Halim, vs. Bodine   

Halim (C) with buddies Jay Harris (L) and Jamair Williams (R)

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   Halim Lindsey, a junior guard for Paul Robeson High's basketball team, was shot to death 4/6/09. He was straight-A student with no criminal history. Coach Rob Powlen described Halim as a very dedicated  player and added that teachers raved about him. Teammate Jamair Williams, a lifelong friend, said Halim (brother of Nurideen, former Overbrook star) always kept everybody laughing. He also said Halim had recently told him he was looking ahead with excitement to his senior season "because I'm really getting serious about this basketball stuff."
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Services have taken place.

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  It's really hitting a lot of kids hard.  Halim was well liked by kids across the city at all schools.  A few of my younger Bodine players were close with Halim as well.  I remember when he used to follow Nuri around with the camcorder taping all of his games.
-- Rob Moore, Bodine assistant
  Halim was an excellent student -- thoughtful, hard-working, respectful. His work in class showed him to be extremely intelligent, insightful, and very creative.  I will always remember this wonderful young man.
-- Lelah Marie, Robeson Spanish teacher
  On February 12th, Boys' Latin played Paul Robeson in the semi finals to determine who would compete for the divisional championship against MC&S; I will never forget what me and halim chatted about that day; we were at the free throw line and he said to me "we are taking this game lil". We both laughed at his comment. I never thought that i would see the day that someone of great opportunity and talent would be taken from the game of basketball, let alone his family. Halim Lindsey will indeed be missed by the Boys' Latin Community! R.I.P

-- Boys Latin F Kwahlil Coleman Jones
  Leem really was the true definition of a GOOD KID. I miss that guy tremendously...and it's only been three days. I am not going to say much, due mostly to the fact that i am getting choked up now talking about it. Halim Lindsey is and always will be loved and sorely missed by the entire Paul Robeson family. Every time I see him, all I see is his smile. Great person......he would give you the SKIN off his back. I just miss him. He lived on this site like it was his home, so please post this cause I know he'll see it. "WE LOVE YOU LEEM AND WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE YOU IN OUR HEARTS".
-- Tahar Sutton, assistant coach
  Halim was loved by so many people - his family, friends, teammates, coaches, classmates, teachers, "old heads", "young bulls", opposing players - I could go on and on.  He only played one season with us but it feels like he played all 3.  That's the type of impact he had on our team.  I remember early in the season telling Tahar how happy I was that Leem decided to play this year.  His great spirit alone added so much.  He always carried himself with class around the school and kept everybody laughing when he "whammed" people or called somebody a "crab."  I'll miss everything about Halim and I'll always keep him and his spirit with me.  R.I.P. Leem.  Love you. -- From the rip.
Rob Powlen, Coach-Paul Robeson HIgh School

  My heart really hurts for what has happened to Halim. Halim was a 
smart, hardworking, respectful, and charismatic child. I will keep all 
of the family as well as the staff and students in prayer during this 
difficult time. Our kids deserve better than the lives that many of 
them have unfairly been given. I pray that they will rise above their 
situations and make a better life for themselves so that their 
families, when they get older, do not have to experience just the 
sheer nonsense that goes on. To the rest of Paul Robeson keep strong 
for Halim.
-- Carmelle Jean-Paul
  It just breaks my heart to here the news about my close friend Halim Lindsey. Halim was in my gym class last year during my senior year. He always wanted to play one on one, or rough house. There are so many memories that i will forever keep in my herat.  I wish i can write more but the tears wont stop running down my face. I love you Halim.
-- Daniel Mack
  I wasnt extremly close to Halim but i remeber him well;i remember when robeson played my skool in the playoffs and he almost made us lose;all the kids from bodine kept yelling "yo get that fast kid off da court leem gone make us lose" lol and i remeber when i would come up to robeson to see my cousins after skool he would always say "how you doin miss" and i would say "fine and you cutie" then my cousin would say "yall hype halim you dont know her" but we knew we were both omazin from da rip you crabs lol but in all honesty although he was a distant friend he was one that could brighten up my day anytime with his omazin attitude halim will be missed forever and ever and i will always love you cutie...R.I.P Leem see you wen i get dere  babe
-- J. Smith, Bodine student

  Might donít remember us but we never forgot bout you Halim. It was a hurt piece when us down the northeast heard the news. It touched a lot of our hearts because after you moved nobody really got to talk to you. Still till this day we have the picture of you from when yall beat us in the CHIP in the HOUSEMAN REC LEAGUE. Back in those days you inspired me to get better. It was you and  your brother every morning at the park in I used to come up there in we used to workout all day. I wouldíve never thought I would ever see this day. But to keep it real the love is real strong over here and here forever. Also a lot of us was trying to make it to your funeral but didnít have no info. But last we wanted to let you know that you still got a big place in all of our hearts in every game we play were going to bring home for you baby boy.
  In eighth grade, we knew him as the young comedian of the Edward Heston Track team for the Penn Relays. A young man with a great outlook and bright soul. He is missed, and forever cherished in our hearts.
-- Barb Larkin, Edward Heston Elementary Phys. Ed. Teacher
-- Katharine Larkin, Penn Relay Track Assistant Coach
  Oh how quickly I found out who Halim Lindsey was when we open the season against Paul Robeson he spark them and for a minute every time they needed a bucket he came through. I am sorry to hear about the lost even though I only knew him for a short period of time he was a good and respectful kid and he will be truly miss. The entire Robeson family are in our prayers.
-- Coach Danny Jackson  MCS

  This is especially difficult for me, because Halim , Nuri and their family have always been a part of my life. Halim was ALWAYS positive and wanted the best for everyone around him...He was the most unselfish kid I have EVER known. I will miss him getting me up early on Saturday mornings to workout, games of PIG, one on one's.........Always had a smile, always looked out for others. Halim you will be missed and I thank God for allowing me to be apart of your life.....the 53st st "PALACE" will miss u! Luv You Boy!!!!!!!
-- Will Wright, FLC  "Stonehead"
Halim was one of the rare people who could be the smartest, nicest, and funniest person in a the room...at the same time.  We will miss him terribly, and our prayers go out to his family.
-- Andrew Saltz
English Teacher
Paul Robeson High School

  Reading these comment brought me to tears. I often hear people speak well of others after they are gone, however, Halim truly deserved every comment on this list. Halim, you were on your way to much bigger and better things. Halim was an entrepreneur, an athlete and one of the most genuine people I have encountered. Although, I never got to tell you how proud I was and still am for you and what you represent, I am telling you now. I AM PROUD OF MY COUSIN AND EVERYTHING HE STOOD FOR! You set a great example for others around you and it was an honor to have known you. We love you. We miss you. You will never be forgotten. NEVER! Words can't express the pain we all feel...
-- Mahari
  Halim's death really hit home and I'm deeply sadden. I attend Paul Robeson and this is really a hard time for us. Leem was a funny and outgoing person and he was very passionate about ball just like his brother Nuri. The school is not the same without you and WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH LEEM. 
  I am truly saddened by the news i received of what Happened to Halim. I've been here in Germany playing for like 6 months now and since I've been here two people close to me have been lost to Violence! Halim was really a good Kid and would always have a smile on his face and be very playful whenever i saw him with his Brother. To me those guys were inseparable! Everywhere i saw Nuri there was Halim. So we built a pretty good relationship in the 4 years that I've known him. I couldn't believe it when i read about it , and couldn't feel more sad for his Family and Friends. Another life taken too soon! You will be missed Leem.
-- Erik Hood
  This is very hard for me because me and Halim became very close as soon as he walked through the Paul Robeson doors. I remember trying to pursue him to come to our workouts to play on  our team. He didn't play Freshman, or  Sophomore year, but he came around in his Junior year. Halim was very rare, talented, intelligent, and he was just a motivator for other people to better themselves. Halim gave clothes and sneaks off of his own back for others and he would always have a smile on his face. It was just something special about him. Halim sparked alot of our games to be wins just by his efforts to winning. I know its not gonna be the same without you anymore but im playing for you and me now! We miss you a lot leem and you will never be forgotten!
Paul Robeson Teammate
-- Xavier Brown
  Leem was a good dude.  When I found out, I was truly pissed but "only the good die young."  He's greatly missed.  On the Facebook community, people that knew him dedicated their statuses to him when we heard the news.  LEEM YOU'RE MISSED MAN!!!!
-- T. Veal II - Lamberton Baseball #20

First, Iíd like to thank you for showing Halim all this love. He deserves it! Iím too overcome with grief right now to say too much, but what I will say is; Leem was a pleasure to coach/teach. Halim was the glue to our team, always keeping guys focused and together. Well liked all around the school by students and staff. He has left an imprint on my life foreverÖÖ.i only wish we had more time with him. We lost  a HUGE part of our Paul Robeson family on 4/6/09, one that will never be forgotten or duplicated. WE LOVE U LEEM.
-- Coach Sutton
  Halim is truly missed. I am doing a paper on teen deaths in
Philadelphia, and tears fill my eyes as i think about Leem. Halim and
I shared so many laughs together, his personality was delightful. We
share the same birthday and always planned to celebrate together.Every
year i celebrate our birthday the way you would have wanted.  Your
memory lives on threw so many people who loves you. I LOVE YOU LEEM..
-- Toya