley Howard Bonner 41 K-K
1986 Barry Bekkedam Carroll 41 St. James
2000 *Eddie Griffin Roman 41 Carroll
1981 Glenn Welton Roman 41 Prep
2007 Jeff Jones Bonn 41 N-G
2011 Joe Getz Wood 41 West
1999 Kasim Holloman Prep 41 K-K
1987 Monroe Blakes West 41 Prep
1978 Reggie Jackson Roman 41 St. James
2017 Jaye'lyn Peebles O'Hara 40 La Salle
1977 Fran McCaffery La Salle 40 Ryan
1951 *Tom Gola La Salle 40  

JAN. 15
Yesterday, Archbishop Wood sr. G Collin Gillespie made an oral commitment to play his college hoops at Villanova. The list below includes the "Our Guys" (Public, Catholic, Inter-Ac) who have played for the Wildcats over the last 45 seasons (1973-2017). Some didn't stay and transferred. Some came IN as transfers. The two Malvern guys were walk-ons. Six of these 'Cats wound up advancing to the NBA. Freshmen were not allowed to play on the varsity until the 1972-73 season. If I missed anyone, you know the deal. tedtee307@yahoo.com. Thanks!
  UPDATE: With a nudge -- OK, a shove (ha ha) -- from long-time website loyalist Jim O'Connor, we have upped to the list to 50 seasons (1968-2017). His North Catholic boahs are now included!
  UPDATE: Bonner grad Jay Rattigan provided the names of two Friars who played for 'Nova as walk-ons. Thanks for the hustle, Jay!

Villanova's "Our Guys" Over the Last 45 Seasons
Name School Total Years
Kevin Rafferty Malvern 2 2015-16
Tony Chennault Neumann-Goretti 2 2013-14
*Maalik Wayns Roman 3 2010-12
Reggie Redding SJ Prep 4 2007-10
Shane Clark Dougherty 4 2006-09
Andrew Ott Gtn. Academy 2 2007-08
Bilal Benn Dougherty 2 2006-07
*Kyle Lowry Dougherty 2 2005-06
Rafal Bigus Carroll 4 1996-99
Chris Lee Bonner 3 1997-99
Marvin O'Connor Gratz 1 1998
*Jason Lawson Olney 4 1994-97
*Alvin Williams Gtn. Academy 4 1994-97
Jason Singleton Bonner 1 1994
Rob Tribuiani Malvern 3 1988-90
Barry Bekkedam Carroll 3 1987-89
Joe Rogers Carroll 4 1974-77
Mike Stack Bonner 4 1973-76
*John "Chubby" Cox Roxborough 2 1974-75
Ed Manning O'Hara 3 1973-75
Billy Harris Penn Charter 1 1973
Ed Hastings Bonner 3 1971-73
*Tom Ingelsby O'Hara 3 1971-73
Jim "Bird" Boylan North Catholic 1 1972
Mike Daly O'Hara 3 1970-72
Hank Siemiontkowski North Catholic 3 1970-72
Fran O'Hanlon St. Thomas More 3 1968-70
Joe Walters Malvern 2 1969-70
Frank Gillen Neumann 3 1967-69
Frank McCall McDevitt 3 1967-69
Jim McIntosh Lincoln 3 1967-69
Joe Crews McDevitt 3 1966-68
George May Lincoln 2 1967-68
*-advanced to NBA      

JAN. 14
  Cole Storm
, a starting combo guard, is now a senior at Germantown Academy and his name was first mentioned in the Daily News sports section in February of 1999. How, you're wondering, did THAT ever happen? Well, my story focused on Brett Storm, then a star junior guard for Penn Charter, and it mentioned how he'd been a shade off his game through the first two months of the season because of concerns for his mother, Donna, and Cole. On Dec. 4, as the story detailed, Donna had been hospitalized with pregnancy complications and ordered to remain in bed. On Jan. 9, the same day the Inter-Ac tripleheader was held at La Salle University, Cole was born six weeks premature at just five pounds. Due in part to a collapsed lung, he was placed on a respirator, remained in the hospital until late January and even after making it home could not be taken outside for a while. With a big smile during that interview, Brett noted, "I like just looking at him. He's cute." Ha, ha. Now, Cole is described by all as a great kid and it's always nice to see him and at least exchange hellos. Via an email, Brett let me know that Cole -- also a lefty, like co-franchise teammates Evan-Eric Longino and Kyle McCloskey -- is receiving Division III interest and works on his game a lot. He added, "He kept me in shape all summer because we would play one on one." Brett played his college ball at Drexel and Philadelphia University (nee Textile) and his older brother, Larry, also a PC product, attended St. Francis (Pa.) and Ursinus. A star quarterback at PC, his grid career was shortened due to shoulder miseries. Their dad, Larry, was a productive starter for Speedy Morris' first championship team at Roman in 1969. Larry Sr.'s brother, Chuck, was a first team All-Catholic honoree for Roman in 1963 (20.1 ppg.). They played in the Big 5 for Villanova and La Salle, respectively. Boxscores for all high school games were not published in newspapers in the '60s, but thanks to Tom Taylor's research we do have league points. The breakdown for LEAGUE points, not counting playoffs, for the five Storms is below and the total is a shade over 1,500. Niiiiiice. And, of course, the Inter-Ac schools only play 10 league games each season. As you'll note, Brett scored league points in five seasons and Larry Jr. did so in four. Meanwhile, my first story about Brett was written in December 1997 after Penn Charter played a holiday game in Wildwood, NJ. In that game, Brett lost part of a tooth. As noted by his father, the chip popped out of Brett's mouth along the baseline and wound up at PC's bench. Whoa! That story also included this nugget: Because it was cold and rainy and very windy, strolls on the boardwalk would not have made a whole lot of sense. So, the Quakers killed time by heading to a bowling alley. From the story: Picking up a ball for the first time in a year, Brett rolled a 172 to win a small pot of money. A very small pot. "I got $15. We have a cheap team," Storm said, smiling. . . . Guess what? One of Brett's PC teammates was current Inquirer/Daily News sports writer Aaron "Ace" Carter! Hopefully, he made the largest donation (ha ha).          

League Points Scored by the Five Storms
Name School Points Year
Chuck Storm Roman 35 1961
    207 1962
    261 1963
Larry Storm Sr. Roman 47 1968
    206 1969
Larry Storm Jr. Penn Charter 4 1993
    2 1994
    90 1995
    36 1996
Brett Storm Penn Charter 3 1996
    80 1997
    188 1998
    157 1999
    157 2000
Cole Storm Gtn. Academy 5 2015
    29 2016
    17 2017
  Total league points 1,524  

JAN. 13
Germantown Academy 71, Penn Charter 47

  This is hoops season No. 18 for this website and rarely has a report about a game with a 24-point victory margin included play-by-play details. But this one's gonna, and it won't take long. With a shade over three minutes left in the second quarter, PC owned an 18-17 lead and there was hope -- repeat, hope -- that this game would provide quality, back-and-forth entertainment deep into the second half, at least. Nope. Wasn't to be. Mostly because the Patriots posted three consecutive three-point nuggets. Maybe you're thinking, "Wow, they drained three treys in a row? Pretty cool." But they didn't. The outburst did start with a trey, as hit from the left wing by sr. F Josh Brownstein. But the next six points were racked up the old-fashioned, three-at-a-time way and senior CG Evan-Eric Longino did the honors. First he drove very hard through traffic and absorbed contact while canning a layup. He then hit the free throw. Next, he dropped in a third-chance field goal while again getting pounded and proceeded to again add the free throw. Those nine points were scored in 62 seconds to make it 26-18 and soon sr. CG Cole Storm was knocking down a jumper for a 28-18 pad. The game was as good as over . . . But the entertainment was NOT. In the first half, GA sr. F Kyle McCloskey, like Longino and Storm a lefty (and bound for Villanova to play quarterback), was semi-quiet, notching just six points. But in the second half, he racked up exactly one point per minute and six resulted from vintage dunks. I'm tellin' ya, he wolfed those suckers DOWN and on one he even managed to do so while getting fouled. Plus, McCloskey came within a whisker of recording a fourth slam. While heading to the bucket, somehow he veered slightly off-course and his jump also looked a little disjointed. Anyway, the ball clanged off the rim. Though Kyle is listed at 6-5, I suspect he's closer to 6-4 or maybe even 6-3 1/2. But he was UP there and appeared to be on a mission to prove wrong the title of a 1992 hoops-themed movie starring Woody Harrelson (smile). McCloskey finished with 22 points and fellow franchise Longino had 25. Storm (10) also hit double figures. Soph swingman Brian Basile added eight points and at least two, if not all three, of his field goals came on follows. PC was led by sr. PG Adam Holland (14), jr. WG Mason Williams (13) and frosh WG Ryan "Pooch" Holmes (12). Sr. PF-C Justus Sanders grabbed four of his six rebounds in the first four minutes. The Quakers did win the JV game, 43-41, as soph Ryan "Zingy" Maloney, a lefty, converted a late drive down the lane after taking a pass from jr. G Terence "TT" Thompson. TT had caught the right-wing inbound pass from Zingy. Before the game, the music playing via the sound system was quite loud and GA coach Jim "Mr. 600" Fenerty ordered a turn-it-down. "I know I'm old," he said, laughing, "but that was ridiculous." Agreed. GA had a large and beyond-energetic student section. The kids were wearing black shirts. Of course, they busted on the PC kids over the fact the Patriots had won the football game.


JAN. 13

  Sometimes you have to take care of your own, right? Granted, Jim Ottomano is not a relative, but he supports this website by advertising his business, an Allstate insurance office in Maple Glen, Montgomery County, and we're going to pay him back by providing a breakdown of his family's involvement with basketball. His three sons have played for Lansdale Catholic. We'll go in reverse order. Jack is a member of the Crusaders' freshman team. Mike, a senior, is in his second year of starting for the varsity and currently leads the team in scoring with an average just short of 12 ppg. And then there's AJ. The 2014 grad was a deep sub, but he loved the game and found a great way to stay involved. How? He's in his third year of serving Penn State coach Patrick Chambers (Episcopal) as a manager and, like all involved, he recently got to experience a lifetime moment when the Nittany Lions played, and beat, Michigan State at the fabled Palestra. Very cool! **He's second from the left among the white-shirted managers in the picture over there <<<<.** As Jim let me know, the boys' grandfather is George May and members of the Up There in Age Club (yes, my hand is raised -- smile) will know that name if they followed Philly high school/college ball in the 1960s. George was a star at Abraham Lincoln and later played for Villanova. George was a senior at Lincoln in 1965 and the Railsplitters, thanks in large part to the great Larry Cannon, seized the Public League championship. One problem for George: He was not around for all the late-season fun. Back then, Pub schools had TWO senior classes each school year and George was a mid-year diploma-earner. Before departing, he scored 89 points in five league games. In non-league games, he racked up 33 points vs. Dobbins and 31 vs. Penn Charter. In the 1963-64 season, he scored 243 points in 13 games for an 18.7 average with a high of 34 vs. Germantown. He was a sub in the 1962-63 season, finishing with 59 points in league action. His best outing was a 19-pointer vs. West Philadelphia. As always, we were able to provide those numbers thanks to Tom Taylor's great historical work. All the best to the Ottomano family and thanks again for your support, Jim!

JAN. 12
  What's the biggest chip you've ever seen on a shoulder? Maybe the size of a cinder block? Last night at Holy Family University, here's guessing the chips on the shoulders of Neumann-Goretti's players closely resembled the size of city blocks. In the last two Catholic League championship games, the Saints were topped by Roman. In this meeting, N-G sliced and diced the Cahillites by 87-53. No other way to put it, folks. Thanks to historical pages on this website and info from long-time helper Tom Taylor, I have easily accessible final score info on CL games going back through the 1994-95 season. This 34-point setback eclipses a 33-pointer in the 2009 final. That year the teams did not meet until that game. Roman had captured both meetings in the 2008 season, however. A breakdown of the losses by at least 10 points are below. Eleven occurred from 2001 through 2004.

Roman's CL Losses by at Least 10 Points, 1995-2017 Seasons
Regular Season Unless Noted -- Q: Quarter; S: Semi; F: Final
Year Beaten by . . . Score Margin Winner's Leading Scorer Pts
2017 Neumann-Goretti 87-53 34 Quade Green 23
2009 F-Neumann-Goretti 86-53 33 Tyreek Duren 26
2002 Carroll 73-48 25 Kashif Payne 22
2005 Q-Neumann 61-41 20 D.J. Rivera 25
2001 O'Hara 67-49 18 Gene Willard 27
2016 Neumann-Goretti 85-68 17 Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree 22
2012 S-Neumann-Goretti 73-56 17 Ja'Quan Newton 17
2013 Neumann-Goretti 68-52 16 Ja'Quan Newton 21
2004 SJ Prep 74-59 15 Chris Clark 20
2003 SJ Prep 60-46 14 Mark Zoller 25
2016 Carroll 64-51 13 Ryan Daly 20
2003 Neumann  62-49 13 Antwain Wynn 18
2003 Neumann 72-59 13 Antwain Wynn 19
2002 O'Hara 57-44 13 Harry Dougherty 20
1997 Q-Neumann 71-58 13 Victor Thomas 16
2002 Neumann  76-64 12 Tabby Cunningham 21
2002 Bonner 63-52 11 Badir McCleary 24
2002 SJ Prep 67-56 11 Mark Zoller 23
2010 La Salle 59-49 10 Troy Hockaday 13
2004 Q-Neumann 57-47 10 Tabby Cunningham 16

JAN. 11
Check out current numbers for the Fine Nine of coaches who have guided teams only in the Catholic and/or Inter-Ac Leagues. "Speedy" Morris (700) and Jim Fenerty (600) have hit milestones this season. Carl Arrigale has a way to go reach his next milestone number, but his percentage is No. 1.

Name School(s)


W-L Pct.
Wm. "Speedy" Morris Roman/Penn Charter/SJ Prep 32  702-200  .778
Dan Dougherty Malvern/Episcopal 36 621-285 .685
Jim Fenerty Egan/Gtn. Academy 36  600-352  .630
Bud Gardler Kenrick/O'Hara 39 560-413 .576
Bill Fox Judge 29 545-269 .670
Charles "Obie" O'Brien La Salle 34 541-248 .686
Dennis Seddon Roman 22 516-128 .801
Carl Arrigale Neumann/N-G 19  438-99    .816
Mark Heimerdinger Dougherty 27  428-287 .599
*-does not include seasons at schools outside CL      

JAN. 10
Malvern 60, Penn Charter 58

  How often do you see this? In the first quarter, the teams combined to use 19 players . . . and 10 of those guys attempted three-pointers. Malvern captured both "contests" -- 10-9 in players and 6-4 in long-distance launchers. Considering the Friars won the game by an also-close score, there must have been an omen in there somewhere. Let's head to the (painful for PC) stretch run. The Quakers owned a 53-49 lead with 2:13 remaining, thanks to a three-point play, off an ever-hard drive, by sr. PG Adam Holland. Malvern frosh G Rahdir Hicks soon nailed a trey (52-53), PC frosh WG Ryan "Pooch" Holmes converted a double-bonus (55-52), sr. G Tommy Wolfe canned a drive (54-55) and Holland hit the second part of a d-b at 1:01 (56-54). With 47.7 left, Malvern seized a 57-56 advantage as superfrosh Deuce Turner drained a trey from beyond the top of the key. PC decided to work clock. Eventually, Holmes made a spin move into the lane, momentarily lost possession then recovered and guided a pass to sr. WG Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky on the right wing. The lefty had a good look and the shot, during its arc, had the look of something that was going to be successful. It slightly missed, though, and Malvern sr. WG Ray Baran was thumped while grabbing the rebound. Wonder what was going through his mind during the long walk to the other end? Good thoughts, I guess, even though he had attempted just two shots all game -- good trey in the first quarter, missed two in the third. This was a one-and-one, not a d-b. The lefty was perfect with both shots, putting Malvern up by 59-56 at 15.8. PC's possession featured a made jumper by Holland . . . that was ruled no good because he was fouled a split-second beforehand. He hit both ends at 4.1. Turner made a front end at 3.5 and missed the second attempt with the rebound going to PC jr. G Terence Thompson. A timeout was called at 2.2. The Quakers had to go the length of the court. During the timeout, Holmes' father, Keith, expressed hope that Christian Laettner would walk through the door (smile -- Google his Philly heroics, if you're unaware). Neeko, PC's sensational lefty QB, was the inbounder. He launched the ball to the opposite foul line . . . but a catch-and-shoot did not unfold. Buzzer. Punch to the belly for the Quakers. The Friars, as guided by John Harmatuk, go the Energizer Bunny route. They run and run some more and every player has permission to fire from deep or scamper to the hole. Substitutions are a constant -- often as many as three at a time -- and chemistry is always hoped for. In this one, just one Friar player (Turner, with 21) scored more than seven points. Ah, but seven scored from three to seven. This was my first look at Turner, who has been putting up impressive numbers. He went 0-for-4 in the first quarter, but nailed nine of 16 shots thereafter and the field goals came mostly on quick (yet seemingly carefree) jumpers and terrific drives. Turner has the always desirable swivel and often knifes between defenders as if, somehow, they're barely there and as if he's taking his time, though he isn't. That's a rare quality. This kid has it. PC played very Malvernish today. There were many aggressive drives, not just by Holland, and fast break opportunities were mostly accepted. Rebounds wound up being plentiful (39) at both ends. If only the shooting had been better overall (19-for-52, 36.5 percent) and from beyond the arc (3-for-15, 20 percent). Holmes had a nice effort with 17 points, 11 rebounds (10 in the first 17 minutes), three assists and four steals. Holland shot 5-for-5 and 5-for-7 for 15 points. Jr. SF Owen Pighini and soph SF-WG Ryan "Zingy" Maloney had nice moments off the bench. It was nice seeing Malvern folks such as AD Kurt Ruch, dignitary Joe Redican and assistants Joe Hoban and Matt McManus. Ditto for Bonner-Prendie assistant Bill Cassidy. This game started at about 5:30. Afterward, Bill headed down School House Lane to watch Philadelphia University. His nephew, O'Hara product Mike Louden, plays for coach Herbie Magee's Rams. Bill's son, Billy, plays for ex-Malvern star/coach Jim Rullo at Neumann University. Today's overall cool moment: My first stop was the swimming pool for meets vs. Haverford School (boys) and Agnes Irwin (girls). At one point late during warmups, when many of the kids were already finished and awaiting the start of the meet, The Temptations' "My Girl" (released in 1965) played over the sound system. Guess what? A decent number of swimmers, standing right next to the pool -- girls AND boys -- wound up singing along. When I was a senior at PC in 1969 (ouch), I can't remember singing along to songs from 1917! Motown STILL rules! (Along with the Philly sound -- smile).

JAN. 10
Thanks to Twitter, we can tell you that West Catholic last night beat Lansdale, 67-61, in three OTs, in a Catholic League game. How common are CL games with multiple OTs? Assuming we didn't miss any, that was No. 14 in this century. Details are below. And once the boxscore becomes available, a name will be posted in the "Leader for Winner" category. If we missed any qualifying games, you know the deal. Thanks. tedtee307@yahoo.com.
  UPDATE: An entry for 2010 has been added. That was the final hoops game in Kennedy-Kenrick history. the school closed that June. Thanks to McDevitt assistant Dave Luby, who was a two-year member of K-K's staff.
  UPDATE: Thanks to LC's Patrick Albanese for providing the scorebook pages for both teams. Also to WC coach Jason Hasson.

Multiple-OT Catholic League Games in This Century
Season Date Winner Loser Score OTs Leader for Winner Pts
2002 1/13 La Salle North Catholic 68-56 Two Rob Sullivan 26
  2/10 Wood Ryan 65-63 Three Greg Arrow/Mike Spadafora 17
2003 1/5 Ryan Judge 68-62 Three Jim Welsh 22
2004 2/22 Bonner O'Hara 71-67 Two Derrick Graff/Randy Reid 18
  *2/27 Dougherty Wood 66-63 Two Tim Smith 17
2005 1/14 SJ Prep Bonner 66-55 Two Reggie Redding 27
2006 2/17 Judge Conwell-Egan 76-75 Two James "J.J." Franklin 27
2007 2/15 La Salle North Catholic 64-62 Two Clay Penecale 26
2009 12/12 Conwell-Egan West Catholic 68-63 Two Isaac Robinson 27
2010 2/14 Lansdale Kennedy-Kenrick 59-56 Two Mike Barr 31
2012 2/3 O'Hara West Catholic 80-75 Two Mike Louden 21
  2/12 Carroll SJ Prep 67-66 Two Yosef Yacob 29
2015 2/8 SJ Prep La Salle 79-74 Three Chris Clover 37
2016 *2/12 Carroll Wood 77-70 Two Ryan Daly 30
2017 1/9 West Catholic Lansdale 67-61 Three Imere Harris 24

JAN. 9
The question was posed early yesterday afternoon by Blair Klumpp, former player and assistant coach for Wood. He was wondering when the Vikings had last beaten Carroll. The search was on! Back and back and back through TEAM PAGES, then results of non-league games. Didn't take too long on the computer, but it did in real life. Wood had not beaten Carroll since Dec. 2003 and the losing streak was 16 games. It ended a shade before dinnertime yesterday at Holy Family University as Wood claimed a 76-68 win thanks in large part to Seth Pinkney (seven points, nine blocks), Collin Gillespie (28 points, seven assists) and Tyree Pickron (16 points, eight boards). The game was played at that site because on Friday cinder blocks at the top of a side wall in Wood's gym had come crashing down. Click here for a pic. Last night, to flesh out this nugget, I still needed particulars on that last win. I only had the fact that Wood had triumphed. Like always, Tom Taylor came through. Wood won, 53-31, and the leading scorer was . . . Brian Klumpp, Blair's brother! He racked up 17 points. No one else had more than seven. Kevin Springman (six) led Carroll. Below are scores/high scorers for Carroll's 16 consecutive victories. Derrick Jones has already made his NBA debut. 

Details of Carroll's 16 Consecutive Wins Over Wood
Year Kind AC AW

Carroll's Leading Scorer(s)

2005 NL 47 41 Taney Willcox 10
2006 NL 53 64 Mike Logue/Darrell Floyd/Dutch Gaitley 11
2007 NL 58 24 Ellis Rogers 11
2009 CL 54 45 Andre Wilburn 15
  CL 65 58 Kasheef Festus 20
2010 CL 55 50 Juan'ya Green 15
  CL 63 44 DJ Irving/Ben Mingledough 15
  Playoff 61 40 Ben Mingledough 17
2011 CL 50 42 Juan'ya Green 20
2012 CL 64 49 Isaiah Warren 14
2013 CL 58 32 Nick Jones 16
2014 CL 83 52 Derrick Jones 21
  Playoff 64 44 Derrick Jones 24
2015 CL 77 47 Derrick Jones 29
2016 CL 67 65 Ryan Daly 26
  Playoff 77 70 Ryan Daly 30
    996 767    
    62.3 47.9    

JAN. 7
The Inter-Ac's Opening Tripleheader, named in recent years for former Malvern/Episcopal coach Dan Dougherty, is in the books and the all-time details are below.  Germantown Academy still owns it, but a loss to Haverford School dropped its winning percentage to .826. Look below for each school's record and a list of the assorted sites. The first tripleheader to open league play would have taken place in January 1994, but a wicked snowstorm intervened. Yesterday, no one scored enough points to make the Jan. 6 list. In the first game of the initial tripleheader, played on Jan. 6, 1995, at St. Joseph's University, Chestnut Hill Academy beat GA, 48-32, as Nelson Henry (14) and Chris Davis (13) led the way.

Records in I-A's
Opening Tripleheader
Germantown Academy 19-4
Malvern Prep 15-8
Episcopal Academy 11-12
Haverford School 10-13
CHA/SCH Academy 7-16
Penn Charter 7-16
Sites of I-A's
Opening Tripleheader
1995 St. Joseph's Univ.
1996 Palestra
1997 Drexel
1998 Haverford College
1999-2003 La Salle Univ.
2004-09 Arcadia
2010-12 Cabrini
2013 Neumann Univ.
2014-17 Phila. Univ.

JAN. 6
Dan Dougherty Opening Tripleheader
Episcopal 62, Penn Charter 47
(At Philadelphia University)

  To a large extent, the Quakers got textbooked. Episcopal was impressive in pretty much every aspect and there wasn't even a hint of drama in the fourth quarter. The Churchdudes played sticky defense -- both the obvious and semi-veiled variety -- and showed a nice mixture of offensive patience yet attack when the chance is there. Through the entire 32 minutes, from what I remember, not one EA player took a remotely dumb shot. EA continues to take the court without star sr. F Nick Alikakos (Navy), who has been out for a while now with a high ankle sprain. He hopes to return to action within a week and a half. Hope so. He's a class act. Today's stars were sr. PG Conner Delaney (13 points), sr. F Kyle Virbitsky (16) and soph WG Matt Dade (18). Delaney is an interesting watch. Occasionally, he'll give off a semi-mechnical aura and then, zip, show more than enough athleticism while hopping into his jumper or making a pinpoint pass. He made great decisions throughout. Virbitsky kept winding up in the right spots and doing good things. As mentioned in a football report, he's to be commended for being dedicated enough to serve as one of this era's few three-major-sport athletes. He'll pitch for Penn State. He also was a TE-DL in football. Dade was so sloppy, he missed a shot. C'mon, dude, what's up with that? (smile). He sniped 5-for-5 from the floor (one trey) and 7-for-8 at the line. His most impressive moments: Two drives that he finished with his left hand even though he's righthanded. Matt's dad, Anthony, was a first team All-Inter-Ac player for EA in 1983. Also important to the Churchguys' cause were two treys in the first half by jr. WG Justin Hershey. Some telling Quakers nuggets: They missed 14 of their first 17 shots from the floor, the other four starters aside from sr. PF Justus Sanders did not grab rebound No. 5, combined, until 3:02 remained in the third quarter, and EA got four shots on one possession by four different guys (even though the last one didn't officially count because of a foul). Early, especially, PC missed numerous close-in shots. Often the angles on layup attempts weren't good. There was an interesting moment in the second quarter. Virbitsky hit a left-wing jumper and the ref signaled a two-pointer. Kyle's foot was definitely on the line. Then, during the next stoppage, the ref changed his mind and ruled the field goal a trey. Huh? Reason: Kyle's foot was on the COLLEGE three-point line. The shot was definitely worthy of being ruled a high school trey. Early Bird of the Day: Malvern coach John Harmatuk. He was in the facility when I walked in a shade before 3 o'clock. PC-EA didn't start until 4 and MP-SCH wasn't scheduled to tip off until 7. Among the legends, in the order these names come to me: Aaron "Ace" Carter, Jess Rawlings, John Estok, Craig Conlin, Tom Kossuth, Ed/Sean/Ted Foley, Gerry "P.A." Sasse, Dan Dougherty (the king of legends!), Anthony Dade, Terry Burke, Colin Mattice, Rick Mellor, Bill/Bill Gallagher, Joe Rogers, Joe Redican, Marty Weiss, Bill Wright, Brendan Pell, James "Bruiser" Flint, Luke Stansfield, Woody Burke, Jim Fenerty, Bernie Rogers . . .

JAN. 6
Who would have thought? The Inter-Ac League's opening tripleheader, named for coach Dan Dougherty (great success at Malvern/Episcopal), is now comfortably into adulthood. Triple Dip No. 23 will take place today/tonight at Philadelphia University with Penn Charter-Episcopal at 4, Germantown Academy-Haverford School at 5:30 and Malvern-SCH Academy at 7. Don't hold me to those last two times. You know how things can go (smile). The big question is, will one or more players score enough points to earn spots on this list? Here's hoping. Henry "Doug" Fairfax, Haverford's coach for four seasons through 2015, scored 30 points for the Fords in 1999. PC's Sean Singletary (played in NBA) hit that number in 2003 and GA's Andrew Ott did so in 2006. The cutoff number for the list is 25.  

Leading Scorers in Inter-Ac League's Opening Tripleheader, 1995-2016
Name School Opponent Pts Year
Doug Fairfax Haverford School Penn Charter 30 1999
Sean Singletary Penn Charter Gtn. Academy 30 2003
Andrew Ott Gtn. Academy Haverford School 30 2006
Sean Knitter Penn Charter Haverford School 29 1999
Sammy Zeglinski Penn Charter Malvern 29 2005
Mike Brown Chestnut Hill Penn Charter 28 2000
Brian Grandieri Malvern Episcopal 28 2002
Terrence Mack Episcopal Malvern 27 2002
Cameron Ayers Gtn. Academy Malvern 27 2010
Demetrius Isaac Penn Charter Malvern 26 2014
Tom Whitworth Chestnut Hill Episcopal 25 1998
Cameron Youngblood Haverford School Chestnut Hill 25 2002
DeQuann Walker Malvern Gtn. Academy 25 2010
John Moderski Penn Charter Gtn. Academy 25 2012

JAN. 5
Yesterday's nugget detailed how Marc Rodriguez became the first 1,000-point career scorer in Judge's history. His accomplishment wasn't the only big moment in Catholic League openers. At O'Hara, Ryan rolled to an 82-43 victory to achieve a 10-0 record for the first time in school history. Senior Matiss Kulackovskis led the way with 21 points while classmates Izaiah Brockington (17) and Chris Palantino (11) also reached double figures. Senior Fred Taylor and soph Amin Bryant have been the Raiders' other starters this season for coach Joe Zeglinski. In the 2011-12 season, Ryan started 9-0 and grabbed that ninth win on the same date (Jan. 3) with a 62-34 win over nearby MaST Charter thanks to Chris McMonigle (eight points, seven rebounds) and Christian Rivera (seven assists). The CL opener was three days later vs. Wood. The Raiders fell, 52-49, in OT. Their leading scorers were Bryan Okolo (13), Nick Augenbaugh and Kyle Slawter (12 apiece). With no seniors, Ryan made its CL debut in the 1967-68 season. The lowlight? They were scorched for 51 points by McDevitt jr. G Bobby Haas in a 98-55 loss. Haas packed 25 of those points into the fourth quarter and wound up with 19 field goals and perfect marksmanship (13-for-13) at the line. Those 51 points are still the one-game CL record and Bobby eclipsed the mark of La Salle's Joe Heyer (49). A headline in the long-gone Philadelphia Bulletin noted that Bobby's total was Two Higher Than Heyer. Meanwhile, those 51 points are NOT McDevitt's school record. On Nov. 28, 2002, Chris Hanes scored 52 points as the Lancers hammered Wyncote Academy, 120-59. McDevitt football player Sean "Knock On" Woods covered that game for this website and noted at the end of his very entertaining report that he and his buddies, as the game ended, ran onto the court and carried Chris off. He finished with this: I had the great privilege of holding his left foot. Ha, ha.
UPDATE: The Raiders lost game No. 11, to Wood.      

Details of Ryan's First 10-0 Start in School History
OPPONENT Ryan Opp. Leading Scorer Points
Constitution 44 42 Izaiah Brockington 18
Penn Charter 57 43 Matiss Kulackovskis 30
Girard College 63 46 Matiss Kulackovskis 28
Council Rock North 56 31 Izaiah Brockington 19
Pennsbury 59 47 Matiss Kulackovskis 26
Germantown Academy 63 49 Izaiah Brockington 22
Episcopal Academy 44 43 Izaiah Brockington 15
St. Thomas More (DE) 52 50 Izaiah Brockington 22
South Shore (NY) 63 53 Izaiah Brockington 20
O'Hara 82 43 Matiss Kulackovskis 21

JAN. 4

  The incredibly long wait is fiiiiiinally over. In its 62nd season of Catholic League basketball, Judge now can boast of having a 1,000-point scorer. In an upset victory last night over Wood -- on the road, at that -- sr. G Marc Rodriguez rang up 27 points, thus lifting his total to 1,008 (adjusted). The Crusaders joined the CL for the 1955-56 season and played their first league contest at St. James, in Chester, which closed in 1993. The date was January 8, a Sunday, and they lost, 72-51. Dan McKendry (15) and Ed Hughes (11) led Judge in scoring. Ed went on to pitch in the minors. His son, also Ed, was a star QB for Ryan and in 1978 threw 55 passes in one game! That's still the city record. He completed 25 for 298 yards. Sean Hughes, grandson/nephew of Ed/Ed, last spring had some nice pitching moments for Wood. Wonder if he attended last night's game and got to see the big moment for a player representing grandpop's alma mater? . . . Anyway, below is a list that shows how many seasons the CL schools (including some that have closed) had to wait to celebrate the presence of a 1,000-point scorer. Take note: Seasons before 1950 weren't counted against the very old schools. Scores, mostly, were so low beforehand it would have taken a guy a decade to drop a thousand (smile). Congrats to Marc!!
  UPDATE: I received an email from Brian McKendry, one of our advertisers via Nationwide Insurance. Dan McKendry is his father! What are the chances? Thanks for passing along that info, Brian.
  UPDATE: This note was sent along by Judge assistant Mike O'Connell, who also snapped the pic of Marc. . . .
  Thought this was pretty cool and I didnít even realize it until late last night but 27 is a special number at Judge because it represents the number of Judge guys who were killed in the Vietnam war. That number is the highest total of any Catholic high school in the country and obviously is a huge source of pride for the school because it shows what kind of kids go to/went to Father Judge. Marc scored 27 last night in the game he became the school's first 1,000-point scorer.
  Click here for some history. It honors those 27 Judge students.

How Long Each CL School Had to Wait for a 1,000-Point Scorer
School First 1,000-Point Scorer Points Year Enter Wait
Judge Marc Rodriguez 1,008 2017 1956 62
Egan/C-E Andrew Holland 1,232 2002 1964 39
Ryan John Capella 1,046 2001 1968 34
SC/Neumann Marty Campbell *1,010 1980 1950 31
Wood Dan Kiss 1,130 1994 1967 28
Roman Chico Singleton 1,127 1973 1950 24
St. James Ron Schott 1,285 1972 1950 23
Kenrick Brian Leahy 1,449 1984 1964 21
O'Hara Mike Connor 1,025 1985 1965 21
Carroll Tom Dunn 1,016 1987 1969 19
Dougherty Lawrence Reid *1,160 1976 1958 19
North Catholic Hank Siemiontkowski 1,015 1968 1950 19
West Catholic Ron Billingslea *1,105 1968 1950 19
St. Thomas More Billy Hoy 1,419 1959 1950 10
McDevitt Bob Haas 1,080 1969 1964 6
SJ Prep Joe Ryan 1,287 1955 1950 6
Bonner Frank Corace 1,012 1960 1956 5
La Salle Tom Gola 1,392 1951 1950 2
*-points for some games unavailable; best estimate based on averages