Philadelphia High School Basketball

Triple Crown for Bonner

  In 1983, 1984 and 1988, under three different coaches -- Ed "Shot" Stefanski, Art Hunter
and Fran O'Hanlon, Monsignor Bonner won three Catholic League championships. The
Friars had not won since 1960 and have not won since, through the 2019-20 season.

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Alumnus Ed "Shot" Stefanski, coached Bonner to the 1983 championship and then resigned. He has enjoyed a long
 career in management for assorted NBA teams. Art Hunter also resigned after winning the '84 title. Fran O'Hanlon
won the '88 title and remained through '89. The 2019-20 season was his 24th as the coach at Lafayette College.

Fran O'Hanlon, who steered Bonner to
 the 1988 CL championship, has long
been the coach at Lafayette College.


  Losses in Italics  
  CL South  
55 West Catholic 57
49 Carroll 48
72 St. James 50
62 Neumann 63
80 O'Hara 56
86 SJ Prep 49
47 Roman 48
74 West Catholic 49
60 Carroll 34
93 St. James


51 O'Hara 44
54 Neumann 41
93 SJ Prep 51
49 Roman 48
67 West Catholic 59
43 Roman 42
73 Judge 53
11-3 South, 27-7 Overall
  CL South  
62 *Roman 58
65 West Catholic 50
71 Neumann 57
51 O'Hara 41
80 St. James 59
72 SJ Prep 51
56 Carroll 41
66 *Roman 74
62 West Catholic 53
63 Neumann 65
79 O'Hara 62
45 St. James 28
87 SJ Prep 58
92 Carroll 61
75 West Catholic 44
57 O'Hara 49
58 La Salle 56
11-1 South, 28-6 Overall
*- Roman was on suspension;
games did not count in standings.
  CL South  
42 SJ Prep 41
75 Roman 62
63 Neumann 71
66 Carroll 68
46 St. James 42
46 O'Hara 45
70 West Catholic 62
64 West Catholic 71
54 SJ Prep 52
65 Roman 66
54 Neumann 42
62 Carroll 49
62 St. James 49
67 O'Hara 47
66 Neumann 62
66 Roman 59
62 North Catholic 59
10-4 South, 19-9 Overall

Monsignor Bonner's Three CL Basketball Champs in 1980s
This story was written after the Friars broke a 23-year drought by trouncing Judge, 73-53, for the Catholic League championship . . .

By Ted Silary
  Monsignor Bonner's players figured something special was in the works when they gathered in the Palestra's southeast locker room at 8:35 last night and took note that Coach Ed Stefanski was using a normal speaking voice.
  Stefanski speaks in a normal voice to his players - at least when the subject is anything remotely resembling basketball - less often than Bonner wins the championship.
  Before last night, when the Friars swamped Father Judge, 73-53, before 3,987 for the Catholic League championship, the school had won the big one just once . . . all the way back in 1960.
  Afterward, Stefanski decided to use a normal speaking voice just once to tell his players he was stepping down after four years.
  "He walked in and got us together," said Jack Concannon, the 6-5 forward who overachieves on so many occasions, perhaps he's not overachieving at all. ''He said he didn't want to tell us back then, but he'd decided to resign in the middle of the season. Then he said, 'I'm glad you guys won it . . . thanks a lot . . . I really appreciate it. ' "
  Since it wasn't late afternoon, Stefanski couldn't kiss the nearest pretty woman, spin on the heels of his cowboy boots (which he wasn't wearing anyway) and ride off into the sunset.
  No. 1, "Shot" still must coach Bonner (25-6) next week in the prestigious Alhambra Catholic Invitational at Frostburg (Md. ) State.
  No. 2, when you're standing ankle- deep in tears of joy mixed with shower water, and people are pounding you continually on the back and/or pumping your hand, you tend not to leave in a hurry.
  Stefanski jokingly wondered earlier this season why his players never called him "Coach," figuring that maybe they held the opinion he would be better off trying his drawing hand at doodlings rather than X's and O's.
  But make no doubt. "Shot" did a splendid job in righting a ship that had veered 'way off course by Jan. 7, the night the Friars lost to West Catholic and fell to 11-4 overall.
  Stefanski was Bonner's captain in 1972 before playing for Penn. This year, the current Friars often thought of him as Captain Bligh.
  "I bit my tongue 100 times (during practices)," said a laughing Concannon, who shot 7-for-9 and 7-for-8 for 21 points and grabbed 15 rebounds. ''He's a madman, he's nuts, but he makes you a better player and every time he hollers, he's only doing it for your own good. "
  Let's backtrack a little. Concannon bit his tongue only 99 times.
  "Yesterday," Jack said, "I made him hot. I messed up something in practice. He asked me what I'd done wrong and I gave him a wise answer. I don't mean to talk back to him . . . but sometimes I do it anyway. He told me to go sit on the side for a while.
  "He doesn't think I listen to him. He'll say something and ask, 'Hear me? ' Then he'll say again, 'Hear me? ' Then he'll say, 'Jaaacck! '
  "I don't mind hearing his stuff in practice," Concannon added, laughing again, "but it's different when we're playing a game. I'm too much involved in what I'm doing. "
  Concannon wasn't the only Friar who put together a too-much performance to dismantle a team that had been playing sparkling ball for more than a month.
  continued right below . . .  

Ed "Shot" Stefanski
11-3, 27-7
Rodney Blake
Jack Concannon
Tom Gormley
Tom Clark
Jim "Goose" Welde
Key Subs
Jim Carr
Dave Koskinen
Art Hunter
11-1, 28-6
Rodney Blake
Jim "Goose" Welde
Dave Koskinen
Ed McCrystal
Steve Eilola
Key Subs
Sean Harding
Ivan "Pick" Brown
Tim McKee
Steve DeAngelis
Fran O'Hanlon
10-4, 19-9
Brian Daly
Dan Summers
Ted Mulroy
Ron Zuccato
Pat Lynch
Key Subs
Tom Fitzpatrick
Fran George
Charlie Carbin
Daily News All-City
  FIRST TEAM: Rodney Blake
  SECOND TEAM: Jack Concannon
  THIRD TEAM: Tom Gormley
Daily News All-Catholic
  FIRST TEAM: Rodney Blake
  SECOND TEAM: Jack Concannon
  SECOND TEAM: Tom Gormley
  FOURTH TEAM: Tom Clark
Coaches All-Catholic
  FIRST TEAM: Rodney Blake
  SECOND TEAM: Jack Concannon
  SECOND TEAM: Tom Gormley
  THIRD TEAM: Tom Clark
Daily News All-City
  FIRST TEAM: Rodney Blake (POY)
Daily News All-Catholic 
  FIRST TEAM: Rodney Blake
  THIRD TEAM: Dave Koskinen
  THIRD TEAM: Jim "Goose" Welde
Coaches All-Catholic
  FIRST TEAM: Rodney Blake (MVP)
  SECOND TEAM: Jim "Goose" Welde
  SECOND TEAM: Dave Koskinen


Daily News All-City
  FIRST TEAM: Brian Daly (POY)
Daily News All-Catholic
  FIRST TEAM: Brian Daly
Coaches All-Catholic
  FIRST TEAM: Brian Daly (MVP)
  THIRD TEAM: Dan Summers
  Rod Blake, the 6-8 junior, shot 9-for- 10 for 19 points and blocked six shots, although his rebound total (four) was uncommonly low. Guard Tom Gormley had 14 points, six assists and three steals, junior guard Jim Welde had five assists and forward Tom Clark scored nine points.
   "I said Sunday that Bonner was as good a Catholic League team as I'd seen in my nine years as a coach," Judge's Bill Fox said. "They confirmed that opinion again. "
  Bonner hit 13 of its first 19 shots to take a 26-16 lead 5:16 before halftime. We know this sounds oversimplified, but that was basically it and the only suspense for sports writers hinged on whether or not Stefanski would go on the record with what he had said off the record.  "We'd heard rumors he was quitting," Gormley said, "but you can't trust rumors. I had a feeling it might happen, but I'm still surprised. I've really enjoyed my four years in the program. He's my friend as well as my coach. He's not too busy to help with personal problems.
  "He rides us hard, but that's what he's paid to do. He yells good, gets right up in your face. How often? Whenever we make a bad play. "
  Stefanski has served for several years as the analyst on PRISM's telecasts of Big 5 games. He also was very much under consideration for the job - analyst on Channel 48's Big 5 telecasts - that went to Sonny Hill. If he had gotten the latter job, Ed probably would have left Bonner before the start of the season.
  On Oct. 15, he teamed up with a friend who had launched the Philadelphia Mortgage Co., located in Wayne.
  "I would get to practice at 4:30, stay till 6:30, get back to the office at 7:15, get home at 10," Stefanski said. "Hey, this is a hectic time in the world of mortgages.
  "I'm sure some people might think, 'He won and got out,' but my resignation was in long ago. It's not like I'm leaving the program in bad shape. Some guy named - what is it? - Rodney Blake will still be here and Jimmy Welde and Kos (first guard sub Dave Koskinen) are also good players.
  "I thought we could turn it around in four years and we probably could have done this (win the championship) last year. Wait. I'm not saying the program's turned around, but
it's going in the right direction. "
  Meanwhile, rumors are already spreading concerning Stefanski's replacement.
  Ex-Roman Catholic mastermind Bill "Speedy" Morris, who helped Bonner last year on an unofficial basis, is being prominently mentioned. But he's happy after one year at Penn Charter.
  Even if Morris wanted to switch, who's to say he hasn't been blackballed by Catholic school brass for kicking and screaming after he was fired by Roman in July of 1981?
  Whatever. We do know that Ed Stefanski won't coach Bonner during the 1983-84 season. He's already given the school his best Shot.
  TITLE TIDBITS: Each of Bonner's 11 players snipped one strand of the net, then freshman manager Chris Craig completed the job . . . The Friars have won 14 of 16 and 10
in a row . . . John Boyle (14 points, four assists) and Don Rauchut (10 points, seven rebounds) led Judge (26-4), which will also participate in the Alhambra . . . According to Dick Bernhart, now Ed Stefanski's assistant, Bonner's 1972 team won 28 games. He was the coach . . . In quick research, we couldn't find a final decided by 20 points. In '65, then-Bishop Neumann defeated Bonner, 68-50.


CL South MB Leading Scorer(s) Pts
West Catholic 55 Gormley/Blake 16
Carroll 49 Jack Concannon 15
St. James 72 Rodney Blake 20
Neumann 62 Tom Gormley 17
O'Hara 80 Rod Blake 26
SJ Prep 86 Tom Gormley 20
Roman 47 Tom Clark 21
West Catholic 74 Rodney Blake 17
Carroll 60 Jack Concannon 14
St. James 93 Rodney Blake 28
O'Hara 51 Rodney Blake 17
Neumann 54 Rodney Blake 15
SJ Prep 93

Rodney Blake

Roman 49 Rodney Blake 13
West Catholic 67 Clark/Gormley 18
Roman 43 Tom Gormley 15
Judge 73 Jack Concannon 21
11-3 South, 27-7       
CL South      
West Catholic 65 Ed McCrystal 18
Neumann 71 Rodney Blake 16
O'Hara 51 Rodney Blake 19
St. James 80 Rodney Blake 16
SJ Prep 72 Dave Koskinen/Welde 17
Carroll 56 Jim Welde 17
West Catholic 62 Rodney Blake 22
Neumann 63 Rodney Blake 22
O'Hara 79 Jim Welde 20
St. James 45 Rodney Blake 16
SJ Prep 87 Ivan Brown 16
Carroll 92 Rodney Blake 12
West Catholic 75 Rodney Blake 30
O'Hara 57 Ed McCrystal 21
La Salle 58 Rodney Blake 23
CL South      
SJ Prep 42 Brian Daly 16
Roman 75 Brian Daly 23
Neumann 63 Brian Daly 19
Carroll 66 Brian Daly 26
St. James 46 Dan Summers 19
O'Hara 46 Brian Daly 16
West Catholic 70 Brian Daly 22
West Catholic 64 Brian Daly 35
SJ Prep 54 Brian Daly 21
Roman 65 Brian Daly 22
Neumann 54 Brian Daly 23
Carroll 62 Brian Daly 30
St. James 62 Brian Daly 24
O'Hara 67 Brian Daly 24
Neumann 66 Brian Daly 16
Roman 66 Brian Daly 28
North Catholic 62 Brian Daly 30


The 1984 champs gathered in 2018 . . . (Photo by Scott Fremont)
 to R -- Terry Mancini, Sean Harding, John Roe, Rodney Blake, Steve Eilola, Jim "Goose" Welde (later was Bonner's
coach), Dave Koskinen, assistants Lowell Lanshe and Jim Hunter, coach Art Hunter, Dan Donohue.

  This story was written after the Friars claimed the 1984 championship . . .

By Ted Silary
  Monsignor Bonner's bulge once stood at 14 points in Saturday's Catholic League basketball championship game, but with just under six minutes left, it was melting as fast as a ball of ice in July.
  Metaphor-wise, we easily could have taken the butter-in-a-frying-pan route, or even the cake-left-out-in-the-rain route. We went with ice in July, however, for a reason.
  Rod Blake scored 23 points, Steve Eilola grabbed 11 rebounds and Dave Koskinen combined 14 points with four assists as Bonner defeated La Salle, 58-56, to win its second consecutive title before a don't-tell-the-fire-marsha l overflow crowd at St. Joseph's Alumni Memorial Fieldhouse.
  If they were the three main contributing factors to the Friars' win, and La Salle's poor foul shooting (8-for-15) and a last-second miss (by John Zamichieli, following Larry Guess's steal) were Nos. 4 and 5, it's within the realm of possibility to say a ball of ice checked in at No. 6.
  The ice, which was whipped floorward from the top portion of La Salle's student rooting section as Bonner worked for a shot, crash-landed with 5:35 left and referee Joe DeMayo immediately hit the Explorers with a technical foul.
  Soph Ed McCrystal converted the free throw, soph Lenny Lynch made two more after drawing a shooting foul on the inbounds play, and the Friars (27-4) were breathing a lot easier at 50-44 than they were at 47-44.
  Was the technical foul the reason Bonner won? Of course not. But it's a shame it wound up being a reason, especially if the claims made afterward by La Salle athletic director Marty Stanczak - that the youngster who threw the ice was ushered out by security people and was not a student of either school - were factual.
  "It was probably unfair," said Bonner coach Art Hunter. "It seems to me games should be won or lost by what the players do, not by what the fans do. "
  "If it's a 10-point game, maybe you don't say anything," noted La Salle coach Les Burke. "But when it ends as a two-point game, you look at all the angles . . . I don't think that was fair. "
  "An announcement had been made about the throwing of objects," DeMayo said. "If it's a streamer, maybe we eat the announcement and start over. That was something that could have hurt the players, or my partner, or me. And how bad would I have felt if I'd let that go and then another one came down and hurt somebody? I feel sorry for Les Burke, but it was a judgment call. I'll assume the responsibility. "
  If Joe DeMayo felt a heavy burden afterward, think how Rod Blake felt - or how he should have felt - when he returned with 4:33 left, having watched, burdened with four personals, for almost seven minutes.
  The Friars led by a whopping 43-29 when he departed; by a miniscule 50-48 when he came back. At 3:49, Zamichieli would tie the score on a right-baseline jumper, but Blake scored the next five points by going 5-for-6 from the line.
  "I didn't think it would be on my shoulders," Blake said. "I felt we'd have to do it as a team. Sitting on the bench, looking at that (vanishing lead), I didn't feel too good. But I thought we could handle it OK because we did all right when I had to sit out the last three minutes of the first half. "
  "We wanted to hold Rod out until the five-minute mark," Hunter said. ''When it got around that point, my brother, Jimmy, said to call a timeout and get him back in there. We were thinking if the lead was four or six points, we would have been all right. "
  But the lead wasn't that big, mostly because of La Salle junior strongboys Craig Conlin and Tom Gizzi.
  Conlin appeared intimidated early by Blake's shot-blocking, but shot 7-for- 7 in the second half and finished with 20 points. Gizzi, who would take it to Kareem without a second thought, was steady throughout, finishing with 17 points and 10 boards.
After Blake hit a short field goal to give Bonner a 57-54 lead at 0:41, and Conlin was detected walking at 0:18, La Salle appeared to be in serious trouble. Jim Welde, who broke long on the inbounds play, then hit the second of a two-shot foul at 0:14 for a 58-54 lead and Guess answered with an in-the- lane bank shot at 0:09.
  The Explorers (19-10) got their timeout at 0:07. Eilola's inbounds pass to Welde was stolen by Guess on the left side of the lane and he fired a pass on the right side to Zamichieli. Zamichieli missed a half-layup, half-jumper and Eilola gained possession at the buzzer after some serious flailing by anywhere from five to seven hands.
  "We wanted to double-team the inbounds pass in hopes of getting a five- second call," Burke said. "We got better than that. We got the ball . . . "
  Unfortunately, more than five minutes earlier, La Salle also had gotten the short end of the ball-of-ice stick.
  TITLE TIDBITS: Steve Eilola's 11 rebounds represented a season high. He also couldn't remember previously going the distance: "That kid (Tom) Gizzi is supposed to be the strongest guy in the Northern Division. I thought I did well against him." . . . Bonner's Lenny Lynch and La Salle's Mark Basilii were the only subs . . . Bonner won the title last year under Ed Stefanski, who was a post-game locker-room visitor . . . Les Burke: "To come from 14 back - that shows we have some pride at La Salle." . . . Rod Blake: "The title you win as a senior is the one that means the most."


  Aside from starring in basketball, '84 grad Rodney Blake (above) played the piano every Sunday at his church. '88 grad Brian Daly (right) gained lots of acclaim for his offensive prowess. He could also play defense.


  GS Pts PPG Qtr Semi Final
1982-83       WC RC FJ
Rodney Blake 14 237 16.9 13 8 19
Jack Concannon 14 172 12.3 12 12 21
Tom Gormley 14 155 11.1 18 15 14
Tom Clark 11 123 11.2 18 4 9
Jim "Goose" Welde 13 63 4.8 6 4 7
Dave Koskinen 11 60 5.5      
Jim Carr 11 46 4.2      
Steve DeAngelis 6 19 3.2      
Sean Harding 4 17 4.3     3
Steve Eilola 5 10 2.0      
Tom McKee 4 8 2.0      
  14 910 65.0 67 43 73
1983-84       WC CO LS
Rodney Blake 14 216 15.4 30 22 23
Dave Koskinen 14 167 11.9 20 8 14
Jim "Goose" Welde 14 166 11.9 6 4 7
Ed McCrystal 14 132 9.4 6 21 7
Tom McKee 9 55 6.1 2    
Ivan "Pick" Brown 8 45 5.6      
Steve Eilola 8 41 5.1 2 2 3
Steve DeAngelis 6 39 6.5 4    
Sean Harding 6 26 4.3 1    
Lenny Lynch 3 19 6.3 2   4
Bob McKee 2 14 7.0      
Dan Donohue 3 8 2.7 2    
John Roe 1 2 2.0      
  14 930 66.4 75 57 58
1987-88       SJN RC NC
Brian Daly 14 315 22.5 16 28 30
Dan Summers 12 132 11.0 14 9 5
Ted Mulroy 13 102 7.8 4 4 8
Tom Fitzpatrick 12 95 7.9 6 6 5
Ron Zuccato 12 69 5.8 4   5
Pat Lynch 12 61 5.1 5 5 4
Fran George 7 29 4.1 16 14 1
Charlie Carbin 5 15 3.0 1   4
Chris Regan 5 12 2.4      
Jim Stinger 2 5 2.5      
Sam Franklin 2 4 2.0      
Jeff Tinari 2 3 1.5      
  14 842 60.1 66 66 62


  This story was written after the Friars claimed the 1988 championship . . .

By Ted Silary
  Brian Daly walked off the Palestra floor at 3:40 yesterday afternoon feeling lighter than he had all season.
  No longer strapped to Daly's broad, sturdy back were the other members of Monsignor Bonner's basketball team. But draped around his neck was a net.
  Thankfully, it only weighed a couple of ounces.
  There are franchise players and then there are franchise players. Brian Daly, a 6-4 senior forward (who begs to be called 6-5), assuredly belongs in the italicized group.
  By the time Bonner (19-9) had bested defending champion North Catholic (21-7), 62-59, for its third Catholic League title in six years, Daly's name had become prominent in several sections of the league's postseason record book.
  Friday night, he had established a record for points in a league semifinal, with 28, as Bonner downed Roman Catholic, 66-59. Then yesterday - ultimately because of two technical foul shots he drained with 0:03 remaining, after North called a timeout it didn't have left - he claimed the record for most points in a final, with 30.
  The former recordholder in each case was St. Joseph's Prep superguard Maurice "Mo" Howard, who scored 27 and 29 points, respectively, in the '71 semi and final for coach Eddie Burke's triumphant Hawklets. Howard later played for Maryland and the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  Daly is now one of only four Catholic Leaguers to score 30 or more points in a playoff game. He also is tied for second with Howard, at 74, for points in a playoff series. Rodney Blake, holder of the No. 1 spot, had 75 (30-22-23) for Bonner's 1984 champions.
  Sorry for beating you over the head with so many numbers. But where Brian Daly is concerned, such an approach is virtually inescapable.
  "Except for someone about 6-11, I don't think I've ever seen anyone dominate games like Brian," said Fran O'Hanlon, Bonner's second-year coach. ''He flat-out did everything for us. "
  Daly, who finished with 1,253 career points, second to Blake (1,348) in Bonner history, shot 8-for-17 from the floor (two "threes") and 12-for-14 from the foul line.
  In Bonner's three playoff games, he shot 20-for-44 (three "threes") and 31-for-39 and grabbed 36 rebounds.
Yesterday, as you might expect, he also maintained a high crunch-time profile.
  With 0:04 left in the third period, senior guard Bill Pancoast hit a one- and-one to earn North, which had trailed for 13 1/2 minutes, a tie at 41-41. But as Bonner scored eight of the next nine points, Daly converted two one-and-ones to provide the first four.
  Then, with North still lurking nearby, at 54-52, Daly hit a short jumper at 1:37 to again create some distance.
  "He can put clouds in a sunshiny day," North coach Joe Rapczynski said.
  "All I wanted to do was win," Daly said. "If I had to score 30 points, that's what I had to do. "
  In scholastic sports, where petty jealousies can often fester, then mushroom out of control if not checked, it was fascinating this season to watch the interaction between Daly and his teammates.
  When the Friars needed points at key junctures, they seemed to say to Brian, "Take it and go do something . . . And we'll stay outta your way. "
  "I don't know what makes Brian play the way he does, but he does it over and over and over," said senior forward Ted Mulroy, who saved four of his eight points for the fourth quarter. "He's great. No one stops him from going to the basket. And if they somehow do, he just pops his jumper.
  "If Brian scores 20 and the other frontcourt guys (Mulroy, Dan Summers, reserve Tom Fitzpatrick) get maybe 8, 8 and 8, that's fine. Sure, we'd like to score more. But I'd take less recognition and win a game, any day. "
  Daly's 74 points accounted for 38.1 percent of the 194 Bonner scored in the playoffs. Did someone say, "Could you imagine where we'd be without him? "
  "These are special kids, winners," O'Hanlon said. "They're able to put (jealousies) aside. They'd kid Brian - 'Geez, you take a lot of shots' - but they'd also hear me saying, 'Brian, take all the shots. '
  "They probably got tired of me saying, 'Brian, Brian, Brian. ' But these kids wanted to win. They had confidence that I was telling them the right things. And they had confidence in Brian, that when we needed a basket, he would get it. "
  As for the ever-burning question - Will Brian Daly get a Division I scholarship? - his chances appear to be slowly improving. Loyola (Baltimore) and Hartford have started to show interest, though none has been forthcoming from the three Division I city schools - St. Joseph's, La Salle, Drexel - that probably could use him.
  Agreed, he's not a jack rabbit. But name one player all year who was able to stop him.
  In 14 division games, Daly averaged more points (24) against the other three South playoff teams (Roman, West, Neumann) than he did overall (22.5), and proved that the supposedly superior athleticism of those teams' players fazed him not at all.
  Additionally, he scored a school-record 35 at West and had 20 in a half at Roman. So much for coming unglued in unfamiliar surroundings.
  "Division I ball is what I've always dreamed about," Daly said. "If it takes going to Maryland or Connecticut to play it, that's what I'll do. I'd love to stay here, but . . . "
  Despite losing its own main man, 6-5 senior Jim Schultice, to fouls with 0:31 left (he sat out from 7:11 to 4:21), North did not go easily.
  At 0:11, senior guard Tim Comey buried a right-wing "three" to cut Bonner's lead to 59-56. Daly made a front end at 0:09 to make it 60-56, but again the Falcons got a "three," this time from senior swingman Marc Alicea at 0:03. As North's players screamed for a timeout, the referees obliged them, momentarily forgetting that Rapczynski had used his allotted five.
Daly strolled to the other end and made the "T's," then senior guard Ron Zuccato dribbled away the final ticks.
  One by one, the players took turns cutting down the net at the Palestra's west end.
  And if you can't guess who snipped the final loop, forget basketball and become a badminton buff.
  TITLE TIDBITS: Neumann's Marty Campbell (32 in '79), Dougherty's Paul Terrell (30 in '74) and Rodney Blake (30 in '84) also scored 30 or more points in Catholic League playoff games. Their efforts came in first-round games . . . Jim Schultice had 19 points and 14 rebounds in his first foulout of the season . . . North will participate Thursday through Saturday in the Alhambra Catholic Invitational Tournament at Frostburg (Md. ) State . . . Bonner's Tom Fitzpatrick, battling a sprained ankle, had nine rebounds . . . North coach Joe Rapczynski: "The fact that we lost doesn't make this anything less than a great season."

  Recaps of Playoff Games . . .

At the Palestra
Bonner 67, West 59
Tom Clark and Tom Gormley scored 18 points apiece and Jack Concannon had 12 points, 10 rebounds. Mark ‘‘Marques’’ Johnson (19) led West.
At the Palestra
Bonner 43, Roman 42
Tom Gormley notched 15 points and eight rebounds and hit a clinching free throw with 0:04 left. Jack Concannon (12, 10) and Rodney Blake (eight, 12) helped. Roman’s Dallas Comegys was huge with 21 points, 21 rebounds, five blocks.
At the Palestra
Bonner 73, Judge 53
Jack Concannon shot 7-for-9 and 7-for-8 for 21 points and plucked 15 rebounds as the Friars gave a championship to coach Ed "Shot" Stefanski, who resigned in the locker room afterward. Rodney Blake (19, six blocks), Tom Gormley (14, six assists) and Jim "Goose" Welde (five assists) helped. Judge's John Boyle had 14 points, four assists.

At St. Joseph’s
Bonner 75, West 44
Rodney  Blake shot 11-for-14 and 8-for-10 and 30 points and grabbed 11 rebounds. Dave Koskinen added 20 points, nine rebounds, five assists. West’s John Rankin had 14 points, 10 boards.
At St. Joseph’s
Bonner 57, O’Hara 49
Ed McCrystal shot 8-for-12 for 21 points and dished six assists. Rodney Blake added 22 points, eight rebounds, three blocks. O’Hara’s Mike Doyle (25) shot 12-for-16.
At St. Joseph's
Bonner 58, La Salle 56
In 22 foul-plagued minutes, Rodney Blake shot 8-for-11 and 7-for-9 for 23 points and grabbed eight rebounds as the Friars won again and the coach, Art Hunter, resigned again. Dave Koskinen had 14 points, seven rebounds and four assists and Steve Eilola, going 32 minutes for the first time, grabbed 11 rebounds. With 5:35 left, Bonner expanded its lead from 47-44 to 50-44 after a technical foul was called when someone threw a chunk of ice from the top of La Salle's rooting section. For La Salle, Craig Conlin had 20 points, Tom Gizzi mixed 17 points and 10 rebounds, John Zamichieli missed a last-second shot and athletic director Marty Stanczak claimed the ice was thrown by someone who was not a student at either school.

At Bonner
Bonner 66, Neumann 62
Brian Daly (16 points, 13 rebounds) and Dan Summers (14, 12) handled the dirty work and sub Fran George shot 5-for-6 and 6-for-7 for 16 points in 15 minutes. John Preston (17) led Neumann.
At the Palestra
Bonner 66, Roman 59
Brian Daly generated 28 points (a record for a CL semi) and 13 rebounds and sub Fran George again was a factor, shooting 5-for-6 and 4-for-5 for 14 points in 14 minutes. Roman’s Ed Jenkins had 14 points.
At the Palestra
Bonner 62, North 59
Brian Daly shot 8-for-17 and 12-for-14 for 30 points — setting a record for a CL final — while sub Tom Fitzpatrick grabbed nine rebounds and Pat Lynch had five assists, two steals. Daly's 74 points accounted for 38.1 percent of the Friars' postseason scoring. He scored his final two points by making two free throws at 0:03 after North was slapped with a technical foul for calling an illegal timeout. North's Jim Schultice had 19 points, 14 rebounds.