Philadelphia High School Sports
All-City Honorees, by School, M to Z

(Sorted by First Name)

(First, Second or Third Team in Football/Basketball/Baseball)
(Guys with nicknames appear at beginning of entries for their real name)
**All-City baseball/football teams not selected, 2019-forward.** 

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Alex Forte FB Second 2006
Alex Hornibrook FB Third 2014
Andrew Mackrides FB First 2003
Anthony Fenza Base Second 2006
Ben Davis Bask Third 1995
Ben Davis Base Third 1993
Ben Davis Base First 1994
Ben Davis Base First 1995
Bill Corbett FB Third 2000
Bill Lockhart FB First 1984
Bill Lockhart Base First 1985
Billy Conners FB Third 2007
Billy Conners FB First 2008
Billy Corcoran Base Third 2016
Billy Corcoran Base First 2017
Billy Corcoran Base First 2018
Bob Carey FB First 1972
Bob Eyler Base Third 1984
Bobby Hill FB Third 2009
Bobby Panchisin FB First 2008
Brady Devereux Base Second 2018
Brendan Carney FB First 2000
Brendan Carney FB First 2001
Brendan Carney  FB Second 1999
Brendan Kilpatrick Bask Third 2011
Brendan Kilpatrick Bask First 2012
Brian Buckley FB Third 1999
Brian Gallagher FB First 1991
Brian Giacchino Base Second 2013
Brian Grandieri Bask Second 2003
Brian Grandieri Bask First 2004
Brian Heavens FB Second 1999
Brian Kolmer FB First 1971
Brian Wall FB Third 1980
Bryan McKernan Base Third 1992
Bryan McKernan Base Second 1993
Cam Williams Base Second 2016
Chance DiFebbo Base Second 2015
Chance DiFebbo Base Third 2016
Charlie Floyd Bask Third 1972
Charlie Floyd Bask First 1973
Charlie Floyd Bask First 1974
Chris "Goose" Gosik Base First 2008
Chris "Goose" Gosik Base Second 2009
Chris Butera Base First 2015
Chris Cowell Base Second 2008
Chris Downs FB First 1996
Chris Downs FB First 1997
Chris Elmes Base Third 2013
Chris Emper FB Second 2001
Chris Layne FB Third 2006
Chris Muntz FB First 1999
Chris Newell Base First 2017
Chris Newell Base First 2018
Chris O'Brien FB Third 2009
Chris O'Brien Base Second 2010
Chris O'Brien Base First 2011
Chris Tillman FB Third 1990
Chris Treston FB Third 1985
Chris Treston FB First 1986
Chris Wayock Base Third 1998
Chuck McAnally Base Third 1983
CJ Mooney FB First 2008
Connor Dillon Base Second 2018
Connor Mahoney FB First 2010
Connor Mahoney FB First 2011
Craig O'Brien FB Third 1977
Craig O'Brien FB First 1978
D.J. Driscoll FB First 2001
Dan Bonner FB Third 1997
Dan Grandieri Base Second 2013
Dan Grandieri Base Second 2014
Dan Onorato FB First 2003
Dan Riordan FB First 1974
Dave Lynch FB First 2015
Dave O'Brien FB Second 1995
Dave O'Brien Base First 1996
Dave Rogers FB Second 1985
Dave Rogers FB First 1986
David Orr FB First 1980
David Orr Base Second 1980
David Orr Base First 1981
Dennis Morgan FB Second 1984
DeQuann "Bootsie" Walker Bask Third 2010
Derek Duclos Base First 2001
Derrick Downs FB Second 1994
Derrick Downs FB First 1995
Deuce Turner Bask First 2019
Deuce Turner Bask First 2020
Doug Borgerson FB Third 1995
Drew Gunther FB Second 2017
Drew Gunther FB Second 2018
Drew Hayes Base Third 2011
Drew Hayes Base Second 2012
Drew Parvin Base Third 1979
Drew Parvin Base Third 1980
Ed Deal FB Third 1988
Ed Devine FB Second 1980
Eric Carroll FB Third 1997
Frank Carr FB Second 1989
Frank Heller FB Third 1986
Frank Oschell FB Second 1991
Gardner Nutter Base Second 2013
Gardner Nutter Base Second 2014
Garrett Reilly FB Second 2017
Gary Duda Bask Second 1988
Gary Duda Base Second 1987
Gary Duda Base Second 1988
Gene Chakejian FB Second 1987
George Twardy FB Second 1978
Glenn Davis Base Second 1993
Glenn Davis Base First 1994
Gordy Bryan Bask Third 1976
Gordy Bryan Bask Second 1977
Gordy Bryan Bask Third 1978
Greg Oschell FB Third 1997
Hayden Mahoney FB Second 2014
Herb Beck FB First 1973
Herb Beck FB First 1974
Hugh McGettigan FB First 1977
Hunter Jones FB First 1991
Hunter Paulus FB Second 2013
Ian Mitchell FB First 2005
Jack Moran FB Second 2009
Jacob Rebisz FB First 2013
Jacob Rebisz FB First 2014
Jake Glavin FB Third 2015
Jake Glavin FB Second 2016
Jake Hornibrook FB Second 2017
Jake Hornibrook FB First 2018
James Connelly FB Third 2008
James Spinelli Base Second 2004
Jeff Caldwell FB First 1987
Jeff Glackin FB Second 1994
Jeff Kiessel FB Third 1977
Jim Bruder FB Third 1993
Jim Judge FB Third 1999
Jim Lynch FB Second 1984
Jim Martini FB Second 1979
Jim Rullo Bask Third 1989
Jim Woodward FB Second 1997
Jimmie Cotton FB Third 2005
Jimmy Kingsbury Base Second 2016
Jimmy Kingsbury Base Third 2017
Joe Basiura FB Second 2016
Joe Basiura FB First 2017
Joe Buckley FB Second 2005
Joe Buckley FB First 2006
Joe Carlini FB Second 2012
Joe Carter Base Second 1991
Joe Coffey FB Third 2007
Joe DiTrolio FB First 2009
Joe Hoban FB Second 2006
Joe Nilan FB Third 2010
Joe Nilan FB First 2011
Joe Poduslenko Base First 2012
Joe Poduslenko Base First 2013
Joe Price FB First 2008
Joe Ravert Base First 2012
Joe Rosati FB First 1974
Joe Sheridan FB First 1973
Joe Sullivan FB Second 1979
John Betz FB Second 1979
John Bradford FB Second 1978
John Bradford FB Second 2011
John Dwyer FB Third 1992
John Gentile Base First 2008
John Heavens FB Third 1995
John McBratnie FB Second 1988
John Nassib FB First 2013
John O'Sullivan FB First 1976
John Willcox Bask Third 1974
Jon Dollfus FB Third 2013
Jordan Majors FB Second 2013
Josh McKinley Base Third 1996
Josh McKinley Base First 1997
Josh McKinley Base First 1998
Justin Halladay Base Third 1995
Keith Maguire FB First 2017
Keith Maguire FB First 2018
Kevin Barr FB Third 2000
Kevin Barr FB Third 2001
Kevin Bradley FB First 1980
Kevin Kerns Base Second 1987
Kevin Kiessel FB First 1976
Kevin McKernan Base Second 1994
Kevin Pellegrini FB Second 1989
Liam Dabagian Base Second 2018
Luke Leslie FB Third 1989
Mark Camut Base Third 1986
Mark Tiberi FB Second 2009
Marlon Miller FB Second 1996
Matt Brady Base Third 1998
Matt Maul Base First 2014
Matt O'Brien Base First 1993
Matt Skellan Base Second 2001
Matt Skellan Base Second 2002
Michael Meehan FB First 2002
Michael Mooney FB Third 2010
Michael Mooney FB Third 2011
Mike Ambrose FB First 1999
Mike Augsberger FB Third 1985
Mike Augsberger FB First 1986
Mike Cappelletti FB Second 1972
Mike Ceribelli Base Third 1978
Mike Civitella FB Second 1978
Mike DeNoia Base First 1983
Mike Laino Base First 1982
Mike Lorentson Base Third 2003
Mike Lorentson Base Third 2004
Mike Lubanski Base Third 2008
Mike Lubanski Base First 2009
Mike Meehan FB Second 2001
Mike Melvin FB Third 2002
Mike Pinto FB Third 1996
Mike Ryan FB Third 1999
Mike Schlichtig FB Third 1987
Mike Styer Base Second 2014
Mike Treston FB Second 2001
Neil Willis FB Third 2007
Neil Willis FB Second 2008
Nick Bateman Base First 2011
Nick Bateman Base First 2012
Nick Busillo FB Third 2007
Nick Busillo Base Third 2008
Nick Gueriera FB Third 2018
O'Shaan Allison FB First 2015
O'Shaan Allison FB Third 2017
Pat Clary FB Second 2000
Pat Clary Base Third 2001
Pat Purcell Bask Third 1977
Pat Purcell Bask Third 1978
Pat Sheridan FB First 1974
Pat Van Horn FB First 1977
Pat Van Horn FB First 1978
Paul Keldsen Base Second 2002
Paul Ostick FB First 2005
Paul Ostick FB First 2006
Paul Phelan FB Second 1978
Paul Phelan FB First 1979
Phil DeAngelis Base Second 1985
Phil Gosselin Base Second 2006
Phil Gosselin Base First 2007
Quincy Watson FB Second 2017
Quincy Watson FB Third 2018
Rich Devine FB First 1975
Rich Jones FB First 1978
Rob Bates FB Third 2006
Rob Levan FB Third 1988
Rob McCabe FB Third 2008
Rob McCarry Base Second 1983
Rod Krasley FB Second 1981
Ross Barna Base Third 2001
Ryan Betz FB Third 2016
Ryan Betz FB First 2017
Ryan Edginton FB Second 1998
Ryan Edginton Base First 1999
Ryan Murray FB Second 2015
Ryan Nassib FB Third 2006
Ryan Nassib FB First 2007
Ryan Polley FB First 1994
Ryan Polley Bask Second 1995
Ryan Williams Bask Third 2022
Sean Dougherty FB Second 2003
Sean Mooney FB First 2010
Sebastian Costantini FB First 2018
Shane Muntz Base First 2016
Shane Muntz Base Second 2017
Shannan Green FB Third 2011
Shaun Gallagher Base Second 1998
Shawn Quinn FB Second 2001
Shawn Wilson FB Third 2011
Stan Brown FB Third 1984
Stephen Burns Base Second 2002
Steve Donnelly FB First 1975
Steve Galczenski FB First 1995
Steve Layne FB Second 2005
Steve Nesmith Bask Second 1981
Steve O'Brien FB Third 1978
Steve Perpiglia Bask Third 2012
Steve Robinson Base First 2013
Steve Ryan FB Second 1982
Steve Ryan FB First 1983
Steve Sullivan FB Third 1980
T.J. Cascio FB Second 2001
T.J. Cascio FB First 2002
Terry Pitt FB Second 1981
Terry Pitt FB Third 1982
Tim Cooney Base Second 2007
Tim Cooney Base Second 2008
Tim Cooney Base Second 2009
Tim Kerns Base First 1988
Tim McEndy Base Second 2006
Tim Quinn Base Third 2014
Tim Quinn Base First 2015
Toby Booker FB Second 1995
Tom Coyne FB Third 2002
Tom Grandieri Base Second 2005
Tom Grandieri Base First 2006
Tom Nagy Base Third 1987
Tony Lee Base Second 1999
Tony Liberatore FB Third 1976
Trevor Morris FB Second 2014
Trey Womack FB First 2005
Troy Gallen FB Third 2012
Troy Gallen FB First 2013
Ty Young Base Third 2009
Ty Young Base First 2010
TyGee Leach FB Third 2017
TyGee Leach FB First 2018
Wally Shields FB Second 1972
Wally Shields FB First 1973
Will Romanowicz Base First 2004
Zac Fernandez FB First 2016
Abdullah Sams FB Second 1987
Akeem Thompson FB Second 1997
Antoine Brown FB First 1994
Antonio Sowell FB Second 1998
Arlan Johnson FB First 1999
Barry Williams FB First 1990
Bill Freitag Base Second 1987
Bill Onslager Base Third 1978
Bill Onslager Base First 1979
Billl McGrath FB First 1972
Bob Browne Base Second 1983
Bob Browne Base First 1984
Bob Freitag Base Third 1987
Bob Freitag Base First 1988
Bobby Deal FB First 1971
Brian Pichalsky FB Third 1994
Chafie Fields FB First 1993
Chafie Fields FB First 1994
Chris DeShields FB Third 2000
Chris DeShields FB First 2001
Chuck Westergon FB Third 1999
Danny Hughes FB Third 1998
Darin "Munchy" Mason Bask Third 1984
Darren Keith Bask Second 1982
Derreck Orr Bask Third 1986
Ed Bowman FB Second 1995
Ed Bowman FB First 1996
Ed Bowman Base Second 1996
Ed Bowman Base First 1997
Ed Coffin Base Third 1979
Erik Wright FB Third 1989
Ernell Harley Base Second 1980
Ernell Harley Base First 1981
Fred Maier FB First 1975
Galen Baker Bask Third 1973
Harold Akers FB Second 1987
Harry Fernandez Base Third 1984
Harry Fernandez Base Second 1985
Hasan Jones FB Second 1998
James Jackson FB Third 1986
Jeff Arrington FB Second 1975
Jerald Lyons FB Second 1993
Jim Conn FB First 1993
Jim Hughes FB Third 1995
Jim McKinstry Base First 1985
John Grone FB Third 1999
Jose Dones Base First 1986
Joseph Carmichael FB Third 1997
Jovan Pratt FB Second 2003
Keith Sadowski Base Second 1992
Kevin Benton Bask Third 1989
Kevin Benton Bask First 1990
Kevin Harris FB Second 1976
Kyle Shedrick FB Second 1996
Lamont Waters FB Second 1992
Leo McClelland FB Second 1975
Marc Baxter FB First 1990
Marcus Godfrey FB Third 1994
Marcus Godfrey FB First 1995
Mark Brighter FB Third 2003
Markies Tavares FB Second 2004
Maurice Tucker FB Third 1991
Michael Malave FB First 1974
Mike Kessler FB First 1975
Mike Przybyszewski FB First 1973
Mike Valentino Base First 1981
Neal Robinson Bask Third 1977
Paul Stokley FB First 1976
Rasheen Tookes FB First 2008
Ray Thompson Bask First 1978
Reuben McCoy Bask Second 1978
Rich Hallacker FB First 1973
Shaihie Wynder FB First 1988
Sherrod Evers FB First 2004
Steve Head FB Second 1973
Sydney Sheppard FB First 1971
Sydney Sheppard Bask Second 1972
Timmy Brown Bask First 1982
Tom Brown Base Third 1986
Tomar Taylor FB First 1989
Ty "Magic" Cromwell Bask Third 1986
Tyree Stone-Davis FB Third 2010
Tyrin Stone-Davis FB Second 2010
Uhuru "Joby" Hamiter FB First 1990
Warren Hawthorne Bask Second 1985
Wayne Wilson FB Second 1974
Will Richards FB Third 1998
Wilson Palm FB First 1972
David Ashbridge Base Second 2011
Harry Taggart Base Second 2013
Nate Vahedi Base Second 2012
Zahir Carrington Bask Third 2006
Mastery North      
Armani Fuller-Williams FB Third 2013
Daeqwon Plowden Bask Third 2017
DeJason Ellis FB Third 2014
DeJason Ellis FB First 2015
Jalil Nichols FB Third 2013
James Johnson FB Third 2012
Jamir Reed Bask Third 2019
Jermaine Norris FB First 2013
Math, Civics & Science      
Jeremiah "Lump" Worthem Bask Second 2013
Malik Archer Bask Third 2017
Mike Watkins Bask Third 2014
Samir Doughty Bask First 2014
Samir Doughty Bask First 2015
Nisine "Wooga" Poplar Bask First 2020
Andrew Brown FB Second 1986
Andrew Metro FB Third 2018
Antonio Cupit FB Second 1984
Antonio Cupit FB First 1985
Austin Alcorn FB Secon 2018
Ben Payne FB First 1994
Bill Doyle FB Third 1988
Bill Ring FB Third 1991
Bob Arnold FB First 1982
Brandon Edwards FB Second 2002
Brendan Hanagan FB Third 2014
Brian Mitros FB Second 2005
Brian O'Meara FB Second 2001
Brian Quigg FB Second 1986
Brian Quigg FB First 1987
Brian Rodgers FB Second 1996
Carl Norris FB Second 1991
Chris Conlin FB First 1982
Chris Kittredge FB Second 1996
Chris Owens FB Second 1985
Damian Jordan FB Third 2004
Dan Fiorella FB Third 2016
Dan Taylor FB First 1987
Darren Wright FB First 2011
Dave Melcher FB Third 2000
Dave Melcher Base Third 2001
Delano Turnipseed FB Second 1984
Derick Pickett FB Third 1987
Derick Pickett FB First 1988
Donny Watkins FB Third 2000
Dontae Mason FB Second 2015
Drew Siegfried FB First 2009
Eric Elmer Base Second 1995
Fred Hanes FB First 1996
Fred Mancini Base Third 1994
Gary Burns FB Second 1980
Gary Postell FB First 2010
Gavin Lawrence FB First 1990
Greg Jandrisitz FB First 1996
Jake Kolen FB Second 1987
Jamil Manigo Bask Second 2020
Jaron Macon FB Third 2015
Jason Golderer FB Third 2007
Jim Gordon FB Second 1976
Jim Mahoney FB Third 1992
Jim Surdykowski FB Second 2006
Joe Mitros FB Third 2006
Joe Quigg FB First 1979
Joe Vitelli FB First 1983
John Gorman FB Third 2004
John O'Connell Bask Second 1988
John Stuart FB First 1990
Jon-Luke Peaker FB Third 2018
Justin Fisher FB First 1995
Keith Householder FB First 1989
Keith Young FB Third 2011
Ken Arrington FB First 1993
Ken Conlin FB Third 1979
Kevin Greene FB Third 1984
Kevin Greene FB Second 1985
Kevin Pinkos Base Third 1995
Lamar McPherson FB First 2004
LeVar Talley FB Second 1994
LeVar Talley FB First 1995
Lonnie Rice FB Second 2017
Lonnie Rice FB First 2018
Manny Harrison FB Second 2005
Mark "Shark" Finley FB Third 2001
Mark Dianno FB First 1985
Mark Zataveski FB Second 1989
Mark Zataveski FB First 1990
Matt Bucksar FB First 1989
Matt Conroy Base Third 2010
Matt Conroy FB First 2010
Matt Kolen FB Third 1983
Matt Moyer FB Third 1999
Matt Welsh FB Second 1974
Matt Wixted FB Second 1983
Max Bryson FB Second 2016
Michael Stephen Anderson FB Second 1982
Mike DeCristafano Base Third 2007
Mike Dougherty FB Second 1987
Mike Hagarty FB Second 1999
Mike Hagarty Base Third 1999
Mike Hagarty Base Second 2000
Mike Montague FB First 1983
Mike Watkins FB Third 1998
Mike Wojcik FB First 2005
Pat Lawn FB Second 1982
Pat Watkins FB First 1995
Paul DiCicco FB Third 1992
Phil DiMaria FB First 1987
Richard Cotton FB Third 2018
Rick Williams FB Second 1994
Robert McHugh FB Second 2001
Robert McHugh FB First 2002
Robert Smith Bask Second 2020
Scott Young FB First 1987
Sean Hughes FB Third 2000
Sean Tuffy FB Third 1997
Stephen "Chief" Yuan FB Third 2006
Stephen "Chief" Yuan FB First 2007
Steve Malin FB First 1999
Terence Wiggins FB First 1991
Tom Taylor FB Second 1985
Tymere Wilder FB Third 2012
Tyrell Long Bask First 2014
Tyrone Fowler FB Second 2018
Wayne Hunter FB Third 1986
Zay Scott FB Third 2018
Neumann / Neumann-Goretti      
To Base '04 / FB '04 Forward      
Anthony Grosso Base First 1986
Anthony Marinucci Base Second 1986
Anthony Sheridan FB Third 1992
Anthony Sheridan FB First 1993
Bill Loskiewictz Base Second 2001
Billy Canady FB Third 2003
Billy Canady Base Third 2004
Bob Collins FB Second 1979
Brandon Brigman Bask Third 2000
Brandon Brigman Bask Second 2001
Bryan Navin FB Second 2001
Cantrell Fletcher Bask Second 2000
Cantrell Fletcher Bask First 2001
Charles Williams FB Second 1988
Chris Caserio FB Second 1991
Chris Marrone FB First 1992
Chris Scott-Peters FB Third 2001
Damon Reid Bask Third 1990
Daryl Nelson FB First 1987
David "Meatball" Crawford Bask Third 2000
Devon Fowler Bask Second 1998
Doug Rubino Base First 1995
Ed Cook FB First 1979
Ed McDuffie FB First 2002
Eddie James FB First 1986
Ernie Cimadamore FB First 1978
Frank Caccuro FB First 1988
Frank Fisher FB Third 1984
Hakim Byrd Bask Second 2020
Hayes Clark FB Third 1989
James Fowler Bask Third 1997
Jason Guerrera FB Second 1995
Jason Guerrera Base Second 1995
Jerry Smith FB First 1976
Jim "Boots" Paylor FB First 1998
Jim Romeo Base Third 1981
Jimmy Porreca FB Second 2002
Jimmy Porreca Base Third 2003
Joe Boylan FB First 1990
Joe Esposito FB Second 1974
Joe Scavetti Base Second 1999
Joe Wood Base Second 1984
John "Bear" DiFeliciantonio FB First 1972
John DeStefano Base Third 1983
John Masiocchi FB Second 1977
Kevin Joyce FB Third 1996
Len Nelson FB First 1983
Lloyd Ranson Bask Second 1974
Lou Marchetti Base Second 1995
Lou Spadaccini Base Third 1990
Lou Spadaccini Base First 1991
Lou Spadaccini Base First 1992
Marc Marrone FB First 1985
Marques Slocum FB First 2003
Marty Campbell Bask Second 1979
Marty Campbell Bask First 1980
Masai Skief FB Second 1997
Mike "Benji" Gillespie FB Third 2002
Mike Carpinella Base Third 1989
Mike Corba FB Third 1986
Mike Ferraiolo Base Second 1997
Mike Fitzsimmons FB First 1982
Mike Gallagher FB Second 1991
Mike Giovinetti FB First 1990
Mike Keele FB Third 1983
Mike Roccato Base Third 1982
Nasario Dunn FB First 1977
Nick Brunetti Base Second 1988
Nick DelPercio Base First 1991
Nick Martino Base First 1982
Pasquale "Pat" Narducci FB Third 2000
Ralph DiMeo FB Second 1981
Rashid Bey Bask Second 1994
Ray Russo Base Second 1992
Ray Russo Base First 1993
Richard Cunningham Bask Second 2002
Richard Cunningham Bask Second 2003
Richard Cunningham Bask Third 2004
Rob Carfagno Base First 1988
Robert Taylor Bask Second 2001
Rocky Fogarino Base Second 1993
Ron Rosati FB Third 1983
Sal Laimo Base Third 1993
Scott Oster FB First 1994
Steve Benton Bask Third 1984
Steve Benton Bask First 1985
Tim Barry FB Second 1981
Tom Daly Base First 2003
Tom Noreski FB Third 1976
Victor Thomas Bask First 1997
Adam Malatino FB Third 2007
Aidan Baur Base Third 2017
Aidan Baur Base Second 2018
Albert Baur Base First 2009
Albert Baur Base Second 2010
Albert DiDomenico Base Second 2006
Antonio "Scoop" Jardine Bask Second 2007
Bay To Base First 2014
Brian Verratti Base First 2016
Charlie Jerla Base First 2014
Chris Ings Bask Second 2019
Chris Palmer FB Second 2007
Chris Wells FB Third 2017
Christian Barmore FB First 2017
Colin Eiser Base Third 2016
Colin Eiser Base First 2017
Colin Eiser Base First 2018
Danny Stewart Bask Third 2009
Danny Stewart Bask Second 2010
Darrell Dulany FB Second 2007
Derrick "D.J." Rivera Bask Second 2005
Derrick "D.J." Rivera Bask First 2006
Derrick Stewart Bask Third 2011
Derrick Stewart Bask Third 2012
Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree Bask Second 2016
Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree Bask First 2017
Dymir Montague Bask Third 2018
Earl Pettis Bask Third 2005
Earl Pettis Bask Third 2006
Ethan "E" Pritchett Base Third 2016
Gino Tripodi Base Second 2015
Hiram "H" Bowman FB Third 2005
Jamal Custis FB Second 2012
Jamal Custis FB Second 2013
Jamal Wilson Bask Third 2008
Ja'Quan Newton Bask Second 2012
Ja'Quan Newton Bask First 2013
Ja'Quan Newton Bask First 2014
Jared Healey Base First 2017
Jaron Macon FB Third 2017
Jeff Ciocco Base First 2016
Jimmy Kerrigan Base Second 2011
Jimmy Kerrigan Base First 2012
Joe Kinee Base Third 2012
Joe Kinee Base Third 2013
Joe Messina Base Second 2018
Joey Armata Base Second 2008
Joey Armata Base Second 2009
Joey Gorman Base First 2011
Joey Gorman Base First 2012
John Davis Bask Second 2011
John Davis Bask Second 2012
John Davis Bask Second 2013
John La Motta Base Third 2013
Josh Ockimey Base First 2012
Josh Ockimey Base First 2013
Josh Ockimey Base First 2014
Justin Curtin Base Third 2014
Kadeem Custis FB Second 2007
Kadeem Custis FB First 2008
Khalil Roane FB Third 2014
Khalil Roane FB Third 2015
Lamin Fulton Bask First 2011
Leddie Brown FB Second 2017
Mark Donato Base First 2008
Mark Donato Base First 2009
Mark Donato Base First 2010
Mark Hatty FB Third 2006
Mark McPherson FB First 2006
Marty Venafro Base Third 2012
Matt McKeown Base First 2015
Michael DiFrancesco FB Third 2014
Mike "Zoom" Zolk Base Second 2010
Mike "Zoom" Zolk Base First 2011
Mike Riverso Base Second 2010
Nicky D'Amore Base First 2016
Pat Doudican Base First 2014
Phil Sanborn Base Third 2017
Quade Green Bask Second 2015
Quade Green Bask First 2016
Quade Green Bask First 2017
Rick Jackson Bask First 2006
Rick Jackson Bask First 2007
R.J. McGettigan Base Second 2017
Robert Wright Bask First 2022
Sharif Custis FB Second 2011
Sharif Custis FB Second 2012
Stan "Buddy" Visack FB Second 2009
Tommy Nardini Base First 2015
Tony Chennault Bask Second 2009
Tony Chennault Bask First 2010
Tyreek Duren Bask Third 2009
Tyreek Duren Bask First 2010
Tysheem Johnson FB Third 2017
Tysheem Johnson FB First 2018
Vinny Vaccone Base First 2015
Will Huff FB First 2009
Zane Martin Bask Second 2016
North Catholic      
Barry Brodzinski Bask Second 1972
Barry Brodzinski Bask First 1973
Bill Garrison Base Second 1984
Bill Small FB First 1986
Blake Graham FB Second 2008
Bob Hopkins Base Third 2009
Bob Kueny FB Third 1977
Bob Plumley Base Second 1982
Brian Boss FB Third 1996
Brian Mitchell FB First 2002
Charlie Klink FB Second 2005
Chris Bonecorse Base Second 2007
Chris Hanssens FB Third 1985
Chris Heck Base Second 1994
Chris Heck Base First 1995
Chris James FB Third 2007
Chris Wenger Base Third 2005
Chuck Killian FB First 1984
Chuck Morganti FB Second 1987
Chuck Morganti FB Second 1988
Craig Kubis Base Second 2004
Dan Devine Base Third 1989
Dan Galiczynski FB Third 1978
Dan Galiczynski Base Third 1979
Dan Hanratty FB Second 1985
Dan Mackafee Base Second 1993
Dan Szychulski Base Second 2001
Daryl Robinson FB Third 2005
Daryl Robinson FB First 2006
Dave Gill FB Second 1972
Dave Heineman Base Second 1988
Dave Mastropietro Base Second 1986
Dave Mastropietro Base First 1987
David D. Williams FB Second 2009
Dennis Cranston FB Third 1994
Derrek Etsell Base Second 2007
Don Hobson Bask Third 1974
Don Speechley FB Second 1975
Ed Terwilliger FB First 1986
Eugene "U-Turn" Byrd FB Second 2009
Fred Ehrmann Base Second 1983
Harry Ulmer FB First 1978
Hector Guzman FB Third 2004
Hugh Gallagher FB Second 1988
Jamie Makowski FB Third 1987
Javier Barreto