Philadelphia High School Basketball

A Look at Neumann-Goretti's 73 Consecutive
Catholic League Wins, Including Playoffs;
2008-09 Season to 2012-13 Season

  This page includes stories, photos, special lists, results, leading scorers,
and all members of the teams.
  NOTE: The streak ended with a loss at La Salle in the fourth game
of the 2012-13 season.

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In 2012, N-G celebrates its fourth consecutice CL championship and win No. 70 in the streak

N-G Regular Season


96 Dougherty 50
93 Conwell-Egan 52
71 West  54
60 Wood 46
64 Kennedy-Kenrick 36
76 McDevitt 41
63 Carroll 49
82 Lansdale 43
79 Dougherty 57
80 Conwell-Egan 52
74 West  61
71 Wood 51
76 Kennedy-Kenrick 41
62 McDevitt 42
75 Carroll 58
87 Lansdale 62
64 Wood 46
77 North 62
86 Roman 53
1436 TOTALS (19) 956
  Regular Season  
81 Kennedy-Kenrick 42
82 Lansdale 43
82 Conwell-Egan 63
104 West  53
86 Wood 75
77 McDevitt 41
96 Carroll 73
82 Lansdale 41
95 Dougherty 67
80 Kennedy-Kenrick 46
99 Conwell-Egan 57
93 West  61
81 Wood 52
100 McDevitt 54
66 Carroll 58
100 Dougherty 68
89 Dougherty 58
74 SJ Prep 60
75 Carroll 59
1642 TOTALS (19) 1071

N-G's 73-Game CL Streak
Tribute Page

This story was written in 2012, after the Saints were pushed VERY hard in a 59-57 win, in OT, over St. Joseph's Prep for their fourth consecutive  Catholic League crown.

By Ted Silary

  DERRICK STEWART tried to express his emotions and, for a while, didn't experience a whole bunch of success.
  That was entirely understandable, considering the amazing circumstances, and that every possible thought was bouncing around inside his head.
  This cliché. That cliché. This cliché. That cliché.
  Then the words came tumbling out of his mouth. And when he finished, he flashed the brightest smile, as if he knew his last attempt had been pretty darn good.
  "I feel like an astronaut," Stewart said. "Like I just landed on the moon."
  Close enough.

  Stewart is a 6-6 senior forward/center for Ss.
Neumann-Goretti High and, with classmate/wing guard Billy Shank, he now boasts four consecutive Catholic League championships.
  Just that feat would be impressive enough. But there's also this: The Saints lost no CL games during that time frame, and their winning streak stands at 70, counting the regular season and playoffs.
  No. 70 was no doubt the toughest. It was earned last night at the Palestra, in front of a full-house crowd that bubbled nonstop with emotion. Not only was overtime required, victory wasn't assured until the very last instant, when a desperation trey did not come close and the Saints' subs exploded off the bench to envelop the starters.
  The final score: N-G 59, St. Joseph's Prep 57.

Stewart totaled 13 points, six rebounds and three blocks, and in time he won't bust chops about owning four titles to his brother's two. Danny, also a forward, was a star in the 2009 and 2010 seasons and now plays for Rider, where Derrick will again be his teammate.
  "Well, I did get my four rings, but he got two with 1,000 points, so I guess we're even," Derrick said. "I just know we're very happy in this family." 
  continued right below . . .  

N-G Regular Season Opp
75 La Salle 54
90 Conwell-Egan 58
63 Ryan 51
74 Carroll 68
67 Judge 60
67 McDevitt 44
70 Roman 62
83 O'Hara 52
79 West  66
92 Wood 51
81 Bonner 56
62 SJ Prep 56
56 Lansdale 49
63 Bonner 39
47 Roman 46
59 Carroll 55
1128 TOTALS (16)


  Regular Season  
87 Conwell-Egan 36
82 La Salle 53
65 Ryan 42
72 Carroll 56
68 Judge 57
90 McDevitt 56
63 Roman 57
100 West  65
65 O'Hara 46
64 Wood 34
54 Bonner 26
66 SJ Prep 53
78 Lansdale 35
77 O'Hara 51
73 Roman 56
59 SJ Prep 57
1163 TOTALS (16) 780
  Regular Season  
60 Conwell-Egan 39
78 Lansdale 52
70 Carroll 59
208 TOTALS (3) 150
5577   3824
76.4   52.4


  So is everyone associated with the Saints, beginning with coach Carl Arrigale.
  "All I know is, this gets harder and harder," he said, exhaling for effect. "I knew just coming down here that we'd be in for a good one. The target on our back is so big. Plus, the Prep is very good, as good as any team we've played all year.

"But, of course, I have a lot of faith in my kids. What it came down to, really, was this: We made one more play than they did."
Prep junior combo guard Stephen Vasturia, a Notre Dame commit, converted a one-and-one with 33.9 seconds showing in OT, creating a tie at 57-57. 
N-G decided to hold, and junior point guard Hanif Sutton did the honors, out near halfcourt and the scorers' table. As the time melted away, he exploded toward the hoop and curled up a layup at the west-end basket. No good. On the right side, junior wing guard Ja'Quan Newton grabbed the rebound while simultaneously trying to guide the ball back up.
  Tweet! There were 1.3 seconds left.
  On the Prep's bench, complaints were loud and numerous. Coach William "Speedy" Morris and his assistants were not expressing doubt that contact had occurred, only that that call had been made at that juncture.
  Newton strolled to the line, having already scored 19 points. Also having been a prominent hero, in the same venue, when N-G captured last year's crown.

  He hit both shots, creating bedlam among the N-G supporters right behind that basket.
  "I was very confident going to the line," Newton said. "This wasn't my first time in this kind of situation. Big-time players make big-time plays. That's me. That's what I did.
  "When I shot the first one, my heart was racing a little fast. Once the ball rolled in, I was fine for the second one. I all-netted that one."
  Special sights were everywhere in the minutes after game's end.
  First, some of the players ran into the stands to join with the students and, who knows, maybe steal a kiss or three from the cheerleaders. An instant after Arrigale was handed the title plaque, out by midcourt, by hoops moderator Joe Sette, Stewart and Newton thieved it and ran back toward the rooters, holding it aloft while screaming.
  Soon, everyone was yelling, "Four-PEAT! Four-PEAT! " Then it was time for the players, managers and coaches to take turns snipping the net. The last two guys to wield scissors were Shank, then Stewart.
  Arrigale, who played for Morris in the '83 and '84 seasons at Penn Charter, now boasts eight CL titles in 14 seasons. Morris' CL total is also eight, counting six at Roman Catholic from '69 through '80 and two at the Prep in '03 and '04. Morris has three title-game losses to his student's two. Arrigale leads the series between the two, 13-7.
  Throughout, this game was filled with interesting developments.
  Vasturia, the coaches' MVP, finished the first half scoreless and 0-for-7 from the floor. But the Hawks were down by only 26-22 because junior Miles Overton (11) and senior Gene Williams combined for 19 points. However, Overton landed awkwardly on a missed trey in the last half-minute and his status appeared to be iffy, at best.
  He came back onto the court before his teammates and tried some shots. Then he trotted back and forth across the court, performing tests for the trainer. He hit an early three, but then incurred his fourth personal. Luckily for the Prep, Vasturia found his rhythm with eight, third-quarter points.
  The score after regulation was 48-48. Williams created those numbers with the first of two free throws with 16.9 remaining. Off an inbound play at 4.3, Newton missed a 12-foot, off-balance jumper along the right baseline.
  Newton had 21 points and 11 rebounds. John Davis mixed 12 with 12. Sutton and sixth man La'Quan Coaxum played dogged defense on Vasturia (7-for-18, 19 points). Also reaching double figures for the Hawks were Overton (16) and Williams (12).
  A few minutes before midnight, the Palestra was pretty much empty, save for the cleanup crew.
  One guy came walking through the stands, west to east on the north side, and in each hand he held basketballs. One of the Nerf variety and the other a real one.
  "I found these in the stands," he said. With that, he held up the real one and said, "This one right here, it might be the money ball."



  At left, Tony Chennault makes a move in year one of the streak. Above, Derrick Stewart wolfs down a dunk vs. Carroll in the 2011 championship game at the Palestra.


Regular Season    
Dougherty Mustafaa Jones 26
Conwell-Egan Tony Chennault 28
West  Danny Stewart 18
Wood Tony Chennault 22
Kennedy-Kenrick Duren/Gillette 14
McDevitt Tyreek Duren 11
Carroll Danny Stewart 16
Lansdale Tony Chennault 17
Dougherty Andre Gillette 16
Conwell-Egan Tony Chennault 25
West  Tony Chennault 21
Wood Chennault/Duren 16
Kennedy-Kenrick Danny Stewart 14
McDevitt Danny Stewart 13
Carroll Tony Chennault 19
Lansdale Tyreek Duren 20
Wood Lamin Fulton 21
North Danny Stewart 18
Roman Tyreek Duren 26
Regular Season    
Kennedy-Kenrick Lamin Fulton 20
Lansdale Tony Chennault 19
Conwell-Egan Danny Stewart 23
West  Mustafaa Jones 20
Wood Tyreek Duren 28
McDevitt Tyreek Duren 17
Carroll Tony Chennault 23
Lansdale Tony Chennault 17
Dougherty Tony Chennault 31
Kennedy-Kenrick Danny Stewart 17
Conwell-Egan Tony Chennault 24
West  Tyreek Duren 21
Wood Tony Chennault 28
McDevitt Billy Shank 14
Carroll Danny Stewart 16
Dougherty Danny Stewart 21
Dougherty Tony Chennault 24
SJ Prep Tony Chennault 23
Carroll Tyreek Duren 17
Regular Season    
La Salle Fulton/Stewart 19
Conwell-Egan Derrick Stewart 25
Ryan Lamin Fulton 24
Carroll Lamin Fulton 22
Judge Lamin Fulton 19
McDevitt Derrick Stewart 22
Roman Lamin Fulton 30
O'Hara Lamin Fulton 20
West  Lamin Fulton 22
Wood Billy Shank 23
Bonner Lamin Fulton 20
SJ Prep Lamin Fulton 30
Lansdale Derrick Stewart 15
Bonner *see below 12
Roman Lamin Fulton 14
Carroll Davis/Fulton 16
*-La'Quan Coaxum / Davis / Newton
Regular Season    
Conwell-Egan La'Quam Coaxum 14
La Salle Ja'Quan Newton 23
Ryan John Davis 17
Carroll Coaxum/Shank 18
Judge John Davis 18
McDevitt Ja'Quan Newton 20
Roman John Davis 23
West  John Davis 15
O'Hara Ja'Quan Newton 21
Wood Ja'Quan Newton 20
Bonner John Davis 12
SJ Prep Ja'Quan Newton 15
Lansdale Billy Shank 13
O'Hara Billy Shank 22
Roman Ja'Quan Newton 17
SJ Prep Ja'Quan Newton 21
Regular Season    
Conwell-Egan Ja'Quan Newton 16
Lansdale Ja'Quan Newton 27
Carroll Ja'Quan Newton 24


  This story was writtten in 2009 after Neumann-Goretti crushed Roman, 86-53, for the Catholic League championship . . .

  By Ted Silary
  TYREEK DUREN isn't thinking about the day when he'll say "I do" or welcome his children into the world.
  He's a here-and-now kind of guy and the words that came pouring out of his mouth last night were, "This is the greatest feeling in the world! "
  "Well, so far," he added with a smile. "But this is all I'm really thinking about. "
  Duren and Ss. Neumann-Goretti High did not merely win the Catholic League basketball championship last night in front of maybe 7,000 spectators at the Palestra. The Saints stormed to it. Bullied their way to it. Took no prisoners en route to seizing it.
  The final was N-G 86, Roman Catholic 53. And the outcome was "final" long before 32 minutes elapsed.
  It was the 15th CL title for Neumann-Goretti (and its forerunners), and its fifth this decade (three against Roman).
Primary among the major reasons for the decisive victory was Duren, a junior point guard.
  Another junior guard, Tony Chennault, who already has committed to Wake Forest, is the Saints' best-known player and was selected the coaches' MVP of the Blue Division. But at the west end of the floor, as they awaited their chance for TV interviews, Chennault walked over to Duren, put his arm around his shoulder and roared, "That's your MVP right here! "
  Let us recount the reasons . . .
  Penetrating, and finishing, pretty much at will, Duren scored 26 points, shooting 10-for-16 total with a pair of treys. For most of the night, though Mustafaa Jones and Lamin Fulton provided occasional help, Duren also stalked Roman's leading scorer, junior guard Rakeem "Rahk" Brookins. And there's no other way to put it - stalked.
Though Brookins did finish with 24 points, he needed to launch 31 shots from the floor. Only eight succeeded, he went 2-for-11 on treys and during a period that spanned late first quarter to early fourth, he hit just two of 18 attempts.
  "I was ready to play him,'' said Duren, who added six rebounds, five assists and five steals. "I knew defense was going to be much more important than offense.
  "I tried to make things as uncomfortable for him as I could. I don't know if I did that great on him, but it didn't seem like he was making too many shots. He's a great player. If you think you're going to win, you can't let great players beat you.
  "I drank a lot of water all day. I knew I'd be working hard tonight. "
  Muffling Brookins was paramount because he was Roman's only headliner in uniform. The senior franchise guard, Villanova signee Maalik Wayns, was unavailable, as he has been for several weeks since undergoing surgery to repair a torn meniscus.
  Wayns saw his doctor at 4 p.m. yesterday. Thumbs down.
  "He was cleared to run and jump, but not to play," said coach Chris McNesby. "The doctor said he couldn't even suit up. We were prepared for that likelihood. We saw the chances he'd play as maybe 75-25, against. "
  During warmups, wearing a Boston Red Sox hat, Wayns stood at the back of the layup line and offered encouragement to his teammates. N-G's fans at one point during the game chanted toward Wayns and Roman's bench, "How's your kneecap? How's your kneecap? ''
  Long after the game ended, Wayns and Chennault could be spotted near midcourt, having a lengthy and friendly discussion.
  Let's say Wayns had been given the go-ahead. Would Duren have guarded him?
  "Don't know,'' Tyreek said. "We never even talked about it. The whole time in practice, we just assumed he wouldn't be playing. Coming off an operation that fast? Would have been tough. "
  "If he'd been out there, we would have dealt with it," said coach Carl Arrigale. "But we didn't expect to see him. ''
Duren scored 15 of his points in a 35-23 first half. Then and later, almost every single time he exploded past a defender, he did so to his left. He's righthanded.
  "I don't know why people haven't figured that out," he said, laughing. "I guess they think I'll come back to my right hand. But I like going left. I'm comfortable with that. Until people start stopping me, I'll keep doing it. "
  Roman missed 31 of its first 43 shots from the floor. Aside from Brookins, only freshman Andre Horne reached double figures in points (15). Koron Reed and Kevin Regan did claim nine rebounds apiece.
  After a slow start, Chennault got rolling and finished with 19 points (in addition to seven rebounds and four assists). Danny Stewart (16) and Niagara-bound Andre "Scooter'' Gillette (14) also hit double digits while Gillette added nine boards and four blocks.
  Deep subs were on the court as the final buzzer sounded. They scrambled up into the the east stands to celebrate with cheerleaders and buddies (mostly cheerleaders; they grow 'em smart in South Philly) and soon, the net was being cut down. It wound up around Gillette's neck since he's the only senior member of the rotation.
  The championship plaque, of course, made the rounds and when it got to Duren, he exclaimed while pressing it against his chest, "I need to hold that tight! "
  Then he kissed it.
  Arrigale loved soaking in the various scenes.
  "The kids really didn't like what happened to us last year,'' he said, referring to a loss in the quarterfinals. "They dedicated themselves to doing this going back to last summer. They worked hard. Stayed together. "
Won together, too. In quite the breeze.


These Guys Made It Happen For Coach Carl Arrigale . . .
Assistants for all or part of the streak . . . John Mosco, Mark Del Brocco,
 Mike Casey, Aaron Abbott, Don McKinley, Antwain Wynn
2009 John Brennan Sr 2011 Devahnte Mosley Fr
2009 Tony Chennault Jr 2011 Ja'Quan Newton Fr
2009 Tyreek Duren Jr 2011 Matt Rodden So
2009 Lamin Fulton So 2011 Billy Shank Jr
2009 Andre Gillette Sr 2011 Derrick Stewart Jr
2009 Will Huff Jr 2011 Hanif Sutton So
2009 Mustafaa Jones Jr 2011 Shane Thomas Jr
2009 Bradford King Sr 2011 Tony Toplyn Fr
2009 Billy Shank Fr      
2009 Justin Smith Jr 2012 La'Quan Coaxum Sr
2009 Mark Squilla Jr 2012 Jamal Custis So
2009 Danny Stewart Jr 2012 John Davis Jr
2009 Derrick Stewart Fr 2012 Troy Harper So
      2012 Maurice Heard Sr
2010 Tony Chennault Sr 2012 Lamarr Kimble Fr
2010 John Davis Fr 2012 Devahnte Mosley So
2010 Tyreek Duren Sr 2012 Ja'Quan Newton So
2010 Lamin Fulton Jr 2012 Billy Shank Sr
2010 Mustafaa Jones Sr 2012 Derrick Stewart Sr
2010 Tyrone Madison Jr 2012 Hanif Sutton Jr
2010 Dominique Reid Fr 2012 Shane Thomas Sr
2010 Matt Rodden Fr 2012 Tony Toplyn So
2010 Billy Shank So      
2010 Mark Squilla Sr 2013 Rasheed Browne Fr
2010 Danny Stewart Sr 2013 Vaughan Covington Fr
2010 Derrick Stewart So 2013 Jamal Custis Jr
2010 Hanif Sutton Fr 2013 John Davis Sr
2010 Kalem Taylor So 2013 Mike DiFrancesco So
2010 Shane Thomas So 2013 Shawn Grubb Jr
2010 Naj Verdell Sr 2013 Troy Harper Jr
      2013 Lamarr Kimble So
2011 La'Quan Coaxum Jr 2013 John Mastrando Sr
2011 Jamal Custis Fr 2013 Joe McGinley Jr
2011 John Davis So 2013 Ja'Quan Newton Jr
2011 Lamin Fulton Sr 2013 Hanif Sutton Sr
2011 Troy Harper Fr 2013 Jack Taylor So
2011 Jordan Johnson Sr 2013 Tony Toplyn Jr
      2013 Kahleem Wilkins Sr