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    Evan Brady, a 2005 Malvern Prep grad and lacrosse player, passed on
Sept. 20, 2005, after a courageous, lengthy battle against cancer.
    Evan, of Newtown Square, was respected and revered by all in the Malvern
community and a special Mass was held in his honor on the day of his death. A
number of students, many of them athletes, spoke eloquently and with passion
about Evan's effect on their lives. Evan had earned a scholarship to Saint Joseph's.
   "Evan was an unbelievable kid," said teacher Joe Redican. "He inspired and
touched us all. All through his fight, he showed such resiliency."
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Contributions . . .

   To everyone that reads this i just want to let you know that Evan Brady was the most inspirational high school kid that I have had a chnace to come in contact with. I was at Malvern Prep my freshman year before i transferred to O'Hara. i had an injury there and i had the opportunity to workout with Evan every day to recover. we had great conversaions and great stories. every time i got down on myself for being hurt i just thought of him and what he has gone through, he helped me get through the injury and my first year of high school in general. its a shame that it took his death for me to realize that he was a inspiration to me and i wish i could have stayed in touch with him for a longer time than i did. to Evans family and all my Malvern friends sorry about this but always remember wht he has done for everyone and stay strong.
-- Cardinal O'Hara football player- Dan Gough #64

  Evan -- i never had the honor to meet you but any person who could battle cancer and still have the strength to play sports is a hero in my book. i will keep you and your family in my prayers. god bless.
-- Will McGonigle, O'Hara FB manager

   I have gotten to become very close with Evan Brady the past five years of my
life. He has impacted my life so dramatically and become my greatest
influence to date. If you know anything about lacrosse in the Philadelphia
area, you know Evan Brady. He's one of the area's biggest advocates of the
game, and had dedicated a major part of his life as a coach to Malvern Prep
lacrosse and the Duke's Lacrosse Program because the cancer in his knee took
away his ability to play. More important than his dedication to lacrosse,
Evan is the most selfless human being I've had the pleasure to meet. Even
during the worst of his suffering all he wanted to know about was how
Malvern and myself personally was doing in various summer leagues and camps,
while cancer was slowly deteriorating his body. He is a true hero not only in
the Malvern and Philadelphia lacrosse communities but to everyone who has
had the privilege of meeting Evan. He is truly an amazing human being.
-- Steve Layne, '06

  I transfered to Malvern Prep sophomore year and one of my first friends at
Malvern was Evan. He always had a smile on his face and he always would come up
to me and strike up a conversation. He had so many struggles in his life, but
you would never guess it by the way he acted. He would always want to know
about if we were gonna beat GA in basketball or what's the deal with baseball.
He was always thinking about everyone else, even at the toughest of times. He
had more courage then anyone i have ever met. I will never forget hearing him
cheering from the stands at sporting events and always yelling "c'mon plunk."
I only had a chance to know him four years, but what an impact he made on my
life. He will be missed by many, but never forgotten.
-Dan Plunkett
Malvern Prep 04

   I can't even put into words the impact Evan has had on me and a community of people around me. Evan is an inspirtation for everyone, and is teaching me how to live a better life right now. I saw Evan two weeks before he passed away. He was sitting in his favorite chair and was making fun of me like always. His spirit and love for life never faltered as he battled to stay alive. Evan was like superman to me.. He was more concerned about how i was doing than himself. He is the most selfless and heroic person I know, and will ever meet. These words cant even begin to describe the love and respect I have for Evan. I will miss him always, and love him forever. He will always be inside all of us, and he has a piece of us. He's where he belongs, in heaven..because he was truly an angel walking among us. Ev.. i hope your kicking ass in lax up there.. can't wait to see you again. "You're in the arms of the angel, may you find some comfort here" i love you. # 19 forever young.
-- Amber Civitella '06

   It's no question that Evan was loved by everyone who affected his life somehow.
I still remember the first day of my freshman year when I saw Brady.  It was a

great surprise to me because I had known him before and did not have many
friends going into this new school.  I played football with Brady on the Rose
Tree Colts back in the day and he was one of the most talented athletes I had
seen.  It was terrible to see him unable to pursue his athletic career in
lacrosse and football.  Through it all though, he did everything with a smile
on his face.  He was the strongest and least selfish kid I have ever met.  He
was always up for talking about sports, cards at his house, and just having a
good time with friends.  He did not want to dwell on his sickness, but rather
just live life to the fullest, and in my opinion he did.  I consider myself
very lucky to be able to be friends with such an unbelievably strong kid.   He
is an inspiration to all of us.  We miss you Brady, and we'll never forget you.
-- Steve D'Elia, MP '05

Most people talk about the first time they met Evan, but for me the most memorable time was the second time.  I saw him at the Dave Matthews Band concert, a group he loved, and I went up to him to introduce myself again and he simply said “Amy, I know who you are, don’t introduce yourself,” and gave me a big hug.  That’s something I will always remember about Evan, he was so personable.  About three weeks ago, a few friends and I went over to visit Evan at his house.  When we got there, he was of course asking all of us how we were, rather than us asking how he was.  He always had the right things to say, as if he knew we were at lost for words.  Evan fought day in and day out, and that courage he displayed exemplifies that of a Hero.   That is what Evan is to me, a Hero that I can always look to in amazement.   To the Brady Family; stay strong and be proud.  You have done such a tremendous job raising Evan as your son, and know that he has changed the lives of every single person who has ever heard his name.  To Evan; I know you’re smiling down on us right now.  You deserve to be at peace, and I hope you are still Hugh Heffner for Halloween, because like you said “All I would need is a sweet robe.”  I miss you, and I’ll never forget the impact you’ve made on my life. “You Lose Somebody, You Gain an Angel” …. You’re our guardian angel Evan, looking over all of us … I Love you Ev<3
-Amy Gray  ‘06

   Throughout my four years at Malvern, I had come to
know and become close friends with Evan Brady. He was
someone that was always there to help you no matter
what the situation. Whether we were talking Eagles
football, Malvern Lax, or just playing cards at his
house, he did everything with a smile and an attitude
that was unbelievable. He was a tremendous
inspiration to all of us at Malvern and a hero to many
for his unbelievable courage throughout his battle.
He never complained, only looked at the good side of
things. Everyone can take a page out of Evan's book
on how to go through life and how to move on no matter
what. We all miss you Evan and you'll always be in
out hearts and prayers.

-- Brendan O'Sullivan Malvern Prep '05

   Evan Brady is a remarkable human being and an amazing
friend.  His problems were a non-issue whenever you talked
to him.  All he cared about was how I was doing.  I
remember numerous days before lacrosse practice when he
would be jogging around shooting on me with one bad leg.
 I would tell him that if he was in pain I could find
another player to do it, but he simply asked for the ball
back (which I usually was digging out from the back of the
goal because he had such a good shot) and look at me as if
to say, "Are you kidding me?"  This is the persistence and
resiliency that Evan displayed every day throughout his
battle with cancer.  I am forever changed due to the
friendship I formed with Evan.  If I could become half the
person he was, I would consider my life successful.  I
love you Ev, we all do, and we always will.
-- Chris Marcozzi    MP '05

I remember the first day of school when I sat in front of Evan and he
introduced himself to me. He immediately struck me as a very
personable guy and I had the pleasure of becoming his friend over the
next 4 years. Evan never cared to talk about his problems at all, and
was always concerned with how I was doing. It was amazing to me how he
would always ask me for a hole by hole description of my most recent
golf match. Whether it was lacrosse, poker, or just living life, Brady
did everything to the fullest. Mr. and Mrs. Brady, you should be very
proud because you raised an extraordinary son. Drew, you are a good
brother to Evan and he always said that. Evan, you are the strongest
kid I have ever met and you will be missed, but never forgotten. We
all love you and I know you are watching over us.
T.J. Coady, MP '05

Evan is what one of my friends put perfectly, “indescribable.”  He was forced to grow up at an early age yet still remained a kid at heart.  The adversities that he went through during his life only go to prove the strength and courage that Evan embodied.  Even throughout his sickness he made his biggest concern the well being of his friends and family.  I called Evan just a little while ago, he had sounded so happy and so well, if it hadn’t been mentioned I would have totally forgotten that he was sick.  He asked about my summer and all of his friends who had spent their summer at the Jersey shore.  He wanted to know every detail.  His laugh was unforgettable.  Evan I will never forget what you said to me that night, “live for the day, don’t worry about whats to come,” I promised you then and I’ll promise you now, I’ll take it all as it comes.  I love you Evan, thank you for everything, and I promise to take you with me always.
--Ali Fordham, VMA ‘06

Evan - it's been a while since I talked with you but i remember you for
the friendly guy you were when i saw you nearly every weekend at a
gradeschool dance or other function around town... you exemplified what
it means to be a fighter and anyone whose ever met you is a lucky person
- look down on us with all of the other kids who were taken away from
this earth too early, RIP - Matt Mullen sjp 05

There isn't much you can say about the nicest kid at Malvern. It was a
joy to talk to him whenever he was able to make it to homeroom. Any
other person would have abandoned school and given up hope on life.
Evan was one of a kind. He had no enemies in the world. He was nice to
everybody around him. I have no doubt that he is in a better place
right now and is praying for us. Evan made the best out of his time on
earth while overcoming an incredible amount of obstacles. Anyone who
knew him loves him and I'm sure that he truly loved life and everyone he
knew. It's not fair.....

-- Jim Behe - classmate MP 05

The way Evan pursued life even in the most difficult of circumstances was
unbelievable to me. I really can't believe how much courage Evan showed
throughout his health problems. I really did not get to become good friends
with Ev until I started playing cards at his house all throughout Junior and
Senior Year. Throughout Junior and Senior Year and also during MECO 81 I
became real close with him and realized how good of a friend and also how
special of a person he was. Absoultely nothing ever fazed him and he always
responded through every hardship with a smile. Everytime I would see him
during school he would always ask how I was doing and never let himself become
focus of attention. He would always be more concerned about me and how I was
doing even though it should've been the other way around. He was the most
selfless person I have ever met. Looking back I am finally able to understand
how much he gave to me and how much he affected my life in such a positive way.
Even though I never let it show he inspired me to try to live life to the
fullest. Honestly, Ev I would give everything back (including all the money I
won from you playing poker) just to spend a couple more seconds with you. I
love you and miss you already kid.
-- Colin Waring MP '05

I don't think there is one person I know in my life who people had more
respect, admiration, and personality than Evan Brady. From the first
time I met him to the last time I saw him he always had a smile on his
face and was always making jokes. The first time I met him was in the
lunch line at school, and the next time I saw him he treated me as if I
was his best friend, that was the type of kid Evan was. Not only was
he a friend to everyone he was also supportive of his community. He
was at every Malvern sporting event, it showed how much he loved his
school and his friends. He never once used his sickness as a crutch,
instead he lived his life to the fullest. He is undoubtedly the
strongest and most selfless person I have ever met. An inspiration
to all, I feel extremely lucky to say that he is my good friend and I
will miss him extremely. We'll miss you Evan, and you'll always be in
our hearts.
--Sean Ennis, MP '05

Evan is undoubtedly the bravest and most selfless person I've ever met.  
I unfortunately didn't get the opportunity to hang out with him often
outside of school, but it's impossible for any person to forget the joy
that Evan brought to every situation he was in.  A room could fill
with laughter and happiness simply because Evan was there.   I had some
great times speaking with Evan in homeroom whenever he was able to make
it there.  He was a great friend and an inspiration to all of us.  Evan,
we miss you man.  We'll never forget the love we shared.   Rest in peace,
-Matt Blumenthal, MP '05

Evan has been one of my best friends since our freshman year at Malvern.   No
matter what we did, it was always fun.  Evan was the strongest person I have
ever met.  No matter how sick he was, he was always there to talk with.  I
would ask him how he was doing, and the response was always good no matter what
his physical condition was.  Even Tuesday, he could barely talk.  When I asked
him how he was doing, he was still able to say his usual, "good how u doin?"
He's been an inspiration to me since I met him.  He did something that not

everyone can do- that is, he was able to live every day like it was his last.
He was an awesome friend and I hope I was half the friend to him that he was to

me.  Evan truly conquered cancer.  He never let it get to him.  He could have
been depressed all the time and made everyone feel the same way.  But he
didn't.  He just lived life to the fullest.  He was always supportive of what
other people did.  If I ever have a son, I will tell him about Evan and tell
him thats how to live life.  If he grows up to be half the man Evan was I will
be happy.  Live with no regrets and make every day count.   That's what Evan
did.  Evan was successful in everything and showed those around him what it
meant to be successful.  Mr. and Mrs. Brady have a big part in this.  They have
always been the same way and I know that's where Evan gets it.   Drew, you have
been a great brother and an even better friend to Ev.  You always could make
him laugh when he needed to.  Nothing will be the same without Evan but he has
touched everyone that has ever met him.  Therefore Evan's spirit will continue
to touch us day after day.  I will always miss him and thank him for being such
a great friend.
-- Rob Burns

Evan was and is such an inspiration to me.  He was so strong throughout everything.  If anyone ever said anything like “sorry to hear that”, he would just say don’t be sorry, it’s just something I have to do.  But that was just the kind of person Evan was.  He would take all challenges head on, whether it was fighting the cancer or beating me in poker, sometimes.  One of my favorite parts of my senior year the many poker nights we had at the Brady house.   Almost weekly, a bunch of the guys would forget what they had to do and go over to Evan’s to play some poker.  It was always fun, and just as much an excuse to hang out with each other as it was to play poker.  He always loved to talk about sports, whether it was the eagles or his beloved lacrosse.  He really lived life to the fullest without ever complaining.  I can’t express how much this selflessness and strength has inspired me.  Hold down the poker up there my man, I know you’ll be winning more then a few pots without me around.   We love you Evan and we’re all gonna miss you.  You know you’ll never be forgotten in our hearts. 
-Steve Bentley, MP '05

I came to Malvern as a freshman 2 years ago, i did'nt get the chance to meet him untill i was a sophomore. It was at a Malvern-Haverford lax game. I have never met a person that cared so much about others, he spent the whole game takiling to me, he was so interested in what kind of person i was. Since that moment we developed a friendly relationship, there wouldn't be a time i passed him in the hallway and he didnt stop to ask how i was doing. That was the kind of person he was, he simply loved life so much and cared for everyone like a brother even though he was in a tough position with his health, you would of never even known. I wish i could say i knew as much about him as he knew about me. He will truly be missed and never be forgotten. RIP EV #19
Jason Dumas '07

We are all better people for having known Evan.  He made us feel good about the troubles in our lives.  Any time I felt like complaining about my job, bills, life at home, I thought about Evan and how he put his pain aside to ask about others.  He is truly the toughest person I have ever come across.  I miss him deeply.  I know a part of Evan is with us all.

Evan is easily the most influential person in my life.  His dedication and loyalty still has me thinking about how our team was that much better because of him.  As some of you may know, we weren't supposed to be that good last year, but still he was as dedicated as any player on the team, maybe even moreso than the rest of us because I knew that after practice he would go home and watch gametape or think of ways to beat a defense.  His loyalty was incredible.  For example, one wet, dark morning in early march we had a practice in the freezing cold.  None of the players and probably some of the coaches didn't want to be there, but the first person out on the field was Evan, waiting to warm me and Marcozzi up.  Midway through my warm-up he twisted his knee and grimaced with pain.  I by no means wanted him to keep shooting and told him that I would just get somebody else to shoot.  He says to me "no, man.  they're stretchin'."  It was at that moment that I realized that he was the most selfless human being I know.  Evan could have been as big a jerk as he wanted, but instead he stayed kind eventhough he was going through one of the hardest points of his life.  Thanks for everything you've taught me E.B.  I'll never forget you.
Matt Brazitis, MP goalie '06

   Evan, in his short life, touched many people in many ways, and some of the time I'm not sure if even he knew of the power of his words and actions. I've always been taught that life is not defined by the seconds, minutes, hours, or days you share with someone, they only measure the quantity of your life. It's the "moments" you share with others that define the quality of your life and I'd like to share an "Evan Brady" moment of mine...a moment which I think best describes what this kid meant to the entire Malvern community. Malvern had just lost a tough football game to Episcopal and their goal of winning the Inter-Ac was gone. My son did not have a particularly stellar game and was really crushed that his senior year would not be all that he had dreamed and worked for. As I was setting up the tables that we were using to serve the kids their post-game meal, Evan came hobbling over to me, pulled me to the side, his eyes burning with intensity, and said "Mr. O, MAKE SURE you tell Brendan to hang in there...everything's gonna be OK". I've gotta tell you I got chills when he said it, primarily from the conviction and empathy he said it with, and still get the same chills whenever I think about it. Here was this 18-year old kid, who had faced more adversity in his life than many of us could imagine, who was more concerned about his friend's well-being than anything else going on at that time in his life. An amazing perspective and selflessness for an 18-year old. When I saw him at his graduation I reminded him of our talk that day, and he told me that because he had had his share of bad days, he knew that if you could just hang in there, everything would get better. Even then, as his body was growing weaker, his spirit was "hanging in there" and growing even stronger. I will never forget the "moment" I was fortunate enough to share with this young man, and hope that by sharing it here, it will help all of his friends and family remember what Evan was all about. "Hang in there...everything's gonna be OK".
Malvern '05 Parent

Evan Brady was not only a teammate and a neighbor, but also a great friend. Every time I went to visit Evan, he always made it about me, he would ask how was I doing, how was football going for me, how am I doing in school. By acting this way, you would never think that he had anything wrong with him. Also I would like everyone to take a new approach to life. To think about complaining and just think about what Evan went through. We complain about getting up early to go to school, and he never complained once about getting up early to go to Chemo therapy. Also, I play football for Malvern Prep, and I let my team know before the came on Saturday against Downingtown East, that if we couldn't stop Pat Devlin with 11 players on Defense, then we would do it with 12, because I knew that Evan was going to help us out big time. Well Evan did come through big time, because with 5 seconds left, we had to kick a field goal to win the came, and right before the play, the wind picked up in our direction, which was a sign that Evan was in attendance that day. I would like to thank him for everything that he ever did for me and my family, and dedicate the rest of my season to him and his family.
-- Ian Mitchell - Malvern Prep '06

Evan was compassionate, kind-hearted, and selfless, which are qualities that many people neglect to possess in today's world.  Evan genuinely cared for others and this was quite evident in everything he did.  For instance when talking to Evan, he would give you his undivided attention.  I loved talking with Evan because I knew he actually had interest in what I had to say.  One thing I loved about Evan was how opinionated he was when talking about sports, especially lacrosse and the Eagles - I would love to just sit and listen to the comments he had to make about a certain team or player   Evan is an inspiration to me and so many others.  He has taught me what it means to "live strong! " and how to live each day to the fullest.  He had such a passion for life, which is something I truly admired.  Ev, we know you are looking down on us everyday - We love you Buddy.
-- Lindsay Holloway

I first met Evan during Freshman football practice and orientation week.
The one thing that made a lasting impression on me then and to this day
whenever I think of him, was his infectious smile.   Through all of our years
at together at Malvern, I never saw that smile  dimmed.   His determination,
outlook and compassion for others are all qualities that are to be admired
and hopefully passed on to those who were fortunate to have crossed his path
in life.  I know that his life impacted my son and all the Malvern
community.  My son and Evan spent many hours together in Mr. Mills' office
doing rehab, and many a time when I went to pick up my son, I could hear
them laughing and encouraging each other.  I will always remember what a
truely remarkable person he was.  God bless you Evan and keep on smiling!
A Malvern Prep '05 mom.

   Many people have heard of what Evans ability's on the lacrosse field were. I, on the other hand, experienced this personally, which is how I first met Evan Brady. I had to face the obstacle of covering Ev every time we played against his team. Evan was incredible on the field and had an enormous amount of talent, but that was still not his best attribute. Off the field, Ev may have been one of the greatest people I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Over the past 6-7 years, Evan has become one of my best friends. Visiting him was always such a great time and as most people have said, you didnt even realize that he was sick. You could ask him a million different times how he was doing and he would always say that he was good, no matter how much pain you knew he was in, and then turn around and ask you how you were. Evan has touched the hearts of so many different people because of his greatness as a human being. Through him I have become closer with people! who I would have never met before in my life and I am so grateful for that. Evan put up a good battle and was one of the strongest people I have ever known. This strength came from all of the love and support of his friends and family and Im glad that I got to be so close with him. To the Brady family, you are all amazing. Your strength, courage, and positive outlook on the situation has kept me strong as well and I thank you Mr. and Mrs. Brady, and Drew, for also being such good friends to me. Evan will be truly missed by every persons heart that he touched in his existance.
I wrote this poem in honor of the friendship that Evan and I shared and im sure many of you can relate:
With all of your strength you battled so hard,
You were hurting inside but never let down your guard.
Your pain you hid, through thick and thin,
And "I'm good, how you doin?" was how our conversations would always begin.
We talked about lax and whatever else was new,
But talk about your health we never did do.
The friendship we had I will not soon forget,
And being with you I could never regret.
I stood aside your bed on your dying day,
Hoping you heard the words I did say.
I saw you lay in your mothers arms in such terrible pain,
Learning then that I would not get to say bye again.
I whispered that I loved you into your ear,
And instantly my eyes were flooded with tears
Now that I know that you are safe and okay,
No longer feeling pain as God has taken you away.
I think about the all the memories that we have,
And I notice that there are none that are bad.
I look to the sky and your face I see,
Because I know that you are lookin right back at me.
I know you'll provide the strength I need to go on,
And not just in me, but everyone.
I miss you so much and I will see you agian,
In all of our hearts is where you'll be my friend.
The pain you endured has now ceased,
I love you Evan, rest in peace.
--Mike Avato SHS 05

Although I had never met Evan, I felt a sense of deep sorrow when hearing of his passing.  From the Blue hope bands showing support for him and his battle to all of the postings on the tribute site, it is clear that this was a truly special young man that touched everyone he came in contact.  The Malvern community is a truly special one that I hope the students or faculty do not take for granted.  By being the parent of a Malvern young man (P'07) I get to see and experience the effects of being a part of "The Malvern Experience" firsthand.  Evan Brady was the product of this experience and the outpouring of love and respect that this community has shown for this young man and his family is proof that Malvern Prep is a special place.  While it is my loss to have never officially met Evan, by reading all of the postings on the website I feel that I have gotten to know him a little better and for that Evan, I thank you.
To his family, you will be in my prayers, and to Evan, you will be missed!
Malvern Parent 07'

I never spent a day with Evan as a school mate, but as a
part of the Dukes lacrosse organization and knowing him from
reputation I wish I had. Evan displayed character and
bravery that we all wish we could exude. He is a unique
individual which we will all learn many lessons from.
Lacrosse is a special sport because once the whistle blows,
we are all friends. We are a small community with strong
social bonds; Evan was the epitome of this. I wish that I
can wake up every morning and have the same wonderful
outlook on life that Evan did. If I can I will feel that,
somewhere inside of me, his uniqueness has touched me.
T.C. Behm
Haverford School

   Evan Brady was a role model to my son Ryan. Ryan also played football
with the Rose Tree Colts, about 4 years behind Evan. Every little boy
at Rose Tree knew the legends about Evan's athletic toughness. When he
visited the field, it was like a pro player showing up!

   In August 2002, Ryan was hit by a car and was unable to complete his
season at Rose Tree, or his first season of Strath Haven football. Yet
Ryan showed up every day at Haven, helping teach the quarterback, and
assisting his coaches. He never missed a Rose Tree Colts game.

   That December, the Rose Tree Colts Organization created “The Evan Brady
Award, for Outstanding Courage, Loyalty, and Sportsmanship”. The first
recipient of that honor was my son Ryan McCann. He could not have been
prouder. That we got to drive Evan home that day and actually hang out
with him was icing on the cake!

   Three years later, my 15 year old son is strong and healthy, fully
recovered, and playing for Strath Haven Football. And still, on his
desk, sits the tall trophy honoring Evan…. “For Outstanding Courage,
Loyalty, and Sportsmanship”.

   God Bless Evan Brady…may he be at peace, and may his family also find

-- Cyndi McCann

Evan was a great student and an athlete but more than that he was a friend. He was always there to joke around with you when you were in a bad mood about a test or something outside of school. He inspired a lot of people to be a better person and for that I thank him. He taught me to not take things so seriously and to really enjoy myself on earth while you have the time because you never know when it is your turn to go. I can truly say that I was blessed by God for having the opportunity to be around Evan in my high school career at Malvern. He always stayed true to himself. Even though he lost the ability to play lacrosse, he always stayed involved in Malvern lacrosse because he loved the sport and I believe that he is the most courageous athlete that I have ever met. We might have lost a great friend but we have certainly gained an ANGEL.
Michael DeLio Malvern Prep Class of '05.

What can you say about evan that already hasnt been said. He was the
toughest guy that i knew i dont know of any body that had gone through what
he went through and always seem to just keep going keep moving no matter
what. i remember this one time when we played on optimis together. He scored
four goals with 2 minutes left in the game to help us win. I Knew that evan
could of done anything he wanted to do in life and should of gone any where
he wanted to go to play lax. I just wanted to say that i miss playing with
you ev and wish i could see you scoring four more goals in 2 minutes. You
are the strongest person i have ever met in my life. i miss you and wish
you were still here.
-- Matt Spahr PHS

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