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   Micheal Blackshear, a former Simon Gratz basketball star (class of '02)
who was about to resume his career at Cheyney University, passed 8/11/05 of
injuries suffered in a shooting. He had also played for Temple, where he was
the Owls' leading rebounder in the '04 season.
   Services were held 8/18.
   We welcome your comments about Micheal, a second-generation city star.

His father, Mike, played for Overbrook ('76) and also for Temple coach John
Chaney in his stint at Cheyney. Father and son were renowned for their
tenacity and competitive spirit.
   Thank you. Please send your comments to silaryt@phillynews.com.

Contributions . . .

   i want to address the shooting of michael blackshear...i've watched him play in many of games through out high school & summer leagues...not really knowing him...but one thing thing i did learn is he had heart...so i want to send a big shout out Rest in Peace to him...my prayers go out to his family and friends...and the cheyney state team because they truly had a good player on the way to changing them around....i don't know what u want to do with this but i hope it goes in use to let people know that shooting isn't the answer...people shouldn't die over crazy things...life is too short, enjoy it by doing the right thing...once again R.I.P. Micheal Blackshear
-- Amos Leak
Dobbins '05

When i saw Mike play at simon gratz, when i was in the 10th grade
playing for the girls baskeyball tema there. He was a baller that never
gave up the game he loved and for him to pass this way really makes
me so sad. I want to know why they have to shoot someone that was on a
rise in his basketball career. We loved him at simon gratz and i will
never forget him . R.I.P micheal blackshear.
Danika hopkins
Simon gratz '05

Micheal Blackshear, attended my middle school at Woodrow Wilson. I
really didn't know him too well. But I knew of him. Then I started
seeing him play at Summer Leagues, Temple Games, as well as Simon Gratz
game. I saw how much of love he had for basketball on the court. I will
just like to say RIP, and you surely will be missed. And we will never
forget you.

-- Toya... Northeast High 2003

I really didn't know Mike that well only from playing against him.
Micheal Blachshear had so much heart and when we played against
each other it was always very heated with a lot of trash talking, but
after the when we shook hands he was a gentlemen and we gave each other
respect. I would have had the chance to play against him in college but
I messed up and missed out on that chance. He will be missed by
everyone that ever had the chance to play against him.
- Vince Taraborrelli
Msgr. Bonner '02

   I first met Mike and his dad when Mike was in 8th grade. I used to practice
with them on Saturday mornings in the summer at the ridiculous time of 8
a.m. Even then, in an almost empty gym, Mike and his dad were intense like
it was the 7th game of the NBA Finals. Mike inherited his toughness and
rugged approach to the game from his dad and also his drive to work and be
as good a player as he could be. It was his determination and heart that
made him a D1 player and able to compete successfully against guys that were
much bigger than he was. While Mike was a beast on the court, he was a nice,
funny guy off of it. He played a lot at Mallery rec center when he was in HS
and was on many teams with Danny Rumph, a Western Kentucky player from
Parkway HS '01 who tragically passed away 3 months ago. It is surreal to
look at a photo of Danny and Mike on the wall at Mallery and to know that
the 2 of them are gone. Both of them were good guys from good families and
my prayers go out to them and their families. If you grew up playing at
Mallery you knew them both and to have them both pass in such a short time
is really hard to accept.
-- Kieran Leary

   I had the pleasure to meet Mike a few times at Mallery when my team Bishop
McDevitt was playing in the Mallery summer league, he was always a gentleman and
very polite. We would always talk hoops and where he was going to go to school
someday. Mike you are going to be missed, God bless.
-- Jack Rutter

Mike will be missed so so so much. My twin and I meet Mike roughly
four or five years ago. When we first meet him we were shocked by his
tallness, which made us look like dwarfs when we stood next to him. His
love for basketball was the first thing that came out his mouth as he was
introducing himself, not to mention he was wearing basketball gear and
dribbling a basketball. He was a pleasure to be around though he got a
crack out of teasing my sister and I, which will be something we'll
never forget. The last time we saw Mike in person was about a year
ago, when he stopped by our house to say hello, not good bye, but hello
and see you later. My sister and I never imagined that day would be last
day we would see him on earth. Our prayers go out to his family and
prayer for comfort and peace.

Sheeda & Reeda (Twins)

I knew Mike Blackshear after playing on his team two years in a row at
the Sonny Hill/John Chaney basketball camps in the summers of '98 and
'99. With us being the same age, we were on the floor at the same time.
He was an by far the best player on our squad and I think he won best
player of the camp for that week. He was a real funny dude and kept me
laughing all week. I followed his career at Gratz and I really wished
things had worked out for him with John Chaney at Temple. To hear about
him going out of this world the way he did is hard to take. My prayers
are with his family as they struggle to get over losing someone so
special at an early age. Life isn't fair. We'll all see you when we get
there homey. Rest in Peace Mike.
-- R. Gaus

   It has been a very tough thing to say goodbye to such a lovely person. I
attended Simon Gratz with Mike and I also attended Cheyney with him
unfortunately for a short time. Mike never pass by without a friendly
greeting, he was such a nice person. I know that when people pass away
you try to only say good things but I am being honest when I say that I
do not have to brainstorm to write nice things about Mike he was a good
person and he really loved the game. Mike wanted a new beginning at
Cheyney. I would have love to see him play at Cheyney and I know a lot
of the ladies would have love to see him because not only did he look
good but he also was good at playing ball. I want to send my blessing to
his family and let them know that sometimes God takes the good people
early so now Mike can watch over you and the younger siblings of your
family. He has his wings. You all have been in my prayers since I
heard the news so please stay strong and allow Mike to live through you.
Me and Mike were not best friends but it is not hard to notice a special
Much Love,

-- Ikiyette Mickeals, Gratz 01, Cheyney 05

  Mike was a great player of the game basketball and he was also
passionate. When he stepped on the court he turned into a crazy and wild man
and nobody could stop him. When you died it hit the family hard man, and
it's going to be so hard going throughout life without you. Everybody is
going to miss your smile and goofy ways. R.I.P Mike.

From your Cousin,
Courtney Williams # 1
George Washington '05

i saw what happened to micheal i played against him alot of
times in summer league and the public league and was his team mate for
the urban pioneers when i was coming up at franklin i must say this is a
major lost to the basketball community of philadelphia thinking back to
all the times i played with and against micheal i must say that he
brought it everytime he step on the court, im truly taking this to the
heart thi! s teaches me not to take life for granted because i would never
expect this to happen to a guy like him, and my prayers go out to him
and his family and i will be praying for them.
-- samuel evans

   My name is Valerie Hudson and I went to school with Michael, there was never a dull moment when he was around he always had jokes to crack and he was also a wonderful ball player I  used to go and watch the team practice and he stood out in the crowd. he was never a loner he  always had friends around especially his ace homie Augustine they were so funny when they were both together but Michael will be missed.
--Valerie Hudson

I knew Mike since I was in middle school at Wilson. We also played on
the West Oak Lane wildcats team and the PAL team together. One of the
best rebounders I ever saw. I didn't see him much in the last year but
we would always run into each other. My prayers are with his family and
his father Mr. Mike.
1 LUV-----R.I.P. Micheal Blackshear
Tyrone Crawley Jr /class of 03 Roxborough

Man i new mike since elementary , we would play on the same courts at j.h.moore school and each day we'd ride the same cheese bus to and from school and we was from the hood. We went to middle school together and after that ,thats when his career took off in high school , he was a true rebounder at heart and always a work animal on the court ,he gave you 110% of him and i always new he would great in life. It's crazy cuz i remember jus seeing him the other day and now hes gone , another rising star taken from us ,it's crazy to now that .But my prayers and condolences go out to his family .R.I.P. Mike  God bless you man!

Not only was Michael a great basketball player he was
one of the best friends anyone could every have. He
was one of the most kind and caring people Ive ever
known and he will be missed dearly.
-- Jahaan Id-Deen

mike will never be forgotten!
Physical education Dept. and Coaches
Simon Gratz High School

   I've known Mike since about 1998, when he was in the ninth grade and i was
in the tenth. We were also teammates in 2000-01 which was my senior year and
the year we won the public league championship. I know that everyone knows
and remembers him for his basketball accolades but Mike was a great person.
Don't get me wrong he did have his bad side also but it is always good when
the good side over shadows the bad. Mike and I were pretty close in high
school which was typical for Simon Gratz basketball players; we are more
than just teammates. We are more like family and most of us keep in touch
with each other to this very day. Mike was one of the most energetic people
that I have ever met. He always had something silly to say and was always
trying to keep everyone's spirits up. It was nearly impossible to keep a
straight face around him and if you did he would leave and say that you were
bringing him down. After I graduated we didnt talk as much as we did in high
school but we still kept in touch and kept each other posted on what was new
and we always knew that we would run into each other in the streets or at
summer leagues and workouts. I remember the night after Danny had passed he
called me and we talked for about an hour about school and basketball and
Danny. We were both looking forward to the upcoming school year. We talked
about the season and how we couldn't wait to play against each other this
year. You see, I play for West Chester Univ. and he was getting ready to
play at our conference rival Cheyney Univ. which always ends up being a
great game. I remember the night that he was killed because I was supposed
to be there that night to celebrate a mutual friends birthday but i couldn't
make it because I was in the ER getting stitches in my lips after a summer
league game. the next morning I remember waking up to a phone call with
someone asking did I hear what happened to Mike. When i got the news I was
hoping that it was some sort of cruel prank but it wasnt. I kind of lost
where i was going with this story but it's just sad to see people so young
die because of senseless violence. Its even worse to see someone that doenst
lead a violent lifestyle to be shot down like  Mike. This loss hurt a lot of
people and Mike will never be forgotten.
We love you Black!!
Bulldogs 4 life!!!
Anthony Geiger
Simon Gratz '01

  I knew mike since 9th grade. We came into Gratz together.As fellow Athletes Mike was always my mans, and it's crazy that he's not here with us anymore. Mike you and Donte are always with me cause y'all tattooed on my arm. Both of y'all deaths hurt like hell but REST IN PEACE my fam and I'll see yall when I get there.
Tyrone Streeter
Simon Gratz
George Washington '02

  I didnít know him personally, I played against him in high school, itís a shame to see young talented individual become a victim of random violence.
-- Emerson Valente
George Washington HS Ď02

   I am so saddened to hear of the news of the tragic loss of Michael Blackshear.  I stumbled upon the news by accident actually looking for an artist (Thomas Blackshear).  I knew the name sounded too familiar.  Then I thought that it must be the son of Michael Blackshear the great basketball player who I went to Overbrook with and graduated in 1976.  I am so sorry to learn of your loss MIke.
God's grace is sufficient to see you through this most difficult period.  Peace and blessings to your entire family.
-- Beverly Holloway Young
  I had the supreme luck to be Michael's fourth grade teacher at the J H Moore School in Philadelphia. He was a child who touched my heart in many , many ways. Michael loved to get his hair cut and boxed.He loved to have brand new sneakers to wear. He loved to play basketball with Mr. K ( the school music teacher ) and my nephew Ryan. Michael  was a never ending stomach, he could out eat any child in the classroom. Michael would come to visit me and talk to my students about not ever giving up on their dream. It gave me great pleasure to look up to this wonderful young man who was so close to his goals. May he always play basketball with God in Heaven.
-- Mrs. Paula Lit
  It still makes me sad to think about an old friend and a talented person being taken so young. Michael and I went to grade school together at J. Hampton Moore elementary We had many great times together, being the 2 tallest kids in class I think We were intimidated by each other we even got into a couple fights in school. Yet we still remained friends, we never held grudges... that was the innocence of adolescence. Michael will always be a great memory of mine and I will hopefully one day see him again.
One Love Brother.
-- Rick Tufano

To my brother . . .
  We went to war many times together in the paint. We held down the post at gratz. I knew you had my back at all times and you also knew I had yours. We sacrificed so much for each other, we had a bond that couldn't be broken. I miss you and love you. Bulldogs for life.
-- Brandon Millwood '01

Dear Uncle Micheal,
  I don't know where to start. I barely got to know you and understand you. I was only 6 when you were murdered. I'm now 13 years old. Everyone misses you. Mom Mom can't stand to live without you, nor Auntie nor my Mom. On your last birthday we let a bunch of red and white balloons up to HEAVEN, did you get them? Next year I will be entering High School, I might even be accepted into Gratz High School. I have a love for the game of BASKETBALL. If I get accepted into Gratz High School I'm going to try out for the basketball team. I love you. I wish I had more time to spend with you, but I guess it was time. Everyone say's God does things for a reason I guess he had a better plan for you in HEAVEN, than down here on earth. One day I pray  that i will see you again.
R.I.P Uncle Micheal
In Loving Memory
Your nephew, Tarell Patterson






Dear Uncle Michael, I don't know we're to start. I barley got to know you and understand you. I was only 6 when you were murder. I'm now 13 years old. Everyone misses you. Mom Mom can't stand to live without you, nor Auntie nor my Mom. On your last birthday we let a bunch of red and white balloons up to HAVEN, did you get them? Next year I will be entering High School, I might even be accepted into Gratz High School. I have a love for the game of BASKETBALL. If I get accepted into Gratz High School I'm going to try out for the basketball team. I love you. I wish I had more time to spend with you, but I guess it was time. Everyone say's God does things for a reason I guess he had a better plan for you in HEAVEN, than down here on earth. One day I pray  that i will see you again. R.I.P Uncle Michael ❤

In Loving Memory your nephew Tarell Patterson