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Bob Spinks Tribute Page

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    Bob Spinks, a third baseman and 2005 Roman Catholic grad, passed away Dec. 9. Please share your thoughts about Bob in the space below. Thank you.
             (Thanks to Michael Fitzpatrick for providing photo to right.)

Contributions . . .

  I have known Bob Spinks practically my whole life since we are from the same
town and parish and he was only one year older then me.   He was always a
nice person to me even if we were on different sports teams.   He was a great
athlete but also a great competitor.  That was the thing about Bob, he
always played with 110 percent and HATED losing.  He always tried his best
to win, and that speaks volumes of the person he was. His death will provide
many people a sadness that will never be forgotten.  I hope God looks over
Bob and his family through this tough time.
-- Kyle Sweeney

  I know bob for 4 years and played football with him for one year and it was honor to play with bob he was good player in football and a good basketball player.  And a real good baseball player and was  also one of the most competitve kids I ever met and that was one of his many qualities in my mind. I wasn't the closet  of friends with bob for all 4 years but by senior year he was  one my good friends in school. And also beginning of senior year i had close friend die and everyday he asked me about it and would ask everyday if i was alright and if all my friends were and if her parents were doing better. Some people might not of known this side of bob but he was a very caring kid even if he didn't know them. And my prayers will go out to the whole spinks family and all of bob's friends.
-- Sickel

  I've played baseball with Bobby over the past three seasons in a rec league.  It's not a serious league at all and there for more of us to just get out and play and get some swings in and throw some innings.  That said, over the past three years I've gotten to know Bob really well and three qualities really stand out to me about Bob.
  The first one was is confidence.  For those of us who knew Bob, you know what I'm talking about.  Bob was one of the most confident kids you ever met.  It was a rare occasiion when the other team put a pitcher on the mound that Bobby didnt utter the words "I'm taking him deep", or a variation of that phrase.  Bob even thought he was a good baserunner (smile).  Not only was he confident in his abilities but he was confident in life.
  The second was that Bob was just a flat out good guy.  Whether he liked you or not, Bob seemed to know your first name, last name, and something about you.  Before all our games he was always socialize with players on our team and players on the other team.  It didn't matter if you were the last player on the bench or the best player on the team, he would talk to everyone and that's something all of us can not say.
  The third quality is the one that stands out the most to me.  Bob was fearless.  He didn't have a fear in the world.  To use an example, we were in the championship this year together.  Bobby had a bad elbow injury, so much so though he struggled to even throw on the side.  However, we didn't have any other pitchers.  He went out there and threw 6 great innings to lead us to a win.  He didn't care how his elbow would feel after the game, he wanted the ball and he wanted to the game on his shoulders.
  My prayers are with his family, especially his father who was Bobby's biggest supporter.....
  Finally, my last memory of Bob was after I scored the winning run in the championship game.  He lifted me on his shoulders and carried me down the first base line.  And now he's gone, I don't know if I'll ever forget that moment.
-- Adam Seltzer

  I have known bob for most of my life, I knew who he was and saw him play sports all through out grade school.  I went to Holy Family he went to St. Johns, Bob was the guy we looked out for, he was very good at basketball and baseball.  We knew when he was up or had the ball to be ready for something.  Highschool came and Bob and I started to hang out a lot.  He was a great guy, an awesome friend, son, brother, and uncle.  He loved his niece very much, he was always playing or talking about her to me.  Bob was very competitive he always wanted to be the number one player and team.  Before his basketball games he would bet me and my friend that he would at least score 30 points.  At the baseball games he would be like guys im going to hit a homerun today watch. This years panthers and roman seasons, Bob played his heart out.  He was the reason they made it to the playoffs and won the champoionship.  If they had a MVP he would have defiinitely have got it. He was my MVP.  He had goals and succeeded in them.  He was a man of respect and was very caring and loving.  Bob and I have been through alot over the past years, whether we were fighting or just having a great time.  He would always look out for me like a big brother would.  My friends and I, were very close with Bob, no matter what was going on Bob always tried to brighten the moment and make everyone smile, when he smiled.  Bob had a great heart, he hated seeing people down.  When Bob wanted something he got it.  He never gave up. He was an awesome Best Friend.  We had some great memories.  Hes watching down on us now, and leading us in the right direction.
His family and friends (the crew) are in my prayers . I love you guys we have to stick together, thats what he would want.
-- Ashleigh Houck

  I've only know Bob for about 3 years, i met him though my best friends.   He was such a great guy, every time i would see him I would get greeted with a big "EFER", my nickname, and a big hug, it didn't matter if I'd seen him the day before or the month before.  Bob was such a good friend, he was the guy that if you ever needed anything you could talk to, he was the guy that you know would have your back.   Bob also had a funny side, there weren't many time when I was around him that he wasn't doing something funny or making someone laugh.   Bob was very competitive and I watched Bob play in those championship games, he played with everything he had and always w! anted to win. I might not of know Bob as well as many other people, but the times I spent with him will be forever in my heart and I will never forget him or the things we have done and talked about together.  I hope Bob is looking over us now, and all my prayers go out to Bob, the Spinks family, and all of his friends.
-- Erin Ferry

I've known Bob almost all my life. We have been together since 5th
grade. Bob was one of my closest friends. Bob is one person you could
never forget. He left a great impact in my life and he has a very
special place in my heart. Me and Bob have so many memories ... I could
go on for ever!.. Bob was my FIRST boyfriend on and off for a few years
and if we werent going out we were good friends. He could always make
everyone laugh. Some people didnt see both sides of Bob but i did and i
know how much of a great person he was. He was such an awesome baseball
player, basketball player and best of all person. Bob would never give
up ... he was soo persistent in what he wanted. He had such a big
One of my greatest memories of Bob is when he used to sing all
different songs to me about what he wanted to say to me. He never let
me forget that he was always there. And i did the same for him.
Bob would always dance and sing for everyone... just to make us
laugh or show off his great "skills" as he would say.
Bob was always looking out for me and all of our friends
especially the guys. He never wanted to see us down or have anyone hurt
us. He was are "bodyguard", and he was great at it. Bob was a great
person to talk to.. he understood! He is one person that i will never
forget and i know that no one else will! He cared so much for his mom,
dad, sister, niece, all of his family, and his friends.
Its not fair that Bob got taken from us soo soon and early but i
know he is in a better place and he is our angel now watching over us.
Bob's family and the crew(us friends) are in my prayers. Bob is on my
heart and everyones heart forever! Girls and guys dont worry were gonna
get through this together thats what Bob would want.
Love you and miss you soo much Bob!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- Kelly Cummins

  I have known Bob since grade school. I had the privledge to play on the same Football, Basketball and Baseball team as Bob while in gradeschool. Like others have said, Bob gave 110% when he played, no matter what it was,wether it was an athletic event or something like playin Madden. Bob wasn't only my teammate but he was also my friend. Someone like bob is one of a kind, and im not sure if ill ever come by someone like him the rest of my life. My prayers go out to his family. "Bigz" we all love you and miss you man, and i know you'll always be looking down upon us.
-- Sean Woods '06

  I only knew Bob for a short period of time. Bob spent the second
semester of his junior year at Kennedy-Kenrick high school where he
competed on the varsity baseball team. One thing I can admit is that Bob
and I did not see eye to eye. It was a tough thing on him to come to a
different school the middle of his junior year and try to fit in.
Bob ended up going back to Roman for his senior year. The first time we
spoke since his departure was the first time we played Roman last
season. Bob was playing third base and I was coaching third base.
I wasn't sure how our first meeting with each other was going to be
since things did not work out between us. But rest assure, Bob came
right over to me and shook my hand like nothing ever happened.
In fact, we spoke the entire game. Exchanging stories of how are seasons
were going at that point. That particular day said a lot about him. Bob
had a heck of a senior season. He played a big part on Roman going to
the PCL semi-finals. My sympathy goes out to Bob's family and friends.
God will get you through this tough time. Have faith!

-- Nick Dorazio
Head Baseball Coach
Kennedy-Kenrick High School

  I had the opportunity to coach Bobby Spinks his Senior Year at Roman. I
agree with what the previous posts have said about Bobby, that he had an
intense desire to win and played with a fearlessness that as a coach,
you love your players to have.

  What I also can say confidently about him was that he ALWAYS gave 100%
on the field and never at any point during the 2005 season did he put
himself in front of the team. Bobby made himself into a starter and
vocal leader from the outset and was a key part to the success we had.
I regret that I didn't have more than just one season to coach him.

   On behalf of myself and the entire Roman Catholic coaching staff, I'd
like to pass along my deepest sympathy to the parents, family and
friends of Bobby. He will always be in our thoughts and prayers.
-- Joe Tremoglie

  I've had the privelege of playing both high school and summer ball with
bob since we were young, and there are a couple memories of him that
really stick out.

  First off, i remember him as being a fierce competitor. He would never
give up, no matter what the situation, and even if his squad lost, he
wouldn't get on anybody about it, he'd leave with his head high.
spinksie had all the fundamentals of a third baseman - defense, power,
and an arm. he used each of these to help propel roman to a semifinal
berth this year, and i wouldn't have put anybody else in his spot.

  Second, he was a good guy. If he knew you, hed talk to you, and he
never let his friends, or his team, down when they needed him. he
always sparked a conversation with his teammates and people he knew,
even if he didnt exactly like them.

  Last, he was a great leader. Bob always had a way to motivate an
entire team to get moving on the right path, wether it be with his loud
chants, big blasts at the plate, or just giving some words of
encouragement to help out.

   My heart goes out to everyone that knew bob, especially his family.
Roman Catholic has lost a great kid, and he will be missed.

-- Nick DeMalto #32 Class of 2005

   To me Bob and everyone else that was a part of the Roman 05 baseball
team will always be considered a part of my family, so with this lost, I
feel like I am losing a part of that family. Bob was a good kid that
cared a lot about people, and he would always have my back no matter
what and I would do the same for him.
  I met Spinks freshmen year and we became good friends because of
baseball and even closer friends once we started having classes
together. He would always try and make people laugh and he just wanted
to have a good time no matter what he was doing. He would always bring
that playfulness onto the field which made it easier for other players
to relax and play better. He never had a negative attitude about
baseball and that's what I respected the most about him. Bob was a great
hitter and he even thought he was fast haha..so he would joke with me
about wanting to race me because I was the lead off hitter, but it was
just his way of being him.
  My most fondest memory with Bob would have to be when we made it to
the CL Playoffs last season and nobody believed in our team but me and
Bob would just talk in class about how we where going to prove everyone
wrong and make a statement. So when we got to the second round against
Bonner we where up a run in the bottom of the 6th. They had two men on
and a ground ball was hit to Bob at third. Bob got the ball and turned
and fired it to second where we rolled the double-play to end the
inning, and as we where coming off the field gave each other a chest
bump and knew what was about to happen. That image of Bob will always be
permanently instilled in my mind forever.
  Bob Thanks for being a great kid, friend and baseball player. You
will always be in my heart with love and respect, and you will always be
remembered by anyone that ever knew you. Bob I will always consider you
a part of my family and one day we'll take some grounders together again
---Carmen Del Mastro

Bobby Spinks #24
Bobby and I grew up together in the same neighborhood with the same
friends, but we always seemed to be competing against each other,
whether it was baseball or any other sport. Finally, we both chose
Roman and our friendship got stronger from that point on. For the
following four years, we were teammates at Roman and in the summer.
More importantly, we were friends. Bobby had a good career at Roman,
always known as the firey kid who always rose the emotions of a game.
Bobby was more than that. He was a big kid with a big heart who would
do anything for anybody anywhere. I strongly believe that alot of the
success Roman baseball had in the past couple years can be attributed to
Bobby and the high level of play he brought out of every player.
Whether he took a ball off his big body, or used that body to turn on a
fastball, Bobby made everyone better --better on the field and off.
It's hard to say goodbye now, but we know he'll be there watching our
every move. The memories of Bobby will always remain.
So Bob, you will truly be missed and you will always be a part of the
family. Please look over all of us. Love ya buddy.
---Tim Hoban

  I've known Bob since Freshman year of High School, me and him always
hung out with different groups of people ...but once in a while we would
hang out with each other's groups. He was awesome, he always brought up
an interesting topic to talk about, he would have a new saying every
other week and everyone else around would just start saying his sayings,
and he always knew how to make people laugh. It was the summer of junior
year when we started hanging out more and more and began to become
closer friends. Senior year while he was playing for the panthers others
and I started going to mostly all of their games, Bob was great at
baseball he was definitely one of their best players and Roman's best
players. The whole team of the Panthers became extremely close and
during the season they started to hang out a lot, and we were seeing
more and more of Bob. Bob and his teammates would just sit around for
hours talking about baseball and how much they loved it. We enjoyed his
company, he was always happy and made everyone else happy. Bob would
come to me for advice all the time about certain things and I would give
him the best I could, he always took the advice and thanked me, just by
him thanking me made me happy. He was always concerned about others and
their family's, and was always interested in what everyone was doing in
the future, and was positive about it. When I found out the news I was
in shock, and still am, I will never forget Bob and all the times I
spent with him. From this day on I will continue to remember the good
times I've spent with him, and I will continue to pray for him and his
family. There's a special pace in my heart that Bob will stay in
forever, my heart goes out to his family especially. We love you Bob and
will miss you dearly, we lost a friend but gained an angel above. Love

-- Lauren D'Angelo

I have played baseball against Bobby Spinks practically all of my life until these past two years.  The past two years we both played for Ivy Ridge Panthers American Legion and Bob came to every game to win.  I'll never forget his game winning hit to put us into the championship, or getting in a run down that eventually scored the insurance run in the championship.  Bob claimed to be "the best base runner in the league" and that day he was.  I will never forget having a good time with all of our teammates after the game and next year I cannot imagine what that will be like with out Bob.  He was committed to everything he did and that was a great quality of Bob.  He was a loving person who would have done anything for anyone of his friends.  Even dating back to grade school Bob would give 110% just to win.  This year winning the Philadelphia County Championship along side with Bob will be one of the greatest memories that I have.  No matter who you were you knew of Bob Spinks and had respect for him. The kid could hit a baseball a mile and deep down inside he cared about everyone who entered in his life.  I believe we all will miss Bob and his family will forever be in my prayers.  I cannot imagine next year playing without Bob, we'll get it again next year for you bro.
I know you will look over us buddy, love you and miss you
Jerry Bidus#10 ivy ridge
#27 forever in my heart

I have known Bobby my whole life.  He is one of my most cherished and respected friends.  Bobby was never a quitter he was the type to fight on till he succeeded.  I have much to thank him for.  The biggest thing of all is the fact that he was a protector of his friends.  He would never let anything happen to any of us. Though sometime we all would have our arguments with him, he still would look out for us no matter what.  Bob also had a child stuck inside that tough exterior he had a child's mind.  Bob I don't know where to start when I think of all we've been through.  I love you and miss you.  God bless Bob Spinks and his family and friends. Watch over us Bob. I know you will....THANK YOU BOB....
--Nick "the Greek" Gannon

I've known Bobby since we played baseball against each other up the 21st Ward. Even back in the day Bob was the most emotional and vocal person on that field. The past couple of years I have been fortunate enough to get to know Bob a lot better from playing baseball and going to Roman Catholic. When I used to play against Bob or see him play against other teams, I did not understand how much his desire and dedication could rub off on you. This past year for Panthers Bob was one of the leaders on our team, and he made that clear. Because I played Panthers with Bob, we got to be friends more and during the games if something would go wrong, Bob would be the first one to pick everyone up and get people motivated again. If you knew Bob you knew that he had an attitude but if he did not he wouldnt have been Bobby Bigz. He was a great, caring person, who was emotional and motivational. He brought the best out in everyone he was around. I am prive! leged to have known Bobby Spinks, and if you were not friends or did not know Bob, then you missed out on knowing one of the greatest people in the world. No one can ever replace you Bob, and no one will ever forget you.
We will miss you Bob, watch over us,
-- John Caputo

I have known Bob since my freshman year in high school. I had the opportunity to play baseball with Bob for the panthers. I remeber all the car rides we had up and back from all the games, and how he made everyone laugh. No matter what problem you had Bob would always be there for you and would help in anyway he could. He was a very generous and caring person. Bob would always make up the best nicknames for everyone. Bob had a great sense of humor. Bob wasn't only a great athlete but also a great friend. My heart goes out to his family.Thank you for all the great times. Bob you will never be forgotten. Please watch over us Bob. Spinks I love you and miss you.

I  've known bob for a long time...The first memory I have was when I was
in 5th grade… I was up to bat for my c.y.o team (the Saints) and he was
on the mound for his (Saint Johns) he was so much bigger then me even
though we were basically the same age. I remember being so intimidated
(and I was scared of getting hit) Bob struck me out... If you lived in
roxborough-manyunk, you know the name Bob Spinks... he was everywhere.
We became good friends about 4 years ago when I was 14. He was always
staying over my house with the guys. Whenever Bob left my house he would
take a Gatorade or a bag of chips with him and run out laughing. If you
were Bobs friend you've probably fought with him argued with him... that
was his personality... he always had to win no matter what...even if he
cheated in a game of poker or a video game he would just give you this
look and just smile and laugh it off. That’s what I’m going to miss the
most... is that laugh. He was the oldest out of me and my friends, so he
was the first to get his drivers license. He had this count down and he
would say, so many days “until we are out of the hood” the first night
he got it. We drove around our neighborhood but he was so happy because
he made us happy. I considered Bob as my big brother... if any of us had
a problem. Bob somehow took care of it... one way or the other. Bob was
extremely generous... he would take me and my friends out to dinner and
took care of the bill.... because he was Bobby Bigz, If u needed a
dollar here or there... he would pay for you... without you even asking.
Bob loved playing sports…. If it was basketball he had to the point
guard (leader) If it was Baseball he had to be the pitcher (leader) If
it was football he had to b the quarterback (leader) Bob had to be the
one making the big play. His passion was baseball #24. I will always
remember every time we hung out for the rest of my life. That’s the only
thing getting me through this.... the good times we had.
-- Ben Paranzino

Bobby biggums, I grew up wit bob my whole life. Are parents were
friends when they were young and still are. We pretty much came up
through the panthers playing with eachother. We started becoming good
friends in highschool. The last two years of my life were probably the
best wit bob. We chilled everyday with eachother no matter what. This
past summer was fun, we played baseball for the Panthers and we brought
home the SHIP. After a long night in the Rox we (me,murph,bob) would
come in and make the biggest peanut butter sandwich u could imagine.
After baseball was done we went down the shore and had the time of our
lifes.Bob would always look out for you no matter what. Bob was my
bestfriend and always will be. Look down on us "Biggs" we all miss you
and love you!!

---Matt Kern

  I grew up with Bob I went to grade school with him till 4th grade. I
also played baseball with him for a couple of years, I was the only girl
on the team. We grew up in the same neighborhood and hung out with the
same friends. He was a great baseball and basketball player. He had
talent. When I got to highschool I started to hang out with Bob every
weekend. I did not only look at Bob as my best friend but also as a big
brother. He watched over all of us. He was always making someone laugh
even at the worst times. This summer my Dad coached Bob for American
Legion Baseball - Ivy Ridge Panthers #27. I did not miss one game I
would be there rain or shine home or away. I loved watching Bob play
because you never knew what he was going to do next. He would look at
the team and then point to the fence and say this one is going out. T!
hats what I loved about Bob he was always positive. He never gave up on
anything. He belived in his team and his team belived in him. I favorite
memory of Bob was last winter he was driving his car and he pulled over
on Roxborough Ave. - parked his car opened the door put "Roses" on by
Outkast and started to dance and in his words "I am showing off my
SKILLS!. ha" That was Bob he was always out to make someone laugh and he
knew how to. Bob would make up a crazy words every week and some how we
would always end up saying them and still to this day I catch myself say
them. Or this past summer me and Bob where dared to sing and dance to
"Im a little tea pot" only us two. I can still see him doing now, the
motions of it and him cracking up because he forgot the words to the
song. I loved his smileit would make me smile. Bob would do anything he
was fearless. Bob and I went threw alot over the past couple of years
wether it be fighting or! just hanging out and having a good time. All
of my memories of Bob wi ll be in my heart forever. His family and
friends (the crew) are in my prayers. We will get threw this, we have to
stick together and be there for each other, and thats what Bob would
--Michelle DiCicco

 I've knew bob for years now and i know nothing but good things to say i've played baseball wit him this past year took home the ship thanks to him he came threw for us alot and about everytime we needed it. me and bob actually started to get real close these past few months i was wit him everday including the death date I been going threw so much stuff right now and i would like for everyone reading these to pray and pray for his family thats the only thing anyone can do right now. I'm so confused in my head i've never lost a friend that was this close and it sucks I pray he is with us right now and everyday on.  I know what kind of person he was jus like everyone else said he is kind loving caring person.  I kno i didnt hang wit bob my whole life but i sure knew him and all his friends mostly casue baseball up port royal and jus from being from roxborough.  Its not fair anyone especally his family has to go threw this but someday im sure will all know theres gotta b a reason apon every death.  Bobs best friends were def ry murph and matty kern i love u guys. we gotta keep the good memories in our heads thats the only way to get through  PLEASE KEEP MR AND MRS SPINKS IN UR HEARTS HIS SISTER'S HIS NEICE THEY ALL LOVED HIM VERY MUCH JUST LIKE THE REST OF US KEEP EVERYONE IN UR PRAYERS
-Joe Parisse    

I've known Bobby for a lot of my life, from just being out around the
neighborhood, playing against him on the baseball diamond or on the
basketball court. Some of my best memories of Bobby came when I was
playing alongside him for our neighborhood's American Legion team, the
Ivy Ridge Panthers, these past two summers. When I sit back and think
of the type of kid Bobby was, so much comes to mind. He was confident,
he was a leader, and always knew how to have a good time. Its obvious
from what everyone else said that he was a competitor and loved winning
and coming out on top. Its not that he always wanted to win, its that
he HAD to win and he'd do whatever it took come out on top of whatever
he did. Bobby would always have everyone's back on the team no matter
what. However you look at it, whether its his loud mouth, his winning
attitude, the homeruns, or the game winning hits, Bobby was a leader and
the biggest reason we took home that city title. I'll never forget the
times we had after games, it's a summer I'll never forget. You'll always
be the captain of the rooks to me. That team is gonna be missing a lot with
out you next year, but I know they'll take the ship home for you. I'll never
forget you Spinksy, watch over us. We'll all forever miss you and love you
kid. Ivy Ridge #27 will live forever in all of us.
-Kyle Bidus