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   Greg Teufel, a wrestler at La Salle High and a 2004 graduate, passed away
Sept. 24, 2005, of injuries suffered in an auto accident. He was attending Drexel
   Greg was a very competitive person, and extremely popular at school, and his
friend from Archbishop Wood, Chris Kelly, requested a Tribute Page.
    We welcome your comments about Greg, and they'll be posted below.
   Please e-mail them to
   Also, we will gladly post pictures. Those may be sent to the same e-mail
   Thank you very much.

Contributions . . .

I knew Greg through high school through friends of mine. Greg and I hung out alot this past summer and when I heard the news I was stunned. Greg was always there for everyone and always had a positive attitude about everything. He was the most competitive wrestler during his matches, but at the same time he was one of the nicest kids I have known. He always put others first and always wanted to have a good time. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and all of those who have been effected by Greg's loss. I miss you Greg and we will all never forget you.
-- Chris Kelly

   I'm a 2001 lasalle grad and i met greg for the first time when he was a freshman it was the day after the varsity had played Father Judge, some of us went ot lasalle high school to watch the freshman football team play. I remember John Barrett '03 and I were on the sidelines and we noticed theis fiesty d lineman wearin this old school high top reebok cleats. We loved the fact that he was wearin them and the tenacity he played with. So we talked to him for a little bit after the game. THe next time i talked to greg again was when he came out for the lasalle wrestling team and that's where i got to know him very well. He was a first year wrestler but he worked his tail off that year and ended up workin his way inot the varsity line up and even wresled in the PCL championship against North Catholic.After i graduated i kept in touch with Greg and we became good freinds, i know a lot of people are gonna say that, because Greg was a great man. He was always there to talk to and i'll never forget the great times we had together esppecially our week in Avalon in the summer of '04 (Kairos: Avalon style) and the first time i visited him down at Drexel. So i just wanted ot say thanks to Greg in beeing a great man, for always being a friend to count on, and all the great memories i have of him.
-- Michael "Gerf" Gavin lasalle class of '01

   Greg Teufel, aka Teufdawg among many other nicknames, was an amazing
kid.  Amazing enough that it makes it next to impossible to write about
him in a way that can truly live up to his name.  Simply put, Greg was
an outstanding kid and was nothing like any other person I met.   He was
passionate about everything he did.  The only comfort that can come
from a situation like this is knowing now that Miles has someone to
keep him company up in Heaven.  We love you Greg, and we will never
forget you.
Andrew Medwid

   I'll never forget the first day that I met Teuf; 3 weeks into freshman football i noticed a new face in the that looked to be 30 years old. Not very big, but muscular with blonde facial hair covering every inch of his face. "Who the hell is this kid," i though, but i never realized the effect the kid would have in my life. Although he wasnt very big, he would run through a wall for you, his heart and determination was unmatched, whether it was freshman football, or over the course of his impressive wrestling career. I know that if it wasnt for his personality I wouldnt have made it through the tough times or freshman baseball. If u have ever met teuf you would immediately realize that he was different than any other person you have EVER metHe could put a smile on your face whether he's doing his beast walk or just plain having an everyday conversation. His outgoing personality made him loved at! La Salle High and probably everywhere he went. I know that Teuf and Miles are holding it down looking over us all...that's a pretty mean tag team up there boys. With that I would like to give my thoughts and prayers to the Teufel family and his friends, especially the Wu Unit. WATCH OVER US ALL GREG, WE"LL MISS YOU.
--Matt Malloy La Salle class of '04

I had the pleasure of wrestling with Greg for three years,
and in that time I came to know him well.  He always worked
hard, never complained, and competed with all of his
ability, but most of all he always put others before
himself.  Coming from all of my heart, Greg is one of the
nicest gentlemen that I have ever been associated with.   My
thoughts and prayers go out to all of his family and
friends.  Thank you for all of the sweet memories Greg.   I
can't wait to see you again. Your teammate and friend,
--  John Barrett, La Salle ‘03

Greg and I became friends through some of my friends from grade school such as Bill Gottschalk, Matt Gleason, Jerry Dunn, and Chris Miller.  Greg always seemed to have a smile on his face and could brighten any room he walked into.  Greg’s best friend, Carl, is one of my very close friends and through him I became close with Greg.  I hung out with Greg many times this summer down the shore and back at home.  I want to send my condolences to Greg’s friends and family for this is a very trivial time.  Greg was a wonderful person and he will be truly missed by myself and others that he was close with.  Greg we all love you so very much!  Pray for us all! Xoxox
-- Steph Schelkun

Greg Teufel was an amazing person. He was a competetive wrestler, and pound for pound the toughest kid I have ever met.  However, Tuef was a kind person who loved to have a great time, and always had fun no matter where he went or who he was with.  He seemed to find the best in situations and in people and I'll always remember him for that. He was a wonderful person and he will always be missed, but never forgotten.  I love you and miss you Greg.
--Chris Mulholland

I met Greg in the 7th grade at SJR, and we become great friends.  He would always ride his bike to my house, He was an amazing person.  He was truly one of a kind and No one will ever be able to replace him.  I'll always remember how he would take off his shoes before entering a house, how he used to eat his scabs and  get mad at you for makin fun of him.  I can't believe he's gone.  He was such a stong person and he definitely didn't deserve this.  My prayers are with his family and friends.  Rest in peace greg..We all love you, and will miss you so much!!..Watch over us, and keep us safe : ) love ya bud
--Kate Crompton

I have had the pleasure of knowing Greg since I was a sophomore in high school.  Greg and I met through mutual friends and we clicked right away.  Greg was always there to make me laugh.  I remember one time Greg "wanted a change" and asked me to dye his hair "blonde".  Well, I picked up some dye at the store and in my garage I dyed Greg's hair.. only it came out bright orange.  His mom was not very happy with me.  Greg always thought about other people.  He was always there to cheer me up... One time I was having a bad day and I was talking to Greg on the computer.. he told me he had to go and he was sorry but he would talk to me soon.  Ten minutes later, Greg showed up at my house with a pink daisy just to make me smile.  I will miss Greg dearly, and I will never forget all of the wonderful times I spent with him.  I'll always remember going to his wrestling matches, and having him teach me how to box in Eddie's basement.  May you rest in peace forever Greg.  We all Love and Miss you.  I know you're up there smiling down on each and every one of us.
-- Laura Bontempo

My heart goes out to Greg's family, and ALL those who had the privilege of knowing such an awesome person.  Greg has been called home to celebrate eternal life with our Lord...and Miles.  God Bless his soul...he will never be forgotten.
-- Nikki Bourlier

How can one describe the craziness that was Greg Teufel? I've hung out with the kid no more than twenty times, and I have probably two hundred memories of him. Whether it's him throwing me over his head or seeing him shatter a bottle with a quarter, I've never met someone quite like him. I think it's pretty fitting that my last memory of him was him making me laugh. I don't even remember what for but all I know is that I walked away from him with a smile on my face. He would do anything for his friends and is probably the nicest kid I've ever met. Sure, you might not think that if you were at the hands of one of his beatings, but damn was he a likeable kid. It's so hard to believe that he's really gone, but when I think about him looking down at us, I just imagine the goofy look on his face as he's watching over everyone, and laugh. I love ya and miss ya Teuf. You truly will never be forgotten.
-- anonymous

I knew Greg from our good old days at St. Joes/ St. Roberts.  Unfortunately, we lost touch around sophomore year of High School.  I always wanted to run into Greg, caught up on times lost and become close again.  Greg, myself, Shane, Justin and Kristen Conboy and sometimes Brian Devlin would make it a point to go out together every Halloween, too old to be dressed in such stupid outfits.  Halloweens were always the times I thought about Greg and how we hadn?t talked in a while and now those three or four Halloweens are going to be my final memories of him.  Greg was a wonderful, fun, sweet, caring and! passionate person.  I send my thoughts and prayers to his family and all his friends (we all know he had many).  He touched so many people with his vibrant personality and is a hard person to forget.
Greg, you will be VERY missed.  RIP hon, watch over us all
~Jeannette Alashoush

I became friends with Greg through his brother Mark and my sister Laura.  Greg was an amazing wrestler and competitor, but more then that he was an amazing person.  I lost touch with Greg the past few years, and would see him only on occassion.  I can remember back in High School trying to teach Greg and Mark how to surf in Ocean City.  Greg never thought of himself first, he always wanted to help others.  No matter how bummed or mad you were, Greg took it upon himself to make you smile.  I hadn't seen Greg in about 8 months, and I ran into him last Wednesday Night.  He told me he loved me and my family and that he missed us greatly.  Well Greg, not nearly as much as we will always miss you.  I Love You and will always remember you.  Mark, I love you too, if you ever need me I am here.
-Dave Bontempo

I first met Greg in St. Joe/St. Roberts, him and my brother were best friends through grade school.  I have so many memories of him over my house everyday, taking his shoes off before he came in the house :) and just being the sweetheart he was.   The nights myself, Jeannette, Justin, and Greg would hang out will always be with me. Greg was an amazing person and always made me smile.  The Halloween nights wouldnt have been the same without him.  Greg you were an amazing person, and now you truly are an angel. You'll never be forgotten .....
~ Kristen Conboy

Teufdawg was quite possily one of my favorite people of all time. I met him in the 7th grade at the wonderful St. Joe/Rob and we instantly became friends. My best guy friends took him right in and everyone fell in love with him so quick. Greg and I stayed friends throughout high school, esp. when he dated one of my close friends Kt and I just have so many memories with Greg that make me laugh so hard that I cry to this day. We had so many adventures that usually involved Greg saying to me "cmon kate just trust me it won't be that long of a walk" which would inturn turn out to be atleast an hour of walking to our destination with a lot of experiences on the way. I miss Greg so incredibly much already and this just hit me so hard... all the Teufels are in my prayers and so is everyone who knew Greg because he was just simply an amazing person. *i love you greg, you will -always- have a special place in my heart*
~Katie Barr

dude teuf, ill never forget the first time i met you on the bus going home from la salle my freshman year, i thought you were a 40 year old man or atleast a senior, ill always remember me and you giving sloan, crazy carl and germano beat downs on the bus, and every other crazy thing we did on that bus. im glad i got to see you those few times over the summer, you are the man, ill always remember you
-Vince Butler

I met Greg through wrestling and through common friends. He was the most real person I have ever met and I'm probably not the only one. He would always be there for you to try to help you out through your problems and was always honest with you. His outgoing personality and frankness always made you feel comfortable. His crazy antics always put a smile on your face no matter what mood your were in. Greg was a great friend, roll model, and most of all a great human being.Greg, will be greatly missed by myself and countless other people, but we will never forget you buddy.
--Josh Czarkowski

Greg Teufel was a great kid, who always knew how to put a smile on your
face.  Whether it was watching him wrestle, playing wiffle ball with
him at Lasalle, or taking the long bus ride home, I always admired him.
Nothing can be said about how much we will miss Greg.  My prayers go
out to his family and the rest of his friends.
-- Jim Slover LS '04

Teuf was one of the sweetest most amazing people I've ever met.  He was so funny, and nice, and unique it was impossible not to like him.  I remember so vividly sitting with Greg in class and in awe at some of the things that came out of his mouth.  He was also one of the toughest kids I've ever met.  I played freshamn football with him and saw him wrestle a number of times, just such a great kid worked hard at everything he ever did.  I can just imagine him and Miles now hanging out in heaven. Our angels.  We all miss and love you Greg.
-- Frank Jorfi

Often, when your kids enter high school, there are so many new faces coming in and out of your door that it's difficult to remember every one.  Not so with Greg.  From the first time I met Greg on my daughter's sixteenth birthday, he was sweet, respectful and a gentleman.  He spent quite a bit of time in my home and more than a few memories stand out, most particularly the time my daughter dyed Greg's hair orange!  (It was supposed to be blonde.)  I remember also a time when he showed up  at our door with a daisy for my daughter, just because he knew she was feeling down.  And, I recall sharing a fondness for scary movies, at least one of which Greg let me borrow because he thought I would enjoy it.  (I did, Greg; it's become one of my favorites.)  As a parent, I can say he was a pleasure to know and I'm happy my kids had the opportunity to create some wonderful memories with such an outstanding ! young man.  I will keep Greg, his family, and especially you, all of his thoughtful friernds, in my prayers during this difficult time.
-- Mrs. Bontempo

I don't think it’s possible to capture the type of person
Greg was in one paragraph or even words because as many
people have already said above, there was no one like him.
Teuf was never afraid of anything or anyone, and he never
backed down from any situation. At the same time, he never
took himself too seriously and was always good for a laugh.
His random comments and funny stories could never be
replaced and he will be greatly missed by anyone who knew
-Pat Riley

I met Greg, "the beast", in my freshman year, and it all began on our crazy bus
from Warminster. My brother, Jerry, is a year older than I, and instantly he
became friends with Greg their freshman year. Coming in as a freshman, I
didn't know that many kids. The first guys i met though, that I relied on and
looked up to for the rest of my years at LaSalle, were the Wu-unit. I can
remember getting on the bus and Carl, Teuf, and Miller would beat me up until I
was wedged under the seat of the bus, as Jerry watched and laughed, but that
didn't bother me. Just being able to have kids that I could talk to in the
halls or have my back when things weren't right, made the world to me. My
brother and his friends have become all like older brothers to me, and losing
greg will be like losing that older brother figure. Greg was always there for
a laugh, and yes, would enjoy to wrestle me although I couldn't do much about
it, but I can always remember that behind that beastly man, there was the
kindest human being. Always there to talk to, always helpul insight, and also
extrememly intelligent. I will miss Greg, and the Wu-Unit will surely not be
the same without his presence. Greg, although you were friends with jerry, I
looked up to you so much. I will miss you a lot man. Let us all keep Greg and
the entire Teufel family in our prayers.
-- Tim Dunn

Greg was one of those people you can never forget.  I have so many memories of him on Kairos, in Prayer class, or hanging out in Campus Ministry.  He was a wild man at times and then there were those moments you saw a gentle soul.  Someone who could gross you out in one moment and pose a deep spiritual question in the next.  A couple weeks ago I was talking with his brother Nick in the La Salle café and was inquiring on how Greg was doing.  I saw a glint in his eye as he spoke about his brother.  I saw that a lot when talking to his friends about him.  Greg was one of a kind and this world will miss out on experiencing his powerful life force.  His spirit will live on, though, in all of us.  Meeting Teuf once you could never forget him.  He will always be a part of who we are.  I consider myself very lucky to have known Greg Teufel.  My heart goes out to his family and friends.  This is not going to be easy but with all of us together we will get through.  May God bless you Teuf.  Wu Unit I am so sorry for your loss.
God Bless
Mr. Mark “Chez” Chesnik
Teacher, La Salle College High School

   I played baseball with Greg's brother Nick when we were younger and that's when i met Greg for the first time.  What a great guy.  Then he suddenly appeared at SJR and i was to say the least, surprised! We would hang out a lot 7th and 8th grade, finding places to jump our bikes and to make me mess up and look like a schmuck haha. Good times.  The funniest memory i have of Greg is of him outlining a certain somTHING and bringing it into Mr. Benkert's class for a laugh, but Mr. Benkert caught him LOL. It was so funny! Then we started to lose contact when H.S started. I kept saying to myself, even up to last week, I should stop over Greg's house just to say hi, but i regret never being able to see him one last time.  Aside from William Tennent's prom which he popped up at, that will be how i remember Greg Teuf, with a smile and a hug for old friends. We're going to miss you Greg, but i have a good feeling we will meet again=:). Your friend forever.
Brent Belli

The Good sure do die young! I grew up most of my life with Greg as one of my first and best friends. We were on the same teeball team as kids, and our friendship really grew from there. Our families became good friends and me and Greg would always hang out. As we got to highshcool we kind of lost touch alittle bit, but when we did hang out boy o boy was it some good times. I liked Greg for the fact that he didn't base his life around what other people thought of him, and I really admired him for that. When we would run into each other down the shore, or any other place it was really like we had never lost touch, and it whatever was goin on didn't really matter because we made the most fun out of whatever situation we were in. He had an uncanny ability to make anyone smile or happy. I really truely am goin to miss Greg, but I know that he is going to live on in each memory that we carry of him. From the fierce competitor to the caring kid that touched us all, you have touched our lives forever, and I thank you for that. I look at your brothers Greg, and see alittle bit of you in each one of them. Heaven couldn't wait any longer for you Teufdawg. God Bless and I love you man.
--Dave Dee

I've never really gotten to know Greg more than the "hey wats up" exchanged in the halls at LaSalle, but i always heard guys around school talk about him and he seemed like a kool guy. I was really shocked the day i heard Greg passed away, and also the way that he died, because back in April i too was involved in a near fatal car accident, and it really to know that i made it and he didnt. I sat the entire day and wondered why does God take away those whom we love the most. Greg was an amazing guy who changed the lives of countless people, and will always be remembered and never forgotten. I really regret not getting to know Greg, but after reading other people's comments, i know that he and miles will be watching us down here from Heaven. Rest in piece dude, u'll def be missed and very much loved
ari lolosidis '04

   Greg, a friend once told me that she loves when it rains at funerals because when she was little she was told that its like God is right there crying with you.   It poured today, but ironically enough only during your burial.  I met you in 7th grade at SJR and knew you were one of a kind.  It turns out, you were just the kind we all needed.  You brought laughter and adventure to each day; there was never a dull moment with you. You and your bike seemed to show up everywhere, along with cuts and scabs (which you sickly enough liked to bite off) to show off the days activities. Whether it was a funny joke or one of your goofy faces, the people around you were usually laughing.  All of my best memories from that one summer include you, me and Kristin.   The other day I found notes and letters from you.  The best was a picture you had Nick draw me of you to try and convince me to be your girlfriend.  He was pretty generous to you in the picture, you would have liked it, but if only you could have realized then that your personality was enough to win over every person in the room.   You always said I was your first love, and that may be true, but I can only think of how lucky we all are to have been loved by you.  You were always our big old teddybear, Greg.  I wish I could have gotten one last hug.  Keep an eye on us, and don't forget to send some of your craziness our way.  I'll be missin you...
love always, Jill Abecasis

When I was 6 or 7 years old, the Teufels moved in next door to me.
Instantly Mark, Greg & Nick became part of our neighborhood "crew." We
would play kickball and baseball in my backyard. When we got a little
older we'd all play hockey in the street, and Greg was the only one
who let us girls play. He became a very good friend of mine. Years
later, he transfered to SJR and I was thrilled. Everyone loved him.
Even though we went to different high schools our friendship grew even
stronger. Greg was an amazing person. He would have done absolutely
anything for me, or anyone. He was always there for me no matter what,
and he never failed to make me laugh. I honestly couldnt think of a
bad thing to say about him, or know anyone who would. He was truly
unique and such a sweetheart. Never have I met anyone like him, nor
will I. He touched so many lives in the short time he was here. I
can't believe we've lost such a wonderful person. I don't know how
we're all going to go on without you.. Greg, we all love and miss you
terribly. God definitely gained an angel... *in my heart you'll always
stay forever young*
-- Valerie Corbidge

Greg Teufel was a great friend. I attended LaSalle with Greg and I must say that he is one of the funniest people I have ever met. He was very strong, even on his down days he always found a way to smile. His humor was one of his many positive traits. When I heard the news I was absolutely shocked. His death is very hard on me and the rest of my class, especially having had lost another classmate, Miles Miller, a little over a year ago. I will never forget how incredible Greg was. His memory will continue to live on. R.I.P. Teuf.
COOP, LaSalle of 2004

"When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight." –Kahlil Gibran
Dear Greg,
   You truly were everyone’s delight, and you certainly brought so much happiness into my life.  It’s hard to believe that you are gone, I feel like it was just yesterday that we met at Jerry Dunn’s CYO basketball game.  You made me happy from the moment I met you.  The memories are truly just endless whether it was you pretending to be drunk at my Winter Formal with that winter deer-skinned hat on or you in the beach chair singing and dancing to “Groove is in the Heart” on Senior Week.  I could not have asked for a better Surprise 18th Birthday party, and those cupcakes you made me were delicious Greg.  One of my favorite memories with you was when you wouldn’t give my favorite shirt back.  Later, when I arrived at your house, you opened the door and your dog Simba came running out in my favorite shirt. I never laughed so hard in my life.   You were the best senior prom date a girl could ask for Greg, and I am so thankful I got to share that special night with you.   You are an incredible person with a truly indescribable personality.  There will never be another person quite like you.  Memories last a lifetime, and I will forever hold you in the most special place of my heart Gregory.  Greg, just like Billy Borrell said though, “Don’t get kicked out of Heaven before we all get there.” “How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to”-Unknown.  I love you and I will miss you.
Love always,

Sandy Hill aka Sandusa
-Wu-Unit, Greg’s family, and all who had the chance to know Greg, you are all in my prayers-

I met Greg through my brother, because they were on LaSalle's wrestling team together, when I was about 12. Greg was the kind of person who put everyone else before himself. He was always so kind and treated me like a little sister. No matter how anyone was feeling, as soon as they saw Greg, a smile came to their face. I best remember Greg attempting to play Dance Dance Revolution in Eddie's basement in a bright yellow pair of pajama pants with milk and cookies on them. They tried to make my friend and I play, but we refused. Greg drug me by my legs over to the mat and made me play that stupid game. I've never laughed so hard in my entire life as I did that night. Greg was an amazing kid and we will all miss him so much.
-Stephanie Ullrich

Greg was a huge inspiration to me as a freshman, and i looked at him as an older brother. Every memory i have of Greg is a great one. Every memory I have of Greg makes me laugh. There is no doubt in my mind that Greg will watch over each and every one of us, just as we will keep him and his family in our prayers. Greg had a way of touching people and he didn't even realize it. He was also a great leader. Every day before practice he would be in the room early, practicing his moves. He never gave up on our team either. He wrestled every match to the best of his ability, and won almost all of them. I remember at matches Mrs Teufel would be grabbing onto Mr. Teufels arm in fear for Gregory, and Mr Teufels other arm would be trying to calm Uncle Greg down (which usually didnt work). Greg was an amazing person, and will live on forever in our hearts. So keep the Teufels in your prayers, and when you're feeling down, remember one of the many times that Greg made you laugh. Our next season goes out to you, Greg, watch over us all.
Your friend and teammate,
Ben Courtney

I never knew Greg personally but I could see he was a fierce
competitor and a leader of Lasalle's wrestling team. I
respected his ability as a wrestler and he was very classy in
victory or defeat. I just wanted to send my regards to Greg's
family, friends and the Lasalle HS community for such a
tragic loss.
Ted Murphy
nc '01

What a pleasure it was for me to know Greg! As Principal of La Salle I
only taught one English class and I was lucky that Teuf was a part of that
class. Every day, first period, when Teuf was there he always made the
class come alive. It was there that I came to know him as more than a
tough wrestler and the friend that everyone wanted to know. I came to
know Teuf as a deep, spiritual person who loved to write and valued his
family and friends above all. Teuf's leadership didn't fit into the molds
that we like to see it fit into -- but he knew his friends, he knew his
team, and he loved them all. He was able to motivate other young people
through his actions, his caring and his determination. I'll never forget
watching him wrestle -- my boys would go home and mirror his moves
pretending that they were Greg Teufel. Teuf -- I can't tell you what you
meant to me and how I cried when I found out that you died. Heaven is a
better place now and I'm sure that everyone up there knows it! Mark,
Renee, and Nick -- my love and prayers are with you. Class of 2004 --
your legacy is great and I know that you will rise to show us all that
God's plan can surprise us, but never defeat us. Peace be with you.

-- Fred Assaf, Headmaster
Pace Academy
Atlanta, GA 30327

Greg and I met in 7th grade and instantly became best friends. He always
knew exactly what to say to make me laugh harder than ever. He was a truly
amazing person. So many of the best times of my life were spent with Greg.
He used to just show up at my house at the most random times with his bike
and want to show me his new tricks or come in my house and eat, always
taking his shoes off first. We used to make fun of him for eating his
scabs, but we still loved him anyway. I remember attending most of his
wrestling matches and I used to love watching him put all of his heart
into it. No one could ask for a more loving friend and person as Greg
Teuful. Greg, you will always be on my mind and in my heart. I will love
you forever and you will never be forgotten. Watch over all of us. You
will be missed. Rest in Peace.
-Kristin Stewart

When I first met Greg we were on rival teams, Wood vs.
Lasalle wrestling.  Throughout high school I got the honor
to meet one of the nicest kids I have ever met in my entire
life.  I went from not knowing a kid and being rival
competitors, to becoming friends.  I am so honored to have
been associated with such a funny, out going, and nice
person.  The stories that I have and that others have of
Greg could go on until the end of time.  You will always be
missed and your family and other friends will always be in
my prays.  Please keep us in your prays as you look after
us, but I don't need to ask you that cuz I know you already
are.  I'll miss yah.
Eddie Waddington

I met Greg as a Freshman at La Salle.  Somebody came up to me and said there was this kid named "Teuf" that wanted to come out for the wrestling team.  I thought to myself what the heck is a Teuf?  From the minute I met him I knew he was something special.  I had the privilege of coaching Greg for 4 years.  Through those years he became like a little brother to me.  We would talk about his problems he was having in school, with girls, and with life.  We used to have long talks on the back of the bus coming back from matches and tournaments.  We even drew up game plans on blackboards on ways to hook up with girls in Eddie's basement.  Greg and I got to be close sharing stories and advice.  I had the opportunity to get to know his parents Mark and Renee who became personal friends of mine.  Anyone who was at any of the services could see just how many people whose lives Greg has touched.  Watching Greg grow from a boy to a man was quite an experience.  I will always cherish and celebrate the 6 years that I have spent with Greg.  My prayers go out to the Teufel family and all those that were touched by Greg.
-- Anthony Panzarella

Greg was an amazing captain, teammate and friend to us all.  Teuf would never put himself before anyone.  He was always halping me on and off of the mat.  I found out freshman year that I knew Greg through my cousin, whom he grew up with.  Greg was a true inspiration to me and everyone esle that he can into contact with.  I remember the constant beatings I would get before practice from him.  He would always let me get him down, then procede to beat the crap out of me.  The guy was a beast... Greg, you'll always be in all of our hearts and minds.  My heart goes out to your family and everyone else that knew you and was close to you.  I miss you, and will always remember all of the great memories that we shared.  Continue to guide and help us all.
Your friend and teammate.
--Rob Stott

In life we come across a countless number of people, some who choose to simply continue walking on by and others who, like Greg Teufel, choose to stay and chat a while.  My first memory of Greg was way back in elementary school at Alta S. Leary.   I believe it was second grade, and up until that year I had only made a small number of friends.  Sure I knew everybody in my class, but most of them never bothered to say hello.  That was until I was approached by a small group of individuals.  Greg was the first to step out of the group and ask me my name, followed by an invitation to "hang out".  I know that something like this may seem small to some, but to me it meant the world.  Greg made me come to the realization that all people are inherently good.  Greg was always the one making others smile around him, including myself.  He seemed to always know what people wanted and how to achieve that for them.  Greg, even though I haven't gotten the opportunity to talk to you since those years, until the day I meet you up in heaven I will never forget the way you affected my life and the lives of those many others you've touched.  Rest in peace my brother.
-- David Kline

I remember first meeting Greg in the 6th Grade. Valerie brought him to St.Joe/St.Rob dance because he was coming to our grade school the next year. I also remember going Trick or Treating with him in 7th Grade, that was a fun night. He made us laugh, alot. Even though I wasn't very close with him in grade school, I always remember him being very nice to everyone no matter who you were. He never seemed to care about what other people thought about him.
I always remember Greg & Keep you in my prayers.
Ashley Hartman

Where to begin... I first met you on one crazy night freshman year at
bri's house. You, Marykate, and Jeff were upstairs, and I'm not gonna lie
you were pretty intimidating. But that was only until you came downstairs and
said..."hey there pretty lady, wanna take a walk on the wild side?"
and then started to sing Lous Reed - Walk on the Wild Side. It is said that
first impressions last a lifetime, and I couldn't agree more, Greg. My
first impression of you... loveable, fun, crazy, sweet, strong, and funny.
I miss you Greg. I miss seeing you almost every weekend. Being able to
say that you were a big part of my life is a blessing and I am also blessed
to be able to have been touched by you in my life. I'll never forget waking
up on bri's couch at the shore, to you beating me with a pillow to try and
get me to wake up, and when i did you stood above me with a big smile on

your face, and thats how i remember you, smiling. I'll never forget the
endless nights at the shore in the backroom, all the crazy times, all of the
weekends, the games, the random walks,
Greg I will never forget one moment that I spent with you. It hasn't hit me
yet, the fact that I'll never see you again here on earth; or the fact that
you won't be there with me on Christmas and New Years celebrating and living
it up, but you did live it up, everyday that you were here. I know that you
watching us, and that is the only comfort that I get; knowing that you are
with all of us. I think about you everyday, and I miss you. I love you Greg.
-- Anna

There isn't much more to be said about Greg than has already been said so many times.  How else can you describe him; he was a caring, compassionate, spiritual, and perserverant young man and above all was a great friend.  Greg was a leader and a special kind of person that you don't often come across in life.  I met Greg during my freshman year at LaSalle because we both wrestled and I have too many memories on and off the mat with him to pick one to talk about.  He was always there for a friend, whether it was being there to talk or just seeing his face on the sideline at one of our games in the spring he was always there.  I'm sure he will continue to be there for all of his friends and family whenever we need him the most.  None of us will ever be able to replace Greg, but I hope we all can take something out of how he touched our lives to make us better persons and to allow his memory to truly live on.   All of Greg's friends and family are in my prayers.
- Andrew Cotlov, LaSalle '05

I put off writing about you because it was just too hard. I ride by your
house everyday and tears come to my eyes each time. I can't believe what a
great person the world lost. You know at the funeral your mom told me to
pray for you and all I kept thinking is I know he is in heaven and I
know he is looking down on us. What a wonderful person he was. The bus
ride home was always fun with you. You always made me laugh even when I
was in a bad mood. I will truly miss you and I will pray to you each and

-- Erin Smith