30-Year Daily News Basketball Teams . . .
. . . by Alphabet

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   The 2004-05 season was Ted Silary's 30th covering high school basketball in
Philadelphia. Here are all-star teams assembled by letters in the alphabet. These
kind of teams first appeared in the Daily News in '99. We have added the '00
through '05 seasons on the back end and '76 and '77 on the front end. These
updated teams did NOT appear in the paper. It's a website special (smile).

Overall 30-year teams
30-year teams by school

First, a ranking of the top eight teams . . . 

   W - Rasheed Wallace, Tyrone Weeks and Alvin Williams were members of our Fab Five big-time-recruit group in '93. This squad would rebound like crazy. True, the first five has no jump-shooter, but Matt Walsh, Randy Woods and Craig Wise would come off the bench as true fill-it-uppers. Wallace, Williams and Woods all advanced to NBA. Also, a team of second-line W's would be highly competitive - Daryl Wilson, Darryl Warwick, Carlton "C-9'' Willis, Joe Washington, Keith Walker, Glenn Welton, Rick Williams, Marvin Walters, Alan Watkins, Chris Williams, Jason Warley, Mike Watson, Fred Warrick, Julius Williams, Alex Wesby, and Tom and Tim Whitworth. All were first team All-City or high on the second team.

   B - A tremendous amount of talent. All members of the first five earned Player of the Year honors and Gene Banks/Michael Brooks were on our Golden Five! No guards among first five, but Timmy Brown and Eugene Burroughs would do some serious dishing off the bench. (Actually, the "coach" would have to talk one of the big guys into accepting a substitute's role -- smile). Not the quickest team ever. No true three-point threat, either. Also put three guys in NBA (Banks, Brooks, Butler). In terms of sheer volume, this squad had the most front-line candidates. Eight first-team All-City picks did not make the cut - Kevin Broadnax, Jim Bolger, Gary Bennett, Nate Blackwell, Max Blank, Ivan "Pick'' Brown, Monroe Blakes and Kevin Benton. Ditto for second-teamers Mike Blackshear, Gordy Bryan, Kevin Beaford, Phil Burton, Ronald Barnett, Chris Blocker, Paul Burke, Rashid Bey, Joe Brown, Brian Burke, Brandon Brigman, Micheal Blackshear (yes, Mike's son) and Sharif Bray.

   G - Much to like about this squad's personnel mix. The only thing that would likely keep these guys out of the championship game is the absence of a pure ballhandler (though I sense Lynn Greer and Chip Greenberg would find a way to do a respectable job). Oddity: Two of the honorable mention guys played in the NBA -- Steve Goodrich and Paul "Snoop'' Graham.

   C - This squad would be a darkhorse to surprise some of the biggies and maybe even win the tournament. A mite short on rebounding, perhaps, but tremendous at guard with Jeffery Clark dealing to Donnie Carr on one side and Anthony Chennault on the other (and playing the hell out of defense). Only Clark was not a POY or co-POY among first five. Darn good bench strength, too.

   S - Seriously strong inside, but nobody to consistently knock down a trey. Not even off the bench.

   T - No true center, but it would be fun to watch Ricky Tucker rack up 20-something assists with help from Clarence "Eggy'' Tillman, Kareem "Rab'' Townes and Omar Thomas.

   J - Lack of defensive foot speed would hinder chances to upset the big boys.

  M - Picked up three decent players with addition of extra years (1976-77, 2000-05) from the first time we did this. Still a shade short of having all necessary ingredients.

Here are the teams . . .

1. Michael Anderson Eng.&Sci. '84
2. Rasiheed "Noot'' Arnold FLC '94
3. Jerome Allen Episcopal '91
4. Ryan Ayers Gtn. Acad. '05
5. Vic Alexander Franklin '81
  Honorable Mention: Levan Alston, Gratz, '91; Clayton "Stink'' Adams,
Roman, '87; Erik "Ugs" Adams, Olney, '04.
1. Gene Banks W. Phila. '77
2. Michael Brooks W. Catholic '76
3. Rodney Blake Bonner '84
4. Rasual Butler Roman '98
5. Rasheed Brokenborough U. City '95
  Honorable Mention: Steve Benton, Neumann, '85; Eugene Burroughs,
Episcopal, '90; Timmy Brown, Mastbaum, '82.
1. Donnie Carr Roman '96
2. Dallas Comegys Roman '83
3. Tony Costner Overbrook '80
4. Jeffery Clark Frankford '77
5. Anthony Chennault Frankford '81
  Honorable Mention: John Cox, Eng. and Science, '99; Craig Conlin, La
Salle, '85; Marty Campbell, Neumann, '80.
1. Rodney Duncan Gtn. Acad. '76
2. Brian Daly Bonner '88
3. Arthur "Yah'' Davis Frankford '96
4. Donny Dodds St. James '78
5. Troy Daniel Lamberton '84
  Honorable Mention: Randy Dukes, Northeast, '99; Gary Duda, Malvern, '88;
Calvin Dixon, Central, '79..
1. Kevin "Buzzy'' Forney Mansion '98
2. Tamal Forchion Roman '01
3. Doug Fairfax Haver. School '99
4. Adonal Foyle O'Hara '92
5. Charron Fisher Roman '04
   Honorable Mention: James "Bruiser'' Flint Episcopal '83; Walt Fuller,
Bonner, '82; Richard Francis, Bartram, '02.
1. Eddie Griffin Roman '00
2. Lynn Greer Eng.&Sci. '97
3. Eric "Hank'' Gathers Dobbins '85
4. Chip Greenberg La Salle '82
5. Brian Grandieri Malvern '04
  Honorable Mention: Steve Goodrich, Penn Charter, '94; Paul "Snoop''
Graham, Franklin, '85; James "Slurp" Gambrell, Edison, '80.
1. Faron "Meatball'' Hand FLC '92
2. Gerald Henderson Episcopal '06
3. Andre Howard Overbrook '95
4. Charles Hickman Episcopal '81
5. Warren Hawthorne Mastbaum '85
  Honorable Mention: Marvin Harrison, Roman, '91; Roland Houston, King,
'78; Kasim Holloman, SJ Prep, '99.
1. Reggie Jackson Roman '78
2. Bernard Jones Roman '91
3. Marc Jackson Roman '93
4. Antoine Jefferson FLC '89
5. Joe Jefferson Edison '87
  Honorable Mention: Calvin Johnson, Franklin, '99; Mark "Marques''
Johnson, West Catholic, '83; Greg Jacobs, King, '83.
1. Greg "Bo'' Kimble Dobbins '85
2. Lari Ketner Roman '95
3. Mik Kilgore W. Phila. '88
4. Rob Kurz Penn Charter '04
5. Jarett Kearse Gratz '97
  Honorable Mention: Darren Keith, Mastbaum, '82; Anthony "Hubba Bubba''
King, Penn, '82; Tim Krug, Penn Charter, '92.
1. Lewis Lloyd Overbrook '77
2. Jason Lawson Olney '93
3. Kyle Lowry Dougherty '04
4. Brian Leahy Kenrick '84
5. Rob Lawton Roman '83
   Honorable Mention: Ernest "Pop" Lewis, Germantown, '83; Bobby Leach,
Bartram, '01; Kevin "Butch" Lynam, Carroll, '77.
1. Lonnie McFarlan Roman '80
2. Aaron McKie Gratz '90
3. Cuttino "Cat'' Mobley Dougherty '92
4. Lee Melchionni Gtn. Acad. '02
5. Fran McCaffery La Salle '77
  Honorable Mention - Kevin "Rock" McCray, West Phila., '79; Harry Moore,
Gratz, '90; Wayne Marshall, King, '03.
1. Horace "Pappy'' Owens Dobbins '79
2. Doug Overton Dobbins '87
3. Marvin O'Connor Gratz '97
4. Willie Oliphant Northeast '80
5. John O'Connell McDevitt '88
  Honorable Mention - Chris O'Brien, La Salle, '81; Tom O'Hara, O'Hara,
'79; Mike O'Hara, O'Hara, '87.
1. Dallas Philson Southern '80
2. Terry Pittman Gratz '81
3. Laurence Pembrook Overbrook '93
4. Pat Purcell Malvern '78
5. *Kashif Payne Carroll '02
  Honorable Mention - Ernest Pollard, Roman, '86; John Phillips,
Episcopal, '98; Dahliek Powell, Roxborough, '02.

*-left city for senior season.
1. Jerome "Pooh'' Richardson Franklin '85
2. Maureece Rice Straw. Man. '03
3. Malik Rose Overbrook '92
4. Lawrence Reid Dougherty '76
5. Scott Rodgers Central '05
   Honorable Mention - John Rankin, West Catholic, '85; Reggie Redding,

SJ Prep, '06; Dawan Robinson, King, '00.
1. Lionel Simmons Southern '86
2. *Brian Shorter Gratz '86
3. Sean Singletary Penn Char. '04
4. Mark Stevenson Roman '85
5. Vincent "Butter'' Smalls U. City '86
  Honorable Mention - Lynard Stewart, Gratz, '94; Terrell Stokes, Gratz,
'95; Henry Smith, West Phila., '84.

*-left city for senior year.
1. Clarence "Eggy'' Tillman W. Phila. '78
2. Kareem "Rab'' Townes Southern '91
3. Omar Thomas Straw. Mans. '00

4. Rondell Turner Gratz '93
5. Ricky Tucker Overbrook '79
  Honorable Mention - Mark Tyndale, Gratz, '04; Ray Thompson, Mastbaum,
'78; Victor Thomas, Neumann, '97.
1. Rasheed Wallace Gratz '93
2. Rico Washington Franklin '83
3. Alvin Williams Gtn. Acad. '93
4. Tyrone Weeks FLC '93
5. *Carlin Warley Frankford '89
  Honorable Mention - Matt Walsh, Gtn. Academy, '02; Randy Woods,
Franklin, '88; Craig Wise, Central, '91.

*-left city for senior year.
1. Wayne Ellington Episcopal '06
2. Howard Evans W. Phila. '84
3. Martin Ingelsby Carroll '97
4. Mike Edelman Hav. Sch. '78
5. Steve Nesmith Malvern '81
  Honorable Mention - Reggie Isaac, Bartram, '86; Jamal Nichols, Franklin,
'01; Otis Ellis, Germantown Academy, '85.

(Somewhere in the Name)
1. Mark Zoller SJ Prep '03
2. Kevin Broadnax Southern '78
3. Bobby Convey Judge '77
4. Eddie Savage Gratz '87
5. Jeff Randazzo O'Hara '99
  Honorable Mention - Brian Graves, Olney, '88; Paul Romanczuk, Carroll,
'95; Chris Kozole, Ryan, '02.

(Somewhere in the Name)
1. Rashid Bey Neumann '94
2. Phil Burton Franklin '80
3. Vince Curran SJ Prep '87
4. Jeffery "Jay'' Myers Southern '92
5. Paul Burke C. Hill '91
  Honorable Mention - Mike Slattery, Gtn. Academy, '01; Phil "Subway''
Crump, Franklin, '89; Jim Schultice, North Catholic, '88.