South Jersey High School Field Hockey

Eastern Regional Claims Its Ninth (and Final)
Tournament of Champions Crown

   This page includes stories, all-star lists, records, championship breakdown and results/scores
for Eastern Regional in Voorhees, NJ, which won its ninth Tournament of Champions crown
under first-year head coach Kerry Heck and assistant Sara Snuffin.
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   In mid-December 2019, it was reported by that soph Ryleigh Heck led the nation in
scoring with 78 goals, the most ever scored by a sophomore. Vikings also topped the nation in 2015
(Nikki Santore 69), 2014 (Austyn Cuneo 95), 2013 (Cuneo 96), 2012 (Cuneo 68), 2011 (Cuneo 69),
2009 (Kelsey Mitchell 69) and 2002 (Shauna Banta 49, tie). Heck finished her career with 323 goals,
third behind Mackenzie Allessie (351) and Cuneo (328). Allessie graduated in 2018 from Donegal High,
in Pennsylvania.
  Thanks for the help with rosters: Steve Picot.

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Eastern Regional celebrates after winning its ninth (and the final) Tournament of Champions.

*Player of the Year
Year Name Pos.
1999 Lindsey Domers M
  Lori Hillman B
2000 Sarah Dawson F
  Shaun Banta F
  *Lori Hillman B
  Rachel Dawson B
2001 Shaun Banta F
  Rachel Dawson F
  *Lori Hillman B
2002 Shaun Banta F
  *Rachel Dawson B
2003 Lauren Walls F
  Ashley Walls F
  Missy Walls B
2004 *Lauren Walls F
  *Ashley Walls F
  Meghan Bain F
  *Missy Walls B
  Meghan Dawson B
2005 Meghan Bain F
  *Meghan Dawson B
  Bryn Bain B
2006 Jessica Allen F
  *Meghan Dawson B
  Bryn Bain B
2007 Jessica Allen F
  Kelsey Mitchell F
  Bryn Bain B
  Hannah Dawson B
2008 *Kelsey Mitchell F
  Geena Lesiak F
  Melanie Dawson B
2009 *Kelsey Mitchell F
  Melanie Dawson B
  Jaclyn Beasley B
2010 Cori Allen F
  Julia Osisek B
  Brittany Evangelisti B
  Alana Barry G
2011 *Austyn Cuneo F
  Carly Celkos F
  Karlee Spirit M
  Erin Hoag B
  Alana Barry G
2012 *Austyn Cuneo F
  Carly Celkos F
  Karlee Spirit F
  Erin Hoag B
  Steph Byrne B
2013 *Austyn Cuneo F
  Jade Dixon F
  Mackenize Mlkvy B
  Madison Morano B
  Karlee Spirit B
2014 *Austyn Cuneo F
  Nikki Santore F
  Alanna Gollotto B
  Madison Morano B
2015 Nikki Santore F
  *Madison Morano B
  Alexis Pettisani B
2016 Mackenize Keegan F
  Kara Heck F
  Alexis Pettisani M-B
  Kasey Quicksill M-B
  Cassie Kincaid G
2017 NFHCA (all-NJ)  
  Madison Guyer D
  Kara Heck F
  Jessica Maute F
  Olivia Perrone M
  Nina Santore G
2018 SJFHCA (all-SJ)  
  Kara Heck M
  Ryleigh Heck F
  Madi Guyer D
  Tara Somers M
  Nina Santore G
2019 SJFHCA (all-SJ)  
  Ryleigh Heck F
  Tara Somers M
  Elise Pettisani M
  Amanda Middleton M
  Nina Santore G
2020 SJFHCA (all-SJ)  
  No selections (COVID)  
2021 SJFHCA (all-SJ)  
  Ryleigh Heck F
  Izzy Bianco M
  Kylie Dawson M
Grad Name Ind.
2008 *Bryn Bain 2014
2006 *Meghan Bain 2012
2007 ~Meghan Dawson 2012
2003 ~Rachel Dawson 2008
2001 ~Sarah Dawson 2007
2000 Lindsey Domers 2006
2002 Lori Hillman 2007
2010 Kelsey Mitchell 2018
2005 #Ashley Walls 2010
2005 #Lauren Walls 2010
2005 #Missy Walls 2010
Eastern Regional
Wins 9th/Final ToC
Field Hockey Crown

  On Nov. 19, 2021, Eastern Regional High, which draws its students from Voorhees, Berlin and Gibbsboro, in South Jersey, and was guided by first-year head coach Kerry Heck, defeated Oak Knoll, 4-3, to win its ninth (and final) Tournament of Champions field hockey crown. New Jersey decided to cancel the event, in all sports, at the end of the 2021-22 school year. The story is below . . .

By Tom Rimback
Cherry Hill Courier-Post

  UNION — The last play. After the last second on the clock. The very last touch of the entire New Jersey high school field hockey season.
  Ryleigh Heck.
  Anyone who didn’t think the Eastern senior would have the final say on all things field hockey this magical season, hasn’t been paying attention.
  On a penalty corner that extended beyond the final horn, Heck scored the Tournament of Champions-winning goal as Eastern beat Non-Public state champion Oak Knoll 4-3. It was the ninth TOC title for the Vikings and the first since 2018, Heck’s freshman year.
  This season couldn’t have ended any other way.
Eastern forced a turnover in the final minute of play and sent it blindly ahead to Heck.
“I honestly was just thinking, there are 30 seconds left, just go Ryleigh," Heck said. “There's nothing to lose. Why not just go. It worked out on my favor.”
  Heck drew a penalty corner that, by rule, would be played out to its conclusion regardless of the time on the clock. Riley Hudson inserted the ball to Tess Herman with five seconds on the clock. Herman returned the pass to Hudson who then fed it into Heck at the stroke line.
  Heck retreated briefly, dribbled around two defenders as the horn sounded resettled the ball five yards from the goal line and picked her spot. Instead of overtime, the Vikings’ celebrations started.
  “No, we weren't going to overtime,” Heck said. “I don't think we like overtime very much. Past experiences, we haven't done well. I don't know. It was just this is just the best time ever. Unreal.”
  There are probably 100 reasons Eastern shouldn’t have won the game.
  Oak Knoll led 3-0 with 13 minutes left in the first half.
  “It was so hard,” senior midfielder Izzy Bianco said. "It was just hard like come back around. But you know, we did it. We still had 45 minutes left and we just had to play our game. We were down against West Essex the other day and we just kept our composure. We kept composure in this game.”
  Heck scored twice before halftime to raise her season goal total to 124 goals, tying the national single-season record.
  It was still 3-2 with 4:28 left in the fourth quarter when Heck was assessed a green card. For the next two minutes, most prolific goals scorer in United States field hockey could only watch. It was excruciating.
  “I'm sitting on the bench and my head is my head spinning,” Heck said. “We were man down on the field, like what's going to happen next? I never doubted my teammates and Olivia (White) took it right down and just threw it in. I don't know if anyone saw me but I think I was in the air. I was so high in the air so happy when she did that.”
  White tied the game with 3:56 to play. Heck still had almost 90 seconds left in the penalty chair. “Olivia has been great all season,” Bianco said. “She had a great game. She was right there and she was due for one. It came at the right time. I was just so happy when that happened.”
  Heck concluded her unparalleled career with 323 career goals, five goals shy of the Eastern and New Jersey career record established by Eastern’s Austyn Cuneo in 2014. Because of 2020’s pandemic-shortened season, Heck accomplished her total in 93 games, 13 fewer than Cuneo’s 106.
  Heck entered the game trailing Mackenzie Allessie of Donegal (Pa.) High School’s 2018 standard of 124 career goals. Heck tied that mark with :30 seconds left in the half. Vikings’ athletic director Steve Picot collected that ball in case it was to be Heck’s last. Picot could be seen scrambling to get to Heck’s game-winner before it was lost in the celebrations.
  As those revelries began to die down a realization began to come that one more bus ride together would be the last activity the team would ever have together. For some, it would be the last of their high school careers.
  “Ryleigh and I grew up playing rec. hockey together since sixth grade," Bianco said. “Just having that connection all through middle school and high school has been great. It's an honor to feed her the ball and have her shoot it in the back of the net. It's a team sport. We're getting to the ball and we're working for her. She's working for us.”
  Bianco finished with 52 assists this season, also a United States record. Her 106 career assists ranks in the top three nationally. Those are numbers. The emotions mean more.
  “Izzy is my best friend on and off the field,” Heck said. “We have probably the best connection by far.     It’s great to finish this season with her and with the win. I'm just going to miss playing with her and miss the whole team.I don't even know what to say. It's just unreal.”

vs. Oak Knoll

Seniors Unless Noted
Ryleigh Heck, F/M
Laci Coppola, B, jr.
Devin Baraldi, B, jr.
Kylie Dawson, B
Maura Somers, M, jr.
Riley Hudson, M/F
Izzy Bianco, M
Olivia White, F, soph.
Tess Herman, M/B
Brooke Ruiz, F/M, jr.
Susie Miller, G, jr.
Early Subs, Usually
Brynn Somers, B/M
Bella Spina, F
Other Varsity Players
Natalia Ulbin, fr.
Rachel Tishgart
Maisy Mosier, fr.
Samantha Ryan, jr.
Talia Zuccarelli, fr.
Valentina Barone, fr.
Grace Carnival, fr.
Melany Mosier, fr.
Gabby Hoffmaster, fr,


  ER's Ryleigh Heck powers through Oak Knoll players.


(Ending with TOC Crowns)

Year W L T
2006 26 0 0
2008 25 2 0
2009 26 2 0
2011 27 0 0
2013 26 0 1
2014 27 0 0
2015 27 0 0
2018 27 0 0
2021 25 2 0
Total 236 6 1

Conference Champions
(Ending with TOC Crowns)
2006, 2008, 2009,
 2011, 2013, 2014,
 2015, 2018, 2021.

SJ Group 4 Champions
(Ending with TOC Crowns)
2006, 2008, 2009,
2011, 2013, 2014,
2015, 2018, 2021.

NJ Group 4 Champions
(Ending with TOC Crowns)
2006, 2008, 2009,
2011, 2013, 2014,
 2015, 2018, 2021.

Tournament of Champions
(Winners of All Groups;
2006 Was First Year)
2006, 2008, 2009, 2011,
2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2021.


This story was written after Ryleigh Heck completed her final field hockey season . . .

By Mattthew Shingle
Sun Newspapers
 You’d be hard pressed to find a more impressive individual field hockey season than the one Eastern’s Ryleigh Heck just put on
display this past season for the Vikings.
  Over the course of Heck’s four year career at Eastern, the team went a combined 89-4, which included two undefeated seasons
 during her freshman and junior seasons, while also finishing each season as the leading scorer for the team for a combined 323 total
goals during the course of her career.
  Perhaps most impressively, Heck set the national single-season record for goals with 125 on the final shot of her career to complete
he comeback against Oak Knoll to clinch the program’s ninth, and Heck’s second, Tournament of Champions title.
  In essence, the resume speaks for itself; the aforementioned accomplishments cement Heck as a more than deserving face on the
Mt. Rushmore of greatest high school field hockey careers in United States history. For that, Ryleigh Heck is South Jersey Sports
Weekly’s 2021 Field Hockey Player of the Year.
  Eastern head coach Kerry Heck, who is also Ryleigh’s mom, noted that the sheer tenacity within Ryleigh to be constantly striving
to get better regardless of accomplishments she’s already attained helps set her apart from the rest.
  “Her work ethic is just off the charts,” Kerry said. “You have to want to do this, whether or not you have the talent. With
everything that she does to prepare for every game — between going to the gym before school, her personal trainer, club practices,
stick work on her own outside of practice — it’s things like that and more than help set her up to be as successful as she has been.”
  Despite an abbreviated 2020 season due to the COVID pandemic, Heck scored 76 goals in just 14 games for the Vikings, good
for an average of nearly 5.5 goals per game. Coming into her senior season, Heck was simply happy that the team and the rest of
the state was able to return to a traditional slate of games and didn’t set an individual statistical goal for herself for the season, but
instead aimed for a Tournament of Champions appearance and title after not getting the opportunity the year prior. 
  “We were really excited as a team to get back to a full schedule and be able to have the chance to play for a state championship
and Tournament of Champions title after not getting that chance last year,” Ryleigh said. “I wasn’t focusing on or thinking about
that single-season scoring record at all at the beginning of the year or as the season went on, instead I just wanted to focus on our
team goals.”
  Eastern boasted a large and strong senior class this season, with Izzy Bianco and Riley Hudson ranking as the top two assist
leaders in the state with 52 and 43 respectively, while fellow senior Tess Herman’s 24 assists were also good for top ten in the
state this past season as well.
  Heck credited her connection with those teammates, and many others, as the foundation that made such an outstanding season
  “So many of us have been close for so long now having played together for years, having that ability to trust each other and have
that experience with one another just made it feel easier to be out there,” Heck said. “It’s one of the best feelings to have that
connection on the field, you feel safe in a way because you know they can get you the ball or stop it and what not.
“It’s to the point where some of us are close enough that when something isn’t going right on the field or one of us gets frustrated,
the others know not only what it is that’s wrong but how to fix it without needing to say anything, you can just read it on the
other’s face… it’s one of the most unique relationships both on and off the field,” she added

Results of Eastern Regional's Playoffs During TOC Seasons . . .

2006 SJ Group 4      
  Absegami W 10 0
  Egg Harbor W 5 0
  Washington Township W 8 0
  State Group 4      
  Rancocas Valley W 8 1
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 2 0
  Tournament of Champions      
  Moorestown W 3 0
  West Essex W 2 1
    Totals 7-0 38 2
2008 SJ Group 4      
  Absegami W 11 1
  Washington Township W 4 2
  Shawnee W 4 0
  State Group 4      
  Rancocas Valley W 7 0
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 3 0
  Tournament of Champions      
  West Essex W 3 0
  Wall  W 3 1
    Totals 7-0 35 4
2009 SJ Group 4      
  Vineland W 10 1
  Absegami W 10 0
  Clearview W 10 0
  Washington Township W 3 0
  State Group 4      
  Freehold Township W 7 0
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 6 1
  Tournament of Champions      
  Ocean City W 9 1
  Shore W 8 2
    Totals 8-0 63 5
2011 SJ Group 4      
  Mainland W 10 0
  Washington Township W 6 1
  Shawnee W 6 0
  State Group 4      
  Freehold Township W 13 0
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 5 2
  Tournament of Champions      
  Freehold Borough W 8 1
  West Essex W 5 2
    Totals 7-0 53 6
2013 SJ Group 4      
  Cherokee W 11 0
  Shawnee W 9 2
  Washington Township W 11 0
  State Group 4      
  Freehold Township W 10 0
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 3 0
  Tournament of Champions      
  Shore W 9 1
  Oak Knoll W 3 0
    Totals 7-0 56 3
2014 SJ Group 4      
  Atlantic City W 11 0
  Shawnee W 9 1
  Southern Regional W 8 0
  State Group 4      
  Freehold Township W 13 0
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 7 0
  Tournament of Champions      
  Rumson-Fair Haven W 4 0
  Oak Knoll W 3 2
    Totals 7-0 55 3
2015 SJ Group 4      
  Shawnee W 9 0
  Clearview W 14 1
  Washington Township W 8 1
  State Group 4      
  Freehold Township W 11 0
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 5 1
  Tournament of Champions      
  Warren Hills W 4 1
  Oak Knoll W 5 0
    Totals 7-0 56 4
2018 SJ Group 4      
  Cherry Hill East W 14 0
  Shawnee W 4 0
  Kingsway W 8 0
  State Group 4      
  Rancocas Valley W 10 0
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 11 0
  Tournament of Champions      
  West Essex W 10 0
  Oak Knoll W 3 1
    Totals 7-0 60 1
2021 SJ Group 4      
  Jackson Memorial W 12 0
  Cherokee W 4 1
  Washington Township W 10 1
  Kingsway W 9 3
  State Group 4      
  Phillipsburg W 8 0
  Tournament of Champions      
  West Essex W 4 3
  Oak Knoll W 4 3
    7-0 51 11

Listed below are the players who helped Eastern Regional win nine
Tournament of Champions.

Bek Keller 2006
Bryn-Marie Bain 2006
Brooke Smith 2006
Gabrielle Kozlowski 2006
Elizabeth Cobby 2006
Geena Lesiak 2006
Gina LaVoice 2006
Hannah Dawson 2006
Kasey Daly 2006
Katie Amundsen 2006
Kelsey Mitchell 2006
Kristi Padavano 2006
Meghan Dawson 2006
Melanie Dawson 2006
Nicole Barry 2006
Rachel Deaner 2006
Rebekah Keller 2006
Rhiannon McFerren 2006
Stephanie Carney 2006
Alana Barry 2008
Alyssa McFerren 2008
Bridget Campbell 2008
Carlie Rouh 2008
Colleen Petronchak 2008
Corinnne Allen 2008
Danielle Fischer 2008
Dianna Paparo 2008
Gabby Kozlowski 2008
Geena Lesiak 2008
Jackie Layer 2008
Jaclyn Beasley 2008
Jacqueline Layer 2008
Janine Kovach 2008
Jen Stevens 2008
Jessica Malone 2008
Jillian Coolahan 2008
Jodie Nilan 2008
Julie Heaton 2008
Kasey Daly 2008
Katie Spirit 2008
Kelsey Mitchell 2008
Marie Mignogna 2008
Mariel Papa 2008
Melanie Dawson 2008
Meredith Donker 2008
Olivia Levy 2008
Stephanie Weitz 2008
Alana Barry 2009
Alyssa McFerren 2009
Amanda Cooper 2009
Brittany Evangelist 2009
Camille Parry 2009
Carly Celkos 2009
Corinne Allen 2009
Emma Johannson 2009
Erin Hoag 2009
Jaclyn Beasley 2009
Jessica Deaner 2009
Julia Osisek 2009
Kaitlyn Ogg 2009
Kelsey Mitchell 2009
Madison Jung 2009
Marie Mignogna 2009
Mariel Papa 2009
Melanie Dawson 2009
Alexa Paparo 2011
Alana Barry 2011
Ali Hoag 2011
Amanda Cooper 2011
Amanda Werner 2011
Brianna O'Connell 2011
Carly Celkos 2011
Austyn Cuneo 2011
Emma Johansson 2011
Erin Hoag 2011
Gianna Perrone 2011
Haley Tornberg 2011
Jade Dixon 2011
Julia Osisek 2011
Karlee Spirit 2011
Kasey Morano 2011
Kimi Jevic 2011
Laura Yuh 2011
Madison Jung 2011
Mackenzie Mlkvy 2011
Melanie Humphrey 2011
Meredith Kalberer 2011
Rachael Block 2011
Sam Mohr 2011
Shauna Masson 2011
Stephanie Byrne 2011
Taylor Evangelist 2011
Abrielle Tucker 2013
Alexa Paparo 2013
Alexis Pettisani 2013
Alanna Gollotto 2013
Ali Hoag 2013
Amanda Werner 2013
Ashley Thomas 2013
Austyn Cuneo 2013
Brianna O'Connell 2013
Brenna Miller 2013
Emily Carbone 2013
Cassie Kincaid 2013
Gabby Allen 2013
Haley Tornberg 2013
Jade Dixon 2013
Jordan Alcoy-Quinn 2013
Karlee Spirit 2013
Kasey Morano 2013
Kasey Quicksill 2013
Kayla Somers 2013
Kristina Castagnola 2013
Madison Morano 2013
Laura Yuh 2013
Mackenzie Keegan 2013
Mackenzie Mlkvy 2013
Rachel Lewis 2013
Nikki Santore 2013
Alanna Gollotto 2014
Alexis Pettisani 2014
Ali Hoag 2014
Amanda Moyle 2014
Ashley Thomas 2014
Austyn Cuneo 2014
Carly Moyle 2014
Cassie Kincaid 2014
Christina Penney 2014
Emily Carbone 2014
Hannah Elfant 2014
Isabella Sinibaldi 2014
Jessica Maute 2014
Jordan Alcoy-Quinn 2014
Kasey Quicksill 2014
Kayla Somers 2014
Kristina Castagnola 2014
Mackenzie Goshaw 2014
Mackenzie Keegan 2014
Madison Morano 2014
Morgan Lafferty 2014
Olivia Perrone 2014
Nikki Santore 2014
Alanna Gollotto 2015
Alexis Pettisani 2015
Amanda Moyle 2015
Ashley Thomas 2015
Bianca Funari 2015
Carly Moyle 2015
Cassie Kincaid 2015
Danielle Mlkvy 2015
Isabella Sinibaldi 2015
Jaclyn Charbonneau 2015
Jessica Maute 2015
Jordan Alcoy-Quinn 2015
Kasey Quicksill 2015
Kayla Somers 2015
Kristina Castagnola 2015
Krystyna Hovell 2015
Madi Guyer 2015
Madison Morano 2015
Mackenzie Keegan 2015
Nikki Santore 2015
Olivia Perrone 2015
Peyton Somers 2015
Sydney Woolston 2015
Amanda Middleman 2018
Anastasia Lukasheva 2018
Brooke Benson 2018
Caflee Thompson 2018
Cate Kleeman 2018
Danielle Mlkvy 2018
Elise Pettitsani 2018
Grace Ferriolo 2018
Isabella Pavlides 2018
Izzy Bianco 2018
Kara Heck 2018
Kendall Jung 2018
Kylie Dawson 2018
Kylie Zielinski 2018
Lindsay Tripodo 2018
Linsey Champa 2018
Madi Guyer 2018
Nina Santore 2018
Riley Hudson 2018
Ryleigh Heck 2018
Sydney Woolston 2018
Tara Somers 2018
Theresa schmus 2018
Bella Spina 2021
Brooke Ruiz 2021
Brynn Somers 2021
Devin Baraldi 2021
Gabby Hoffmaster 2021
Grace Carnival 2021
Izzy Bianco 2021
Kylie Dawson 2021
Laci Coppola 2021
Maisy Mosier 2021
Maura Somers 2021
Melany Mosier 2021
Natalia Ulbin 2021
Olivia White 2021
Rachel Tishgart 2021
Riley Hudson 2021
Ryleigh Heck 2021
Samantha Ryan 2021
Susie Miller 2021
Talia Zuccarelli 2021
Tess Herman 2021