Mike Tos Tribute

  Mike "Tugger" Tos, long-time Bishop Egan/Conwell-Egan statistician and supporter beyond belief of the program and its players/coaches (and all of the school's athletic teams), passed away Dec. 4, 2007. Mike missed only TWO games in C-E/Egan's FB history; he was in the sixth grade at the time.
  Recently, Mike had contributed humorous columns for this site while also doing a year-by-year look at Egan's FB history.
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  A Mass of Christian Burial was held for Mike on Dec. 10 at St. Michael the Archangel Church, in
Levittown. It was co-officiated by Father Fidelis, of C-E, and Father Terry Adams, Egan's former
athletic director and a long-time friend of Mike's. En route to the cemetery, the funeral procession
pulled into C-E's parking lot and former players Matt Brazil (one of the pallbearers) and Mike Smith
rang the "victory bell" as students pressed against the windows to see what was going on.  

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Click here for Mike's year-by-year look at the school's FB history (through '84.).
Click here for Ted's DN story on Mike's passing.

  Conwell-Egan High parents will hold a Mike Tos Memorial Benefit, designed to raise scholarship
funds, erect a memorial and purchase new equipment, on March 15, 2008, 8 to 12 p.m., at St. Elizabeth
Ann Seton Hall, 1200 Park Avenue, Bensalem. Cost is $25 per person, $45 per couple.
Included: open buffet, including roast beef, meatballs, rolls, salads, hoagies, desserts, beverages,
beer, wine, DJ, 50/50s, Chinese auction, door prizes and much more! For more info or to
contribute in any way, contact Susan Singlar (
215-741-7168, slsinglar@comcast.net) or Michele
Golin (
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Contributions . . .

 I really enjoyed reading Mike's weekly chatter the last few years. I could always feel his love & passion
for the school, league and football.
And I especially enjoyed his recollection of the glory days of Egan and Catholic league football.
I went to Egan and CD game last year (2006) and checked him out on the sidelines.
He will be greatly missed.
-- Joe LePera

"The man, the myth, the legend"-----Mike Tos
There is going be something missing when Egan comes to play Bensalem this
year.  I will never forget your dedication to the school and the amazing
encyclopedia of Conwell Egan knowledge you had.  Thanks for all the
-- Bill Knowles
  Hello Ted, Justin Kane here from class of ’79. Mike was like the Ol’ time radio character; “The Shadow”. Everywhere he lurked, clipboard in hand, looking out over those Charles Nelson riley glasses of his. He had an extraordinarily ability to just bury you w/ dry wit & humor just stuffing stats in your psyche , ie: hey Kane, how come so & so from Judge has 5 catches a game, & U have only 1??? he was great to talk smack to, but u better have been ready to get embarrassed at some point as he’d just undress you w/ some wry, witty stat that would be just a brutal ego buster. He’s a 1 of a kind great guy, perhaps 1 of the last of a kind from a bygone generation.
   Mike was the ultimate humbler,… u might make a good play & he’d just come up to U, all 5’6” of him, .look over those glasses & smile, & tell u,”nice run Kane, but [heheheh], back when we were something, Pancho Micir would make U look like a Jackal”.,… gee thanks Mike,…
   Thanks for honoring him, we lost a real gamer in him, he was the ultimate fan.
-- Justin Kane.
  It was unfortunate for me that i never met mike but he was an outstanding person and if I had the chance to talk to him i would like the thank him. I read many articles on this web site since i been in high school. But mike has always talked good about my school (Neumann-Goretti). And i like to thank him an praise him for that cause he was one the reason these past 4 years at Neumann- Goretti that gave us inspiration.

He is in our prayers at Neumann- Goretti.
-- C* Adam Malatino

Mike was a very passionate football fan who added much needed optimism for teams. Many times I found myself looking to see where my team stood, “HOT” , “IMPROVED” or the dreaded “YET TO BE HEARD FROM”. Never would you hear anything close to being negative, he always offered solutions or a word of encouragement to teams that where facing tough times. I always enjoyed reading his history, it showed his passion. Just last month I wrote to him, just to let him know how much I enjoyed reading his history and how much I appreciated his optimism especially going through a tough season, this was his response
nice note by you , keep your team focused in the off season and start lifting  BUILD THE TEAM CONCEPT  if I ever get around to do more history you will be amazed with the 86 team .. good luck and you will be coming to Levittown in October -Mike Tos
I am glad I decided to drop him a line again always positive and always offering encouragement.
One more, Mike sent me this email after reading about the cancellation of the Neumann- Southern Thanksgiving game.
Read it in Daily News -sad  the only losers are the kids - good luck in the off season you can really build spirit and know what you will have-Mike
God Bless Mike, Thanks for the advice and I will remember your words of encouragement especially during the tough times.
Rest in Peace,
Bill Sytsma
Head Football Coach
Neumann- Goretti High School
Today is a very sad day in Bishop/Conwell Egan history.  Tos was truly one of a kind and can never be replaced.  I used to love coming in to school every mourning and seeing Tos sitting in the same chair that he sat in since he went to egan and him telling me how many touchdowns Slaton would score on saturday. Most of the time he was right but many games Steve was out by the second half and tos would go crazy. Nobody cared more about Egan football players the way Tos did and its never gonna be the same going to a game and not seeing him on the sideline ever again. We all lost a good person today and more importantly a great friend, may you rest in peace Tugger and we will never forget you.
--  Matt Brazil
Mike Tos was and will always be the most dedicated Conwell-Egan fan in history. Every morning myself and a group of friends from the football team would stop by the Athletic office and talk to him about sports. Whether it'd be about our next football opponent, how Slaton didn't get the ball enough lol or whatever sporting event there was to talk about, we looked forward to seeing him  because he made our days more enjoyable. I can not picture my high school days without Mike Tos, he was Egan. I know he will be watching Conwell-egan football for eternity and may he rest in peace. I will never forget you. "Feeeeeeeed the dogggggggg."
-- Rob Biernat

  I never met anyone with the dedication and passion that Mike had for Egan Football. You could mention any game and Mike would rattle off not only the score but the weather conditions, big plays and interesting stats. Mike loved to recall Joe Lynch 78' kicking a field goal twice, due to a stoppage, to win our last game senior year over Ryan in the frigid cold. 
    Anyone associated with Egan/CEC football is saddened for the lost of Mike Tos.
I am grateful that Mike will finally be rewarded not only for his devotion to Egan football but for the fact that he was a kind soul who brought alot of joy to the coaches, players and fans of Egan football who where fortunate enough to cross his path.
     If Mike Tos referred to you as a good kid with alot of heart you know you left your mark. As the blue and the gray stand before us, let the echoes ever ring -- Mike Tos was King.
-- Joe Knowles Class of 78'


  Mike Tos, was an extraordinary person, he was the type of guy to go out
of his way to stay in touch with some one and certainly he did. He
memorized my soccer stats since freshman year, and he always believed
in me. He was at most of the games and he was also very close with my
sister Christine Jennings now Secor (Class of 2003). Over Thanksgiving
break, I seen him at the football game sitting up in the bleachers
(which was very UNUSUAL). I went up and said my Hello's and talked
about soccer for Immaculata University where I play, I then gave him my
e-mail address for school to keep in contact with me. During
Thanksgiving break, I had many projects to do, so I went to the
library and I looked over and a smile appeared on my face to see Mike
Tos. As I sat on the computer not even 10 minutes later an e-mail
appeared "Mike Tos"... After I finished my projects I approached him to
talk to him and see how everything was. 'Tos' always had his class ring
on wherever he went he was proud of his accomplishments. Over the past
week since I have been back to school, we e-mailed each other numerous
of times his last words to me were, "--> hope you are feeling better
and you are studying for exams , when you get home talk to you about
some things - " When I found out the news I realized I will never find
out what he wanted to tell me and its a terrible thing. Tos has many
memories, and never a day went by without him praising Steve Slaton.
Its a terrible thing but for the record TOS WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.
Everytime during my high-school career Tos sat on the same seat almost
everyday, I would always quiz him with numbers, and he knew anything
and everything. It amazed me, and most of the soccer girls that would
be with me. I will greatly miss Tos, and my final words are "YOU DRANK
-- Colleen Jennings (2007 Conwell-Egan Graduate)
  Although I never met the man, he truly was a great person. I always enjoyed his football chatter during the season and all thorughout training camp. I especially like his Conwell- Egan football history stories, even though i go to Wood. Mike was a good man, that will be missed.
-- Tom Z
  Mike Tos was Egan football.  I had the privilege of playing at Egan while Tos was there.  He always made time to talk about the great teams of the past and the great athletes.  He never missed a game no matter how poor the conditions or how far away.  His life revolved around that football team.  He was always there telling us how many days, hours and minutes until the start of football practice.  He always had encouraging positive words for every player on the team.  It won't be the same to be at an Egan game and not see Tos with his notebook recording the stats.   I'll never forget how he could bust your chops one minute then build your confidence up in the next.  I'll never forget you Tos.  Rest in Peace.
--Derrick Savage CEC '03
(Ted's note: This note is from Drew McQuade, night sports editor at the Daily News and one of my bosses . . . )
  Sorry to hear about Mike, my former neighbor, one of the guys who played touch football in the streets of the Red Cedar Hill section of Levittown. He would quarterback and say the same thing in the huddle everytime: "Catch the ball." that was it. Such a smart, loyal guy who was always a bit different but lovable. In grade school he had a great comic book collection and was an expert in pro wrestling before he became the Egan expert. He walked everywhere, everywhere. You knew about his memory, spouting off my birthdate and that of my older sister and younger brother. He might have been able to do all seven McQuades.
  Mike was on a pathetic neighborhood basketball team my brother Joe and I started to play in a summer league at Twin Oaks when I was in my 20s. We had a couple OK players but the league had some decent teams and we weren't one of them. Mike never got in but once we were getting beat so bad and few players showed up so we subbed Mike. He got a pass just past halfcourt and for some reason just turned and fired. It fell about 20 feet short. He couldn't even pretend it was a pass. No one was in the vicinity. Everyone was laughing. The other team too. So was Mike. Damn, he was a harmless, nice guy. What a shame.
-- Drew
Mike Tos was and always will be "Mr. Egan". He loved Egan, Egan Football, C-E Softball, all the sports... but most importantly he loved the players. His life was Egan sports. When players graduated he lost a part of himself but never forgot them or what they had contributed. You could be anyone from Passman, Armstrong, Lynch, the '83 team to Steve Slaton or just a contributor to the squad but you were important to Mike. He let everyone know in his unique and "special" way that they were appreciated and that he truly cared about them.
  Only Mike knew how many days, hours, and minutes until the next game or for that matter the next season. He was a walking encyclopedia for Egan (C-E) football. I met him in 1976 and former Coach Bob Wagner referred to him as 'SID' Tos. The SID was for sports information director. Later he became "Tugger" for his superior mound work in the annual seniors versus coaches summer softball game. Regardless of the name, he was the one constant along with Fr. Fidelis Weber for the past thirty six years at the school on Wistar Road. 
  Those of us who had the pleasure of being around Mike, have stories about him that have been repeated and enjoyed and this will continue when former and present Eagles gather. He made a permanent and positive mark on our lives that makes his passing a very sad day.
  My personal tribute and a quote that is Mike Tos..."Mike, you will find as you look back upon your life, that the moments that stand out are the moments when you have done things for others." You were always about other people and especially the Egan family. You are a legend who will be truly missed.
With Gratitude & Love,
Bill Travers, Coach 1976-1984
Mike Tos, to me, was like the unofficial CEC mascot. He brought the spirits up in every sport there. I've been with the football program for only two years, and never a practice went by where he wasn't walking and watching from the sidelines. After school you could find him almost every day sitting on the bench outside of the locker room waiting for the football practice to start. He just simply loved the game, and would want nothing more than to spend most of his day, if not all, at CEC. Seeing as I live right around the corner from CEC, I would find Tos from time to time walking around the neighborhood, always sporting some form of CEC Football clothing. I would always try and say hello whenever I could. When I heard that he passed away, even though I no longer play sports for CEC, it was a heartbreak. He was the spirit behind every sport, especially the football team, and he will be missed greatly throughout the entire school.
Keeping Tos in my prayers,
-- Craig McIntyre '08
  We have lost a great Bishop Egan / CEC LEGEND. He loved his school and loved to talk about the BE / CEC greats of the past while always focusing on the current & future players who were coming up through the school. He truly cared like no other, about everyone who attend BE / CEC HS. I will always remember him telling me about BE / CEC’s greatest players, Pancho Macir, Gary Gray, Eddie McDowell, Bob Lamina, Larry Marshall, Gerry Riley, Tony Petruccio, Shawn Passman, Lenny Lynch, Tom Seger, Keith Armstrong, Steve Slaton etc… after he rattled off many of his favorite players & championship moments. I asked him who was the greatest of them all or MVP of BE / CEC football over 50 years? And as he hesitated for a moment, I quickly reminded him that HE was the MVP & Most Legendary person in over 50 yrs of Bishop Egan football. Mike “Tugger” Tos will always personify Bishop Egan Football and with his passing it will never quite be the same. We will miss him and his presence on the sidelines.
Tugger would say to me. The class of 1980 (We graduated in 1981 but in Tugger’s world your graduating year was always based on your fall football season) 8-1-1 the Greatest team to never make a playoff birth, defense gave up only 77 points in 10 games and the lowest rushing yards per game allowed in BE / CEC history.Yeah, we had great weapons in Seger and Armstrong, BUT our defense especially against the run is
OUTSTANDING [1.67 yards per carry]quote from Ted’s website.
Tugger RIP…. You will be dearly missed. I know you will have St. Peter singing the BE / CEC Alma Mater as we each enter those pearly gates.
-- Mike Knowles “81”
  Mike Tos was a spectacular human being.  No one in Conwell-Egan will ever be able to match the accomplishments that he has.  He was much more then just a supporter a statistician, but a man of great wisdom and knowledge.  As a Conwell-Egan football player I have a conversations with Tos about everything from Steve Slaton's first carry as a freshman to Larry Marshall historic Egan career.  I know in my heart that he was the true pride of Egan/CEC, and to him I say thank you for reminding me that giving up was not an option even when I thought it was the only way out.  Before the Thanksgiving game I told Tos that next year would be different, and that no matter what we were going to walk out with our heads held high.  I will never drop that promise I made to him, because with all that he has given me over the last one and a half year, that is the least we as a team could do for him.  Thanks for being there through the beginning of my Egan career.  You'll never be forgotten by me or anyone else.  R. I. P. Tos.
-- James Grbas (class of 2010)

This morning as my father received the phone call from the hospital I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Not only was Coach Tos dedicated to Bishop Egan/ Conwell-Egan sports, there players, and coaches but was a dedicated true friend to my father, me and the rest of my family. I'll never forget how I was reminded from him how I was born on the first day of practice in 1985 as my fathers 1st time being head coach for Egan my father had to miss the first practice because I was born.... he never let me live that one down even in every birthday card since the age of 6. Coach Tos was like a family member to me he taught me as a little girl "EVERYONE HITS" and I live by those words no matter how hard you get knocked down in life you always get back up and hit. Tugger will be missed so dearly at my house a part will be gone at dinners especially on thanksgiving, or just in the living room watching games with  my father and telling stories, even believe it or not he will be missed dearly by Monk Knowles our dog that tugger would come take care of when we would go on vacation. I want to thank him for always being here for my family and especially my Father whom today lost a great friend. I love you Tos and i'll always remember from a little girl hanging out down in the cage with him drinking coca cola and stealing his candy as we washed jerseys to all the days spent in the athletic office with my girlfriends clowning around with tos from freshmen to senior year! The Legend lives within each of us and he has touched each person in his own way.
-- Donna Knowles

Donna asked us to post this pic from two seasons ago.

  Mike Tos was one of the greatest men I have ever came across. He was Steve Slatons # 1 fan and cared so much about the football team and the players. I have know him for the 4 years when I was at Egan and he was by far one of the most nicest people I have ever talked to. He was there for just about every sporting event at the school. I think he had more school spirit than all of the students put together. He even knew all my stats for my senior year of Wrestling! He was also a good friend of my parents. We would always give him a ride to the football and wrestling banquets. It is sad to know that he is gone now but he will be remembered always and forever. The one, the only, CEC's greatest fan, Mike Tos.Thank you for everything Tos. I won't forget you.

-- Craig Williams '07
CEC Football # 74
CEC Wrestling HWT
  The Conwell-Egan community lost a gem today.  Mike Tos was truly one of a kind.  I have great memories of Tos, from my days as a player and later as a coach.  Everyone knows how incredible his memory was, and how he could spout statistics from years gone by or tell you how many days, hours, and minutes until the Wood game.  I doubt we will ever meet anyone so committed and loyal to CEC.  He loved the sports, especially football, but even more he loved the people.  He loved being involved, getting to know the students and lending his support in whatever way he could.  He touched the lives of many over the years and he will be greatly missed.  The sideline just won't be the same without you, Tugger.  God Bless!
-- Tom Seger
  Mike Tos was a great man. No matter who u were he could cheer you up. He lived to help out the coaches, players, the leagues and let alone the schools. If it wasn't for Mike Tos, Conwell Egan would not have been the same!!  Every game right after the game whether I did good or bad he was there to cheer me up and keep my spirits high!! He didn't just do this for me he did it for the whole team and teams that have played before I have! I would just want to say to Tos how great of a human being he was and will forever be in my heart!! I would also like to dedicate everything that I do next football season to Mike Tos. Speaking for the rest of the team im sure that they would also love to dedicate everything we do as a team next season to Mike Tos. R.I.P Tos
-- Joe Tretter #32 class of 2009--
Mike Tos...there are so many things you can say about this guy. He was a genius, a coach, and better yet a friend. When you think conwell egan football you think Tos. He is the face of that program, whether he is with us or not he will always be there watching us. Its just so hard to lose someone that is at every game and someone you can talk to to brighten you up when things are not goin too well. He was the main reason our team kept our heads through this whole season, he would encourage us to do better every game. You can ask the man anything about conwell egan and he will be proud to tell you anything about their sports program, and you will just be amazed with the thngs he says. Tos will always be remembered in my heart. Next year, i will dedicate every game to mike tos, as every football player will, not just because its the right thing to do just because he dedicated his life to us and this football program and the least we can do is dedicate one season to him. We love you MIke tos you will always be remembered.
-- Ryan Golin #83 Conwell Egan Class of 2009
  Mike Tos was a special person. Tos was as dedicated to CEC sports as they come. From watching my brothers Egan basketball games to playing the games myself there wasnt a single home game where Tos wasn't managing the scoreboard. Most importantly Tos was a loving and caring person. He knew most of the athletes on a personal level and would always give encouragement to players when needed and support in times of struggle. Tos was the type of person you love to talk to, causing people to stop to talk to him to learn something new from him. Tos was the biggest CEC sports fan and supporter. Tos was loved deeply by us all and will be strongly missed. RIP MIKE TOS.
-- Jonas Skovdal (Class of 2009)
  Mike when I first heard about your passing I was in the athletic office of O'Hara and I got teared up. You were a great man, a historian of the Catholic League most of all Mike you were my Friend and mentor. God must had needed a great statman and writer because that's what He got. Rest in Peace, Mike. Thanks for teaching me about the CL.
-- Big Willie Style
  Mike Tos was an amazing man. He was Conwell Egan football. I will always remember him sitting on the bench looking onto the football field watching us practice. Everyday as we would walk off the football field after practice Tos would be sitting there telling us how we would have to be ready to play this week because the team we were playing was good. Tos was at every game keeping stats and cheering us on. After a game he would always tell you how hard you play, but would also sarcastically say how a former player was better than you. Tos was always at everything Egan whether it was a sporting event or just a school event. He also knew every stat of every football player to ever play for Egan. I will miss Mike Tos and every one at Conwell Egan will. We're dedicating everything we do next season to Mike Tos. You will be missed, R.I.P. Mike Tos.
-- Anthony Singlar #3 class of 2010
  Today is a very sad day for anyone that has ever been involved in Egan football.  Mike Tos was quite simply the greatest supporter of Egan athletics (particularly football and softball) that ever has been or ever will be.  He enjoyed the wins and suffered through the losses but mostly I think he just loved the players.  I believe his favorite moments were spent hanging out with the players and talking about the history of the program.  Matt Brazil spent his entire senior year trying to stump Mike on an Egan football history fact but I'm not sure he ever succeeded.
  I have never met a former player whose first words to me weren't "How's Coach Tos?".  Mike was the one thing that all of us who have ever been a part of the football program have in common.  The players past and present have an indescribable bond with Mike as you can see by reading the tributes.  I have never attended a football banquet where Mike did not receive the loudest applause of the evening when introduced.
  I find myself feeling guilty today that the last season Mike got to be a part of ended with such a poor record.  I expect that in the seasons to come he will be looking down on us and pumping his fist at the good stuff and shaking his head at the rest.
  Finally, I hope everyone in heaven enjoys Steve Slaton stories because there are a whole bunch coming your way.  Goodbye Mike.  Thanks for everything.  You will be missed.
-- Kevin Kelly
Head Football Coach, Conwell-Egan Catholic High School
Tos, a legend of a man.  I can remember him always ready to give you a stat u never knew about and it would always be 100% correct.  I know my view of egan football wont be the same when i go to another Egan game without him around. I love you, Tos, and i hope to see you again one day in heaven.
-- Steve Slaton

I can never recall a football game, a basketball game or any other sports event where “Coach Tos” was not in attendance. “Coach Tos”, as he was affectionately called, although he never technically coached a sport, earned that titled from the CEC students and coaches for his countless hours around the teams. Many of my fellow teammates would in fact get upset with students who only called him “Tos” because that was disrespecting us. He was as much a part of the team as any coach or All-Catholic player. Whether it was filling up the water jugs (sophs get the water!), to cleaning uniforms or taking meticulous statistics of every game, Coach Tos put in as much time and work as any coach in any school in America.
   I’ll never forget the time my teammate and I drove to the high school weight room in the snow on a day we had off and when we got there it was locked. But as we turned to walk back to our cars there he was walking in the snow to the weight room, we were happy, he had a key. “Hey, how you doin’, we should play two in this weather, what do you say?”  During our workout he went on to tell us stories of the old days when Egan would play for the Catholic League Title and all the great players that once stood where we were standing. It never got old listening to his stories or stats to the exact yard a certain player had in the 1988 playoff game win against LaSalle. It motivated us and taught us the tradition that we were part of even though we all knew those days of packed stands and league titles would not happen in our time.
  Though he was only an employee for a short period of time thanks to Chuck Knowles, he always knew his place and mission in life. That was to help CEC win as many football games as possible. After graduating from CEC in the sixties he never left and stuck around the school and especially the football team his entire life. My dad who taught and coached as Egan, said a lot of the schools in the Catholic League have a guy like Mike, a great kid who when they got older never left there first love, their high school.
   As Catholic Christians we are called to serve others and to realize that we are part something that’s bigger than ourselves. Coach Tos epitomized that call we as Christians have to each other, to be unselfish in our helping of others. Coach Tos will be missed and remembered this week by thousands of CEC graduates who have been impacted not only by his time with us as teenagers but by his unselfish example of service to others. As a teacher and coach today, I only hope there were more Coach Tos’s in our schools to serve our kids.
-- Paul Coleman
CEC Class of '96
  And He will raise you up on EAGLES wings, Bear you on the breath of dawn, Make you to shine like the sun, and Hold you in the palm of His hand.
       Mike was an influence and a presence in our son's lives throughout their years at CEC. His spot on his bench and his spot in our heart will always serve as a reminder of the man we knew as "Tos." He kept the clock throughout our oldest son, Ryan's basketball seasons. He kept the stats and called them in so that the kids got the recognition in the paper the very next morning. Tos was always around to help get the ice for the Gatorade, find the hot dog machine, serve two-a-day meals at football camp and provide the history of the school and it's sports programs. He never missed an opportunity to remind our son Ray that he was -1 yard in his first varsity football game as a freshman and that he had quite a few yards to go if he wanted to catch Steve Slaton. He teased our youngest, Matt, as the water boy and in his own way made him feel important when he finally got to wear the blue and white CEC football uniform this year. He can recall the plays my husband, Ray ('76) made and didn't make. His favorite story took place at Bishop Kenrick in 1975 when Ray had two big receptions, but couldn't quite make it to the end zone. He would remind our son Ray of this story every time he came up a few yards short of  a touchdown. He has the history of Egan and CEC football chronicled in spiral notebooks that he carried everywhere he went in plastic bags - What a great tribute it would be for someone to put his works to print. We can all continue to honor him by winning more games, sharing stories, praying for him, and finding comfort in the knowledge that he will be cheering for all of the CEC athletes from a better place for eternity. Rest in peace dear Mike.
-- Ray and Becky O'Hara

  It will never be the same walking into Egan and now never seeing Mike. It will never be the same going on your web page and never seeing his work. The Catholic League will never be the same without Mike. Thanks, Mike for being around for a long time and thanks, Mike, for being you.
-- Jack Rutter
  I never met Mike in person but did correspond with him via E Mail several
times. I was the football Manager for West Catholic, in the mid 1960's,
despite the fact that I was still in grade school. I can vaguely remember
the Championship Games between West and Bishop Egan that I was part of back
then. I was reading a piece that Mike had written for the Web Site  about
those particular games and asked if he had researched all of his info.  He
wrote back, " No way Frog, I don't need any books or computers. This
material comes right off the top of my head ". Truly amazing when you
consider the exact details that are part of his stories. The man was
brilliant when it came to the subject of High School Football and especially
Bishop and now Conwell-Egan. I loved reading his weekly college reports or
for that matter anything that he wrote. It was very entertaining and
informative.  God Bless " Mike Tos". MAY HE REST IN PEACE FOREVER !!!                             
With My Deepest Sympathy
-- Mark "Frog" Carfagno
  Mike Tos, sitting on the bench outside of the locker room.  That is the very first time I ever saw Mike; didn't know who he was or what his connection with Egan was.  I came to learn that Mike WAS Egan.  Mike absolutely lived for Egan, particularly the football program, and all of the athletes to pass through its doors.  It was quite simply amazing that he knew every single stat on every sport played at Egan, EVERY STAT!!!
  My son has had the privilege of playing football at Egan for only two seasons with two more to come, and this year he got two INTs in back-to-back games.  As he walked off the field after the second game, Mike congratulated Anthony on his INTs, but also quickly reminded him he would need to pick up the pace if he wanted to break the record of whoever it was that holds the season record for INTs at Egan!!!!  (Of course, Mike knew who that was!!)  When my son was given #3 to wear this season, Mike was quick to remind him that Steve Slaton wore that jersey early in his career at Egan and he had big shoes to fill wearing it and to wear it proud!  Mike, I hope when all is said and done, you can be as proud of the current #3 that you are of Steve Slaton.
  Working at Spirit Night with you made me realize what an incredible person you are and the dedication and love you have for anything and everything Egan.  Some at Egan know who you are because you were such a staple at the school, but for those whose lives you touched, you will never, ever be forgotten.  For many, Egan will never be the same.
  So yes, it is a sad day for the entire Egan community, but I pray that you are warm and happy, looking forward to the start of our next football season.  I am sure you know exactly how many days that is, but for the rest of us, it will be a season of memories and tributes and dedication to you, Michael.
  And he will raise you up, on EAGLES' wings......sending an angel to look over CEC football players.  We will all feel your presence.
-- Susan Singlar
  Though I never attended C.E.C., Tos has been a name in my house for over 20 years, as my husband is a former C.E.C. Basketball Player.  My son called me yesterday with the news, barely able to compose himself, I told him that I would come to get him.  When I reached the office, the numerous forlorn students that I saw was just heart breaking.  On many occasions, my husband and I shared a meal and conversations with Tos at Baileys and many times gave him rides to Acme or other places. He was truly a great man with many many people who respected and loved him.  There is a gap in the world today for having lost Mike Tos.  But knowing that there is an Angel like him in heaven looking over our children and us, is the most comforting feeling.  We love you Mike Tos and you will never be forgotten by any one who was blessed enough to have had you in their or their childrens lives.  R.I.P.
-- Michele Golin
  Mike Tos was hands down one of the most fascinating people I have ever come in contact with.  He was so dedicated, so proud, and so precise with everything he did.  It wasn't a game without him strolling the side lines, and of course come Monday morning, he gave us the inside scoop about how that game went.  If we wanted to know exactly how we did that game, he had not only the answer, but the stats to back it up. I recently saw the top football players of all time for conwell-egan and I was just astonished to see all those players he remembered.  And being on that list meant more to me then any award ever has.  I guarantee he impacted more lives at that school then any other person.  Whether you knew him personally or just knew of him, you knew he was a great guy.  I know he is in heaven now, keepin' those stats goin.  Rest in Peace.
-- Bill Jacobs '03
Mike Tos... this person may not be with us, but his memory will forever live in the hearts of all who knew him. Mike was a gentle soul that lived for Egan/CEC sports and the athletes that played there. No CEC sporting event will ever be the same without his presence. He adored the kids and took much pride in their accomplishments, and he followed their progress right through their college years. He sent Christmas and birthday cards to those he felt closest to, never forgetting one stat. CEC softball will not be the same from this day forward. He was there, every practice, every game encouraging the girls to be better than the year before. More importantly, he made all of us better people. He gave everyone a reason to be kinder. He loved the athletes of CEC and they loved him more. Thank you Tos for the laugher and the memories you've left with us. Heaven is a better place today having you.
-- Terry Field
  It wasn't often that people look forward to taking a class after school hours, but I am one exception. The class was a History class on the Catholic League. The teacher was Mike Tos. I remember rushing home each day after school to check my email to see what Mike was gonna teach me about. It's because of Mike that I know more about the Catholic than before. One of my biggest regrets in life is not meeting you person. I know that if I did meet you , you would have taught another class. Its only been a day since Mike passing but for me it seems like a lifetime. I know I am a better writer because of you Mike. RIP Tugger. I look forward to having your class again one day when we meet in heaven. Thanks for everything Mike. You were Egan/Conwell Egan football.
-- more from Big Willie Style
  I can't begin to put into words how incredible a man Coach Tos was. It is well documented his talent for remembering Egan football statistics and past scores. What may not be as well known was the compassion he had, and how much he cared about the kids. When my mother passed away in 1998, he came to her viewing and he comforted me, both with his presence and his words. It was such a thoughtful thing to do for me. He dedicated his life to Egan and its students, not just football players. In high school, aside from my parents, he was my #1 supporter offering me advice and encouragement in not only football, but basketball and baseball too. After I graduated, I would go back to the school to visit with him. We enjoyed reminiscing about my days at Egan, but we also talked about life as well. I am going to miss you "Tugger." Rest in peace.
-- Greg Treude, '95
  In the passing of Mike "Tugger" Tos the Philadelphia Catholic League has lost one of its most loyal and supportive individuals. The passion and dedication that he possessed for Conwell-Egan High School athletics was unparallel and unique. The man was simply amazing in how he could recall details about the Eagles from any era. His dry wit and sense of humor was one-of-a-kind. His weekly notes column on the site were always one of my most enjoyable reads. I especially loved searching for his read-between-the-lines insights, in which he so cleverly slipped in there. Truly unique! Over the past couple of seasons Mike and I have playfully exchanged e-mails with one another about our respective alma maters. I'll miss these times immensely! I know Mike is in a better place right now and I know he'll be shining down on all of the young men of the PCL for years to come. God bless!
-- Ed "Huck" Palmer
  Mike Tos was a tremendous fan of all things involving C-E, especially football and softball. However, he was an even better person. Tos would have done almost anything for anyone who asked it. He was a truly genuine person, which is hard to come by these days. I can remember going to Egan in the summer by myself or with my brother to run and throw and prepare for the next season. Majority of the time, Tos would be there sitting on the bench opposite the football field. He seemed to always make his way over to the gate in the fence to harass me a little bit about something or other with his 'unorthodox' sense of humor. Usually he would let me know, to the minute, how much time remained until the first day of practice and/or the first kickoff of the season. He was one of those people who could talk to you for hours if you would listen. I would stay for a while and talk about whatever the topic of discussion was on that day. Then I would usually drop him off if he had to go somewhere and we would talk some more along the way. He was always extremely grateful and courteous. Mike Tos was man of great character. He will be forever missed by all of those who have ever had the privilege of meeting him. For me, he will be remembered, above all else, as a dear friend. May he rest in peace.
-- Kevin Schafer '07
Susan Singlar asked us to post this poem . . .
When I Must Leave You.
When I must leave you for a little while
Please do not grieve and shed wild tears
And hug your sorrow to yourself,
throughout the long and lonely years.
But start out bravely with a gallant smile;
And for my sake, and in my name,
Live on and do all things the same,
Feed not your loneliness on empty days,
But fill each waking hour in useful ways,
Reach out your hand in comfort and in cheer
And I in turn will comfort you
And hold you near;
And never, never be afraid to die,
For I am waiting for you in the sky!
As a rookie coach and 11 great years coaching at Egan I will always remember the one constant -- TUGGER. The letters MVP apply to Tugger as Bishop Egans MOST VALUABLE PERSON !!! There was nothing Tugger would not do for his teams and Bishop Egan. I am sad today at the passing of a dear friend. I think of the long rides to games with Tugger and the assistant coaches. Mike always had many pearls of wisdom about what was needed to win the game. Whether it was Coach, Player or Student, it was once a friend always a friend. Conwell-Egan today has lost its best friend, I am sure he is in Heaven today telling everyone who will listen about the history of Egan. He will be reminiscing with his friends there in Heaven with him about all the great games and moments they lived together. I'm sure God already has gotten an earful. Conwell-Egan was his life and for that there should be many grateful people. We will miss you Mike.
-- Bob Molle, Sr., Egan Football , 1974-1985
  Mike Tos was an extraordinary man.  Mike bled the Blue and Gray.  His way of speaking to you left you feel at ease. His wit was second to none.  I as an Egan football player would listen to him tell me about how great a player that played my position from another era was.  This kept your ego in check. Then in the same sentence he would build your confidence back up.  Mike’s passion and dedication to Egan football was relentless.  Mike was an Icon that cannot be replaced.  What will be missed by the CEC family is the way he cared for their coaches and athletes’.  I remember Mike telling me that he wouldn’t sleep for days after a Bishop Egan loss. Mike Tos was and will always be what Bishop Egan Football stands for hardworking, dedicated, tough and proud.  The CEC family will miss you dearly.  Tugger may you rest in peace.
-- John Rodak  '81
 Three Delaware sports people called and a few others emailed to ask me today "Did you know this Mike Tos guy from Egan and did you know you made the All Time 50 year starting lineup."
  Everybody knew Tos and I didn't know there was a 50 year squad but I'm happy to be a starter and also happy to inform my brother Tom 62' that he will be coming off the bench if Leo Rossi gets tired.
 Guys like Tos keep the memories alive for all never say quit jocks and in my job as a sportswriter I try to do the same for athletes.
 There is no football that rivals the high school experience of buckling up and going to war with "your boys."
 Without Mike Tos there is no 50 year team. In the end he was bigger than us all.
-- Dave Frederick
Egan class of 1964
When you think of Mike Tos automatically you think of Egan football although I just came to Egan this year it was a privilege to have known Tos, He was always there to lift us up after a game and to give a stat or two.Most of all I am going to miss him sitting on that bench watching our practice every day. I know he will be watching us from above this season like a guardian angel. Let's make him proud, This upcoming season is dedicated to you Tos. You will be missed.
-- Mike Fehrle #35
  My name is Julianne Petraitis. I played varsity softball for Conwell-Egan for 4 years. I graduated in the year 2007. Tos was like family to our softball teams especially the captains. He was our biggest fan. He went to everyone of our games and he loved them so much. He would always send me cards in the mail counting down the days until we played pennsbury. I would just like to say that he is a great guy and he meant so much to not only our softball team, but to me as well. I will never forget Tos. Not only did he bring me a gatorade and cookies to every game, he always brought confidence and positive attitude as well. I knew tos very well because he coached my dad in football. He would always make jokes about how my dad could not catch. But Deep down i know that my dad meant very much to him, just like our softball team did. Every game when we went out there we not only played for the person next to us but we played for all the fans and people who support us as well. Tos gave us his everything, every game we played. If we were all down, we knew that we could look in the stands and there would be that one person there who always had confidence in us. I would just like to say i will miss him a lot. And part of the reason i play softball is to make a difference in other peoples lives. To Give them something to look forward to. And i think the past 4 years us winning the PCL championships gave Tos something great to look forward to. It gave him something great to be apart of. I am really going to miss him and i know the program will as well. Rest in Peace Tos. WE all love you very much. And i know you are in a better place now but you will always be in not only our softball family but mine as well.
-- Julianne Petraitis(softball) 2007

  Mike Tos was an amazing man. He was Conwell-Egan football. I can remember being the water boy for three years and every game I would love hearing his stories about Egan football. Then during the basketball season he would do the scoreboard and I would do the book and he still had stories to tell. Even though Tos was an amazing statistician, he was also an amazing person. He always found time to help anybody he could no matter what the task was. I know Tos is still counting down the days until football season up in heaven, and he will have good stories to tell up there. R.I.P Tos you will be greatly missed.
Matt O’Hara #80 Class of 2011
  I never had the pleasure to meet Mike but I felt that I knew him thanks to his wonderful and uplifting blogs. He always found a way to say something positive about every team no matter the record and you knew his praise was sincere. I think it could be said that he exemplified what the Catholic League was once all about neighborhood kids with a deep passion for their schools and a mountain of respect for their opponent. Rest in Peace!
-- Fran McD ( a guy who goes back as far as Mike and can indeed remember those powerhouse Egan teams of the 60’s)
  Coach Tos loved Bishop Egan Football everyday of his life as much as we did when we were 18.  He was a special guy and greatly added to fond memories of high school sports.
-- Jim '87

  When I received an email yesterday informing me that Coach Tos had passed away yesterday it was a shock.  Coach Tos is Egan football.  Players and Coaches have come and gone but one thing remained the same- Coach Tos and his dedication to Egan and the football program.  He was known for the hoody sweatshirt long before Belichick, both at Egan and walking around Fairless Hills and Levittown.  I emailed Coach Tos to complement him on the History of Egan football- it is amazing how much he could remember about every season- who scored in a game, what the score, what type of weather.  I was reminded in another email of changing our 48/49 TOSS to 48/49 TOS during our senior season.  It will be difficult to imagine an Egan football without their biggest fan keeping the stats on the clipboard standing on the sidelines.  When you think back on Egan- everyone knows and remembers Coach Tos.   Rest in Peace Coach Tos
-- Mike Carr- 86 - this is the year Coach Tos- tells you graduated from Egan football
                   87 Graduate
  I wanted to do this sooner but things have been hectic since I received the phone call that I never wanted to get.  Now, the arrangements are pretty well done and I can take time to reflect on Mike.  I have known Mike for 31+ years and the memories are many.  Over the past few years and especially the last few months, I have had as much contact with him as any one.  We communicated every day by email or other.  First of all, I want to tell all of you who cared about him so much what happened firsthand.  I woke up to the ringing of my cell phone at 4:20 AM on Tuesday morning.  The woman told me that Mike was in Lower Bucks County Hospital very ill and not expected to live.  He always gave my number as a contact.  She said that his infected legs had caused a blood infection and the stress on his organs resulted in a heart attack.  I asked if he could die in the next few hours and she said more likely minutes.  I asked if he was conscious and was told that he was not.  She then told me she would call if he passed.  Immediately, my wife, Sandy, and I left for the hospital and arrived at his room just as Mike passed away – it was close to 5 AM.  We spent some time with him then gathered his belongings and left.  I have to thank my wife and children for all they did for Mike during his difficult time.  I called Fr. Fidelis, Carl Slaton, Ted Silary, Marty Lutz (head custodian at CEC), Bill Drago (Mike’s lifelong friend) and Bill Travers.  Along with others, these people have been extremely kind and helpful to Mike when he needed some support.  I would like to thank, for Mike, all those who have supported Mike in such special ways recently – a few – Frank Cahill, Sandy Hart, Bob Cook, Kathy Williams, Bob Henry and Michelle – waitress who was very kind to him.  He confided in me some of the special things that you all did and he is thanking you and all his supporters through me.  Bill Travers and I were talking and mentioned how when you gave Mike something (and he gave us much more) that he simply muttered “Thank you” and then went on with the business at hand.  From Mike, I give one of his special “Thank you(‘s)”’ to all of you now that supported him.
      To all of the former football players at Egan/CEC and all the other athletes – know that he really appreciated you and cared about you.  He remembered all and always told me when he contacted one of you – he most recently has been telling me about contacts with Kevin Szczyrbak and Mike Carr whom I coached. He loved all his football teams – especially ’66, ’69, ’80, ’83, ’86, ’88, ’94 and ’02.  When the merger occurred forming Conwell-Egan Catholic in 1993 and Mike was appointed Assistant AD, it was interesting to see him go from an Egan FOOTBALL-basketball- baseball guy to an equally fanatical supporter of our girls’ teams – especially field hockey, basketball and SOFTBALL.  Prior to this, he never had followed girls’ sports – so all you former CEC female athletes – you added a big plus to his life.  He talked about all of you frequently – he was always telling me who he saw and who he heard from.  He talked about Steve frequently and was a staunch supporter of his – I watched more than a few W VA games with him. He was very proud of you, Steve, and certainly not only for what you have done on the football field.  I will miss hearing about Coach Hart (the General as he fondly called her), Angel who he told me had recently contacted him, how Ashley is doing in Georgia, Matt and Rob at Bloom and, of course, Smitty.  His all-time BE/CEC football team will live forever but, the additions that he was going to make will have to wait until we join him in heaven – be proud if you are on it.  I will miss him talking about how Lisa J and Katie K could dominate any girls’ basketball team.  It is disappointing that he could not finish his football history.  I believe he completed 1 or 2 more years and when I go through his things, I will make sure they are typed and added to the existing ones.  You know he wrote everything in those spiral books he always had with him so I’m sure I’ll find some unpublished accounts.  I have just hit the tip of the iceberg here – there are so many more of you that he talked about to me.
  On a personal note, it is very hard to put into words what Mike meant.  He was a part of my life since 1976.  He saw all my children born, grow up, play at and graduate from CEC.  He was extremely supportive and helped so much with all the little tasks involved in coaching that most don’t even know about.  He was very loyal – he shared the good times (many) as well as the bad (some).  He was always willing to help in any way he could.  All the coaches that worked with Mike’s help and support know and share my feelings.  Mike’s life was devoted to Egan/CEC athletics and, most importantly, the coaches and student-athletes who made that up.  Secondly, the Philadelphia Catholic League where he was well known and contributed much.  He recently helped Pat Manzi, with the 2008 and 2009 PCL football schedules.
  This has gotten too long – it is impossible to express all that Mike meant and did.  I think I can sum him up briefly though.  He was a man of faith in practice and action, a wonderful son to his parents – Reno and Helen, he led a simple life dedicated to something that he had a passion for and loved – his school, Bishop Egan/CEC, and the many coaches and student-athletes he encountered.  He was a kind and harmless man who touched many so positively.  Mike didn’t choose to pursue all the trappings of life that most people do focusing instead on serving all who came his way and supporting them in any way he could.  That is a life well-lived and I am sure that Mike will share eternal life with God in heaven.   I will most definitely miss him but he will always remain a part of my life that I will cherish.  When this is over and life goes back to routine, it will hit me when the emails don’t come and the phone doesn’t ring.  But, as you all do, I will have the histories to read, the all-time team to look at, the memories he gave me and I will smile.  God bless you, Mike.  I love you as many others do and I thank you for everything.
-- Chuck Knowles, coach and AD, 1976-2004
  Mike Tos was an incredible human being.  He was an unselfish person that gave of his time and talents to everyone that he encountered.  He didn’t worry about himself.  Many of us that knew him thought that he deserved so much more than what he had, but Tos wouldn’t have it.  You see, we were thinking of material things.  Jesus said, “That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life—whether you have enough food to eat or enough clothes to wear. 23 For life is more than food, and your body more than clothing. 24 Look at the ravens. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for God feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than any birds!” .. He also said..29 “And don’t be concerned about what to eat and what to drink. Don’t worry about such things. 30 These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers all over the world, but your Father already knows your needs. 31 Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and he will give you everything you need. 32 “So don’t be afraid, little flock. For it gives your Father great happiness to give you the Kingdom.”

  That is exactly the way that Tos lived.  He gave of himself and never worried about what he would get out of it.  He touched the lives of so many and never asked for anything in return from anyone.  He didn’t have much in the way of material things, but he gave so much more than anyone who has wealth.  We can all learn something from the example of Tos’ life.  He treated others the way he wanted to be treated.  He was the perfect role model.
  Mike - In the short time that you were here with us we joked and called you Uncle Tos.  I am proud to call you my friend and family. I am a better person after having you in my life.  Thank you, Tos.  I will miss you. God has prepared a place for you so rest in peace my friend, you’ve earned it.
-- Juanita Slaton

  I had the opportunity to meet Mike at basketball and football games while working for father judge as an assistant coach from 2003-2007. He was a great man. He loved EGAN. At basketball games he would tell me how we had no reason to complain because Egan has had their bumps in the road. At football he was very positive and always excited for the game to start.
  Egan lost one of the best people in High School sports. They lost a man who built his entire life for the school he loved. They lost their biggest fan, supporter, clock operator and someone who was just there to make people laugh.
  Going to an Egan basketball game this season and not seeing him on the clock or walking the halls will be different for me.
I hope he is up in heaven looking down on all of us in the Catholic League and smiling. He is one man who will never be forgotten.
Keith McCarthy
Former Assistant Coach
Father Judge High School 2003-2007
   Wow where do I start?  I’m at a loss for words and that’s a first for me.  I’m so numb and heart broken.  Tos to me was like a 2nd son.  I used to joke with him and say; "You are like my 60 year old kid".  My Husband Craig and our son Craig Jr., a former football player and wrestler, will cherish every moment we had with him.  OK.  There were four Icons in Mike’s life and we all know who # 1 is-----------Steve Slaton.  Steve, He loved you so much, you made him so proud.  When he would talk about Steve you would literally feel his pride and admiration, not to mention the Love and Gratitude he had for Carl, Juanita and Charles.  Tos’s second Icon was Coach Kevin Kelly.  Tos had a great deal of respect for Kelly and although at times if Tos did not agree about a play or a call---He as just so happy to be a part of the CEC Football Program.  Thank you Coach Kelly for giving Tos so much joy and purpose.  He truly respected you.  Tos’s third Icon was Ted Silary.  Ted you made Tos feel so important and gave him his motivation to get up every morning. He was so proud to be affiliated with you.  Thank you for being a major part of Mike’s life.  I know right now he is up in Football Heaven collecting stats right this moment.  Thanks again Ted.  Tos’s fourth Icon was last but not least, Chuck Knowles, Chuck he loved you like a Brother.  Words can not express the Love and Gratitude he had for you and your Family, you truly went above and beyond for him and he could always count on you.  Thank You Chuck for doing everything possible to make Mile’s life better, you also gave Mike the motivation and the kick in the a—he some times needed.  Thanks again Chuck and may God Bless you and your Family.  As for my relationship with Tos, Nobody could ever take away the special bond we had.  I will forever cherish our friendship and at times I would get so mad at him and try to tell him what I thought was best for him and boy at times he would get mo so fired up, and he looked at me and ask me if I was b----ing at him, "Because if you are, now I know why I was never married." Tos always had a way with words and knew just when to use them.
Tos, I Love you Buddy. Merry Christmas in Heaven.
Ps. Save A Seat for Me in Football Heaven and I Promise I Won’t B—ch you out.
Cathy Williams
Former CEC Mom
Craig Jr Class of 07
As a four year member of both Field Hockey and Softball at Conwell-Egan I got to know Tos very well.  Since freshman year Tos was there, regardless of what it was he was there.  Tos was the type of guy who always knew how to cheer you up no matter what the situation.  Me and Tos had grown very close through out the four years I had been at Egan, Tos was without a doubt my biggest fan.  No matter what the condition I could always count on Tos being there.  During home games at pitching warmouts he would come talk to me it would mostly be about the team I was playing, when Coach would come over and tell him to leave me alone I need to warm up, and he'd go about his way to line the field or do what ever he needed to help out preparing.  During games Tos was our biggest fan always in the stands I knew that winning for ourselves wasn't good enough but winning for someone who has been there for us since day one.   After games and practices during both field hockey and softball, I always looked forward to the snack he would have waiting afterward.  Whether it be a simple note saying beat this team or a gatorade and bagel, or his specialty Halloween cookies, and chirstmas cookies! He made me the better person I am today, he pushed me through his motivation even though it wasn't the type just anyone would understand.  He had no problem with defending me if anyone ever had doubts, he always stood up and spoke his mind.  Tos had always been there for me, and still was after I had left for college keeping in contact and telling me to keep up my hard work.  Tos was more than just a fan on the sideline he was a close friend, and if you ever needed to talk he would be there to listen and help in anyway he could.  To me he was a hero someone that stood out and always will.  He will be forever missed, and has now given me something to work harder toward in life, because I know right now he'd be telling me to work out and have confidence in myself as he does.  He is loved greatly for the passion he had for Egan sports and has the heart of very many people for how generally nice he was, I love him and miss him very much but I know he will always be looking down on me and I thank him for pushing me to be who I am today.    
Angelique Bunner
CEC '07
  p.s. --
Also I had forgot to add that Tos would always remind me of how many days it was until I would meet with the General again, and how many days till we would beat KK or Pennsbury.  Tos had memorized my stats of all 4 years I attended Egan, given any date he would tell me how good or bad I had done.  There were games which I knew he couldn't get to that I would have my parents drive him because a game without Tos just wasn't the same. Tos had great heart for all Egan sports and will greatly be missed, he made Egan what it was.
Mike was a great person and fellow LaSalle College classmate who never tired of rooting for Pancho Micir of Egan and Bernie Williams of LaSalle College.   They were his favorite players of all time.   I remember Mike talking incessantly about his beloved Egan football team.  He will be sorely missed by friends of Egan and LaSalle University.  Your aticle on his passing portrayed the essence of the man.   I know Mike is talking with St. Peter at the pearly gate about five decades of Egan football players.   Mike had a tremendous impact and made a difference in the lives of many adolescents who were blessed to have known him.
-- Joe Mottola
  It is a very sad day for CEC and all the people that had the pleasure to know Tos.  I know that Tos was a huge football fan, but he also loved his softball!  Being part of the softball team for four years gave me the honor to know and love Tos.  I'll tell you one thing, Tos knew his stuff!  He would always say, "We got 128 days until we play Wood."  Senior year Tos would always put a Gatorade in my locker on game days, it was he way of saying good luck.  He loved this school and everyone in it, even if they didn't always love him back.  It is going to be tough to go back to those softball games and not see him on the sidelines or walking around in the outfield.  I don't think that everyone at that school really appreciated Tos or realized all of the lives that he touched, I hope that after reading all of these articles EVERYONE will know that Tos was and always will be the heart and soul of CEC!!!
We love and miss you Tos!!!!
-- Gina Tobar 2001
  We lost a great friend this week. I've known Mike for many years but most recently I had the good fortune of coaching basketball at my alma mater for the last ten years. At the beginning of my years at CEC I was coaching the J.V. team. We just lost a close game to  North on a missed layup late in the game. I was a little upset at the missed opportunity for a win.  Sharing my misery with Tos in between the games he looks at me and says "Bensalem". Now I'm still a little fired up about the loss and a little aggravated at such a stupid comment. I said "What"?  He cocks his head down and looks over his huge fearless fly glasses and  say's "Bill, Bensalem." I think for a minute and then remember that I missed a breakway layup in the Bensalem game in 1972. Vintage Tos. He had a way of reminding you that there just kids and everybody makes mistakes. It's just a little scary that he was there for my mistakes so many years ago. But I got the message. He was all about the kids and their experience while wearing the Egan uniform. When the Catholic league started Mike would post   all the northern division matchups for the weekend with the scores and his thoughts about why a team would win or lose, including his beloved eagles of CEC. This weekly ritual was greatly anticipated  and became a highlight for thursday's practice. The coaches and players waited anxiously for Tos to walk in the gym and tape them to the bleachers. Whatever we were doing at that  time in practice, as soon as that timed session ended, we took a  short break so we could read his predictions and his thoughts. He should have been a bookie. He was that good. His comments were always witty, comical and insightful. Vintage Tos. As you would get to know Mike you couldn't help to questions some of the choices he made in his life. As you got to know him you accepted the fact that they were his choices and he was very comfortable with his life. He had very simple needs. He gave much and asked for little in return. His passion for his school and the students knew no boundary. That's his legacy. We have all met and known many people in our lives. Highly successful by all agreed upon standards. But how many of those people , or any person for that matter, can say  that they were the best EVER at what they chose to do. Mike could say that, but of course. never would.  Mike was stubborn, witty, insightful, and intelligent but most of all he was just a kind soul. I will miss him very much. If Mike were to read all the wonderful comments written about him he would undoubtedly respond "play the game". Vintage Tos.
-- Bill Burns "73
  Tos was a great man.  I have so many fond memories of Tos from my years at Conwell-Egan-- being on the Softball and Field Hockey teams for four years showed me how true of a fan Tos was.  He never missed a practice or a game and was always there to tell us to pick it up or keep following tradition.  There was never a game I played my Junior and Senior year where I didn't receive an orange gatorade beforehand, because he knew it was my favorite.  It was kind of a tradition that Tos had for me.  It was nice to see him in right field under the football field goal at every game... counting our stats, pacing if we weren't playing up to par, or cheering for us.  He knew every stat that I had from my freshman year and whenever he saw me would let me know atleast one, his hellos to me were simply "COON". I will never forget my softball senior game when I pulled into the parking lot for school and my last name was spelled out in orange gatorade throughout my entire parking spot.  Tos was a genuine man that cared for so many people.  It will not be the same when I go back to watch the softball games-- knowing that Tos won't be there to greet me and tell me how the team is doing.  Tos will always be there in spirit.  Thank you Tos for everything-- Rest In Peace.
Ashley Coon
CEC '06
  It's taken me a few days to put my thoughts together on the passing of Mike Tos. What a guy. He was quite a character.Somehow he was our tie to cec/conwell/egan, especially to the sports programs. He was always there for us in CECAB. Whatever we needed he would get us-from barrels of ice to setting up the tables,it took a couple of weeks but he finally adjusted to some change and realized we were ok , and then it would be there waiting when we got to the games. We never had to ask again. He played  a big part in both my sons high school life, especially Matt. They love hearing all of the old stories about all the old games, that is the part of Mike Tos that the present and future kids will never know. Mike had a very gentle heart.When my father died in the spring of Matt's senior year, that day they had a baseball game  against Father Judge,I sat in the car not ready to see or talk to anyone, and up to my window came Tos , looking through those big old glasses ,all he said was "I am sorry", then said , Matt will be all right ,He never forgot anyone who ever walked up that ramp or out onto any of those fields. You did not have to be the best, he just wanted you to be dedicated and try your best. He had a very quite but meaningful way about him...So were gonna miss you sitting there on that bench, but now you can tell my dad first hand that we are all doing all right. You two have a lot to catch up on.
-- Linda Brazil
I got a call from Greg "Woody " Weckel about the sad passing of Mike Tos - a real shame- so here goes:
  I first met Mike Tos standing outside the fence on a warm Sat. night  at Henry C. Morgan Stadium in Levittown in my first year coaching the Bishop Egan Eagles- 1973 to be exact. After some preliminary  intros  -  Mike said to me " Coach -do you hear what  the fans are singing in the stands about you? " I said no- what- This was after a not very impressive  0-0 tie against Delhaas-my first game coaching Egan- He said with a grin on his face and a singsong manner- " Sweep-Sweep- give the man a broom"  This in reference to us running about 25 Delaware  wing-t sweeps in the game which netted about 9 yards.
  Needless to say the distaste of the tie was broken as I could not help laughing out loud and thus was born the association of Mr. Mike Tos as my new SID at Egan Football. I said to him-how would you like to hop aboard this new staff with us and help us tap into the Egan tradition which had suffered some serious shocks in the recent years.
  In my brief three year tenure at Egan, Mike, or SID as we called him,  came to be an integral part of our group. He, along with Fr. Fidelis Weber,  constantly kept us going with his unending and -oh so- accurate knowledge and verbalization of Egan football history- which I might add, was never sugarcoated. Mike knew when every game was played , how it was won or lost, which coach, including me , blew the game, which ref should have been tarred and feathered, who should have been >>>>> and too many other things to mention. Mike was truly amazing !!!
  Mike displayed a passion and loyalty to his alma mater that all of us should attempt to emulate. Being a Catholic High boy we like to think of our feelings and pride for the Purple and Gold as something special - but all of us, for the most part,  graduate to live our lives into the future -Mike's entire world was his beloved BISHOP EGAN-LATER CONWELL-EGAN and he conveyed that passion broadly across the Philadelphia Catholic League and touched many lives of not only his beloved players but players from around the league.
  It was very gratifying to read the other thoughts that have been posted here about Mike and I was thinking as I read these wonderful compliments that Mike would have been thrilled and humbled to read what all the folks really thought and felt about him.
  I'll close with one of my most memorable Mike Tos encounters. I was coaching at Bishop Kenrick in 1988 or was it 1989- ( Of course, Mike would know the date, the time, the temperature etc.) and on a November night we lost to Egan in Norristown in what was the most difficult loss of my entire career. Egan blocked a punt with about 40 seconds to go on our 45 yd. line and proceeded to kick the football 45 yds. into our end zone to recover the kick and win the game.. Only about five Egan players illegally advanced the kick (of course not one official saw anyone kick the ball) and we lost the game 16-14 or something like that.
  Under the tunnel, after the game, we coaches mingled and Mike came over to me with that silly grin on his face and said Hey Bob- don't worry about it on Sept. 14, 1967 at 9:42 at Henry C. ( he always told you exactly where the game was played ) we lost a game with 11 seconds to go on a blocked punt when some kid whose father was the ref blew the call etc and so on.
  He was comforting me in the only way Mike could by taking my pain into another wonderful remembrance of his. I told me team after the game that if they did not believe in a divine football God who overlooks all football games that they better believe now because
Mike Tos just willed that win. I believe that to this day and the following week Egan upset an undefeated LaSalle team in the playoffs. I, , many times, think back to that game with fond memories of "SID" and, of course, all the great folks who gave their time and energy to Egan. I often felt, that Egan football, which was the epitome of Pride in the Catholic League in the sixties, was resurrected not only by the many wonderful coaches that worked tirelessly to bring Egan back to prominence but by a chunky  guy with thick glasses and an infectious smile who had a heart as big as the universe and a Love for Bishop Egan-Conwell-Egan that was not or will EVER be duplicated.
   May he rest in peace.
-- Bob Wagner-Football Coach-Bishop Egan 1973-75.
  Waking up to the news of Tos's death was truly heartbreaking. No one did more the kids of Bishop/Conwell- Egan than he did. We could sit and talk with Tos for hours about our games(or about how I shouldn't run the ball because it took carries away from Slaton) and he would give us knowledge about past Egan teams that without him we would have never known. Tos spent years teaching anyone who would listen about Egan history and in the process became a part of Egan history himself. Mike Tos will forever be a member of our Egan family. We will never forget you Tos. Thank you for everything.
-- Matt Porreca
  Losing Tos is a big hit for all of the people who ever
had the pleasure of meeting him.  I, along with my
friend Joe Domzalski, had the privilege of spending
everyday of our senior study hall in the athletic
office with Tos.  We were both football players at CEC
as well.  We were lucky enough to spend time with Tos
on a daily basis and hear all of the quirks of his
personality.  Whether it was his love of Coca-Cola
("Pepsi tastes like Coke gone bad!"), Converse
sneakers ("Look under the desk, Domzalski, what kind
of boxes do you see?  There's only one
kind...Converse!"), or his view of the overratedness
of sleep ("There are better things to do with time
than lay in a bed doing nothing."), which he would
never let us do (Wake up, Joe!).  There's countless
quotes from Tos that we all recite from time to time.
Since I graduated in 2001, I always looked forward to
seeing him at CEC functions, especially events that
weren't football games, because I would get the chance
to talk to him.  I always asked him how the football
team looked, and if any records were going to get
broken.  I used to love picking his brain during those
study hall about stories of all of the great football
teams of school history, and the best part was that he
always enjoyed it.  His passion for all things CEC
have made him an icon.  It will be hard not seeing him
there anymore.  He will be missed by all that loved
him, as there are many.  I send these words to him as
Joe and I did every time we talked to him (as he is
probably looking at me with the same "don't tell me
things I don't already know" look on his face)...You're
the MAN, Tos.
-- Mike Truitt, class of 2001
  There are so many nicknames for Coach Tos from all the contributions I've been reading, but the one that the class of 1984 gave him was 6-48. One time, many years after our playing days were over, I told Coach Tos about the nickname we gave him. He looked at me and said, "What does 6-48 mean." I said, remember the play back in 83 called the 6-48 Toss, he just looked at me and smiled. I remember after our horrible lose to Father Judge on 11/20/83 (14-10), yes I was the one who fumbled on the 1 yard line to blow the game, 6-48 gave me the usual free soda after the game in the equipment room. I said Coach, you have been giving me free sodas for the past 3 years, I have the 40 cents in my locker, he just looked at me and said, "Chris, you owe the school $144 for all the free sodas for the past 3 years." He has touched the lives of so many players, coaches, fans for the past 40 years that to sum up his contribution to Egan, not even Coach Tos - SID - Tugger - or 6-48 could put a number to the answer. God Bless you 6-48, you made playing at Egan an honor.
-- Chris Rooney
Egan 1980-1984.
  On behalf of all who loved, respected, and enjoyed Mike Tos - thank you Ted for the tribute website.  His life revolved around Egan/CE: its people and its activities (particularly sports, and especially football).  He was a man of deep faith, though he didn't say a whole lot about his religious beliefs - but how wonderfully his life was a reflection of love of God and love of man.  Mike so loved the kids at Egan and gave so unstintingly of himself for them; he would do anything he could to help them out (and for that matter, anyone in need).  So many people have noted the innumerable ways that he positively affected their lives.  He was so giving, so dedicated, so committed, so selfless, really so loving.  And he had that  rapier-like wit that could catch one off guard; and he'd smile, and chuckle, and have you smiling with him.  His sense of humor was very endearing - whether pulling your leg or recalling a funny incident in Egan/CE yore.  Like many schools Egan used to introduce the starting five (visitors, then home team) for varsity basketball games.  One evening, Joe Harrington, asst. A.D., presented four of the Egan quintet and proceeded to sit down.  Mike, laughingly, had to get him back onto the floor to add #5.  Whenever this incident would come up in Mike's presence he would burst into laughter and just shake his head.  He teased Joe periodically about that and Joe would always chuckle.  To add to his many acts of generosity: every spring there is a three day, round the clock, 72 hour basketball marathon, begun by Coach Bill Travers many years ago, to help a former student and football coach by the name of Bill O'Neill.  The latter was rendered a quadraplegic after a tragic fall.  Mike never missed a marathon and was the person there between midnight and 6:00 A.M. to make sure that all went smoothly.  I don't think that he slept (or slept very little) during that marathon.  We humans, every one of us, are not perfect  and each has his failings.  Mike, in his total honesty, would be the first to admit that about himself.  His virtues far outweighed his failings.  In the Acts of the Apostles, Peter says about the Lord that ". . he went about doing good."  Mike Tos did so very much good in his life.  How blessed we (I) are to have had him in our lives.  Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon this good and caring man.
-- Peace and Blessings, Fr. Terry Adams, T.O.R.  (Egan A.D., l972-1986)
  It is with a very heavy heart that i just read your article on our good family friend michael tos.
my daughter Jaime met michael when she began cec and played field hockey.   as i am sure you
know, her previous  field hockey coach, dave schafer also coached basketball, and he drafted her
to keep the stats for his team for the last two seasons.    that is where Jaime got a real good dose of tos,
and we all came to know and love him.   he called her one day to tell her that a picture of her
keeping score (that you took) was posted on your website.   how excited she was, and how proud
michael was of her.   we spent the last two years making many fond memories of michael.   during the
summer jaime worked at wings to go and very often michael would walk over just to get a soda and
say "hi kid, are you staying out of trouble"   he always asked me, "mrs. macenka is jaime staying out
of trouble?"    he had genuine concern for her.   when jaime went to school tuesday morning she was
excited about a retreat that she was going on that afternoon with other jrs and srs. from cec.   she called
me with a sadness in her voice to say goodbye before she left and to tell me that her good friend tos had
passed away.    she returns from her trip tomorrow and i can only imagine that michael became the topic
of many good stories on that retreat.   the retreat was being run by father michael reilly, whom i am
assuming will be doing tos' funeral service on monday morning.  
i will be there to support jaime on monday morning as she says goodbye  to her buddy michael, a
friend of the entire macenka family.   
thank you and god bless.
-- julie macenka
  I remember the first time I was introduced to Tos. I had to go down to the locker room during a football practice freshman year and have him fix a clip on my shoulder pads. During my first conversation with Tos I asked him how long he was with the school. He looked up at me thru those bottle nose glasses and said “Smith….Years ago I was in court and the judge told me it was life behind bars, or life at Egan”. From that moment on I was drawn to him, the man was hilarious. Whenever I had a free moment, or could sneak out of class, I would wander the halls looking for Tos. The more I talked to him, and the more I got to know him, the more I began to appreciate him not only as a mentor, but as a friend. Matt Brazil, Rob Biernat and myself would drive up to Egan on random school nights to eat dinner with Tos, and make him tell us stories about the greatest football teams and greatest players to ever come out of the school. When we had nothing to do at night he would open the gymnasium for us to play basketball, just to keep us out of trouble, that’s how much he cared.
  My favorite times with Tos were during football season. By my senior year we were so close with Tos that we would play pranks on him as if he was one of the guys. We would mess around with the game uniforms, put jockstraps in the water jugs after he filled them, and block the cage off with a coca-cola machine so he could not get in. I tell these stories because a typical teenager in high school cannot act like that around a superior, but around Mike Tos you could. He treated us as equals and not as subordinates, he was genuinely interested and involved on what was going on in our lives, and above all he enjoyed the company of the kids.  That’s why losing Tos hurts a lot, he was more then just my athletic director during high school, he was one of my closest friends.
   Everyone knows that a win for Conwell-Egan football would make Tos the happiest man on earth. But I think he will get more pleasure seeing Egan students of old, and Egan students of present gather to celebrate his life this weekend.
You will never be replaced Tugger,
-- Mike Smith (Smitty) ‘03
  When i think of Conwell Egan Fooball, I think of Tos. I remember going into my senior year it was sometime in early june and Tos already knew how many days and hours till out first game. He was great person to talk to and a even better friend. When i was out hurt my junior year Tos was always there  encouraging me and asking me how i was feeling. He was really a great person and will be missed. It wont be the same not seeing him at the football games next year.
-- Mike Rongione #81 Class of 07
  Over the first 18 years of my life I had the pleasure to talk to Tugger on a regular basis, and got to see what a great person he was. He was easily one of the friendliest people I have ever met and he could talk with anyone, and anytime he called our house to talk to my Dad he wouldn't mind talking to the person who answered the phone (even if it wasn't my Dad) for awhile. His conversations would always include an update about the teams at Egan, an inquiry as to how things were for my family, and of course his well known dry sense of humor (he would catch me off guard with it quite often). He would talk proudly of how the softball team did, or the football team, and of course how Steve Slaton was doing. There is no question that Tugger was Philly sports, most especially the Catholic league and Egan. He gave so much of himself to Egan and the PCL and never asked for much in return. He was a unique and rare individual and Egan was lucky to have him for so many years. Egan and Philly sports lost an icon on Tuesday morning, but all those who met Tugger have that lasting impression of him and we all know he's up above still checking on how his teams are doing.
-- Ryan Travers

 I was saddened to hear the news about Mike Tos.  He was a familiar face around CEC.  He had a wealth of knowledge of Bishop Egan/CEC football, that we will truly miss.  I would always sit and talk with him while waiting for my son’s Joey and Vince’s practice to end.  He would make me laugh with some of his stories.  I would sometimes see him in the local establishments and made a point to go over and sit and talk with him.  One day in early November I was sitting with him and he reached in his pocket to show me his Bishop Egan high school ring, he said he carried it around with him all the time.  He was so proud of being a graduate of Bishop Egan, he lived and breathed Egan football.  I was riding by the field on Thanksgiving morning and there was Mike TOS standing on the field looking up at the goal post, later when I got to the field, he came over to help me with some boxes and told me he was waiting at the field since 5:00 AM for the game to start.  I will always remember Mike Tos and know that he is safe and warm now and he will be watching the football team and cheering them on and keeping his stats as he always did, I will miss being able to ask him what my son’s stats were after the game.  Rest in Peace Mike, I will miss you and so will my sons.  I know they will want to dedicate their next football season to you.
-- Linda Benedetti
  Since hearing the news of Mike’s passing, it has taken me a few days to try and write the correct words that would accurately describe this incredible man.  Mike liked to remind me “how much smarter I have become as a Basketball Coach now that I am at GA” … He had that knack of always keeping things in perspective.  The kids always came first with Mike.  I can remember so many situations from my time as a teacher and coach at both Conwell and Egan where Mike simply kept all of us grounded in the fact that we were involved in a game for kids.  Though his true passion was for football, Mike spent countless hours following all of the sports teams.  As our scorekeeper for Basketball, Tugger was never reluctant to reach out to player or coach who was having a tough time.  There was never a doubt that Mike Tos bled Blue and Grey 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  I will remember Mike for his quick wit, incredible memory, and true passion for the young men and women of Conwell-Egan.  Though the recent years were not kind to Mike, he found ways to keep these qualities.  The highest compliment that we who knew him can give his memory --- is to bring his passion with us each day as we tackle life’s challenges…… Tugger, you will be missed but never forgotten!
-- Jim Fenerty (Bishop Egan Basketball Coach  1981-1989)
  Michael Tos is my uncle.  I can remember when I was a little girl going to Egan with my uncle to watch boys’ basketball.  I never had the privilege to go to a football game with him.  I hadn’t seen Mike in many years since I live in California.  I am so grateful to read all the wonderful things so many people had to say about my uncle, it made me cry.  He meant so much to me and it is obvious how much he meant to so many other people.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it to his funeral.  Mike, you are always in my thoughts and I love you.  Thank you so much to all of you who have been there for Mike over the years.  It makes me feel better to know that so many people loved him.
Jennifer Reissig – Mike’s niece

  If you read all the thoughts regarding Tos, you realize the impact he had on so many. If you look at the different ages of all the people who submitted their thoughts, you once again realize the impact he had on every one of all ages, and how they still remember him by.  Mike was unique, to say the least. He was not only a walking encyclopedia of Egan history, he was a genuine person who cared about the individuals. Mike was more than the statistics, the encouraging letters or birthday cards he would send, his funny stories; he was someone who truly carded about people. He meant so much too so many, as can be attested by all the memories people have submitted. I only know of one time that Mike was incorrect, but that is between him and me, unless of course someone has actual proof that I did indeed drop a pass in my career. Every time I would walk by Mike, he would tell me the date, the time and the exact position on the field of this alleged ‘dropped pass’. He would always let me know that both my children were better athletes than me, and as we all know, Mike was never wrong, except for the above mentioned incident. Too say Mike will be missed is an understatement.  I think this quote from Albert Einstein summarizes Mike… “Each of us is here for a brief sojourn; for what purpose he knows not, though he senses it. But without deeper reflection one knows from daily life that one exists for other people.”
-- Bill Petraitis

  Mike started working for the football team a year before I became Principal of Bishop Egan and for the nine years of my principalship there were two men whose dedication and love for Egan football was never a doubt, Bro John Carosella and Mike Tos. Those two men, both volunteers, poured their lifeblood and total energy into the program and the young men who were part of it. They were two men whose fierce loyalty to Egan was never in doubt and never wavered. It must be fun in Heaven to hear the two of them talking about "the good old Egan days!" Mike, rest in peace, you deserve it.
-- Fr. Joe Connolly, TOR, Principal 1974-1984
  I’ve known Mike for over 30 years.  I saw Mike another 10 years before that at Egan events even while in high school myself and growing up in Levittown.  Mike was a Levittown and Egan/CEC icon.  He was a good friend of the Catholic League and a never ending supporter of his alma mater.  When Egan merged with Conwell, it was not a bad day for Mike but a good day.  He now had more sports, more things to do, more people to help and influence positively.  He has seen many students go through the Egan/CEC experience and he was a part of it with them – maybe for a few minutes, or hours or many days but he was a part of it.  Mike had a family of hundreds in the Egan/CEC family and his familiar face will be missed.
-- Sandy Knowles
    I like many others, have been reading what has been written about Mike Tos. What a man, what a tribute. I sit here at my computer and the tears run down my face thinking of the lives he has touched. I figure I have known Mike since the football season of 78 when I started attending Egan football games while dating my husband Bill (class of 79). An Egan football game was always a ritual with the Knowles family, as was going down to the field after the game and talking with Tos. I cant tell you how many games we watched when there was a bad play or something that just didnt go Egan's way, we would look to see his reaction, and of course the same went for the good times. There are so many special memories we have of him that I couldn't begin to name them all. When my son was attending CEC, I was a member of CECAB, and ran the concession stand for all home basketball (boys & girls) and some wrestling. There NEVER was a doubt that Mike would have EVERYTHING that was needed for us to get the job done, and if ever we needed anything, Mikes famous last words were" DON'T WORRY, I"LL GET IT." and sure enough TOS did. If one thing I learned from him, it was the act of VOLUNTEERISM.. And he was so humble, just did the job and wanted no recognition for it. I'm sitting her smiling thinking of some things about him, one is being in the gym for basketball games and the cheerleaders would come out to do their routines and we usually sat near Tos, and he would say with the great TOS voice, "Get them off the court" "we got a game to play" all in his true spirit, but deep down inside he loved them girls too, for their dedication, because thats what he believed in. If my son was absent from school, he would call the house, early of course, saying " get billy up, he belongs in school", I could always expect that call. Even after Billy went to Lasalle University, Tos still called the house, so I did Billy the favor and gave Mike his cell phone number and he called him at college.. I had the honor of having him at my house for many Thanksgiving dinners, and it was always an enjoyment to have him there. Of course the topic always was EGAN football, but one of my CLASSIC TOS stories, and yes, it is a Slaton one, was Thanksgiving day and West Virginia was playing. We knew we were gonna have a great game to watch but also to see Tos in his glory watching Steve on TV. As he sat on my couch, copy book out keeping his stats as the game progressed, the announcers came out with a statisitic and it was wrong, well we didnt know it but TOS did, and he got angry, "THEY'RE WRONG", he kept saying it, they were off with this stat a couple yards or something, sure enough the announcers came back on and corrected themselves, and mike was happy. I personally want to THANK my brother in law Chuck,for supporting him and doing all the kind things you did for MIKE, (which are TOO many to mention) and for bringing Mike into our family. TOS loved us all like we were his family. Thanksgiving dinner will never be the same. Just like Egan/CEC athletics. GOD BLESS YOU TUGGER !!! You WILL BE MISSED...
-- Margie Knowles
  They say the truth is never pure and rarely simple but it was with Coach Tos. The simple truth is Coach unconditionally loved the Egan/CEC community and we loved him. It is individuals like Coach that help sustain communities by transforming from interested observers to active participants. Coach believed there was something beyond one's self - for him it was Egan/CEC. We the community have suffered a great loss with the passing of Coach Tos.
  On a personal note, Coach and I first met when I was 5 years old when I started attending Egan baseball practices/games, basketball games, and football games with my father. I can tell you he didn't always appreciate a smart-ass little kid running around the cage looking for a free soda but as I grew older eventually becoming a member of the Egan football team we both looked forward to our daily conversations down in the cage. Upon reflection he was a very positive influence on my life especially during my high school years and I hope he enjoyed my friendship as much as I did his. Thanks Coach for everything - you'll be missed.
God bless.
Blaise Coleman '92
I would like to share with all of you one of the many notes that Tos wrote to my daughter Julianne Petraitis
who graduated from CEC in 2007 and was on the softball team.  It reads:
                     60 days until practice
                     83 until you beat CR North
                     86 until H-H is blanked
                     We open with Wood, bad move for the Vikings
                     How good will we be in 2007
                     Look no further than the seniors
                     Its been 19 years since we beat Pennsbury back to back years
                     But AB will in back to back years.
                     Noone wants to play you but everyone wants to beat you.
Jules saved every note, letter and card that Tos gave her and cherished every phone call and gesture.
I thank you Tos for your kindness to my children and know that you are in a better place now.
I hope you are smiling down when reading these wonderful tributes and know that you are truly special
and will not be forgotten.  God Bless.
-- Paula (Petraitis) Casmirri – Class of 1981
How fitting that such a wide variety of players, coaches and administrators have taken the time to check in and tell us how Mike Tos has touched their lives. As I read through everyone's memories I realize that Mike is remarkably giving us one final gift............the chance to remember and the chance to fully realize how great it is to call ourselves alumni of BE/CEC! Thanks again Mike.
-- Bill Kelly '76
  I graduated from Egan in '75. After graduation, I worked at the school 
for another 8 years. I also coached football for 6 years. I have known 
Mike for 35 years. During that time I knew him as a dedicated, caring 
person, one who lived and died Egan/Conwell-Egan sports. Luckily over 
the last 4 years I got to know another part of Mike - Mike Tos the 
friend. He & I spent many hours driving to games, sitting at games, or 
just hanging around talking. We shared many stories, not all about 
football, but also about teachers past & present, students, no matter 
if you were a star athlete, or someone who never played sports, and 
many other things in life. He always spoke highly of my 2 boys at 
Egan. Mike always told me my son, Rob, had one thing in common with 
Steve - they were the only 2 to score touchdowns as freshman, but then 
he would laugh & say Rob needed a lot more to catch Steve. Mike left a 
lasting impression on my family's life. I only regret that incoming 
students will never know this great person.
Mike, you will be truly missed and always loved.
Rest in peace,
-- Bob Henry
  Last night was the viewing for Tos and I was very impressed with the turn out and what the current football team did for him as a tribute. Now my memories with Tos go along way  I was the student trainer/team manager with Conwell Egan from the 90 to 94 seasons. I spent numerous hours in the cage with Tos and on the field with him. Everyone loved Tos we went to lunch and dinner alot. I remember during school days going into the Ad office and there is Tos and Mr Knowles and Mr Harrington arguing over stats or who the best player on the team is and  I would sit there and laugh. And always before I would leave I would set Tos up and ask Mr Harrington about the war and he would start to tell the story I would walk out with Mr Knowles and leave Tos there to hear the whole story. We would also be in the cage getting things ready fro practice or games and he would make nicknames up for everyone there are so many nicknames for people that they don't know about. They are some memories with Tos. I would like to thank Tos for all he has done for me he helped me to be a better person and  taught me that when you get hit down get back up and give the hits. Tos I will miss the smirk on you when I would walk into games  and the conversations we had . They were conversations on how my family was doing never about him he cared and loved all of his players, students. I miss ya Tos God speed and I will see you up in heaven when we get there.
-- Kevin Clark
  I like reading everybody share their warm hearted stories about Mike. God was having a statistical day when he made Tos.
I have known Tos for thirty years and not once have I ever challenged or questioned a stat coming from Tos's lips because if I did, I know my next 3 hours are shot.
Mike you have  now ascended up with the Football Gods, Whatever you do...Don't get in an argument with this guy they call Jesus on Notre Dame football.
God bless and The Conwell-Egan family will never forget you.
John Mack Class of "77
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He is looking into ways to honor Mike's memory.

  This morning I attended a funeral service for a kind, honest and gentle friend; his name was Mike Tos.  For those of you who have never been in St. Michael the Archangel church in Levittown, it is a very large church.  Sitting there in St. Mike's this morning, surrounded by the CEC family, my heart was heavy and my eyes tearful; yet I felt so happy to see this church packed with people; alumni, students, parents, family and friends, here to pay tribute and say their last goodbyes to a man who touched so many young lives in such positive ways.
  When I learned last week that Tos had passed away, the first thing that came to my mind was that God waited until this year's CEC football season was over to bring Tos home to heaven!  I have not known Mike Tos for as long as many of you; I first met him when our family moved from New Jersey to Yardley in 2002 and our daughters enrolled in Conwell Egan.  At that time, we knew absolutely not one person in all of Bucks county.  We attended the first CEC home football game of the season and met a wonderful family sitting in front of us in the bleachers; their name is Slaton.  Carl and Juanita befriended us when we knew no one, and our family friendship grew over the next 4 years at CEC as our daughters ran track with Steve, and we avidly followed CEC athletics, especially football, track and field hockey throughout the years.  Through our friendship with the Slatons we came to know and love Tos (Steve's #1 FAN)!
  Mike Tos was the kind of person that once you met him and looked past all of the things that might discourage a person from wanting to get to know him better, you would find the purest heart and most gentle spirit on earth.  Reading all of these tributes, I feel somewhat envious that I did not have the privilege to know Tos longer than 5 years.  My fondest memories will be of Tos sitting in our living room for the field hockey pasta parties, joining our senior day celebrations in the CEC cafeteria and watching him stroll over from football practice to the field hockey games; seeing how much he just enjoyed being around the kids and the athletes made you want to smile.  My daugther's senior year she worked in Gertrude Hawke in the Oxford Valley Mall; Tos would often take the bus or walk there just to visit her and bring her a drink, snack or whatever.  How many of us can say we have a true friend who would do that for us?
  When Steph graduated from CEC in 2006, our family moved to West Chester.  We returned to CEC for a few football and field hockey games, and the last time I saw Mike Tos was at a field hockey game that year.  Our girls were both gone to college and I was there alone to cheer on the team.  Tos spotted me and strolled over to chat about the season that Steve would have at WVU that year.  I threw my arms around him with a big hug and we talked for a while.  Today, listening to Father Fidelis' eulogy, I thought about Jesus and how much Tos resembled Him in every way; his humility, goodness, and unconditional love for the CEC family.  How lucky we all were; we had Jesus in our presence, sitting on that bench behind CEC and maybe at the time, we didn't even know it.
  "Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, you do to me."(Matthew 25:40)
-- Maria and Jerry Constantin
Lisa Constantin, 2005
Stephanie Constantin, 2006
  Thank you for all the support over the years, I could always count on help from Coach Tos.  I will never forget.
Love always.
-- Mike '99
  After paying my respects to Mike Tos’ sister, I drove through my old neighborhood, past the house  I grew up in on Robin Hill Lane. It looked a little beat up. Mike lived behind me on Rose Arbor Lane. I then drove past the Little League field  where  I played both pickup and organized games. It was dedicated to a kid I knew who died in Vietnam. Gone. I  kept driving  past Thomas Jefferson Elementary School (is that still its name?) and saw the basketball  court, where I spent hours upon hours, was also gone. Then I went to my old grade school,  St. Mike’s, perfect name for Mike’s funeral mass. Across the street,  I  saw that the Levittown Shop-a-Rama, which loomed majestically in my misspent youth, was now weeds growing concrete with a fence around it. Then I went to Mike’s funeral  mass and my spirit was lifted on such a sad occasion.  Rows and rows of people Mike had touched.  Football players in their jerseys, softball team in its sweatshirts, the girls soccer team, student council members. So many people, old and young, I was touched. There was even some funny moments  when one of the mikes sounded like those parents on Peanuts cartoons. Fortunately I could hear Father Fidelis’ words  and they were right on target. The best possible way to be remembered was as a nice man who cared about people. I heard recently that someone that could have simply reached out and helped such a man decided not to. They should be ashamed of themselves.  I hope they learned something from the reaction to Mike’s passing. God bless the guy.
-- Drew McQuade, Egan grad 1968
  I was very saddened to hear about the passing of Coach Tos.  He was and will always be remembered as a great man who loved rooting for people.  He was a great fan of so many.  I recently reconnected with him through Mr. Silary’s site and his passion for C-E football was never greater even in a difficult year.  He specifically mentioned the five seniors and was very proud of their efforts through a difficult season.  I will always remember with great fondness the interactions and time shared with such a wonderful person.  I am sure Coach Tos received several game balls throughout the years but I am most proud he received the game ball from the 1988 team’s “upset” opening day victory over the 23 game unbeaten and I believe 2 time defending PCL Champion  Bishop McDevitt Lancers.  He wasn’t too proud to tell you that presentation of the game ball brought tears to his eyes for he knew all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into crafting this victory.  Selfishly, I wonder who will be the guardian of C-E football and all things C-E because he was C-E.  My deepest regrets go out to friends and family. God Bless.
-- Kevin Szczyrbak 1988 football grad, 1989 overall grad
  I went to egan freshman and sophmore year. This year i transferred to
cardinal dougherty. Throughout my two seasons at CEC. Mike Tos became a very
familiar face. Every season tos would be at every single one of our
basketball games, and attend our practices almost everyday. Every week
we'd wait for tos' "weekly scouting reports." Somehow every week he would
predict us to win, which not only helped our self esteem, but it made us
want to win for him. This year when we play CEC i will be dedicating the
game to Mr Tos.
Rest in Peace brotha
-- Ryan Fitch
  In my short stay At CEC football I learned a few things. Most of them were taught to me by a man who I really didnt know very well. I found out things about CEC football and Bishop Egan Football that weren't in the record books or on the stat sheets. Like the enrollment of Bishop Egan back in 1972 or the number of boys that tried out for the team in 1971 or remember the color of the football uniforms back in 1976. Hey Mike remember the game against North in 1975 it was a night game and it was bitter cold we played on your field what was the temperature that night? I could ask Mike just about anything about EGAN and he would know. That man, Mike Tos was always willing and ready to talk about anything and everything EGAN. He was EGAN and he will be missed more than I think anyone knows. Mike Tos LOVED Egan It was his whole world. In all my years I have never seen a person more dedicated to an Institution than Mike.  I have moved on,  I will be at rival Cardinal Dougherty next season, every time we play CEC I will look across the sidelines and maybe just maybe I hope I will catch a glimpse of Mike Tos writing down the stats of the game just as he has done for as long as anyone can remember.
-- Jim Whitehead D-Line Coach CEC 2002-2007
  It's too bad Mike Tos isn't with us any longer.  He would have loved the Steve Slaton tribute day.  My brother-in-law is Chuck Knowles and he was very close to Mike.  He often told me how big a fan Mike was of Steve Slaton.  I graduated from Egan in '73.  I didn't play football and therefore never got to know Mike Tos.  But from your tribute page, it is obvious how much of a positive impact he had on our alma mater.
-- Joe Nawrocki
  My name is Monte Council I played football  and ran Track at Egan from 84-88. I wore #24. Later I went to Delaware State University and had a chance to play on the 1989 MEAC Championship. After graduating I moved to Atlanta then came home  for a brief moment and stopped by the school and talked to Mike for a few hours catching up on old times and stats. He is a true legend. he was often a source of enlightenment for me when my days were dark. He is missed truly.
-- Monte/Bishop Egan Class of 88
P.S. -- Peace to Mike and Joe Adamson. Two standup cats that gave a darn and helped me get to practice you two are never forgotten.