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  Bill Rouse, a senior-to-be at Cardinal Dougherty High who had dreams of being the starting quarterback, was shot to death June 11, 2003, allegedly by a teammate. We decided to give friends/teammates a chance to express their grief.
   Thank you, Ted

Hey ted,
   My name is Fred Estrada i played for Dougherty as a senior.  Im sure you heard of the death of junior Bill Rouse.  Bill was a transfer from penn charter   to Dougherty.  He was on the Football team. Bill was a great kid, he was the kinda kid who would shake your hand everyday in the hallways and say wussup.  He was a commited  football player who was looking forward to next year where he would prolly play quaterback.  He would joke around with me saying that i should fail this year and comeback next year to block for him.  He was a great kid and will never be forgotten.
-- Fred Estrada #77

Bill was the man. He was my absolute best friend in the world, and even
though he left Penn Charter to go to Dougherty this year, we still stayed in
touch, talking at least once a week over the phone. When I read the news
reports that Bill had died, I wouldn't believe it. I immediately called his
house to hear his voice, to make sure that this wasn't true. However, his
mother informed me of the bad news, that Bill had been shot and killed. Bill
was the best friend anyone could ever ask for, always in a good mood and he
would always pick you up if you were feeling down. Everyone knew him at Penn
Charter because he was such a friendly and outgoing guy, and I'm sure the
same is true for the teachers and students at Cardinal Dougherty. Bill even
called my mother on mother's day, just to talk to her and wish her a happy
mother's day, because that's what kind of person he was. I just keep wishing
it's not real, like this is all just some bad dream that I can't wake up
from. However, even though Bill is gone, we should all be happy for the
times we did have with him and hope that he is in a better place. Rest in
peace Bill, and godspeed my brother.
---Ed Morrone (Penn Charter Class of 2004)

Hello Ted,
   My name is Hector Castro and I also played for Dougherty as a senior last year. Bill was a solid player that did pretty much anything anyone asked of him. He aspired to be a quarterback, yet our team was already over populated at the position. Determination led Bill to find other ways to get on the field where others would have just sulked and felt sorry for themselves. He seemed excited about the year ahead, motivating other players in the hallways for practice after school. I hardly knew Bill other than as a teammate, but he will be missed greatly.
-- Hector Castro #52

Hello Ted and to all that may read this,
   My name is Mpanda Castelo and i play football for Cardinal Dougherty. It might sound kinda crazy but i can't believe i'm writing this, i just really can't believe it.  Billy Rouse was not only a hard working football player but was an all around good guy.  Bill had a "glow", its hard to explain but he just had a way about him.  He was always havin fun always crackin jokes and always giving his best on the field and in the classroom.  To this day i'm in total shock and cannot believe that a good person like Bill left us so so so young.   I'll never forget Bill and everything he stood for, so I know that it would only be right for me to dedicate every snap i take from now until the day i'm done to William Rouse!
God Bless you!

God bless your family!
We love you

Hello Ted,
             My name is Paul Bryant III from dougherty.  I was able to develop a friendship with Bill over this past school year.  I admit we bumped heads at first only because of my inability to recognize someone with the natural instinct to be a leader and want to push themselves and everyone else around him to the limit.  Bill did not only push himself on the field but also off the field, in the weight room.  There was not one day that the room was open and he was not there.  Bill was truly a player who would make any coach or teammate proud to have on there team.  As a friend Bill was always one to have fun and live life to the fullest. This coming year and years to come Bill's leadership and ability to push will dearly be missed and he will always leave a great impression on anyone who was lucky enough to call him a friend, teammate or classmate.
-- Paul.B  #49

Hi Ted,
             I only knew Billy Rouse for 3 years but he had a great impact on my life.  I just graduated from Penn Charter last week, but my memories of playing on a team with Billy will last forever.   I was a year older and a 2-way lineman so I didn't directly practice with Billy or even play with him in games but no matter what I always knew when I would come to the sideline Billy would always be there to tell a joke.  It never really mattered that he didn't always get to play in the important games, but Billy was always in good spirits and continued to work hard every day.  As a junior during the winter season, I wasn't always inclined to stay after school and lift, but nevertheless I would always see Billy on his way to the weightroom, cracking jokes, so he would make me want to lift also.   Athletically, Billy was also pretty talented, as I can remember in practice, him throwing a football almost as far if not farther and harder than our starting, Boston College bound QB Matt Ryan.  Even though Billy left to go to Dougherty this year, I always knew that in the next year while I would be in college I would hear about the name Rouse frequently on your website.  At least to me because of Rouse's attitude it was never a doubt about whether he would succeed, but just how far he would go.   Unfortunately, he will not go  further, but spirtually he will follow the many friends and teammates he made over the years wherever they go.  I hope that in college and  beyond when I pursue anything athletically or in any other arena of life, I can approach it with as much heart as Billy did.  God Bless.
--- Chris "Chips" Johnson, #71, Penn Charter '03

Hi Ted,
My name is Natalie Rivera and I Just graduated from Cardinal dougherty High school. bill was my friend. we had homeroom together and our lockers was right next to eachother. He was such a friendly person, he was fun to have around. we would race to our lockers, to see who would get there first and then we would start doing our little "butt" dance. I miss him and i know all of the seniors from dougherty miss him, because he was suppose to graduate with us. He's in our hearts and forever will be in our hearts. It's unbelievable what happen to the one's that your close to...Until this day i still cant believe it happen..last day of school and we were officially senior and i get this new that one of our friends shot another one of our friends by accident....Bill is always with us, no matter what......#81 still Lives......Miss You