Philadelphia High School Sports
All-City Father-Son Combos

(Through Basketball 2020)
(Baseball/Football Not Selected in 2019)

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    This is a list of fathers and sons who have earned All-City honors (first, second
or third team) in football, basketball or baseball. Only combos with at least one
first team honoree
are listed. Starting years for All-City teams were '71 in football,
'72 in basketball and '78 in baseball.
     Highest honor for each athlete is listed.

     If you think we've left a combo off the list, tell us at
Thanks very much!
     Thanks for the help - Bob Carey



1st ARCIDIACONO Mark Judge Football


1st Mark SJ Prep Football 2008

Brandon Wood Football 2011

Nick Wood Football 2012
1st AMARO David Penn Charter Baseball 1980
2nd Rob Penn Charter Baseball 2009
2nd Andrew Penn Charter Baseball 2011
1st ARIZIN Mike O'Hara Basketball 1972
1st Matt Penn Charter Baseball 1997
1st BAUR Al Southern Baseball 1986
1st Al Neum.-Gor. Baseball 2009
3rd Aidan Neum.-Gor. Baseball 2017
2nd Aidan Neum.-Gor. Baseball 2018
1st BENSON George Frankford Football 1975
1st Jeremy Frankford Football 2003
2nd BETZ John Malvern Football 1979
3rd Ryan Malvern Football 2016
1st Ryan Malvern Football 2017
3rd BROCKINGTON Antoine Northeast Football 1992
3rd Antoine Northeast Football 1993
1st Izaiah Ryan Basketball 2017
1st *-CHENNAULT Anthony Frankford Basketball 1981
1st Tony Neum.-Gor. Basketball 2010
3rd CONNERS Billy Kenrick Football 1976
1st Billy Malvern Football 2008
3rd COSSETTI Tony La Salle Baseball 1989
1st Andrew La Salle Baseball 2017
1st Andrew La Salle Baseball 2018
2nd Anthony La Salle Baseball 2018
1st COX John "Chubby" Roxborough Basketball 1973
1st John Eng. & Science Basketball 1999
2nd CUNNINGHAM Brian Wood Football 1981
1st Sean Wood Football 2008
1st DALY Brian Bonner Basketball 1988
1st Ryan Carroll Basketball 2016
1st DIANNO Mark McDevitt Football 1985
3rd Jake Gtn. Academy Football 2016
1st DONES Jose Mastbaum Baseball 1986
2nd Brian Chestnut Hill Football 2010
1st DRAYTON Rich Central Football 1985-86
1st Richard "Tre" Central Football 2011
2nd GALLAGHER Hugh N. Catholic Football 1988
1st Hugh "Jack" Roman Football 2010
2nd GALLEN Mike O'Hara Football 1980
3rd Tyler O'Hara Football 2008
1st Troy Malvern Football 2013
1st GEIGER Rich Frankford Football 1973
1st Ryan La Salle Football 2010
2nd GRAMLICH Tim Roman Football 1977
1st Tim Chestnut Hill Football 2007
2nd GREER Lynn Eng. & Sci. Basketball 1997
2nd Lynn Eng. & Sci. Basketball 1997
1st Lynn Eng. & Sci. Basketball 1997
3rd Lynn Roman Basketball 2018
3rd Lynn Roman Basketball 2019
3rd Lynn Roman Basketball 2020
1st HARRISON Marvin Roman Football 1989-90
2nd Marvin Roman Basketball 1991
2nd Marvin SJ Prep Football 2018
1st HOWARD Maurice "Mo" SJ Prep Basketball 1972
2nd Ashley Bonner Basketball 1999
3rd KELLY Darryl King Football 1982
1st Marcus Roman Football 2011
2nd Dimetri Roman Football 2013
3rd LEY Harry Washington Basketball 1973
1st Harry Washington Baseball 2000
1st LOUGHERY John Penn Charter Baseball 1978
1st John Penn Charter Football 2010
2nd LYNCH Jim Malvern Football 1984
1st Jim W. Catholic Football 2010
1st MALANDRO Ed Penn Charter Football 1982
3rd Ed Penn Charter Baseball 1983
2nd Dillon Penn Charter Baseball 2014
2nd Dillon Penn Charter Baseball 2015
1st McCLOSKEY Mike Judge Football 1978
3rd Kyle Gtn. Academy Football 2016
2nd Kyle Gtn. Academy Basketball 2017
2nd McGETTIGAN Ed Lincoln Football 1987
1st Patrick Gtn. Academy Football 2016
3rd O'BRIEN Chris La Salle Basketball 1981
3rd Chris Malvern Football 2009
1st Chris Malvern Baseball 2011
1st OVERTON Doug Dobbins Basketball 1987
3rd Miles SJ Prep Basketball 2012-13
2nd PARSONS John Judge Football 1976
3rd Dylan SCH Academy Football 2013
1st Dylan SCH Academy Football 2014
1st PEOPLES Charlie Lincoln Football 1988
2nd Brandon Wood Football 2011
3rd Nasir Wood Football 2016
3rd PEOPLES Darrien Lincoln Football 1992
1st Desmon Wood Football 2011
1st PISCOPO Tony Lincoln Football 1978
3rd Mike La Salle Football 2011
3rd Mike La Salle Baseball 2012
3rd PRICE Roger Washington Baseball 1978
1st Roger Washington Football 2000
1st RAIA Dom Southern Baseball 1987
2nd Dom GAMP Baseball 2010-11
2nd RANKIN John W. Catholic Basketball 1985
1st (Strong-Rankin) Jaelen W. Catholic Football 2010
1st ROSATI Joe Malvern Football 1974
1st Joe Episcopal Football 2003-04
2nd Joe Episcopal Baseball 2005
1st RYAN Mark Lincoln Football 1976
1st Tom Judge Football 2008
1st SINGLETON Keith Washington Football 1985
2nd Kendall Wood Football 2013
2nd STOVALL Maurice Bartram Football 1978
1st Maurice Carroll Football 2001
2nd VASTURIA John O'Hara Baseball 1980
1st Stephen SJ Prep Basketball 2012
1st TALLEY LeVar McDevitt Football 1995
1st Myles SJ Prep Football 2018
2nd TRACZ Brian O'Hara Football 1973
1st Brian SJ Prep Football 2002-03
1st WINSLOW George La Salle Football 1980-81
1st Ryan La Salle Football 2012
1st ZEGLINSKI John Ryan Football 1973
1st Zack Penn Charter Football 2003
3rd Joe Ryan Football 2003-04
3rd Joe Ryan Basketball 2005
2nd Zack Penn Charter Baseball 2005
2nd Sammy Penn Charter Basketball 2006-07
*-Father & Son were chosen as City Player of the Year