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Kyle Ambrogi

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(photo at right: courtesy of Univ. of Pa.)

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(Posted in mid-May, 2006.)

    Kyle Ambrogi, a first team All-City RB for St. Joseph's Prep in 2000 and '01, and a
senior player for Penn, passed on Oct. 10, 2005.
    Prep coach Gil Brooks described Kyle as a "shining example of how all good athletes
should carry themselves."
    Kyle was a star student in Penn's world famous Wharton School and was extremely
close with his brother and Penn teammate, Greg.
    A viewing for Kyle was held 10/16, at St. John Neumann Church, 380 Highland Ave.,
in Bryn Mawr. The funeral Mass was held Monday, 11 a.m.,  at the same church. The
family asks that people wishing to make donations in Kyle's name please do so to the
Penn or St. Joseph's Prep football alumni groups.
We welcome your comments about Kyle, and they'll be posted below. At the very
bottom of this page is a story about the Prep-O'Hara regular season game in 2000, when
Kyle ran for 322 yards and was responsible, in all, for 389.
    Please e-mail them to silaryt@phillynews.com.
    Also, we will gladly post other pictures. Those may also be sent to the same e-mail
     Thank you very much.

Here are special notes from Kyle's mother, Donna,
and brother, Greg . . .

   I finally have a quite moment to stop and reflect on all that has
transpired over this week. I am overwhelmed with the love, support,
prayers and kind words which have been offered to Greg and I. We have
read this website everyday and are humbled by the beautiful thoughts of
those who have posted a remembrance about Kyle. It has brought great
comfort to us. He was a very special young man who was the joy of our
lives. I don't think he ever realized how many people loved and admired
him. Greg and I could not have done this by ourselves. This tremendous
outpouring of love and support will continue to help us through this
time of great sorrow.
In closing I want to share a poem which I hope will bring some comfort.
Thank you all so very much.
-- Donna Ambrogi
And if I go,
while you're still here...
Know that I still live on,
Vibrating on a different measure,
Behind a thin veil you cannot see through.

You will not see me,
So you must have faith.
I wait the time when we can soar together again,
Both aware of each other.

Until then, live your life to the fullest,
And when you need me.
Just whisper my name in your heart,
.....i will be there
-- Colleen Hitchcock

To everyone,
   This is on behalf of my mom and I. I just want to thank everyone so much for anything they did, especially writing something on this website.  I read this every day when I wake up and it is a source of strength for me to see how much everyone cares for Kyle  and believe he cared for everyone back just as much.  I love my brother more than I can explain, and maybe even more than I know right now.  I always wanted to be just like him and followed him wherever I could.   That was the big reason i went to Penn, they offered one thing no other college could even come close to, my brother.  I am gonna miss most how he could walk up to anyone and have a 10-15 minute conversation about nothing, and how just that would leave a mark on that person.  I saw a lot of people at the viewing, which was over 7 hours long, which was amazing.  I didn't get tired because I know Kyle would not have gotten tired if it were me.  All the people that came out gave me strength not to cry, because I wanted to meet everyone and know their names.  Everyone is all praying for my family and I, but we are praying for you also.  Every time I want to cry, I think about what he meant to someone else and I want to help console them.  I will never forget my brother and everything he has done for me and everyone else.  I will keep trying to emulate him, and the biggest compliment I ever get, is when people say, "You really remind me a lot of Kyle."  So, again I just want to thank everyone for their support, and I know no one will forget Kyle, but the next time you see someone who is not smiling, or has something in common with you, or maybe none of the above, go talk to them.  It can make a difference in their lives.
Thank you,

Greg Ambrogi

Contributions . . .

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   kyle was the kind of kid that teachers and parents use as the image they want all the other kids to grow up like. when i heard, all i could think of is "why kyle"? i met him at the 2001 city all star game. we became closer at a friends graduation party and have kept in touch with each other ever since. i have had the honor of being surrounded with great role models all my life, including kyle. it doesn't seem fair that such an amazing kid has to be taken to god at such a young age. trying not to cry as i write this. this is an amazing task, just because of how kyle ambrogi touched my life.
-- dom mallon

   I heard about Kyle's passing earlier this afternoon, and although I did not know him personally, my deepest condolences go out to his family and everyone else who did.  I played against Kyle four times in two years as a sophomore and junior at Monsignor Bonner, including the 2001 Red Championship.  I also saw him eclipse 300 yards against O'Hara in 2000 as well.  All are contests I will never forget.  He was a remarkable athlete, and did some amazing things on that football field.  The entire CL community has suffered a great loss.
Casey Ross
Bonner '03

   Kyle Ambrogi was an athlete I watched as a Freshman in
High School. I may not have gone to the same High
School as he attended, but I always admired him and
wanted to be a great football player as he was. My
friends from St.Joseph's Prep Football team would
always tell me how he would take them under his wing
and show them the strings of High School football and
what it was about. But more than anything he made
people feel comfortable around him even though he was
such a powerful athlete, he never made people feel as
if they weren't equal to him. He was just an amazing
athlete and person. Forever will he be missed and
never forgotten in all of our hearts. My thoughts and
prayers go out to the family and friends of Kyle

   Kyle was a great teammate, a born leader. Even as a senior I respected him and
his incredible work ethic. We used to kid around with him when we were
away at Camp Kweebec for preseason camp, we called him the 7 million
dollar man. While we were eating whatever unhealthy meals were served,
Kyle would eat tuna out of the can with crackers. Our cabin was a tight
knit group throughout that week as well, we were in Bunk Brown, Cabin 5.

   If I could describe Kyle in one word it would be "playmaker." I can
remember countless times when a play would break down but there was Kyle
gaining positive yards, making something out of nothing. I did not have
much contact with him while he was at Penn but every time that Dartmouth
would play Penn I spoke to him. He always had a smile on his face and
it was always nice catching up with him although Penn got the better of
us every time.

   The Prep and Penn communities lost a great man, brother, and teammate.
His services both on and off the field will be missed. My prayers go
out to his mother and his brother, Greg.

-- Matt Battipaglia, Prep '01

   kyle was not only a role model to everyone he met and ultimately touched, he was
a great friend, student, brother and son.  Kyle was the man that made me feel
better about myself when i was around him, I looked up to kyle not only as a
football player and student but because of the person he was. Just knowing kyle
and being around his work ethic and character made all classmates and teammates
alike want to excel and ultimately want to be him.  He was not only a force on
the football field and classroom, as many know, but a force in life. I can not
begin to explain the admiration i have for him and his family as he was truly an
angel among us here on earth.  As i write this letter, i become extremely
emotional, as i know not only was kyle's life shortened through tragedy, but we
all now have a piece of greatness missing from us. I know people will never
forget the inspiration that is kyle ambrogi.
-- Brian Tracz

Kyle Ambrogi was one of the nicest and most genuine kids that I have ever met.  His football abilities were always evident dating back to his days playing for St. Denis and later at the Prep, but he was much more than a good athlete and good student.  I met Kyle when I was about 10 and he and my older brother John were good friends.  Some of the stories that my brother would tell me would blow my mind.  His work ethic was unmatched and he would never settle for anything less than the best.  When I would watch him on the field I would have a hard time picturing him as the same kid who the night before was rolling around my living room on a big inflated exercise ball or running on the beach doing flips into the water.  I will always remember Kyle for everything that he was.  To Chris and Greg and the rest of the family, you are in our prayers and we are always here for you.  Rest in Peace Kyle! , I know you're in a better place now...
Brian Brinkmann '07

Ambrogi Family, Prep and U of P Community,
   Please know that the enitre Philadelphia community mourns and prays at the loss of your son at such a tender age.  Not knowing Kyle personally, but seeing what he stood for at the Prep as well as being a 4.0 student at the Wharton School.  God will someday explain your loss and you will smile at the sight of your son Kyle as he parades around the heaven's in a game of football lined up behind the likes of Greg Hennigar, Ricly Lannetti and some of the other fine youg men who have passed on to a better place.  Rest in Peace Kyle and pray for all of us!
-- Anonymous

  Kyle Ambrogi was an amazing student, athlete, and most of all a great person. Playing for the same grade school that Kyle played for, all you could do was brag about him. Poeple would say how great he played or how well he did in school. But it was so much more than what he did on the playing fields and in the classroom that made him who he was. Kyle was a truly genuine person. He treated everyone with so much respect and was so friendly. I remember I attended an SJP football game when I was in 7th grade against Bonner, and Kyle played particulary well as usual. After the game I waslked on the field and he was walking off. Any kid who saw him was in awe, for he was such a role model, but he came up to me and started conversation. This made me look up to him even more.  He was such a special person. He made an impact on all of the people who knew him. Please keep his family and loved ones in your prayers.
-- Anonymous

   My son called me at practice this afternoon with the news of Kyle Ambrogi. My son is part of the coaching staff at Bucknell and graduated from Upper Darby the same year Kyle graduated the Prep. They shared conversations about recruiting and other football issues. Kyle was a real gentleman. My heart aches for Kyle's family and parents in particular. As a Dad, you're not supposed to bury your son. I'll say more than a few prayers tonight that Kyle is in a better place. My family's hearts and prayers are with the entire Ambrogi family.
Tom Richards

I would like to send out my condolences to all of the family/friends of Kyle Ambrogi. The loss you must be feeling at this time is incomprehensible I'm sure. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this difficult time.
I didn't know Kyle on a personal level. My experiences with him can be basically summed up as an ocassional sideline encounter. Still, even though our conversations may have been short and sweet, never did I walk away without muttering to myself what a great kid. Boy, did his play on the field and the humbleness he displayed as he left the field leave a strong impression.
It would be hard for me to characterize Kyle as a person off the field because I didn't know him in that regard. However, if he demonstrated the qualities he had on the field in his every day life, then I have no doubt that we have lost a tremendous individual. As I watched Kyle play these are the attributes I thought of: leader, consummate teammate, dedicated, coachable, humble, tireless, selfless, etc, etc.....I could go on and on!!! 
I can honestly say that one of my most enjoyable moments at a high school football game was from a direct result of a performance Kyle put forth. It was the fall of 2000, Kyle's junior season. A beautiful Sunday afternoon, in Springfield against a Kevin Jones led Cardinal O'Hara team. The Prep won that game 40-27 and all Kyle did was set a school record with 322 yards rushing, all the while scoring four touchdowns. Oh yea, for good measure he even threw a 26-yard touchdown pass from his halfback position. What an amazing performance, from a terrific player!
Again, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone that is feeling this tremendous loss at this time. I know how much pain you must be feeling. I know this because here I am, someone who vaguely knew Kyle, but who's sitting at home with so much hurt and discomfort in my heart too. Kyle's spirit will never go away and will live within all of us forever. God bless!
-- Ed "Huck" Palmer

I too met Kyle during my senior year on New Years Eve.  I remember feeling
like I was in the presence of a celebrity (haha).  Kyle really did symbolize
everything that was good in Catholic League and Philadelphia football.  He
worked so hard and was still one of the most humblest people I ever met.  He
and his other team memebers became closer to us Judge kids when we lost Greg
Hennigar.  To think that Kyle is gone now I can hardly believe it.  My prayers
and thoughts are with all his teammates at the Prep, Penn, and especially his
mom and brother.  They're is one hell of a 2001 backfield in heaven.  Rest In
Peace Kyle
-- Ryan Nase

  I  wanted to send my prayers out to the family, close friends, and members of
the St. Joe's Prep community in regards to Kyle. Besides being an
extraordinary human being,  my best complimant I could give Kyle is that in my
16 years of playing football, he was the toughest running back i have ever
seen. I'll never forget that hot sunday afternoon watching ST. Joes Prep and
O' Hara and he rolled for 322 yards. It was the best single game performance i
have ever seen. Kyle and I were lucky enough to share the same birthday, 4th
of July. Besides enjoying the fireworks, the barbeques, and the birthday
presents, that day will always have a special place in my heart because it
will forever remind me of the toughest running back these eyes have ever seen.
-- Joe McCourt, Roman '01

When thinking of kyle ambrogi, i have two memories.  the first being one of
the best high school performances of all time.  the game was against o'hara
and he tore it up, ran for over 300 yards and also i remember the run in the
middle of the pile and out of no where number 36 comes running out for 60
yards.  I also knew kyle through caddying at LLanerch country club with him
for some 4 years, every morning you could count on kyle to have a smile on
his face and to throw out some good jokes while he was eating his 3
sandwiches.  I had many conversations with kyle while waiting to get a loop,
he had such a good personality and was easy to talk too.   he was the kind of
kid that always seemed happy and i will always have a place in my heart for
kyle and his family.  i pray for his family and hope greg has a successful
career at penn and in his future.  kyle was a great kid and will be missed
by all the people who he touched throughout his short life.

Kyle was a kid that you can compare to Greg Hennigar, 2 great athelets with all the humblness in the world.  I became friends with Kyle and his St. Joe preps teammates at the all city game and i can say it was a honor. I have never heard anybody ever have anything bad to say about kyle, he was just one of them guys.  My prayer are with him and his family, but know one thing kyle was greeted with a hand off and hug by a great guy in Greg Hennigar.
-- Justin O'Brien

To sit here and write about Kyle in the past tense seems so unfair, so wrong, and so out of place. I have known Kyle since I was a young child. Kyle and my brother were best friends for as far back as I can remember. To those who saw Kyle from the stands he was an amazing athlete who always played with courage and never gave up. To those who saw him in the classroom, Kyle was an extremely bright kid who far exceeded the standard cliché of a Jock. I never saw Kyle as either of these. I saw him as a friend. I saw Kyle as someone who would help me push my broken-down car and someone who would drive through the St. Margaret’s parking lot with my brother while I was at recess, and playfully yell profanities at me. I would often go over to the Ambrogi’s house to get “tutored” by Greg, and whenever Kyle was home from school we would ditch the books to go watch T.V with him. We could talk about something as lighthearted as which episode of the Simpson’s was the best, or something as serious as college. This was who Kyle was. Like Joe McCourt, Roman '01, I also share the same birthday as Kyle, 7-4. Like Joe said, on July 4th I will always be reminded of the toughest running back to ever grace the Catholic League on the field, but also one of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever known. To the Ambrogi family, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
-- Dan Connors, La Salle

   I remember being a freshman and a sophomore at Roman Catholic and watching Kyle run all over us. Of course, during those Friday nights he wasn't my favorite person, but that was all soon to change. As a sophomore (Kyle's senior year at the Prep), I grew to idolize that man-among-boys. He was powerful, fast, strong, unstoppable; I wanted to be like that. Of course, I hit the weights, sprinted, ran, everything. Kyle became All-Catholic and All-City (no surprise). And then, I remember, there was talk on this website about how he wanted to play ball at the University of Pennsylvania, the Ivy League. So not only is he a force, but he's quite bright on top of it. So as I progressed through the rest of high school, I had my sights zoomed in on Penn and becoming an Ivy League ballplayer. Luckily, for me, I was accepted and had the privilege of joining Kyle on the football team. Kyle was a teammate, a leader, an inspiration, and, above all, a friend. He showed me the ropes when I needed help, and wasn't afraid to sacrifice either his time or effort for someone else's sake. He set the example in the weight room, on the gridiron, in the locker room, and around campus. If he said "Follow me," I wouldn't hesitate to do so. I saw him as my brother.
This loss is heartbreaking for many of us, but I especially keep his brother, Greg, who is my classmate and friend, and their mother in my prayers and thoughts. The Prep and Penn communities have lost an incredible person; may God grant us all his grace and comfort, and may Kyle forever rest in peace in a much better place.
--Lenny DeMalto, RCHS '04, University of Pennsylvania '08

  i would like to send out my prayers to the ambrogi family, especially his younger brother greg, as i was very sad ot learn about Kyles passing. I played against him when i was at lasalle and he was a hell of football player and an even better person. he had one hell of run against us on thanksgiving in 2000 for a touchdown in that 27-14 St Joe's Prep victory. Again my thoughts and prayers go out ot the friends and family of kyle ambrogi.
Michael Gavin, LaSalle class of 2001

Kyle entered SJP as a quiet, humble, and easy going 14 year old kid.   He left there with these same attributes, but added so many more in the 4 years he was there.  Kyle left a great teammate, a leader, and most of all a friend to many.   I was fortunate enough to spend one year of high school with Kyle, but have continued to follow his moves both on the field and off.  I was a Senior when he was a freshman.  From the very first time you met him, you knew that he was "special."  Not just as an athlete, but as a person.  He had that special aura about him that drew others towards his personality.  He was always walking around with a smile on his face and a story to tell.  I spent summers with Kyle in the caddy yard and at the gym.  Kyle was one of the hardest working kids that I have ever had the opportunity to be around.  My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends and all of those whose life has been touched by Kyle Ambrogi (there are too many to count).
-Stephen Comly - SJ Prep 1999

   I heard the news tonight and I can't believe it. I know of so many people of differing ages and backgrounds who thought so much of Kyle. One story that I witnessed I think truly epitomizes Kyle. Over the years that Kyle played at the Prep he and John Connors got to know my father who was the coach at Bonner at the time. Bonner and Prep met for the title during Kyle's senior year. After Prep thrashed us pretty good there was an obvious celebration of the Catholic League Championship especially in light of a bitter defeat to O'Hara the year before. While the other Prep guys celebrated Kyle and John went over to seek out my dad to make sure he was alright after the loss. In what should have been their moment to celebrate a great acheivement they were worried about how someone else felt. Amazing class. Fantastic competitor and better person. His humility was evident from his time caddying at Llanerch where a lot of his fellow caddies and the members didn't even know how good of a player he truly was because he wasn't one to brag. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the Ambrogi, Prep, and Penn families.
-- Pat Coyne

was the type of kid who would bust it out in the weight room with the
upperclassmen and out lift half of them...usually until dinner time
after others left to go home
was the type of kid who would say hi to your mom and dad and
respectfully call them Mr. and Mrs. Gress every single time he saw them
was the type of kid who would carry the team on his back and lead them
to victory week in and week out
was the type of kid who would call you by your full name because Mark
Gress Jr. sounds better than just Mark to him
was the type of kid who would make fun of the Northeast because me and
Pete Chromiak hailed from there, emphasizing the “Great” in the Great
Northeast...and he would invent “Pine Valley Rd.” where he believed Pete
and I lived
was the type of kid who would eat bananas, tuna, and drink milk at
football camp while the rest of us would eat chips, candy and drink soda
just because he was Kyle, the 7 million dollar man
was the type of kid who remembered the Bon Jovi song we woke up to in
the mornings at Kweebec in Bunk Brown, and lifted it to the same “Shot
through the heart” while at Penn
was the type of kid who remembered the exact lift we used to compete
with each other while @ the Prep...he recently asked me- “How is your
iso-lateral shoulder press going???”

We’ll miss you Kyle...our prayers are with your family and friends...
-Mark Gress Jr.

many people have heros some idolized babe ruthe others see professional
athletes.. but since i was young and i attended my first ever football game
i believe it was st denis vz st francis... i saw a kid that was just like
electric he had a seriouse face on and he was amazing that kid was kyle
ambrogi... i grew up watchin him play n i remember my brother leaving the
field one game n sayin that kid is going places n i always wondered where
would kyle go...kyle was my idol this kid had alot he would always have kind
word for everyone. i mean this kid was undersized playin a game for the
giants. kyle was a smart kid on and off the field i loved watching him play
any chance i got to go to a prep game while he played i went id beg my
sisters to take me with them to the games at pw on friday nights and i went
to one or two of his freshman games kyle was just the kid that everyone
wishes their kid was a star athlete a model student n a good lookin kid. my
grade school coaches talked about kyle and told us his stories and told us
they never coached a better kid. kyle ambrogi is a hero n a legend n my hero
hes inspired me soo much with out him i dont no if i would of played
football but it was the one time he talked to me at my house n told me to
play it would be the most fun id ever have and it has been kyle left an
impact on me and my family...hes a true inspiration and he is a true hero
and role model kyle ull be forever missed but never forgotten ull live on in
our hearts.
~Chris McCreight sds 02 #88 cohs 06 #72/96

As a big fan of high school football, us coaches found it fashionable, or just inquisitive to see St. Joe's Prep when we had an off or free night from coaching. Many of us couldn't pronounce his last name, but we gave him many, many compliments. " This kid could play" was spoken by many of us. "Wow!" was used quite often, too. He gave us many great memories on the field. I wish there was a way to thank him now. My prayers go out to the Ambrogi and St. Joe's Prep Family.
-- Steve Smith

   First off, I want to send my deepest condolences to the Ambrogi family in this desperate time of need.  My heart and prayers go out to you.  I consider myself blessed to have known Kyle while coaching at the Prep and to have worked with him all throughout his high school career.  I worked with Kyle as well as the other members of that great squad of 2001. Kyle was a leader on and off the field.  His accomplishments and goals as both a football player and a student are all accredited to his hard work.  Here is just some insight into the kind of kid Kyle was for those who never had the chance to have known him personally.  Even this little excerpt does not do him justice, but it is a piece of my memory to share with those communities who are grieving over this tragic loss.The first time I saw and met Kyle was in the weight room after his freshman year.  There he was this skinny kid with a smile that could lighten up the room especially in the confines of the Prep weight room.  Leading up to this I heard all the hoopla about this freshman running back.  So, as this skinny kid smiling from ear to ear came up to me and introduced himself to me I was in shock.  This kid could not be what all the hype was about. Well, I had to learn the hard way.  At this time I was a college student who was trying to earn some extra money. I wanted to work my two hours a day and then go home.  But this blonde hair kid from havertown was the first one in and the last to leave.  Did I mention that I was supposed to only work two hours.  Well, If Kyle was in the weight room I could forget about the two hours because I would be there until 5:30 or later.  But this extra time did not bother me especially with Kyle, Connor and Mails.  If I told Kyle to take protein shakes to help his training, he would buy a jug for him as well as me.  It was just the type of kid he was. He would always ask questions on and off the field. If He asked me what's healthy to eat and  I told him the usual.  His lunch bag looked more like a grocery store filled with chicken breast, eggs and protein bars.  As the weight room coach I would progress their workouts and give them new training strategies.  Kyle would come back and give me workout regimens.  Kyle has truly made an impact in my life.  In short, one word that sums up Kyle is "Humility".  Even with all the accolades and achievements he received, you could never tell.  .  He was a humble kid who worked extremely hard at everything he did.  he was a leader in every sense of the word.  Kyle you will be missed but not forgotten.  May you rest in peace.

   In my summer going into freshman year of high school I started out as a caddy at Llanerch Country Club.  The first time there, I didn’t even get out.  I got there at 8 AM and at around 12 PM, when I was sitting by myself, this kid shows up who looks like he’s been here before.  I was pretty quiet, but this kid sitting across the caddy shack said what’s your name? Where you go to school? I said I go to Malvern Prep.  He said wow, Malvern? We play you this year for a huge game in November.  The next thing I know, I’m getting picked up by my father saying Dad, I was waiting to get out, I met some kid named Kyle Ambrogi, the running back for the Prep, it was the highlight of my day.  He said yeah, I know Ambrogi, he’s probably going to play a huge role this season.  Kyle, this way that you made such a little difference to me, five years ago, shows that you made a difference to everybody.  I wouldn’t be writing this if you didn’t mean something to me.  We will miss you.
- anonymous

   I had the privilege to coach Kyle freshman year at St Joes Prep. From the first day that we started to the last game Kyle was of the one of the best I have ever coached. Every game both offense and defense he gave 100%. When I received the news about this early in the morning I was crushed. I could not really believe it was true. As the day went by 1 memory that came back to me was the 2000 championship against O’Hara. At the end of the game we were walking off the field and I saw Kyle and he said "We will be back here next year and win it" well he was right we beat Bonner to will the 2001 championship.  That ring I have from that year means more to me now than it did before. To Greg who I also coached and his Mom and Dad my prayers are with you.
Coach John Howe
Prep Freshman Football

   Not only was Kyle Ambrogi an exceptional football player but he was a world class kid.  Since the tragic news I can't stop thanking God for giving me the opportunity to not only coach him but getting to know him off the field as well.  I will never forget your smile kid.  What you brought to the table will impact me for the rest of my life.
---Lance Shaw

   I had the pleasure of coaching Kyle for 3 years at the Prep. I have to say, he was the kid we would want every Prep student/athlete to be. One word comes to my mind CHARACTER. Kyle was dedicated to the team and could care less about the praise and accolades. He was the all-american boy. I want my kids to grow up and be him. No one who knew Kyle was not touched by his genuine smile and humble concern for you. I can say so many great things about him as a player and person. I'm glad I had the opportunity to get to know him, and see first hand how he forever changed the face of Prep football. This loss will be remembered forever in the hearts and minds of the Prep and Penn community. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and teammates.
-- Joe Botta

   My thoughts and prayers are with the Ambrogi family.   I played against Kyle in high school and had the honor to play WITH him in college.   Not only on the practice field but off it as well Kyle would always put a smile on your face.  One story I'd like to share about Kyle.  Last year I had a class with Kyle called the Sports Industry.  On the first day of class we had a questionnaire to fill out with questions like Who is your favorite team? And what is your favorite sport?  One of the questions was who is your favorite athlete?  After we were finished handing the sheets into the teacher he went through them and shared the answers with the class.  When Kyle's sheet came up and the question, "Who is your favorite athlete?" was read, Kyle's answer was 'Gabe Marabella'.  This moment defines the kind of kid Kyle was.  He put a smile on my face and made me feel embarrassed (in a good way).  Kyle always went out of his way to make others feel good about themselves.  I will remember him as a great football player but he will always be defined to me as a truly genuine person.  We will greatly miss him.
-Gabe Marabella (LaSalle '01)

   To put into words what Kyle Ambrogi meant to everyone
is impossible. He embodied everything you would want
in an athlete and a human being. He was funny,
charismatic, hard working, and most of all humble.
Kyle's achievements were mind boggling. Anything he
wanted to accomplish in the classroom or on the field
he would, and he would do it with ease. He was the kid
parents wanted their children to grow up to be like
and he was the kid others wanted to be around because
of his energy and easy going manner.
In the three years we spent together at the Prep I
didn't meet anyone who was comparable to him. When I
heard that he passed away yesterday I was devastated.
  There is no one person at SJP, past, present, or
future, who will be able to measure up to him. Kyle
Ambrogi wil be mourned by my family and I for a long
time and we will never forget his memory. Our thoughts
and prayers go out to Mrs. Ambrogi, Greg, all of their
family, and to his best friend John Connors and his
  The impact Kyle left on us is unforgettable. I know he
is at peace in heaven right now but it is unfair that
he is not here to share himself with us. The world has
not lost just a great football player but also a great
-- Pat Spadaro SJP 2001

   Kyle Ambrogi life and what he did in his short time cannot be put into words. Kyle was somebody I looked up to growing up as a kid. I admire everything he did from football to school. Kyle was good at everything he did. I followed Kyle through his illustrious football career from his time at the Prep to Penn. Kyle always was asking me how I was doing and my team back when I played CYO. He was always encouraging to me and always asked how my brother and parents where doing. I remember after he won the Catholic League Championship his senior year I saw him on the field and he gave me his sweatband he wore that game till this day I still have it means a lot to me it means all the more coming from Kyle. Growing up I was always proud to tell my friends that I knew Kyle on a personal basis they were in awe due to his incredible football ability till this day I am still in awe of what Kyle did as a human being. Kyle was somebody I will never forget he touched my life and the lives of many. Kyle I am going to miss you. Rest In Peace. My thoughts and prayers go out to Greg and Mrs.Ambrogi.
-- Anonymous

  Tuesday morning I woke up and started my regular routine before going to class, and received a telephone call from my aunt Donna (Gil Brooks' wife) telling me about Kyle. Disbelief and denial goes through my head because I just watched him and his brother score three touchdowns for Penn on Saturday. Kyle was an inspiration to us all. He is the poster on the weight room wall that states " Hard work pays off" . To me Kyle was a role model. He taught me to have a work ethic on and off the football field. It was an absolute honor to block for him and be part of a team with him. I tell all the players I coach about him and his unbelievable work ethic. I show film of him running so that the kids have an idea of what a real running back looks like. Some may think that's a strange coaching tool but as Kyle would say "That's Craaazzzyy" . Kyle will never be forgotten in my eyes because he was a speical individual and not many people lik! e him come along very often. When the time comes and my son is looking for a role model I will pop in the Catholic League Championship tape from 2001 and point out number 36 and say " Thats your man right there running into the endzone". My love is with Greg and Mrs.Ambrogi.
-Joe "Baggs" Troiano

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. May God Bless Donna and Greg. Meeting Kyle when my son Joe attended St. Joe’s Prep was an honor. He was always a beautiful boy with a great personality. He made the football seasons at St. Joe’s exciting. He will always be in our hearts, and when we think of him only a smile will cross are faces. I thank God that he gave us the privilege of meeting such a wonderful young man. He will forever be missed.
-- Joe and Mary Troiano

   I have had the opportunity to see kyle play on several occassions. He is and will continue to be the the example that i use in showing the young men at Cardinal Dougherty what it takes become a successful student athlete in the Catholic League. To his family and St. Joseph's Prep family please note that The Dougherty Family is praying for you.
Ernie Covington
Head Coach
Cardinal Dougherty HS

Hi, my name is James Smith.  I am a 2004 graduate of Roman Catholic High School.  Even though I didn't know Kyle personally,  I knew that he was a great person and football player. After watching him personally run all over roman catholic in 2001, he taught me that if you  want succeed at something in life, you have to work real in what you do.  Finally, I just want to send my condolences to the family and friends of Kyle Ambrogi and I just want to let his parents know I am truly sorry for their loss.
Jimmy Smith,
Roman Catholic- Class of 2004

   This is without question the hardest thing I have ever had to write.  Kyle played for me during his freshman year at St. Joe's Prep and it was a season I will cherish for the rest of my life.  We named him our MVP because he was the heart and soul of what turned out to be an undefeated football team.  Kyle not only shared with us his tremendous athletic abilities, but more importantly he blessed us by being a part of our lives.  I will never forget his winning smile or his can do attitude.  Whenever it was crunch time in a game he would say to me Coach Wags give me the ball I will get it done for you, and he never disappointed.  I could go on and on relating great Kyle Ambrogi stories as I am sure all of his coaches and friends can, but as I do another tear falls from my eyes.  I send my deepest sympathy and love to the Ambrogi family, and Greg be strong for your mom.  I will close now by saying I truly loved Kyle and will miss him terribly.  May God, and Saint Joseph always bless and take care of him until we meet again.  By the way Kyle this Freshman football season is dedicated to your memory.
Coach John Wagner
Prep Freshman Football

   This is the second time in two months that I had to write a remembrence comment about someone who I knew that I graduated the same year with.  I knew Kyle from playing basketball at Narberth and in the JCC League, and we would also work out at the same gym. The last time I saw him was during the summer in the gym and I never thought that something like this would happen.   Kyle was one of the nicest guys I had ever met and he would always go out of his way to come and talk to me.  He was a gentlemen and he will be deeply missed.  His life ended way too soon.
-Vince Taraborrelli
 Bonner 02

  i remember meeting kyle at the maxwell banquet thinking he was like a celebrity because of the year he had and he actually came up to me and knew who i was. he was a good kid.
-- brian o'meara, mcdevitt

I don’t even know where to begin describing the anguish I felt when I heard Kyle
left us. Words really cannot explain how quality of a person he was. I met him
at Merwood Park in Havertown when we were 5th graders playing basketball, and
we have been buddies ever since. Kyle was truly a joy to be around, and for as
gifted as he was, he was still the most humble kid on the planet. The feelings
I have while writing this are so complex because I still can’t fathom the fact
that such a decent person has been taken from us. The effect that kid had on me
and the tons of people that he met during his life is so immense . I mourn for
Greg and Ms. Ambrogi and the rest of his family, friends, and the Penn, Prep,
and Havertown communities. We have truly lost a legend. We miss you Kyle, and
we love you.

PS. I want to thank and give much respect to fellow Catholic League greats for
taking their time to pay their respect to Kyle
and his family. Also, I want to thank the kids who didn’t get the chance to
meet Kyle, who are just writing out of respect to his legacy as a diligent,
hard working, class act. Your kind words heal the pain.

“Fare you well, fare you well, I love you more than words can tell”
–Jerry Garcia


   Kyle, you were a friend and brother. You treated me as if you'd known me forever, and you  were my hero and inspiration in many ways. You were one of the greatest athletes, and more importantly, one of the greatest individuals I've ever known. I miss you coming up to me everywhere enthusiastically asking "TARTAG, WHAT UP!? HOW'S SOUTH PHILLY?!", then asking for my family, and always making me laugh. I miss you telling me to stick it out during practice or camp no matter what got thrown my way. I miss you lighting up the room or the football field and you made me want to do the same. Your picture we took Thanksgiving of '01 still sits in my room, and looking at that every day when I was coming back from my knee injury helped me get through it and want to do everything I could to get back on the field. I can't even begin to express how great of a person you were all around, and how much you meant to me and everyone else who had the privilege of knowing you. I am grateful for being one of those people. You changed my life for the better. For that, I thank you. To Greg and Mrs. Ambrogi, you are in my prayers and I love you both. Kyle, we all love and miss you.  I hope that you find peace now that you're gone.
Love you always, as a brother,
Mark Tartaglia 03

Being a Prep football fan since my brother started coaching in 1991 you get to see a lot of extraordinary and talented young men.  None stands out more than Kyle Ambrogi.  Not only was he a star on the football field he was a kind person.  Anytime that we saw him on the field after a game he always had a hello and a hug.  Seeing him just this past September 10th I still can't believe that this happened.  Kyle was a wonderful person.  We will miss your wonderful smile.  Mrs. Ambrogi and Greg you are in our thoughts and prayers.
-Andrea and Chris Boylan

   To try and describe the type of impact that Kyle had on the lives of those who knew him is difficult at best.  On the field, I learned a lot from Kyle.  (Mostly that he made all of us who blocked for him look a lot better than we really were.)  But I think it is off the field that he shone the brightest.  Kyle had that special type of personality, that indescribable likableness, that endeared him to just about anyone who got to know him.  If you ever had the privilege of watching his intensity in the weight room, you would never believe that he was the same laid-back wisecrack you drove home afterward.  He was the person that would laugh at your joke when it wasn't all that funny just to make you not feel like an idiot.  Kyle was also the type to spend every day for a week at the hospital with a friend whose father was terminally ill.  He lived just like he played football - humble, saying the least (with the exception of a few of his infamous rants), and always giving the most memorable performance of the night.
One of the last times I got to spend time with Kyle was one evening this summer on a friend's porch.  I will always remember Kyle that way: constantly laughing, telling a good story or two, and taking little else seriously but his friendship with those he loved.  You could never forget a man like Kyle Ambrogi if you tried, and I am lucky to have known him.
-- Anonymous

   My phone rang late Monday night, and I haven't stopped thinking about Kyle since. I couldn't cry at first because I simply refused to believe it and figured I would soon awake from the dream. It's rained everyday since then, and I have had some heavy tears and a heavy heart. The first time I remember noticing Kyle was when he walked up to receive the Freshman MVP Award at our annual Prep Football Banquet. My classmates whispered to each other, "I heard that kid is awesome." That summer being that Kyle lived in the same town, and we both caddied at Llannerch C. C. I told him we should start working out together. The truth was, I was a to be senior captain and he was a sophomore, and I sensed something about him and his work ethic that I knew I needed to absorb. We worked out hard that summer and what originated as Kyle being fairly strong for his size, turned into a work regiment that I simply couldn't keep up with and him eventually squatting over 500 lbs. as a 16 year old. Many people noted how hard of a worker he was, and how dedicated he was, but not many realize that the large majority of "work" was done when no one was watching. He ran, he lifted, he read, he studied and he did these things relentlessly, with no want for praise or compensation, everyday. Watching Kyle develop into the dominating player he was, was a gift.  The same kid that I tried to take under my wing soon became one of my idols.  Talk about desire, determination, words don't describe what its like when you watch this kid work his ass off all the time, then in front of 10,000 on Thanksgiving day game get hit by about 3 people, fall down and catch himself on one hand, do a 1 armed pushup to keep his knees of the ground then get up at still near full speed, break 2 more tackles before politely handing the ball off to the ref in the end zone.  (That was a Kyle Ambrogi Run)  Another example is when I saw him play a game at UPenn when he was a sophomore, he was sent in at the end of a game to run the clock out, but they couldn't seem to tell Kyle that he wasn't supposed to march 80 yards down the field on 3 rushes and score another touchdown. If he did anything, he gave it everything he had. The reason why people loved Kyle so much is because he learned at an early age what it took to be successful and he lived that model. He did so with character and modesty, with poise and compassion towards others. If I could draw up a diagram of what the perfect student, the perfect athlete, the perfect person and the perfect son were to be then I would just borrow one of pictures that rest on Mrs. Ambrogi's dresser. Everyone keeps asking questions, Why this? Why? Why? Why? But if we had the answers to all of life's questions, then what would we need God for? Death is a certain part of life, it comes unexpectedly and is never easy, its not supposed to be.   Instead of questioning, "was it Kyles time?" and trying to figure it out, I personally pray that I can positively affect half the people in my lifetime, as Kyle did in his 21 years.
  You were "it" man, if you only knew how many stories were told about you, how many people wanted to know you, how many kids wanted to be you, and how many tears are cried for you. I can't wait to see you again, and I'm sure by the time I get to heaven, you'll have all the other Angels in peak physical condition.
I'll miss you brother.
-- John Paul Mantey

Our family has a great faith in God, so we've been praying for the Ambrogi family to be given great comfort from their family and friends.  We pray that Kyle's brother Gregory is given all the love from good friends as he needs.  We pray that this family can find peace in their faith.  My husband and I promise to keep them in our prayers every moment we can.
God Bless this family.
-- Donna

  To Donna, Chris and Greg -  You each have my deepest, heartfelt sympathy in this painful, confusing time.  Your grief in Kyle's sudden departure may seem unbearable right now, but I implore you to lean on the many friends that knew and loved Kyle.  He touched so many lives in positive ways.  His loss almost seems seismic.  Time will bring relief from this sorrow.  We are all praying for you.
  As you search for some explanation for this tragedy, I want to try to help you make sense of it.  My brother, Brian played football for the Prep in the early 1980s, and Kyle reminded me of him very much.  Brian was Student Council President, a team captain, a scholar, a leader, an All-CL and All-City selection, etc.  Brian was one of the brightest stars in the galaxy.  Like Kyle, people felt drawn to him, and people felt better about themselves just being in his light.  Brian also played football at an Ivy League school (Brown) and the accolades followed him there.  In his senior year at Brown, Brian was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia and died several months later.  That was almost 20 years ago.
  Kyle's light, like Brian's, burned out early because it shined so bright for so many for so long.  You only need to read the wonderful words in these tributes to know that Kyle's light brightened many lives and helped his goodness take root in others.   For years to come, you will see Kyle's light move across the faces of others as they talk about him.  Look for that light.  Kyle's light is not snuffed out, only dispersed among us like the stars.  Many of us will live long lives, but few of us will live them as fully as Kyle did.
Kyle, like my brother, has been called home because he is a soldier of Christ, and he was weary from his tour of duty here.  He is resplendent now.  He was truly an angel on loan to us.  I've concluded after all these years that my brother never "belonged" to me and my family.  I was just lucky enough to have known and loved him more than most people could, to have been able to stand in his light more than most people.  It was selfish of me to want him back here on earth just to brighten my world.  Besides, Kyle and Brian are where they belong, released from their pain and toil, but at the same time, they will always remain with us "like a thousand whispers."
  My words may seem naive to some or too corny to others, but I do speak from experience.  Do not lose faith.  Faith will bring peace at last.
-- Jim Daly, Sr.

  I was lucky enough to be a teammate of Kyle's both at the Prep and at Penn. Our
lockers were next to each other. I mention this only to point out that I was
fortunate enough to observe Kyle for so many years and I can attest to all of
these wonderful memories of such a GREAT person, brother, son, teammate, and
friend. His athletic achievments are an afterthought right now, but it is
therapeutic to remember vintage Kyle Ambrogi runs. I can see him right now
taking the handoff, making the first man miss and then running over the second,
third, fourth, and fifth person. All the while, his legs never stopped
pumping. THAT was Kyle! His playing style was indicative of the way he went
through life and thank God I never had to tackle him. We will miss you Kyle.
Kevin Stefanski
SJP 2000, UP 2004

   I met Kyle only once but boy did he make an impression on me.  It was this
September at the Prep/St. Ignatius game.  Kyle was there with his brother
Greg, his friends Kevin Stefanksi and John Connors, and the legendary Dan
"Lake" Stafferi (one of his coaches at Penn).  I was with my father who
played under Lake at the Prep and my 9 month old son.  I was so impressed
with ALL of the boys.  I couldn't believe how friendly, thoughtful, good
looking and smart they all were.  It is so rare these days to find so many
quality people.  Kyle joked around with Lake asking him,  when referring to
my son, "Hey Coach, what position to you think he'll play."   I was so
impressed by Kyle.  As I recently wrote to his mom, she did a great job
raising her sons and I can only hope as a new mother I do as good of a job.
Kyle touched so many people's lives, even if it was for just an afternoon
at a football game.  He will be missed by so many.
-- Stephanie Nolan Deviney

To the Ambrogi Family,
   I never had the pleasure of meeting Kyle but anyone at all
Involved with the Catholic League, knew of him, he was an outstanding
Young man, and ceratinly a tribute to his family and the school he
Our hearts and prayers are with you.
-- Dennis Drumm Northeast Catholic Soccer.

All during my senior football season at Downingtown High School I would hear the news and statistics of this outstanding RB from St. Joe’s Prep.  I was wondering to myself, “Who is this kid”?  I ended up at Penn the following year, but could not play due to a knee injury during a summer all-star game.  So coach asked me to give a campus tour to some of the recruits before one of the games.  Kyle happened to be on this tour and that is where I first met him.  I thought that maybe he would be cocky since he was such a standout player, but he was the complete opposite.  When I told him that I had heard of him and what a great athlete he was, he sort of just shrugged it off and shifted the spotlight to his teammates instead.  He spoke of what the TEAM had to do for the remainder of the season to accomplish its goals.  He then asked me how I was doing and that he was upset to hear of my injury.  He expressed such concern despite the fact that we would be competing for time in Penn’s backfield.
         Following this encounter one word entered my mind:  Genuine.  I was amazed at how genuine Kyle’s personality was.  He was humble, friendly, treated every person with respect, and was involved with football for one reason, to help the team.
        Since both of us were local guys, we began working out together at Penn.  It didn’t take long before I found myself looking up to Kyle even though I was the older player.  His work ethic and running style was indescribable.  I always thought of myself as a power runner, but when I saw Kyle carry the ball in person, he took that style of running to a new level.  I basically spent three years of my life with Kyle on the field, in the classroom, and around the social scene at Penn and not once did I see him without a smile on his face.  He really touched me when things were not going my way with football due to injuries and limited playing time my senior year.  He spoke to me and had a way of building my confidence so that I did not get down on myself.  All he wanted to see was that I was happy and enjoying being part of the team.  He helped me to realize how lucky I am.
       That is Kyle…an exceptional football player with a genuine personality and incredible work ethic, who was always looking to improve the lives of others and make them smile.  We love you Kyle and we’ll never forget you!  Greg, be strong man and make your brother proud!  My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Ambrogi family and know that we all here for you.
        --- Mike Recchiuti (Penn ’05)

our hearts and prayers are with his family and friends at this very sad time. my two sons played in the catholic league (cec) and we always heard about kyle. what a remarkable young man on and off the field. as a mother my heart is so heavy for his mother. there are no answers for you now, except that he is in a better place. he certaintly left his mark here on earth and you have so much to proud of in him. again our prayers are with you and your family and the whole community.
-- linda brazil and family.

   When finding out about Kyle's death, it came as a complete shock. Kyle was without a doubt the overall greatest guy I've ever met. Over the years, his name would come up talking about great high school football players. People would ask me if I played with him, and what type of player he was. Not only would I tell them about his great work ethic and how great of a guy he was, but I would end up bragging about it, feeling like I was a better person to have played with him and known him throughout high school. Kyle was a guy who would always greet you with a smile, even if he didn't know who you were. While I was at the Prep with Kyle, it always seemed that I would look up to him, and try to do the best I could, and follow in his footsteps. Kyle will be missed dearly, but he will never be forgotten. Fellow Preppers always say that being at St. Joe's is the best four years of their lives. It was the best four years of my life, and Kyle Ambrogi was a great reason why. Thank you Kyle for being a great role model, a true man for others, a true Prepper, and a great friend. My thoughts and prayers go out to Greg and Mrs. Ambrogi.
-- Joe "Colonel" Kerins SJP '02

I knew Kyle when....
Kyle was an eighth grader when  started as the kindergarten teacher at Ss.
Colman-John Neumann. I did not know Kyle the football star, I knew Kyle the
14 year old boy. The silly, funny, charming, and thoughtful boy with a
contagious smile.
He demonstrated character so young, not typical of most boys his age. Taking
interest in others, myself included. I was married that year, he came to my
classroom just to congratulate me and ask my new name. I remember being so
impressed and thinking, what a great kid! That is just one story of many.
And I didn't even teach him.
Over the years I have run into Kyle several times. Hardly recognizing him,
no longer a boy, each time he approached me to say hello. Once,   at a
restaurant he came to my table when I was with  a dozen women who where
"enjoying" a night out. I was so impressed with him asking about my family
and even remembering my oldest daughter's name.  And again thinking what a
great kid.
When I learned of Kyle's death my heart broke for him. Always taking a
genuine interest in other people...making them feel special and important. I
hope his spirit is his legacy and continues on in the people he was touch in
his life.
  My thoughts and prayers are with the Ambrogi family.
-- Heather Quinlan McCulley

   I met Kyle 3 years ago at Penn. The first time we met, I mistook him for
someone else I had been told I would meet and thoroughly embarrassed myself
when I made that assumption. My embarrassment quickly disappeared when he
flashed me a big smile, said thanks for the compliment (though others around us
hardly thought it was a compliment), and hugged me as though we had met before.
I don't know that I can add more to all the beautiful things that have been said
about him by those who knew him better than I did, but I still wanted to share
two things. One is a picture from his 21st birthday. I don't know if anyone
else had their camera out while we sang Happy Birthday, but I'm glad I did.
There were about 20 of us there to celebrate that special day with him and I'm
so thankful I was there to be a part of it. The second is a story that
reinforces what everyone has said about him being such a genuinely good person.
This summer my car broke down in the middle of a road leaving me stranded. I
called a friend for help and soon I saw him pull up with Kyle in the front
seat. My friend had called Kyle, who had just finished lifting and hadn't had
a chance to go home or eat, and he came along, no questions asked. I thanked
them several times for pushing my car in the 90 degree heat of the afternoon. I
remember thinking how lucky I was to have friends like them. Kyle smiled,
probably the same smile he gave me 3 years earlier, told me not to worry and
that he was glad he could help. The only condition was we stop at Tony Luke's
for dinner on our way home and at Kyle's suggestion I had the best chicken parm
hoagie I've ever eaten. It was just a small thing, taking time to help a friend
in need, but I realize now that it’s things like this he did every day that made
him special to so many people. His loss is felt by everyone who had the
privilege of knowing him. We may not think he was with us long enough, but he
touched more hearts than most people can in a hundred years.

-- Anonymous

   When I heard of this news on Tuesday morning, I simply could not believe
what I was hearing. I met Kyle at the Guerrin fundraiser while he was
attending St. Joes and I was a member of the coaching staff at Bonner, and
from the day I met him all I could say is "WOW" what a tremendous kid he
was. In Kyle's senior year at St. Joes they beat us twice, (once during the
regular season and once in the championship) and Kyle was simply great in
both games. However, what sticks out with me is how Classy and Modest Kyle
was throughout his career there and how every time I saw Kyle all I could
say after talking to him was how genuine and nice of a person he was. He
will be Truly missed. To the Ambrogi family, Kyle's friends, and the Prep
and Penn families-- you are in my thoughts and Prayers
---- Greg Bernhardt

  Kyle was an amazing person. It cannot be said enough how special he was. I had the opportunity to meet Kyle when i first moved to Philadelphia. My brother and his younger brother were friends and Kyle and I meet in grade school. I will never forget telling my mom after i meet him, how awsome and cool he was. I had the privilege to play against him in Basketball and Football when he played for Philly Blue and I for Paoli Wildcats, he tore us up every time he was just that great an athlete and St Katherines and St Denis games, even then he was something special. At the Prep I spent 4 years with Kyle, he was one of the greatest people i have ever meet and one of the most genuine people anyone could meet. Playing football with him for 4 years is something that no one from the class of 02 can forget. He was an amazing athlete,friend,student,brother and son. Kyle is everything that Prep football stands for, now when i look back at that season of 01 i will always tell people that #36 was the best running back and person who ever put on a Prep Jersey. I wish Greg, Mr and Mrs Ambrogi the best and know that Kyle was one of the greatest people i have ever meet. You will be missed but never forgotten
-- Tripp Durham
St. Joe's Prep '02

   Kyle Ambrogi was a respectful kid, and a caring one too. He was a great football player as well as a great student, he was always happy and always had a smile on his face. He treated every one with respect. He worked very hard at everything he tried 2 accomplish, he was just a all around great person. I will never forget the impact he made on my life, he was one of my closest cousins and i will miss him greatly as will all of his family and friends.Rest in peace Kyle.
-- Lucas Findeison

  I have started to write this tribute several times, but the right words just are not there.  My prayers and sincerest condolences are extended to all members of the Ambrogi family, to our extended family at The Prep, and to Kyle’s friends at Penn and elsewhere.
I had the wonderful privilege of serving as the Principal at The Prep from 1997 to 2004.   I saw many boys grow into outstanding young men during their years there.   I have read their kind words about Kyle on this tribute page.  Each name conjures fond memories of ordinary guys attaining extraordinary achievements.   I have also read the tributes from some outstanding young men who competed against Kyle in high school.  Kyle Ambrogi was definitely a person who earned the respect and admiration of many people—friend and foe alike.
  I don’t need to tell others about his achievements on the playing field.   The numbers speak for themselves.  I enjoyed watching and cheering for Kyle and for The Prep.  However, if anyone were to walk the halls at The Prep during those years, you would never guess that this kid was the stud football player that he was.  He was very humble and kind, never boasting of any accomplishments or wins on the playing field.  He would blush when you congratulated him on a “good game”.  He was the model student-athlete, giving his best in both arenas.  He understood what it meant to be a “man for others”, and he was!
  My family and I have cried many times this week.  More tears will fall, I’m sure.   We continue to pray that Kyle’s family and our friends in Philadelphia will find comfort in their support of one another.   May God grant him eternal rest, and may He grant us the strength to comfort each other.
Dr. Michael J. Coury, Kyle and Greg’s Principal @ SJP
Dr. Michael J. Coury, President
St. Michael's Catholic Academy
3000 Barton Creek Blvd.
Austin, TX 78735
(512) 328-2323 (Office)
(512) 328-2327 (Fax)
   (Ted's note: Dr. Coury granted us permission to post his current contact info for those members of the Prep/Ambrogi
families who might want to reach out. One son, Michael, graduated with Kyle. Another, John, graduated with Greg.)

   I remember the first time I met Kyle. I was in 6th grade, playing football at St. Denis with Greg. As we warmed up for our game one Saturday morning, this kid comes up to Greg with the biggest cast on a single finger I had ever seen. Greg told me Kyle gotten his finger caught in the mesh of an opposing jersey on an opening kickoff the week before, and well, you can figure out what happened to it. Little did I know this same guy would be one of the reasons I would idolize throughout high school, and one of the main reasons I decided to stick out playing two sports through my time at The Prep. I played football and rowed at The Prep, and on a few occasions, thought about giving up one or the other. Anytime the idea of dropping football came up, I would see Kyle do something along the lines of that O'Hara game, and the thought would be gone. I wanted to do something like that.
I had the pleasure of knowing Kyle outside the lines as well. Spending the last few years in the caddy yard of Llanerch Country Club with him, I got to see his great sense of humor and insane work ethic in another light. And even though I eventually made the decision to come to Temple and row, Kyle would always ask how I was making out, even if it was followed with a jab about not playing football. Along with John Hurley, they gave me a nickname my Sophomore year, that really never made sense, but stuck. So for the nickname, the kindness, generosity, and the inspiration for a kid two years younger than you Kyle, thank you. And while those summer saturday mornings are gonna be missing something without you, there will always be a spot on that caddy yard bench for you, with that fresh new copy of Sports Illustrated waiting right next to it. Just like always.
-"Wild" Bill Gennaro, Prep '04

To the Ambrogi family, his brother, coaches and friends-
I reside in San Francisco, graduated from Princeton almost 50 years ago,
but still follow Ivy League football. Tears are streaming down my face
as I read all the testimonials to Kyle- what a credit to his family, his
coaches and the schools he repesented.

"Too young" is trite but it must be said. He had so much to offer to us
all. We lost a son 10 years ago and share your grief.

May God bless you all.
-- Gib Kirwin, San Francisco, CA

I never had the immense privilege of meeting Kyle.  However, I can tell you
that Kyle is a role model to all.  He truly stived for the "magis".  By now
you've heard countless stories about his performances on the football field
and in the classroom, but what makes me look up to Kyle more than anything
else is his performance as a human being.  The Prep mourns for your loss
Kyle, and we will never forget you, Rest in peace.
-- Nolan Grady SJP '08

   All the cliches of the man who had "everything to live for" and "he had
everything"...well he did...he was the best anyone could ask for... every
picture you could find of him, he had the biggest smile on his face, no
matter what the situation was...he is sitting pretty above us.....K.A. smile
down on us......

    Kyle is my Godson and son of my sister. I found out about this website from my sister last night and she is taking comfort in reading all these wonderful things people have to say. Kyle is the oldest cousin in my family and there are 17 of them. And any of you that come from a big family know that the oldest has a special role and responsibility, which Kyle did almost immediately.  We used to kid around that Kyle was the winner in the "gene pool", everyone taking some type of credit. I look at these writings and see so many qualities that he has of my dad,  his grandfather,  and take comfort in knowing that he is with him now. We were all taught that everyone is special and to treat others special. Kyle always kept that within him and expressed it daily. All the cousins are trying to deal with this. From the day he was born, which was even special being born on July 4th, I was always so proud to say "I'm the Godmother"  We have a large, faithful, close family and know that God will take care of us. My Sister, my Mom and of course Gregory are our main focus right now.
  May we all pray that his eternal life be in peace and comfort in the arms of God. I'll love you forever Kyle.
--Aunt Peg

  I just met Kyle when we both were being recruited from the University of Penn.
He caught my mother's attention b/c of his physique and build. If I was going
to go to a college trying to play running back competing against Kyle Ambrogi
and his thorough reputation, then Penn wasn't for me. Kyle was a phenomenal
athlete and I had the privilege of playing against him in the City All Star
game in 2002. Kyle and I kept in contact and I just saw him recently up here at
Penn State. He looked happy when I saw him and it was just exciting seeing him
briefly because he was the type of person who could cheer you up by just seeing
him if you were having a bad day. He told me since he is in the Ivy League, for
football redshirting was not an option and this year was his last year of
football on the college level. Although Kyle and I birthdays were 3 days apart,
I looked up to Kyle starting back to the recruiting process. I began lifting
weights harder, and bragging about him to my own teammates at Northeast High
School. I even spent more time watching him play whenever I could catch a SJP
game. This just hurts so bad, to hear something like this happen to a Kyle. Why
does things like this have to happen to good people like Kyle. Kyle Ambrogi
will forever be missed, and I will continue to keep his family in my prayers.
May God keep his family and touch them in this time of grieving. Kyle Ambrogi
will be missed forever.
-- Darien A. Hardy
Northeast High 2002

  I did not have the pleasure of meeting Kyle or his brother Greg.  But my husband and I  are high school football fans and we had the privilege of watching both  play in high school.  I heard of Kyle's death and immediately knew the name and remembered how many people would comment 'not only was he a great football player but what a terrific kid.'
  As I watched my 3yr old son eat his lunch today, tears flowed as thoughts of Kyle Ambrogi and his family filled my head.  Mrs. Ambrogi - I can only hope that my son will grow up to be as wonderful as your 2 boys and I want you to know that Kyle's memory  has profoundly affected a family that did not even know him personally.  May God bless you Kyle Ambrogi because you are in a better place now.  And to his parents, brother, family and all those from the Prep and Penn -- our thoughts and prayers are with you.
-- Anonymous

  I would like to send my condolences to the family and friends of Kyle
Ambrogi. Over the last 7 years or so I've been lucky enough to view a lot of
local High School FB games from the sidelines, a close up and personal view.
Although I never talked to Kyle I was able to observe the respect that was
given him by both teammates and opponents, the type of respect that is
earned through hard work and dedication, values as important as being a top
athlete.  Values that are taught and learned in one's upbringing. To Kyle's
mother Donna, our heart felt sorrow, support and prayers are with you from
Thomas Jefferson Hospital staff and employees.
God Bless you
Joe McFadden

  The first time I saw Kyle, I had graduated and was a
freshman at Penn, I returned to my alma matter, North
Penn, to see us stomp the Prep for a 2nd straight
year. How wrong I was. This kid, who ran
relentlessly like I had never seen, absolutely
demolished and out-toughed a team and a program that
prides itself on toughness. A year later, I found out
he was coming to Penn, and even before he started
school in the summer, he was in our weightroom
squatting the house, running with the upper classmen,
and beating me and most of us in the sprints. I had
never seen such a young kid with the maturity and work
ethic like Kyle.
  The night of the first time I saw Kyle in our
weightroom in Franklin Field, a bunch of us were at a
football house cooking burgers and relaxing after an
ass-kicking workout. Kyle was so approachable and
nice, he came up to me, already knowing who I was and
talking about our rivalry. I said something about how
exhausted I was and dehydrated, and right away Kyle
said, "I was gonna run up to Wawa real quick, if you
want something I can grab it for you." I said ok, and
tried to give him money for a gatorade, but he
refused. Next thing I know, he took off, actually
running to Wawa, about 6 blocks away. A short few
minutes later, Kyle comes back, barely out of breath
after sprinting there and back, and a single gatorade
in his hand. That was just the kind of person Kyle
was. The next few years the running backs became my
true brothers, and I am blessed to have known such a
great person. Everyone who reads this please extend
their hearts to Greg and their family, they need us
now, because their rock is gone.
  This may mean more to Penn people, but going through
life for these 23 years, I have looked up to and
strived to emulate these two great people who have
touched my life, Kris Ryan and the late, great Kyle
Ambrogi. I hope that he can be an inspiration to
everyone who knew him, and more, because I know that I
will never let Kyle's legacy die. I am speaking for
the whole 'stable' when I say that we love you
Cymbols, we will never forget.
-Mike Kapusta Penn '04

Kyle was the oldest of our 17 cousins and really was one of the most respectable people I ever knew.  We used to go watch him play football for high school and in college.  But  remember when some of my cousins and I were at his game for St.Joes Prep and he scored this amazing 90 yard touchdown, it didnt count because of a flag or something and everyone in the stadium was yelling "Kyle do  it again!" and he did.  He ran up that entire field again and scored a touchdown.  Just as an example, he did anything he was suppose to. He was a tremendious athlete and a wonderful guy.  Kyle was a great roll-model and my brother and I looked up to him greatly.  Our familys prays will be for him always.  Were never going to forget.
--Nina Sarcona

  Kyle is my cousin, he was the oldest of all 17 and the one to respect the most. I remember when i went to his game I was at the bottom where the players come out. I remember Kyle bouncing around and he gave me a high five when they started to run on the field.It was a great experience to watch him which is why I'm playing football now.  He was not only a football player but one of the nicest people you could ever know.  I will miss him so much.  He will always be in my heart.
-Matthew Sarcona

   I met Kyle through my man Greg Hennigar years back and he was a real cool dude. Back in the day, as a junior, he was going back and forth with Detroit Lions star Kevin Jones in leading the city in points and yardage. At that point, I was in 8th or 9th grade and he was one of the first high school role models for me as a running back. I always saw how good he was and heard of how much of a beast he was in the weightroom. I played against his brother Greg when I was in 10th grade at Judge (he was a solid corner). Kyle played a big part in the start of the "Dynasty Days" for the Prep and it is truly, very sad and emotional to see a good guy such as himself pass away so soon with so much more to do in life. I have so much to say about him and am speechless all at once. I send my condolences out to his family and friends,
Mr. Chris Banks

To the Ambrogi Family:
   What an unbelievable tribute this web site is from Kyle's friends and family.   I would like to give you a prospective from someone who only crossed his path once this past year.  As I heard the news of his passing on Tuesday my heart sunk.   I began to think back on the morning I spent with him when he caddied for me at Llanerch CC.   Immediately 3 memories came to mind.  First was his genuine smile and massive handshake he gave me when we met on the first hole.  Second, while walking behind him on the 10th fairway I was amazed at this kid carrying 2 bags one on each shoulder just hanging as if they were empty paper bags with no hands while he devoured some type of protein bar.   I remember laughing to myself thinking wow this kid could carry 3 bags on each shoulder.  Third and most importantly, I recall after the round was over sitting down for lunch with my 3 golf partners and the first thing I said to them was what a nice and impressive young man. If he made this impression on me after only a few hours, I could only imagine the impression he made on people he knew his entire life.

To the Ambrogi family,
I never met Kyle but I did see him play football for the Prep.  I am a Prep mom and although my son graduated a year before Kyle, their paths did cross while they were at the Prep.  I can't even begin to express the sorrow that I have for the Ambrogi Family.  I pray that your faith will help to get you through this tragedy.
I remember a poem that I read once......something to the effect that our children are only "on loan" to us from God.  They aren't really ours but Gods.  Our job as parents is to nurture and care for them until God calls them back.  Donna, I know this doesn't make your pain any less bearable but you should be so proud of the wonderful job you did raising Kyle. God just wanted him back earlier than expected.  Stay strong and I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.....
prepmom - class of 2001

Kyle Ambrogi was the most amazing person I have ever met. Not only was he extremley talented, but he had a work ethic like you woud not believe. Ever since I was little I have looked up to him, and I always will. He excelled on the field, in the classroom, and he was the nicest person you would ever want to meet. He would never let you feel left out. Even if he did not know you that well, he would make sure to say hi and ask you how you were doing. He was truly an amazing person and will be missed. My prayers go out to Donna, Greg, and the rest of his family.

   They say you should never question God. That all things happen for a reason. I am struggling with God, I need his reason for taking Kyle from us. My heart is broken, you know when you get that ache in your heat that won't go away. St Joseph's Prep is my family, it has been for the last fourteen years of my life. These fine young men, they are part of our family. I loved Kyle like he was my son. I would always tell Gil that I hoped Buddy would grow up to be just like Kyle...perfect in every way. Kyle personified all the great qualities you would want in a son; loving, compassionate, kind, loyal, humble and handsome as ever. He had a huge impact on Prep Football, his work ethic was like no other. It was contagious and that has made Prep Football was it is today. He was Meg and Bud's idol. They would love when dad came home with Kyle stories. He had the most beautiful smile, which I have framed throughout our home. Donna, you must be so proud to have raised a son that touched the lives of so many people. That is a great compliment to you as Kyle's mother. You raised your sons to be gentlemen and I thank you for sharing them with us. Greg, you could always see that special bond you had as brothers, one only a mother notices. Kyle's presence will be with you forever, you will feel it like no other. Kyle you will forever be in my heart. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to have you in my life. May you always shine down upon us.
Love you always,
Donna Brooks

Kyle Ambrogi is a name that my family usually associates with joy; Gil
Brooks is my uncle, and I remember sitting at the family table on
Thanksgiving, after the game, and watching my uncle recount the game
bursting with pride. "That Ambrogi kid is amazing." I have rarely seen
my uncle so proud of a player. He made the games interesting. I can
still hear the announcer stating "Ambrogi on the Carry", and my aunt
saying "There goes Kyle!" My entire family admired Kyle, for his
amazing talent on the field and his manners off of it; he always had
time to say hello. It was always exciting to see him visit after he
graduated. When my Aunt Donna called with the terrible news, none of us
wanted to believe it. My thoughts and prayers are with the Ambrogi
family, and I will always remember him as the wonderful person that he
-- Briana Brooks Cristinzio

  We all know that Kyle was a “star football player” throughout the Prep and Penn but the greatest accomplishment that Kyle Ambrogi achieved was that of an outstanding 4.0 student and a person who literally touched everyone’s life he came in contact with. If you ever came in contact with Kyle you knew how full of life he was and how he lived his life to the fullest. My prayers are with the Ambrogi family/friends. Kyle will be sadly missed but his memory will last forever!
-Craig Mullen- GWHS ‘01

Dear Donna,Greg and the Ambrogi family,
  I would like to share a story about my first meeting with Kyle: I had
not followed high school football at all until that time but my son was
starting the Prep in a few weeks and I was starting to follow them.
Anyway I read the paper and was off for my normal 7 AM tee off. I was
standing on the 17th Tee at Llanerch and happened to be in the company
of a Prep Grad whom I turned to and said " How about that kid who scored
6 touchdowns for the Prep last night!" He chuckled and said it was
really something. "By the way", he asked, " would you like to meet that
kid?" I told him sure. He said "Shake hands with your caddy." As my
head snapped around and I looked at Kyle he gave me that world class
grin of his, shrugged his shoulders and asked me what club I wanted.
Wow. He plays a night game and then is up at the crack of dawn to get an
early loop. Wow.
  I started going to the Prep games and started to realize what a special
person he really was. I would run into him in a variety of non-Prep
places and there was not one time where he would not seek me out to
shake my hand give me that smile and make me feel better. I had an
opportunity to meet Greg and realized that they might have broken the
mold with Kyle but the code wasn't lost. Thank the Lord!
  I was sharing with a friend about Kyle and realized that I would go on
for hours about him and his many attributes. I told my friend that if
you were building a son this was the person you would use for you
blueprint. I still mean that.
  There is an old Indian saying that goes: "the passing on of someone is
not so much as turning the light out at night; but more the blowing out
of the candle before the dawn."
But boy, what an luminance this candle had!
-- Dan Boyle

Mrs. Ambrogi and Greg-
  I never really knew Kyle, except to hear one of my brothers or cousins,
or Greg mention his name, undoubtably attached to a great achievement or
awesome play he made in a game. But since hearing about Kyle's passing
I have found myself inspired and moved by him, and by how much he meant
to others...and how MANY others looked up to him. You must be so proud
to have been a huge part of such a special person's life...from what it
seems he was truly one of the greats. I am praying for you both and for
Kyle every day, and hope that God brings you peace among the struggle at
this difficult time...

  Greg- please know that you are loved so much by your friends, and that
they are here for you always...they have all been touched by your
sincerity and your strength....you are such a great example for
them....your letter and your words on this site are moving and
powerful...my whole family is thinking of you always, and praying for
you...we look forward to seeing your smiling face someday soon...
Shannon Blacker (Patti's daughter, and Drew's sister)

Dear Readers,
   Obviously everyone has been completely and utterly shocked at the recent passing of one of the greatest human beings God has to offer.  I have been trying to write this for sometime now, but I just couldn’t put the right words into place.  Now that a whole week has passed I now know what I want to say and how to say it.   I am not going to harp on the athleticism of Kyle nor will I discuss his athletic achievements because everyone knows about them.   I want people to know how Kyle affected me about 7 years ago.  Being from Jersey I didn’t know a single soul at football freshman year.  I remember sitting down at Girard College eating at the football barbeque and sawing to myself, “this stinks”.  Next thing you know, this kid comes up to me with this ridiculous looking smile on his face and says, “whats up man? Can I sit?”  Take a guess who it was? Kyle Ambrogi.  He was the very first person to come over and talk to the outcast kid from Jersey.  Ever since that moment, we became close friends throughout high school.  Throughout the years we would eat lunch together, we would talk over the phone or online.  He would always invite me to sit with the football guys at lunch because I still didn’t know anyone.   He even made room for me, even if he had to put his lunch on his lap.  Freshmen year, I am sure all the fellas remember the table capacity being 8 and yea we sat like 20.  Kyle would always approach me with this stupid ridiculous smile, even when I did badly on a test (which was on occasion), or mad for some reason, he would still find a way to make me smile.  It was as though he always stood out in a crowd and made everyone smile no matter what.  He really got on my case about playing football our junior year since I had not played sophomore year (sorry Coach).  So I did play junior year.  I did ok for someone who didn’t play much before.  And when I got yelled at by any of the coaches (which once again happened on occasion), Kyle would always be there for me.  I remember one time I was struggling at a new position and I messed up and Coach Brooks gave me the business about missing a block at FB.  Who was the RB? Kyle.  Who was the first person to come up to me and say, “hey man shake it off, you're doing fine?” Kyle.   That’s the type of person He was.   Throughout college we would talk a good bit online and when we saw each other and He would always ask me about how baseball was, He never let me get to ask him how football was going.  He cared about what I did first.  He didn’t act like that around certain people.  He acted liked that all the time.  That is what Kyle Ambrogi was all about and that is why his legacy will never be forgotten.  Going to the viewing Sunday and the funeral on Monday, I witnessed something I have never witnessed before.  The amount of love and support from people who were his family, friends, family of friends, and people that didn’t even know him well.  I saw so many familiar faces that I would never expect, but why wouldn’t I? It was Kyle Ambrogi; I shouldn’t have expected anything less.  Kyle was the most liked out of everyone that I have ever met.  No one ever had a bad thing to say about Him. He was special.   And He will remain special in everyone’s heart including mine.  Kyle I love you with all my heart.  Mrs. Ambrogi and Greg, I am praying for you.  Be strong because you know Kyle would be.
-- Eric Smith 02  Kairos LXV (with Kyle)

   I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason .God  doesn't always let us in on His game plan . Now having said that I tell you that I never met Kyle, nor did I ever watch him play football. I met him thru the Daily News and Ted Silary's writings of his team and personal acomplishments, which were impressive to say the least. But after reading the tributes from his family, coaches, teammates and friends, it led me to believe that kyle lived his life as an example of the way it should be done . We all would be better people if we went about our daily routine with kyle  as an example.
-- Michael X. Hannigan
Assistant basketball coach
Germantown Academy

Donna and Greg,
After reading these beautiful tributes to Kyle and the life he led we felt compelled to add one more story of how Kyle touched the lives of everyone he met.  Stephen, was a freshman on the Prep football team when Kyle was a senior.  While Stephen was always impressed by Kyle's athletic skill and great personality, it was our 9 year old son, Danny, who was completely awed by Kyle. At that time Danny was one of the waterboys for the team.  Danny was in such awe of Kyle that his sister decided to give Danny an autographed picture of Kyle for Christmas.  It took a lot of courage for a 12 year old girl to go up to Kyle after a game and ask for his autograph.  Of course she said it was for her little brother which only made it sound completely untrue since every 12 year old girl in the stands probably had a crush on him.  Naturally, Kyle was humble and gracious about it and even took the time to talk to her for a few minutes.  He had a unique ability to make others feel comfortable around him. I know Danny will cherish that picture forever.  What a wonderful role model he was. Thank you for sharing your son and brother with all of us.  May God bless you and your family and help you to find peace.
-- Mary Kay and Dan Vassalotti

To the Ambrogi Family,
I didn't know Kyle but my son went to the Prep, class of 01.  I watched Kyle play football at the Prep and I also followed his career at Penn.  I have come to this page often reading all the wonderful things about Kyle.  He certainly seems to have been an amazing son, brother, cousin, godchild, nephew and friend to many.  My heart goes out to all those that Kyle has left behind.  I read that Mrs. Ambrogi and Greg read this page often.  I just wanted to let you both know that I am praying for both of you.  May your strength and memories of Kyle help to ease your pain.  You are always in my thoughts and prayers.......

I never knew Kyle, but having attended the Prep a number of
years ago, and having been to a number of their games over
the years, I am well aware of his accomplishments on the gridiron.
More recently I always checked the Sunday paper to see how he
fared playing for Penn. Occasionally I would wonder what someone
with so much athletic talent was like as a person. How inspiring
to read about the classy, caring, respectful, dedicated, and humble
way Kyle lived his life always with a smile. It's easy to understand the immense
pride and love his family, friends, teammates, classmates, and even strangers
feel for him. To Kyle's family I can only offer you my prayers and condolences.
Be assured though that Kyle will always be remembered in people's thoughts and prayers
and that he will live on in the actions of the many people inspired by his example.

My heart breaks for Kyle’s parents and brother. I have no idea how to deal with this kind of loss other than to pray for them for God’s help. My son, who played with Kyle, is devastated. We feel like we lost a member of our family.  Even though they have been out of the Prep for more than three years it seem like last weekend that Kyle was tearing it up and down the field. I don’t think that there will ever be football games that I enjoyed more than their junior and senior years. We will never forget Kyle and those special years. All I can say is that we will be praying for them. Kyle was truly a “man for others”.
-- A Prep Football Dad

Dear Donna and Greg,
I pray for you everyday.  You are truly inspiring - in spite of the pain you are in you have reached out to others.  I wanted to shared my brief memories of Kyle. My son graduated from the Prep in 01 and was on the football team with Kyle.  I remember watching those games amazed at Kyle’s drive, determination and energy.  I had the pleasure of meeting Kyle at one of the Prep Homecoming Dances, he was talking with my son and my son introduced him to me.  I was so impressed with Kyle's gracious, kind manner and his warm, genuine smile.  Kyle did so much in his short life with the gifts God gave him.  Donna, you raised two wonderful young men – I read Greg’s words and again was filled with amazement.  May God watch over you and give you comfort, hope and strength.  Kyle will always be remembered as a man for others.
-- Anonymous

Dear Donna, Greg, and all who mourn the loss of Kyle,
   I have just finished reading many of the beautiful tributes to Kyle
on this wonderful website, and fear my words will fall miserably short
for the greatness and solemnness of this occasion. However, here goes.
My first encounter with any member of the Ambrogi family was over 23
years ago at an engagement party my future in laws gave for my husband
and me. Mrs. Ranieri, Kyle's mother's mother, sang a beautiful song for
us, and although I can't even remember the song, I remember feeling as
if a celebrity had graced the evening with her presence. Such was my
initial intro to the star quality of talent in their family. Many years
later, as our daughter started kindergarten, one couldn't help but
notice the beautiful little boy, always so polite and respectful at any
of the school events. His name, Kyle Ambrogi. As the years passed,
Kyle of course, continued to grow in grace, talent and beauty in every
sense of the words. What made the connection even more delightful, was
our second daughter and Greg became classmates two years later. So
began a saga of 11 years of interacting with the Ambrogi boys, both "the
perfect personification" of the kind of boy any mother would want her
daughter to befriend.
My daughter had such a sweet remembrance of Kyle.
... Mom, I remember being in Mrs. Donahue's gym class, (7th grade) and
we were playing intense game of flag football (for those of you in that
class of 1998, what wasn't intense)?. All I remember is the Kyle, the
consummate competitor almost leveling me (she recalled laughing). Of
course he made the play. Not long after, I was at the water fountain.
Kyle, the consummate gentleman as well, made it a point to come up to me
and say, "I'm really sorry about gym class. I hope I wasn't too rough."
When she responded, "No don't worry about it." Somewhat sheepishly he
replied, "You were in the way of the ball, you know."
Much more poignantly, I wanted to share a reflection I had at the
burial. My daughters and I were in the very back. As I listened to the
hushed prayers and quiet sobs, my head went from a downward glance, up
to the beautiful sky. I couldn't help but notice the trees rustling in
the wind, and the beautiful backdrop the perfect blue sky was for the
golden leaves. It was the perfect day for a football game. The kind of
day, if not for the extreme sadness of the occasion, you feel a little
more alive, and things take on a brighter gleam. That moment I had that
thought, I noticed the most beautiful, graceful hawk, hovering above all of
us in the distance. As the prayers culminated and just before the
people bid their final farewells, I noticed that beautiful hawk, SOAR
--literally into the distance, as if to say, don't fear, for truly I
have never soared this high. Kyle, may you continue to soar to the
beautiful heights you are so worthy of. And may your spirits always
remain with all those who loved you so dearly. We have all been touched
by your life. With love,

-- Katie Keating

I have been reading all the entries that family, friends and strangers
have posted on this site about Kyle. I contemplated whether to write or
not, I mean I don't even know Kyle, (except that I have a son that went
to the Prep). Did I have the privilege of sharing my thoughts? But
after reading the entries day after day, I feel as though I have a
pretty good idea of the person Kyle had become. I was so moved reading
Ms. Keatings entry....

As the prayers culminated and just before the
people bid their final farewells, I noticed that beautiful hawk, SOAR
--literally into the distance, as if to say, don't fear, for truly I
have never soared this high.

How poetic that she saw a beautiful HAWK! By reading all the entries,
I have decided to follow the advice of Kyle's brother Greg and others.
The past few days I have found myself saying hello to more people,
making an effort to chat with them for a few minutes, holding doors
opens as they walk in. Just little things that I should have been doing
my entire life. After each encounter my thoughts go right to Kyle and I
say a short prayer for him, just a few short words. I hope all of us
will continue to try to make a difference in someone life as Greg
suggested. Even in death, Kyle continues to make a difference.......

  I didn't know Kyle on the football field, truthfully I
never even watched him play football. When I found
out that he had passed I had to ask two of my friends
to make sure that it was the right person. The person
I knew...well it broke my heart. He was a terrific
person just to encounter a few nights. Like Greg said
previously he always remembered who I was and managed
to find something that we could talk about for a good
hour. Everytime I saw him I felt like I had just seen
my best friend that I haven't seen in years. I feel
for his families loss and my prayers go out to them.

-- anonymous

Dear Donna:
  Please know you have been in all of our thoughts and prayers
during this very difficult time.
  Your strength has been truly amazing. Having known you and your
wonderful family since my high school days, this strength did not come
as a surprise to me. Nonetheless, I was still amazed that you are able
to reach out and console others during this time of intense grief. Your
compassionate ways are truly a testament to Kyle's amazing spirit.
I too have wonderful memories of Kyle and his gorgeous smile
especially from his
  SS. Colman-John Neumann days. He had a remarkable presence in grade
school...always polite and a gentleman ....and always a leader.
  You mentioned to me that Kyle and Dear Mrs. Sereni had a
wonderful relationship and a special bond. Over the past week, the image
of them being together with Mrs. Sereni embracing Kyle in one of her
special hugs has given me tremendous consolation and has made me smile.
  I hope this website continues to bring you and Greg the comfort
you deserve.
  May Kyle's love and strength continue to live on in you and your
entire family...
With love,
-- Rita Edge Regan

   Kyle was the type of kid that every kid wanted to be like. A star football player, good looks, and a personality that shined. I had the opportunity to meet Kyle once and I can say that just from talking to him, I could tell he was a special guy. You talk to everyone else and it seems like they're not really interested in what you have to say or who you are. Talking to Kyle, it was different. He showed respect, looked you in the eye, and listened. I hardly knew Kyle, yet hearing stories about Prep football and what a cool kid he was, I am glad to have met him. He'll definitely be missed but never forgotten. My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.

Dear Ambrogi Family,
  My name is Paul McGann the younger brother of Mike McGann (Quarterback
Kyle's Junior year), Dennis, who graduated with Kyle, and Sean who graduated
with Greg. You can tell that we are very close to the Ambrogi Family and ever
since Kyle's passing we have been deeply saddened. Me, being only thirteen,
and a friend of Kyle's, it has been hard for it all to make sense. But after
visiting the Ambrogi family I realized that this all happened for a reason. A
reason that none of us will ever understand.
The night before Kyle's passing I watched Kyle's Junior highlight reel and
the Championship game vs. O'Hara. Watching him I just said WOW! I never
realized how good he was. (I was realizing this now because a a kid I
attended, but never really watched the whole game!!)Whenever he visited my
house he would always ask for me and talk to me and I thought he was the
coolest kid on earth(He always knew where the fun was!!). And I thought,"When
am I going to see him again I can't wait!" Unfortunately, that will happen
later than I hoped. Reading this website gave me strength through the days and
will always remember from every Prep Game I attended, "Ambrogi on the Carry...TOUCHDOWN!"
He will forever be in my heart and my deepest condolences go out to the
Ambrogi Family.
Paul McGann

Kyle is my cousin and always will be and my best memory  of him is his smile. Every time i see him he always says "hey p.a."! Every time i saw him he would always have a big smile on his face. Last year he had me for pollyanna and he gave me a  horse pin. I will keep it forever and never let it go.i can't imagine christmas without him. But he will always always be with me everywhere i go!
Love, p.a.

Mrs. Ambrogi and Greg:
   I have had the privilege of meeting Greg and Kyle on a few seperate
occasions. My older brother graduated a year before Kyle and played
football at the Prep with both of them. I want you to know what an amazing
person I think Kyle is. I am a huge Prep Football fan, and I loved going to
the football games and seeing what kind of plays Kyle would make. He was an
incredibly kind person. He is still loved very much. My family and I have
kept Kyle and your family in our prayers. I still think of Kyle everyday,
and I have been trying to follow Greg's advice in smiling or talking to
someone even if I do not know them. And when I do, I think of Kyle. His
memory will live on forever.

I am a freind of Kyle's mother, Donna, from high school, and although I never met him, I am stunned by the outpouring of love, affection and sorrow I read in these pages. Donna and Greg, my prayers are with you. I know well how you feel and how difficult this time of year is in particular.
I lost my daughter, Alexis, who was about Kyle's age,on July 10 of this year, a bond I wish we didn't share.
Mary Ellen Kunik Smith


i did not know Kyle Ambrogi prior to the Penn-Bucknell game, but I could tell he was more than a great athlete  Kyle projected a quiet type of confidence that is full of heroic implications. And in reading his many tributes, Kyle is an affirmation for everything that is good about human behavior.Kyle may be gone too soon, but his existence is an inspiration and can never fade.  
Tom Goggin
Phoenixville PA

I am deeply saddened to find out about the passing of Kyle. I first met
Kyle at the University of Pennsylvania, where both him and I were being
recruited as running backs. I was astonished of this kids size for a
high school football player, and every since then we got the talking. I
tell you, this hurts so bad, because you don't want nothing bad to
happen to a person, especially a person like Kyle Ambrogi who had
everything going for him. I just saw Kyle up here at Penn State a few
months ago and he had that smile that he always had, and he seemed happy
and we got the talking and everything. I just don't understand. But to
his family, be encouraged and know that Kyle touched a lot of peoples
lives, including mine. Just look to God for where your help is. God
-- Darien Hardy

   ***A viewing for Kyle was held 10/16, 7 to 9:30 p.m., at St. John Neumann Church,
380 Highland Ave., in Bryn Mawr. The funeral Mass was held 10/17, 11 a.m.,
at the same church. The family asks that people wishing to make donations in Kyle's name
please do so to the Penn or St. Joseph's Prep football alumni groups.***


by Ted Silary, Daily News Sports Writer

Are they finished providing thrills? Can stat men put down their pencils?

Is it really safe to leave the stadium? There will be no more spectacular plays? No more reasons to go "phew!" in amazement?

You're sure? You promise?

With 5,000 animated spectators packed into the stands and pressed two to three deep against the fence ringing the track, Cardinal O'Hara High and St. Joseph's Prep staged quite the Catholic Red football goodie yesterday at Springfield Delco.

The war went to Prep, 40-27.

The battle went to junior tailback Kyle Ambrogi.

Few would dispute that football is the ultimate team sport. But individual duels featuring talented skill-position players also can make the game go 'round, and so it was this time.

In O'Hara's corner was 6-1, 205-pound senior Kevin Jones, anointed by some the nation's No. 1 prospect and already the Catholic League's all-time top rusher.

In Prep's was Ambrogi, a 5-11, 190-pound junior and the city leagues' No. 2 rusher on a yards-per-game basis.

Gentlemen, start your yardage-gobblin'.

"I really didn't get into that stuff. It wasn't like it was me against Kevin Jones," Ambrogi said. "I don't even play defense. I didn't have to tackle him.

"Did I watch him? Not much. The coaches are always on me to get something to drink and make sure I get some rest. I do that and then it's back out on the field. I've seen him on film a lot, though. "

Deep into last night (this morning?), O'Hara's defenders were seeing Ambrogi in their nightmares.

Bobbing and weaving and zooming and, most of all, churning nonstop, Ambrogi rushed 28 times for 322 yards and four touchdowns. In all, he was responsible for 387 yards, as he threw a 26-yard scoring pass to Pete Chromiak and collected 39 yards on four returns.

Jones carried 17 times for 128 yards and two TDs, caught three passes for 46 yards and another score and added 53 yards on three returns (227 total).

Ambrogi's 322-yard rushing effort ranks seventh in city leagues' history. His scores, in order, covered 77, 8, 39 and 51 yards. His last two runs produced TDs of the keep-them-at-bay variety.

"Once Kyle gets past the line of scrimmage, he's dangerous," Prep coach Gil Brooks said. "One or two guys have to tackle him and do it quickly, which is not an easy task. What a show he put on. I don't know what more you could ask of the kid. "

Ambrogi does. People were asking more of him all last week.

The Prep had available 400 student tickets and 200 adult tickets. The slightly altered postgame cliche could have been: He did everything in this one including buy tickets.

"I bought about 20 through the week," he said. "Maybe 10 of each. Kids in my [Havertown] neighborhood. Family members. They were all giving me money and saying to get them tickets.

"When lots of people are coming out to see you play, it makes you want to do even better. In the last three games, the Catholic League ones, I hadn't really done anything special. I was anxious to get back to where I was.

"The line was great. There were some games where maybe some individuals did better, but as a group, this was their best game. They really opened the holes. They kept pounding away. "

With pleasure.

"Kyle wants it more than anybody on the field," said junior guard John Connors, called the area's best offensive lineman by Brooks. The other interior guys were center Mike Minetti, guard Pat Spadaro, and tackles Matt Battipaglia and Steve Mair. "In the weight room, nobody works as hard. When we did our summer running, nobody worked as hard.

"When there's a good running play, he always gives credit to his line. If we're struggling. . .He never tells you what to do, but he wants to make sure we know what we're doing. "

The game's first TD came on the Ambrogi-to-Chromiak connection.

"We were supposed to run that play in the Holy Cross and La Salle games," Ambrogi said. "Coach forgot. I thought I'd have to remind him in this one, but we did it [early]. I'm used to throwing that sweep pass. We used it a lot on extra points with the JV last year. "

In all, the game included 669 yards total offense and 280 on returns.

Jones, who raised his career rushing figure to 5,093, was spectacular on his 62-yard receiving TD, taking a screen pass from Mike Lomas and twice reversing his field while evading tacklers.

"Now he's got a spin move to put into the repertoire," Brooks said, smiling. "He didn't show that all year. "

Sophomore Craig Haywood also sparkled for O'Hara, notching two interceptions and 128 return yards. Ryan Barksdale made eight catches, but quick, sure tackling by Paris Farrell limited him to 60 yards. Lamar Woodland (seven) and Mike Terenick (six) led in tackles.

For Prep, Mike Mailey had two sacks and six other stops. Sean Heenan was in on seven tackles.

Ambrogi's 39-yard TD gave Prep a 33-21 lead with 4 minutes, 26 seconds left. Jones zipped 46 yards on a draw at 1:00 to make it 33-27 and Frank Vinci's onside kick was recovered by the Prep's Ed Lord. Pfft! Ambrogi went 51 yards.

"This was a good day," he said. "I felt I ran the right way. I was rushing things lately. Trying to, hurry, get to the hole when maybe it wasn't ready yet. I was more patient this time, waiting for things to develop and then hitting in there. "