Philadelphia High School Sports
All-City Brothers

Basketball '20)
(Baseball/Football Teams Not Selected 2019 forward)

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    This is a list of brothers who have earned first team All-City honors in football,
basketball or baseball. Starting years for All-City teams were '71 in football, '72
in basketball and '78 in baseball.
     We have also listed brothers in those families who were second- or third-team
All-City honorees. (Many of the first-teamers also made second or third as
underclassmen, or perhaps in other sports as well.)
    * = twins.

     If you think we've left someone off the list, tell us at
Thanks very much!



AMARO David Penn Charter Baseball


Ruben Penn Charter Baseball 1983
AMBROGI Kyle SJ Prep Football


Greg SJ Prep Football 2003
ARCIDIACONO Mark SJ Prep Football


Brandon Wood Football 2011

Nick Wood Football 2012
BOWMAN Lovato Frankford Football 1994
Ed Mastbaum Football 1996
Baseball 1997
BRUDEREK Joe Gtn. Acad. Baseball 1996
Matt Gtn. Acad. Baseball 2003
BURKE Andrew Chest. Hill Football 1988
Paul Chest. Hill Football 1990


(Jim Chest. Hill Football 1982)


(Mark Chest. Hill Football 1985)
CARR *Harry Roman Baseball


*Mike Roman Baseball 1992
CHUPEIN Jim Bonner Football 1981
John Bonner Football 1982


(Chuck Bonner Football 1985)
CLARK Dana Olney Basketball 1973
Jeffery Frankford Basketball 1977
CONLIN Chris McDevitt Football 1982
Keith La Salle Football 1990
Kevin La Salle Football 1992


(Craig La Salle Basketball 1985)


(Ken McDevitt Football 1979)
DAVIS Glenn Malvern Baseball 1994
Ben Malvern Baseball


DIOUBATE Karamo Prep Charter Football 2014
Muhmud Bartram Football


DOWNS Derrick Malvern Football 1995
Chris Malvern Football


DUNFEE Tom Bartram Football 1977
Baseball 1978
Billy Bartram Football 1986
Baseball 1987
EDGER Bill SJ Prep Football 2005
Tim SJ Prep Football 2007
FARINA R.J. Northeast Baseball 1998
Joe Frankford Baseball 2003
FORSTER Jack La Salle Football 2006
Kevin La Salle Football 2010


(Rob La Salle Football 2003)
FUCHS Mike Carroll Baseball 1996-97
Jim Carroll Baseball 1999
GANNON John SJ Prep Football 1977
Rich SJ Prep Football 1982
GILMORE Jim N. Catholic Football 1980
Mike N. Catholic Football 1983


(Tom N. Catholic Football 1981)
GRANDIERI Brian Malvern Basketball 2004
Tom Malvern Baseball 2006


(Fran O'Hara Baseball 2000)


(Dan Malvern Baseball 2013)


(Dan Malvern Baseball 2014)
HAND Faron Fkn. LC Basketball 1991-92
Derrell W. Catholic Football 2004
HEMMERT Mike Bonner Football


Chris Bonner Football 1994
HOLLOMON Rob W. Catholic Football


Brandon W. Catholic Football 2010
JOHNSTONE Lance Germantown Football 1990
Brent Germantown Football 1993
KERSEY Troy Dougherty Football 1992
Brian Dougherty Football 1996
KOPLOVE Mike Chestnut Hill Baseball 1995
Kenny Penn Charter Baseball 2012
KUSTERS Dan Wood Baseball


Steve Wood Baseball 1992
LARKIN Pat Penn Charter Baseball


Joe Penn Charter Baseball 1999


(Mike Carroll Football 2000)
LUBANSKI Chris Kenn.-Ken. Baseball 2002-03
Mike Malvern Baseball 2009
MAHONEY Connor Malvern Football 2010-11


Hayden Malvern Football 2014
MARRONE Marc Neumann Football 1985
Chris Neumann Football 1992
MAYOCK Mike Hav. School Football


Dan Hav. School Football 1981
Matt Hav. School Football 1984


(Mark Hav. School Football 1979)
McALLISTER Jon Chestnut Hill Baseball 2009
Jon Chestnut Hill Baseball 2010
Jawan SJ Prep Baseball 2013
Jawan SJ Prep Baseball 2014
McCARTNEY Bryan Wood Football 2005
Sean Wood Football 2008
McFILLIN Matt Ryan Football 1994
Will Washington Football 2008


(Joe Ryan Football 1995)


(Rich Washington Football 2003)


(John Washington Football 2004)
McNESBY Jim Ryan Baseball 1988
Shawn Roman Football 1993
MOONEY CJ Malvern Football 2008
Sean Malvern Football 2010
Michael Malvern Football 2011
MORRIS Marcus Prep Charter Basketball 2007
Markieff Prep Charter Basketball 2007
MULLEN Kevin Carroll Football 1977
Terry Carroll Football 1982
NANNI Tito Chest. Hill Football 1977
Baseball 1978
Chris Penn Charter Football 1987
Dave Penn Charter Football 1988
Baseball 1989


(Paul Roxborough Football 1980)
NASSIB Ryan Malvern Football 2007
John Malvern Football 2013
NELSON Len Neumann Football 1983
Daryl Neumann Football 1987
PAWLOSKI *Jim Ryan Football 1979
*Ken Ryan Football 1979
PERSON Andy Episcopal Football 1990
Brian Episcopal Football 1996
Dan Episcopal Football 1997
Fran Episcopal Football 2000
Joe Episcopal Football 2001


(Chris Episcopal Football 1992)
PHELAN Paul Malvern Football 1979
Gerard Carroll Football 1980
QUIGG Joe McDevitt Football 1979
Brian McDevitt Football 1987
QUINN John SJ Prep Football 2002
Steve SJ Prep Football 2004
REGAN Neal Ryan Football


Dennis Roman Football 2010


(Kevin Roman Football 2009)
REID George St. James Football


Scott St. James Football 1991
SAVAGE Mike La Salle Football 1998
Matt La Salle Football 2015
SCHURR Jim Egan Football 1986
Steve Egan Football 1988
SHAW Lance SJ Prep Football 1993
John SJ Prep Football 2004


(Drew Carroll Football 2000)
SCOTT Sean Carroll Football 1996
Chaz Carroll Football 2002
SHERIDAN Joe Malvern Football 1973
Pat Malvern Football 1974
SLATTERY Jim Gtn. Acad. Football 1999
Mike Gtn. Acad. Basketball 2001
SMITH Ryan Roxborough Football 1997
Scott Washington Football 1998
TURNER Jim Gtn. Acad. Football 1982
Michael Gtn. Acad. Football 1990
WALSH Fran Wood Football 2012
Tommy Wood Football 2017
WILLIAMS Erik Bartram Football 1985
George Bartram Football 1990
WILMER Thomas Washington Football 2005
Aaron Washington Football 2009
Aaron Washington Baseball 2010


Damien Washington Football 2007)
ZWAAN Bill Carroll Football 1971
Brian Carroll Football 1975
STINSON Aquil Chestnut Hill Football 1994
CAMPBELL Rashad Chestnut Hill Football 2006-07
CAMPBELL Ibraheim Chestnut Hill Football 2008
    Football 2009
PARKS Will Germantown Football 2011
HART Delane King Football 2013