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        Best Teammate 2013
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  Wood's Michael Drumm is Best Teammate 2013!!
a basketball and baseball player, racked up 68 points to outdistance the other members of the Big Four --
Masterman's Harry Taggart (soccer, basketball, baseball, 48 votes); Science Leadership's Andrew Chalfen (basketball, 43) and Malvern's Matt McNally (baseball, 37).
  We had 15 voters. Mike was the No. 1 choice of nine guys and placed second on three other ballots.
  Others to earn No. 1 nods: Harry (three), Andrew, Matt and
MC&S' Jeffon Powell (one apiece).
  Others to place second:
SJ Prep's Mark Hueber and Joe Kinney (twice apiece). 
Thanks to all of our voting participants. Also, like always, I hope everyone who was nominated feels extremely proud.
   Click here for pics of the plaque presentation at Michael's house.

    -- Ted Silary

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Nick Barile


Michael Drumm

   Who is the best teammate in the Public/Catholic/Inter-Ac Leagues? And why?
   Is he always upbeat? Does he never stop hustling? Is he always dependable in the clutch? Does he always know just
what to say in dark moments? Does he tell great jokes? Does he set a proper tone
in practice?
    Nominations for stars, "mediums" or lesser lights were encouraged. Once again: Only seniors were eligible to win but
anyone (parents, coaches, referees, spectators, etc.) could make nominations. Athletes in any sport were eligible.
    We took nominations through May 20, then had the squad reach a decision and announce a winner.
    We sought thoughtful nominations. We went entirely on what was written in the nominations, not the number.
    Thanks for participating!!

    -- Ted Silary


GAGE GALEONE . . . Ryan basketball

  He was the heart and soul of a team that had no business coming in the top 5 in the Catholic League. I live in the Great Northeast so I was able to take my son to a lot of Ryan games.....I made sure my son watched Gage closely because that is how I would want him to play as he gets older....Gage did everything a GREAT teammate should by his constant hustle and sound decisions when the ball was in his hands...Great teammate as well as a great student from what I hear from his father, whom I sat near during a few of Ryan's games.
-- anonymous

MARK HUEBER . . . SJ Prep basketball

I am writing to nominate Mark Hueber Saint Joe's Prep for best teammate 2013. Mark is the kind  of player that every guy on the team respects, he shows up everyday puts the most into practice and is a leader for the backup players for the Prep. Mark is a great student and is being recruited by a few D3 schools to continue playing. Mark also has the respect of the Prep parents and Coaches for his hard work and commitment to the program and the school.
-- Anonymous Catholic League Fan

CALVIN FRANCIS . . . Palumbo basketball

  I would like to nominate my Senior PG Calvin Francis for Best Teammate 2013 on behalf of Palumbo Griffin Nation. Calvin has been on the Varsity Basketball Team for 3 years but only started playing competitive basketball in the 10th grade. Over the past 2 years, often getting over looked for larger profile players, he has been the glue that hold Palumbo Basketball together and was a major reason for our history making season this year. Calvin sports an incredible 3.9 GPA while working after school and managing to be an amazing son, brother and student. What makes Calvin most worthy of this award is his humbleness. Calvin's leadership comes from his actions, not his words. I often call him "Silent Cal"!  He brings an amazing amount of class and respect to a game where that can be lost at times which has earned him the highest respect among our team and school community. I cannot think of any teammate, that I have come across, more worthy of the distinction "Best Teammate"  than "Silent" Calvin Francis.
-- Coach Tim Castanza on behalf of Palumbo Griffin Nation

HANIF SUTTON . . . Neumann-Goretti basketball

  I am writing to nominate Neumann-Goretti’s Hanif Sutton. The senior guard has battled a lot of tough challenges while in high school. He's one of the most respectful kids I ever met. I knew Hanif for 4 years and he has the respect of a lot of coaches in the Catholic League. Hanif is 5’8 and his most important aspect in basketball is defense and he is one of the best defenders I ever seen my entire life  he got All Catholic MVP for defense for being 5’8 that's hard to do, especially in the Catholic League with all of those good teams.
-- anonymous

JEFFON POWELL . . . MC&S basketball

  My nominee is JEFFON POWELL of MCS, Jeff is a great teammate who shows up every day 4 practice READY TO GO ALL OUT. Even in this his 4th year on varsity not being a starter hasn’t changed him, he has the same smile ,same attitude, which by the way is very pleasant. The guys know if he talks you better listen because he doesn’t talk often. He is a solid student and great all-around kid whom the older neighbors in south philly love to see coming their way because he always greets them.
-- anonymous

MATT ANGELOS . . . Episcopal basketball

  I would like to nominate Episcopal Academy guard Matt Angelos. I was able to get to a bunch of inter ac bball games this year with my son. I told my son to watch Matt. He was talented but was more so tough and did the little things. He was always talking to and cheering on teammates. One game I saw he took four charges and other games he seemed like he took at least two. Just seems like a kid who leads by example and plays the right way.
-- Anonymous Inter Ac Bball Fan
  I am voting for Matt Angelos for the best teammate award. Although not a captain he was one of our strongest leaders and hardest workers. He led the team in charges as well as hustle plays. He sacrificed parts of his game to contribute for the team and was very vocal in practice.
-- Chris McNeal

JOSH LaMARRA . . . Bonner-Prendie rugby

  I would like to nominate Josh LaMarra as 2013 teammate of the year for Bonner Prendie.  Josh’s work ethic in everything he does and his never quit attitude are unmatchable.  His dedication to whatever he is doing whether it be athletics or academics is endless.  Josh is at the top of his class and continually strives to improve.  His hard work earned him the starting middle linebacker position in junior year and he kept it because he never sat back on what he earned but worked hard and strived to become better with every game.  He was being recruited by colleges before his junior year was in the last semester.   We spent that summer visiting the colleges.  First day of football camp for his very anticipated Senior year season he was sidelined with a severe concussion.  He was not able to return to play for his senior year.  Heartbroken but never the quitter he turned all of his drive and dedication to working his way back to starting athlete condition to focus on his rugby season – the second love of his athletic high school life.  Josh works so hard every day focusing each workout on how it will help his team to improve.  When he is on the field he will play his heart out and help out any play or teammate that needs it, jumping into any play, in any position, even a B game when players are needed after being exhausted from playing the starting game.  His enthusiasm and hard work are contagious.  As a captain he is able to stimulate and push his team at practices, encourage and pump up his team.   With his encouragement and leadership his teammates are better for it as they all strive to work out more and work harder to be the best they can be on the field.  Josh is respected by teammates, classmates, his coaches and coaches that he has never even played for and parents and teachers.  With all of his accomplishments he is never looking for praise or awards or to be singled out because he does it to get it done, not for the recognition, which is why I would love to see him be awarded with the 2013 teammate of the year award.  
-- anonymous

ANDREW CHALFEN, Science Leadership basketball

  My teammate captain chalf short for " Andrew Chalfen " is the best teammate you can have. He is a great leader who values the game of basketball. He always had a great attitude on and off the court. If SLA had a win or loss he always respected the other players who he played against. Words I can say that describes "Captain Chalf"  is funny, competitive, positive, leader, "captain", brave, hard worker, and a wise person. Andrew is someone you can look up to on and off the court. This is why captain chalf short for " Andrew Chalfen " is the best teammate you can ever have.
-- Timothy Ingram
Andrew Chalfen has been an amazing teammate this season, even though we had a very rough season, he was always supportive and from the beginning to the end of practice he constantly was the hardest working player on the team. It wasn't just his work on the court but his leadership off the court too. He worked his way from a benchwarmer to a starter. He was very supportive of everyone, he helped everyone with problems when they came on and off the court. Especially acting as a role model for the younger players chasing a spot in the rotation. He should be the best teammate of the year because no matter what happened he backed his teammates and always supported them. He's the most loyal teammate, co captain, and friend I've ever had.
-- Jakobi Martin Howard co-captain
  Andrew Chalfen was a basketball captain for Science Leadership Academy last year. He had been the consummate teammate for three years as an undersized guard that practiced hard at 6:30 every morning - even though he rarely, if ever got into meaningful games. This past summer, her worked hard to develop his skills, and by the middle of the season, he was our starting point guard. Throughout his four years, Andrew has been a consistent pleasure to coach, has in fact been the glue that had held our program together through some very rough times. I am incredibly proud of him.
-- coach Matt Kay
  My name is Emmanuel Kouadio, I am the current water boy and manager for the Science Leadership Academy boys basketball team. I hope to one day make the team and earn a jersey. The reason I know this is possible is because Andrew Chalfen has been where I was and accomplished that goal. Andrew’s freshmen season he was the water boy who came to every practice even though they were at 6:30am. Through the years Andrew worked on his skill and athleticism each year earning more of a spot in his rotation. By the 2012-2013 basketball season Andrew not only worked his way into the a starting spot but also was the clear captain of the team. Andrew inspires me to keep working and never give up. Andrew is very kind off the court and loves to help myself and other underclassmen with schoolwork or other problems. On the court Andrew is the definition of tough. In one of the games vs Swenson school somone made a turnover leading to a fast break for the biggest player on the other team. Andrew was the ONLY one to sprint to other side of the court to play defense. As Andrew leaped the other player who might have been six or seven inchs taller leaped higher knocking Andrew out of the way to dunk the ball. We were playing at Swensons home and the crowd went crazy. Our bench looked at Andrew concerned that he might be diminished by the oo’s and ahh’s of the opposing team and their crowd. Instead Andrew leaped up and played with just as much heart and energy as before, the crowd just fueled him. After the game people were joking around talking about the play but Andrew said “hey I got the opportunity to play and get dunked on, all ive wanted for the past four years is just to get to play, and coach wasn't mad in fact he commended me for running back on defense, if i could do the whole thing over with the same result, I would.” This was the first time I had ever heard someone say they would rather get dunked on then not play defense. This is an example of why I nominate Andrew for teammate of the year. He played with heart and never took anything or anyone for granted. He supported his team through every win or loss and always gave 100% of his energy and effort. He did not worry about scoring or the fact that he was the smallest and usually only white player on the court. Andrew Chalfen is the definition of someone who leads through example and thats why I nominate him for best teammate.
-- Emmanuel Kouadio
  What makes Captain Chalf the best teammate is the unrecordable attributes he brought to our team. For example at the beginning of the season my uncle died, Andrew heard and took the time to organize the team and write a card for me telling me “no matter what happened my brothers had my back” he then followed by having every member of the team sign the card. Before our first scrimmage he approached me in private and gave me the card, looked me in the eyes, and said “we mean it”.
  Another thing Chalf brought to the team was rebounding. He was BY FAR the shortest player but the undisputed best “boxer-outer” on the team. Throughout the season Andrew would consistently rebound against the forward's and centers of the other team (usually 6 or 7 inches taller then him). He wasn't even trying to get the rebound himself, he just took upon the task of making sure the other teams big man was out of position so our big man could rebound and outlet. Against SA Douglas school Andrew got in position to make a putback on the left block from a missed three pointer with 10 seconds left in fourth quarter of a tied game. Andrew grabbed the board and made the game winning layup helping us get just our third win of the season.
Andrew earned his spot in the starting line up from a skill set completely comprised of fundamentals. Andrew earned his role as captain through putting in the time as a benchwarmer, being a vocal leader on and off the court, being a role model of a senior, and staying loyal to his teammates through a win or loss. Andrew deserves to earn the best teammate award because of his dedication to his team, his community, and his metaphorical brothers.
-- Jr. Guard, Sterling Perry
  Andrew Chalfen has been one of the best teammates I’ve ever played with. Through the ups and downs of our program at SLA, he continued to show heart on and off the court. He was always supportive a presence in the locker room. He was probably the hardest working guy in the gym every practice and game. He was the first in the gym at practice and was one of the last to leave. He has improved tremendously as a leader, as this season he was elected to be a captain. On game days he a constant presence through pre game speeches, leading us in stretches and giving great hustle on the court. I remember one game we played this season where Andrew willed his way to a rebound as he boxed out the others teams center getting the ball and drawling the obvious over the back foul. The effort he put on the floor for “his boy’s” (referring to his teammates) was one of the many gifts he gave to our program. Although he put this effort on the court, his same attitude and dedication he gave to me and his teammates off the court was just as important.  He was always getting his fellow teammates together in the hall to go over their grades and make sure everyone's grades were good. He was very supportive at school which everyone needed, he helped everyone with their problems. Finally he is a role model for me and my teammates as he worked his way from benchwarmer to captain. He should be the best teammate of the year because no matter what obstacle you through at Andrew he can always overcome it and bring and will his team up with him. “Chalf”, as we call him, is the best teammate you can ever have, willing to put it all on the line for his team and becoming influential to us all off the court. I really think he deserves this award.
-- Roger Bracy Teammate
  Andrew Chalfen and I are not just good friends but he is also one of my most extraordinary friends. We have had a lot of memorable times together where Andrew has shown why he deserves to be the best teammate. A great teammate is someone who is selfless and will always put their teammates happiness above their own. I was not a rotation player this year and at my school, not being in the rotation means you can go the entire season not playing a single minute. Towards the end of the season I had yet to score my first field goal and the opportunity time was going quickly. In a game SLA was losing by a fair amount, we had fought hard but couldn't seem to bring ourselves back into the game. With about 3 minutes left in the fourth quarter Andrew was taken out to rest. Andrew came over to the bench and sat beside the seat I had been in all game. Andrew looked over at me and then immediately started calling the coaches name “Coach Kay, Coach Kay, Coach Kay!” frustrated coach turned around and said “what Chalf?! are you trying to go back in” but instead of getting up to go back Andrew said “No coach, brandon deserves to play” The coach motioned for me to get up and come play my first minutes of the entire season. I went into the game and scored my very first basket. Andrew hadn't said anything to me before the game or even before the conversation with the coach about trying to get me minutes. After the game Andrew told me he had been in that position before of feeling like “am i ever even going to get a shot” and that while he would have loved to have gone back in he recognized how much it would mean to me to get to play. Chalf is the best teammate because hes the kind of person who works his way towards a goal, and once he achieves that goal he doesn't forget about the people who are still trying to get there.
-- Brandon Mangum Jr SLA Guard

My name is Tyler Hankinson I just finished my first year as member of the Immaculatta University basketball team. Last year I was the captain of the Science Leadership Academy basketball team. When i was a senior Andrew was a junior and neither a captain or a rotation player. Even though Andrew did not play in many games that didn't discourage him from practicing like a starter should. Andrew was the appointed leader of our second team and since he was my backup point guard it was his role to play against me in every practice of the year. Andrew worked incredibly hard at guarding me to the point where I would actually get frustrated with myself for not being able to break down this "small pesky white boy who had no place guarding a soon to be college athlete". Regardless of how many times i pushed Andrew until he fell he always got back up knowing his job wasn't finished. The reason i nominate Andrew for best teamate isn't because of all the heart and hustle that makes him a better player but his heart and hustle that made me a better player. I wouldn't be where i am today without someone challenging me every day of my senior season. Off the court Andrew was a close friend of mine who was a social leader in bringing the team together, even as a bench player he was our glue guy. During Andrews senior season I was away at college but i knew SLA's program was in good hands as long as Andrew was there. A leader should be someone who has overcome adversity which Andrew has done plenty of. He brings a sense of community and experience not just on the court but off the court as well. All of these are reasons i know Andrew should be the best teammate of the year.
-- Tyler Hankinson
  A friend of mine, Andrew Chalfen from SLA, has been nominated for his efforts during this basketball season. He is a very hard worker and an incredibly positive teammate. I have played pickup and league games with him and against him over the years and he exudes heart. I'd like to support his nomination because not only are his love of the game of basketball combined with his spirit and hard work worthy reasons for being nominated, but so is his standard for befriending all of his teammates.
-- Harry Taggart, Senior, Masterman High School
  I can start off by saying that Captain Chalfen is one of the best captains I've ever played under. Though it might sound cliche, Science Leadership Academy couldn't have asked for a more diligent captain. Though the wins were very scares during the season, we were always told to keep the spirits high, and never to look down. During our daily practices at 6:30am at Greenfield Elementary, Andrew was the first to be there, changing in to his colorful shorts and screaming for us to get ready. Andrew was the anchor of our team, and will truly be missed for my senior season of basketball. I remember my first practice when I was trying out. Chalf told me that "win or loss, we're going to have fun". I know it's cheesy, but it stuck. I ended up looking forward to traveling with the team, and playing for the win and for fun. It's safe to say that we'll have to retire Andrew Chalfen's jersey, no one can compare to a captain who shared the enthusiasm he had.
-- Nuri Bracey


COREY SHARP, Washington baseball

  I'd like to nominate my player, my son, Corey Sharp.  I assist Ken Geiser, so I am able to see the day to day.
  Though Corey isn't a "rah-rah" guy, I look at him as the glue to the team. 
  It began two years ago, he and former Washington player Jay Welte, in the dead of winter... gathered the team for indoor batting and bonding every Wednesday night.  Again, this past winter, the same thing. 
  This year, I've had the opportunity of being close to him (coaching) and seeing him operate.  On many occasions I would walk up to him and ask, "What did you just say to him"... the answer was always a positive to that player.  "You'll get it next time"  "Keep working, you'll be fine".  I think of him as the glue, because as we all know, glue holds things together but applied correctly, you don't see it.  My brother Mike and I had coached him for many years but had stopped coaching three years ago.  So for me to be up close to him,  seeing how he does things in his own way, gives me goose bumps!  In his quiet and unassuming manner he has weaved his way, like how one thread after another creates a blanket, and has helped make a team of kids.
  Along with that, Corey has worked on his own game, going to hitting instructor Kevin Wilson, and swinging the bat EVERY day and working on his fielding.  He has played flawlessly in left, and had a game saving catch there, then in extra's had the game winning double against Prep Charter.
  Funny, one of the proudest moments for me... In tenth grade, Corey had two errors in a game (in right field), essentially costing his team the game.  Randy Seidman covered the game, and wrote about what the "sophomore" did.  He spared Corey by not putting his name in print.  The first thing Corey said to me was how thankful he was to Randy for not using his name AND he wanted more instruction i.e. Kevin Wilson, so that NEVER happens again.  The next week I saw Randy and thanked him, and he told me Corey had already approached him, and thanked him...made me feel so proud.
  Corey is a straight "A" honors student, and was the first Junior to ever win the Andrew Farrell Scholarship Award for team player and leader, that Washington gives out to honor the late Andrew Farrell and the great qualities Andrew possessed.
Thank you for taking time to read this!
 -- Assistant Coach Washington High School, Craig Sharp

MATT McNALLY . . . Malvern baseball

  Two year letter winner as a backup catcher.  Always willing to catch a pen when needed.  Fully committed to the team.  Superb student in the classroom.  Loves the game and loves being a part of a winning program.  Never complains, never gets upset when he misses BP to catch a bullpen and take a beating with balls in the dirt over and over again.  Has gotten better each year just by the hardwork he puts into every drill and rep at practice.  His teammates love him.
-- Coach Freddy Hilliard
  Matt is not one to boast. So we were surprised he even told us of his nomination by Coach Hilliard. We could see on his face the satisfaction that his Coach appreciated his role on the team!  For Matt, that's all he needs to know!
-- Donna McNally, Mom
  Matt McNally (Mick as I call him), has been not only a priceless player and worker for our team, but over the past two years getting to know him, he has turned into a great friend on the field.  I got to know Mick last year when I transferred in, and started throwing bullpens to him, and he right away made a lasting impression on me.  Not only did he receive and block the ball exceptionally well, but he has caught me for hours and hours over the course of two years.  Right away I knew this kid was a gamer, and no matter how good or bad a bullpen session is, he always gives me a fist pump at the end.  Mick is always willing to catch a bullpen for anyone at anytime, and I mean anytime.  There have been multiple occasions where he'll stay well after practice or miss part of a lunch or dinner to catch our pitchers which is invaluable to a team, period.  Not only does he catch the ball real well, but he has a mind for the game as well, and can decipher spins and determine velocity differences on pitches extremely well.  Every single kid on this team loves Matt McNally, and the coaches can't stop raving about his heart and tenacity.  He is by far the toughest kid on the team, and never misses a practice or game.  Not to mention and it can be cross checked with any teammate, he is the best bunter in the Malvern baseball program.  No teammate can replace Mick, and it's going to be tough not having him around next year.  He truly is the definition of the heart and soul that is evident in a fantastic teammate.
-- Gardner Nutter
  Hello I am Ryan Hegarty.  I am a sophomore on the varsity baseball team at malvern voicing my opinion on why Matt McNally should win Teammate of the year.  When Matt is not catching the whole pitching staffs bullpens or showing everyone up in bunt drills he is cheering the rest of the team on.  He Always with a smile on his face and is the most positive kid on the team.  You can never find McNally sitting down either because he is zoned into the game cheering us on.  Without McNally I don't not think our spirits would be up like they always are.
-- Ryan Hegarty
  If anyone deserves to win this award it’s Matt McNally.  He’s been our bullpen catcher for two years now and hasn’t once complained about a lack of playing time or having to catch every single pen for us.  He’s always working hard in practice for us and is an ultimate team guy.  He brings great energy to the team and gets better every single day.
-- Joe Poduslenko
  Matt McNally definitely deserves the award. He is willing to do anything that will make our team better. Being the bullpen catcher is not easy, but Matt never once complained or had a bad attitude about doing it. He is the definition of a team player. If there is anyone that deserves this award it is Matt.
-- Jimmy Gentile
I believe Matt McNally deserves the best teammate award because he has been the bullpen catcher since his junior year.  He never complained about it once and takes pride in doing his job.  He also works extremely hard in practice everyday and pushes himself to be a better player.  Matt understands what it means to be a true team player and he certainly worries about the team before himself.
-- Brandon Gentile
  I believe that no one deserves the award more than Matt. He is a great kid on and off the field; one of the nicest kids you will meet. While his presence may not always be felt in the box score, he does so much to help our team win. He is always ready and willing to do anything our team needs him to do, whether it's catching a bullpen, sticking around a few extra minutes to catch for a pitcher, or just being a very supportive teammate, his contributions to the team are significant. I hope you take my words into consideration when making your selection for the award.
Thank you and take care.
-- Chris Butera
Malvern Prep '15
  My name is Brendan Inglis, and I am a player on Malvern Prep's baseball team. I was just writing to say that I think that Matt McNally should be nominated to be the best teammate of the year. I am one of our pitchers, and if I ever need some extra work on the side, or if I need to throw a bullpen, Matt is always there to catch me. He works hard in practice every day, and even if he doesn't play much, he is out there competing on the field during every drill, and always cheers for his teammates during games. He is an unselfish player who loves Malvern baseball to the core. If anyone would deserve an honor like this, I think it should be him.
Thank you,
-- Brendan Inglis
  I would like to nominate my teammate and good friend, Matt McNally, for best teammate of 2013.  I've played with Matt for the past two years, and the kid has more heart than any other baseball I've played on the same team as.  Whether it's working tryouts, practicing, or playing games, McNally is always upbeat, making his team better and doing it all with a great attitude.  We're both catchers, and dealing with our pitching staff is a lofty task, indeed.  However, he catches whoever asks him without a complaint, ever.  He's taken a leadership role this year, especially with the pitchers.  In the bullpens or at practices, I often hear him giving pitchers little tidbits of advice to make them and the team better.  Often, he is too busy making our pitchers better that he misses batting practice during our practices.  However, when he does hit, he goes to the opposite field better than any player I've ever seen.  His leadership also carries over to the classroom, where he's an academic stud, setting an example for the younger guys on the team to follow.  All in all, Matt McNally is the best teammate I've ever had, and as a fellow catcher and a friend, I can say he deserves this honor more than anyone.
Best Regards,
-- Steve Robinson
  I nominate Matt McNally for teammate of the year. Matt is the epitome of what the ideal teammate is. He could care less if he plays; all that matters to Matt is if we win, and that is a characteristic that not many people have. When Matt does get the opportunity to play, just like his attitude, he plays with an immense passion and love for the game. Matt has been the bullpen catcher for 2 years, and although at times I'm sure he wished he played, he always holds his head high and cheers his teammates on. Whether it is giving a scouting report on a pitcher, or building your confidence, Matt is an awesome kid/player/teammate/friend. I whole-heartily believe that Matt should win this award. I cannot think of someone better who exemplifies the traits in order to win this award. Selfless. Amicable. Passionate. A Friend. These are all qualities that Matt has that should be the reason he wins this award.
-- Dan Grandieri
  There is no one else that deserves this award more than Matt McNally.  Matt is always giving his best effort at practice, during games, and most importantly in the classroom.  He is one of the hardest workers that I have  seen, and because of this he seems to improve each and everyday.  He is always doing everything he can to make someone else better.  McNals understands the old saying that,"there is no "I" in "TEAM" more than anyone I've ever played with. Matt McNally is a true team player.
-- Mark Gentilotti
  Just wanted to weigh on your best teammate. As a Malvern Dad, I have enjoyed watching Matt's story unfold. Matt is a quality ball player and it seems to me that his skill set would have him logging major innings at most other schools.  When he has played, he has played very well.  Playing behind Steve allows very few opportunities.  A few young up and coming Catchers have limited Matt's innings even more.  Yet his work ethic remains constant, with his role clearly defined. In closing, even with Matt's limited playing time, Malvern Baseball will suffer a loss with Matt's graduation this year.  He makes Malvern Pitchers better, he makes Malvern Baseball better, and he is a great model for all who see what he does ever day. I don't really know Matt (my son tells me he is a great kid).  I am however a "fan" of Matt's as he is a shining example of what a great teammate should be.
-- Dave Butera
  I am the father of a senior on the team.  I have to echo all of the comments about Matt as I have had the opportunity of observing him the last several years.  I would like to add, however,  one more example of how much of a teammate Matt is and the character he has shown.  When the team was in Florida for their spring break week, my son forgot to pack his away jersey.  Without it, my son would not have been able to play in the games where the team wore that jersey (which was half the games).  Without any hesitation, Matt gave his jersey to my son. This meant that Matt could not play in those games. There is that old saying regarding generosity of giving someone the “shirt off his back”.  Matt did exactly that for not only my son, but the team. A team is comprised of many different components. It is when those different components act as one and put their individual goals aside for the betterment of the team that they become a team.  Matt’s actions have not only made this group of players a true team, but been a large part of the team’s success.
Nick P
  I would like to nominate Matt McNally for the Best Teammate Award. As you can tell by the number of Matt’s teammates that have responded, he is highly respected for his knowledge of the game and his loyalty to his teammates. Entering his Senior year, Matt was fully aware of his status on the team as a back up catcher. He committed to playing, continued to work hard, has never complained and has been willing to do anything to help his team. The Best Teammate of 2013 award could not be given to a better teammates or person. As a proud Grandfather, I am humbled to nominate Matt McNally.
-- Joe "Butch" McNally
  A team player is that individual whose primary interest lies with the success of the team and not his or her individual success or accomplishments. Matt McNally is that good team player. His purpose this year has been to reach a common goal of success with his teammates and he has been willing to participate fully in this determination. He has displayed dedication, commitment, loyalty and most importantly his love of the game. Matt has not worried about individual achievement, but rather, continues to demonstrated his desire for the improvement of his teammates and strives endlessly for his team’s success. It has often been said that “…its not whether you win or lose , it is how you play the game ” and as displayed in his Senior Day game Matt McNally is always ready to play the game. Matt McNally has been a role model, honor student, gentleman and the textbook teammate. I am proud to have the opportunity to nominate him for the honor of the Best Teammate 2013.
-- Kathleen McNally
Mac as I call him has been an invaluable member to the pitching staff this year at Malvern Prep. He catches countless bullpens and touch pens in practice and warms up almost all of our pitchers during games. In my 18 years on the Malvern coaching staff, I have never relied or valued the information given to me by a player as much as I rely on Mac. He tells me what kind of stuff our guy has, velocity, location and best off speed pitches. He also talks to the pitchers to let them know mechanical flaws during their sessions. I can honestly say that the 2013 Malvern Prep pitching staff would not have been as successful this year if it were not for Mac. We will truly miss him next year.
-- EJM
  I just wanted to give you another reason why Matt McNally should win best teammate.  At one of our practices last week, he was catching a bullpen for one of our pitchers who hasn't thrown too many innings this year.  The pitcher decided not to throw any offspeed pitches because he figured he wouldn't be pitching in games, so there was no point.  After he said that, Matt dropped the next pitch, on purpose.  When our pitcher asked him why he did that, McNally responded "Well I'm not going to play in the state tournament, so what's the point of me catching, right?"  The pitcher got the message, and threw his offspeed. 
-- Steve Robinson

KEVIN GAYHARDT, Episcopal basketball

  I am voting for Kevin Gayhardt from Episcopal Academy for best teammate because in addition to his contributions to the team points, he brought an energy and intensity to the game that his team would feed off of. He always has his teammates back and as the big guy on the court was always looking out for his teammates.
-- anonymous
Kevin Gayhardt: Kevin is probably the toughest kid I have ever played with. He is physically and mentally strong, and absolutely determined to win no matter what it takes. He was the glue to our team this past year, and one of the best leaders I've ever been around. Although basketball is his secondary sport, Kevin stepped up each and every game, imposing his will on our opponents. His leadership and hard work has set an example for the rest of the kids in our program to follow.
-- Connor Martin, junior teammate

JOE KINNEY, SJ Prep baseball

I am nominating Joe Kinney for best teammate for 2013. Although he doesn't have as many opportunities on the field as he would have liked the past 4 years he is always up beat and hard working in practice. He does anything he can to help the team get better and to win games. He's always keeping guys on the bench in the games and is the loudest voice from the dugout. After a bad play in the field or a bad game he's always right there in your ear reminding you to keep your head up and sometimes a nice kick in the ass when it's necessary. The entire prep baseball team, and myself especially, looks to joe Kinney for inspiration, and looks up to him as leader through his hard work, determination, and true love for the game of baseball and his teammates. Joe Kinney is a selfless teammate that we all are grateful to have. He is the definition of a perfect teammate. 
-- anonymous teammate
  I am nominating Joe Kinney for Best Teammate because he truly defines what it is to be a teammate. He is the most selfless player I have ever met. He does not play the amount of innings he would like, but he hustles at all times and sets an example. You can hear Joe at any point during a practice or game. He is always the loudest kid in the dugout. During warm-ups you can hear him yelling something to the infielders from out in right field. When he's not cheering someone on, he is picking someone up who is having a rough game. Kinney is always positive and his presence helps us in ways that cannot be reflected on the scoreboard. Next year, the team will have a hard time replacing such a selfless teammate to lead us on a successful season.
-- anonymous teammate
  Joe Kinney is the unsung hero of our baseball team. He may not be a captain and he may not get much playing time but he is a true leader of our team. He is everything you want in a teammate. He is hardworking, enthusiastic, and selfless. He has the most heart on the team. He is always the loudest kid, whether it is at practice or at a game. He is always telling people to stay focused and stay loud. He is the first one out of the dugout in between innings to greet the guys coming off the field. If you had a rough game he will take the time to give you a reassuring text when he is on his way home from the game. He does the little things that go unnoticed. Me and many of the players look up to Joe because of how good a teammate he is and it rubs off on the rest of us. Joe Kinney is the best teammate I have had.
-- anonymous teammate

MICHAEL DRUMM, Wood basketball/baseball

  I would like to nominate Mike Drumm for Best Teammate 2013. I have known Michael for 4 years. He has been part of the Basketball and Baseball Programs for all 4 years at Wood. He also played Freshman Football. Throughout his athletic career at Wood, I can tell you first-hand that Michael's impact on teammates, classmates, student-body and even his coaches has gone far beyond the court and field. If you went and talked to any of his teammates in any sports over the last 4 years, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone say anything negative about him. Michael was the type of kid who always kept teammates (and at times) his coaches loose with his outgoing personality and positive attitude. Seeing Michael develop from a  boy into a young man is another reason I am nominating him for this award. He is respectful of his teammates and coaches on a daily basis. Mike did not play a ton in his 4 years of basketball, but that did not effect him constantly cheering for teammates, trying to pick the team up during  tough stretches of games with upbeat attitude or just finding  a way to lighten the mood in the locker room. He never complained to coaches about playing time but when he was asked to go in the game, no matter the situation, he cherished the opportunity to make his family, teammates and coaches proud. As many people who follow out basketball program know, we had a players father pass away during the season, a trying time for our whole team and staff. The moment Michael made me most proud in the 4 years I have coached him was at this time. Michael spear-headed the efforts to pay tribute to the players father the following game by sending text messages to players, organizing a meeting and ways to pay respect to the player, his father and family. It was at this time I saw Michael's maturity and growth into a young man. After our season ended I have followed Michael's progress with the baseball team. In the beginning of the season, playing time was sporadic. Still, Michael never let it effect his attitude or approach. He was always at the top of the dugout cheering his teammates on throughout the game. I go to alot of the baseball games and have seen his support of all his teammates and his positive interaction with them and his coaches. Lately, in the stretch run of the season, Michael came up with several key hits as a Pinch-Hitter and was rewarded with a start in the opening round playoff win over Ryan. Without hesitation I nominate Michael Drumm for Teammate of Year '13. As a coach its not often you have a player who impacts you with his daily approach to sports and life and how he handles different situations thrown at him. I am lucky enough to say Michael granted me that opportunity.
-- Blair Klumpp- Wood Basketball Asst Coach
  I would like to second the nomination of Archbishop Wood's Mike Drumm for best teammate.  I coach Archbishop Ryan's JV baseball team, but I had the pleasure of coaching Mike before he was in high school.  I have known Mike since he was about 6 years old, and he has always impressed me with his maturity and his uncanny ability to connect to people, young and old, athletes and non-athletes.  Mike is an extraordinary young man who has a positive affect on everyone he meets.  I have had the pleasure of attending many of his high school basketball and baseball games, and it has always struck me how Mike motivates and inspires his team whether he is on the court/field or on the bench.  When my father passed away, Mike texted me his support and condolences and visited with my family -- a remarkable act considering he was only a sophomore in high school.  Not surprising, though, given that I have seen the friendship and respect he has with his own grandfather.  I guess Mike has to be ultimately judged on how he is viewed by his peers, and I have witnessed the positive emotion and the genuine good feeling he inspires among his friends.  I am certain that all the candidates for Best Teammate are worthy of the honor, but Mike, as he always has, stands above the crowd.  He well deserves the title of Best Teammate 2013.
-- Walt De Treux
I'm writing in to nominate my teammate Mike Drumm for Best Teammate of 2013. I first met Drumm when I did a shadow visit at wood as an 8th grader. Not knowing too many people at wood, I was nervous. Mike came right up to me and talked to me like I've known him for years. He introduced me to people and made me realize I was going to attend a great community at Archbishop Wood. Drumm made everybody feel welcome, in school and on the court.  I can honestly say I've never had a teammate like Drumm. For anybody whose ever watched Wood play, they can see how intense and serious our demeanors are when we play. Any good team will tell you, having fun is a big factor of success. Drumm knew exactly how to ease the tension and make people laugh. Whenever I'd get too hard on myself, I could always count on Drumm to say something that would make me laugh it off and relax. Mike wasn't just a team clown, he went hard in our practices. If you were scrimmaging against Mike, you could always count on him working hard to get open, hitting a few deep threes, and diving on the ground for loose balls. Mike accepted his role on the team and put maximum effort into being the best he could be at it. Mike's true character showed as he assisted me through the hardest time of my life. When my father, Brian, passed away in the middle of our season, my teammates and coaches rallied around me and my family. Drumm, along with our other seniors Tj Kuhar and Shane Naher, were instrumental in organizing tributes to my Dad. When we played Archbishop Ryan two days after he passed away, Drumm and my teammates got the largest crowd I've ever seen in that gym to show up in support. Even though we lost, I look back to that night as a major event that helped my family ease the pain of my Dad's passing. Mike was always great making sure I was ok by either asking how I'm doing or sending texts of support. Ill never forget how Mike, my other teammates, and the coaching staff got me through that period in my life. Mike has all the characteristics you want in a teammate. For all he's done for me through his great attitude and support, I think he undoubtedly deserves the Best Teammate Award for 2013.
-- Pat Smith, Wood, Junior
  I have played with mike Drumm on the basketball court and baseball field a lot over the past two years, and the kid is always smiling and making everyone around him feel good. He's the loudest on the bench when he's not in the game and he's the first to pick you up after a bad play. Specifically, mike gathered our basketball team together and prepared a tribute to Brian Smith, teammate Pat Smith's father who had suddenly passed away. Mike brought the team even closer than we already were through this tough time and honored Mr. Smith. I speak for everyone who has ever played with Mike when I say I couldn't ask for a better teammate and there's no one else who I'd rather play with. Mike Drumm deserves this award because he's the best teammate I've played with.
-- Matt Funk
  I'm writing on behalf of Mike Drumm on being Best Teammate 2013. I grew up playing basketball and baseball against Drumm since 5th grade. Even in 5th grade everyone in the CYO league knew drumm by name because of his charismatic nature. Win or lose, good or bad play, he was always there easing the tension for all of his teammates and even some of the grown adult coaches and parents involved. He was the kid I used to butt heads with on the court during the close games, but whether he came out on top or I did, he was always so genuine complementing you on how well you played afterwards you could never stay mad at him. Although I had a tragic injury in 8th grade that prevented me from playing sports anymore and ever being one of Drumm's true "teammates" I have still witnessed him in action for all 4 of my high school years. I was a big athlete growing up so naturally I always stayed involved with the basketball and baseball teams he was on all through high school at wood. In grade school Mike was the show. He was the best player on his teams. But in high school in both basketball and baseball he never wound up getting much playing time. And unlike most kids in that situation, his attitude towards the coaches, players, and the sport itself never changed. I have never seen a kid who had more pride in his teammates out on the field or the court than Mike. So many times kids choose to quit their sport when their playing time dwindles, and they'll grow bitter towards their former coaches and even players. But he loved the sports and his teammates so much he didn't care about the playing time anymore. He still went to practice and worked as hard as anyone there. He did what he could to keep everybody loose at the same time too. Never failed to make people laugh at the right time. As a spectator you don't see many kids on the bench as excited, or maybe even more excited to win a big game than Mike. To prove how hard he works day in and day out at practice, he even earned the starting DH spot in the lineup for Wood's first round playoff baseball game against Archbishop Ryan. This is why I believe he is by far the best candidate for best teammate this year. 
-- Jeff McDonald
  I've had the pleasure of playing jv/varsity basketball with Mike Drumm in my first couple years at Archbishop Wood, and I'm here to tell you that Michael is the best candidate for this award. Practice or game mike always gave his all, this dates back to playing against him in cyo basketball. He was constantly diving on the floor and working harder then everyone on the court. This carried over right into high school. Although only playing acouple years with him his impact on the team was always tremendous. No matter what happened he always kept a positive attitude. He was always quick to pick you up after a bad game no matter what. His attitude and dedication to his sports instantly brought his teams closer together. I strongly believe Michael is the best candidate for teammate of the year 2013.
-- Dan Trodden
  I'm writing to nominate my cousin, Mike Drumm.  Michael is someone that we have always known to be somewhat of a gentle warrior, except for at his third birthday party, but we won't talk about that.  He is a kind person.  He is a brave person.  Kind people are brave people. I read once that brave is not a feeling that you should wait for. It is a decision. It is a decision that compassion is more important than fear, than fitting in, than following the crowd.  Mike doesn't follow the crowd, he leads the crowd and doesn't leave a single member behind.  You are drawn to his character before he opens his mouth.  On the field, and more importantly in the game of life, Mike not only gives his best, but he is brave and grateful.  He is compassionate to any and to all and compassion is a form of strength.  I'm never shocked by the stories of Michael's dedication and compassion.  He is one of the good ones.  He makes people want to strive to be better.  He makes me realize we all can be a little better by getting back to the basics of our human spirit and just lend that hand, cheer that one on, encourage success to the struggling, take time for the young and old alike, and simply share your compassion and kindness.  To sum it up, Mike embodies all that we want to be: authentic, funny, loving, strong, and compassionate.
-- Deanna Drumm
  I'm writing this on behalf of my best friend Mike Drumm who I know is the best teammate around. If you ask anyone who has had the privilege of playing with Mike, they will tell you that he is one of a kind. The kid can lighten up any situation and he brings positive vibe no matter what. A fellow player could be getting chewed out by the coach one minute and be down on himself and next thing you know Mike has him laughing and upbeat. Never have I met someone that is so dedicated to his teammates. He makes personal sacrifices just to support his "boys". Mike even missed out on senior skip day so he could be at school to see his baseball teammates on signing day. He knows he's not the star on his team and that's why he works so hard to do everything in his power to make everyone around him better. During baseball games his cheering can be heard from anywhere on the diamond. The players around him definitely feed off his energy and encouragement. He is more than just a teammate, he's a friend. Mike considers all his teammates as his best friends and I know that he would do anything for them. Without Mike, the last four years of Archbishop Wood sports would have been completely different. Mike is like a brother to me, I grew up with him and know everything about him. One of the things I know is that he definitely deserves the honor of being named teammate of the year 2013. There's no one else like you Mike.
-- Brendan Furlong - Wood Lacrosse
  Over the last year and a half I have had the pleasure of getting to know and becoming friends with Mr. Mike Drumm.  Mike is a one of kind person with a personality that I don't think anyone can describe(good thing). There is never a time when I don't see mike smiling on and off the field. When I see him school he always greets me with a "how are you Rick". He comes up with nicknames for me and everyone of them crack me up. Overall mike is a great teammate who never says anything bad about a teammates performance even when that person is struggling. It's not just about his attitude in the dugout but it's outside of lines where mike shines, overall he is just a great guy and its an honor to call him a friend. There is still much I don't know about mike but I do know that he is a great teammate and an even better Person
-- Erik Bowren Archbishop Wood Baseball
Mike drumm is one of the nicest and kindest  kids I know, I've been playing with mike for four years and every year is a great year with mike on my team. Everyone enjoys his presence. Mikes a great athlete and even a better teammate, mike also is a great Friend of mine.
-- Joe Santospago
  I don't even know where to start with this kid. Mike and I grew up with each other. Preschool, grade school, high school you name it, we've always been around each other growing up. Believe me when I say this, there is no one more compassionate toward their family, friends, or teammates more than this kid. He'll be the first one screaming from the dugout once one of his teammates are up to bat and he'll be the first one to leave the dugout when a winning run comes in. He's dedicated to every team he plays for, never missed a practice, never gives up on something that he's struggling with, and he gets the job done no matter what. There's not one bad thing you can say about this kid. I'm proud to call him one of my best friends. Not a lot of people like drummy come around, and if you don't know him I feel bad for you, he's definitely one of a kind. There's not too many people that get the chance that me and my friends to have such a good friend like mike and I could write paragraph after paragraph about this kid but I'll end it at that. Gonna miss the hell out of this kid once he leaves for college. Mike Drumm for best teammate 2013.
-- Drew Stricker 
  I was the manager of the wood basketball team for two years, and now I play varsity baseball with the one and only mike Drumm. You can't find a more polite, nicer kid out there. When I was a freshman I barely knew anyone, and being the manager I could have easily felt left out or even ignored. Mike immediately made me feel apart of the team an made those two years so much fun. He has a great sense of humor an not only that but gives his all everyday. Mike Drumm is the best teammate hands down.
-- Dominick McFadden
  If you were to look up the word character in the dictionary Mike Drumms picture would appear. Sounds cliche but I truly mean it. I've known Mike for 4 years now and they have been the best 4 years of my life so far. I've been playing baseball with Mike for 4 years and its crazy that we are seniors making a run at a title as I write today. On the baseball field and on the court Mike has a phenomenal attitude towards his teammates. He comes to practice with a smile on his face everyday and usually looking to make someone laugh. I can expect Mike to be the first one to greet me when I get a big hit and when I make an error, and that's what makes him so special. He has a tremendous passion for the game of basketball and baseball. I admire that Mike accepted his role on the basketball team and made the best of it. Watching the year he is having in baseball brings a smile to my face because he waited for his shot and now he is making it happen. There's something special about Mike which I think credits a lot to his parents because they raised a gentleman. Next year going of to college I truly am going to miss Mike. Our senior year together has been one to remember, and it is going to bring a tear to my eye when we leave for school at the end of the summer. I can go on and write a book about Mike but I'm just going to end with there is not a better person to receive this award then Michael Drumm. Best of luck Mike!
-- John Santospago
  I'm writing this to nominate my teammate Mike Drumm for best teammate of the year. Meeting mike freshman year he immediately had an impact on me. His high spirit and true sportsmanship sets the standards that every athlete should have. What he brings to a team is almost unheard of. Whenever a game/play does not go in your favor Michael is the first person to greet you with a high five and says "get them next time".  No matter if he starts or sits that does not effect his cheering on for the team. When I'm on the mound no matter where Mike is either in the outfeild or dugout, I can here him screaming "lets get em scotty!" His actions go way beyond the basketball court and baseball feild. Hes always saying hi to people in the hallways and making sure their alright when they don't seem like themselves. The respect he shows to all the parents at games is the respect of a true gentleman.  I can honestly say I our sports teams would no be as productive as we are with Mike being there through the thick and thin. I am honored to have this kid as my teammate and we are very lucky to have such a kid associated with us. Mike is a phenomenal kid and truly deserves to win this award. I'm going to absolutely miss him next year as a friend and a teammate as we go to college.
-- Scott Boches
  After baseball practices in my son's freshman year, he used to say this kid Drumm was funny, and didn't care if we won or lost.  Following year, my son reported Drumm was "funny", and was always talking.  In year three I got to introduce myself to Michael Drumm and get to know him, almost instantly developing respect for a pretty cool kid that no matter what he has been through on the court or field, always views the glass half full.  I have admired his demeanor on the court, his energy on the field.  I have grown fond of his ability to develop rapport with his team, and more impressively, the parents of his teammates.  A simple hello won't do for Michael.  When he ask's how are you, he pauses for a response, and will always follow with another question, wanting the conversation to continue.  They say organizations are successful when filled with people that believe, and every organization (team) is challenged to surround it with positive people.  I have a strong sense that even if Michael does not win this award, he will win on the field of life, and any university, organization, or community he becomes involved with will benefit.   I have never met a more qualified candidate than Michael Drumm for Teammate of the year.
-- Robert Babb
  I would like to nominate Mike Drumm for the 2013 player of the year. I don't know where to start with this kid I could probably write a book on all of the reasons he should receive this award. I've known mike since we were about 6 years old we played basketball and baseball together for many years. Over the past 4 years mike has become more of a brother to me and I think a big reason for this was because we were always together at basketball and we live 2 minutes from each other. I've never met a kid like him, he is the first one to pick you up after a tough loss or a bad play. No matter how he was feeling he was always there to help you and not worry about himself. The kid never missed a practice or took a day off and even if he wasn't playing as much as he wanted he still practiced harder then anyone on the floor and when he got time on the floor he made sure every second counted. He is so unselfish and the team always came first to him, individual stats did not matter to him and you don't get many high school athletes who are like that. Mike is one of the greatest people I know, not just as a teammate, but as a friend. There isn't a time when he can't make me laugh no matter how bad of a day I might be having. I'm happy I can say I know mike and believe he is the best candidate for the 2013 teammate of the year.
-- TJ Kuhar, teammate and friend of Mike.

Mike is a great person and an even better cousin. Through the years I have seen mike grow as a man on and off the court.  He is a strong young man who knows how to fight adversity and to shrug off the negatives and embrace the positives.  I am a 2006 graduate of the late but still great North Catholic and our motto at North was to take hold and never let go.  I seen in mike throughout his years that he has taken hold of his opportunity as a teammate and has and never will let go of the man that he already has become.
-- Bobby Finn North Catholic 06
  I am writing this letter to nominate my teammate and friend Mike Drumm as best teammate of 2013. Getting to know Mike has truly been a blessing. Mike is one of those kids that will always lighten a situation and will always be there to pick you up. The way he cheers on the team at every game and keeps everyone upbeat and positive gives us the power to continue to play even if we are down. He also has had a huge impact on this season for us and continues to do so through this current playoff run. He has come up clutch in many games and never folds under pressure. I am truly honored that I have been able to spend these last four years of my life with Mike. We have formed a great friendship and I know he is always there for me. Mike is an awesome kid and he is truly deserving of the award Best Teammate 2013.
-- Colt Smith - Archbishop Wood Baseball
  Hello my name is Nicholas Ortiz and I’m the President of the Student Council at Archbishop Wood High School, I’m also the announcer for our basketball teams. I have had the great pleasure of knowing my good friend Mike for all of high school. Besides being one of the funniest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, he is also one of the most caring and respectful kids I know. He is the literal definition of the “Best Teammate”. From his outgoing and positive attitude towards the sport itself, all the way to his hysterical personality off the playing field. Mike makes you want to be around him. I can’t honestly tell you in the three years at Wood where I have announced basketball games where the fans go crazier when someone makes a shot. And when I say they go crazy, I mean the go absolutely berserk!!! And the reason these people get so emotional when he drains those shots is because, they love him. I see him before, after, and even during the games; laughing, high fiving, and all around just having a good time. And that right there is what makes people, especially his teammates love him. They feed off his positive energy and then can play the way they do because of him. I feel that if anyone was ever having a hard time or was troubled in some way, Mike would always be there for you. He is the kind of person that can make you laugh even if you just lost by 30. He is the epitome of The Best Teammate. As you can all tell, I would like to nominate Mike Drumm for Best Teammate 2013
-- Nick Ortiz

HARRY TAGGART, Masterman soccer/basketball/baseball

  I would like to nominate Harry Taggart for the Best Teammate of the Year because of his willingness to do whatever it takes to win. Over the past four years, I've played with Harry. Each year he has been the hardest worker, best leader, and the strongest supporter of the "team" concept. Harry is the kind of the teammate who doesn't need a lot of shots or many touches, but will grab every rebound, will make the extra pass, and will constantly encourage his teammates. Throughout high school, I have accumulated over one thousand points, something that would not be possible if I did not have Harry's spot on assists or constant encouragement. He brings more to our team than simple scoring; he brings defense, structure, and charisma. When Harry was injured, our team faced many obstacles. That's when I truly realized that he was the glue that held us together. Harry Taggart is definitely our "best teammate" and was an essential part to our team's success.
-- Mike Sturdivant, Masterman basketball
  Hello, my name is Ahmed Elhassan. I am a junior at JR Masterman High School and I would like to nominate my teammate Harry. I have played soccer with Harry for 3 years now and I can honestly say of all the teammates I have ever had Harry is by far the best. He pushed our team in every possible way both on and off the field. For example, during my sophomore season, I was having trouble with my shooting and without me even having to ask, Harry helped me. He went beyond just the small pointers and actually stay behind and fixed my form. This is not an uncharacteristic thing for Harry to do in fact many times during the season he went out of his way to help the members of his team. Harry's actions off the field are also testaments to his being the best teammate, Harry was and is always willing to provide help in any kind of school work we have trouble in and patiently explains anything from a hard math problem to a literary concept. However, perhaps the quality that truly makes Harry Taggart the best teammate in the public league is his dedication. Harry is severely dedicated to both his team and his teammates in such a way that forces us to want to improve not only for our sake but for his as well. He schedules extra practices and does so much not only to help improve our soccer but also improve our cohesiveness as a team. He is the glue that holds our team together and was the driving force behind our season. Personally, through my three years of playing alongside Harry, he has grown from just a teammate to a brother; and I can speak not only on my behalf but that of Masterman school when I say that Harry deserves the honor of best teammate in the public league.
Yours Truly
-- Ahmed Elhassan
  I would like to nominate Harry Taggart for Best Teammate 2013. I have managed the Boys Basketball Team at our high school for many years, and it has been an honor to see Harry in action. We have many essential players on our team, and Harry is definitely one of them. He never prioritizes scoring; he does all of the little things necessary to secure a well-fought win. He goes for every rebound and every assist possible. I've also never seen someone so passionate about the game before. Not only does he know and love basketball, but he is also the core of the soccer and baseball team. He works on himself and does his research. Harry is also one of the most encouraging and dedicated athletes that I have ever met. He's played through injuries and has come back better than before. When speaking to him before, during, or after a game, you just get a good feeling and you know that he always has his head in the game. I know that our team would definitely not have been as successful without him. Harry lays his heart on whatever field or court he is playing on, and that's exactly what a best teammate is supposed to do.
Thank you so much for your time and your consideration!
-- Selena Castro
  I am writing you for the purpose of nominating senior athlete Harry Taggart of Julia R Masterman for Best Teammate 2013. Harry has been a 3 sport (soccer, basketball, and baseball) Varsity Athlete in all 4 years of his high school career and has played a huge role for each of those respective teams while also maintaining a high GPA and being an honor student. Having been the Assistant Varsity Basketball coach for the past 4 years, I know him mostly through basketball, although I'm sure his  other coaches would give him the same amount of praise as I am. As he entered into 9th grade, I already had my scouting report on him -- the kid was a gifted athlete. He would always tell me about how he was one of the top scorers on his AAU Team (Palumbo) and how he planned on contributing that at the varsity level. Now, if you look through his stats from 2009 up to now, you'll see that the scoring didn't quite pan out as he had hoped it would. We had more talented scorers on the team to give the ball to -- that was just fact. But he never let that affect his game or his work ethic. Mr. Taggart has contributed much more to this team than any amount of points could have. Many opposing players have done their share of trash talking to him in an attempt to psych him out, but by the end of the game all their respect has been earned because of both his physical and mental toughness. Taggart's mental fortitude during games did not only help his performance individually, but it always gave the team a huge boost. He inspired the team and made all of the players around him better. Whether it was a big rebound or a pin point pass, his contribution to the team was just as significant as our leading scorers -- which was seen when he would be out of the game for foul trouble and during the brief period of his injury. Aside from his in game performance, Harry was a presence in the locker room -- so much that Head Coach John Gannon elected to name him our 3rd captain midway through the season. He was never afraid to name the mistakes we were making as a team and how we could improve on them. All he wanted for us to do was to win. He knew that in order to do that, he'd have to call out teammates and tell them what was wrong. The best part about all of that is that he left all of it out on the court. No matter who he may have butt heads with during the game, be it a coach, a teammate, or an official; once the post game speech in the locker room was over he would be laughing and joking with everybody as if we haven't even played a hard fought game. That is what kept the harmony among our team. Harry Taggart is the Best Teammate of 2013 because of his passion to make everybody around him better. His passion for the team to succeed. His passion to win. And most importantly, his passion in recognizing that not only this year, but the past 4 years  was an experience that he has shared with the guys he has been in school with since 5th grade. After every tough loss, I would always remember him say "I just wanna win with my boys." As he proceeds towards graduation and prepares to enter the University of Pennsylvania in the Fall, it is that passion and team mentality that will drive him towards success and a bright future.
-- Assistant Coach Kristian Pel - Masterman Blue Dragons
  Harry Taggart of Masterman High School embodies Best Teammate 2013. For the past four years I have had the honor to watch him excel in varsity soccer, basketball, and baseball. Despite countless injuries, he has powered through during each season and has garnered numerous accolades, including the title of all-time leading scorer in soccer. During the 2012-2013 basketball season he quickly recovered from a sprained ankle and continued to be a selfless teammate, setting his team up to shoot rather than take shots himself. As a member of the baseball team, Harry helped lead his team to the playoffs. As a captain of each of these sports his senior year, Harry has demonstrated his determination and drive to always try his hardest and do what is best for his team. Over the past four years he has not only had great achievements athletically, but he has maintained terrific grades and had many academic accomplishments including gaining membership to the National Honor Society and being admitted to the University of Pennsylvania. I firmly believe that he is the best teammate in Philadelphia.
-- Samantha Ashok
  My name is Jacob Nelson and I would like to nominate Harry Taggart for the best teammate award. I've been playing baseball with Harry at Masterman for two years now.  Harry has always been a kind and constructive teammate.  He congratulates you when you succeed, and tells you to shake it off when you don't.  He has been a great teammate over these past two years and certainly deserves this award.
-- Jacob Nelson
  Harry Taggart is the most passionate person I know, in all aspects of life. As a good friend, I truly admire him for his great leadership, grit, and sense of humor. It’s no small feat to play a varsity sport for the autumn, winter, and spring seasons during all four years of high school, but Taggart did just that. Harry was the captain of his soccer, basketball, and baseball teams, but I personally witnessed Harry’s talents during the basketball season. As the team’s statistician, I noticed how Harry almost always led the team in assists, blocks, and rebounds. However, these statistics alone do not reflect what an amazing player he is. He never hesitated to pass up the ball to create a seemingly effortless play. The whole team depended on Harry for his unselfish athleticism. Harry deserves to be named the Best Teammate in the Public League in 2013 because he fully embodies the phrase “team player.” Taggart not only tries to improve his own technique, but he also motivates his teammates to do the same. He is a driven, courageous, and intelligent young man and I know for certain the lessons he has learned through sports – compassion, motivation, and teamwork – will take him very far in life.
-- Brittany Hodges, good friend 
  Harry Taggart, senior at Masterman High School, is the best teammate in the Public League. As a basketball manager, I have witnessed Harry's selflessness and tenacity on the court first hand. He would sacrifice shots for other teammates, and he would always be quick to get the rebounds. Harry's character and determination shined through when Masterman was behind on the scoreboard. Harry would encourage and motivate his teammates to never give up, even in the final seconds of the game. Not only did Harry show leadership skills in basketball, but he has also shown leadership skills as a captain of Varsity Soccer and Varsity Baseball. Besides being an outstanding player in both sports, Harry continually tries to make his teammates look good. He has a great personality and he always stays positive. Harry is an ideal teammate for any sport he plays, and hopefully he will share these characteristics at the University of Pennsylvania next year.
-- Stephanie Hodges
  It is an honor for me to nominate Harry Taggart for the 2013 Best Teammate Award. Harry Taggart is a three sport varsity player at Masterman, and is an important leader on each team. Harry is an incredible athlete and can make a difference on any team that he plays on. He pitches and scores runs for the baseball team, scores goals for the soccer team, but I know him best as an athlete as a four year varsity basketball player. This was a special experience to me because of the way Harry impacted this team. It was not like in the other two sports in which he would be considered the star player. On the basketball team, Harry gave all of the effort and served as the most influential vocal leader. When the morale of the team was at a trough, Harry as the one to lift us up. For this to come from someone who was not a “star” on this team shows how great of a teammate he is. Harry knows his role on every team and does not step out of it for any selfish reasons. Once again I am honored to nominate my friend/brother Harry Taggart for the 2013 best teammate award.
-- Gary Bryant Jr.
  My name is Andrew Chalfen from Science Leadership Academy. Harry and I have been playing basketball together since we were about 11 years old, starting at penn basketball camp. Back then Harry was rockin the mullet and i was just as "fly" with my curly white boy fro. Over the years Harry and I have bonded not just on the court but off it as well. Hes been my teammate on the court, my peer as a student, my friend on the playground, and an adversary in the public basketball league. He has grown from an acquaintance, to teammate, to a friend, to a brother. I am happy to support his nomination.
-- Andrew Chalfen
  I would like to nominate Harry Taggart as the best teammate of the 2013 year. I've had the pleasure of playing soccer with Harry for the 2012-2013 fall season; and let me tell you, finding someone as helpful, caring, and willing to help as Harry is hard to come across. He was one of the co-captians on the team and he took the full potential of that role. He helped anyone and everyone when he saw a mistake. Instead of yelling, or getting discouraged, he came to us during our huddles or practices, and told us what he saw. He listened to people when they needed help, or needed to tell him something, and his confidence and unique skill brushed off on the whole team. His inevitable determination led our players and our team to the several winnings in the season. I am a freshman, and this was my first and last year playing with Harry. I know that we will never have someone who has been such a help on the team as he was, so the only thing I am trying to work on is to be even close to that kind of teammate.
-- David Zamarin
  Hello. This is a little late, but I just got back from school so I hope it can be considered. My name is Greg Whitehorn and I'm a 10th grader at Masterman. I completely recommend Harry Taggart to win the best teammate award. Throughout my two years on the baseball team, Harry has been a great leader and has lead by example. He works harder than anyone on the team, and probably anyone in the entire league. He cares about our team greatly. Harry has helped me when I needed some advice on pitching or fielding or hitting. 
All in all, Harry has been a great teammate throughout the years and has helped me learn how to become a great baseball player.
-- Greg Whitehorn
  I would like to nominate Harry Taggart as the best teammate in the public league. He is the ultimate competitor. He always knows how to spark our team with energy when we need it most. He constantly makes sacrifices to better the team which is what everyone looks for in a teammate. I played basketball with him for the past 4 years and every season he put his heart out there on the court. He has the will and strength to carry a team out there on the baseball field. I had the pleasure of playing with him for 1 season. Although I was not the best baseball player, he was constantly giving me tips on how to improve my game. I love playing with him and could not have asked for a better teammate.
-- Malcolm Carrington
  I would like to nominate my baby brother Harry Taggart for Best Teammate 2013. Harry has always been good at sports. But what makes Harry so good at sports isn't just his athleticism and talent (although that has certainly helped), rather his understanding that resting on his laurels is never enough. Not for him and not for his team. What makes Harry so good at sports is his understanding that it takes more than just being a great athlete to be "so good at sports" - it takes being a great teammate. Harry leads by example. He works hard and pushes his teammates to work hard as well. Then he works hard some more. Harry is a leader. He knows that he is often the best player on the court or the field but he is not selfish or cocky. Most importantly, Harry wants to win. But not just for himself. He has never really been attracted to the solo sports. He wants to lead a band of brothers into battle and wants nothing more than to come out on top. Harry has devoted the entirety of his high school career, and much of his life, to sports. Most kids rush home after school but Harry lives for those afternoon practices where he and his teammates can build and get better. And work hard. Even though Harry is eight years younger than I am, he has taught me more than he ever knows - about work ethic, determination, teamwork, and leadership. Whether he wins Best Teammate 2013 or not, I know that he is.
Thanks in advance,
-- Sam Taggart
Harry Taggart's Big Brother
  Harry Taggart is a remarkable person on and off the field. Whether it is varsity soccer, basketball, baseball, or even dodge ball for school events, he always perseveres despite of adversity and injury and always inspires his teammates to perform to the best of their abilities in every game and practice. This past year he was Captain of Masterman’s soccer, basketball, and baseball teams because the coaches recognized his willingness to exceed their expectations and to never back down from a challenge. Harry gives his all, transcending his physical limits, and sometimes even having to put the whole team on his back. His teammates and fellow athletes approach him for advice on the improvement of their performance, which he is always willing to give. He’s an inspiration to not only his teammates but to everyone who knows him. Harry encourages people to never stop working hard even at the practices he schedules during his free time. He loves his teammates and cares for their well being, going above and beyond to help them not just in the game but in their academic subjects as well. As an underclassman at Masterman, Harry is an exemplary student and athlete who I look up to and who inspires me. I believe there is no better high school senior than Harry Taggart that should win best teammate in the Public League.
Thank you very much,
-- Allesandra Mullin
  Harry is by far the best teammate I have had in my four years of high school. He always gives the team his maximum effort every time he steps on to the field or the basketball court. No matter how well he is playing he always wants others to play just as well if not better. He is always encouraging to the team and always has positive things to say when he sees something that doesn't look right. He's the ultimate competitor and winner and he never gives up. He in my opinion is the best teammate in any league in philadelphia.
-- Jack Christmas