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   Kenny Baptiste, a junior football player at Cardinal Dougherty HS and a
Germantown resident, passed 5/18/05 of injuries suffered in a shooting.
   We welcome your comments about Kenny, an outgoing, popular kid who
was expecting to have a big senior season.
   Thank you. Please send them to
   We will gladly post other pictures of Kenny.
   Special thanks goes to teammate Johnny Montina, who asked numerous
students/teammates to write down their comments and then typed them up
and e-mailed them, one by one. A very special gesture by a caring friend.   

Contributions . . .

Kenny, may your soul rest in peace. You are in our prayers at Bishop McDevitt.
-- Jack Rutter

My heart and prayers go out to the Baptiste family and the Cardinal Dougherty Community. I wish that the memories and triumphs of Kenny will give you comfort. God Bless.
Steve Smith
Head Coach

I will always miss kenny he was my first friend at CDHS and the BEST

Till we meet again Mr ESPN aka MVP "06" our year always be remembered
Love, DAN (non-player)

Kenny you were a good friend since I first met you my Freshman year at
Dougherty. You had a smile that would brighten up a room, and you always
knew how to make me laugh. I will miss you very much. You and your
family will be in my prayers.
Tons of Luv now and always
Emily Rosa


We will miss you Kenny and never forget you, Mr.ESPN you will be missed and the CLASS OF ''06'' will never be the same (Team Manager)

Kenny you will be missed greatly by me and the team, you brought
laughter and enthusiasm and I'll always remember you for that. Your Boi
Quinn (TE/LB/DE)

We will always miss you Kenny so ''get-ur-roll on'' in HEAVEN

Kenny will definitely will be missed. He was always the HYPE MAN of the crowd. I send his family my condolences. RIP Kenny aka Primetime. Captain Kellen ''BUBBA'' Kemp # 71 (OL/DL)

The best memory that will always keep about Kenny is he always made people smile.
Love Dave (TB/OLB)

Kenny bought enthusiasm and a smile to class each day. We'll miss this,
but know that the gifts that he has provided will allow others to carry
forward his passion for life.
Mr. Breuer

Kenny was a great kid, a born leader with an infectious smile. He will
truly be missed.
Ellen Rebstock
English Teacher CDHS

Kenny was my Track Teammate and football Teamate.
Much love "06" John Shorter (KR/DB)

kenny was a kind person. he was a superstar on and off the field. he"s
the type of person that wouldn't hurt a fly. to hear my close friend
and former teammate is gone was hard on me because people are takin the
type of person we need in this world. but i know he is in a better
place and watchin over everyone he care about. and me as a frankford
varsity player dedicate this up coming season to Kenny aka"Mr espn aka
mvp aka hollywood" Baptiste. if any of his family or friends need
anything they can reach me at 267 321 9969 or chirp me at 183*609*17270

Your friend and teammate in life and football,
Christopher "Tootsie Roll" Cruz

Kenny will always be in my heart. My best memories from Dougherty
include him and that smile everyone talks about. He was a special person
that no one will ever forget. Kenny a.k.a Mr. Hollywood was a star on
and off the football field.
I wish I could of seen you before all of this! Don't ever think that I
forgot about you, you have always been in my heart and mind.
Love Always, Tiffany Cruz ( Dougherty Class of "04")

Kenny you were the most caring person I ever met. You always found a way
to make me smile. You were the first student at Dougherty to welcome me
our freshmen year when I transfered. Your kind heart and great
personality will never be forgotten! To hear that you were gone hurt me
very much not only because you were taken from us but because I haven't
spoke to you in a long time. I will always miss you and never forget all
those times you put a smile on my face.
Now and Always, Melissa Sanchez (former Dougherty student)

Kenny, although we never met formally, we had a few phone conversations
and I sensed what a terrific kid you were. I've heard nothing but great
things about you. You've touched so many with your wit and caring
attitude, during your short time here, and you will be missed. Your
spirit lives on in the Cardinal Dougherty family; you will never be
forgotten. May you rest in peace! My heart felt condolences go out to
the Baptiste family in this time of sorrow; you are in my prayers. God
"No matter what problem came up, he could change it from negative to
positive with his smile and words."

TO a friend and a teammate, we will miss you forever.
Eric Richards #55 (OL/LB)

This is dedicated to Kenny Baptiste, a fallen friend and teamate. CD
football will never be the same without you. In dedication to your
memory, Cardinal Dougherty bringing home that Championship just for you.
R.I.P Mr. Espn. Sean Martinez (OL/DL)

To Mr.ESPN my friend and teammate our football will never been the
same.We will miss you and you will never be forgotten.

Sean Williams aka Shizz #28 (RB)

For you we bringin home the chip KB2

Primetime or Mr.ESPN will be missed Steve Hart (DT/OT) #78

I'm a better man for having know you. Coach Joe
Thanks Kenny

I will aways miss Kenny and what he always said "THAT SAFTEY CAN'T JUMP
ON" Keith Dockery(TE/LB)

From Right To Left, Side By Side, I'm Always LUV U Derrick (RB/FR)

Kenny always worked to prove that he could and had what it took to get the job done. Kenny will be remembered for many things. Oh yea Madden still sucks at least in my books (smile). I will also have you in my books, too.
Johnny Montina aka Montina (WR/CB) # 10
1 LOVE Kenny aka Mr.ESPN

We will always miss Kenny Baptiste, aka Mr Espn. Kenny we met freshman
year at CDHS and ever since we been real good friends. You were my first
friend at dougherty. My prayers are with your family. Kenny, gone but
never forgotten...
Captain Matt "Matt chew" Boerner # 76 (OL/DL)

This is tributed to Kenny Baptiste, a fallen friend and teamate. CD
Football will never be the same without you. In dedication to your
memory, Cardinal Dougherty bringing home that Championship just for you
baby. R.I.P MR. ESPN.

Sean "Teddy Gramz" Martinez (OT/DT)

I just want to say that i will keep Kenny and his family and friends in my
prayers and that i hope Kenny is in a better place now.

~Thomas Mal
RIP Kenny

Kenny was a great person and will be greatly missed, been friends since
freshman year since day 1. He brightened any room, Love you so
much..Gone but never will be forgotten
R.I.P Mr. MVP aka Mr. ESPN #26 Love always Amanda B

In addition 2 my comments I want 2 send out my condolences 2 Kenny's
family.Yes he would be missed but not foregotten.

Primetime A.K.A Mr.ESPN


Words cant explain how much you'll be missed. You were such a unique
individual and u seemed to live life to the fullest. With a warm heart,
you were always there for me & I thank u for that. I will always love
and miss you. You & your family will be in my prayers. R.I.P. Kenny
- Ashley P. aka Peterdaughter

You will be missed dearly by everyone.
You were such a good person No1 can take your
place your 1 of kind. I know your looking down wishing
you were here but, your in a better place now,
and we'll all meet up again 1 day RIP KENNY
you will never be forgotten.

You were an awesome person....words couldn't explain are friendship. Yo
were the first person i became real cool with when i started a CD. i
wish you were here cause we were gonna bring home the gold remember.
when someone was mad or wouldn't let them be. when you
realized that some one was angry or upset you would give them that look
and you would have this big bright smile and they couldn't be angry or
upset gonna be missed man and i will remember you for ever
cause you were a great person and an awesome friend............GONE BUT
NOT prayers are with you and your family
Tom Moffett

"Oh my God, yall...It's game time." Kenny was a teammate and friend of
mine. I have a lot of good memories of Kenny during our past football
season. Kenny was a diligent worker on and off the football field. He
will be missed by many and I'l like to send my condolences to Ken's
Joe "Professor" DeMarzio (TE/DE #86)

I didnt really know Kenny until recently in the in-school basketball
league. I got to know him a little bit off the court and saw that a lot
of people liked him. My condolences go to his family and friends. May
his soul rest in peace
Augustine "Buck" Kebbie

When Kenny would be absent from school I'd always ask him why he was
gone he would give me a response and then always ask...why you missed
me??....and of course I would say no, but I knew the class was so quiet
with out him. Kenny knew when you were sad an was always there to
comfort you,hug you, just be there to make sure you were alright. The
days were you felt the ugliest Kenny was there giving you compliments
making you feel like you were the most beautiful person. Above all Kenny
was always there making people laugh. He had a good heart and that's
something I will always miss. My prayers go out to his family, may they
find comfort in this time of sorrow.
-Christina E
R.I.P Kenny

My deepest condolences go out to the Baptiste family. Kenny, you were
one of the funniest people that I have known. I will always remember
the great laughs we all shared on the track team. I am glad that I was
able to know you and you will truly be missed by both me and the team.
Mike Brooks

I think i was the very first person Kenny met at CD. He tracked me down
in august prior to school starting. He wanted to know who the freshmen
coach was cause he couldn't wait to tell me how much wanted to be on our
team. I will miss his energy, his love of his friends, school and
family. i will miss giving him a pluck but i tell all who read this i
will never forget him never. To all of you who read this keep his loving
caring spirit in your heart and send your love to his family Kenny will
always be apart of "CD"

Ernie Covington
Head Coach
Cardinal Dougherty Football

We miss you here at CD. We will never forget you and that beautiful
smile you brought with you everytime you walked into a room. This year
football season is dedicated to you. We will "Get our roll on" in your
name. Watch over us, your family and friends here at CD. Help Natasha to
know that you are here for her and you will never leave herside, help
her to stay strong. School we never be the same without you, we will
never see the Three Amigos again but Derek and Thad will continue to be
jo for you. I will mish hearing you makes nosies as you run and all the
confindence you had. You are our Guardian Angel. WE love you and we miss
you. Mr. ESPN Primetime
Love You,
Celina ( team manager) KB #26 xoxo

a frined you truly was and now you was taken, i still can't believe that
you are gone. it replays over and over again that night when i was told.
i remeber when i went to visit some friends again after leaving
dougherty only completeing one year there. you still came up to me and
gave me a real big hug. i miss you and all those times we shared in Mr.
Falon's 3rd period math class, right after lunch will never ne
forgotten. Those times we shared on the phone talking wil never be
forgotten, those times i waited or you after school will never be
forgotten. i only wish that i would have gotten a chance to see you
before you were taken. i am taking this very hard just as is everybody
else. i will see you one day again and be happy to see those chinese
eyes, those long braids and that beautiful smile that you shared with
everyone. Kenny i love you and miss you, that is forever. you will never
be forgotten, in my heart i will always keep you. I just want you to
know that though we have not spoken in a while, i never forgot you,
never ever.

love forever and always

My condolences go out to kenny's family and friends. Kenny, you and your
Family will always be in my thoughts and prayers. I wasn't at dougherty

This year to have any memories spared with you but what i won't forget
Are those days in father ferrier's class freshman you, julie,
And erika. If it wasn't for you we wouldn't have passed. Lol.  Like they
Say...the good die young and you were on of them.  You are gone kenny,
But you will never be forgotten.
Much love, maria rios

I just want to say that Kenny was such a great person....I miss him so much because I would always see him in the halls and he would give me a hug or when I would go to my locker after school he was always there to greet me and talk to me about little things. But now going to my locker and not see him is horrible because I'm so used to seeing his happy face when i walk up the school steps. It's okay though because Kenny is havin so much more fun now probibly having his "pimp game" going in Heaven....Love ya Kenny xoxo
-Jen Williams

Kenny I will truly miss you. I remember when you used to crack me up in
Sister Rose's office during study hall and you always made me smile.
Love Always, Jayea Watson CD class of 04'

i dont know u but from what my friend amanda says ur pretty good guy i hope u get takin care of up there...i know u dont know me but this is a person who can relate to death cause i have experienced it a lot so i send the best to ur family through this hard time and i hope u make the best u can up there jus ta let u know amanda thought highly of u
ur friends friend


You were one of my good friends. We go way back to freshman year. I new from the first day I met you, there was something unique about you. We always had a special friendship. Now that you are gone you will be missed alot. It's hard to see you not in English class laughing and always saying what's on your mind. My condolences go to your family and all of your friend that miss you including me. I know you will be there for that rest of our high school years and I know you will be there at graduation in spirit, Mr. ESPN always remember the class of 06. You are gone but you will never ever be forgotten. 
R.I.P. Kenny
Erika Womack

Kenny you will missed greatly. Especially the the love you had for the game. Your energy and enthusiasm can't be replaced. We all miss you very much "KB".
Cardinal Dougherty Captain Matthew Bryant #44 (LB)

Kenny, my love for you will forever remain. You were a special part of
my life. It is so hard for me right now, not being able to talk to you
or hear the sweet things you would always say to me. Everyday I hear
your voice in my head saying our little "lovey dovey" phrases to each
other. It's painful to know that I will never hear them directly from
you again. You were my heart, my everything, and without you there is no
me. I'm trying to stay strong cause you always used to tell me "don't
cry for you cause that would mean that I'm hurting you and that is the
last thing I want to do". I understand that but it is so hard. You know
how much you mean to me and how much I love you, so how could I not cry
for my baby. Meeting you and having you in my life this whole year and
six months was one of the high points in my life of ups and downs. Know
that there is NOBODY that could ever replace you in my heart because you
were truly my soul-mate. We always talked about how we would be together
until the end and I still believe that. Remember that we will meet again
and I will still have that same love for my one true love. R.I.P
Your Girl 4 Life,

kenny u was some 1 special u always knew how 2 make people laugh & lift
there spirits if they were down. you were unique and truly a leader. i
dont think anyone can fill your shoes. you were a great athlete and i
would of like 2 see u succeed in your senior season but IM sorry it was
to short. i remember my freshman year when my brother said i was faster
than u and we raced and i won of course. u always had an excuse but u
never gave up u wanted another chance 2 prove yourself. i think that's
what will be missed the most is your competitiveness and your enthusiasm
that u bought 2 every practice & game. your job now is just 2 watch over
us as we "GET OUR ROLL ON". My condolences go out to
The Baptiste family in this time of sorrow; you are in my prayers. God
Jose Torres a.k.a. AJ #21 (FS)

(now that you're gone)
It don't feel real...
It feels fake....
I don't believe you're gone....
Your alive and well in a better place....
I didn't get to say good bye....
But now that you're gone its too late..

man you were my buddy..
u were my pal...
When times got hard you were ready...
For anything....
You were my first friend in a new place...
You were my partner in something that felt like an extra long race....
I gonna miss you.
Everyone will...
I wish it wasn't true..
wish it were a dream...
But it turns out to be a nightmare...
Its not fair....
You were a good brother a good friend...
Wish you were still here..
Wish I could bring you back...
Feels like something is missing....
I still look to the sky still wishing....
You were back tomorrow...
You were here now.....
I still wish it were a dream.....

It don't feel real...
It feels fake....
I don't believe you're gone....
You're alive and well in a better place....
I didn't get to say good bye....
But now that you're gone its too late..

why the hell did it have to be you....
You were an awesome friend...
When people were down you made them laugh....
When a situation was wrong u tried to make it right...
When it was dark you were the light....
When it was cold your smile would bring warmth....
You loved football more than me..
you had a future a dream....
And idiot people took it away....
If it were up to me I have things my way....
You would be the first I'd bring back....
I miss you man....
Blood, sweat, and tears couldn't bring you back.
But I will do it all to try....
I will pray I will ask why....
Man your gone...
And it feels like your here...
You are far...
And yet you seem near...

It don't feel real...
It feels fake....
I don't believe you're gone....
You're alive and well in a better place....
I didn't get to say good bye....
But now that you're gone it's too late..




Kenny was my teammate at Dougherty, my senior year in 04. I remember him
as the kid with a lot of energy to bring on and off the field. He was
great young man with promising future ahead of him. My condolences goes
to The Baptiste family.
RIP Kenny - you all always be with CD in spirit

Alton " Sapp " Williams # 74 - Class of 2004

Kenny was one of the first people I met at CD when I transferred. We had Mr.
Sal's Biology class together, and Kenny made that class crazy. I ran track
with him for a little, he would always encourage me to go faster and tough
it out at practice. Even tho he's gone, I know he's still encouraging me to
do my best. My prayers go out to his family and friends. I'll miss him, but
I know we'll be running together again one day.
~Jill Taylor

Kenny you were the kind of friend who always knew how to brighten my
day. You had a smile that would brighten any room and you had the most
beautiful Asian looking eyes. Just seeing you smile at me made feel a
whole lot better about myself. You were always making me laugh at the
most ridiculous things. My birthday just passed not too long ago and if
I had the choice I would give back all of my birthday presents just to
have you back again. All I have left of you are the memories that we
shared together. I know that some day I will get to see you again, until
then I'll be down here smiling for you as you smile down at all of us.
My prayers go out to you and your family. You will always be my friend
no matter what and you will always be in my heart. I'll never ever
forget you! I love you with all my heart to the stars and back again.
A friend that misses you very much

I didn't know Kenny that long. I just met him this year. He was in my
chemistry class and he always had a smile on his face each and everyday.
Whenever I felt upset or down in chemistry he was always trying to make
me laugh with little things like jokes and just by looking at me and
saying : "Jess come on get happy"! I will never forget you. You are such
a great person and soul. You brought so much love, joy, and energy to
everything that you did. You always made me laugh whenever I needed it.
I'm so lucky that I got to know you this year and your family will
always be in my thoughts and prayers. I know your in heaven smiling down
on everybody and watching over us. You will truly be missed by me and
the chemistry class. "Brewdawg"!!!!

Love Always, Jessica Zindell

I met Kenny his freshmnan year( my soph yr) one day afterschool at Cheerleading practice. We were on break and the football players just got out of practice... I remember it just like it was yesterday, I was just drawn to him by his smile! You could just tell from looking at him that he had it all, full of energy, outgoing, the works! He always made me smile and laugh, you just couldn't help but love him and I will never forget him. He will always be in my heart and on my mind. My prayers go out to his family and friends, but as was said before we can't cry because Kenny would want us to smile :P
~Annease Phillips~Class of 2005~

MOODY, was my uncle. we were the same ages so i never really called him
uncle moody. anytime i wanted something he had he would tell me to call
him uncle so i did. but we were lil kids then. this is all like a bad
dream. NO ONE LOVE HIM LIKE I DO. when i saw him there dead i want off.
it hurt so bad man. i know all of his friends miss him. it hard for me
to remember see my uncle last eyes closes, heart gone but still live the
KING UNCLE MOODY 4LIFE.LOVE HIM causes he love all of us.
KARITA BAPTISTE aka BIG HEAD to uncle moody
I LOVE BABY BOY aka uncle moody.

its 2 months after kenny's death and i still can't put behind that he's
died i wake up everymorning thinkin if i call him he gonna answer his
phone. but its cool i know he watchin over me n the rest of his friends.
and i have been workin real hard to get a chammpionship in the memory of
kenny aka primetime and i hope the best for my friends at cardinal
dougherty and the football team and wish them luck in there 1st game.
miss u primetime,

christopher "tootsie roll" cruz

Mr. ESPN i miss u so much. you will never be forgotten. you changed my
life and i luv u for that, i wish you were here right now with me. ill
never forget all the nicknames u gave me lik EstressedOut, GET YOUR ROLL
ON #26!"...... COUNT IT!!! --


Kenny, you were a great person, i still wake up and think this is just a
big joke your playing on us cuz you were good at that, its just i still
can't believe someone could take the best thing we had away from us, our
shining star. Wish you were here with us, you mean so much to me just
words can't explain it. I'll never forget freshman year sitting next to
you in homeroom, you didnt even know me and you were just like "hi, I'm
Kenny," from then on we became close friends. I'll never forget all the
memories we have, When you made me mad i could never stay mad at you for
more then a second because you would always make me laugh. Make sure you
watch over all of us and you'll live in our hearts forever. You'll be at
our prom and the graduation with us. The class of 2006 will never be the
same without you! You were just the best friend i could ever have,
always there to joke around and listen to me. i'll always remember all
the nicknames you gave me there was way too many to remember, except for
the one Lil' Thadd haha. i'll love you forever Mr. ESPN aka Moody aka
Mr. MVP aka Primetime. Get your roll on!...Count it.
Love, Amanda
Class of 2006!

This feels like a dream,  im just waiting to awake and see your face
Or hear your voice , or someone telling me how you are acting so
Hurt every second on how someone who would want to do this to my lil
Brother .i miss you so much i cant wait to be with you lil   bro , i see
You when i get there .i love you dearly , hay you always will be in my
Heart  i love you lil brother.
Kim Baptiste
(The Baptiste family would like to thank everyone for their support.)

am writing to tell u kenny that it has been 7 months since ur passing n the day i dedicated the season to u well guess wat t he pub chip is urs we won 4 u n am dedicate wresling season to u too. so kno we miss u n love u
ur friend on n off the field,
-- chris"kringle"cruz

Kenny When I heard what happened it put a hole in my heart knowing that
after my 7 years we were together (starting way back since St.
Martin)someone had ended all of that with a act of violence. I remember
the last thing I said to him was" congratulation and i'll see U again.
It would be times I would be talking to a former St.martin graduate and
they would just tell me how kenny was still being the same person he was
in middle school he was in high School, a funny ,outgoing and
uniqueYoung man.
My condolences to the Baptiste Family
One love,
William Smalls

It took me a long time to put a response on here, but
I finally did. Kenny was my right hand man, bottom
line. He was the first friend I made during my
freshman year at Dougherty. After that, it was always
me, him, and Derrick, running wild. When I found out
Kenny died, I felt as though I lost a brother. But, I
know youre safe from harm now... playing football in
heaven and watching over us all. Kenny, from a brother
to another, Ill miss you.
Left to right,
Jerome Bellamy (former dougherty student)

To this day, I still cant believe that Kenny is gone.
They say the good die young, but I dont think that. He
had a bright future ahead of him & it was taken in the
blink of an eye. At times, I wanna just give up, but
he would give me that look if he knew that. I keep
seeing him in my dreams, happy, energetic & joking,
just like the old days... then I wake up. Kenny, just
know that if I was there, I would've taken that bullet
for you. You will never be forgotten, KB & your spirit
will live on.