Philadelphia High School Basketball

Turning the Neumann/N-G vs. Roman Tide

   When Carl Arrigale took over at was then St. John Neumann for the 1998-99
 season, the school owned 10 Catholic League championships while Roman owned
 20. Over the past 22 seasons, what's now Ss. Maria Goretti has claimed 11 titles to
 six for Roman and the Pirates/Saints have won 27 of the teams' 46 meetings.
   This page offers stories and assorted facts over the series' past 46 games.

  Thanks for the help: Gayton Bongiorno.

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Ja'Quan Newton jumps for joy after Neumann-Goretti wins the 2014
Catholic League championship with a win over Roman Catholic.

Carl in 2014


Year Kind Winner W L
1999 RS Neumann 59 55
  RS Neumann 80 74
2000 RS Neumann 72 63
  RS Roman 79 62
  Final Roman 58 55
2001 RS Neumann 57 52
  RS Roman 72 65
  Final Neumann 60 59
2002 RS Neumann 76 64
  RS Roman 48 47
2003 RS Neumann 62 49
  RS Neumann 72 59
  Qrr Neumann 55 53
2004 RS Roman 83 72
  RS Roman 73 52
  Qtr Neumann 57 44
2005 RS Neum.-Gor. 64 58
  RS Neum.-Gor. 74 69
  Qtr Neum.-Gor. 61 41
2006 RS Roman 59 46
  RS Roman 60 55
  Final Neum.-Gor. 44 41
2007 RS Neum.-Gor. 71 68
  RS Roman 59 58
  Final Roman 57 56
2008 RS Roman 65 62
  RS Roman 62 60
2009 Final Neum.-Gor. 86 53
2010   No Meetings    
2011 RS Neum.-Gor. 70 62
  Semi Neum.-Gor. 47 46
2012 RS Neum.-Gor. 63 57
  Semi Neum.-Gor. 73 56
2013 RS Neum.-Gor. 68 51
2014 RS Roman 71 64
  Final Neum.-Gor. 53 48
2015 RS Roman 71 68
  Final Roman 64 59
2016 RS Neum.-Gor. 85 68
  Final Roman 72 65
2017 RS Neum.-Gor. 87 53
  Semi Neum.-Gor. 67 56
2018 RS Neum.-Gor. 56 54
2019 RS Roman 79 76
  Semi Roman 72 66
2020 RS Neum.-Gor. 77 69
  Final Neum.-Gor. 66 58
Neumann/N-G Leads the Series, 27-19


Name School Year Kind Pts
Charron Fisher RC 2002 RS 32
Eddie Griffin RC 1999 RS 31
Lamin Fulton N-G 2011 RS 30
Charron Fisher RC 2004 RS 29
Eddie Griffin RC 2000 RS 28
Chris Ings N-G 2019 Semi 28
Charron Fisher RC 2003 RS 27
Maalik Wayns RC 2008 RS 27
Charron Fisher RC 2003 RS 27
Lynn Greer RC 2019 RS 27
Jalen Duren RC 2020 RS 27
Hakim Byrd N-G 2029 RS 27
Hakim Hart RC 2019 RS 26
Charron Fisher RC 2004 RS 26
Lamar Stevens RC 2016 RS 26
Antonio Jardine N-G 2007 RS 26
Tyreek Duren N-G 2009 RS 26
Lamarr Kimble N-G 2014 RS 26
Charron Fisher RC 2003 Qtr 25
Derrick Rivera N-G 2005 Qtr 25


PPGS = Points Per Games Scored
Name School Year G Pts PPGS
Charron Fisher RC 2004 9 203 22.6
Bradley Wanamaker RC 2007 9 150 16.7
Richard Cunningham Neum. 2004 10 127 12.7
Antonio Jardine N-G 2007 11 125 11.4
Derrick Rivera N-G 2006 9 118 13.1
Quade Green N-G 2017 7 117 16.7
Tamal Forchion RC 2001 8 111 13.9
Eddie Griffin RC 2000 5 106 21.2
Rick Jackson N-G 2077 9 104 11.6
Ja'Quan Newton N-G 2014 7 103 14.7
Lynn Greer RC 2020 6 99 16.5
Earl Pettis N-G 2006 9 98 10.9
Jamal Wilson N-G 2008 8 94 11.8
D. Cosby-Roundtree N-G 2017 6 93 15.5
Adon El Neum. 2004 11 88 8.0
Mike Ringgold RC 2006 6 85 14.2
Chris Ings N-G 2019 5 84 16.8
Andre Sloan-El RC 2004 8 84 10.5
Tony Carr RC 2016 6 83 13.8
John Huggins RC 2001 7 83 11.9

Series, 1998-99/2019-20

  This story was written after Carl Arrigale claimed his first Catholic League championship in 2001. In quite the nail-biter.

By Ted Silary

Poignant basketball scenes are not limited to the moments before the final buzzer.
  To see them, and be touched by them, sometimes requires a wait.
  Saturday night at Temple's Liacouras Center, St. John Neumann High, battered and bruised but not bewildered, posted one of the more intriguing, stirring victories in Catholic League annals by edging Roman Catholic, 60-59, for the title.
Wonderful freeze-frames:
  In the midcourt ceremony, senior point guard Cantrell "Man-Man" Fletcher, unable to play due to a recent knee injury, held aloft the championship plaque.
  As the players and coaches returned to the bench area and shared hugs with family and fans, senior center Brandon Brigman sat with his left hand, likely broken, buried in a bucket of ice.
  Next it was time to cut down the net. Brigman, obviously woozy from pain, had to be helped up the ladder. So, too, did Fletcher. Fletcher did his snip-snipping and up the other side of the ladder came coach Carl Arrigale. Arrigale cut the remaining strands, then reached out and placed the net around Fletcher's neck before the two exchanged a heartfelt, lengthy hug.
  How did this happen?
  How did the Pirates avoid getting pushed off the plank?
  This reason was first, second and third: the play of point guard Richard "Tabby" Cunningham, a 5-9, 150-pound freshman.
  While both teams' older players had problems with nervousness, Cunningham was poised throughout. He had a game-high 19 points while shooting 6-for-9 from the floor (one trey) and 6-for-7 at the line. He also dished a game-high four assists and penetrated at will before Roman adjusted.
  "We kept telling our guys to push him to the sides," Roman coach Dennis Seddon said. "We finally did. . .Too little, too late. "
   Fletcher, one of the city's top players and bound for Siena, ripped the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee during Neumann's quarterfinal win over Archbishop Carroll.
  Cunningham would have been the replacement, but he was being disciplined for having missed the previous day's practice.

"He had an excuse. Not a good one," Arrigale said.
  "I was a little sore," said Cunningham, likely the first frosh to start for a CL champ. "I had to baby-sit my little sister and by the time I got her fed. . .It was late. I just figured I wouldn't go.
  "Coach was trying to teach me a lesson. I do regret missing. After that I told him, 'I'm not missin' no practices. ' My coach made this happen. He had faith in me.
  "Everybody was talking to me these last few days. 'Keep your poise. Control the team. Do that and we'll be all right. ' I was having dreams that we won! Then I'd wake up and it was, 'Ah, game didn't come yet. ' I wasn't the hero in those dreams. Just one guy playing a role. "
  The whole night was emotional. Fletcher had a good crying session right before the Pirates came out for warmups.

"It all hit me," he said. "I wanted to play so much. It hurt. "
  Fletcher then served as Cunningham's personal coach.
  "Mostly I was telling him to stay focused," Fletcher said. "I told him, 'If you turn it over, keep your head up. . .If you got your guy beat, take him. ' I knew Tabby last summer from playing against him. I knew he'd be tough. He's got heart and he doesn't have the body of a freshman. It was the biggest game of his life. I told him he handled it well. "
  Said Arrigale: "It's been a long process. This was the only school where Tabby wouldn't have walked in and started right away. He had to wait his turn and things were bumpy sometimes. But he was the only guy on our team who could play Cantrell straight up in practice. You can do that, you're a player. "
  For Brigman, the fires also were burning. He had missed six of the 14 South games with a broken left (non-shooting) hand, and this was his fifth game back.

The heavy padding hindered his delivery and he shot just 1-for-11 from the floor. But he toughed out five boards and posted seven blocked shots while his point total (five) was leaving him seven short of 1,000 for his career.
  Brigman is scheduled to have a pin inserted in the hand tomorrow, so he's doubtful for the Alhambra Catholic Invitational Tournament Thursday through Saturday at Frostburg (Md. ) State. (Roman also will be there. )
  Neumann's other prime contributors were Michael Haddix (10 points, seven rebounds), Robert "Beattie" Taylor (12 points, eight rebounds, three assists) and Chris Del Brocco (nine points). Also, forward Jeff Thomas had three rebounds, three steals and two blocks in 8 minutes.
  Tamal Forchion and Brent Welton scored 16 points apiece for Roman and Jim Kelly hit two gigantic, late-game treys to keep his team afloat.
  With 8.4 seconds left, Ramer Jones hit a free throw to make it 59-57 Neumann. Welton sped upcourt and drove hard down the left side of the lane. He collided with Jones and his too-short shot bounced out of bounds with 3 seconds to play.

When asked about the non-call, Seddon said slowly: "After you've been in the championship game 12 times in 15 years, you think you've seen it all. But new things keep popping up. "
  He declined to elaborate.
  A free throw by Haddix at 2.1 made it 60-57. Roman's Scott Paxson threw a perfect three-quarter court pass to Forchion, and Kelly was right nearby behind the arc. But there was a tangle of arms and Forchion's momentum was taking him forward and the shot he hit to end it was doubtless from inside the arc.
  Afterward, handling interviews, Cunningham was as smooth as he'd been during the game.
  "I was nervous before," he said. "But when I stepped on the court and touched the ball, all those butterflies, they just flew away."


  This story was written after John Huggins led Roman past Neumann for the 2000 Catholic League championship . . .

By Ted Silary
  Hello? John Huggins? Is anybody home? Are you still with us?
  There were many times this basketball season when Dennis Seddon, Roman Catholic High's wildly successful basketball coach, had to wonder.
  Huggins, a 6-2 junior guard, figured to be a major factor for the Cahillites off performances in the 1998-99 season that were mostly good and were sometimes outstanding.
  Then a not-so-funny thing happened. Huggins found himself in a small wooden structure, barely wagging his tail.
  "Early," Seddon said, "we gave John a number of chances and he wasn't responding. Analyzing it now, I think he was taking his spot for granted - and that's never a good thing. We had to get him out of that perception, so he'd work hard again.
  "He took a lot of junk from the coaches. There were times when we thought maybe we'd lost him. But I am surprised by what John did here tonight? Not at all. He's a very athletic kid. And he can play. I know it's a cliche. But he can play. "
  What John Huggins did last night at Temple's Liacouras Center was, in effect, jump out of a box filled with mothballs - or, the doghouse, if you prefer - and help Roman collect yet another Catholic League championship.
  In 26 minutes off the bench, Huggins posted 15 points, four rebounds, four assists and one gi-huge-ic steal as the Cahillites edged gutty St. John Neumann, 58-55.
  Huggins shot 3-for-8 from the floor and 8-for-9 from the line. His one missed free throw, a front end of a one-and-one, came with 45.2 seconds remaining as Roman was trying to pad a 54-53 lead.
  "I was nervous," he admitted. "I was like, 'Everybody's depending on me. I messed up. ' "
  After Brandon Brigman, a 6-8 junior, claimed his 13th rebound, Neumann had the ball in the frontcourt when point guard Cantrell "Man-Man" Fletcher threw a short horizontal pass to wing guard David "Meatball" Crawford. The ball went through Crawford's hands, Huggins gained possession, got fouled and went to the line for another one-and-one at 32.4.
  Swish. Swish. A 56-53 lead.
  "That time, I wasn't nervous," he said. "Guess I got it all out of me on the other one-and-one. I said, 'This is nothing. You've hit two free throws lots of times. Just step up there and do it. '
  "When I was near 'Meatball,' I was just trying to guard the three-point line. He did a great job all night. But that one play. . .I was shocked to get the ball. "
  In some ways, it's amazing Huggins maintained even a sliver of confidence through the season.
  "With all the in-and-out-of-the-lineup stuff going on, I just had to keep working hard at practice," he said. "People kept telling me, 'Your time will come. ' I guess they were right. It did.
  "After a while, coach said I looked like one of those people who does better off the bench. I minded some; everybody wants to start. It was frustrating. But when the team is using only six or seven players sometimes, you're still going to get decent playing time. "
  Strong efforts by Huggins and fellow guard Michael Wild (17 points, three treys) were highly necessary on a night when 6-9 star Eddie Griffin was throttled somewhat (15 points, 6-for-17 shooting) by the junk-defense efforts of muscular forward Chas Bailey, and 6-6 Tamal Forchion also had trouble converting inside opportunities (six points, 3-for-12).
  "It wound up being good for us," Griffin said. "I was proud of John and Mike. We got to show we're not a one-man team, like a lot of people say we are.
  "John's a good player. He never quit through his slumps. You'd see him working hard every day at practice. That's why he came out on top. "
  With the score at 56-53, Bailey tried to create a tie with a 21-foot, straight-on trey. It missed, but Fletcher scrambled for the rebound and his follow-up was swallowed underneath by Griffin, who didn't jump. Brigman immediately stole the ball and scored at 2.9 to make it a one-point game.
  Brent Welton converted a double bonus at 1.5 and Fletcher - it's got a chance!. . .Oh! - hit the right side of the rim with a heave from almost the right edge of the halfcourt line.
  As Roman's fans rushed the court, Neumann's fans pelted them with trash. The missiles were mostly partially filled cups of soda, but well-filled plastic bottles were also involved. A few Roman fans returned fire.
  Liacouras officials at first were not going to permit Roman's players to cut down the nets. They finally relented, but by then not many Roman loyalists remained.
  Afterward, Neumann coach Carl Arrigale was bitterly disappointed. Overall, though, Arrigale had to be buttons-bursting proud.
  Guard Robert "Beattie" Taylor toughed out 9 minutes on a sprained ankle (injured early) that made him look like a guy with a wooden leg. Crawford also injured his ankle during the game. He played 27 minutes. Meanwhile, Brigman was playing with a broken bone in his foot.
  "After getting efforts like that, what can you say to the kids? " Arrigale said.
  Said Huggins: "Neumann always comes to play. Even when they were getting those injuries, we weren't taking them lightly. "
  For Roman, the championship was the 26th in 81 league seasons, the 17th since 1969 and the ninth in 14 seasons for Seddon. In the five non-title seasons, each time the Cahillites fell to the eventual champion.
Last night?
  "You had a team with a great player and a decent supporting cast," Seddon said, "and another team with a lot of really, really good players.
  "As far back as Labor Day, I saw this game happening. It didn't surprise me the way it went or how it turned out. "


RS Roman Lost Neumann Won
  Mustafa Bey 8 Chas Bailey 22
  Tamal Forchion 4 Robert Bailey 2
  Eddie Griffin 20 Brandon Brigman 4
  Dave Levetter 4 David Crawford 10
  Mike Wild 17 Cantrell Fletcher 15
  Brent Welton 2 Hakim Haynes 1
      Spencer Hill 2
      Robert Taylor 3
    55   59
RS Roman Won Neumann Lost
  Mustafa Bey 17 Chas Bailey 18
  Tamal Forchion 5 Robert Bailey 1
  Eddie Griffin 31 Brandon Brigman 14
  John Huggins 6 David Crawford 13
  David Levetter 5 Cantrell Fletcher 15
  Mike Wild 16 Spencer Hill 2
      Robert Bailey 11
    80   74
RS Roman Lost Neumann Won
  Tamal Forchion 21 Chas Bailey 6
  Marcus Gantt 4 Brandon Brigman 13
  Eddie Griffin 12 David Crawford 19
  John Huggins 11 Cantrell Fletcher 4
  Anthony Miller 7 Hakim Haynes 7
  Brent Welton 4 Spencer Hill 13
  Mike Wild 4 Robert Bailey 10
    63   72
RS Roman Won Neumann Lost
  Emil Buccilli 2 Chas Bailey 8
  Tamal Forchion 16 Brandon Brigman 5
  Eddie Griffin 28 David Crawford 19
  John Huggins 14 Spencer Hill 8
  David Levetter 8 Robert Taylor 6
  Brent Welton 4    
  Mike Wild 7    
    79   62
Final Roman Won Neumann Lost
  Tamal Forchion 6 Chas Bailey 10
  Eddie Griffin 15 Brandon Brigman 12
  John Huggins 15 David Crawford 13
  Mike Wild 17 Cantrell Fletcher 9
  Brent Welton 5 Hakim Haynes 11
    58   55
RS Roman  Lost Neumann Won
  Steve Brodzinski 2 Brandon Brigman 19
  Tamal Forchion 20 Cantrell Fletcher 14
  John Huggins 12 Michael Haddix 8
  Jim Kelly 10 Ramer Jones 2
  joe McCourt 3 Robert Taylor 14
  brent Welton 5    
    52   57
RS Roman Won Neumann Lost
  Steve Brodzinski 11 Richard Cunningham 5
  Tamal Forchion 23 Chris Del Brocco 8
  John Huggins 13 Cantrell Fletcher 18
  Jim Kelly 4 Joel Green 6
  brent Welton 21 Michael Haddix 6
      Robert Taylor 16
    72   65
Final Roman Lost Neumann Won
  Steve Brodzinski 1 Brandon Brigman 5
  Charron Fisher 2 Richard Cunningham 19
  Tamal Forchion 16 Chris Del Brocco 9
  John Huggins 12 Michael Haddix 10
  Jim Kelly 12 Ramer Jones 3
  brent Welton 16 Robert Taylor 12
      Jeff Thomas 2
    59   60
RS Roman  Lost Neumann  Won
  Jon Duperon 3 Richard Cunningham 21
  Charron Fisher 32 Chris Del Brocco 6
  Calvin Jones 7 Adon El 14
  Bobby Jordan 6 Kenny Fulton 2
  Andre Sloan-El 11 Todd Johnson 8
  Tyree Wallece 5 Kevin Lauer 8
      Ben Smith 6
      Antain Wynn 11
    64   76
RS Roman Won Neumann Lost
  Jon Duperon 2 Richard Cunningham 8
  Charron Fisher 19 Chris Del Brocco 13
  Calvin Jones 2 Adon El 8
  Bobby Jordan 8 Kenny Fulton 2
  Andre Sloan-El 15 Todd Johnson 7
  Tyree Wallece 2 Kevin Lauer 3
      Antain Wynn 6
    48   47
RS Roman Lost Neumann Won
  Khalil Ferguson 8 David Burton 7
  Charron Fisher 27 Richard Cunningham 9
  Kevin Hightower 5 Adon El 10
  Scott Mascio 3 Kenny Fulton 6
  Andre Sloan-El 6 Jack Hatty 4
      Kevin Lauer 8
      Antwain Wynn 18
    49   62
RS Roman Lost Neumann Won
  Khalil Ferguson 4 David Burton 8
  Charron Fisher 27 Richard Cunningham 11
  Kevin Hightower 5 Adon El 6
  Brett Johnson 12 Kenny Fulton 12
  Scott Mascio 4 Todd Johnson 8
  Andre Sloan-El 7 Kevin Lauer 8
      Antwain Wynn 19
    59   72
Qtr Roman Lost   Won
  Khalil Ferguson 9 David Burton 4
  Charron Fisher 25 Richard Cunningham 15
  Brett Johnson 6 Adon El 13
  Bobby Jordan 1 Kenny Fulton 3
  Scott Mascio 2 Todd Johnson 11
  Andre Sloan-El 10 Kevin Lauer 4
      Antwain Wynn 5
    53   55
RS Roman Won Neumnann Lost
  Khalil Ferguson 23 David Burton 11
  Charron Fisher 29 Richard Cunningham 10
  brett Johnson 3 Adon El 15
  Bobby Jordan 9 Keith Herron 2
  Scott Mascio 2 Antonio Jardine 3
  Malik Perry 2 Michael Payne 5
  Raymond Sims 2 Earl Pettis 17
  Andre Sloan-El 6 Derrick Rivera 9
    83   72
RS Roman Won Neumann Lost
  Charron Fisher 26 David Burton 10
  Brett Johnson 2 Richard Cunningham 13
  Bobby Jordan 9 Adon El 11
  Scott Mascio 2 Antonio Jardine 3
  Malik Perry 15 Michael Payne 2
  Andre Sloan-El 19 Earl Pettis 8
      Derrick Rivera 5
    73   52
Qtr Roman Lost Neumann  Won
  Khalil Ferguson 3 David Burton 6
  Charron Fisher 16 Richard Cunningham 16
  Brett Johnson 3 Adon El 11
  Bobby Jordan 6 Keith Herron 6
  Malik Perry 2 Michael Payne 4
  Raymond Sims 4 Earl Pettis 5
  Andre Sloan-El 10 Derrick Rivera 9
    44   57
RS Roman Lost Neumann-Goretti Won
  Billy Lally 3 David Burton 5
  Malik Perry 16 Rick Jackson 8
  Mike Ringgold 22 Antonio Jardine 15
  Raymond Sims 2 Earl Pettis 16
  Bradley Wanamaker 15 Derrick Rivera 20
    58   64
RS Roman Lost Neumann-Goretti Won
  Bobby Jordan 9 David Burton 6
  Billy Lally 4 Rick Jackson 7
  Malik Perry 14 Antonio Jardine 18
  Mike Ringgold 14 Conor Kennedy 8
  Raymond Sims 12 Phil Love 4
  Bradley Wanamaker 16 Earl Pettis 14
      Derrick Rivera 17
    69   74
Qtr Roman Lost Neumann-Goretti Won
  Bobby Jordan 6 David Burton 2
  Billy Lally 2 Rick Jackson 6
  Malik Perry 6 Antonio Jardine 9
  Mike Ringgold 16 Earl Pettis 19
  Raymond Sims 4 Derrick Rivera 25
  Bradley Wanamaker 4    
  Brian Wanamaker 3    
    41   61
RS Roman Won Neumann-Goretti Lost
  Rockeed McCarter 8 Wali Hepburn 2
  Lonnie Perry 2 Rick Jackson 11
  Mike Ringgold 13 Antonio Jardine 9
  Raymond Sims 13 Earl Pettis 2
  Bradley Wanamaker 20 Derrick Rivera 13
  Brian Wanamaker 3 Tyrell Taylor 2
      Jamal Wilson 7
    59   46
RS Roman Won Neumann-Goretti Lost
  Will Kirkland 2 Rick Jackson 12
  Rockeed McCarter 2 Antonio Jardine 13
  Mike Ringgold 18 Earl Pettis 7
  Raymond Sims 10 Derrick Rivera 11
  Bradley Wanamaker 20 Jamal Wilson 12
  Brian Wanamaker 8    
    60   55
Final Roman Lost Neumann-Goretti Won
  Nick Daggett 4 Frank Biondo 1
  Rockeed McCarter 8 Rick Jackson 12
  Mike Ringgold 2 Antonio Jardine 10
  Raymond Sims 9 Earl Pettis 10
  Bradley Wanamaker 18 Derrick Rivera 9
      Jamal Wilson 2
    41   44
RS Roman Lost Neumann-Goretti Won
  Nick Daggett 2 Tony Chennault 13
  Wes Kirkland 6 Mark Hatty 4
  Will Kirkland 5 Rick Jackson 16
  Courtney Stanley 8 Antonio Jardine 26
  Bradley Wanamaker 21 Rashad Savage 3
  Brian Wanamaker 21 Jamal Wilson 9
  Maalik Wayns 5    
    68   71
RS Roman Won Neumann-Goretti Lost
  Rakeem Brookins 5 Mark Hatty 7
  Wes Kirkland 2 Wali Hepburn 1
  Will Kirkland 9 Rick Jackson 12
  Courtney Stanley 6 Antonio Jardine 12
  Bradley Wanamaker 19 Rashad Savage 10
  Brian Wanamaker 14 Jamal Wilson 16
    59   58
Final Roman Won Neumann-Goretti Lost
  Will Kirkland 12 Tony Chennault 13
  Courtney Stanley 7 Mark Hatty 2
  Bradley Wanamaker 17 Wali Hepburn 2
  Brian Wanamaker 10 Rick Jackson 20
  Maalik Wayns 13 Antonio Jardine 7
      Rashad Savage 2
      Jamal Wilson 10
    59   56
RS Roman Won Neumann-Goretti Lost
  Rakeem Brookins 7 Tony Chennault 17
  Aaron Brown 9 Tyreek Duren 8
  Wes Kirkland 8 Danny Stewart 11
  Will Kirkland 5 Tyrell Taylor 5
  Courtney Stanley 9 Jamal Wilson 21
  Maalik Wayns 27    
    65   62
RS Roman Won Neumann-Goretti Lost
  Rakeem Brookins 7 Tony Chennault 16
  Aaron Brown 2 Tyreek Duren 2
  Wes Kirkland 15 Andre Gillette 4
  Will Kirkland 20 Shane Irwin 2
  Courtney Stanley 11 Danny Stewart 13
  Maalik Wayns 7 Tyrell Taylor 8
      Jamal Wilson 17
    62   60
Final Roman Lost Neumann-Goretti Won
  Rakeem Brookins 24 Tony Chennault 19
  Marvin Champ 2 Tyreek Duren 26
  Andre Horne 15 Lamin Fulton 4
  Brandon Moultrie 2 Andre Gillette 14
  Koron Reed 4 Will Huff 2
  Kevin Regan 6 Mustafaa Jones 3
      Billy Shank 2
      Danny Stewart 16
    53   86
    No Meetings      
RS Roman Lost Neumann-Goretti Won
  Raquan Brown-Johnson 4 La'Quan Coaxum 2
  Shep Garner 11 John Davis 20
  Fortunat Kangudi 6 Lamin Fulton 30
  Britton Lee 4 Ja'Quan Newton 6
  Montana Mayfield 20 Billy Shank 2
  Shafeek Taylor 17 Derrick Stewart 10
    62   70
Semi Roman Lost Neumann-Goretti Won
  Raquan Brown-Johnson 1 John Davis 11
  Rip Engel 2 Lamin Fulton 14
  Shep Garner 5 Ja'Quan Newton 5
  Fortunat Kangudi 10 Billy Shank 6
  Britton Lee 7 Derrick Stewart 4
  Montana Mayfield 13 Hanif Sutton 7
  Shafeek Taylor 8    
    46   47
RS Roman Lost Neumann-Goretti Won
  Raquan Brown-Johnson 3 La'Quan Coaxum 9
  Shep Garner 19 John Davis 23
  Secean Johnson 7 Lamarr Kimble 3
  Britton Lee 6 Ja'Quan Newton 20
  Rashaan London 8 Derrick Stewart 5
  Shafeek Taylor 14 Hanif Sutton 3
    57   63
Semi Roman Lost Neumann-Goretti Won
  Raquan Brown-Johnson 2 La'Quan Coaxum 14
  Shep Garner 20 John Davis 11
  Secean Johnson 2 Troy Harper 2
  Britton Lee 9 Ja'Quan Newton 17
  Rashaan London 7 Billy Shank 12
  Dan Maggiano 2 Derrick Stewart 8
  Shafeek Taylor 14 Hanif Sutton 6
      Shane Thomas 3
    56   73
RS Roman Lost Neumann-Goretti Won
  Traci Carter 5 Jamal Custis 4
  Seth Chisholm 1 John Davis 5
  Marquise Coleman 3 Troy Harper 7
  Shep Garner 9 Lamarr Kimble 16
  Rashaan London 18 John Mastrando 3
  Matt Simon 3 Ja'Qusn Newton 21
  Manny Taylor 8 Tony Toplyn 12
  TreVaughn Wilkerson 4    
    51   68
RS Roman Won Neumann-Goretti Lost
  Tony Carr 15 Vaughn Covington 3
  Shep Garner 14 Quade Green 3
  Gemil Holbrook 8 Troy Harper 14
  Rashaan London 17 Lamarr Kimble 26
  Manny Taylor 6 Ja'Quan Newton 11
  D'Andre Vilmar 3 Tony Toplyn 7
  TreVaughn Wilkerson 8    
    71   64
Final Roman Lost Neumann-Goretti Won
  Tony Carr 5 Jamal Custis 12
  Shep Garner 7 Troy Harper 10
  Gemil Holbrook 5 Lamarr Kimble 2
  Rashaan London 22 Ja'Quan Newton 23
  Manny Taylor 9 Tony Toplyn 6
    48   53
RS Roman Won Neumann-Goretti Lost
  Nazeer Bostick 14 D. Cosby-Roundtree 14
  Tony Carr 16 Vaughn Covington 5
  Da'kQuan Davis 6 Quade Green 17
  Gemil Holbrook 5 Lamarr Kimble 17
  Paul Newman 9 Zane Martin 13
  Manny Taylor 17 Mike Millsip 2
  D'Andre Vilmar 4    
    71   68
Final Roman Won Neumann-Goretti Lost
  Nazeer Bostick 23 Rasheed Browne 6
  Tony Carr 8 D. Cosby-Roundtree 8
  Gemil Holbrook 14 Quade Green 21
  Paul Newman 4 Lamarr Kimble 11
  Jon-Paul Sanders 2 Zane Martin 13
  Manny Taylor 6    
  D'Andre Vilmar 7    
    64   59
RS Roman Lost Neumann-Goretti Won
  Nazeer Bostick 6 Rasheed Browne 15
  Tony Carr 18 D. Cosby-Roundtree 22
  Da'kQuan Davis 2 Vaughn Covington 9
  Mikeal Jones 8 Quade Green 20
  Jon-Paul Sanders 2 Zane Martin 19
  Lanar Stevens 26    
  D'Andre Vilmar 6    
    68   85
Final Roman Won Neumann-Goretti Lost
  Nazeer Bostick 12 Rasheed Browne 5
  Tony Carr 21 D. Cosby-Roundtree 14
  Mikeal Jones 4 Vaughn Covington 16
  Paul Newman 7 Quade Green 15
  Lanar Stevens 22 Zane Martin 15
  D'Andre Vilmar 6    
    72   65
RS Roman Lost Neumann-Goretti Won
  Charlie Alcorn 3 D. Cosby-Roundtree 18
  Allen Betrand 16 Ahmad Fair 2
  Colin Flach 6 Quade Green 23
  Lynn Greer 12 Chris Ings 10
  Seth Lundy 12 Marcus Littles 10
  Jabari Merritt 4 Mike Millsip 7
      Jalen Parker 1
      Dante Vannicola 1
      Noah Warren 15
    53   87
Semi Roman Lost Neumann-Goretti Won
  Allen Betrand 19 D. Cosby-Roundtree 17
  Da'kQuan Davis 11 Quade Green 18
  Chris Kuhar 2 Chris Ings 9
  Seth Lundy 20 Marcus Littles 2
  Jon-Paul Sanders 4 Mike Millsip 7
      Dymir Montague 7
      Noah Warren 7
    56   67
RS Roman Lost Neumann-Goretti Won
  Allen Betrand 12 Ahmad Fair 2
  Lynn Greer 7 Chris Ings 22
  Hakim Hart 15 Marcus Littles 8
  Seth Lundy 17 Dymir Montague 10
  Louie Wild 3 Ja'cor Smith 5
      Noah Warren 5
      TaQuan Woodley 4
    54   56
RS Roman Won Neumann-Goretti Lost
  Lynn Greer 27 Hakim Byrd 27
  Hakim Hart 18 Chris Evans 9
  Seth Lundy 13 Jordan Hall 10
  Louie Wild 12 Chris Ings 15
  Justice Williams 9 Ja'cor Smith 4
      Cameron Young 11
    79   76
Semi Roman Won Neumann-Goretti Lost
  Jalen Duren 12 Hakim Byrd 13
  Lynn Greer 19 Chris Evans 6
  Hakim Hart 26 Jordan Hall 5
  Seth Lundy 11 Chris Ings 28
  Justice Williams 4 Ja'cor Smith 6
      Cameron Young 8
    72   66
RS Roman Lost Neumann-Goretti Won
  Xzayvier Brown 5 Hakim Byrd 18
  Jalen Duren 27 Chris Evans 3
  Lynn Greer 17 Jordan Hall 21
  Nasir Lett 3 Hysier Miller 16
  Will Norman 4 Blaise Vespe 8
  Justice Williams 13 Cameron Young 11
    69   77
Final Roman Lost Neumann-Goretti Won
  Xzayvier Brown 9 Hakim Byrd 12
  Jalen Duren 11 Chris Evans 3
  Lynn Greer 17 Jordan Hall 5
  Justice Williams 21 Hysier Miller 17
      Blaise Vespe 7
      Cameron Young 22
    58   66


  This story was written in 2009, when N-G frolicked its way to the Catholic League championship with an 86-53 win over Roman . . .    

    By Ted Silary

    TYREEK DUREN isn't thinking about the day when he'll say "I do" or welcome his children into the world.
    He's a here-and-now kind of guy and the words that came pouring out of his mouth last night were, "This is the greatest feeling in the world! "Pause.

"Well, so far," he added with a smile. "But this is all I'm really thinking about. "

Duren and Ss. Neumann-Goretti High did not merely win the Catholic League basketball championship last night in front of maybe 7,000 spectators at the Palestra. The Saints stormed to it. Bullied their way to it. Took no prisoners en route to seizing it.

The final was N-G 86, Roman Catholic 53. And the outcome was "final" long before 32 minutes elapsed.

It was the 15th CL title for Neumann-Goretti (and its forerunners), and its fifth this decade (three against Roman).

Primary among the major reasons for the decisive victory was Duren, a junior point guard.

Another junior guard, Tony Chennault, who already has committed to Wake Forest, is the Saints' best-known player and was selected the coaches' MVP of the Blue Division. But at the west end of the floor, as they awaited their chance for TV interviews, Chennault walked over to Duren, put his arm around his shoulder and roared, "That's your MVP right here! "

Let us recount the reasons . . .

Penetrating, and finishing, pretty much at will, Duren scored 26 points, shooting 10-for-16 total with a pair of treys. For most of the night, though Mustafaa Jones and Lamin Fulton provided occasional help, Duren also stalked Roman's leading scorer, junior guard Rakeem "Rahk" Brookins. And there's no other way to put it - stalked.

Though Brookins did finish with 24 points, he needed to launch 31 shots from the floor. Only eight succeeded, he went 2-for-11 on treys and during a period that spanned late first quarter to early fourth, he hit just two of 18 attempts.

"I was ready to play him,'' said Duren, who added six rebounds, five assists and five steals. "I knew defense was going to be much more important than offense.

"I tried to make things as uncomfortable for him as I could. I don't know if I did that great on him, but it didn't seem like he was making too many shots. He's a great player. If you think you're going to win, you can't let great players beat you.

"I drank a lot of water all day. I knew I'd be working hard tonight. "

Muffling Brookins was paramount because he was Roman's only headliner in uniform. The senior franchise guard, Villanova signee Maalik Wayns, was unavailable, as he has been for several weeks since undergoing surgery to repair a torn meniscus.

Wayns saw his doctor at 4 p.m. yesterday. Thumbs down.

"He was cleared to run and jump, but not to play," said coach Chris McNesby. "The doctor said he couldn't even suit up. We were prepared for that likelihood. We saw the chances he'd play as maybe 75-25, against. "

During warmups, wearing a Boston Red Sox hat, Wayns stood at the back of the layup line and offered encouragement to his teammates. N-G's fans at one point during the game chanted toward Wayns and Roman's bench, "How's your kneecap? How's your kneecap? ''

Long after the game ended, Wayns and Chennault could be spotted near midcourt, having a lengthy and friendly discussion.

Let's say Wayns had been given the go-ahead. Would Duren have guarded him?

"Don't know,'' Tyreek said. "We never even talked about it. The whole time in practice, we just assumed he wouldn't be playing. Coming off an operation that fast? Would have been tough. "

"If he'd been out there, we would have dealt with it," said coach Carl Arrigale. "But we didn't expect to see him. ''

Duren scored 15 of his points in a 35-23 first half. Then and later, almost every single time he exploded past a defender, he did so to his left. He's righthanded.

"I don't know why people haven't figured that out," he said, laughing. "I guess they think I'll come back to my right hand. But I like going left. I'm comfortable with that. Until people start stopping me, I'll keep doing it. "

Roman missed 31 of its first 43 shots from the floor. Aside from Brookins, only freshman Andre Horne reached double figures in points (15). Koron Reed and Kevin Regan did claim nine rebounds apiece.

After a slow start, Chennault got rolling and finished with 19 points (in addition to seven rebounds and four assists). Danny Stewart (16) and Niagara-bound Andre "Scooter'' Gillette (14) also hit double digits while Gillette added nine boards and four blocks.

Deep subs were on the court as the final buzzer sounded. They scrambled up into the the east stands to celebrate with cheerleaders and buddies (mostly cheerleaders; they grow 'em smart in South Philly) and soon, the net was being cut down. It wound up around Gillette's neck since he's the only senior member of the rotation.

The championship plaque, of course, made the rounds and when it got to Duren, he exclaimed while pressing it against his chest, "I need to hold that tight! "

Then he kissed it.

Arrigale loved soaking in the various scenes.

"The kids really didn't like what happened to us last year,'' he said, referring to a loss in the quarterfinals. "They dedicated themselves to doing this going back to last summer. They worked hard. Stayed together. "

Won together, too. In quite the breeze. *