Philadelphia High School Basketball

Terrific Twenty!!

Carl Arrigale Completes His Second Dandy
Decade (Through 2018)  . . . And Now Owns 27
Championships in 40 Chances

(Six Seasons as St. John Neumann, 15 Seasons as Neumann-Goretti)

Through 2021-22 season: Coach Carl Arrigale has won 12 Catholic League
championships in 24 chances, 12 City Titles in 14 chances and nine state
crowns in 13 chances (tournament cut short by coronavirus pandemic in '20).
Thirty-three crowns in 51 chances (not counting states in '20).

**Posted at Bottom of Page . . . Story From His Playing Career at
Penn Charter . . . Rotations of Catholic League Championship Teams
. . .  Names of Carl's Players, 1999-2022.**

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  The 2009-10 Neumann-Goretti Saints won Catholic/City/State championships and
posted a 30-1 record, tops in the Carl Arrigale Era. The starters, L to R -- Mustafaa Jones,
 Tyreek Duren, Tony Chennault, Lamin Fulton and Danny Stewart.

Carl in 2014

Carl's All-Catholic players:



1999: Chas Bailey
2000: Cantrell "Man-Man" Fletcher
2001: Cantrell "Man-Man" Fletcher
2002: Richard "Tabby" Cunningham
2003: Richard "Tabby" Cunningham
2004: Richard "Tabby" Cunningham
2005: Derrick "D.J." Rivera, Earl Pettis
2006: Derrick "D.J." Rivera, Rick Jackson
2007: Antonio "Scoop" Jardine, Rick  Jackson
2008: Jamal Wilson, Tony Chennault
2009: Tony Chennault, Danny Stewart
2010: Tony Chennault, Danny Stewart,
Tyreek Duren
2011: Lamin Fulton, John Davis, Derrick Stewart
2012: John Davis, Ja'Quan Newton, Derrick Stewart
2013: Ja'Quan Newton, John Davis
2014: Ja'Quan Newton, Lamarr "Fresh"
2015: Quade Green, Lamarr "Fresh" Kimble
2016: Quade Green, Dhamir "DaDa" Cosby-Roundtree, Zane Martin
2017: Quade Green, Dhamir "DaDa" Cosby-Roundtree
2018: Dymir Montague, Chris Ings
2019: Chris Ings
2020: Hakim Byrd, Jordan Hall
2021: Hysier Miller
2022: Robert Wright

1999: Cantrell "Man-Man" Fletcher
2000: Chas Bailey, David Crawford
2001: Brandon Brigman, Robert "Beattie" Taylor
2003:Antwain Wynn, Adon El
2004: David Burton, Adon El
2005: Antonio "Scoop" Jardine
2006: Antonio "Scoop" Jardine, Earl Pettis
2007: Jamal Wilson
2009: Andre "Scooter" Gillette
2010: Mustafaa Jones
2012: Billy Shank
2013: Lamarr "Fresh" Kimble
2015: Zane Martin, Dhamir "DaDa" Cosby-Roundtree
2016: Vaughn Covington, Rasheed Browne
2018: Noah Warren
2019: Hakim Byrd
2020: Hyaier Miller, Cameron Young
2021: Zaakir Williamson
2022: Sultan Adewale, Masud Stewart

1999: Brandon Brigman
2000: Brandon Brigman
2002: Chris Del Brocco
2005: David Burton
2009: Tyreek Duren
2010: Lamin Fulton
2013: Hanif Sutton
2014: Tony Toplyn
2021: Chris Evans

     Carl Arrigale
  Celebration Page
In 2018, Carl Arrigale completed his second decade as the basketball coach at Ss. Neumann-Goretti (nee St. John Neumann), in South Philadelphia.
  After three more seasons (through 2021), he owns an overall record of 479-108, along with 10 Catholic League championships, nine City Titles and eight PIAA state crowns.
  This story about Carl appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News in March 2007.

By Ted Silary

  He can help you chill your milk, wash your clothes and roast your turkey and, if the pace in the place is momentarily slow, he can talk hoops with non-stop passion.
  Say hello to Carl Arrigale , the basketball coach at Ss. Neumann-Goretti High and a partner, with his uncle, Dan Neri, in C & D Appliances, at 8th and Passyunk.
  Interesting pair of jobs. Convince kids to do the right things on/off the court. Nudge adults into opening their wallets. Is there a correlation?
  "Ah, not really," Arrigale said yesterday, a short time before the Saints started practice. "The people that come into the store are only worried about saving money. If we can give them a good price and quality service, things take care of themselves. We're a soft-sell place. We're low-key. We come to work in jeans and sweats.
  "I do know I make a lot more money at the appliance store than I do here. I need that job. But if I had my choice, I'd coach 24 hours a day."
  Almost two decades ago, Arrigale never would have uttered those words.
  He had just endured an "overall bad experience" while playing for Lycoming College, in Williamsport, and though he still liked the game, he had scrapped his plans to coach.
  Now, here he is, guiding a program with a national profile and 2 days away from attempting to win a third consecutive Catholic League championship, and No. 5 in the last seven seasons.
  Sunday, 1 p.m. at the Palestra, Neumann-Goretti will tackle Roman Catholic in an all-South final. The girls' championship game between Archbishop Carroll and Archbishop Wood will follow at 3. The matching Public League/District 12 titles will be decided tonight at Temple's Liacouras Center with Central vs. Engineering and Science (girls) at 5:30 and Simon Gratz vs. Prep Charter (boys) at 7:30.
  Though Arrigale attended Penn Charter and was the Inter-Ac League's MVP in his senior season (1983-84), he grew up near 29th and McKean, in South Philly, and still lives not far away.
  He thought of transferring to what was then still Neumann after his sophomore year at PC, but decided to stay when William "Speedy" Morris, not far removed from wild success at Roman Catholic (and now, of course, at St. Joseph's Prep), was hired to succeed Ed Enoch. Two fun years followed.
  "If you look in the PC yearbook, it says one of my aspirations is to be Speedy's assistant someday," Arrigale said, smiling.
  His father, Carl, had coached youth sports at King of Peace, a grade school that no longer exists. Carl had helped. He was asked to again get involved after returning home from college, and eventually gave in.
  At every turn, the stars aligned. Since being honored together at the same Markward Club luncheon in '84, Arrigale had maintained a friendship with Cardinal O'Hara product Mike Doyle.

  . . . continued right below

(Neumann / Neumann-Goretti

1999: 12-2, 18-7
2000: 13-1, 26-5
2001: 11-3, 23-8
2002: 10-4, 21-7
2003: 12-2, 18-8
2004: 9-5, 19-8

2005: 13-1, 27-3
2006: 12-2, 22-6
2007: 13-1, 26-6
2008: 10-4, 15-10
2009: 16-0, 26-3
2010: 16-0, 30-1
2011: 13-0, 27-4
2012: 13-0, 28-3
2013: 12-1, 23-6
2014: 12-1, 27-4
2015: 12-1, 29-2
2016: 13-0, 27-4
2017: 12-1, 24-7
2018: 12-1, 23-6
2019: 11-3, 21-8
2020: 12-2, 24-4
2021: 4-6, 4-6
2022: 10-3, 23-4
('21 affected by coronavirus pandemic)
League: 283-45
Overall: 551-130

2001: 11-3, 23-8
2002: 10-4, 21-7
2005: 13-1, 27-3
2006: 12-2, 22-6
2009: 15-0, 26-3
2010: 16-0, 30-1
2011: 13-0, 27-4
2012: 13-0, 28-3
2013: 12-1, 23-6
2014: 12-1, 27-4
2020: 12-2, 24-4
2022: 10-3, 23-4
2009, 3A: 16-0, 26-3
2010, 3A: 16-0, 30-1 
2011, 3A: 13-0, 27-4
2012, 3A: 13-0, 28-3
2013, 3A: 12-1, 23-6
2014, 3A: 12-1, 27-4
2015, 3A: 12-1, 29-2
2017, 3A: 12-1, 24-7
2018, 3A: 12-1, 23-6
2019, 3A: 11-3, 21-8
2020, 3A: 12-2, 24-4
2022, 4A: 10-3, 23-4
2010, 3A: 16-0, 30-1
2011, 3A: 13-0, 27-4
2012, 3A: 13-0, 28-3
2014, 3A: 12-1, 27-5
2015, 3A: 12-1, 29-2
2016, 3A: 13-0, 27-4
2017, 3A: 12-1, 24-7
2018, 3A: 12-1, 23-6
2022, 4A: 10-3, 23-4


(Coached by Carl; All or Part of Career)

Name Points Sr. Yr.
Ja'Quan Newton  1,972 2014
Quade Green 1,853 2017
Tony Chennault 1,621 2010
Antonio Jardine 1,299 2007
John Davis 1,279 2013
Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree 1,254 2017
Rick Jackson 1,239 2007
Lamarr Kimble 1,166 2015
Chris Ings 1,157 2019
Zane Martin 1,140 2016
Derrick Rivera 1,122 2006
Cantrell Fletcher 1,045 2001
Earl Pettis 1,045 2006
Lamin Fulton 1,039 2011
Danny Stewart 1,038 2010
Chas Bailey 1,026 2000

  "We ran into each other when he was interviewing for the Neumann job," Arrigale said. "I told him, 'If it works out, give me a
call. I might like to work with you.  I said I knew the kids and the area and might help him make a smooth transition.
  "When he got the job, he remembered that. He came to see me play in a summer-league game - I wasn't almost 250 pounds
then, and could still play a little - and we hung out afterward in Dean's Bar and he hired me."
  Doyle left after one season (1993-94) to become a teacher-coach at Collingswood High, in South Jersey. Tom Dougherty
was next.
  "Because of my work responsibilities and overall lack of experience, I didn't even apply for the head job," Arrigale said.
"Luckily, Doc kept me on. When he wasn't going to be the coach after [the '98 season], I went to my uncle and told him how
much I liked the kids still in the program and how I wanted to go for this job. I really wanted to be the head coach. I had the bug.
My uncle was great. 'If it happens, we'll work it out. ' ''
  A two-man race developed. Arrigale vs. John Roe.
  "The night before I was coming in for my final interview, J.R. accepted the Carroll job," Arrigale said. "So on the last day,
basically, I was interviewing against myself."
  He laughed. "All I had to do was go in front of the new principal and not make a fool of myself. "
  This is Arrigale's ninth season. He's two wins from 200. His teams have always featured players with talent, and some have
added a competitive spirit that many would term an edge. Understandably, the coach prefers to talk about the satisfaction he has
received from watching guys do well in college as players and degree-earners.
  The lowlight? Without a doubt the aftermath of last year's title game.
  After hitting the game-winning trey at La Salle University, lifting N-G past Roman, 44-41, star guard Derrick "D.J." Rivera,
now at Saint Joseph's, ran to a spot in front of Roman's fans, who'd been taunting him all game. Objects were thrown. The
misbehavior escalated. The resulting mess caused a city-wide police alert and wound up drawing national media attention.
  League officials banned fans from this year's Roman/N-G regular-season meetings and made Arrigale serve a four-game
  "I understood that what happened wasn't good, and something had to happen to somebody," he said. "That wound up being
me. I was mad at first. I asked God for some help to kind of separate myself from it.
  "In time, I went from being bitter and wanting to get out to saying to myself that I couldn't imagine not coaching these seniors"
- he mentioned starters Rick Jackson and Antonio "Scoop" Jardine and key subs Mark Hatty and Wali Hepburn - "for their last
year. After that, there was the matter of preparing my players and staff for those four games and they all did a great job."
  In Wednesday's semis, N-G numbed North Catholic, 73-45. That afternoon, one of C & D's best customers (Arrigale had
begun working there after his mother, Marlene, now deceased, became ill with cancer), a good friend of North coach Mike
McCarron, came to the store.
  "He owed us some money and he picked that day to pay us," Arrigale said, laughing. "The door flies open and he starts with
the chants, 'Let's go, Falcons! Let's go Falcons! ' We gave it to each other pretty good, in a friendly way."
  Next time, he still might give the guy a deal. Maybe.
  This story was published in the Phila. Daily News on Feb, 11, 1984. Carl wound up as the Inter-Ac MVP.


By Ted Silary
  Keeping one ear tuned in to the coach sure can mess up a jump shot, no matter how many eyes - if it's ever more than two,
boy will we have a story - are glued to the front of the rim.
  Carl Arrigale could attest to that. If pushed, perhaps Penn Charter 's resident sniper could even swear to that.
  Arrigale last night shot 12-for-22 and 5-for-10 for a career-high 29 points as the Little Quakers (7-0, 18-6) jolted visiting
Germantown Academy, 64-54, thus reducing their magic number to one (they're three games ahead with three games
remaining) in the chase for the Inter-Ac basketball championship, which they haven't won since 1972.
  He also took the best shots the mouth of coach Bill "Speedy" Morris had to offer. Didn't flinch once, either.
  Unfortunately, it wasn't always that way.
  "When I played grade-school ball, my coach was almost the same kind of hollerer as coach Morris. That was the way he
got his point across," Arrigale said. "Then I came here and (ex-coach Ed Enoch) was pretty calm. Then coach Morris came
in. It took me a while to get used to all the hollering again.
  "Last year was a real struggle in the beginning. I was listening more to his yelling than I was concentrating on the game. I
even went into a shell for a while.
  "In a game against Chestnut Hill, I was horrible. I had like four points, shot 1-for-4 from the field, wasn't even involved in
the game. I went home that night and did a lot of thinking. Basically I told myself, 'You're a better player than this. Just get
yourself together.'
  "I did all right the rest of the year and, coming into this one, I decided I'd waited too long to miss out on some fun. I wanted
a good year personally. More than anything, though, I wanted a championship."
  At times, it appeared as if Arrigale, who managed to deal three assists, wanted to beat the Patriots all by his lonesome. Come
to think of it, he just about did, although it would be impossible to overlook the contributions of soph Marv Dunmeyer (10
points, 10 rebounds), 6-5 Drew Meyers (11 points) and Joe McGarvey (eight assists), who briefly enjoyed a locker-room
celebration then rushed off to a prom.
  Morris very much wants it known that Arrigale is averaging 20 points and shooting just under 52 percent from the field for
the season. Last season, Arrigale was probably shaking, or at least hesitant, on 20 out of every 52 shots.
  "When Carl's confident, he can put it down with anybody," Morris said. ''I don't think he should ever miss a shot. Last year,
if I hollered here or hollered there, he'd sulk a little. Now he knows he has a job to do and the hollering doesn't affect him.
I love the way he's playing. He's been our money man all season.
  "Sometimes he has a tendency to rush. And if misses a couple in a row, he starts to think too much. Hey, he should never
get down on himself. He's too good a shooter. "
  Has been for a while, if the truth be told. Arrigale averaged 35 points a game as an eighth grader at South Philadelphia's
King of Peace School and, by his own admission, took 90 percent of the shots. As a sixth grader, he placed second in the
state in a foul-shooting contest.
  (Don't tell anyone, but Carl last night missed his first five free throws. ''For Carl, that was ludicrous," Morris said.)
  How well can Carl Arrigale shoot?
  "If I'm open, I'll put it up from anywhere," he said, laughing. "Coach Morris gives me a lot of positive feelings about my
shot. He has openly come out and told me what he thinks of me as a shooter. That makes a big difference.
  "In our other game with GA, I hit one right at the end of the game from about eight feet past the top of the key. I got the
ball, turned and thought, 'What the heck, we've got it won - put it up. ' I drew a foul, too. Missed the foul shot, though."
  Morris is confident he'll be able to place Arrigale with a good Division II program, maybe even a mid-level Division I
program. He's also smart enough to realize that the Little Quakers, who will finish their league schedule with Chestnut Hill
Academy, Haverford School and Episcopal Academy, have not yet won the championship, although they have clinched at
least a tie.
  "Since we'd have to lose them all to be (only) co-champs, I guess I'd have to say it looks pretty good," Morris said. "But
there's been upsets ever since David kicked the hell out of Goliath."
  Last night, the biggest upset out of Penn Charter 's victory was the fact that Carl Arrigale missed 10 shots from the field.


2001 2002 2005
Starters Starters Starters
*Cantrell "Man-Man" Fletcher Richard "Tabby" Cunningham David Burton
Brandon Brigman Adon El Derrick "D.J." Rivera
Robt. "Beattie" Taylor Antwain Wynn Earl Pettis
Michael Haddix Chris Del Brocco Antonio "Scoop" Jardine
Chris Del Brocco Kevin Lauer Rick Jackson
Key Subs Key Subs Key Sub
Richard "Tabby" Cunningham Todd Johnson Conor Kennedy
Ramer Jones Kenny Fulton  
Jeff Thomas    
*missed semis/final with injury;    
Cunningham started    
2006 2009 2010
Starters Starters Starters
Derrick "D.J." Rivera Tony Chennault Tony Chennault
Earl Pettis Danny Stewart Tyreek Duren
Antonio "Scoop" Jardine Andre "Scooter" Gillette Danny Stewart
Rick Jackson Tyreek Duren Mustafaa Jones
Jamal Wilson Mustafaa Jones Lamin Fulton
Key Sub Key Subs Key Subs
Frank Biondo Lamin Fulton Derrick Stewart
  Derrick Stewart Billy Shank
2011 2012 2013
Starters Starters Starters
Lamin Fulton Derrick Stewart John Davis
Derrick Stewart John Davis Ja'Quan Newton
John Davis Billy Shank Hanif Sutton
Billy Shank Ja'Quan Newton Lamarr "Fresh" Kimble
Ja'Quan Newton Hanif Sutton Tony Toplyn
Key Subs Key Sub Key Subs
Hanif Sutton La'Quan Coaxum Troy Harper
La'Quan Coaxum   Jamal Custis
2014 2020 2022
Starters Starters Starters
Ja'Quan Newton Hakim Byrd Robert Wright
Lamarr "Fresh" Kimble Jordan Hall Sultan Adewale
Troy Harper Hysier Miller Khaafiq Myers
Jamal Custis Cameron Young Masud Stewart
Tony Toplyn Blaise Vespe Aamir Hurst
Key Subs Key Sub Key Subs
Vaughn Covington Chris Evans Shawn Battle
Quade Green   Amir Williams
    Bruce Smith


  Below are the players who helped Carl Arrigale accumulate 551 wins and 33 crowns
through 24 seasons as the coach at St. John Neumann, Ss. Neumann-Goretti. Year
indicates the player's final season. Most were seniors. Some transferred and some were
underclassmen who did not play in the following season.

Varsity Players for Neumann / N-G, 1999-2022 Seasons
Al Greenman 1999   Jordan Johnson 2011
Fred Burke 1999   Lamin Fulton 2011
Joe Scavetti 1999   Matt Rodden 2011
Kalief Johnson 1999   Billy Shank 2012
Robert Bailey 1999   Derrick Stewart 2012
Sean Lingham 1999   Devahnte Mosley 2012
Chas Bailey 2000   La'Quan Coaxum 2012
David Crawford 2000   Maurice Heard 2012
Hakim Haynes 2000   Shane Thomas 2012
Spencer Hill 2000   Hanif Sutton 2013
Tom Nicolo 2000   Joe McGinley 2013
Brandon Brigman 2001   John Davis 2013
Cantrell "Man-Man" Fletcher 2001   John Mastrando 2013
Jeff Thomas 2001   Kahleem Wilkins 2013
Joel Green 2001   Mike DeFrancesco 2013
Martin Kelly 2001   Jamal Custis 2014
Michael Haddix 2001   Ja'Quan Newton 2014
Ramer Jones 2001   Shaun Grubb 2014
Robert "Beattie" Taylor 2001   Tony Toplyn 2014
Anthony Paris 2002   Troy Harper 2014
Ben Smith 2002   Billy Stagliano 2015
Chris Del Brocco 2002   Denelle Holly 2015
Antwain Wynn 2003   Jack Taylor 2015
Jack Hatty 2003   Jared Healey 2015
Jamaal Harris 2003   Lamarr "Fresh" Kimble 2015
Kenny Fulton 2003  
Kevin Lauer 2003  
Lorenzo Byrd 2003  
Marques Slocum 2003   Amire Tyler 2016
Mike "Benji" Gillespie 2003   Rasheed Browne 2016
Nick Cusato 2003   Chico Whyte 2016
Todd Johnson 2003   Khyrie Temple 2016
Adon El 2004   Tony Zhang 2016
Charles Blackwell 2004   Vaughn Covington 2016
Keith Herron 2004   Zane Martin 2016
Michael Payne 2004   Semaj Mills 2017
Mike Turner 2004   Dante Vannicola 2017
Richard "Tabby" Cunningham 2004   Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree 2017
Billy Nolan 2005   Emil Moody 2017
Conor Kennedy 2005   Jalen Parker 2017
David Burton 2005   Mike Millsip 2017
Phil Love 2005   Quade Green 2017
Ron Eells 2005   Ahmad Fair 2018
Tyrone Silver 2005   Amir Shields 2018
Derrick "D.J." Rivera 2006   Dymir Montague 2018
Earl Pettis 2006   Jimmy O'Mara 2018
Frank Biondo 2006   Marcus Littles 2018
Hiram Bowman 2006   Noah Warren 2018
Jarrett Washington 2006   TaQuan Woodley 2018
Karem Martin 2006   Tommy D'Angelo 2018
Lenny Alexander 2006   Shamus Sharkey 2018
Antonio "Scoop" Jardine 2007   Eric Gentry 2019
Billy Balilonis 2007   Baseem Cooper 2019
Chalie Stinsman 2007   Ja'Cor Smith 2019
Dennis Carr 2007   Chris Ings 2019
Henry Smith 2007   Jordan Hall 2020
Mark Hatty 2007   Cameron Young 2020
Rashad Savage 2007   Jordyn DeRito 2020
Rick Jackson 2007   Che Evans 2020
Wali Hepburn 2007   Hakim Byrd 2020
Frankie Smalls 2008   Rashaun Locke-Hicks 2020
Isa Perry 2008   Chris Evans 2021
Jamal Wilson 2008   Blaise Vespe 2021
Shane Irwin 2008   Hysier Miller 2021
Tyrell Taylor 2008   Zaakir Williamson 2021
Andre "Scooter" Gillette 2009   Solo Bambara 2021
Bradford King 2009   Bruce Smith 2022
John Brennan 2009   Masud Stewart 2022
Will Huff 2009   Robert Wright 2022
Justin Smith 2009   Nasir Feggans 2022
Danny Stewart 2010   Amir Williams 2022
Dominique Reid 2010   Khaafiq Myers 2022
Kalem Taylor 2010   Aamir Hurst 2022
Mark Squilla 2010   Shawn Battle 2022
Mustafaa Jones 2010   Sultan Adewale 2022
Naj Verdell 2010   Luke Bevilacqua 2022
Tony Chennault 2010   Ronald Johnson 2022
Tyreek Duren 2010   Tymir Smalls 2022
Tyrone Madison 2010   Kai Jones 2022
Naj Verdell 2010   Matt Guokas 2022