Philadelphia High School Football

A Look at Gil Brooks' 18-Year
Coaching Career at St. Joseph's Prep

  This page includes stories, special lists, record breakdown, recaps of wins in championship
games and the names of All-Catholic/All-City honorees during Coach Brooks' 18 seasons.
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The Hawks warm up before a game in 2007.

Gil Brooks

Coach Brooks'
Daily News All-City Players:
*Played in NFL

Lance Shaw RB 1993
Chris Hamwright DL 1993
Jess Sodaski MP 1993
Fran McCartan DL 1995
Scott Palanjian K 1995
*Victor Hobson LB 1995
*Victor Hobson LB 1996
Frank Cacciola L 1997
Aaron Brown RB 1997
*Victor Hobson LB 1997
Jermaine Slade DB  1997
Warren Spivey DL 1998
Jim Jankiewicz DB 1998
Kevin Stefanski DB 1998
John Connors L 2000
Kyle Ambrogi RB 2000
John Connors L 2001
Vince Gallagher QB 2001
Kyle Ambrogi RB 2001
Mike Mailey DL 2001
John Quinn L 2002
Pat Kaiser RB 2002
Pat Kaiser K 2002
Brian Tracz LB 2002
Mike Buscaglia L 2003
Matt Parkhurst DL 2003
Brian Tracz LB 2003
Dan Jones DB 2003
Greg Ambrogi DB 2003
Dan Voss L 2004
Steve Quinn Rec. 2004
John Shaw RB 2004
Jim McKenzie L 2005
Bill Edger Rec. 2005
Chris Whitney QB 2005
Charlie Noonan DL 2005
Joe D'Orazio L 2006
Jeff Battipaglia L 2006
Chris Whitney QB 2006
Neil Doogan LB 2006
Greg Castillo DB 2006
Jamir Livingston RB 2007
Tim Edger P 2007
Jim McGoldrick DB 2007
Mark Arcidiacono L 2008
Seth Betancourt L 2008
Mike Yeager RB 2008
Mike Pinciotti DL 2008
Mike Pereira LB 2008
Seth Betancourt L 2009
Sean McGinn L 2009
Mike Labor LB 2009
Dave Johnson L 1993
Dwayne Carey DL 1994
Brian Kraus MP 1996
Dan Gress DL 1997
Sean Killeen LB 1997
Steve Comly QB 1998
Kenny Wilson DL 1998
John Paul Mantey LB 1999
Sean Heenan LB 1999
Mike McGann QB 1999
Mike Mailey DL 2000
David O'Beirne DB 2000
Pete Chromiak Rec. 2001
Jim Lachman Rec. 2001
Dan Jones DB 2002
Steve Quinn Rec. 2002
Brandon Friday DL 2003
Charlie Noonan DL 2004
Andrew Spross LB 2004
Matt Leddy DL 2005
John Gazzola L 2006
Brian Brinkmann MP 2006
Jamir Livingston RB 2006
Tim Edger P 2006
Ryan Haber DL 2006
Mark Giubilato QB 2008
Ryan McGinn L 2007
Desmon Peoples MP 2009
Damian Lavelle L 1992
Dorian Henry DB 1993
Pat Pluck DL 1994
Frank Cacciola L 1996
Aaron Brown LB 1996
Kasim Holloman DL 1998
Chris Short L 1999
Carton Rogers L 1999
Ed Turner Rec. 1999
Steve Wagner LB 2000
Pat Kaiser K 2001
Matt Stefanski QB 2002
Mike Robinson L 2003
Steve Quinn Rec. 2003
Brendan Gilroy L 2004
Mike Boyle DL 2004
Chris Whitney DB 2004
Colin Wixted LB 2005
Tim Edger K 2005
Jeff Battipaglia L 2005
Jamir Livingston RB 2005
Andy Shalbrack DB 2005
Aaron Haas QB 2007
Gary Williams DL 2007
Bill Mancini DL 2009
Steve O'Hara LB 2009
Gil Brooks
Tribute Page

  Gil Brooks, an alumnus, coached St. Joseph's Prep's football team for 18 seasons, winning 162 games and five Catholic League championships. The first crown was won in 1997, ending a 20-year wait for the school. Here is that story . . .

By Ted Silary

  A playful daily battle took place last week between the administrators at St. Joseph's Prep and one persistent student.
  The kid might not have been a football player, but he certainly wanted the grid Hawklets to end two decades of frustration.
  Early last week, the kid's signs began appearing on walls all over the school: Don't concentrate on schoolwork. Concentrate on winning the championship.
  "They were sheets of paper, the kind you'd print out from a computer,'' said senior Kevin Komelasky, a 6-3, 240-pound defensive end. "They were everywhere. Must have been 100 of them.
  "The people in the administration kept ripping them down, but the signs kept coming back. When we'd come in every morning, they'd be all over the school again. We had fun with it. It was kind of a rallying cry."
  Then came Saturday night at Northeast High. In front of 8,000 roaring, shivering patrons, the Prep stunned Archbishop Ryan, 14-3, to win its first Catholic League title since 1977.
  As the final seconds melted away, several hundred members of the Prep's humongous student rooting section dashed onto the field from the visiting side, enveloping the players and coaches. Some kids wore only shorts. One wacko wore only a diaper.
  "Our school is known for student pride,'' Komelasky said. "The kids support all athletics, not just football. Activities, too. The fans were a big help."
  So was Komelasky, who made a team-high nine tackles as the Prep became just the third Southern Division representative in 17 years to win the championship.
  This time four years ago, Komelasky - who lives in Holland, Bucks County - was still playing soccer and was reasonably positive he would attend La Salle, where his father, George, had played football and where his uncles also had gone.
  Kevin's brother, Chris, an engineering student at Virginia, began switching the family tradition by opting for the Prep. Kevin decided to follow.
  "When I visited both schools, I liked Prep better,'' he said. "My brother and I took some joking around from the family, but they were behind us all the way.
  "I liked soccer. It was real good for conditioning. But I kept getting bigger, so I decided to go out for football as a freshman.''
  The Prep's defense, coordinated by Chris Lomax, featured ends Komelasky and Derek Osborne, tackles Dan Gress and Warren Spivey, linebackers Victor Hobson, Aaron Brown and Sean Killeen, cornerbacks Jermaine Slade and Keith Olkowski and safeties Steve Comly and Jim Jankiewicz.
  The Hawklets allowed only a 22-yard, first-quarter field goal by Mike Gavaghan. Ryan's chances were severely damaged early in the second quarter when leading rusher Jeff Moore departed with a broken ankle. The Prep scored on its next possession on Comly's 6-yard pass to Slade and on the first play of the third quarter as Brown bowled over two defenders on a 62-yard run.
  Ryan then methodically advanced to the Prep 4, but Joe Corsanico's fourth-down pass to Dave Udowenko was knocked down at the very last instant by Jankiewicz.
  After the game, coach Gil Brooks gave Jankiewicz a long bear hug and kept telling him how well he had played.
  Brooks later explained: "When we played Ryan before [a 27-0 non-league loss Sept. 23], I had to take Jimmy out. Udowenko had a big day on him. This was real justification for Jimmy.''
  In that September loss, Slade did not play at all because of an injury and Brown saw only scant duty at running back because he was returning from an injury. Also, the starting quarterback was ineffective and yanked - for good, as it turned out - in favor of Comly.
  "We knew Ryan had good, aggressive kids,'' Brooks said. "But we also knew they were young and not real big. We figured we could make that work for us, in time. We also knew we were a different team compared to the first time we played them."
  Back to the myriad signs.
  If Komelasky did allow his studies to slip for a week, he could afford it. He maintains a 3.75 grade-point average and has scored 1,240 on the Scholastic Assessment Test. His pursuers include Lafayette, Georgetown and many Ivy League schools.
  Komelasky is one of eight grid Hawklets in the National Honor Society, joining Brown, Gress, part-time receivers Paul Wood and Michael Washlick, kicker Mike Musial, backup running back Christian Pierce and special-teamer Dan Heist.
  Today, maybe one of those guys, or someone else, will come up with a new sign: Don't concentrate on schoolwork. Concentrate on celebrating the championship.
  TITLE TIDBITS: Prep's Milton Johnson had 20 carries for 93 yards, giving him 1,032 for the season. He and Ryan's Joe O'Connell (28-106, 1,147) are the only two sophs in Catholic League history to rush for 1,000 yards . . . For Prep, Victor Hobson and Warren Spivey had two tackles apiece for losses . . . Keith Ulrich and John Price (11 each) led Ryan . . . The Prep (12-2) won 11 in a row after a 1-2 start. Its other loss was to Gonzaga, of Washington, D.C. . . . Forty minutes after the game ended, Prep coach Gil Brooks was still on the field receiving hugs from well-wishers . . . Comcast's CN8 will show the game tonight at 7:30.

Catholic League
1992: South, 1-6
1993: South, 4-2-1
1994: outh, 2-4-1
1995: South, 5-2
1996: South, 6-1
1997: South, 7-0
1998: South, 6-1
1999: Red, 5-2
2000: Red, 7-0
2001: Red, 7-0
2002: Red, 7-0
2003: Red, 6-0
2004: Red, 6-0
2005: Red, 7-0
2006, Red: 7-0
2007, Red: 7-0
2008, 4A: 5-1
2009, 4A: 6-0
Total: 101-19-2
1992: 2-8
1993: 8-3-1
1994: 2-7-1
1995: 8-4
1996: 10-3
1997: 12-2
1998: 9-3
1999: 7-5
2000: 12-1
2001: 10-3
2002: 13-0
2003: 12-0
2004: 10-3
2005: 11-2
2006: 9-3
2007: 10-3
2008: 8-4
2009: 9-3
Total: 162-57-2

1997: Overall
2001: Red
2002: Red
2003: Red
2005: Red

1,000 RUSHERS Yards Year
Pat Kaiser 2,178 '02
Kyle Ambrogi 2,109 '00
John Shaw  1,737 '04
Kyle Ambrogi 1,672 '01
Lance Shaw 1,527 '93
Jamir Livingston 1,502 '06
Jamir Livingston 1,390 '07
Mike Yeager 1,344 '08
Dan Jones 1,181 '03
John Shaw 1,143 '03
Jamir Livingston 1,076 '05
Aaron Brown 1,068 '97
Desmon Peoples 1,050 '09
Aaron Brown 1,036 '96
Milton Johnson 1,032 '97
1,000 PASSERS Yards Year
Mike McGann 1,750 '00
Vince Gallagher 1,720 '02
Chris Whitney 1,629 '06
Matt Stefanski 1,624 '02
Skyler Mornhinweg 1,543 '09
Steve Comly 1,515 '98
Aaron Haas 1,381 '07
Kevin Stefanski 1,080 '99
Dave Hand 1,050 '95
Mark Giubilato 1,008 '08
500 RECEIVERS Yards Year
Brian Kraus 805 '96
Bill Edger 782 '05
Pete Chromiak 774 '00
Brian Brinkmann 754 '06
Steve Quinn 698 '02
Pete Chromiak 676 '01
Jim Lachman 649 '01
Jim Lachman 629 '00
Jim Jankiewicz 622 '98
Ed Turner 594 '99
Steve Quinn 579 '04
Greg Castillo 538 '07



This story was written in 2003 after Gil guided the Hawks to their 33rd consecutive win
 thus claiming the city record . . .

By Ted Silary
  On the occasion when his football team claimed a prestigious city record, coach Gil Brooks revealed plans to immortalize an
  Nah, Brooks was only kidding when he talked about naming St. Joseph's Prep's weight room after senior guard Mike "Bus''
Buscaglia, but he obviously holds him in high regard.
  Saturday night at Northeast High, The Prep jolted Father Judge, 42-0, in a Catholic Red game to extend its winning streak to 33
 games, one better than La Salle won in a stretch from 1995 to '97.
  Buscaglia, a 5-10, 245-pound senior, lined up at guard and his blocking helped the Hawks' potent offense average a first down
(37 plays, 377 yards).
  While Brooks' squad indeed has many players who simply ooze talent, it also has numerous guys such as Buscaglia, a
 relentless, self-made contributor.
  Brooks said Buscaglia - how about "The Bus Stop'' for the weight room? - can bench press 380 pounds and squat 785, and
that he never missed an offseason weightlifting workout.
  "Mike's definitely our leader on the line,'' Brooks said. "He's as good as anyone we've seen this season. He's not big, but he's
incredibly strong. He sets such a tone in our weight room. ''
  The blocking of center Pat Regan, guards Buscaglia and Brendon Gilroy, tackles Mike Robinson and Dave O'Brien eabled
time-sharing tailbacks Dan Jones and John Shaw to post outrageous statistics. Jones, a senior, ran eight times for 130 yards and
touchdowns of 26, 78 and 10 yards. Shaw, a sophomore, had 141 yards on just three carries. He zoomed for TDs of 70 and 68
  Buscaglia had just as much fun as they did.
  "I love being an offensive lineman,'' he said. "I wouldn't change things for the world. Everybody else gets the glory, but I'm in
on a battle every single play. You just keep going to war. That's why I find it to be so much fun. Maybe other people don't,
but I do. ''
  The Prep opened the 2001 season with losses in three non-league games, then stormed to 10 straight wins and the Red title.
Last season was perfect at 13-0 and this season's record is 10-0. The Hawks will be off this weekend, having earned a
first-round playoff bye.
  "It's good to get this record into the books, but the playoffs are a whole different ballgame,'' Buscaglia said. "This won't mean
much if we don't go on to win it all.''
  He smiled. "Coach Brooks pounds that into us. He says it nonstop. I don't mind. We do have to be reminded of that. We have
to play each game as each game.
  "There wasn't too much [hoopla] leading up to this game. We're pretty humble and low-key. No head cases.''
  Two years ago, Buscaglia never could have imagined such excellence from the Hawks. As only a rotating lineman on the
junior varsity, he was fighting for his own survival. He flat-out outworked all of the competition, though, and became a varsity
starter last season.
  "When you're a sophomore,'' Buscaglia said, "you don't really think that a 33-game winning streak might be coming up. I
knew we had some good players in our class and the class ahead of us. But something like this? No way.
  "I guess when I started to think something really nice could be possible was when we beat Central Bucks West and Malvern
to begin last season. They were tough opponents. ''
  Saturday's postgame scene was rather subdued. As parents and other rooters gathered 'round near the east end zone, Brooks
noted, "Only one team owns the record now. '' He then talked a little more about the overall accomplishment and the pride he
has in his players. By Prep standards, the game was actually underattended, especially from the student standpoint.
  On defense, Greg Ambrogi (two), Jones and Dan DiBona had interceptions and DiBona returned his for a 32-yard TD. Mike
Boyle and Matt Leddy had fumble recoveries.
  Buscaglia, who lives in Broomall, sports a 3.7 grade-point average and a 1,130 SAT score. He is thinking hard about
attending Division III Dickinson.
  "That level would be perfect for Michael,'' Brooks said. "So many kids forget that the most important thing is playing.''

This story was written in 2005 after Gil steered the Prep to its fourth title in five years . . .

By Ted Silary
  Charlie Noonan was hoping to emerge with special memories. He never figured they'd be two-pronged, though.
Oh, aside from being a quality defensive lineman, Noonan is definitely capable of wreaking havoc at fullback, both as a
blocker and truck-guys runner. But you need to play there to produce there and that was the rub.
  We take you back to mid-September, when St. Joseph's Prep is practicing for an upcoming game with a tough opponent
from Baltimore, Gilman School.
  The drill is the first-team defense against the scout-team offense, with Noonan at his usual down lineman spot. An offensive
tackle gets hit and falls against the side of Noonan's left leg. Ouch. The diagnosis is a strain of the medial collateral ligament.
The recommendation: about a month's worth of rest.
  "Ryan Bradley is a good fullback," Noonan said. "You can't take anything away from him. He did a great job all season."
  Now we take you to Saturday night at Northeast's Charlie Martin Memorial Stadium and the Catholic Red title game
featuring the Prep and Cardinal O'Hara. It's midway through the fourth quarter and Bradley is on the sideline, being treated
for a busted lip. Noonan, who has not carried the ball since the opener, gets waved onto the field.
  Boom! He immediately rumbles 25 yards to the 3 and darn near embeds the guy who tackles him into the artificial surface.
Two plays later? Two yards for a touchdown.
  We're guessing the 6-3, 250-pound senior, who's being eyed by Division I-A schools, will remember those moments much
longer than his meaty contributions on defense, as impressive as they were.
  "Yeah, definitely," he said, laughing. "I've been wanting to run all year. That felt good. I never bugged anyone because,
like I said, Ryan was doing nice things for us.
  "But I was a fullback in grade school [Sacred Heart, Manoa] and scored a lot of TDs. To get this one last chance was nice."
  The final was Prep 41, O'Hara 7, and the chasm was wide.
  The Hawks won the yardage battle, 352-26, and held O'Hara to one first down while capturing their fourth Red crown in
5 years (O'Hara won last year) and enabling coach Gil Brooks to tie the late Dick Bedesem (five at Bishop Egan from 1963
to '70) for the most crowns in CL history. Brooks also won in '97, before the Red-Blue split based on enrollment.
  The Lions scored first on Joe Juisti's 6-yard run, which came six plays after Rob McLaughlin recovered a fumbled punt
at the Prep 26. The Crimson Crushing followed.
  Sophomore Jamir Livingston rushed 32 times for 187 yards and four TDs, tying the city postseason record. Also,
lassmate Tim Edger broke the city mark for kicking points in a game with 11, thanks to two field goals (24, 32 yards) and
five PAT. Junior quarterback Chris Whitney added 88 yards on 10 carries.
  Noonan led the defense with 11 stops. He looked like a whirlwind at the very start, dumping halfback John Dempsey for
1 yard and then QB Anthony Walters for 5. He later added two more tackles for losses.
  He also extended a family tradition. Each Noonan brother has gone out with a championship. Tom, now attending Pitt,
was a starting guard in '02. Mark, now a star receiver at Wesleyan (and baseball player), was the QB in '03.
  We'll have to wait roughly a decade to see if brother No. 4, Pete, can match the feat. He's only 7.
  "He's one of our waterboys," Charlie said.
  He added, "I had a big advantage having brothers ahead of me. I learned a lot from them."
  Noonan said the Hawks were affected very little by their Thanksgiving loss to La Salle, and he reasoned in Yogi Berra
fashion, "Even if you can beat somebody nine out of 10 times, there is going to be that one time. "
  Prep's defense included ends Matt Leddy and Neil Doogan, tackles Noonan and Ryan Haber, linebackers Josh Howley,
Ryan Malarick and Colin Wixted, cornerbacks Dave Clement and Ryan Malarick, and safeties Dave Mendez and Whitney.
  In his postgame speech to his players, with parents/fans looking on, Brooks reminded them how last January they had
vowed not to forget the title-game loss to O'Hara, nor let it happen again.
  "This is a special group," Brooks said. "With the guys from this team who are going to get them, the '03 team had 10
scholarship football players. Ten! But this team, with everybody healthy, was my best. It could have beaten anybody."
  Speaking of scholarships, Noonan will visit Rutgers this weekend with further treks scheduled for Indiana, Colorado
State and Toledo. He intends to major in business or economics. He's being eyed as a defensive lineman.
  "When I started playing varsity as a soph," he said, "Brian Tracz [now at Indiana] was in front of me so there wasn't
much chance of playing linebacker. They moved me to the line. It worked out well. I like it now."
  No wonder.

  Below are the players who earned first or second team Coaches' All-Catholic honors during Gil Brooks'
18 seasons as the coach at St. Joseph's Prep.
Pos. Name Year Pos. Name Year Pos. Name Year
L Damian Lavelle 1992 L Mike Buscaglia 2003 DL Damian Lavelle 1992
L Dave Johnson 1993 L Mike Robinson 2003 DL Chris Hamwright 1992
WR Dorian Henry 1993 TE Matt Parkhurst 2003 E/OB Don Lepore 1992
RB Lance Shaw 1993 RB Dan Jones 2003 L Don Lepore 1993
DL Chris Hamwright 1993 DL Matt Parkhurst 2003 QB Jess Sodaski 1993
K Scott Palanjian 1994 DL Brandon Friday 2003 K Scott Palanjian 1993
L Fran McCartan 1995 E/OLB Steve Quinn 2003 P Scott Palanjian 1993
Rec. Brian Kraus 1995 ILB Brian Tracz 2003 DB Jess Sodaski 1993
K Scott Palanjian 1995 DB Dan Jones 2003 TE Pat Pluck 1994
DL Fran McCartan 1995 DB Greg Ambrogi 2003 DL Pat Pluck 1994
LB Victor Hobson 1995 L Dan Voss 2004 DB Anthony Gentlesk 1994
L Frank Cacciola 1996 L Brendan Gilroy 2004 QB Dave Hand 1995
DL Brian Blaisdell 1996 TE Matt Leddy 2004 C Nick Faiola 1996
E/OB Sean Killeen 1996 WR Steve Quinn 2004 L Dan Gress 1996
ILB Victor Hobson 1996 RB John Shaw 2004 WR Brian Kraus 1996
DB Jermaine Slade 1996 DL Charlie Noonan 2004 RB Aaron Brown 1996
L Frank Cacciola 1997 DL Mike Boyle 2004 DL Kevin Komelasky 1996
L Chris Minetti 1997 E/OLB Steve Quinn 2004 DB Brian Kraus 1996
RB Aaron Brown 1997 ILB Andrew Spross 2004 C Nick Faiola 1997
DL Dan Gress 1997 DB Chris Whitney 2004 RB John Wagner 1997
DL Kevin Komelasky 1997 DB Dave Clement 2004 L Neal McGinley 1998
E/OB Sean Killeen 1997 C Joe D'Orazio 2005 L Carton Rogers 1998
ILB Victor Hobson 1997 L Jim McKenzie 2005 WR Keith Olkowski 1998
DB Jermaine Slade 1997 TE Matt Leddy 2005 RB Milton Johnson 1998
C Jeff Minetti 1998 WR Bill Edger 2005 DB Kevin Stefanski 1998
WR Jim Jankiewicz 1998 QB Chris Whitney 2005 C John Connors 1999
QB Steve Comly 1998 RB John Shaw 2005 L Chris Short 1999
DL Warren Spivey 1998 K Tim Edger 2005 L Carton Rogers 1999
E/OB Kenny Wilson 1998 DL Charlie Noonan 2005 WR Ed Turner 1999
E/OB Kasim Holloman 1998 ILB Josh Howley 2005 DL Mike Mailey 1999
ILB John Paul Mantey 1998 C Joe D'Orazio 2006 E/OLB Sean Heenan 1999
DB Jim Jankiewicz 1998 L Jeff Battipaglia 2006 DB David O'Beirne 1999
QB Kevin Stefanski 1999 L John Gazzola 2006 QB Mike McGann 2000
ILB John Paul Mantey 1999 WR Brian Brinkmann 2006 DL Tim Giangiulio 2000
DB Kevin Stefanski 1999 QB Chris Whitney 2006 DB F.J. Wesner 2000
L John Connors 2000 RB Jamir Livingston 2006 DB Paris Farrell 2000
L Pat Spadaro 2000 K Tim Edger 2006 C Mike Minetti 2001
L Matt Battipaglia 2000 DL Ryan Haber 2006 L Steve Mair 2001
RB Kyle Ambrogi 2000 ILB Neil Doogan 2006 DL Tim Giangiulio 2001
K Pat Kaiser 2000 DB Chris Whitney 2006 ILB Brian Tracz 2001
DL Mike Mailey 2000 RB Jamir Livingston 2007 L John Brewster 2002
E/OLB Sean Heenan 2000 FB Mike McCarthy 2007 L Mike Buscaglia 2002
ILB Steve Wagner 2000 K Tim Edger 2007 WR Steve Quinn 2002
B David O'Beirne 2000 P Tim Edger 2007 RB Brian Tracz 2002
L John Connors 2001 DL Gary Williams 2007 DL Brandon Friday 2002
WR Pete Chromiak 2001 ILB Mike Pereira 2007 KL Brendan Gilroy 2003
QB Vince Gallagher 2001 DB Greg Castillo 2007 RB Brian Tracz 2003
RB Kyle Ambrogi 2001 DB Jim McGoldrick 2007 RB John Shaw 2003
DL Mike Mailey 2001 L Mark Arcidiacono 2008 K Greg Ambrogi 2003
E/OLB Adam Hepp 2001 L Seth Betancourt 2008 C Scott Howley 2004
DB Dan Jones 2001 RB Mike Yeager 2008 DB Andy Shalbrack 2004
L John Quinn 2002 DL Mike Pinciotti 2008 L Jeff Battipaglia 2005
TE Kevin Walker 2002 DL Andy Marshalick 2008 L James Dunn 2005
QB Matt Stefanski 2002 ILB Mike Pereira 2008 RB Jamir Livingston 2005
RB Pat Kaiser 2002 L Seth Betancourt 2009 DL Ryan Haber 2005
K Pat Kaiser 2002 L Sean McGinn 2009 DB Andy Shalbrack 2005
DL John Quinn 2002 RB Desmon Peoples 2009 DB Chris Whitney 2005
E/OLB Matt Parkhurst 2002 MP Steve O'Hara 2009 DB Dave Clement 2005
ILB Brian Tracz 2002 DL Bill Mancini 2009 TE Steve Schell 2006
DB Dan Jones 2002 ILB Mike Labor 2009 P Tim Edger 2006
      DB Skyler Mornhinweg 2009 DL Jeff Battipaglia 2006
      DB Kushmir Miller 2009 ILB Buster Ousley 2006
            DB Greg Castillo 2006
            L Mike Pinciotti 2007
            L Mark Arcidiacono 2007
            WR Tim Edger 2007
            E/OLB Ryan McGinn 2007
            C Ryan Donovan 2009
            WR Bobby D'Orazio 2009
            E/OLB Steve O'Hara 2009

Recaps of Wins in Catholic League Championship Games

At Northeast
SJ Prep 14, Ryan 3
    Kevin Komelasky (nine tackles), Victor Hobson and Aaron Brown (seven apiece) led the defense as the Hawklets limited Ryan to Mike Gavaghan's 22-yard, first-quarter field goal and won their first championship since 1977. Ryan's chances were damaged early in the second
quarter when leading rusher Jeff Moore suffered a broken ankle. The Prep scored on Jermaine Slade's 6-yard pass from Steve Comly and Brown's 62-yard run. Brown ran eight times for 89 yards. Milton Johnson added 93 yards on 20 carries. Johnson and Ryan's Joe O'Connell (28-106) were the first sophs in CL history to surpass 1,000 yards in a season. Their totals: O'Connell (1,147), Johnson (1,032).
Red Division
At Northeast
SJ Prep 31, Bonner 6
    While often sharing one wideout spot, Pete Chromiak (3-84) and Jim Lachman (4-64) caught one TD apiece from Vince Gallagher (11-for-17,189) as the Hawks (10-3) completed their all-the-way-back climb from an 0-3 start to the season. A close game was broken up in the final 3
minutes of the first half as Chromiak scored on a 71-yard bomb and Kyle Ambrogi (21-95) ran 4 yards for a TD, making it 21-0. Gallagher and Danny Jones had interceptions. Bonner ran 41 plays, and just five produced gains of more than 10 yards. Three occurred after the score was
Red Division
At Northeast
SJ Prep 38, Roman 7
    For the first time in decades, the title games in both divisions were played before Thanksgiving. In this one, the first scrimmage play yielded a 59-yard scoring pass from Matt Stefanski to Steve Quinn and then the night became The Pat Kaiser Show. Shrugging off teasing about a
learning disability from Roman's fans, Kaiser set city playoff records for rushing yards (316, on 18 carries) and points (32) and tied city marks for rushing TDs in a playoff (four) and career field goals (25). Kaiser's field goal was a 32-yarder. After a penalty, he converted one of his five PAT from 35. Kaiser finished the season with 2,178 rushing yards and city marks for rushing TDs (35) and total TDs (37). His 525 career points are No. 1 in CL history and his 306 season points
were briefly the state record. For Roman, Andre Sloan-El was involved in 51 plays and accounted for 331 yards, passing 20-for-35 for 230 and rushing 16 times for 101.
Red Division
At Plymouth-Whitemarsh
St. Joe's Prep 45, O'Hara 7
   Steve Quinn recovered the opening kickoff on the O'Hara 11, Dan Jones immediately ran for a TD and the Lions were as good as done against this powerhouse. Soph John Shaw tied a city postseason record with four TDs while rushing 19 times for 98 yards. Mark Noonan passed for a TD to Quinn and ran for one of his own. The Hawks (12-0) extended their city record winning streak to 35 games and were dubbed the best team in school history by coach Gil Brooks. Brandon Friday, Matt Parkhurst and Charlie Noonan, Mark's brother, had sacks as O'Hara was held to 75 yards total offense.
Red Division
At Northeast
SJ Prep 41, O'Hara 7
   The Hawks were guilty of two early missteps in the form of a fumble that led to O'Hara's lone score, on Joe Juisti's 6-yard run, and a missed, chip-shot field goal. They were dominant thereafter, though, while claiming their fourth title in five years and raising coach Gil Brooks' total to five overall (also '97). That tied him with the late Dick Bedesem (Egan, five from '63 to '70) for the most championships in CL history. Soph Jamir Livingston ran 32 times for 187 yards and four TDs, tying the city's postseason record, and classmate Tim Edger broke the mark for kicking points with 11 on two field goals and five PAT. O'Hara was held to one first down.