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A Look at the First 19 Years of Brian Fluck's
Coaching Career at West Catholic High

  This page includes stories, special lists, record breakdown, recaps of wins in championship
games and the names of All-Catholic/All-City honorees during Coach Fluck's first 19 seasons.
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West Catholic celebrates its 2010 Class 2A state championship.

Brian Fluck

Coach Fluck's
All-City Players:
*-played in NFL

Michael Bazemore LB 2000
*Curtis Brinkley RB 2002
Jonathan Jackson DB 2002
*Curtis Brinkley RB 2003
Marques Slocum LB 2004
Derrell Hand DL 2004
John Maddox DB 2004
Wayne Donahue LB 2005
John Maddox DB 2005
Anthony Rhoades DL 2006
Marc Holloway LB 2006
Rob Hollomon MP 2007
Pre'Andre Watson LB 2007
Curtis Drake MP 2008
Rob Hollomon RB 2008
Raymond Maples DB 2008
Jake Zuzek L 2009
*Jaelen Strong-Rankin Rec. 2010
Brandon Hollomon MP 2010
Jim Lynch DL 2010
David Williams RB 2011
T-J Waters LB 2011
Jaryd Jones-Smith L 2012
Tymir Oliver DL 2015
Amir Postley LB 2015
Craig Jones DB 2015
Amadou Barry Rec. 2016
Rovny Dasilva LB 2016
Jacir Savoy RB 2017
Michael Bazemore LB 1999
Abdul Sesay RB 2000
*Curtis Brinkley RB 2001
Will Grant DL 2002
Chris Diaferio RB 2004
Anthony Rhoades DL 2005
Dennis Shaw RB 2006
Rodney Blango Rec. 2007
Marquese Sanders LB 2007
Jake Zuzek 2008
Jim Lynch DL 2009
Quran Kent Rec. 2010
Jaryd Jones-Smith DL 2011
Tristin Freeman LB 2011
Greg White RB 2012
Shaquille James DB 2012
Greg White RB 2013
Patrick Amara DB 2013
Joshua Evans QB 2015
Jahmere Crumpton DB 2017
Rovny Dasilva LB 2017
Mike D'Elia DB 2000
Chester Roebuck LB 2002
Derrell Hand DL 2003
John Maddox Rec. 2003
Isiah Edmond DL 2006
Herman Hinton DB 2006
Curtis Drake QB 2007
Victor McNair L 2008
John Ruppert DL 2009
Brandon Hollomon RB 2009
Tim Carroll K 2009
Rodney Linder L 2010
Anthony McDonnaugh LB 2010
Dom Toney DL 2012
Rae'Quan Williams DB 2013
Kharee Ruley DB 2014
Tymir Oliver L 2014
Calvin Pressley DL 2016
Da'Vion Kidd-Jackson MP 2017
Calvin Pressley L 2017
Tre Johnson LB 2017
Brian Fluck
Tribute Page

  Brian Fluck has coached West Catholic High's football team for 19 seasons (1999-2018), winning 169 games and 16 championships (nine Catholic, six City, one State). In 2006, the Burrs beat Archbishop Wood, 20-12, to capture the Blue Division crown and end a drought that started in 1966. Here is that story . . .

By Ted Silary

  Sleep came fitfully for Isiah Edmond after the biggest sporting success of his life. Then again, it didn't exactly start at a normal hour.
  Apologies to the neighbors in Wynnefield, down 54th Street from Saint Joseph's University, but Edmond's 15-strong family had a spirited celebration Saturday night after West Catholic High captured the Catholic Blue football championship.
  "Everybody at the party was also at the game," Edmond said. "They were having a good, ol' time. It didn't end until about 2 a.m.
  "Me? I was mostly just watching and thinking. About how we really did accomplish what we'd set out to do . . . Then I barely slept. It was great to experience everything over and over."
  He paused.
  "Really, though, I realize it's time to start thinking about finding a college, it's like I wish we could stay here and keep doing it over and over. There's still so much ground to make up. Know what I'm saying?"
  Implicitly. As do West's players, coaches and longtime fans.
  The final in close-to-biting cold at Northeast's Charlie Martin Memorial Stadium was West 20, Archbishop Wood 12.
  Break out a large eraser. Rub out memories of Blue title-game losses in 2002, '03, '04 and '05. And overall-CL setbacks in '66 and '67 since the last triumph in '65. And failures in basketball finals in '76, '81 and '99 since the last success in '59.
  The Burrs' last crown had come in baseball in '79. Their major-sport drought was the CL's longest.
  Edmond, a 6-foot, 250-pound defensive lineman (mostly at tackle, occasional appearances at end), can't be expected to address the ultimate shortcomings of all of those other squads. Heck, when the run of Blue disappointments began, he was only an eighth-grader. He knows why this crew succeeded, however.
  "Because we played as a team. And we stuck together," he said.
  He then mentioned that these Burrs (9-4) benefited from experiencing the adversity of a 2-4 overall start, which was capped by a 26-12 setback to Conwell-Egan in the third divisional game. And from having to engage in a toe-to-toe battle two games later while edging Ss. Neumann-Goretti in overtime, 28-27.
  "After that, it was like we were compelled to do this," Edmond said.
  "In that Egan game," he added, "I played like crap. I didn't do anything good at all. The whole thing was just terrible for all of us. Still don't know how it happened. But it gave us that needed gut check."
  Said coach Brian Fluck: "We made some personnel changes after the Egan loss. Some young kids stepped up and the seniors showed great leadership. Once we started winning, I knew we'd get even better.
  "This team had a different look. Intense and dedicated to working, but also relaxed."
  Edmond was a gamelong force against Wood, the three-time defending champion. He highlighted his performance with one sack and two other tackles-for-losses among seven total stops, and batted down a pass at the line of scrimmage.
  The line dominance of Edmond, end Anthony Rhoades and linebackers Marc Holloway and Chris Booker limited Wood to 14 rushing yards.  Sophomore Sean McCartney thus went to the air early and often, completing 19 of 36 throws for a yardage number (285) that represented a school record and the No. 1 effort in CL postseason
   continued right below . . .

Catholic League
1999, Blue: 4-3
2000, Blue: 3-4
2001, Blue: 3-4
2002, Blue: 6-1
2003,  Blue: 5-3
2004, Blue: 8-0
2005, Blue: 6-1
2006, Blue: 6-1
2007, Blue: 7-0
2008, 2A: 4-0
2009, 2A: 4-0
2010, 2A: 4-0
2011, 2A: 4-0
2012, 2A; 4-0
2013, 2A: 4-0
2014, 2A: 4-0
2015, 2A: 4-0
2016, Blue: 4-2
2017, Blue: 5-1  
Total: 89-20
1999: 5-6
2000: 5-7
2001: 3-9
2002: 9-4
2003: 7-6
2004: 11-2
2005: 10-3
2006: 9-4
2007: 11-1
2008: 14-2
2009: 12-3
2010: 13-2
2011: 10-4
2012: 7-4
2013: 9-3
2014: 7-4
2015: 10-5
2016: 7-6
2017: 8-4
Total: 167-79

2006: Blue
2007: Blue
2008: 2A
2009: 2A
2010: 2A
2011: 2A
2012: 2A
2013: 2A
2015: 2A
2008: 2A
2009: 2A
2010: 2A
2011: 4A
2015: 2A
2016: 2A
2010: 2A

Curtis Brinkley 2,813 '02
Curtis Brinkley 2,294 '03
David Williams 1,938 '11
Abdul Sesay 1,926 '00
Rob Hollomon 1,923 '08
Curtis Drake 1,639 '08
Dennis Shaw 1,568 '05
Brandon Hollomon 1,557 '10
Chris Diaferio 1,541 '04
Greg White 1,469 '12
Joshua Evans 2,786 '15
Jarred Evans 1,882 '09
Antwain McCollum 1,558 '12
Da'Vion Kidd-Jackson 1,541 '16
Anthony Reid 1,431 '10
Curtis Drake 1,354 '08
Curtis Drake 1,325 '07
Antwain McCollum 1,307 '13
Will Burke 1,101 '03
Eric Brennan 999 04
Craig Jones 949 '15
Amadou Barry 888 '16
Quran Kent 801 '09
Jaelen Strong-Rankin 761 '10
Jameer Bryson 739 '15
John Maddox 717 '03
Amadou Barry 673 '15
Ahmad Kent 650 '16
Bruce Mapp 639 '11
Shaquille James 600 '12

  history; Conwell-Egans Kevin Schafer this year had thrown for 281 yards in a Blue first-round game.  
  McCartney hit Chris Lorditch (6-99) for two scores, finalizing the latter's career total at a city record 27 TDs, while Pat
Devlin (9-133) also had a wonderful pass-snaggin' night. McCartney suffered three picks, however, as Marquese Sanders,
Dennis Shaw and Haleem "P-Nut" Hayward did the honors.
  The Burrs' early scores came on runs of 55 yards by Raymond Maples and 44 by QB Curtis Drake. Both are sophomores.
TD No. 3 went to junior Rodney Blango on a 17-yard pass from Blake.
  Twelve underclassmen started.
  "It feels like we started a dynasty," Edmond said, referring to the seniors. "It'll be nice to see these guys be good for years."
  Edmond, who is hearing consistently from Villanova and La Salle (Wagner and James Madison are also possibilities), hopes to
someday take over the business, Ludlow Auto Repair, that is run by his father, Donald Tillman. Dad, mom Doreen Edmond
and sister LaTisha are his biggest fans.
  "I've been working at the auto body since I was 12 years old," Isiah said. "Painting, checking out dents, taking off bumpers
to see what's wrong inside . . . I fix lots of stuff."
  Included: a school's longstanding inability to claim a championship.

This story was written in 2010 after Brian steered the Burrs to the Class 2A state
championship in 2010 . . .

By Ted Silary
  HERSHEY -- West Catholic High win a state football championship, Anthony Reid proved to be a masterful gum-flapper.
  Back in the summer, we're talking, after Reid had already enrolled at West in the aftermath of North Catholic's shuttering,
but had yet to convince any fellow Falcons to join him.
  "I kept telling them, 'Follow me. I'm gonna take you somewhere,' " Reid said.
  By them, the 6-1, 185-pound senior quarterback was referring to senior defensive back David Sherman, junior guard Mike
Makor and sophomore tailback David Williams.
  "They kept saying they weren't sure," Reid said. "Kept saying they didn't know if they'd like West. Didn't know if they'd get
on the field. I kept pushing.
  "Back then, when I was talking about 'somewhere,' I was just referring to a Catholic League championship. But then we
won the city and did our conquering through the state playoffs and then, hey, there was only one more game to go. Pretty
cool. 'Somewhere' wound up being the state title!"
  Long after he passed for two scores and ran for one, and hugged everyone within three zip codes immediately after the
Burrs' 50-14 swamping of South Fayette was complete, and helped change the final line of the famous sports chant from "I
believe that we will win" to "I believe that we have won," and held up a giant Hershey bar as coach Brian Fluck spoke to the
team, and posed for group shots with players and cheerleaders in Hersheypark Stadium's south end zone, Reid made his
comments near the restraining fence in front of West's stands, with admirers still calling out praise and congratulations.
  A short time earlier, outside West's locker room, Makor had made note of Reid's recruiting skills.
  Makor said his original plan was to transfer to Roman Catholic or Haverford School. But Reid kept yapping to Mike and the
Davids about how West would be best and one day, well, Mike decided to attend an offseason session and see for himself.
  "I loved it," he said. "I saw the hard work and the drive, and how hungry everyone was. They had that motivation."
  Makor signed up, and then he did more than block.
  Friday, West held a pep rally. The far-and-away highlight was a video, assembled/produced/everythinged by Makor, that
as displayed on a big screen at the back of the stage. It showed plays from every game. Featured music and lots of special
ffects. Included the cheerleaders.
  All students were inside the auditorium. They roared upon watching some of the plays. Even exploded out of their seats.
Truly a Makor-able moment.
  "Miss DeMasi [Mary, cheerleader coach, pep-rally organizer] heard about my video skills and asked me to do it," said
akor, whose brother, Bob, played basketball at North and is now a freshman at Widener. "She knew I do highlight tapes for
the guys.
  "It was going to be for the season. I worked on it for weeks and weeks. How long? Maybe 48 total hours. But then she
asked if I could have it ready for the pep rally. I was happy to do it. It was pretty cool [to see the reaction]. A lot of guys
said they were ready to play right then."
  Already, Makor is working on a title-game video. And there's much to show.
  The Burrs exploded for 533 yards of offense and, truthfully, the pedal wasn't pushed too hard after the first touchdown of
the second half made it 42-14.
  Reid went 3-for-7 for 124 yards and scores of 75 and 25 yards to Jaelen Strong-Rankin; his own TD was a 7-yarder. The
shared-time tailbacks - Williams (14-182, two), Brandon Hollomon (14-113, one) and Joshua Mathis (8-61, one) - combined
for 356 yards and four TDs behind the blocking of center Dom DiGalbo, guards Makor and T-J Waters, tackles Rodney
Linder and Eric Wyant, tight end Jim Lynch and fullback Dion Givens.
  If you don't know Givens' name, join the club. Until midway through the season, the 5-11 190-pound senior was a backup
defensive end and special-teamer. An injury created a fullback opening and Fluck asked Givens one day at practice, "Are
you able to hit? " Givens said yes and, presto, became the fullback.
  His career total shows one carry for 1 yard. He got his chance midway through the fourth quarter.
  "I was nervous," Givens said. "I didn't want to fumble" - he did bobble briefly - "and let down my coaches.
  "I never cared about carries. I was just happy to be a part of it. To help us move the ball."
  Like so many others, Givens all too well remembers what happened in 2008. That squad crushed the city record for points
in a season (with 775), but fell to Wilmington, 35-34, in a double-OT state final.
  "That was painful," Givens said. "This is a great honor. We weren't able to have the feeling in '08, but now we do."
  Said Fluck: "I really took that loss to heart these last 2 years. I didn't have them prepared. Allowed too much overconfidence.
It turned into a dogfight that we couldn't win."
  Not this time. Anyone thinking West might lose was barking up the wrong tree.
  "This was wonderful," said Reid, who is hearing from Central Connecticut, Norfolk, Stevenson and Wagner. "Obviously, we
all wished we could have stayed together at North. We didn't want our school to close. But then we came here and look what
happened. Just four of us, but we were important.
  "I was getting lots of e-mails and Facebook notes from my coaches at North. They were wishing me good luck. Telling me
to stay strong and bring it home, not just for me and my team but for everyone who supports it.
  "And look what we did. Went out with a bang. "
  TITLE TIDBITS: Linebacker Kevin Burns led West with 13 tackles, including nine solos and four on kick coverage. End
Jim Lynch had eight, with three behind the line for 21 yards . . . Final career totals: 3,264 rushing for Brandon Hollomon;
1,561 receiving for Quran Kent . . . Hollomon and his brother, Rob (class of '09, now at Kent State), combined for 6,423
. . . West's 50 points are the most in 23 years of AA finals. Jeannette had 49 in '07 . . . West scored twice in the final 1
minute, 7 seconds of the first half on Hollomon's 16-yard run and Anthony Reid's 25-yard pass to Jaelen Strong-Rankin.

This story was written in 2008 after Rob Hollomon broke the city record for
touchdowns in one season . . .

By Ted Silary
  IT WAS only a matter of when and how.
  After all, Rob Hollomon had already frolicked into assorted end zones 37 times this fall and there was no way he wasn't going
to do so again.
  Then it happened . . .
  Hollomon caught a punt on his own 25, near the right-side hash mark. Numerous thrills and chills later, he scored in the left
corner of the west end zone at Northeast High to claim the city record for touchdowns in a season.
  Pat Kaiser, of St. Joseph's Prep, who notched 37 in 2002, was the guy who had to step aside. If someone shows him the
tape, no doubt he'll also rise out of his seat and cheer, all the while shaking his head in amazement.
  Hollomon's special moment - one of many for him, and his squad - occurred in a Class AA quarterfinal, in which West
Catholic overwhelmed Dunmore, 49-21. The Burrs already owned a 14-0 lead, thanks to a pair of scintillating, 53-yard plays
from Penn State-bound quarterback Curtis Drake - a pass to Eric Young and a keeper for the ages.
  When Hollomon hit the end zone, the scoreboard showed 3:57 left in the first quarter. His face showed happiness, sure, but not
the unabashed variety you might have expected.
  "The record thing didn't come into my mind right then," he said. "I was into the game. Just concentrating on what we had to do
to make sure we'd win. I thought about it later . . . 'That punt return was the record.' " 
  As he made the catch, Hollomon broke to his left. At first he appeared headed for West's sideline, and that strategy might have
succeeded, too. A shade before the left hash mark, he spotted an opening and zipped straight ahead between two pursuers.
Bye-bye, baby.
  "Drake was making a lot of plays. It was my turn to make one," he said, smiling. "I got a lot of great blocks.
  "Once I got to the open field, I did what I always do - make people miss and use my speed. I thought the one Dunmore
defender was trying to get an angle on me for the sideline. Had to give him a cutback."
  As a rusher, Hollomon finished with 14 carries for 77 yards and one TD. That came on a 17-yard burst to the right corner on
the first play of the fourth quarter. Another long punt return, good for about 40 yards, was ruined by a holding call just 3 yards
after its start.
  Thirty-four of Hollomon's 39 TDs have come on rushes. Kaiser still owns that mark with 35.
  Hollomon, who has been offered scholarships by Navy and Georgia State (many others are intrigued), also ended the first half
with a leaping end-zone interception of a desperation pass and, midway through the third quarter, uncorked a wicked hit to
prevent what would have been about a 35-yard completion.
  Listen closely. You still might be able to hear the echo.
  "That was my favorite play," Hollomon cracked. "When I came to the sideline, I was telling all the guys, 'That was the play of
the night! ' They were kidding with me, saying how much they were lovin' it. I just waited for him to get his hands on the ball,
then delivered the hit."
  Given his choice, would Hollomon have preferred a punt return for his special TD?
  "Any play would have been fine," he said. "That was really my first chance to show my skills."
  Coach Brian Fluck said he was thrilled for the 5-8, 160-pound Hollomon, mostly because he's such a hard worker and truly
deserves his success.
  He added: "Determination and heart. He has a tremendous amount of that. Plus there's his vision. And his feet. I don't know
if they ever hit the ground. They're all over the place. If you're a defender, how can you tackle something that's not there?"
  Mostly with the exploits of Hollomon and Drake in mind, Mary DeMasi, who coaches the cheerleaders and serves as
co-athletic director with Fluck, has convinced the school to begin pedaling white T-shirts with West Catholic Football (and a
pigskin, of course) on the front and "Enjoy the Show" on the back. She thought of that slogan with an assist from football
assistant Albie Crosby.
  They go for $7. Many Burr fans were sporting them last night. Hollomon has not yet sprung. Won't have to, either.
  "Oh, he'll be getting one," DeMasi promised.
  "I like the shirts," Hollomon said. "We do come out here to have fun and put on a show."
  West (13-1) has scored a city record 741 points in its 14 games (52.9). Also, it has become the first team in Philly scholastic
history to boast three rushers with more than 1,000 yards. Maples joined Hollomon and Drake in that club with an 80-yard,
third-quarter scoring dash that lifted his total to 1,001.
  He finished with eight rushes for 160. Drake turned 11 carries into 182 yards and two TDs. Passing, he was 3-for-5 for 96
yards and two scores (both to Young). Maples also had an interception while Devir Moody forced a pair of fumbles.
  Sprinkled among the West fans wearing the T-shirts were about 15 very energetic guys in red jackets. Hollomon knew them
well. They're coaches with the Mount Airy Bantams.
  "That was big. Seeing and hearing them all night," he said. "They've been there for me since Day 1. They got my game to
where it is now. I thank them for supporting me like that."
  In his Bantam days, Hollomon was also a TD machine.
  "I always scored 20 to 30," he said. "My first year, with the 65s, I had about 35."
  Compared with his output in 2008, almost seems like a pittance.

  Below are the players who earned first or second team Coaches' All-Catholic honors during Brian Fluck's
first 19 seasons as the coach at West Catholic.
Abdul Sesay RB 2000 Tim Burns C 2011 Tyhiem Gaston E/OB 1999
Mike D'Elia B 2000 Jaryd Jones-Smith L 2011 Michael Bazemore ILB 1999
Curtis Brinkley RB 2001 Mike Makor L 2011 Mike D'Elia B 1999
Robert Ramsey DB 2001 Bruce Mapp WR 2011 Michael Bazemore TE 2000
Will Grant L 2002 Jaleel Reed QB 2011 Abdulai Sesay E/OLB 2000
Jonathan Jackson WR 2002 David Williams RB 2011 Michael Bazemore ILB 2000
Curtis Brinkley RB 2002 Tristin Freeman P 2011 Will Grant L 2001
Robert Ramsey DB 2002 Jaryd Jones-Smith DL 2011 Jonathan Jackson WR 2001
Jonathan Jackson DB 2002 Devante Ford DL 2011 Ameel Johnson ILB 2001
Derrell Hand TE 2003 T-J Waters LB 2011 Jonathan Jackson DB 2001
John Maddox WR 2003 Tristin Freeman LB 2011 Will Grant L 2002
Curtis Brinkley RB 2003 Dalvin Newell DB 2011 Chester Roebuck ILB 2002
Matt DeMarco L 2004 Shaquille James DB 2011 Matt DeMarco L 2003
James Smart L 2004 Steven Wyant C 2012 Fran Enright L 2003
Derrell Hand TE 2004 Greg White RB 2012 Derrell Hand DL  2003
John Maddox WR 2004 Jaryd Jones-Smith DL 2012 David Fitzgerald E/OLB 2003
Chris Diaferio RB 2004 Dom Toney DL 2012 Tom Fontaine DB 2003
Marques Slocum L 2004 Devyn Allen LB 2012 Marques Slocum L 2004
Derrell Hand L 2004 Shaquille James DB 2012 Antoine Stout WR 2004
Anthony Rhoades E/OLB 2004 Steven Wyant C 2013 Josiah Morley K 2004
John Maddox DB 2004 Khalim Hadas L 2013 Wayne Donahue ILB 2004
Isiah Edmond L 2005 Patrick Amara WR 2013 Harold Davis DB 2004
Dennis Shaw RB 2005 Antwain McCollum QB 2013 Kirk Hinton L 2005
Anthony Rhoades DL  2005 Greg White RB 2013 John Maddox WR 2005
Wayne Donahue ILB 2005 Andre Mintze FB 2013 Wayne Donahue RB 2005
John Maddox DB 2005 Romeo Gunt DL 2013 Marc Holloway ILB 2005
Pre'Andre Watson TE 2006 Jalil Branch DL 2013 Victor McNair L 2006
Dennis Shaw RB 2006 Amir Postley LB 2013 Rodney Blango WR 2006
Isiah Edmond DL  2006 Patrick Amara DB 2013 Victor McNair L 2007
Anthony Rhoades E/OLB 2006 Rae'Quan Williams DB 2013 Earl Griffiths L 2007
Marc Holloway ILB 2006 Jeromy Reichner C 2014 Brandon Terrance L 2007
Herman Hinton DB 2006 Ahkil Crumpton WR 2014 Raymond Maples RB 2007
Pre'Andre Watson TE 2007 *Antwain McCollum QB 2014 Herman Hinton E/OLB 2007
Rodney Blango WR 2007 Kharee Ruley RB 2014 Rob Hollomon DB 2007
Curtis Drake QB 2007 Tymir Oliver DL 2014 Dom DiGalbo C 2009
Rob Hollomon RB 2007 Neil Satterwhite LB 2014 Rodney Linder L 2009
Marquese Sanders E/OLB 2007 Ahkil Crumpton DB 2014 Mike Grogan P 2009
Pre'Andre Watson ILB 2007 David Swen DB 2014 John Ruppert DL 2009
Raymond Maples DB 2007 Tymir Oliver L 2015 Brian Mosby DL 2009
Jake Zuzek C 2008 Charles Trabi L 2015 Bill Tobin ILB 2009
Victor McNair L 2008 Amir Postley TE 2015 Dom DiGalbo C 2010
Quran Kent WR 2008 Craig Jones WR 2015 Mike Makor L 2010
Curtis Drake QB 2008 Joshua Evans QB 2015 T-J Waters L 2010
Rob Hollomon RB 2008 Supreme Kemp FB 2015 Jaelen Strong-Rankin WR 2010
Raymond Maples RB 2008 Tymir Oliver DL 2015 Kevin Burns LB 2010
Tim Carroll K 2008 Amir Postley LB 2015 Eric Wyant L 2011
John Ruppert DL 2008 Craig Jones DB 2015 Alex Murray RB 2011
Chris Williams E/OLB 2008 Amadou Barry WR 2016 Pat Amara K 2011
Dante Dickens ILB 2008 Calil Wortham RB 2016 Kevin Malone DB 2011
Raymond Maples DB 2008 Supreme Kemp FB 2016 Eric Rutherford L 2012
Rob Hollomon DB 2008 Calvin Pressley DL 2016 Shaquille James WR 2012
Jake Zuzek L 2009 Supreme Kemp LB 2016 Ron Womack WR 2012
Jim Lynch TE 2009 Calvin Pressley L 2017 Antwain McCollum QB 2012
Quran Kent WR 2009 Da'Vion Kidd-Jackson QB 2017 Dom Toney FB 2012
Joshua Mathis RB 2009 Jacir Savoy RB 2017 Patrick Amara LB 2012
Brandon Hollomon MP 2009 Dai'Jon Brown FB 2017 Rae'Quan Williams DB 2012
Tim Carroll K 2009 Calvin Pressley DL 2017 Brendon Slade DB 2012
Jim Lynch E/OLB 2009 Tre Johnson LB 2017 Tymir Oliver L 2013
Dante Dickens E/OLB 2009 Rovny Dasilva LB 2017 Ahkil Crumpton WR 2013
Anthony McDonnaugh ILB 2009 Jahmere Crumpton DB 2017 Tymir Oliver DL 2013
Ray Manuel DB 2009       Neil Satterwhite LB 2013
Rodney Linder L 2010       David Swen DB 2013
Jim Lynch TE 2010       Ahkil Crumpton DB 2013
Quran Kent WR 2010       Steven Wyant L 2014
Brandon Hollomon RB 2010       Jameer Bryson WR 2014
Joshua Mathis MP 2010       Amir Postley LB 2014
Jim Lynch DL 2010       Craig Jones B 2014
Anthony McDonnaugh LB 2010       Curtis Fredrick C 2015
David Sherman DB 2010       Jameer Bryson WR 2015
Brandon Hollomon DB 2010       Calil Wortham RB 2015
            Rovny Dasilva P 2015
            Rovy Dasilva LB 2015
            Dajone Averett DB 2015
            Wazir Sterling L 2016
            Dawan Selden L 2016
            Rovny Dasilva TE 2016
            Ahmad Kent WR 2016
            Da'Vion Kidd-Jackson QB 2016
            Cyree Boggs DL 2016
            Dajone Averett DB 2016
            Jacir Savoy DB 2016
            Rickquan Rivera C  2017
            Rovny Dasilva TE  2017
            Seth Degree WR  2017
            Keith Jenkins DL 2017

Recaps of Wins in Catholic League Championship Games

Blue Division
At Northeast
West Catholic 20, Wood 12
   The Burrs snapped a string of six title-game defeats (1966-67 overall, 2002-05 in Blue)
to earn a grid plaque for the first time since '65 and their first in a major sport since '79
(baseball). Raymond Maples and quarterback Curtis Drake ran for TDs of 55 and 44 yards
and Drake whipped a 17-yard scoring pass to Rodney Blango to expand a 14-12 lead after
Wood missed a try for a go-ahead field goal. Isiah Edmond had a sack and two other TFLs
among seven stops while interceptions went to Marquese Sanders, Dennis Shaw (20-86
rushing; 3,444 career yards) and Haleem "P-Nut" Hayward. For Wood, soph Sean McCartney
broke the CL's postseason record for passing yardage with 285, with 19 completions in 36
attempts. His star receivers were Chris Lorditch (6-99, two TDs, a city-best 27 for his career)
and Pat Devlin (9-133). Pat McAfee made 10 tackles.
Blue Division
At Northeast
West Catholic 28, Wood 7
As they'd been all season, alternating junior tailbacks Rob Hollomon (17-107) and Raymond
Maples (16-81, two TDs) were a two-headed rushing monster as the Burrs won a second
consecutive title for the first time since claiming four straight starting in 1943. Those
performances allowed each to surpass 1,000 yards for the season -- Hollomon (1,048), Maples
(1,040). QB Curtis Drake, like those two a junior, ran for two scores while raising his season's
rushing/passing yardage total to 1,922. Maples, Haleem "P-Nut" Hayward, Rodney Blango
and Jordan Culbreath had interceptions. Wood suffered an early blow when RB-LB Bob
DeLucas, the coaches' division MVP, departed with an ankle injury. Sean Cunningham ran
for the Vikings' score.
2A Division
At Plymouth-Whitemarsh
West Catholic 56, Carroll 7
  Rob Hollomon roared to four scores and 156 yards on just five carries and scored a fifth TD,
his first of the night, on a 65-yard punt return. That gave him 11 TDs in the Burrs' two playoff
appearances. Curtis Drake added 240 yards, passing 3-for-4 for 98 yards and a TD to Haleem
"P-Nut" Hayward and rushing four times for 142 yards and one score. Carroll scored last on
Luke Wischnowski's 61-yard pass to Chris Kennedy.
2A Division
At Northeast
West Catholic 35, McDevitt 7
  Jarred Evans passed 7-for-10 for 203 yards and one TD apiece to Quran Kent (2-97), Brandon
Hollomon and Jaelen Strong-Rankin (3-38). Joshua Mathis (22-125, two scores) and Hollomon
(12-82) led the rushing attack while picks went to Raymond "Cholly" Manuel and Kevin Malone.
Drew Siegfried ran for McDevitt's TD and passed 6-for-15 for 130 yards. Matt Conroy's two
catches produced 81 yards.
A Division
At Plymouth-Whitemarsh
West Catholic 47, McDevitt 7
  Anthony Reid passed 8-for-9 for 227 yards and three TDs and his backup, Jaleel Reed, fired
for one. Jaelen Strong-Rankin (3-113, two), Quran Kent (3-105) and Jim Lynch caught the
scoring passes while Brandon Hollomon added 88 yards and two TDs on eight carries. Kent had
an interception. This was the Burrs' fifth consecutive division title and their 33rd straight win in
CL regular season/playoff contests. Gary Postell ran for McDevitt's score.
2A Division
At Northeast
West Catholic 47, McDevitt 8
  Jaleel Reed ran for three scores and hit Bruce Mapp for a fourth as the Burrs captured a sixth
consecutive CL title (two Blue, four AA) in a rare Sunday contest. David Williams (17-134)
added two rushing TDs and Kevin Malone had the same number of interceptions. The Lancers
avoided a shutout on Gerald Fullerís 3-yard run with 6.2 seconds remaining, then QB Christian
Connor added the conversion.
2A Division
At O'Hara
West Catholic 30, Carroll 7
  The Burrs claimed their seventh consecutive title (five in AA; two previously in Blue) as Greg
White produced 183 yards and three TDs on 29 carries. Antwain McCollum (10-for-13, 142) ran
for the other six-pointer. Ryan Boornazian's 7-yard run prevented a shutout.

2A Division
At Southern
West Catholic 34, Neumann-Goretti 9
The Burrs captured their eighth consecutive title (two in Blue, six in AA) despite committing 17
penalties for 145 yards and six in a nine-play span. Ahkil Crumpton returned the opening kickoff 95 yards for a score, then Greg White carried 21 times for 170 yards and four TDs. Jalil Branch made five tackles in the backfield for 17 total yards. For N-G, Sihmare Morgan bagged 75 yards on three catches.
2A Division
At O'Hara
West Catholic 7, Lansdale 6
  After a one-year hiccup, the Burrs again won the championship thanks to strong performances by Joshua Evans (7-for-13, 137 yards, 40-yard TD to Craig Jones) and Jameer Bryson (17-78 rushing). Jones also kicked the decisive PAT. Lansdale received two field goals from Ryan Carbone while Ryan Quigley rushed 17 times for 65 yards. There was no late-game drama. West possessed the ball for the last 5:12 and opted for sportsmanship with multiple kneeldowns after reaching the Crusaders' 8 in the waning moments.

Recaps of Wins in City Titles

Class 2A
At Southern
  West Catholic 55, Bok 0: Curtis Drake accounted for the first four TDs, rushing for the first and fourth and passing to Eric Young for those in between. Drake finished with eight carries for 72 yards and passed 8-for-9 for 121. Ray Manuel represented the defense by taking an interception 64 yards for a score. Bok coach Tom DeFelice, like Drake, had twice earned
coaches' All-Catholic honors while playing QB for West (in '62 and '63).
Class 2A
At Southern
  West Catholic 21, Bok 7: The Burrs entered with a 36.6 scoring average, but found themselves trailing at halftime, 7-0, thanks to a TD pass from Andre Frazier to Gary Jackson. John Ruppert, a starter on the defensive line since his freshman year, then added guard duties and West again looked somewhat like its usual self. Brandon Hollomon finished with 177 yards (149 beyond
intermission) and two TDs on 29 carries. Jarred Evans ran for a 2-yard score and passed 13-for-17 for 119 yards while eclipsing the school season record (1,586, David Long collected 1,488 in 1982). For Bok, ends Chris Sherrod and Jacqual Dobbs halved 14 tackles and combined for seven losses.
Class 2A
At South Phila. Super Site
   West Catholic 34, Bok 6: Bok coach Tom DeFelice, in the last game of his 18-year stint, created nervous feelings for his alma mater in a 6-6 first half. But the Burrs then rolled, scoring four TDs in an 8-minute, 9-second span. David Williams turned eight carries into 52 yards and three TDs (two in the spurt) while Brandon Hollomon's 15-carry, 162-yard, one-TD performance enabled West to have a 1,000-yard rusher for the 11th consecutive season. Jim Lynch, back in action after a one-game suspension (he'd incorrectly been thrown out of the CL final vs. McDevitt; there was no video to prove he'd only been acting as a peacemaker), notched eight solos and two TFLs among 12 stops while also forcing a fumble. Jaleel Reed lost a 98-yard interception return score to a penalty. Khalil Neal (21-79) and Shaquil Sammons (25-50, TD) led
Bok. This game was played at 11 a.m. A 6 o'clock Friday night start was nixed by community pressure.
Class 2A
At South Phila. Super Site
   West Catholic 30, Bok 23: The Burrs needed a late TD to survive despite 412-108
dominance in scrimmage yardage. A 50-yard pass from Jaleel Reed to Shaquille James
provided major life for the final drive and Reed scored from the 1 with 1:31 left, erasing a 23-22 deficit. Reed suffered a second-quarter injury and during his absence Kevin Malone threw a 9-yard scoring pass to Bruce Mapp. David Williams carried 42 times for 228 yards and two TDs. For Bok, Shaquil Sammons rushed 27 times for 77 yards and one score and added another on a 92-yard kickoff return.
Class 2A
At South Phila. Super Site
  West Catholic 28, Del-Val 18: Though Calil Wortham (16-70) and Sharif Fennell (6-81)
rushed well, Joshua Evans accounted for all four TDs while passing 17-for-27 for 295 yards.
Amadou Barry (4-124) caught two six-pointers while Craig Jones snagged one along with two
interceptions. He ran one back for a TD, but a penalty got in the way.
Amir Postley (13) and
Tymir Oliver (eight) led the Burrs in tackles. DV's Shayne "Sugar" Smith completed six of 24
tosses for 147 yards and one score.
Class 2A

At South Philly Super Site
  West Catholic 65, Strawberry Mansion 8: With only 16 players available, the Knights
were doomed from the start and West wound up easily breaking the record for most points in a City Title -- 56 by Wood vs. Dobbins in AAA in 2008. The 57-point margin was also the record for CL/CT contests. Da'Vion Kidd-Jackson passed 6-for-8 for 184 yards and four TDs while backup Anthony Mirable hit four of his five attempts for 59 more. Amadou Barry (3-73, three TDs) and Ahmad Kent (3-69, one) were the receiving headliners. Calil Wortham (12-63, one) topped the ground game and Jason Dunn capped the scoring with a 54-yard interception return. Mansion's Basil Wilson (79 rushing, 75 passing) accounted for all but eight of his team's 162 scrimmage yards.

Recap of Win in State Final

Class 2A
At Hersheypark Stadium
  West Catholic 50, South Fayette 14: The Burrs spotted the suburban Pittsburgh squad a 7-0 lead, but then entered plunder/pillage mode and rang up 533 yards of total offense. The longest TDs were soph David Williams' 81-yard run and Anthony Reid's 75-yard pass to Jaelen Strong-Rankin (also caught a 25-yarder right before halftime). Williams (two, 14-182), Brandon Hollomon (14-113), Reid and Joshua Mathis combined for five rushing TDs. Hollomon finished his career with 3,264 rushing yards; his brother, Rob (class of '09), had posted 3,159.