Philadelphia High School Sports
All-City Honorees, by School, A to L

(Sorted by First Name)

(First, Second or Third Team in Football/Basketball/Baseball)
(Guys with nicknames appear at beginning of entries for their real name)
**All-City baseball/football teams not selected, 2019-forward.** 

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Abdul Taylor Bask First 1996
Abraham Holman FB Second 1993
Al-Hajj Shabazz FB Second 2009
Answered Gleplay FB Second 2015
Antonio Zachary FB First 1972
Bill Bailey FB Second 1990
Billy Dunfee FB First 1986
Billy Dunfee Base First 1987
Bobby Adams Base Second 1982
Bobby Leach Bask Second 2001
Bryan Anderson FB Second 1995
Bryan Anderson FB Second 1996
Bryan Anderson FB First 1997
Carlos Edwards FB Second 1978
Charles Evans FB Second 1976
Charles Jones Bask Third 2003
Chironn "Goober" Davis FB Second 2001
Chris Greene FB Third 1987
Clarence Norwood FB Second 1977
Clement Tuck FB Second 1974
Clyde Peterson Base Second 1982
Damond Warren FB Third 1982
Darrell Lane FB Second 2009
David Boone FB Second 1981
David Boone FB First 1982
David Martin FB First 1976
Davon Thompson FB First 2017
Don Massenburg FB Second 1977
Don Speller FB Third 1978
Elijah Clark FB Second 2012
Erik Williams FB First 1985
Gary Samuels FB Second 1983
George Williams FB First 1990
Greg Spence FB Third 1983
Greg Spence FB Second 1984
Hanson Teah FB Second 2016
Hector Scott FB Second 1983
Ibraheim Diouane FB First 2017
James Thompson FB Second 1985
Jason Cain Bask First 2003
Jeff Gold FB Third 1979
Jim Corsaro FB Third 1986
Jimmy Adams Base Third 1981
Joe Bryant Bask First 1972
Joseph Smith FB Third 2001
Julian Graham FB Second 1993
Julian Graham FB First 1994
Julius Carter FB Third 2005
Keith Gentry Base Third 1979
Kennis Jones FB First 2003
Kenny Glass Bask Third 1982
Kevin Deloatch FB Second 1981
Kevin DeWalt FB Third 1982
Larry Gainey Bask Third 1977
Leon "Duke" Linder Bask Third 1980
Mack Taylor FB Second 1997
Mack Taylor FB First 1998
Mahlmud Dioubate FB First 2016
Mahlmud Dioubate FB First 2017
Malcolm Brown FB Second 1981
Manny Carlis FB First 1983
Marquis Broxton FB Third 2014
Marquise Carrington Bask Third 2005
Marvin Snipes FB Third 2002
Matt Wilder FB Second 1991
Maurice Jessup FB First 2006
Maurice Stovall FB Second 1978
Maurice Suggs FB Second 1997
Michael Gold FB First 1976
Michael White FB Third 1976
Mike Morton Base Second 1981
Nasir Savage FB Second 2018
Novar Gadson Bask Second 2008
Paul Northern FB Third 1996
Paul Northern FB First 1997
Phil "Weasel" Melton Bask Third 1991
R.B. Williams FB Second 1989
Reggie Isaac Bask Second 1986
Rendell Bradley Bask Third 1974
Richard Francis Bask First 2002
Romar Drake FB Second 2001
Rufus Dorsey FB Second 1988
Russell Calloway FB Second 2010
Steve Guida Base Third 2000
Tarik Bey FB Third 2018
Tom Dunfee FB First 1977
Tom Dunfee Base First 1978
Tyron Cheeseboro FB Second 2008
Tyrone Garland Bask First 2009
Tyrone Garland Bask First 2010
Tyrone Mason Bask Third 1990
Tyrone Mason Bask Third 1991
Tyrone Myers FB First 1971
Tywain McKee Bask Third 2004
Vince Imparato FB Third 1979
Zack Turner FB First 1977
Anwar Amin Bask Third 1993
Aaron Hayes FB Third 2003
Ackeem Clarke FB Second 2007
Akeem "Feathers" Green FB Third 2002
Alan Joynes FB Third 1987
Antoine Whitney FB First 2012
Brahkim Poole FB Third 2008
Cedric Green FB Second 2003
Charles Kennedy FB Third 1988
Charles Kennnedy FB First 1999
Cornelius Braxton FB Third 1980
Cornelius Braxton FB Third 1981
David Carolina FB Third 1988
Derrick Evans FB Second 1988
Ed Brumskill FB Third 1999
Ed Brumskill FB Second 2000
Eddie Turner FB First 1998
Eddie Williams FB Second 1981
Fred Warrick Bask Second 1994
James Holmes FB Third 1990
Jihard Ward FB Second 2010
Jihard Ward FB First 2011
Keith Williams FB Second 2005
Kevin Beaford Bask Second 1979
Kevin Thompson FB Second 2009
Khalil Neal FB Second 2010
Larry Pelzer FB Third 2012
Luke Lassiter FB Second 2007
Mark "Spider" Webb FB Third 2012
Mark Hobbs FB Third 1980
Mark Lowman FB Third 1994
Maurice Goodwin FB Second 2006
Michael Gales FB Third 1994
Michael Gales FB Third 1995
Michael Russell FB First 1991
Michael Russell FB First 1992
Naeem Nunnally FB Second 2009
Nick Perrone FB Second 2005
Phillip Ricks FB Second 1987
Ralph Sheridan FB Second 1999
Ramon Mills FB First 1999
Ramon Mills FB First 2000
Ray Tucker FB Second 2008
Raymond Felder FB Second 1979
Rodney McCarter FB Third 2000
Ron Kenney Base Third 2000
Ron Kenney Base Third 2001
Ryan Murray FB Second 2006
Ryan Murray FB Second 2007
Shaquil Sammons FB Second 2011
Shaquille Sammons FB Third 2010
Sharif Brown Bask Third 1997
Shawn Jeter FB Third 2001
Shawn White FB Third 1988
Shon Thompkins FB Third 2005
Tawan Miller FB Third 1993
Terry Glasgow FB Second 1985
Tony Dowe FB Second 1971
Troy Martin FB Third 2008
Vincent Thompson FB Second 1986
Vittorio "Vito" Goggins FB Second 2012
William Warfield FB Second 1997
Bonner / Bonner-Prendie      
To Base '12 / FB '12 Forward      
Alex Liberatore Base Second 2010
Anthony Becht FB Second 1994
Art Serano FB Third 1986
Art Serano FB First 1987
Ashley Howard Bask Second 1999
Bert Wenzel FB First 1999
Bill Collins FB Third 1995
Bill Tidmarsh FB Second 1972
Bill Whalen FB Second 1990
Bob Sadwick Base Second 1990
Brandon Fickenscher FB Second 1990
Brandon Fickenscher Base Second 1991
Brian "Sluggo" Fleming FB Third 1994
Brian Campbell FB Second 1991
Brian Daly Bask First 1988
Brian McCoach Base Third 1997
Brian Meagher Base Third 2006
Brian Morrow FB Third 1994
Brian Morrow FB First 1995
Chris Hemmert FB Second 1993
Chris Hemmert FB First 1994
Chris Schrader FB Second 2001
Chris Schrader FB Second 2002
Chuck Chupein FB Third 1985
Chuck Raech Base Second 1978
Chuck Raech Base Second 1979
Conor Kerins Base Second 2007
Conor Kerins Base First 2008
Dan Auld Base Third 2000
Dan Auld Base First 2001
Dan Brodeur FB First 1981
Dan DiRita FB First 1989
Dan Hastings Bask Third 1977
Dan Hirst Base First 1982
Dan Horan FB Third 1980
Dan Mulholland Base First 1998
Dan Summers FB First 1987
Dan Williams Base Third 2009
Dave Burns FB Third 1976
Dennis Moran Base Second 1998
Dom Armideo FB First 2001
Dom DiGalbo FB Third 2011
Drew Schiller FB Third 2003
Earl McNeil FB Third 2003
Ed Monaghan FB First 1982
Ed Monaghan FB First 1983
Ed Monaghan FB First 1984
Eric Petransky FB Second 2009
Fran Nelling FB Third 1997
Frank Nunan Base First 2003
Frank Saviski Base Third 2012
Frank Saviski Base Second 2013
Gene Stickley FB Second 1990
George Myers FB Second 1993
Greg Kirwan FB First 1992
Greg McEntee FB Second 1991
Greg Venuti FB Third 1992
Harry Binck FB Second 1991
Ivan "Pick" Brown Bask First 1986
Jack Concannon Bask Second 1983
Jack McCoy Base Second 1988
Jack McCoy Base First 1989
James Colivas FB Second 2009
Jeff Jones Bask Second 2006
Jeff Jones Bask First 2007
Jeff Morelli FB Second 1991
Jeff Tinari Base Third 1989
Jerry Coughlan FB Second 1986
Jerry Hunt FB First 1984
Jim Chupein FB Third 1980
Jim Chupein FB First 1981
Jim Corkery FB Third 1991
Jim Haley FB First 2011
Jim Haley Base Third 2012
Jim Tully Base First 1998
Joe Gallagher FB First 1985
Joe Haley FB Third 2011
Joe McGilligan Base Third 2005
Joe Nestor Base Third 2010
Joe Sopczynski FB First 1972
Joe Summers FB Second 1998
Joe Whinnery FB Third 1978
John Chupein FB First 1982
John DeFruscio FB Third 1988
John Schmitt FB First 1980
John Stauffer FB Third 1998
Jon Bystrek FB Third 1994
Jon Bystrek Base Second 1995
Jon Schaffer Base Third 1987
Jon Schaffer Base First 1988
Josh VanHorn Base Third 2010
Ken DeFeo FB Second 1977
Kevin Horning Base Third 2003
Kevin LeSage FB Third 2000
Kevin LeSage FB First 2001
Kevin O'Sullivan FB Second 1979
Kevin Ward Base First 2004
Kevin Ward Base First 2005
Kyle Kollmar FB First 1989
Larry DelViscio FB Third 2008
Lou Cristinziani FB Second 1989
Lou Tomasetti FB Second 1975
Marcus Collins FB First 2010
Mark Mulroy Bask Third 1993
Mark Turturici FB Third 1997
Matt Blong FB Third 2002
Matt Dolan Base Second 2011
Matt Giello FB First 1995
Matt Kern Base Second 2006
Matt Licci FB Second 2004
Matt Mullen Base Third 2010
Mike Dunn Base Third 2006
Mike Finnerty FB Second 1971
Mike Hemmert FB First 1991
Mike Hemmert FB First 1992
Mike Kollhoff FB Second 1983
Mike Kozak FB Third 2001
Mike Lombardi FB First 1972
Mike Mitros FB First 1994
Mike Mitros Base Third 1995
Mike Nestor Bask Third 1995
Mike Nolan FB Second 2004
Mike Pecko FB Third 1989
Mike Shalon Base Second 2003
Mike Sherlock FB First 1976
Mike Stack Bask Second 1972
Mike Staehle Base Second 1991
Mike Weber Base First 1986
Mike Whalen FB Third 2001
Neil Dabagian FB Second 1982
Nick Condo Base Second 2002
Pat McKenna FB Second 1994
Paul Brown FB Second 1977
Paul McNichol FB First 2002
Paul Shepherd Base Third 2011
Pete Klein Base Second 1987
Pete Ruggieri FB Second 1984
Pete Ruggieri FB First 1985
Ralph Tancredi FB Third 1992
Randy Milia Base First 2002
Rick Reigner Base First 2010
Rob Benedict Base Second 2008
Rob Cucinotta Base Third 1997
Rob Cucinotta Base First 1998
Rodney Blake Bask First 1983
Rodney Blake Bask First 1984
Ronnie Scull Base Second 2012
Ryan Benner FB Second 1998
Ryan Benner FB Second 1999
Ryan McMahon Base Third 2001
Scott Ely Base Second 1989
Scott Ely Base First 1990
Sean Fitzgerald Base Second 2006
Shawn Bell FB Second 1992
Steve Mancini FB Third 1993
Steve Minnick FB Second 1978
Steve Wheatley FB Second 2005
Steve Wright FB Second 1990
Steve Wright FB First 1991
Terry Hannan Bask Third 1975
Tim Dougherty Base Second 2007
Tom Abram FB First 1981
Tom Colvin FB Third 1984
Tom Galia FB Third 1983
Tom Gormley Bask Third 1983
Tom McHugh FB Second 1999
Tom McHugh FB First 2000
Tom Moran Base Second 2005
Tom Oropeza FB Third 1994
Tom Papa Base Second 1998
Tom Stauffer Base First 1978
Wally Rutecki FB First 1978
Wally Rutecki Base Second 1979
Walt Fuller Bask First 1982
Aaron McCastle FB Third 2014
Ajiri Johnson Bask Second 2018
Alex Coll FB Third 2016
Christian Summers FB First 2012
Collin DiGalbo FB Second 2013
Collin DiGalbo FB Third 2014
Dan Furman Base Second 2013
Gerald Smith FB Third 2018
Isaiah Wong Bask First 2018
Isaiah Wong Bask First 2019
Jim Haley FB Second 2012
Jim Haley Base First 2013
Joe Smith FB First 2012
John Durkin FB Second 2013
Kevin Zimmerman FB Third 2016
Kyrin Jackson FB Third 2017
Mike Ockimey FB Second 2013
Nasim Cooper FB Third 2018
Nate Furman Base Second 2018
Nick Bralczyk Base First 2015
Pat Vanderslice Base First 2013
Richie Tecco Base Third 2014
Steve Furman Base Second 2015
Steve Furman Base Second 2016
Tim Dougherty Base Second 2016
Tim Dougherty Base First 2017
Tyreese Watson Bask Third 2020
Boys' Latin      
Cory Little FB Third 2017
Damir Smith Lockett FB Third 2018
Doug Osborne FB Third 2011
Malik Johnson FB Third 2017
Malik Johnson FB Third 2018
Maurice "Doo-Wop" Watson Bask Third 2011
Maurice "Doo-Wop" Watson Bask First 2012
Mohamed Diawara FB Third 2018
Yahmir Greenlee Bask Third 2012
Jordano Rodriguez Base Third 2011
AJ Hoggard Bask First 2018
Andrew Garchinsky FB Second 1993
Andrew Garchinsky FB First 1994
Austin Tilghman FB Third 2013
Barry Bekkedam Bask Third 1985
Barry Bekkedam Bask First 1986
Bill Boegly FB Third 1976
Bill Ghaul FB Third 2011
Bill Phillips Bask Second 1997
Bill Zwaan FB First 1971
Brandon Moore FB First 1987
Brian Dunn FB Second 1993
Brian Mattaway FB First 2000
Brian Rorick Base First 2004
Brian Rorick FB First 2004
Brian Rorick Base Second 2005
Brian Serafin FB Second 1991
Brian Zwaan FB First 1975
Bryan Chesky Base Third 2014
Burt Grossman FB First 1984
Charlie Hurley FB Second 2000
Chaz Scott FB Third 2001
Chaz Scott FB First 2002
Chris Cashman Base First 2004
Chris Day FB Third 1991
Chris Dengler Base Second 2007
Chris Kennedy FB First 2008
Chris Lisowski Base Third 2007
Chris Olivieri FB Second 1982
Chris Stratts FB Second 1991
Chris Troutman FB Second 1981
Cole Chesnet Base Third 2018
Corey Hill FB Second 1994
Dahmir Ruffin FB Third 2016
Dahmir Ruffin FB Second 2017
Dan Graham FB Second 1988
Dan Mostardi Base Third 1980
Dan Mostardi Base First 1981
Dave Frascella FB Second 1995
Dave Lafferty Base First 1982
Derick Fox FB First 1993
Derrick Jones Bask Third 2013
Derrick Jones Bask First 2014
Derrick Jones Bask First 2015
Devin Brown FB Second 1988
DJ Irving Bask Second 2009
DJ Irving Bask Second 2010
Don O'Brien FB Second 1984
Doug Murphy FB Third 1985
Drew Shaw FB Third 2000
Ed Stefanski FB Second 1997
Ellis Rogers FB Third 2007
Eric McGough Base Second 2012
Evan Harvey Base Third 2013
Frank DiMaggio Base Third 1994
Frank DiMaggio Base First 1995
Frank Gailey Base First 2002
Frank Gailey Base First 2003
Frank Mellon FB Second 1971
Frank Rauscher Base Second 1990
George Ravalico FB Second 1989
George Stratts FB First 1986
Gerard Oakes Base Second 1999
Gerard Oakes Base First 2000
Gerard Phelan FB First 1980
Greg See FB Second 1993
Greg See FB First 1994
Harry Rohlfing FB Second 1979
J.T. Evangelist Base Third 2014
Jack Lowney FB Second 2007
Jack Lowney FB First 2008
Jake Kelchner Base First 2018
James "Big Rig" Roderick FB First 2002
James Kelly Base Second 2016
James Kelly Base First 2017
James Roderick FB Third 2001
Jamie Lockard FB Third 1997
Jay Aquilante Base First 1996
Jay Aquilante Base First 1997
Jeff Vanak FB First 1999
Jeff Vanak FB First 2000
Jim Costalas FB First 1983
Jim Fuchs Base Second 1998
Jim Fuchs Base First 1999
Jim Gillin Base Third 2001
Jim Gillin Base Second 2002
Jim Ronan FB Second 1973
Joe Bello FB First 1982
Joe Bergstrom FB First 1988
Joe Cocco FB Third 2001
Joe Corcoran FB Second 1979
Joe DiWilliams Base Third 2014
Joe Hallinan FB Second 2000
Joe Keefer FB Second 1975
Joe Rogers Bask Second 1973
Joe Utsch FB Third 1987
John Fair FB Second 1973
John Gardner Base Second 2002
John Lachman FB Second 2003
John Pindynski Base Third 1999
John Quigg FB Second 1982
John Vanak FB Second 2001
Jordan Ingram Bask Second 2003
Josh Halladay FB Third 2005
Josh Sharkey Bask Second 2016
Juan'ya Green Bask Second 2010
Juan'ya Green Bask First 2011
Juliano Mastrocola FB Third 2018
Justin Faust FB Second 2002
Kashif Payne Bask Third 2001
Kashif Payne Bask Second 2002
Keith Conway Base First 1990
Keith Conway Base First 1991
Kevin "Butch" Lynam Bask Third 1977
Kevin Mullen FB Third 1976
Kevin Mullen FB First 1977
Kevin Mullen Base Second 1978
Koran Butler FB Third 2018
Lamont Day FB Second 1988
Luke Wischnowski FB Second 2008
Marc Pellicciotta Base First 1994
Martin Ingelsby Bask Second 1996
Martin Ingelsby Bask First 1997
Marty Higgins FB First 1999
Marty Higgins FB First 2000
Marty McCabe FB Second 1983
Matt Donaldson FB Second 2010
Maurice Stovall FB Second 2000
Maurice Stovall FB First 2001
Max Hitman Base Second 2017
Mick Hannan Base Third 2001
Mike Adelizzi FB Second 1971
Mike Aquilante Base Third 1995
Mike Bailey FB First 1974
Mike Callan FB First 1986
Mike Costanzo Base Third 2000
Mike Costanzo Base First 2001
Mike Costanzo Base First 2002
Mike Daly Base Second 1996
Mike Fuchs Base First 1996
Mike Fuchs Base First 1997
Mike Hofer FB Second 1984
Mike Kempski Bask Third 1987
Mike Larkin FB Third 2000
Mike Roberts FB First 1992
Mike Roberts Bask Second 1993
Mike Saksa FB First 1974
Mike Sohmer Base Second 1980
Mike Wallo FB Third 1984
Moses Hipps Bask Third 2022
Nick Argentieri Base Third 2016
Pat Sillup Base First 1998
Paul Romanczuk Bask Third 1995
Pete Hinckle FB Second 1994
Pete McKenna FB First 1976
Pete Ravalico FB First 1987
Pete Sousa FB Second 1994
Rafal Bigus Bask Third 1994
Rafal Bigus Bask First 1995
Ray Kane FB First 1989
Ray Kane FB First 1990
Regan Fox FB Third 1990
Richie Kimmel FB Second 2018
Russ Kingsbury FB First 1990
Ryan Daly Bask First 2016
Ryan Harford FB Second 2003
Scott Gilinger Base Third 1998
Seamus Finnegan Base Third 2010
Sean Scott FB Third 1995
Sean Scott FB First 1996
Steve Adelizzi FB First 1971
Steve Jepson FB Second 1974
Steve Troutman FB First 1986
Ted Piotrowicz Base Second 2001
Teron Dobbs FB Third 2011
Terry Mullen FB First 1982
Terry Mullen Base Second 1983
Tom Dunn Bask Second 1987
Tom Dunn Base Third 1987
Tom Handzus Base Third 1990
Tom Handzus Base First 1991
Tom Hurley Base Third 1984
Tom Rohlfing FB Second 1976
Tom Siebert FB First 1976
Tyler Kehoe Base First 2018
Vince Sposato FB First 1985
Wiley Flowers FB Third 2006
Will Gruber FB Second 1974
Yosef Yacob Bask Second 2013
Zach Butler FB Second 2018
Cedar Grove      
Anwar Scott Bask Third 1997
Al Twyman FB Second 1979
Allen Taylor Base Second 1979
Andrew "Potter" Reynolds Base First 2005
Andrew Furtak FB Third 2000
Anthony DeVito Base Second 2014
Blake Mayberry Base First 2018
Blake Schwartz FB Third 2015
Blake Schwartz FB Third 2016
Bob Dintino Base Second 1997
Bob Keels FB Second 1974
Bob Keels FB First 1975
Brandon Watson Base Second 2004
Brian Schuster Base Second 2000
Brooks Ey Base Third 2018
Calvin Dixon Bask Third 1978
Calvin Dixon Bask Second 1979
Chris Bing Bask Third 2014
Chris Williams FB Third 2002
Chuck McCaffrey Base Third 1992
Collin Washington FB Third 2015
Collin Washington FB Second 2016
Cornelius Bunch FB First 2004
Craig Wise Bask First 1991
Damone Jones FB First 1998
Dan D'Imperio Base Third 1983
Darrell Ray FB First 2005
Darryl Williams FB Second 1997
Dennis Golden FB Third 1980
Derick Gallman FB First 1973
Devon Johnson FB Second 2004
DeVonne Boler FB Third 2009
Don Alecxih FB Second 1974
Everett Lee FB Second 2000
Frank Armstrong FB First 1975
Frank Santore Base Third 1979
Gary Bennett Bask First 1982
Greg Watson FB First 1981
Gregory Pittman FB First 1971
Hakeem Ellis FB Third 2012
Ian Lewis Base Third 2009
Ivan O'Connor FB Third 1978
Jared Farbman Base First 2006
Jared Farbman Base Second 2007
Jason Lavala Base First 1988
Jason Lewis FB Second 1985
Jerrod Washington FB First 1988
Jim Aversa Base Second 1989
Jim Benek Base Third 2007
Jim Krzywicki Base Third 1988
Jim Krzywicki Base First 1989
Jimmy Wilson FB Third 1983
Joe Coccia Base Second 1984
Joe Dugan Base Third 1993
Joe Dugan Base First 1994
Joe Magdovitz Base Second 2006
Joe Marshall FB Third 2004
Joe Starosta Base Third 1978
Joe Stellabotte FB First 1975
Joe Whalen FB Second 1972
John Kennedy FB First 2006
John Long FB Second 1975
John Marzano Base First 1980
John Marzano Base First 1981
Jon Ford FB First 1986
Jon Irvine FB Third 1984
Jonathan Jones Bask Third 1985
Jordan Anderson FB First 2003
Jordan Hesbacher Base Third 1986
Julien Blancon Base Second 2012
Kairi Cooper FB First 1998
Kaloma Cardwell FB First 2001
Kei-shon Graham FB Third 2016
Keith Buxton FB Second 1971
Ken Anderson FB First 1971
Kenyatta Rush FB First 1985
Kurtis West FB Third 1999
Lance Adams FB Second 1985
Leon Midgette Base Third 1981
Levord Burns FB Third 1977
Marc DeBeary FB Second 1982
Marc Priest Base Third 1991
Marc Priest Base Second 1992
Marcel Quarterman FB Second 2003
Mark Gervasi Base Third 2010
Mark Gervasi Base Second 2011
Mark Hrubar FB First 1988
Mark Ross FB Second 1979
Mark Surma FB Second 2006
Micah Winterstein Base Third 2008
Mike Braun Base Third 2008
Mike Cavallaro Base Third 2011
Mike Cavallaro Base First 2012
Mike Roche FB Third 1985
Mike Roche FB Third 1986
Mike Thompson FB Second 2006
Mike Vaughan Base Third 1984
Mike Wisher FB First 1976
Munir Nuriddin FB Second 2001
Nasir Womack FB Third 2015
Noah White Base Second 2001
Noah White Base Second 2002
Pete Gualtieri FB Second 1977
Pete Rowe Base Third 2010
Pete Stolzer FB Third 1980
Pete Whittle Base First 1999
Quentin Fuller FB First 1993
Quindel "Milky" Ladson FB Second 2003
Raheem Islam FB First 1996
Ray Harris FB Second 2007
Rich Danson Base First 1983
Rich Drayton FB First 1985
Rich Drayton FB First 1986
Rich Fernandez Base Second 1986
Rich Fernandez Base First 1987
Richard "Tre" Drayton FB First 2011
Robert Irlan FB Third 1989
Rodney Sykes FB Second 2004
Roman McDonald FB Third 1990
Roman McDonald FB First 1991
Ronald Porter FB Second 1971
Ryshan Manning FB Second 2009
Sam Campbell FB Second 1997
Sam Reid FB Third 2013
Scott Glenn FB Third 1980
Scott Rodgers Bask First 2005
Sean Ryan FB Third 1996
Sharif Bray Bask Second 2002
Siddiq Cornish FB Second 2009
Sondiata McKeithan FB Second 1988
SooSung Whang FB Second 2017
Steve Schall Base Third 2009
Sundiata Rush FB Second 1988
Tariq Sanders FB First 2001
Teddy Lipford Base Third 2001
Tim Greco Base First 1996
Tommy Capewell Base Third 2009
Tony Schimony Base Third 1995
Tyrone Tyson Bask Third 1992
Tyson Price FB Second 1987
Vic Bellamy FB First 1980
Vic Condora Base Third 1980
Vinny Santos FB Third 2017
Walt Campbell Base Third 1993
Walter Pegues FB Third 2011
Walter Pegues FB Second 2012
Walter Pegues FB First 2013
Warren McAllister FB First 1971
Wilbur Johnson Bask Third 1992
Zach Magdovitz Base Third 2009
Chestnut Hill / SCH Academy      
To Base '11 / Foot '11 Forward      
Andre Dixon FB Second 1993
Andrew Burke FB Second 1987
Andrew Burke FB First 1988
Anthony Cafagna Base Third 2006
Anthony Cafagna Base First 2007
Aquil Stinson FB First 1994
Brandon Sady Base Second 2009
Brendan Kilfeather FB First 1989
Brett DiFelice Base Third 2005
Brett DiFelice Base Second 2006
Brian Dones FB Second 2010
Brian Ewell FB Third 1977
Brian Jones FB Third 1990
Chris Brassell FB Second 1988
Chris McInerney Base Second 2004
Chris Simons Base First 1989
Chris Wright FB Third 1982
Chris Wright FB Third 1983
Christian Guinan FB First 2010
Chuck Lynch FB Third 1986
Colin Kelly FB Third 2010
Dan Rosenbaum Base Second 2011
Danny Hull Base Third 2011
Dave Miller Base First 1992
David Harrison FB Third 1987
David Miller Base Second 1991
David Whaley FB First 1984
Drew Glendinning FB Second 1981
George Bailey FB Second 1978
Glenn Barrie Base Third 1981
Ibraheim Campbell FB First 2008
Ibraheim Campbell FB First 2009
Jim Burke FB Third 1982
John Helverson FB First 1994
Jon McAllister Base Third 2007
Jon McAllister Base Second 2008
Jon McAllister FB Third 2008
Jon McAllister Base First 2009
Jon McAllister FB Third 2009
Jon McAllister Base First 2010
Josh Mechem FB Third 1989
Juan Gaskins FB Third 2007
Lloyd Yancey FB First 1980
Malcolm Dyson FB Third 1990
Mark Burke FB Third 1985
Matt Primavera Base Third 2011
Mike Brown Base Third 1999
Mike Brown Base First 2000
Mike Gizzi