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   Saalen Jones, a senior cornerback at Martin Luther King High, passed away 9/23/08 after experiencing a week of neck pain. The cause of death was found to be MRSA. Coach John Sheroda said Saalen "did everything he was told" and was "a great kid to have on a team." Teammate Joe Montouth added, "All he wanted was to see us win our games. He was a funny kid. Friends with everyone."
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   (Pic at left: courtesy of Saalen's father, James Osborne.)

Information on services: Friday, 10/3, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Ivy Hill Cemetery Chapel, 1201 Easton
Rd., Philadelphia, 19150.

Your Contributions . . .

  Man this is crazy. i remember just talking to him not to long ago about
the game. now he's gone. he was a real cool person. i played three seasons
with him and now he's really gone. i wish the best to his family and hope
that they pull through this.
David Bunion
08 king grad/football player


  The loss of Saalen is totally Heart Breaking. He was a wonderful young man. Saalen was well liked by his fellow classmates as well as the staff at Martin Luther King. I'm going to miss his smile and playfulness. My Love and Prayers go out to his family. Saalen will be Greatly Missed!!!!
-- Officer Butler, Martin Luther King H.S
  This is still a complete shocker to me. Saalen was a intelligent guy. Its a shame we lost him so soon. Im going to miss his jokes and laughing along with him. I just send my respect and condolences to his family. We will see him some day once again. I will never forget you Saalen.
-- Senior at King H.S./ Samantha Ritchie

  Saalen was a good person and a good football player. My last time seeing and talking to Saalen was last friday at the fels game. He told me that every play you should give your all. One day Saalen was talking to all the lineman. He said we would be nothing without y'all. To this day I think him for saying that, and we are going to bring back the Championship for him. You will always be with us Saalen and we will never forget you.
-- Keenan Wiggins
Teammate '08 Cougars

   I've known Saalen for quite sometime. He was really a good friend he was Nice, Funny, and a Very Outgoing person. Saalen was loved by everyone. There was no one who wouldn't have enjoyed his company. It's crazy I still can't believe he's gone. But I know he's now in a better place. My best wishes goes to his family. HE WILL BE MISSED BY EVERYONE!!!!
-- Senior at King H.S./ Khadijah Richardson
  I didn't personally know Saalen, however, he was one of my brothers friends. I heard many things about him and from that I know that he will truly be missed. My prayers go to his family, friends, and teammates.
-- Shahid Bundy
Germantown Bears
  I still can't believe this happened. Saalen was like family to me he always had my back just like i had his. Saalen while you watching down on us i just want to let you know that i love you man, and my best wishes goes out to his family. I hope they can just pull through this because i know how they feel right now. Saalen im gonna miss you man you will always be in my mind and my heart and i still and always got your back no matter what, love you man, hope to see you again.
-- William Richardson
05 king football player cougars 4 life!!!!!
  I personally knew Saalen. We were teammates of the Oak Lane Wildcats for two straight years. The trophy he is holding above was our championship trophy, and that year we both received MVP. Its kinda hard for all of us to come to our senses about this situation but he will truly be missed.
West Catholic Burrs
-- Eric Young
  I've known Saalen for a minute. It feels like yesterday when I would talk about him tearin those school lunches up. He would make me laugh ,to be around him was just a blessing. His friendship to me was like cheese to maccoroni. All jokes aside Im really gonna miss him he was a great person. And i'll always miss him. With Mad Love CeCe.
-- Senior at King H.S.
  I knew Saalen for awhile we had quite a few classes together and everytime we would see each other in the hallways he would always be grinding and he would say hey sis or hey girl with my last name lol he alwasy made me smile even if i was mad at something he put a smile on my face when i saw him Saalen you will be truly missed love you baby the class of 09 will never forget you.
-- Adrienne/Martin Luther King H.S Senior
R.I.P. Saalen 1.14.91 - 9.23.08

  I worked with saalen and even got to play against him
twice.he was a true football player and a honest and
real person. This is a shock to me. He was built for
football in every aspect. HE WILL BE MISSED

  I was in complete shock when I found out that Saalen had passed.He was such a cool person and alot of fun to be around.I will miss him greatly especially his smile my thoughts and prayers go out to family and close friends of Saalen......R.I.P Saalen your gone but you will never be for gotten.....Class 09 I know this is a sudden tragedy but we will get through it just keep your head up!!!!
-- Shelby Mclendon
Senior/MLKing high school

  Saalen was One of my cousins closest friends everybody took it very hard. Words cant express the way people felt he will be remembered and never forgotten.
-- King Hs. Thomas Moore.
  Saalen was friends of my daughter's since elementary school. I have met him quite a few times and he was always polite and respectful. I am deeply sorry for your lost and my prayers will be continuously be with you. You have suffered a great lost. Just remember this, you will never get over this but you will get through this. God bless.
-- Ms. Dee
  I knew Saalen since the 9th grade and we have always been real good friends. I could not believe it when they told me that he had passed away. I still remember that morning that i found out and as i think about the times we shared together i fell blessed to have had him as a friend. He been part of M.L.King class of 09 since the start and still will be even in the end. Saalen this year will not be the same with out you but we know you will always be with us in our hearts and watching over us. IMMA ALWAYS MISS YOU AND WILL NEVER FORGET YOU. YOU WAS MY FRIEND AND A GOOD ONE AT THAT.
-- Sasha Riley

  Saalen was one of of my good friends he's my teammate and one
of my good friends. He help me in practice running and striving me to
get better for king.....saalen im gonna miss you man you will always
be in my mind and my heart when im in the game.
-- dewayne dawkins/sophemore martin luther king h.s

  Saalen was like my best friend, from grade school, middle school, and even high school. We had so many good times, that it's so many that can't even be explained. I use to go to McDonald's and mess wit him and even joke about ordering food. Knowing that he's gone makes it hard to remember all the good, but knowing that he's in a better place makes it worth while. I never knew that his family grew up with mine, that makes it even harder sometimes. But he's in my heart and he's truly my angel and watching over me.....
Saalen will truly be missed, loved and remembered.
-- Shaniqua (friend)
  I so enjoyed Saalen Jones when I taught him at Pennypacker Elementary School. I also coached him for several years on our championship track team. We played a lot of football in the schoolyard and he had so much fun in these activities.  Saalen was always energetic and had a great attitude.  I thought of that great smile when I heard about the sad news brought on too early for a great young man.
-- Richard Weiss