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This Is How You Break a Drought

  After having won no Catholic League championships since 1978, Archbishop
Wood won three consecutive Blue Division titles (under two coaches) from

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Star receiver Chris Lorditch (R)


  Art Barrett  
28 Hatboro-Horsham 14
canc. *Tennent  
  Blue Regular Season  
16 Carroll 12
28 Dougherty 0
51 North Catholic 0
17 McDevitt 13
27 Conwell-Egan 0
17 Neumann 7
20 West Catholic 7
20 Kennedy-Kenrick 3
  Blue Playoffs  
13 Neumann 7
17 West Catholic 14
254 8-0 Blue / 11-0 overall 77
  Joe Powel  
12 O'Hara 28
13 SJ Prep 28
  Blue Regular Season  
12 West Catholic 20
41 Kennedy-Kenrick 7
14 Carroll 27
33 Dougherty 10
35 North Catholic 0
16 McDevitt 6
23 Conwell-Egan 13
27 Neumann-Goretti 0
  Blue Playoffs  
40 Conwell-Egan 20
29 West Catholic 0
295 6-2 Blue / 8-4 overall 159
  Coach Joe Powel  
0 O'Hara 26
21 Penn Charter 14
26 Ryan 28
  Blue Regular Season  
21 Carroll 6
28 Kennedy-Kenrick 7
28 Neumann-Goretti 7
35 McDevitt 8
35 Conwell-Egan 0
42 Dougherty 6
23 West Catholic 12
  Blue Playoffs  
43 Conwell-Egan 0
30 West Catholic 12
382 7-0 Blue / 10-2 overall 126
931 21-2 Blue / 29-6 overall 362
26.6 Points Per Game 10.3
Archbishop Wood's Three Straight CL Blue Titles,

 This story was written after the Vikings, in coach Art Barrett's final game, capped a perfect season by beating West Catholic, 17-14. It was their first title in 25 years.

By Ted Silary
  Once he's finished with football, Shane Rose has a future doing rapid-fire disclaimers at the end of commercials.
  The subject shortly after 9 o'clock last night at Northeast High's chilly Charlie Martin Memorial Stadium was the stretch run of the twice-postponed Catholic Blue final, and Rose was on a roll.
  "I kept telling the guys, 'Look at the sidelines!' " he said. " 'We've got four plays [to go]! Three plays! Two plays! One play.' . . . Then it came down to a minute left and I told the guys, 'A minute left in our football careers! As a team! As a family! The Killer Bees! This is it! There's nothing after this night!' " . . .
  "You guys get all that?" he asked, smiling. "I know it was a lot. "
  A tape recorder is a wonderful thing. So is a championship game that comes down to the very end.
  Rose had every reason to talk a mile a minute, and to appear to be hovering a few inches above the ground.
  Archbishop Wood High had just bested West Catholic, 17-14, to earn the school's first grid title since 1978, as well as its first perfect season (11-0) in the program's 38-year history.
  Rose, a 5-10, 190-pound senior, and an outside linebacker or strong safety, depending on the defensive alignment, made six tackles total. Two came on West's final set of downs and the man he had to stop, pretty much one-on-one, was merely the leading career rusher in city history, Curtis "Boonah" Brinkley.
  A nerve-wracking assignment, eh?
  "He's just like any other back," Rose spat out. "Hey, who wants to tackle [Wood sophomore] Bryan McCartney? I've played against good backs and bad backs. Whatever you want to give me, I'm ready. "
  A leaping catch by sophomore wideout John Maddox had given West first-and-10 at the Wood 34.
  The sequence thereafter: Rose stopped Brinkley for a 4-yard gain on a sweep right; Will Burke threw long to Maddox in the left corner of the end zone and Tim Kilkenny (earlier interception) made a great defensive play; Rose dropped Brinkley for a 1-yard loss on another sweep right; and Burke, under pressure from end Jack Ayling, was unable to hit Evan Polk on the left sideline at 0:15. 
  continued right below . . .

  Yards Year
Bryan McCartney 224 2004
Bryan McCartney 203 2003
Bryan McCartney 200 2004
Bryan McCartney 178 2003
Bryan McCartney 167 2003
Bryan McCartney 167 2003
Bryan McCartney 157 2005
Bryan McCartney 142 2005
Bryan McCartney 134 2003
Bryan McCartney 132 2004
Bryan McCartney 131 2005
Pat McAfee 128 2004
  Yards Year
Joe Kosich 274 2005
Chris Hanson 211 2004
Chris Hanson 191 2004
Chris Hanson 189 2004
Joe Kosich 166 2005
Joe Kosich 164 2005
Joe Kosich 157 2005
Chris Hanson 142 2004
Chris Hanson 141 2004
Joe Kosich 139 2005
Chris Hanson 127 2004
Joe Kosich 98 2004
  Yards Year
Chris Lorditch 164 2005
Pat Devlin 125 2005
Chris Lorditch 111 2004
James Harrigan 93 2004
Chris Lorditch 89 2004
Chris Lorditch 78 2004
Chris Lorditch 73 2005
Matt Little 70 2005
Chris Lorditch 59 2004
Pat Devlin 57 2005
Matt Little 57 2005
Chris Lorditch 57 2004
  Yards Year
Chris Lorditch 111 2005
Bryan McCartney 76 2005
Bryan McCartney 72 2003
Bryan McCartney 72 2004
Chris Lorditch 66 2004
Matt Little 60 2005
Dane Mangin 48 2003
Tom Laurich 39 2003
Michael Kruzits 30 2003
Ryan Dolan 26 2004
James Harrigan 26 2004
Bryan Howard 25 2004


  Coach Art Barrett, who several weeks ago announced his resignation, was doused with water even before a kneel-down ended it.
  Also, Barrett was a shade more fearful than Rose about trying to defend Brinkley on the Burrs' final possession. Brinkley's touchdown runs of 70 and 81 yards, both in the first half, had something to do with that.
  Brinkley finished with 19 carries for 213 yards. He concludes his career with 1,007 carries for 7,413 yards and 76 TDs. Overall, he collected 85 TDs and 522 points.
  "It's scary," Barrett said. "As much as they have good receivers, I like it when they go back to pass. You feel better than when they hand it to Curtis. On any single play, he's dangerous. No matter the down and situation. "
  Speaking of situations, Wood found itself in a sticky one during the last 3 weeks.
After the Vikings topped St. John Neumann in a semifinal on Nov. 21, Wood announced it was canceling its Thanksgiving game with nearby William Tennent. The administration, of course, had to pull the trigger on that, but Barrett acknowledged he'd provided the impetus.
  Wood mostly took a whipping from the media, and even on radio talk shows. And there are those, as the years go on, who will look at the perfect record with disdain.
  "The extracurricular stuff in the press didn't faze [the coaches] or the kids at all," Barrett said. "We lived with [the decision] and [the reaction] was unfortunate. The kids earned this undefeated season.
  "I believed from the beginning that we did the right thing. The original contract [with Tennent] had an escape clause for playoff situations. I'm sure there would have been a lot more scrutiny from the press had we not been able to win this. "
  Ultimately, the Vikings won with a blast from the past. During its glory era in the 1970s and '80s, Wood operated out of the wishbone offense. It has dusted it off a few times this season and did so again on the possession that broke the 14-14 tie.
  With McCartney (22 carries, 134 yards) and Michael Kruzits (10-52) doing most of the running, Wood went from its 35 to the 18. On fourth-and-6, Tom Laurich hammered a 35-yard field goal with 4:22 remaining.
  "We figured it was time," Barrett said of the wishbone. "West had a lot of kids going both ways. We figured we'd have them worn down between the tackles. "
  In the first half - surprise, surprise - Wood effectively used the pass. Senior Dane Mangin went 6-for-9 for 85 yards and hit junior receiver James Harrigan with a 13-yard scoring pass.  Mangin entered the night with 22 yards passing per game. Harrigan had six catches all season; he finished this night with three. 
  Each player laughingly acknowledged he sometimes wondered this season about his lot in Wood's football life.
  "The coaches said we'd try to pass more this game," Harrigan said. "When the weather got bad this week, we went more with running in practice. But when we were needed, we did the job. So that was nice. "
  Harrigan's score came on a slant just 2 seconds before halftime, creating a 14-14 tie, and he dragged several tacklers into the end zone. The previous two plays were unsuccessful fades.
  "The defensive guy was 10 yards back, so that made the fade tough," Harrigan said. "The slant was a great call. I had to get in there. "
  Said Mangin: "That play came in from the sideline. The coaches saw what was going on and made a great adjustment. "
  With McCartney, who already has claimed Wood's season rushing record (1,417 yards), momentarily nursing a ding, Kruzits scored the other TD on a 10-yard run.
  As the clock melted down to 0:00, Wood's rabid student rooters came tumbling over the fence in the home stands and stormed the field to celebrate. Nearly everyone hugged Barrett, who was the defensive coordinator for Wood's '78 squad and had been out of coaching for 18 seasons when he took command for '01.
  His 3 years produced a finalist his first year and now a champion.
  "Very satisfying," he said. "The seniors have worked very hard for all 3 years. They started working for this season on Jan. 4. To have this kind of ending, we're very deserving, and we're very proud." *


  This story was written after the Vikings, under first-year coach Art Powel, won their second consecutive Catholic Blue championship . . .

By Ted Silary
  The fact that Chris Lorditch made three huge plays was rather fitting.
  You see, he is Brother No. 3 to have a pass-catching impact on the football program at Archbishop Wood High.
First was Matt. He graduated from Penn and is now in law school at Seton Hall. Next was Dave. He's a junior at La Salle University and is now serving as a student-coach there after his career was derailed by shoulder miseries.
  Chris? Only a sophomore, he's already showing prime-time tendencies.
  Wood, for the second consecutive year, is your Catholic Blue grid champion and if Lorditch (he's not the type, anyway) were to take a long, pronounced bow, no one would deny him the pleasure. His contributions Saturday at Villanova Stadium to a 29-0 dismantling of West Catholic indeed were noteworthy.
  In order: Lorditch made an interception to help the Vikings preserve their early 6-0 lead. He expanded that advantage to two touchdowns with a sensational, 25-yard catch 3 minutes, 43 seconds before halftime. He uncorked a 32-yard punt return near the end of the third quarter to set up score No. 3.
  Joe Powel, Wood's first-year coach, was the defensive coordinator last year, so he was aware Lorditch had a "pretty spectacular season" for the freshman team.
  "But varsity ball is much different," Powel said. "I knew Chris had ability. I was just a little concerned about his [physical] maturity. "
  As Lorditch said with a laugh, "I'm tall and have good speed, but I'm not the most built kid around. "
  The program lists him at 6-3, 160. It might be fibbing.
  As the season began, Lorditch was seeing only spot duty in certain offensive formations. He later eased into returning and part-time defensive duties in addition to punting and kicking off.
  He finished the season with 26 receptions for 556 yards and 11 TDs, serving as the prime target for Chris Hanson (1,442 yards, 21 scores).
  "I sure didn't expect this season to turn out like this [personally]," Lorditch said. "I had to prove to the coaches that I could handle the kinds of hits, and how many there are, that you get in varsity football. That part worked out.
  "It was cool to get this much of a chance. It was even better to be part of a team that won a second straight title . . . Hopefully, there will be two more. "
  Lorditch was not expecting to play defense Saturday. But cornerback Ryan McAfee suffered a hip pointer late in the first quarter and "maybe two plays later, literally, the ball got tipped and then was in my hands. "
  Lorditch next made an impact on a second-and-10 play from the West 25. The plan going in was to try to take advantage of the Burrs' short cornerbacks. It worked, but not in normal fashion.
  Hanson's fade pass was a shade underthrown. Harold Davis had inside position and an interception as well, at first. But while the pair was tumbling to the ground in the end zone, Lorditch, from behind, was wresting the ball away and he wound up with full, no-doubt-about-it possession.
  "I was just trying to prevent an interception," he said.
  Of the punt return, he said: "I should have scored. I made a bad cut, and should have stayed to the outside. "
  Hanson's other TD passes went to James Harrigan and Ryan Dolan. He scored his own TD, his first of the season, on a 14-yard run with 1:36 left in the game. Hanson finished 8-for-9 for 94 yards while Bryan McCartney rushed 25 times for 132 yards. John McFadden added an interception for the Vikings and Jim Fitzgerald had a pair of tackles for losses.
  West, the title-game loser for the third consecutive season, mostly gave off a listless, discombobulated vibration.
  "I take the blame," coach Brian Fluck said. "I didn't have us prepared. "
  Lorditch, also scheduled to participate in basketball and track, is close with his brothers.
  "Matt taught me ways to get off the line, and to make sure I 'catch' the ball with my eyes and keep my fingers spread," Chris said. "Dave was a big help before the season. He came to our camp to work with the receivers. "
  After dropping three of its first four, including a 20-12 verdict at West, Wood finished 8-4. For Powel, a 28-13 loss to St. Joseph's Prep in a cross-division game was a significantly positive moment.
  "We played with emotion and toughness against a team that was physically better than us," Powel said. "I told them, 'Fellas, we're not going to lose again if you come out and play like that every week. ' "
  As it turned out, only three games remained. All produced comfortable victories, with two coming in playoffs.
  "I never would have expected this," Lorditch said. "This was a cool season."

  Below are the Wood players who earned Daily News All-City or Coaches' All-Catholic honors
during the 2003, 2004 and 2005 seasons.

2003 Pos. 2004 Pos. 2005 Pos.
Tom Laurich P Bill Gross LB Bryan McCartney RB
Mike Kruzits LB SECOND TEAM   Mike Gallagher DL
John Haviland L John McFadden DB Chris Lorditch Rec.
    Chris Lorditch Rec. Pat McAfee LB
2003 Pos. 2004 Pos. 2005 Pos.
John Haviland L Christian Szablowski C Mike Gallagher L
Tom Laurich K Chris Lorditch WR Brian Holly L
Tom Laurich P Chris Hanson QB Chris Lorditch DL
Mike Kruzits ILB Bryan McCartney RB Joe Kosich QB
John McFadden DB Mike Gallagher DL Bryan McCartney RB
SECOND TEAM   Bill Gross ILB Mike Gallagher DL
Christian Szablowski C John McFadden DB Pat McAfee ILB
Jason Devine L SECOND TEAM   Pat Devlin DB
Mike Barainyak TE Mike Gallagher L SECOND TEAM  
Dane Mangin QB Bryan Howard E/OLB Pat Devlin WR
Bryan McCartney RB     Chris Lorditch K
Brian Devlin E/OLB     Chris Lorditch P
Bill Gross ILB     Mike Clark DL
        Ryan Dolan E/OLB
        Bob DeLucas ILB
        Jim Daley DB

  This story was written after the Vikings nailed down their third consecutive Catholic Blue championship . . .

By Ted Silary

  Mike Gallagher is not the only member of his family who's a senior at Archbishop Wood High. He'll be the only one accepting a ring or jacket for a football championship, however.
There are twins and then there are different kinds of twins. Mike's twin is a girl, Katie, and she's younger by 22 minutes.
  So, Mike, do you enjoy being a twin?
  "It has its benefits," he said. Pause. "It also gets annoying. "
  Like when you're asked about being a twin?
  "You could say that," he laughed.
  Saturday night at Northeast's Charlie Martin Memorial Stadium, the twin helped the Vikings go triplet - as in, win a third consecutive Catholic Blue title.
  Gallagher, a 6-2, 190-pound senior, was impressive as a two-way tackle while Wood was waffling West Catholic, 30-12. And it wasn't the first time, considering he earned first-team honors on both sides of the ball on the coaches' All-Catholic team.
  Blocking by Gallagher and the other grunts (center Tim Colbridge, guards Matt Knox and Joe Makoid, tackle Joe Slavin) helped the Vikings ch-ching their way to 245 yards' total offense.
  On defense, Gallagher made six stops (with a sack among them) and blocked a punt, and that latter accomplishment helped lead to the game's first score.
  Wood took over on the West 45. Joe Kosich hit Chris Lorditch with a 14-yard scoring pass 40.5 seconds before halftime and West opted for the brassy approach from its 40 with a pass. Wood's Pat Devlin immediately posted an interception, though, and returned the ball 44 yards to the 15. Next play? Another score at 16.5 on Kosich's bullet to Devlin.
  Of his block, Gallagher said: "I switched positions with [fellow defensive tackle] Matt McFadden because two guys had been blocking me. I 'swam' past the lineman and just went in and got it. Lucky, I guess. The ball hit me in the forearm, then I didn't know where it went . . . "
  Joe Powel, Wood's coach for these last two titles (and the defensive coordinator in '03), could have predicted heroics from Gallagher.
  "Mike's motor is always running," Powel said. "I've told him he's one of the best linemen I've coached. He has such determination, and will. His quickness really causes teams problems. "
  Said Gallagher: "I'm a linebacker who happens to get down in a stance. I have good quickness off the ball, and I'm able to keep guys from blocking me. I can read and react. "
  At his size, Gallagher knows he'd have no shot at playing the line for a scholarship school and attending a Division III school would be quite expensive, especially considering that Katie is also college bound (she plays basketball; Mike reported for his first practice yesterday) and older brother Brian, a former Wood gridder, is at Lycoming.
  "So I'm just applying to schools like Penn State and Temple," he said. "I don't think I'll be playing anymore. "
  If not, at least he'll have great memories.
  "I started these last 2 years and sophomore year I was a backup on offense," he said. "I was a guard, center, tackle and even a tight end. I played about half the championship game at tight end [due to a starter's injury] and that was the most I played in any game all season.
  "Tight end was OK, but I didn't mind moving. As long as it was helping the team. "
  Gallagher, who lives in Langhorne and hopes to major in criminal justice, is a second-generation football player. But even there, there's a twist.
  "My dad [Jim] was in the band at Judge," he said. "My mom [Mary Ann] went to Prendie. She was in some touch-football leagues. I guess I get this from her. "
Title Tidbits
  Bryan McCartney, a 3-year star, finished with 24 carries for 115 yards and a TD. Chris Lorditch kicked a 24-yard field goal and Patrick Avallon ran 20 yards for a late score . . . West, which had just two first downs through three quarters, received a strong performance from fullback-linebacker Wayne Don-ahue (TD run, 11 tackles) . . . Also, John Maddox mixed an interception with a TD catch . . . Joe Powel, on his team's performance against the Burrs (whom it also beat, 23-12, in the regular season): "They seem to pick it up a gear when they hear 'West.' "

Below are the names of Wood's varsity players, 2003-05 . . .
  To report misspellings -
First Last 2003 2004 2005
Pat Avallon     2005
Jack Ayling 2003    
Michael Barainyak 2003    
Sloane Barcelo   2004  
Shane Barrett     2005
Stephen Bednarik 2003 2004  
Bill  Broderick 2003    
Kevin Bucher 2003 2004  
Andrew Burkhardt     2005
Mark Byrne     2005
Bill  Capper     2005
Pat Carty 2003    
Matt Clark   2004 2005
Vince  Colaiacovo     2005
Tim Colbridge 2003 2004 2005
Greg Colbridge     2005
Jim  Daley   2004 2005
David Dee 2003    
Michael DelTito 2003 2004  
Bob  DeLucas     2005
Jason Devine 2003    
Dan Devine     2005
Brian  Devlin 2003    
Pat  Devlin   2004 2005
Brendan Dinneen   2004  
Ryan Dolan 2003 2004 2005
Joe  Falchetta     2005
Zachary Felte   2004 2005
Andrew Finley     2005
Jim  Fitzgerald 2003 2004  
Sean  Forsyth 2003 2004 2005
Mike Gallagher 2003 2004 2005
Eddie  Goodwin 2003 2004 2005
Bill  Gross 2003 2004  
Kevin Hall 2003 2004  
Brian  Hall   2004 2005
John Hanlon 2003 2004  
Chris Hanson 2003 2004  
James Harrigan 2003 2004  
Kevin Harrigan   2004 2005
David Hauschild     2005
Patrick Haviland 2003 2004  
John Haviland 2003    
Mark Helmuth 2003    
Drew Hilpl 2003 2004  
Brian  Holly 2003 2004 2005
Bryan  Howard 2003 2004  
Ed  Hueston 2003    
Andrew Kajmo   2004 2005
Pat Kane 2003    
David Keller     2005
Morgan  Keller 2003 2004  
Bob  Kenney     2005
Bobby Keogh     2005
Tim Kilkenny 2003    
Matt Knox 2003 2004 2005
Joe Kosich 2003 2004 2005
Michael Kruzits 2003    
Dan Kurtz     2005
Matt  Laflar   2004 2005
Tom Laurich 2003    
Matt Lawrence   2004 1005
Matt  Little   2004 2005
Chris Lorditch   2004 2005
Kevin  Lynn   2004 2005
Joe Makoid     2005
Angelo  Malgieri     2005
Dane Mangin 2003    
Derrin Mangin 2003    
Doug Martin 2003 2004  
Drew Martin 2003    
Ryan McAfee 2003 2004  
Pat McAfee   2004 2005
Bryan McCartney 2003 2004 2005
John McFadden 2003 2004  
Matt McFadden 2003 2004 2005
David Nikander 2003 2004 2005
Matt O'Brien   2004  
Matt O'Hara   2004 2005
Mike O'Hara     2005
Nick Pileggi 2003    
Matt Rankin     2005
Matt Roberts   2004 2005
Shane Rose 2003    
Ryan  Schieber     2005
Eddie  Schwartz   2004 2005
Christian Simms 2003 2004  
Joe  Slavin 2003 2004 2005
Andy Smith 2003 2004 2005
Christopher Smith 2003 2004 2005
Tom Smith 2003    
Jim  Smith   2004 2005
Justin Stedman 2003 2004  
Christian Szablowski 2003 2004  
Ryan Tanari   2004  
Greg Thomas 2003 2004  
Blake  Towarnicki   2004 2005
Charles Unrath     2005
Eddie  Waddington 2003 2004  
Charles Wanner     2005
Ryan Ward 2003 2004 2005
Ryan Webb 2003 2004  
Michael White     2005
Phil Williams     2005
John Williams     2005
Tim Young   3004 2005


  Recaps of Playoff Games . . .

At Northeast
Wood 13, Neumann 7
   John McFadden's second interception set up the winning TD, scored on a controversial
17-yard run by Mike Kruzits with 23 seconds remaining. His forward progress appeared to be stopped; there was no whistle. Soph Bryan McCartney ran 25 times for 75 yards. Dane Mangin scored Wood's other TD on a sneak after coach Art Barrett took three points off the scoreboard in the wake of a roughing-the-kicker penalty. For Neumann, Billy Canady caught a 57-yard pass from Jon Brady to set up his own TD run.
At Northeast
Wood 17, West Catholic 14
   The Vikings completed their first perfect season (11-0) in school history while capturing their first title since 1978. Tom Laurich won it by kicking a 35-yard field goal with 4:22 left. Mike Kruzits (10-52) ran 10 yards for a TD and Dane Mangin hit James Harrigan with a 13-yard TD pass with just 0:02 left in the first half. Mangin finished 6-for-9 for 85 yards; he entered the game averaging 22 passing yards. Soph Bryan McCartney ran 22 times for 134, padding his school record season total to 1,417. Shane Rose made two tackles on star rusher Curtis "Boonah" Brinkley to thwart West's final drive, which advanced as close as the 30. Tim Kilkenny, who
earlier posted an interception, broke up what could have been a TD pass in the end zone. Brinkley ran for TDs of 70 and 81 yards and finished with 19 carries for 213 yards. He concluded his career with city records for carries (1,007) and yards (7,413).


At Truman
Wood 40, Conwell-Egan 20
   Passer Chris Hanson (11-for-14, 211, two TDs) and rusher Bryan McCartney (24-200, three scores) paced an offense that rang up 502 yards. Hanson went 6-for-6 on a late, second-quarter drive that produced a two-TD lead. For C-E, Steve Slaton made 13 tackles and ran 21 times for 195 yards and all three scores.
At Villanova Stadium
Wood 29, West Catholic 0
    The Vikings cruised in the first game of a day-night doubleheader as Chris Hanson became the first player in the history of CL title games to pass for three TDs. He went 8-for-9 for 94 yards while the scoring tosses went to Jim Harrigan, Chris Lorditch and Ryan Dolan and raised his season's total to 21. His number of rushing TDs for the season? One. It came in this one (14 yards) and capped the scoring. Bryan McCartney gained 132 yards on 25 carries. West, 8-0 during league play, trailed only by a TD as the third quarter began and drove straight down the field. Harrigan (solo) and Bill Gross (with Harrigan) made no-gain tackles on third and fourth down at the 3 to keep the Burrs out of the end zone. Lorditch and John McFadden had interceptions. Wood became the first team to win back-to-back CL titles under different coaches
(Art Barrett, then Joe Powel) since West in 1944-45.


At Wissahickon
Wood 43, Conwell-Egan 0
   Bryan McCartney (24-131) rushed for the first two TDs and Matt Little scored once apiece on
a rush and catch while also notching an interception. The other TD pass thrown by Joe Kosich
(11-for-19, 98) went to Chris Lorditch (also a field goal and four PATs). C-E's Rasuel Thomas
ran 12 times for 56 yards.
At Northeast
Wood 30, West Catholic 12
   This one turned in the blink of an eye. The game's first score came with 40.5 seconds left in the first half as Joe Kosich (7-for-16, 86 yards) whipped a 14-yard pass to Chris Lorditch. Pat Devlin followed immediately with an interception and a 44-yard return to the West 15, then on the ensuing play eased into the end zone and snagged a 15-yard pass at 16.5. Bryan McCartney (24-115; 3,671 for career) and sub Patrick Avallon ran for second-half TDs and Lorditch kicked a 24-yard field goal. For West, which suffered a fourth consecutive title-game defeat, the headliners were Wayne Donahue (11 tackles, TD run) and John Maddox (interception, TD catch).