Philadelphia High School Basketball

A Look at Roman Catholic's Six Consecutive
Catholic League Championships, 1989-94

  This page includes stories, special lists, record breakdown, recaps of the 18 playoff wins and (at the bottom)
scoring totals for all players in dvision/playoff games during the six seasons. The Cahillites were coached by
Dennis Seddon throughout this period of dominance.
  Except for Central in the early part of the 20th century, no city leagues team had won six consecutive titles.
Those with five: Roman (1924-28), Penn Charter (1940-45, one shared), Malvern Prep (1973-77, one
shared) and West Philadelphia (1974-78).
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League / Overall

1989: 13-1 / 16-1
1990: 14-0 / 17-0
1991: 14-0 / 17-0
1992: 12-2 / 15-2
1993: 13-1 / 16-1
1994: 12-2 / 15-2
6 Seasons, 1989-94
League - 78-6
Overall - 96-6

Bernard Jones 1991 21.5
Alan Watkins 1989 21.3
Bernard Jones 1990 19.1
Kyle Locke 1992 18.3
Marc Jackson 1993 18.1
Marvin Harrison 1991 17.0
Marvin Harrison 1990 16.9
Eugene Small 1994 14.5
Mike Watson 1990 14.1
Lari Ketner 1994 13.6

Coach Seddon's All-Stars  and 1,000-Point Scorers

* - Played in NBA
# - Played in NFL

1989 Alan Watkins
1990 #Marvin Harrison
1991 #Marvin Harrison
1991  Bernard Jones
1991  Mike Watson
1992 Kyle Locke
1993 *Marc Jackson
1994 Eugene Small
1994  *Lari Ketner
1989 Jim O'Rourke
1990 Mike McKee
1990  Bernard Jones
1990  Mike Watson
1993 Dwayne "Sugar" Hill
1993  Mike Tabb
1994 Donnie Carr
1991 Jeremy "J.J." Smith
1992 Dwayne "Sugar" Hill

* - Played in NBA
# - Played in NFL

1989 Alan Watkins
1991 Bernard Jones
1993 *Marc Jackson
1990 Bernard Jones
1991 Mike Watson
1991 #Marvin Harrison
1995 Donnie Carr
1992 Kyle Locke
1994 *Lari Ketner
(All/Part of the Six Seasons)
# - Played in NFL
1,633 -- Bernard Jones
1,470 -- Donnie Carr
1,247 -- Alan Watkins
#1,166 -- Marvin Harrison
Roman Catholic's
Six Straight Titles

  Dennis Seddon coached Roman Catholic to six consecutive Catholic League championships from 1989 through 1994. The first one came as Jim O'Rourke scored 25 points, 16 above his average. Here is that story . . .

By Ted Silary

  Discuss the involvement of Jim O'Rourke's extended family in Catholic League basketball and you're discussing immersion.
  These folks are into CL hoops much more than waist-deep. Like, eyebrow-deep.
  O'Rourke's great uncle, Markward Club treasurer Ed "Dutchy" Doyle, once coached St. Joseph's Prep and is acknowledged to be a foremost CL historian.   O'Rourke's second cousin, Matt Alexander, is the starting lead guard for Father Judge.
  Altogether, O'Rourke figures that close to 20 relatives - male and female; from O'Rourkes to Alexanders to Doyles to Murphys to Keenans; from Roman Catholic to North Catholic to Father Judge to St. Joseph's Prep to Bishop McDevitt to St. Hubert's - have played in the league.
  O'Rourke's brother, Chris, is even part of the crazy-'bout-basketball act as Roman's scorekeeper.
  And yesterday at the Palestra, next to big brother's name, Chris got to jot down all kinds of X's, 3's and filled-in circles.
  Jim O'Rourke, a 5-11, 160-pound senior wing guard, shot 8-for-17 overall, 3-for-10 from three-point land and 6-for-6 from the line for 25 points, including eight of his team's final nine, as Roman downed La Salle, 66-56, to win its first CL championship since 1986.
  The title was also the Cahillites' fourth this decade (also '80 and '82) and their ninth in 21 years (also '69, '73, '74, '78 and '79).
  "I can remember coming down here to playoff games every year, back when Speedy Morris was coaching," O'Rourke said. "I can remember back to when Lonnie McFarlan (class of '80) was playing. It was my dream to someday play here and help Roman win a title. My dreeee-am."
  His pipe dream, some thought.
  "People always told me I was too small, even that being white would keep me from playing," O'Rourke said. "I didn't believe it. I was 5-4 as a freshman, but coach (Dennis) Seddon gave me a chance. Sophomore year, he put me on varsity. With this, I hope I've paid him back."
  In a way, Chris O'Rourke deserves to take as many bows as Jim. It was Chris who Saturday rebounded the ball at Textile as Jim shot nothing but jumpers for 1 1/2 hours.
  "I must have shot 1,000 'threes,' " Jim said. "I don't know - maybe just 500. I live in East Falls, so I've been going to Textile for years. I'm friendly with coach (Herb) Magee. He lets me shoot when I want, makes sure no one bothers me.
  "It worked out perfect. We were getting there just when some team - Gannon, I think - decided not to take its shootaround (for the Mideast Collegiate Conference consolation against Pace). We had the gym to ourselves. This was before our team practice, which didn't start until 5:30.
  "I was determined to shoot well today. I knew La Salle had some guys with meat. I knew their game plan would be to pack it inside and let the guards fire it up."
  With 3:33 remaining, when O'Rourke incurred his fourth personal foul, Seddon's plan, in all honesty, was to plant him on the bench and perhaps keep him there.
O'Rourke was only 1-for-4 in the quarter to that point (0-for-3 on ''threes") and the last thing Roman needed for a frantic stretch run was a cold-shooting guard known to be, at times, a defensive liability.
  As O'Rourke reached the bench, assistant Jeff Stepp told him, "We might need you for a shot in the last 30 seconds, if it comes down to that."
  O'Rourke, responded: "Hey, it might not come down to that! I want to be in there now! This is it! This is our season! I'll be all right!"
  Afterward, Stepp thanked O'Rourke for maintaining such a positive attitude. 
  continued right below . . .   

Coach Dennis Seddon

Alan Watkins
Tyrone "Tike" Bacon
Ruben Colon
Mike McKee
Jim O'Rourke
Key Subs
Marvin Harrison
Bernard Jones
Cliff Smith
Bernard Jones
Mike McKee
Mike Watson
Marvin Harrison
Jeremy "J.J." Smith
Key Subs
Jeremy "Saddle" Lawimore
Josh Wagner
Kenny Tymes
Bernard Jones
Mike Watson
Marvin Harrison
Jeremy "J.J." Smith
Josh Wagner
Key Subs
Jeremy "Saddle" Lawimore
Kyle Locke
Dennis Bohn
Kyle Locke
Marc Jackson
Dwayne "Sugar" Hill
Dennis Bohn
James "Flame" Lewis
Key Subs
Bill Shank
Mike Tabb
Danny Harris
Justin "Gus" Wagner
Marc Jackson
Dwayne "Sugar" Hill
Mike Tabb
Dennis Bohn
Eugene Small
Key Subs
Greg Alexander
Justin "Gus" Wagner
Lari Ketner
Eugene Small
Donnie Carr
Tamir Harbin
R.C. Kehoe
Key Subs
Will McKnight
Chris McNesby
John Atkinson

  "He said, 'You were right, you little bugger,' " said O'Rourke, who returned to the game momentarily. "Hey, I love
hooting the ball under pressure. I've never cracked and I never will. I wanted the ball when it counted."  
  O'Rourke had an incredible final minute, totaling 6 points, 2 rebounds and the steal of the game. It came at 0:32, as
O'Rourke intercepted a pass, raced three-quarters court and ducked under Jack Stanczak for a layup, staking Roman to a
62-56 lead.
  The block of the game, meanwhile, had occurred at 0:51. Roman's Ruben Colon, who had seven blocks total, absolutely
engulfed a layup bid by Mark Fitzgerald. Marvin Harrison rebounded, then Alan Watkins (14 points; 1,247 for career) made
the first of two free throws at 0:43.
  "We said to Ruben all day, 'Put the ball in the stands,' " Seddon said. ''In key situations, La Salle's players were jerking the
ball on their shots. We noticed that Fitzgerald had certain tendencies, that he was predictable. We told Ruben that he could
look to help on (Chris) Lazorcheck. Obviously, he did a good job."
  Colon, a 6-7 junior from Salinas, Puerto Rico, Friday contributed 18 points and 16 rebounds, but no blocks, as Roman
took the South final from Cardinal O'Hara, 72-56. Yesterday, he had 11 points and rebounds apiece, in addition to the
  "Defense was needed more," Colon said. "It was more important. I looked for blocks, and got them."
In some respects, La Salle amazed by remaining close deep into the contest. Coach Marty Jackson's two prime scoring
threats, Fitzgerald and Lazorcheck, combined to shoot 7-for-26 and the Explorers' first-half, foul-line showing was 6-for-15.
  However, 6-6 bull Marc Borrelli had 12 points and 11 rebounds, despite being limited to 20 minutes by foul trouble, and
several times made back-in moves that seemed to say, "You guys can run and jump all you want, but here's some strength.
Just try to stop me."
  He set the no-fear tone.
  "Our kids are tough," Jackson said. "They don't back down. Colon's blocks killed us, though. He was quick off his feet."
  Seddon also was quick - to point out some facts involving his club.
  "We finished 25-3," he said. "We played the toughest schedule in the city. We lost only one game east of the Mississippi
two losses were in tournaments). We lost by three at O'Hara, then won our next 10 games in a row, all by double figures.
That includes the three playoffs.
  "That says something about how good this team is . . . Now maybe we'll get our just due."
  Mike McKee, Roman's junior lead guard, had nine assists . . . La Salle thrice drew within one in the final quarter - 50-49
with 3:17 left, 52-51 at 2:47 and 54-53 at 2:20 . . . Dennis Seddon credited former player Maynard Merriman for making a
moving speech before the game. Seddon also said he appreciated receiving a pregame telegram from teacher Fran
McMenamin, a Roman star in the 1940s now recuperating from surgery . . . La Salle last won the title in '81, under Bill
Michuda . . . Alan Watkins: "Remember how I said Roman was on a mission this year? Mission accomplished." . . .
Seddon's three-year record is 66-18.

This story about Dennis Seddon was written in 1991 . . .

By Ted Silary
  Dennis Seddon knows ceramics.
  He also has a good feel for arts and crafts, floor hockey, dance, soccer, tumbling, softball and . . . well, all sorts of neat
  For several hours a day, Seddon heads one of the most prestigious high school basketball programs in the country, at Roman
  Otherwise, he's Dennis the Playground Worker.
  Seddon's full-time job is with the Philadelphia Department of Recreation. He has been stationed for two years at Cohocksink
Recreation Center, in Port Richmond, and he formerly worked at McVeigh.
  "Some people know I coach Roman," Seddon said. "But it's not like it's any big deal.
  "Last year, somebody put the article where I was chosen Coach of the Year on the board. People said, 'Hey, that's our
Dennis.' "
  Tonight at the Palestra, in the second game of a division-finals doubleheader (North's Kenrick-La Salle at 7, South's
Roman-West at about 8:45), Seddon and his players will continue their relentless pursuit of a third consecutive Catholic League
  Like his predecessors, Speedy Morris, who compiled a 347-82 record from 1968 through '81 with six league titles, and Barry
Brodzinski, whose mark was 115-33 from '82 through '86 with two titles, Seddon has the program rolling along.
  In five seasons, he has produced a record of 117-23 and two titles.
  Yet, unlike his predecessors, Seddon maintains a profile not much higher than the scorekeeper's. Morris drew attention largely
because of his bench histrionics. Brodzinski often made strong, ill-timed statements.
  Seddon, in contrast, is almost without ego. He lets his kids play, he rarely throws a sideline tantrum, and when the time comes
to dole out credit, his first words are often, "Which kid do you want to interview? You don't need me, right? "
  Every CYO and youth club coach in the city should have Seddon's picture over his desk. He's the little guy who made it big
yet never forgot his roots. His assistants, Jeff Stepp, Rodney Handy and Steve Wermuth, followed the same path.
  At North Catholic, Seddon was never quite good enough to make the varsity. After winning an academic scholarship to the
University of Richmond, he was the self-admitted 13th man on a 12-man freshman team. He had done some youth coaching
while in high school, however, and he quickly gravitated in that direction at Richmond.
  "When the freshman coach had to go scouting, he'd let me run the practice," Seddon said. "I literally had the keys to the gym."
  After returning to Philadelphia, he coached grade school (Ascension) and youth club ball. Seddon's Little Club teams, stocked
mostly with future North Catholic stars, including Brodzinski, won numerous area and city championships.
  When Iggy Brodzinski, Barry's brother, became North's head coach for the '80 season, Seddon came on board as an assistant.
He switched to Roman in '82, when Barry replaced Morris.
  When Brodzinski resigned, Seddon worried the school might seek another name person.
  "Over 20 people applied for the job," Seddon said. "But we thought we had proven ourselves, recordwise, with the freshmen
and JV, and I felt comfortable with the relationships I had developed around here. I felt I was as qualified as anybody; if not
more so because of the relationships I had with the younger kids.
  "I'm very fortunate. I have the best coaching job in the city of Philadelphia. I'm happy every day I walk in here. I love the
people, the building. It's a special place. "
  When one of his players has a problem, Seddon, the true older-brother figure, works doggedly to find a solution.
  He knows what it's like to feel alone, as if there's nowhere to turn. He also knows life can be cruel.
  Between '81 and '87, Seddon endured seven operations on his nose. A form of cancer, rhinophyma, produced a series of
cysts that in time caused his nose to swell to the size of a small child's fist.
  In his first season as Roman's head coach, Seddon coached while wearing a baseball cap pulled tightly over his forehead.
  "Sure, subconsciously, I was trying to hide it," he said. "People's first tendency is to look at faces. It would make them
uncomfortable. I just dealt with it.
  "I can breathe fine now. The doctors think it's under control. I go once a year for a cancer screening."
  Sophomore forward Gus Wagner, whose brother, Josh, starts at point guard, already has a deep appreciation for Seddon,
coach and man.
  "When he gets mad, he doesn't yell or scream," Wagner said. "He talks things out. He'll correct you in a nice way. It makes
you want to do right even more.
  "He gets to know his players on a personal level. Any time you have a problem, you can go to him. He's helped Josh a
number of times."
  Said starting wing guard Marvin Harrison: "On and off the court, he does whatever he can for us. He tells us what we have
to do and keeps our minds sharp along the way. If we need (scolding), he does it individually. No one likes to be hollered at
in front of 500 people."

This story was written in the fall of 2008, when Dennis retired . . .

By Ted Silary
  The manner did not surprise.
  When Dennis Seddon yesterday announced his retirement after a wildly successful, 22-year run as Roman Catholic High's
basketball coach, he did so not while standing behind a lectern, peering over a thicket of microphones.
  He made a telephone call, and simply said, "Well, it's time. "
  Rumors of Seddon's impending departure persisted throughout the summer and into the fall. Whenver he was asked about
them, he laughed and came out with quips such as, "I'm having a press conference tomorrow? What time should I be there?"
  But now, rumor is fact, and the Catholic League is losing a gem. The more he produced, the less he seemed to realize it.
  "It was always about the team," Seddon said. "I cringed any time I saw a reference to 'Dennis Seddon's basketball team.'
This was always Roman Catholic's basketball team. It was always about the players. I just happened to be there."
  Said Delaware assistant R.C. Kehoe, a mid-'90s point guard for Seddon: "He's a terrific person. Every coach should take a
page from his book. It was always about the team and the school. Not him. "
  Seddon went 516-128 for an .801 career winning percentage. He ranks second in city history behind William "Speedy"
Morris - 557-137 (.803) in 23 seasons at Roman, Penn Charter and St. Joseph's Prep - in that category, and also barely trails
Morris in wins per season, 24.2 to 23.5.
  Seddon stands alone in Catholic League championships, with 10, highlighted by a six-season run from 1989 to '94, and his
playoff winning percentage (.784, a record of 40-11) is mighty darn close to his overall number.
  This decision, he said, is based strictly on time - not enough of it.
  Last May, Seddon was appointed to a supervisory position at Cione Playground in Port Richmond. He'd earlier spent 10
years apiece as a staff member at Shissler in Fishtown and Cohocksink in Port Richmond.
  "In my current position," Seddon said, "I have to be around earlier in the afternoon, and there's just more responsibility,
in general.
  "I could make it to only a couple of our summer-league games, and once we got through this first month of school, I could
see that my chances to get to Roman in the afternoon were limited. From the time standpoint, it just wasn't going to work
anymore. I couldn't give 100 percent."
  Seddon fell just short of lasting through '09, which had been his intent after the '04 season resulted in a third consecutive
disappointment - not even a visit to the semifinals.
  "I set five goals to accomplish," he said.
  Get back to the title game. Check. Make sure the cupboard would not be bare upon his departure. Check. Return the
program to national prominence. Check. Arrange return trips (as happened in December '04 and '06) to a prestigious
pre-Christmas tournament in Hawaii. Check.
  "The fifth thing I wanted to do," he said, "was mentor somebody who'd be able to keep things going. And that has
happened with [JV coach, varsity righthand man] Chris McNesby."
  How the opening will be filled is undecided.
  "He deserves it," Seddon said. "He'll do a great job."
  When asked whether he felt melancholy, Seddon at first said, "Don't know. Too early to tell."
  He then added: "I'm not. We accomplished a lot and had fun along the way. We won. We lost. Hopefully, the kids feel
like I do, that we got as much out of the experience as we could."
  While Seddon intends to become involved in coaching Special Olympics basketball, he hopes to remain with Roman in
an advisory capacity.
  He's especially excited that '95 grad Lari Ketner, who advanced to the NBA (as did Seddon-era Cahillites Marc Jackson,
Rasual Butler and Eddie Griffin), has joined Roman's staff as an assistant.
  "That's 32 former players who've gone into coaching," he said.
  Even there, he couldn't bring himself to add the qualifier, "of mine."
  Dennis Seddon . . . Still humble after all of these amazing accomplishments.

Results and leading scorers for all division/playoff games during the six
consecutive championship seasons . . .

1989 W-L RC Opp. Points Leader(s) Points
Southern Division          
West Catholic Won 91 56 Marvin Harrison 25
Bonner Won 86 44 Alan Watkins 26
St. James Won 76 46 Alan Watkins 18
Carroll Won 64 46 Alan Watkins 33
Neumann Won 87 64 Alan Watkins 21
SJ Prep Won 75 66 Alan Watkins 24
O'Hara Lost 42 45 Bernard Jones 24
Bonner Won 47 35 Bernard Jones 14
West Catholic Won 97 55 Alan Watkins 26
St. James Won 125 65 Bernard Jones 17
Carroll Won 72 53 Alan Watkins 23
Neumann Won 65 47 Alan Watkins 21
O'Hara Won 74 61 Alan Watkins 23
SJ Prep Won 64 43 Watkins/Cliff Smith 13
Carroll Won 67 57 Alan Watkins 23
O'Hara Won 72 56 Ruben Colon 18
La Salle Won 66 56 Jim O'Rourke 25
  16-1 1270 895    
1990 W-L RC Opp. Points Leader(s) Points
Southern Division          
O'Hara Won 55 54 Bernard Jones 24
St. James Won 104 68 Bernard Jones 20
Carroll Won 76 33 Mike Watson 15
Neumann Won 90 74 Bernard Jones 27
West Catholic Won 98 66 Marvin Harrison 28
SJ Prep Won 88 66 Marvin Harrison 23
Bonner Won 54 52 Marvin Harrison 17
O'Hara Won 54 53 Bernard Jones 18
St. James Won 69 42 Bernard Jones 18
Carroll Won 72 59 Bernard Jones 21
Neumann Won 82 63 Bernard Jones 27
West Catholic Won 85 55 Bernard Jones 26
SJ Prep Won 71 47 Bernard Jones 28
Bonner Won 83 63 Mike Watson 23
West Catholic Won 47 32 Mike Watson 13
Neumann Won 66 54 Bernard Jones 22
La Salle Won 64 62 Bernard Jones 30
  17-0 1258 943    
1991 W-L RC Opp. Points Leader(s) Points
Southern Division          
Neumann Won 71 63 Bernard Jones 24
SJ Prep Won 88 45 Bernard Jones 25
Carroll Won 91 27 Jones/Jeremy Smith 13
West Catholic Won 89 44 Smith/Marvin Harrison 21
St. James Won 81 48 Bernard Jones 26
Bonner Won 85 47 Marvin Harrison 20
O'Hara Won 76 44 Bernard Jones 28
Neumann Won 66 43 Marvin Harrison 23
SJ Prep Won 82 47 Marvin Harrison 18
West Catholic Won 98 66 Bernard Jones 29
Carroll Won 89 44 Jones/Harrison 22
St. James Won 99 55 Bernard Jones 32
Bonner Won 84 60 Bernard Jones 24
O'Hara Won 67 48 Smith/Mike Watson 14
Bonner Won 89 55 Bernard Jones 21
West Catholic Won 73 43 Marvin Harrison 16
La Salle Won 70 36 Jones/Harrison 18
  17-0 1398 815    
1992 W-L RC Opp. Points Leader(s) Points
Southern Division          
Bonner Won 65 40 Kyle Locke/Dennis Bohn 16
SJ Prep Won 55 48 Kyle Locke  15
Carroll Won 67 60 Dwayne Hill 19
Neumann Won 68 38 Kyle Locke 20
West Catholic Won 91 90 Kyle Locke 35
O'Hara Lost 46 53 Dwayne Hill 15
St. James Won 58 41 Kyle Locke 14
Bonner Won 56 52 Kyle Locke 18
SJ Prep Won 83 64 Kyle Locke 22
Carroll Won 73 60 Dwayne Hill 24
Neumann Won 90 61 Dwayne Hill 24
West Catholic Won 90 83 Locke/Marc Jackson 24
O'Hara Lost 43 45 Locke/Bohn  12
St. James Won 89 61 Kyle Locke 24
Bonner Won 54 52 Kyle Locke 20
O'Hara Won 52 50 Marc Jackson 15
Dougherty Won 77 68 Kyle Locke 39
  15-2 1157 966    
1993 W-L RC Opp. Points Leader(s) Points
Southern Division          
O'Hara Won 50 36 Marc Jackson 28
Bonner Won 58 45 Marc Jackson 18
St. James Won 64 29 Jackson/Eugene Small 13
Carroll Won 41 35 Dwayne Hill 12
West Catholic Won 46 44 Dennis Bohn 12
SJ Prep Won 74 40 Marc Jackson 20
Neumann Won 63 46 Marc Jackson 20
O'Hara Won 58 50 Marc Jackson 18
Bonner Won 62 58 Dwayne Hill 18
St. James Won 85 47 Eugene Small 18
Carroll Lost 57 62 Marc Jackson 20
West Catholic Won 91 50 Marc Jackson 20
SJ Prep Won 78 59 Marc Jackson 23
Neumann Won 92 50 Marc Jackson 31
West Catholic Won 58 50 Marc Jackson 19
Carroll Won 58 47 Jackson/Dwayne Hill 14
North Catholic Won 62 55 Marc Jackson 22
  16-1 1097 803    
1994 W-L RC Opp. Points Leader(s) Points
Southern Division          
SJ Prep Won 71 51 Donnie Carr 19
Carroll Won 72 68 Tamir Harbin 22
West Catholic Won 57 47 Carr/Lari Ketner 17
Kennedy-Kenrick Won 97 44 Eugene Small 20
O'Hara Won 58 45 Eugene Small 21
Neumann Won 69 61 Donnie Carr 20
Carroll Lost 50 68 Eugene Small 14
SJ Prep Won 79 59 Lari Ketner 21
Kennedy-Kenrick Won 79 43 Small/Harbin 15
Bonner Won 67 48 Tamir Harbin 16
Neumann Won 76 71 Eugene Small 27
West Catholic Won 52 47 Lari Ketner 13
O'Hara Lost 56 68 Lari Ketner 17
Bonner Won 67 58 Lari Ketner 19
Neumann Won 67 56 Donnie Carr 22
Carroll Won 56 49 Eugene Small 16
North Catholic Won 60 53 Lari Ketner 20
  15-2 1133 936    


Recaps of the 18 playoff victories, 1989-94 . . .

Roman 67, Carroll 57
At St. Joseph’s University, Alan Watkins shot 10-for-11 and 3-for-4 for 23 points and grabbed 11 rebounds. Mike McKee dealt seven assists. Carroll’s Joe Warden had 16 points, 10 rebounds.
At the Palestra
Roman 72, O’Hara 56
Ruben Colon posted 18 points (9-for-12) and 16 rebounds and Alan Watkins (16, 10) was close behind. Mike McKee had five assists. O’Hara’s Eddie Malloy had 26 points, 15 boards.
At the Palestra
Roman 66, La Salle 56
Jim O'Rourke fired away for 25 points, including eight of Roman's final nine, and Ruben Colon had 11 points, 11 rebounds and seven blocks. Mike McKee sprinkled nine assists and Alan Watkins scored 14 points. La Salle got 17 points from Chris Lazorcheck and trailed by just one, 54-53, with 2:20 left.
Roman 47, West 32
At Bonner, Mike Watson had 13 points, 10 rebounds and three blocks and Bernard Jones added 10 points, nine boards. Jeremy ‘‘Saddle’’ Lawimore and Jeremy ‘‘J.J.’’ Smith held West’s Kevin Smith, the South scoring leader (21.1 average), to four points.
At the Palestra
Roman 66, Neumann 54
Mike McKee sprinkled 14 assists — setting CL and city-leagues playoff records — while Bernard Jones scored 22 points and Mike Watson had 12 points, 11 rebounds. In three games versus Neumann, Jones shot 27-for-45 en route to 76 points. Neumann sub Troy Aursby scored 18 points.

At the Palestra
Roman 64, La Salle 62 (ot)
With 0:10 left, Marvin Harrison took a pass from Mike McKee (nine assists), sped down the left side of the lane virtually unmolested and flipped in a lefthanded layup at 0:06. La Salle called time at 0:03 and then missed two shots, Chris Lazorcheck's three and Ernie Koschineg's hurried follow. Roman was the first CL team to storm through division and playoff action unbeaten since Neumann in 1965. Bernard Jones shot 12-for-18 and 6-for-9 for 30 points, tying the title-game mark set in 1988 by Bonner's Brian Daly. Jones added 13 rebounds. Mike Watson had 18 points. Koschineg scored 24 points for La Salle.
Roman 89, Bonner 55
At Dougherty, sub Jeremy ‘‘Saddle’’ Lawimore had 15 points, seven boards and five assists in 18 minutes while Bernard Jones had 21 points and eight rebounds in 17 minutes on a tender ankle. The Cahillites scored 26 consecutive points to create a 34-16 bulge. Mark Mulroy and Chris McFadden had 10 each for Bonner.
At the Palestra
Roman 73, West 43
Marvin Harrison led the rout with 16 points while Jeremy ‘‘J.J.’’ Smith added 13 points and nine rebounds. Rob Wharton (10) topped West.
At the Palestra
Roman 70, La Salle 36
Marvin Harrison (nine rebounds) and Bernard Jones totaled 18 points apiece and Mike Watson added 11 points and 14 rebounds as Roman won its 44th CL game in succession (regular season and playoffs). The Cahillites won their 14 division games by an average score of 83-48 and their three playoffs by an average score of 77-45. No one reached double figures for La Salle.
Roman 54, Bonner 52 (ot)
At Carroll, Dennis Bohn drove straight down the lane and flipped in a layup with 0:02 left. The lead was Roman’s first of the game. Bohn had 12 points, six rebounds and eight assists and Kyle Locke had 20 points. Bonner’s Bill Carr had 19 points, 10 boards.
At the Palestra
Roman 52, O’Hara 50
Seventh man Bill Shank scored five points in the final 0:23 — a one-and-one, a layup on an outlet pass from 6-9 Marc Jackson (15 points, six blocks) and a free throw at 0:02 after O’Hara was assessed a technical for calling a timeout it did not have. For O’Hara, John Watson had 22 points and Adonal Foyle had 12 points, nine boards, six blocks.
At the Palestra
Roman 77, Dougherty 68
Kyle Locke, a 6-6 senior forward, exploded for 39 points — most in CL playoff history — as the Cahillites won their fourth title in a row. Locke shot 11-for-17 and 17-for-18 and added eight rebounds. James "Flame" Lewis notched 15 points, seven boards and 5-8 Dwayne "Sugar" Hill plucked a game-high 11 rebounds. Dougherty's Cuttino "Cat" Mobley scored 28 points to finish with 42.8 percent of his team's 166 playoff points. The Cards used two sets of twins — starters Dan and Ed Kearney and subs Shawn and Brian Simkins.
Roman 58, West 50
  At Dougherty, Marc Jackson banged for 19 points and 20 rebounds while Dwayne ‘‘Sugar’’ Hill added 18 points, five assists. West’s Scott Galloway scored 24 points.
At the Palestra
Roman 58, Carroll 47
Marc Jackson mixed 14 points, 19 rebounds and four blocks and Dwayne ‘‘Sugar’’ Hill added 14 points, nine boards, six assists. Bryan Brennan (17) paced Carroll.
At the Palestra
Roman 62, North 55 (ot)
Marc Jackson accumulated 22 points, 18 rebounds and three blocks and Dwayne "Sugar" Hill added 17 points, eight assists and three steals as Roman won a fifth consecutive title under coach Dennis Seddon to match a feat that had been done only once in CL history — by Roman from 1924 to '28. There was no scoring in the final 2:30 of regulation and then Jackson passed to Mike Tabb for the first two baskets of overtime. Joe Harvey (14) and Matt Comey (13) paced North.
Roman 67, Neumann 56
At North, Donnie Carr bagged 22 points, Eugene Small mixed 10 points and 14 rebounds and Lari Ketner swept 17 rebounds. Neumann’s Rashid Bey had 17 points, eight rebounds, six assists and four steals.
At the Palestra
Roman 56, Carroll 49
Days after winning the state indoor championship in the triple jump (45-11), sub Will McKnight shot 6-for-8 and 2-for-2 for a season-high 15 points in 20 minutes as Roman broke the CL and city records for consecutive playoff victories. Roman upped its total to 17. West Philadelphia won 16 in succession from 1974 to ‘79. Eugene Small added 16 points and 11 rebounds and put the Cahillites for good, 46-44, with a left-baseline jumper on a pass from R.C. Kehoe. For Carroll, Mike Dzik scored 16 points and Brian Dunn dealt seven assists.
At the Palestra
Roman 60, North 53
Lari Ketner produced 20 points, 10 rebounds and six blocks, sub Will McKnight added 16 points and R.C. Kehoe hustled for nine assists and six steals as the Cahillites won yet again. The teams combined for 48 turnovers. North's Chris Heck hit four threes en route to 23 points while guard Dennis Comey added 10 points and 14 rebounds.

Points totals for all players during the six
championship seasons . . .
Division games and playoffs . .

Name Years Points
Bernard Jones 3 798
Marvin Harrison 3 679
Marc Jackson 2 473
Mike Watson 3 462
Kyle Locke 3 422
Dwayne "Sugar" Hill 3 400
Eugene Small 3 381
Alan Watkins 1 351
Dennis Bohn 4 319
Jeremy Smith 3 292
Jeremy "Saddle" Lawimore 3 225
Lari Ketner 1 225
Donnie Carr 2 193
Mike McKee 2 188
Mike Tabb 2 180
Jim O'Rourke 1 174
Tamir Harbin 2 166
James "Flames" Lewis 2 145
Tyrone "Tyke" Bacon 1 118
R.C. Kehoe 2 112
Ruben Colon 1 109
Josh Wagner 3 102
Greg Alexander 3 93
Gus Wagner 2 87
Will McKnight 1 82
Cliff Smith 2 71
Justin Wagner 1 69
Danny Harris 2 56
Chris McNesby 2 53
Bill Shank 1 45
John Atkinson 1 40
Rob Williams 1 39
Kenny Tymes 1 32
Lavelle Ellison 1 26
Aaron Holloway 1 22
Bill Dougherty 1 18
Kendall Norman 1 13
Mike Ford 1 11
Ronnie Conway 1 9
George Jackson 1 8
Jim McGeehan 1 6