Philadelphia Football, Basketball and Baseball
Pro Athletes Listed by Graduation Year, 1966-Forward
(Public, Catholic, Inter-Ac)
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  The list below shows graduation years for all products of Public, Catholic and Inter-Ac
schools who advanced to the NFL, NBA or MLB.
  1983 leads the way with eight. Four years are tied for second with six -- 1985, 1995,
2010 and 2015.
  There have been 83 football players, 64 basketball players and 24 baseball players.
The number of football players has greatly increased in this century while the number
of baseball players has fallen off, big time.
  * -- did not play varsity at his school.
  # -- played final season at Strath Haven after St. James closed.
  +--Chestnut Hill was not an Inter-Ac football member in that year.

Name School Grad Yr. Sport
Walter "Buddy" Harris Roxborough 1966 Base
*-Ollie Johnson Southern 1966 Bask
Erv "Stu" Staggs Edison 1966 Bask
Isaiah "Bunny" Wilson Southern 1966 Bask
Fran O'Hanlon ST More 1966 Bask
Mike Gale Overbrook 1967 Bask
Willie Sojourner Germantown 1967 Bask
Steve Coleman Germantown 1968 Foot
Larry Marshall Egan 1968 Foot
Mike Bantom Roman 1969 Bask
Tom Ingelsby O'Hara 1969 Bask
Mike Dennery Dougherty 1969 Foot
Jerry Baskerville Edison 1970 Bask
J.T. Turner Franklin 1970 Foot
John Cappelletti Bonner 1970 Foot
Don Clune O'Hara 1970 Foot
Joe Kerrigan Judge 1971 Base
Jimmie Baker Olney 1971 Bask
Andre McCarter Overbrook 1971 Bask
Joe Klecko St. James 1971 Foot
Joe Bryant Bartram 1972 Bask
Rich Laurel Overbrook 1972 Bask
Mike Sojourner Germantown 1972 Bask
Phil Walker Central 1972 Bask
Maurice "Mo" Howard SJ Prep 1972 Bask
Jeff Leonard Overbrook 1973 Base
John "Chubby" Cox Roxborough 1973 Bask
Jim Cooper Dougherty 1973 Foot
George Riley Southern 1974 Base
Tom Filer Ryan 1974 Base
Florian Kempf Dougherty 1974 Foot
Dave Jacobs Washington 1975 Foot
Michael Brooks West Cath. 1976 Bask
Mike Mayock Hav. School 1976 Foot
Gene Banks West Phila. 1977 Bask
Lewis Lloyd Overbrook 1977 Bask
Carlos Bradley Germantown 1977 Foot
David Martin Bartram 1977 Foot
Emil Boures Kenrick 1978 Foot
Gerry Feehery O'Hara 1978 Foot
Mike Kullman Ryan 1979 Foot
Mike McCloskey Judge 1979 Foot
Kevin Ingram Dobbins 1980 Foot
John Marzano Central 1981 Base
Mark Gubicza Penn Charter 1981 Base
Ralph Lewis Frankford 1981 Bask
Vic Bellamy Central 1981 Bask
Jim Gilmore North Cath. 1981 Foot
Eric Hodges Central 1982 Foot
George Winslow La Salle 1982 Foot
Frank DiMichele Neumann 1983 Base
Jim Poole La Salle 1983 Base
Ruben Amaro Penn Charter 1983 Base
Nate Blackwell Southern 1983 Bask
Dallas Comegys Roman 1983 Bask
Chris Conlin McDevitt 1983 Foot
Rich Gannon SJ Prep 1983 Foot
Harry Swayne Dougherty 1983 Foot
Bob Zupcic Egan 1984 Base
Michael Anderson Eng. and Science 1984 Bask
Paul "Snoop" Graham Franklin 1985 Bask
Greg "Bo" Kimble Dobbins 1985 Bask
Jerome "Pooh" Richardson Franklin 1985 Bask
Blair Thomas Frankford 1985 Foot
Dwayne White Southern 1985 Foot
Burt Grossman Carroll 1985 Foot
Jesse Levis Northeast 1986 Base
Emanual "Vel" Davis Kensington 1986 Bask
Lionel Simmons Southern 1986 Bask
Erik Williams Bartram 1986 Foot
Doug Overton Dobbins 1987 Bask
Larry Stewart Dobbins 1987 Bask
James Brown Mastbaum 1987 Foot
Bobby Higginson Frankford  1988 Base
Gene Schall La Salle 1988 Base
Randy Woods Franklin 1988 Bask
Brandon Moore Carroll 1988 Foot
Tom Garlick Judge 1989 Foot
Frank Wycheck Ryan 1989 Foot
Joe McEwing Egan 1990 Base
Aaron McKie Gratz 1990 Bask
Rich Owens Lincoln 1990 Foot
Charles Way Northeast 1990 Foot
Jerome Allen Episcopal 1991 Bask
Jon Clark Bartram 1991 Foot
Uhuru "Joby" Hamiter Mastbaum 1991 Foot
Lance Johnstone Germantown 1991 Foot
Marvin Harrison Roman 1991 Foot
Sean Colson Franklin LC 1992 Bask
Malik Rose Overbrook 1992 Bask
Cuttino "Cat" Mobley Dougherty 1992 Bask
Jason Lawson Olney 1993 Bask
Rasheed Wallace Gratz 1993 Bask
Marc Jackson Roman 1993 Bask
Alvin Williams Gtn. Academy 1993 Bask
Bob File Judge 1994 Base
Steve Goodrich Penn Charter 1994 Bask
#Lamar Campbell St. James 1994 Foot
+Andre Dixon Chestnut Hill 1994 Foot
Mark "Ben" Davis Malvern  1995 Base
Mike Koplove Chestnut Hill 1995 Base
Lari Ketner Roman 1995 Bask
Roderick Coleman Gratz 1995 Foot
Anthony Becht Bonner 1995 Foot
John Waerig Dougherty 1995 Foot
  None   1996  
Lynn Greer E&S 1997 Bask
Ronald "Flip" Murray Straw. Mansion 1997 Bask
Raheem Brock Dobbins 1997 Foot
Rasual Butler Roman 1998 Bask
Bryan Anderson Bartram 1998 Foot
Victor Hobson SJ Prep 1998 Foot
Jerrell Pippens West Cath. 1998 Foot
Bruce Perry Washington 1999 Foot
Eddie Griffin Roman 2000 Bask
Kyle Eckel Episcopal 2000 Foot
Steve Smith Northeast 2001 Bask
Jahri Evans Frankford 2001 Foot
Brent Grimes Northeast 2001 Foot
Kevin Jones O'Hara 2001 Foot
Scott Paxson Roman 2001 Foot
Mike Costanzo Carroll 2002 Base
Maurice "Mardy" Collins Gratz 2002 Bask
Matt Walsh Gtn. Academy 2002 Bask
Maurice Stovall Carroll 2002 Foot
Jameel McClain Washington 2003 Foot
Matt Ryan Penn Charter 2003 Foot
Dionte Christmas Fels 2004 Bask
Kyle Lowry Dougherty 2004 Bask
Rob Kurz Penn Charter 2004 Bask
Sean Singletary Penn Charter 2004 Bask
Curtis "Boonah" Brinkley West Cath. 2004 Foot
Dominique Curry Washington 2005 Foot
Steve Slaton Con.-Egan 2005 Foot
Will Barker Hav. School 2005 Foot
Wayne Ellington Episcopal 2006 Bask
Gerald Henderson Episcopal 2006 Bask
Anthony Walters O'Hara 2006 Foot
Phil Gosselin Malvern 2007 Base
Marcus Morris Prep Charter 2007 Bask
Markieff Morris Prep Charter 2007 Bask
Bradley Wanamaker Roman 2007 Bask
Tim Cooney Malvern 2008 Base
Earl Watford Gratz 2008 Foot
Nick Moody Roman 2008 Foot
Ryan Nassib Malvern 2008 Foot
Christian "Ya-Ya" Walker Kenn.-Kenrick 2009 Base
Maalik Wayns Roman 2009 Bask
Tom Savage O'Hara 2009 Foot
Brian O'Grady Wood 2010 Base
Joe Harvey Kenn.-Kenrick 2010 Base
Zaire "Bam" Anderson Frankford 2010 Foot
Al-Hajj Shabazz Bartram 2010 Foot
Corey Brown O'Hara 2010 Foot
Ibraheim Campbell Chestnut Hill 2010 Foot
Sharrif Floyd Washington 2011 Foot
Jaelen Strong West Cath. 2011 Foot
Carl Nassib Malvern 2011 Foot
Tahjere McCall E&S 2012 Bask
Will Parks Germantown 2012 Foot
Jihad Ward Bok 2012 Foot
David Williams Imhotep 2013 Foot
Will Fuller Roman 2013 Foot
Ryan Winslow La Salle 2013 Foot
Mike McGlinchey Penn Charter 2013 Foot
Daryl Worley Penn Charter 2013 Foot
Zaire Franklin La Salle 2014 Foot
Charlie Brown Washington 2015 Bask
Derrick Jones Carroll 2015 Bask
Shareef Miller Washington 2015 Foot
D.J. Moore Imhotep 2015 Foot
Ryan Bates Wood 2015 Foot
Olamide Zaccheaus SJ Prep 2015 Foot