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Jim in '05

   Jim Quinn, a soccer/baseball player at North Catholic High and a 2006
graduate, passed away Sept. 29, 2007, of injuries suffered in an auto
   "Quinny" was incredibly energetic and kept up non-stop chirping to
encourage his teammates. At basketball/wrestling events, he was the guy
who invariably started the chants and got everyone going.

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Contributions . . .

I played with Quinny my freshman year two years ago and i will always remember, you would never be at a game without hearing his voice. He was always cheering everyone on even if he wasn't in the game and no matter what the score was quinny was always the one to motivate the team and pick his teammates up. He will be missed. ILMOJQ
-- Bob Hopkins, Class of 2009
North Catholic basketball games will never be the same without you Quinny. You are truly missed by many. R.I.P Kid
Quinny was a great teammate, friend, and person. I will miss seeing him around the neighborhood. He will be remembered as the smallest kid with the biggest heart. I just wanted to post this not just for him but for his family. He will be missed. RIP lil man.

Dan Shields NC '06
As a freshman at North Catholic, you never sat with the
seniors during your lunch period. That was true, for
everyone besides Quinny. My lunch table senior year was
chock full of the senior baseball players, than there was
Quinny. He did an awesome job keeping us loose, always
cracking a joke, but the reason we really let him sit there,
is because he made us feel very good about ourselves. It was
clear he looked up to us as the varsity baseball team, his
goal was to be in our shoes one day. Attending baseball
games after I graduated, I can't tell you how many games
Iíve been to that they won or lost. I can't rattle off the
starting the line ups at those games. I can however vividly
remember Quinny, and hearing his words of encouragement for
his teammates. Quinny will be missed by the North Catholic
family, and everyone who has had the pleasure to be in his
John Paffen '03
I played baseball with and against Quinny when in grade school and the way you described his attitude was perfect. He was always building up his teammates no matter if you were down by 10 or up by 10. He was even fun to play against with all the comments he would make before, during and even after the game. He came and played for the Fairmount Braves traveling team and he was a great ball player but an even better teammate. You will be missed by many buddy
R.I.P. Quinny
-- Steve Eisenhower
I was Quinny's teammate for a year, and although he didn't get on the field too much, he was one of the best teammates I ever played with, because he didn't care that he didn't play. Whatever helped us win, he was all for it. Whether it was yelling at the other team or comin up to me and encouraging me after a bad inning, he was there no matter what. North was lucky to have a teammate like Quinny and we were all lucky enough to have known him.
-- Shaun Gallagher-North Catholic Baseball 03
lil' quinny you'll certainly be missed. like when you try to get on my team at the freddy/mccook, or everyone elses, at the summer tourneys. ahhaha i dont know how a kid with such heart could have it stop so young. i'll miss all your funny jokes at the matches, or passing by on the streets of fishtown, and the tourneys. rest in peace buddy.
teddy murphy
nc 01
Jimmy Quinn was the epitome of an old-school baseball player, his loud mouth and rough and tumble play were what baseball is all about, and no matter what he would always have a huge orange dirt stain on his pants and jersey. I played Phila. Dept. of Rec. Baseball with Quinny for the Fairmount Sports Association for about 4 years and those were the loudest and most passionate games I've ever been apart of. Quinny and I also played in-house with the F.S.A too. I think back and can still hear Quinny screaming his trademarked "Hey Shoota!!" Quinny you know you're missed kid. Watch over us all buddy.
R.I.P. Quinny
Mike Mooney
Roman Catholic '07