Philadelphia High School Basketball

Twice He Filled the Championship Bill . . .

  Bill Michuda, a Milwaukee native, played college basketball at La Salle, then stayed in
the area after graduation. He coached high school hoops for six seasons total, two at La Salle
(1980-81) and four at Penn Charter over two stints (1985-87, 2009). His combined record
was 110-55 for a winning percentage of .667.
  Also, Bill won one championship at each school -- '81 at La Salle, '86 at Penn Charter.
  Look below for pics, stories and statistics.

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La Salle's 1980-81 Catholic League champs . .
Front, L to R: manager M. Murphy, Keith Shepard, Joe Dowling, Chris O'Brien,
Mark McNulty, Brian Rodden, manager Chris Carabello.
Top, L to R: coach Bill Michuda, Dave Powell, Mark Mischler, Mike Flanigan, Joe Foley,  Tom "Disco"
Nolan, John Gay, Chip Greenberg, Barry McCormick, moderator Bro. Dominic Smith. (Absent: Jim Osborne.)


1980-81 LA SALLE
  Losses in Italics  
  CL North  
56 Wood 67
63 Dougherty 32
68 McDevitt 50
46 Judge 42
42 Kenrick 40
98 North Catholic 63
68 Ryan 52
65 Egan 59
72 Wood 48
58 North Catholic 45
49 Dougherty 43
66 Kenrick 54
86 McDevitt 68
50 Judge 53
66 Ryan 54
57 Egan 55
41 Kenrick 39
52 Judge 47
40 West Catholic 38
  Bill Michuda  
  14-2, 23-8  
  Chris O'Brien  
  Chip Greenberg  
  Mike Flanigan  
  Mark Mischler  
  Brian Rodden  
  Key Subs  
  Dave Powell  
  Tom "Disco" Nolan  
Daily News All-City
THIRD TEAM: Chris O'Brien
THIRD TEAM: Chip Greenberg
Daily News All-Catholic
SECOND TEAM: Chris O'Brien
SECOND TEAM: Cip Greenberg
Coaches All-Catholic
SECOND TEAM: Chris O'Brien
SECOND TEAM: Cip Greenberg
Daily News All-Catholic
SECOND TEAM: Chris O'Brien
SECOND TEAM: Chip Greenberg
THIRD TEAM: Mark Mischler
Coaches All-Catholic
FIRST TEAM: Chip Greenberg
SECOND TEAM: Chris O'rien
SECOND TEAM: Mark Mischler
  Loss in Italics  
65 Episcopal 54
68 Malvern 49
50 Gtn. Academy 51
58 Chestnut Hill 49
60 Haverford School 66
57 Episcopal 48
93 Chestnut Hill 38
73 Malvern 55
75 Haverford School 59
58 Gtn. Academy 51
  Bill Michuda  
  9-1, 23-2  
  Marv Dunmeyer  
  Matt Guokas  
  Abe Dunmeyer  
  Scott Burke  
  Pete Jacquinto  
  Key Subs  
  Chris White  
  Leon Caldwell  
  Brien Tilley  
Daily News All-City
Coaches All-Inter-Ac
FIRST TEAM: Abe Dunmeyer
SECOND TEAM: Marv Dunmeyer
SECOND TEAM: Matt Guokas

1980-81 at La Salle -- The First of Coach
Bill Michuda's Two League Championships . . .

This story was written after La Salle won the 1980-81 Catholic
 League championship by beating West Catholic, 40-38 . . .

  "This might sound ridiculous, but I told the kids all year, 'There's only one superstar . . . and He's up in heaven. The only way La Salle can attain success is by playing together.' "
   -- Bill Michuda

By Ted Silary
  During the first half of yesterday's Catholic League title game, La Salle High played basketball like the words uttered so often by their coach were gospel, like lightning would drop them dead in their tracks if they dared not to sacrifice.
  Chris O'Brien flipped to Chip Greenberg for chip shots from the wings over 3-2 and 2-1-2 zones. O'Brien and Greenberg, in turn, whisked passes to Mike Flanigan and Mark Mischler for layups and short jumpers that gave people the impression, due to scant resistance, that warmups had not yet ended.
  In fact, the Explorers played so well, they almost played themselves into pine boxes, the kind that are lowered into the ground and covered with dirt.
  Trailing 27-21 at an intermission, West's Pat Cassidy made the X-and-O move of the season, deciding to scrap lazy zones in favor of a triangle-and-two.
  Godwin Guerrero played O'Brien and Eric Rutherford played Greenberg. Maybe
stalked is a better word.
  In 30 games, the Explorers had never faced that defense. In numerous workouts, they had never worked against it, either.
  You can probably imagine the confusion that resulted as Mischler, Flanigan and Brian Rodden gave up their dribble and looked to O'Brien and Greenberg.
  You can probably imagine the looks on their faces, which seemed to say, "These guys got us in drydock. Go on and do your thing. "
  WHAT YOU MIGHT not be able to fathom is La Salle, which converted only four
second-half baskets, emerged on the positive side of 40-38 math, thus emerging
with its first league title since 1963.
  For an explanation, we return to a bathroom in the Palestra's northwest locker room, where Bill Michuda is standing in a pool of water that becomes grander by the droplet.
  "This was replete with the same characteristics as all our big games, " Michuda said. "It was almost like somebody used the same script. I have  been saying all year, these kids have intangibles, things that don't show in boxscores.
  "Against that triangle, I couldn't quite get the kids to think along my lines. We've got coaches on the floor in O'Brien and Mischler. And they helped pull us through. "
  O'Brien attempted no shots in the second half and Greenberg launched his trio, making two, in the first seven minutes of the third quarter.
  If someone had told Michuda beforehand that La Salle would have to plug onward with almost no points from its best two performers in the second half, he might have jammed chunks of glass in his tires or perhaps a knife in his heart.
  " Hey, people should know us by now," roared sub Tom " Disco" Nolan. "We
hang in there like Charley Tuna. Nothing keeps us down for long. "
  "That (triangle) never entered our minds," stated Greenberg, who accounted for two-thirds of the Explorers' first-half output with 10 points and four assists. " A box-and-one, maybe, but not a triangle. That defense killed us. Chris and me were taken right out of the game. What a shocker!
  "TRUTHFULLY, I LOST my confidence when West took the lead (with the first 7
points of third quarter). They had all kinds of momentum and we were doing
nothing. "
  At least the veteran Explorers - Mischler, O'Brien and Flanigan all started as sophs - had learned enough by the final game to retain their composure and keep their goals within sight.
  That might have been difficult, considering a 48-34 loss to Judge in the first round of the '79 playoffs and a 64-60 loss to Kenrick in the first round of the '80 playoffs. The Explorers were even edged by West Catholic last spring in the Palumbo League final, albeit minus Mischler.
  "We had this dream since freshman year," Mark said. " We had a good record that year and we've always said since, 'Come senior year, we want a title. '
  "Even during down moments, I always thought it would come. It never crossed my mind that we might not do it.
  "We had to grow up. We'd fall apart under pressure last year a lot. When faced with pressure this year, we would hang together, take it to our opponent. A few losses this season resulted from playing like individuals, but mostly we played like a team.
  "IN THE PLAYOFFS, the teams that come together most are the teams that win.
We stuck together the whole time down here. "
  Want proof? Though Greenberg notched 42 points in three Big House appearances, shooting 16-for-28 and 10-for-10, Mischler (25), Rodden (20), O'Brien (17) and Powell (17) provided balance while Flanigan averaged a team-high six rebounds.
  "I look at very good teams getting upset in the NCAAs," Michuda said, "and, in my opinion, they are losing because they are not playing together. Our people did that straight through the playoffs. "
  Even so, the Explorers failed to dazzle anyone down the stretch and could have emerged with nooses rather than nets around their necks if West had displayed a little more poise and alertness.
  Specifically, Eric Rutherford launched a 23-footer with 1:02 remaining and the Burrs trailing by one. Specifically, when Mischler flubbed the second part of a one-and-one at 0:23 after giving La Salle a 38-36 lead, Anthony Murphy couldn't get the rebound and fouled Mike Flanigan, who made both free throws.
  A basket by Rousey, a missed foul shot by O'Brien and 21 seconds later, Rousey was off right and short with a desperate shot from two steps inside midcourt.
  "If ever there was a losing team which had a right to say, 'We should've won,' it was us," said Cassidy. " We did just enough things wrong. "
  Yup, even the surprise of the year, the switch to a triangle, couldn't prevent defeat though it surely created doubt and confusion.
  "These young people are winners ," Michuda noted. "That's something you can't teach. "
  But as we have noticed during the past three seasons of La Salle-watching, the art of winning can surely be learned.
  TITLE TIDBITS: Bill Michuda has coached La Salle (23-8) for two years. He
played for La Salle College, assisted at La Salle and spent one season as JV coach under Bill " Speedy" Morris at Roman . . . West shot 4-for-11 from the foul line . . . In '63, La Salle defeated Cardinal Dougherty for the title, 55-43, as Frank Gaidjunas scored 22 points and George Smith added 12.


CL North

La S

Leading Scorer(s)


Wood 56 Chris O'Brien 16
Dougherty 63 Greenberg/O'Brien 17
McDevitt 68 Chip Greenberg 22
Judge 46 Mark Mischler 15
Kenrick 42 Brian Rodden 12
North Catholic 98 Chip Greenberg 21
Ryan 68 Greenberg/O'Brien 19
Egan 65 Chip Greenberg 21
Wood 72 Chris O'Brien 18
North Catholic 58 O'Brien/Rodden 18
Dougherty 49 Chip Greenberg 16
Kenrick 66 Chip Greenberg 17
McDevitt 86 Chris O'Brien 30
Judge 53 Mark Mischler 21
Ryan 66 Mike Flanigan 16
Egan 57 Chip Greenberg 18
Kenrick 41 Greenberg/O'Brien 10
Judge 52 Chip Greenberg 18
West Catholic 40 Chip Greenberg 14


        Qtr Semi Final
  GS Pts PPG Ken. Judge West
Chip Greenberg 16 229 14.3 10 18 14
Chris O'Brien 16 227 14.2 10 5 2
Mark Mischler 14 167 11.9 8 7 10
Brian Rodden 15 134 8.9 6 10 4
Mike Flanigan 15 112 7.5 3 2 6
Dave Powell 9 35 3.9 4 9 4
Tom Nolan 8 31 3.9   1  
John Gay 5 18 3.6      
Joe Dowling 3 15 5.0      
Mark McNulty 5 15 3.0      
Joe Foley 3 10 3.3      
Keith Shepard 2 4 2.0      
Jim Osborne 1 4 4.0      
Barry McCormick 1 2 2.0      
  16 1003 62.7 41 52 40


In 2006, the '81 champs headed back to La Salle to celebrate the 25th anniversary . . .

Top, L to R -- coach Bill Michuda, Dave Powell '81, Mark Mischler '81, Mike Flanigan '81, Joe Foley '81, Jim Osborne '82,
Chip Greenberg '82, Barry McCormick '82, assistant Tom Speakman.
Bottom, L to R -- Keith Shepard '82, assistant Pete Mimmo, Joe Dowling '82, Chris O'Brien '81, Mark McNulty '81, Brian
Rodden '82, manager Chris Carabello '82.


  Recaps of La Salle's Playoff Games . . .

At the Palestra
La Salle 41, Kenrick 39 (OT)
Chris O’Brien drained an 8-foot jumper at 0:03 and Kenrick’s Mike Lowry could only hit the rim on a 30-footer. Chip Greenberg had 10 points, five assists. Kenrick’s Jim McLaughlin had 10 points.
At the Palestra
La Salle 52, Judge 47
Chip Greenberg mixed 18 points, six rebounds and three assists and sub Dave Powell had nine points, five boards. Mark Singer (16) paced Judge.
At the Palestra
La Salle 40, West 38
While facing a triangle-and-two — on Chip Greenberg (14) and Chris O'Brien — for the first time all season, La Salle scored just four second-half field goals but managed to capture its first title since 1963. Mark Mischler had 10 points and eight rebounds and Mike Flanigan hit two free throws for a 40-36 lead with 0:21 left. West's Anthony Murphy had 13 points, eight boards.


Penn Charter's 1985-86 Inter-Ac League champions . . .

Front, L to R --  Bill Doyle, Abe Dunmeyer, Marv Dunmeyer, Chris White, Tony Rinaldi.
Middle, L to R -- coach Bill Michuda, manager Sean Skelton, Matt Guokas, Scott Burke, Brien Tilley, Leon
Back, L to R -- assistants Paul Hart and Charlie MacFarland, Mark Butler, Dan Neducsin, David Bass,
  Pete Jacquinto.


  1985-86 at Penn Charter -- The Second of Coach
  Bill Michuda's Two League Championships . . .

By Ted Silary
  For one game - and, assuredly, one game only - Abe Dunmeyer last night became the best sixth man in high school basketball.
All productive first subs across the country are welcome to argue the point, but dissent would probably prove fruitless.
  As Penn Charter stopped visiting Haverford School, 75-59, to clinch its second Inter-Ac League title in three years, Dunmeyer merely shot 8-for-10 and 4-for-7 for 20 points, grabbed 9 rebounds and dealt 5 assists.
  Ah, but an asterisk is in order.
  Dunmeyer, a husky, 6-1 junior, began the game pinned to the bench. He and and two other starters, junior guards Scott Burke and Pete Jacquinto, made late entrances as part of "Senior Night" festivities.
  Marv Dunmeyer, Abe's brother, was joined as a starter by fellow seniors Chris White (key sub), Bill Doyle and Tony Rinaldi (deep subs). That, of course, is only four players. But since they are the Quakers' only seniors, 6-6 sophomore Matt Guokas was able to retain his starting berth at center.
  "Chris White plays meaningful minutes for us," said coach Bill Michuda, ''while Bill Doyle's an athlete and Tony Rinaldi's a gym rat. I wasn't going to leave them out there for seven minutes or so, but I felt we owed them three, four minutes if we could give it to them. I wasn't too worried. "
  By the time Burke and Jacquinto checked in 2:30 into the game, Charter had its usual starting five on the floor and Guokas was ready to complete a three- point play for a 9-0 lead.
  Early in the second quarter, the score ballooned to 27-10 to effectively remove most suspense for the overflow crowd, although Haverford's Ed McCrystal (13-for-19, 33 points, 10-for-10 second half, almost all on long jumpers) certainly kept everyone entertained. The loss put Haverford's record at 18-5, 6-3.
  "It (patchwork starting lineup) was nothing to get worried about. We came out playing as hard as usual," Abe Dunmeyer said. "The seniors are as good as the juniors and the juniors are as good as the sophomores. We have a whole team.
  "I'm sure they (White, Doyle, Rinaldi) were very nervous, like anybody would be as a first-time starter. They did the job, though. I give it to them. "
  The Dunmeyer brothers each attended Roxborough as freshmen before being plucked by Penn Charter, where they then repeated a year.
  Marv, also 6-1, spends much of his time on the perimeter. Abe stays inside and thrives. Little brother Jon, a 6-3 sophomore, now plays for Roxborough and is one of the Public League's few sophomores of consequence. He, too, is eyeing a switch to the Inter-Ac - either to PC or Germantown Academy, according to Abe.
  "I wasn't sure about following Marv here at all," Abe said. "The Roxborough people tried to talk me into staying. But once I made my mind up that I wanted to better myself in life, and get myself into a better school, that was it, I was leaving. But there was no pressure in following Marv here. None at all. "
  Team-wide pressure will come Tuesday, when the Quakers (22-2, 8-1) attempt to break the (modern, at least) school record for wins in a season. The 1971-72 juggernaut, the last team before the 1983-84 edition to win the championship, also was 22-2.
  "Win the league and break the school record for wins. Those have been our goals for a while," Michuda said.
  Last night, you would have thought the Quakers were out to set a national record for bench scoring.


League PC Leading Scorer(s) Pts
Episcopal 65 Dunmeyer/Guokas 14
Malvern 68 Matt Guokas 17
Gtn. Academy 50 Matt Guokas 20
Chestnut Hill 58 Matt Guokas 17
Haverford School 60 Abe Dunmeyer 15
Episcopal 57 Matt Guokas 13
Chestnut Hill 93 Leon Caldwell/Guokas 14
Malvern 73 Pete Jacquinto 15
Haverford School 75 Abe Dunmeyer 20
Gtn. Academy 58 Scott Burke 12


  GS Pts PPG
Matt Guokas 10 145 14.5
Abe Dunmeyer 10 106 10.6
Pete Jacquinto 9 89 9.9
Scott Burke 10 82 8.2
Marv Dunmeyer 10 70 7.0
Chris White 10 64 6.4
Leon Caldwell 9 63 7.0
Brien Tilley 4 22 5.5
Bill Doyle 2 9 4.5
Tony Rinaldi 3 8 2.7
Dan Neducsin 3 7 2.3
Mark Butler 1 2 2.0
  Totals 10 667 66.7