Philadelphia High School Football

A Look at St. Joseph's Prep's 55-Game Winning
Streak in the Catholic League Regular Season, 1999-2007

  This page includes stories, special lists, detailed results breakdowns, stats leaders and the names
of All-Catholic/All-City honorees during the winning streak.
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Mike Boyle makes a TD catch in a 12-7 win vs. O'Hara in 2004

Gil Brooks

Coach Brooks'
Daily News All-City Players
During the Streak

John Connors L 2000
Kyle Ambrogi RB 2000
John Connors L 2001
Vince Gallagher QB 2001
Kyle Ambrogi RB 2001
Mike Mailey DL 2001
John Quinn L 2002
Pat Kaiser RB 2002
Pat Kaiser K 2002
Brian Tracz LB 2002
Mike Buscaglia L 2003
Matt Parkhurst DL 2003
Brian Tracz LB 2003
Dan Jones DB 2003
Greg Ambrogi DB 2003
Dan Voss L 2004
Steve Quinn Rec. 2004
John Shaw RB 2004
Jim McKenzie L 2005
Bill Edger Rec. 2005
Chris Whitney QB 2005
Charlie Noonan DL 2005
Joe D'Orazio L 2006
Jeff Battipaglia L 2006
Chris Whitney QB 2006
Neil Doogan LB 2006
Greg Castillo DB 2006
Jamir Livingston RB 2007
Tim Edger P 2007
Jim McGoldrick DB 2007
John Paul Mantey LB 1999
Sean Heenan LB 1999
Mike McGann QB 1999
Mike Mailey DL 2000
David O'Beirne DB 2000
Pete Chromiak Rec. 2001
Jim Lachman Rec. 2001
Dan Jones DB 2002
Steve Quinn Rec. 2002
Brandon Friday DL 2003
Charlie Noonan DL 2004
Andrew Spross LB 2004
Matt Leddy DL 2005
John Gazzola L 2006
Brian Brinkmann MP 2006
Jamir Livingston RB 2006
Tim Edger P 2006
Ryan Haber DL 2006
Ryan McGinn L 2007
Chris Short L 1999
Carton Rogers L 1999
Ed Turner Rec. 1999
Steve Wagner LB 2000
Pat Kaiser K 2001
Matt Stefanski QB 2002
Mike Robinson L 2003
Steve Quinn Rec. 2003
Brendan Gilroy L 2004
Mike Boyle DL 2004
Chris Whitney DB 2004
Colin Wixted LB 2005
Tim Edger K 2005
Jeff Battipaglia L 2005
Jamir Livingston RB 2005
Andy Shalbrack DB 2005
Aaron Haas QB 2007
Gary Williams DL 2007
Opponent Pts Year
North Catholic 55 2002
Bonner 55 2006
Judge 51 2002
Ryan 51 2007
La Salle 49 2002
North Catholic 48 2001
La Salle 48 2007
Ryan 47 2001
Bonner 45 2000
Opponent Pts Year
Ryan   7 1999
O'Hara 12 2004
O'Hara 16 2007
Judge 19 2007
La Salle 21 2005
La Salle 21 2001
Ryan 21 2000
La Salle 23 2004
La Salle 23 2000
Judge 24 2006
SJ Prep's
Lengthy Streak

  Over nine seasons, 1999-2007, St. Joseph's Prep won 55 consecutive games in Catholic League regular season play. The highest scoring game occurred in 2000 as Kyle Ambrogi fueled a 40-27 win over O'Hara and future NFL player Kevin Jones. Here is that story . . .  

By Ted Silary

  Are they finished providing thrills? Can stat men put down their pencils?
  Is it really safe to leave the stadium? There will be no more spectacular plays? No more reasons to go "phew!" in amazement?
  You're sure? You promise?
  With 5,000 animated spectators packed into the stands and pressed two to three deep against the fence ringing the track, Cardinal O'Hara High and St. Joseph's Prep staged quite the Catholic Red football goodie yesterday at Springfield Delco.
  The war went to Prep, 40-27.
  The battle went to junior tailback Kyle Ambrogi.
Few would dispute that football is the ultimate team sport. But individual duels featuring talented skill-position players also can make the game go 'round, and so it was this time.
  In O'Hara's corner was 6-1, 205-pound senior Kevin Jones, anointed by some the nation's No. 1 prospect and already the Catholic League's all-time top rusher.
  In Prep's was Ambrogi, a 5-11, 190-pound junior and the city leagues' No. 2 rusher on a yards-per-game basis.
  Gentlemen, start your yardage-gobblin'.
  "I really didn't get into that stuff. It wasn't like it was me against Kevin Jones," Ambrogi said. "I don't even play defense. I didn't have to tackle him.
  "Did I watch him? Not much. The coaches are always on me to get something to drink and make sure I get some rest. I do that and then it's back out on the field. I've seen him on film a lot, though."
  Deep into last night (this morning?), O'Hara's defenders were seeing Ambrogi in their nightmares.
  Bobbing and weaving and zooming and, most of all, churning nonstop, Ambrogi rushed 28 times for 322 yards and four touchdowns. In all, he was responsible for 387 yards, as he threw a 26-yard scoring pass to Pete Chromiak and collected 39 yards on four returns.
  Jones carried 17 times for 128 yards and two TDs, caught three passes for 46 yards and another score and added 53 yards on three returns (227 total).
  Ambrogi's 322-yard rushing effort ranks seventh in city leagues' history. His scores, in order, covered 77, 8, 39 and 51 yards. His last two runs produced TDs of the keep-them-at-bay variety.
  "Once Kyle gets past the line of scrimmage, he's dangerous," Prep coach Gil Brooks said. "One or two guys have to tackle him and do it quickly; not an easy task. What a show he put on. I don't know what more you could ask of the kid."
  Ambrogi does. People were asking more of him all last week.
  The Prep had available 400 student tickets and 200 adult tickets. The slightly altered postgame cliche could have been: He did everything in this one including buy tickets.
  "I bought about 20 through the week," he said. "Maybe 10 of each. Kids in my [Havertown] neighborhood. Family members. They were all giving me money and saying to get them tickets.
  "When lots of people are coming out to see you play, it makes you want to do even better. In the last three games, the Catholic League ones, I hadn't really done anything special. I was anxious to get back to where I was.
  "The line was great. There were some games where maybe some individuals did better, but as a group, this was their best game. They really opened the holes. They kept pounding away."
  With pleasure.
  "Kyle wants it more than anybody on the field," said junior guard John Connors, called the area's best offensive lineman by Brooks. The other interior guys were center Mike Minetti, guard Pat Spadaro, and tackles Matt Battipaglia and Steve Mair. "In the weight room, nobody works as hard. When we did our summer running, nobody worked as hard.
  "When there's a good running play, he always gives credit to his line. If we're struggling. . .He never tells you what to do, but he wants to make sure we know what we're doing."
  The game's first TD came on the Ambrogi-to-Chromiak connection.
  "We were supposed to run that play in the Holy Cross and La Salle games," Ambrogi said. "Coach forgot. I thought I'd have to remind him in this one, but we did it [early]. I'm used to throwing that sweep pass. We used it a lot on extra points with the JV last year."
  In all, the game included 669 yards total offense and 280 on returns.
  Jones, who raised his career rushing figure to 5,093, was spectacular on his 62-yard receiving TD, taking a screen pass from Mike Lomas and twice reversing his field while evading tacklers.
  "Now he's got a spin move to put into the repertoire," Brooks said, smiling. "He didn't show that all year."
  Sophomore Craig Haywood also sparkled for O'Hara, notching two interceptions and 128 return yards. Ryan Barksdale made eight catches, but quick, sure tackling by Paris Farrell limited him to 60 yards. Lamar Woodland (seven) and Mike Terenick (six) led in tackles.
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1999   1    
Ryan 7 0
2000   7    
Bonner 45 0
at La Salle 23 0
Judge 29 0
at O'Hara 40 27
at North 42 6
Roman 28 13
at Ryan 21 3
2001   7    
Ryan 47 17
La Salle 21 0
N. Catholic 48 0
at Roman 41 6
at Bonner 42 21
O'Hara 35 14
at Judge 35 14
2002   7    
at Ryan 37 14
at La Salle 49 12
at North 55 6
Roman 41 7
Bonner 42 7
at O'Hara 38 17
Judge 51 6
2003   6    
at Bonner 41 0
La Salle 37 0
Ryan 42 6
at Roman 36 20
O' Hara 28 10
at Judge 42 0
2004    6    
Bonner 31 7
at La Salle 23 12
at Ryan 28 10
Roman 38 0
at O’Hara 12 7
Judge 31 7
2005    7    
at Roman 41 0
Ryan 41 0
at Bonner 34 7
at Judge 38 0
La Salle 21 14
at North 35 0
O'Hara 31 7
2006    7    
at Roman 40 0
at Ryan 31 12
Bonner 55 0
Judge 24 0
La Salle 42 14
North 28 0
at O'Hara 41 7
2007    7    
La Salle 48 7
at Judge 19 0
Ryan 51 7
at North 42 7
O'Hara 16 7
Bonner 41 0
Roman 36 7




Kyle Ambrogi 322 2000
Jamir Livingston 250 2006
Pat Kaiser 241 2002
Kyle Ambrogi 205 2000
Kyle Ambrogi 205 2001
John Shaw 202 2004
Pat Kaiser 201 2002
Kyle Ambrogi 197 2001
Mike Yeager 196 2006
Kyle Ambrogi 195 2000
Pat Kaiser 190 2002
Jamir Livingston 183 2007


Chris Whitney 270 2006
Mike McGann 221 2000
Mike McGann 198 2000
Chris Whitney 188 2004
Vince Gallagher 187 2001
Vince Gallagher 180 2001
Matt Stefanski 178 2002
Matt Stefanski 174 2002
Vince Gallagher 162 2001
Vince Gallagher 162 2001
Vince Gallagher 161 2001
Vince Gallagher 154 2001


Brian Brinkmann 143 2006
Pete Chromiak 139 2000
Pete Chromiak 130 2000
Steve Quinn 122 2004
Steve Quinn 120 2002
Jim Lachman 119 2000
Brett Tiagwad 105 2006
Brian Brinkmann 104 2006
Bill Edger 103 2005
Pete Chromiak 100 2001
Steve Quinn 96 2002
Tim Edger 93 2007
  (2001 Forward)    
Chris Whitney 3 2004
Vince Gallagher 2 2001
Danny Jones 2 2002
Solomon Patterson 2 2002
Greg Ambrogi 2 2003
Danny Jones 2 2003
Greg Ambrogi 2 2003
David Clement 2 2004

 For Prep, Mike Mailey had two sacks and six other stops. Sean Heenan was in on seven tackles.
Ambrogi's 39-yard TD gave Prep a 33-21 lead with 4 minutes, 26 seconds left. Jones zipped 46 yards on a draw at 1:00 to
make it 33-27 and Frank Vinci's onside kick was recovered by the Prep's Ed Lord. Pfft! Ambrogi went 51 yards.
  "This was a good day," he said. "I felt I ran the right way. I was rushing things lately. Trying to, hurry, get to the hole when
maybe it wasn't ready yet. I was more patient this time, waiting for things to develop and then hitting in there."

This story was written in 2005 after Gil led the Hawks past La Salle . . .

By Ted Silary
  John Shaw preaches again and again that Jamir Livingston needs to develop patience.
  There are situations, of course, where that quality comes in handy and Livingston learned all about it this weekend.
  Before you can run, you have to be able to play.
  Perhaps you were among those at Plymouth-Whitemarsh High Saturday night at 6 o'clock, an hour before the scheduled
game time, when swamplike field conditions caused a much-discussed postponement of the Catholic Red battle between the
two fully private schools with at least a mild disdain (wink, wink) for each other - St. Joseph's Prep and La Salle.
  Perhaps your feelings mirrored those of Livingston, and his teammates.
  "Everybody was mad," he said. "We all wanted to play. You get all pumped up, then nothing."
  Perhaps, as a follow-up, you were among those yesterday at Germantown's refurbished Ben Johnston Memorial Stadium,
where the teams finally met.
  If so, you saw the smallish Livingston (5-7, 150) exert a giant-sized influence on what became a spirited clash that entertained
all. (Thankfully, there was no rerun of a brawl, mostly between parents and coaches, that occurred at the end of the schools'
recent freshman game.)  
  The Prep has now won 39 straight CL regular-season games, but almost all of the previous 38 were decidedly easier on
coach Gil Brooks' blood pressure.
  This one? The Hawks triumphed, 21-14, but twice were caught from behind and needed a 2-yard scoring run from
Livingston with 7:19 remaining to go ahead for good.
  It wasn't Livingston's only contribution. He finished with 172 yards on 25 carries and, best of all, never committed a turnover.
  He was almost alone in that accomplishment as the Prep threw two interceptions (to Jack Forster, Sean Saverio), lost three
fumbles (recoveries by J.B. Campanella, Greg Frantz and Forster) and allowed a punt to be blocked (by Jeff Liberatore).
  "We try to never come into a game underestimating our opponents," Livingston said. "We try to give the same respect every
opponent. But maybe we did underestimate them, a little. When we realized how good they were, we played to our full
  "No matter what happens along the way, it's still nice if you come through when you have to."
  Livingston, even as a tender sophomore, knows from pressure. He's now the No. 1 tailback because Shaw, the No. 9
career rusher in city history, suffered a broken leg and torn knee ligament 4 weeks ago vs. Roman Catholic.
  When he's not limping onto the field to help dispense water, Shaw stays in Livingston's ear.
  "His are big shoes to fill," said Jamir, who lives near 64th and Vine. "I'm trying to fill them to my potential. He's an
exceptional player and I don't think there's anyone else like him. I'm trying to do my part.
  "John and I have a great relationship. I'm trying to better myself and he's helping me out. The biggest thing he talks about is
patience when running the ball. Read and then react. You have to let your blockers do their job."
  And refrain from complaining when slop pits can be avoided?
  "Yeah, this was better than running in mud," he said, smiling. "I like this turf. On a dry field, we felt we could run the ball."
  The Prep's decisive drive covered 63 yards in eight plays. Three big ones were passes of 18 and 15 yards from quarterback
Chris Whitney to Matt Leddy and Whitney's 17-yard keeper.
  A 32-yard connection from soph quarterback John Harrison (18-for-34, 191 yards) to running back Chris Ashley put La
Salle in business at the Hawks' 20 with 2:01 left. A procedure call damaged the momentum and four incompletions followed.
Whitney, Dave Clement and Andy Shalbrack were among those providing coverage.
  "We were poised to win this game and this was is our failure," Colistra said. "Give Prep credit for good defensive plays."
  The Prep's earlier TDs came on Dave Mendez's 30-yard interception return and Whitney's 65-yard run. La Salle
countered with Harrison's flips of 15 yards to Ashley and 18 to Rick Cosgrove.
  So, Saturday night, after getting back home, how did Jamir Livingston pass the time?
  "I rested my body," he said.
  See, even postponements can be draining.

This story, written in 2007, was about the 55th -- and what turned out to be final --
victory in the streak . . .

By Ted Silary
  St. Joseph's Prep football player Mike McCarthy is one tough Eagle.
  Don't worry. The Prep, after all these years, has not decided to scrap Hawks as its nickname.
  McCarthy, a 5-10, 185-pound senior fullback for a squad that on Saturday night rocked Roman Catholic, 36-7, at
Northeast, to finish yet another perfect march through a Catholic Red regular season, is one of those covered-in-glory
Eagles. As in, the highlest level of Boy Scout.
  He became involved in scouting 11 years ago and, as a representative of Troop 219 in Wayne, last summer proudly
became one of only 5 percent of all scouts since 1912 to complete a demanding project and earn the honor.
  General focus? Yes, that kept McCarthy motivated. But so did a chance for family oneupsmanship.
  Mike's brother, Pat, a starting offensive lineman for the '06 Hawks, also had designs on becoming an Eagle Scout.
Didn't quite work out.
  "He didn't have the extra drive to finish it off," Mike said. "It basically came down to time management. He got busy
with football and other things. Eagle Scout isn't a joke. It bonds the troop.
  "To see Pat not get it . . . I had to make the extra push. Had to do it for my family."
  McCarthy began the process last school year by visiting the Prep's Christian Service Office and asking to be pointed
in the proper this-place-needs-help direction.
  He was told to contact Sister Pat, of St. Rose of Lima Parish, near 59th and Lansdowne, and did she ever have plans
for him.
  The inside of the convent needed to be painted.
  "I had to prepare a detailed five-page report on what I was going to do," McCarthy said. "It had to be approved by my
troop, and then the district board of review. You have to make sure everything is not only done right, but on the
schedule you set up. I planned it for 4-5 months."
  The numbers are imbedded in his brain. McCarthy worked on the project himself for 59 hours, 2 minutes, and
received varying amounts of assistance from 35 others, who invested 285 hours, 32 minutes, worth of sweat.
  "That included some of my teammates - Pat Jordan and Anthony Harris, to name a couple - and professional people,
too," McCarthy said. "I needed guidance from them for the sanding."
  As McCarthy plowed forward, there were side benefits.
  "My work ethic for football kicked up a couple of notches, too," he said.
  Team insiders insist Mr. Eagle would receive numerous votes in any contest to determine the toughest Hawk. And as
McCarthy was detailing his project, coach Gil Brooks came scrambling over, gave him a forceful bearhug and noted,
"I love this kid!"
  As the Hawks posted their 55th consecutive Red regular-season triumph, starting with the final game of '99,
McCarthy's blocking helped Jamir Livingston (91 rushing yards) and Aaron Haas (113 passing yards) experience
enjoyment. Plus, he turned four of his own carries into a two-TD outing (13 and 10 yards).
  Other prominent contributors were Brett Tiagwad (TD catch), Tim Edger (field goal, three kickoffs into the end zone),
Jim McGoldrick (35-yard catch on first scoring drive, four punt returns for 104 yards), Jordan (interception and flying
leap to keep a punt out of the end zone) . . .
  Like his teammates, McCarthy prepared hard all week and let nothing throw his focus off-kilter.
  Well, there was that one day . . .
  The Prep practices at Belmont Plateau. Just as McCarthy parked his car, quickly tugged on his equipment and
prepared to head over to the field, an older Hispanic woman, who was struggling with English, caught his attention.
  Flat tire translates in any language. (Although visuals help. )
  "What could I do? " McCarthy asked. "Coach Brooks does not want you being late for practice, but you have to make
decisions in life. I thought, 'Hold on . . . Hold on . . . I can mess with this a little. ' So, I changed her tire. I just did it.
Had to.
  "It took maybe 10 minutes. And I got to practice just as coach Brooks was blowing his whistle."
  Pat McCarthy now attends Albright and still plays football. Mike is unsure what his future will bring, but he knows he
wants to major in business or accounting.
  One suspects this Eagle of a Hawk will keep flying high.

  Below are the players who earned first or second team Coaches' All-Catholic honors
for coach Gil Brooks during the 55-game streak.
QB Kevin Stefanski 1999
ILB John Paul Mantey 1999
DB Kevin Stefanski 1999
L John Connors 2000
L Pat Spadaro 2000
L Matt Battipaglia 2000
RB Kyle Ambrogi 2000
K Pat Kaiser 2000
DL Mike Mailey 2000
E/OLB Sean Heenan 2000
ILB Steve Wagner 2000
B David O'Beirne 2000
L John Connors 2001
WR Pete Chromiak 2001
QB Vince Gallagher 2001
RB Kyle Ambrogi 2001
DL Mike Mailey 2001
E/OLB Adam Hepp 2001
DB Dan Jones 2001
L John Quinn 2002
TE Kevin Walker 2002
QB Matt Stefanski 2002
RB Pat Kaiser 2002
K Pat Kaiser 2002
DL John Quinn 2002
E/OLB Matt Parkhurst 2002
ILB Brian Tracz 2002
DB Dan Jones 2002
L Mike Buscaglia 2003
L Mike Robinson 2003
TE Matt Parkhurst 2003
RB Dan Jones 2003
DL Matt Parkhurst 2003
DL Brandon Friday 2003
E/OLB Steve Quinn 2003
ILB Brian Tracz 2003
DB Dan Jones 2003
DB Greg Ambrogi 2003
L Dan Voss 2004
L Brendan Gilroy 2004
TE Matt Leddy 2004
WR Steve Quinn 2004
RB John Shaw 2004
DL Charlie Noonan 2004
DL Mike Boyle 2004
E/OLB Steve Quinn 2004
ILB Andrew Spross 2004
DB Chris Whitney 2004
DB Dave Clement 2004
C Joe D'Orazio 2005
L Jim McKenzie 2005
TE Matt Leddy 2005
WR Bill Edger 2005
QB Chris Whitney 2005
RB John Shaw 2005
K Tim Edger 2005
DL Charlie Noonan 2005
ILB Josh Howley 2005
C Joe D'Orazio 2006
L Jeff Battipaglia 2006
L John Gazzola 2006
WR Brian Brinkmann 2006
QB Chris Whitney 2006
RB Jamir Livingston 2006
K Tim Edger 2006
DL Ryan Haber 2006
ILB Neil Doogan 2006
DB Chris Whitney 2006
RB Jamir Livingston 2007
FB Mike McCarthy 2007
K Tim Edger 2007
P Tim Edger 2007
DL Gary Williams 2007
ILB Mike Pereira 2007
DB Greg Castillo 2007
DB Jim McGoldrick 2007

Game-by-Game Breakdown . . .

Year/Opponent SJP Opp. Leading Scorer Pts Yardage Leader Yards
1999   1           Passers Indented  
Ryan 7 0 George Hess 6 Kevin Stefanski 95
2000   7            
Bonner 45 0 Pat Kaiser 13   Mike McGann 221
at La Salle 23 0 Pete Chromiak 12   Mike McGann 198
Judge 29 0 Pat Kaiser 11 Pat Kaiser 103
at O'Hara 40 27 Kyle Ambrogi 24 Kyle Ambrogi 322
at North 42 6 Kyle Ambrogi 18 Kyle Ambrogi 205
Roman 28 13 Kyle Ambrogi 12 Kyle Ambrogi 195
at Ryan 21 3 Kyle Ambrogi 12 Kyle Ambrogi 130
2001   7            
Ryan 47 17 Pat Kaiser 11   Vince Gallagher 162
La Salle 21 0 Pat Kaiser 9 Kyle Ambrogi 205
N. Catholic 48 0 Kaiser/Billy Gennaro 12   Vince Gallagher 161
at Roman 41 6 Kyle Ambrogi 18 Kyle Ambrogi 157
at Bonner 42 21 Kyle Ambrogi 24   Vince Gallagher 187
O'Hara 35 14 Kyle Ambrogi 14   Vince Gallagher 180
at Judge 35 14 Kyle Ambrogi 14   Vince Gallagher 154
2002   7            
at Ryan 37 14 Pat Kaiser 31 Pat Kaiser 142
at La Salle 49 12 Pat Kaiser 23 Pat Kaiser 145
at North 55 6 Pat Kaiser 23 Pat Kaiser 146
Roman 41 7 Pat Kaiser 17 Pat Kaiser 201
Bonner 42 7 Pat Kaiser 18 Pat Kaiser 190
at O'Hara 38 17 Kyle Ambrogi 36 Pat Kaiser 178
Judge 51 6 Kyle Ambrogi 32 Pat Kaiser 241
2003   6            
at Bonner 41 0 Six with . . .  6   Mark Noonan 124
La Salle 37 0 Danny Jones 12 Danny Jones 143
Ryan 42 6 John Shaw/Greg Ambrogi 12 John Shaw 85
at Roman 36 20 Greg Ambrogi 18 John Shaw 136
O' Hara 28 10 Mark Noonan 8 Danny Jones 113
at Judge 42 0 Danny Jones 18 John Shaw 141
2004    6            
Bonner 31 7 Four with . . .  6 John Shaw 129
at La Salle 23 12 John Shaw  18 John Shaw 202
at Ryan 28 10 Four with . . .  6 John Shaw 104
Roman 38 0 John Shaw 18 John Shaw 172
at O’Hara 12 7 Tim Lutz/Mike Boyle 6 John Shaw 122
Judge 31 7 John Shaw 18 John Shaw 97
2005    7            
at Roman 41 0 Jamir Livingston  18 Jamir Livingston 113
Ryan 41 0 Three with . . .  12 Jamir Livingston 127
at Bonner 34 7 Matt Leddy 12   Chris Whitney 81
at Judge 38 0 Bill Edger/Dave Mendez 12   Chris Whitney 144
La Salle 21 14 Three with . . .  6 Jamir Livingston 172
at North 35 0 Ryan Bradley 18 Bradley Wright 112
O'Hara 31 7 Jamir Livingston  12 Jamir Livingston 134
2006    7            
at Roman 40 0 Jamir Livingston  24 Jamir Livingston 181
at Ryan 31 12 Tim Edger 7   Chris Whitney 151
Bonner 55 0 Brian Brinkmann 18 Mike Yeager 196
Judge 24 0 Jamir Livingston  12 Jamir Livingston 153
La Salle 42 14 Chris Whitney 14 Jamir Livingston 250
North 28 0 Chris Whitney 18 Chris Whitney 59
at O'Hara 41 7 Livingston/Brinkmann 12   Chris Whitney 270
2007    7            
La Salle 48 7 Tim Edger 21   Aaron Haas 106
at Judge 19 0 Jamir Livingston  12 Jamir Livingston 166
Ryan 51 7 Tim Edger 21   Aaron Haas 136
at North 42 7 Three with . . .  12 Jamir Livingston 183
O'Hara 16 7 Livingston/Aaron Haas 6 Jamir Livingston 109
Bonner 41 0 Jamir Livingston  12   Aaron Haas 60
Roman 36 7 Mike McCarthy 12   Aaron Haas 113