Special Photos, FB 2004 (Oct.)

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    Every so often, we'll publish action photos and photos of people in or around the game
as a way of providing recognition. If you see Ted on the trail and think someone's photo,
even yours, deserves to be posted on www.tedsilary.com, speak up.
    For space considerations, photos from previous school years were deleted.

September photos

O'HARA 46, JUDGE 26   10/31

wpe7.jpg (41041 bytes)

O'Hara's seniors were honored before the game.

wpe9.jpg (23290 bytes)

John Dempsey runs for a gain to match his number.

wpeA.jpg (35747 bytes)

Judge's Jim Lavelle runs and Jeff McMahon prepares to block Steve Cook.

wpeB.jpg (52829 bytes)

Joe Thompson is en route to the first of his two, 30-yard TD runs.

wpeC.jpg (16735 bytes)

Anthony Walters, O'Hara's new QB, is cornered by freshman
LB Chris Dowling.

wpeE.jpg (49666 bytes)

Judge's Tom Hayes catches a 23-yard TD pass as teammate Erik Frazier and O'Hara's Brian
Giacobetti get a close-up look.

LA SALLE 26, BONNER 0   10/30

wpe7.jpg (36302 bytes)

La Salle's George Hudson gains 5 yards and is tackled by Steve Wheatley.

wpe9.jpg (49134 bytes)

It was Senior Night . . . Tom Little (2), Brian Azeff (3), Mike Boyle (11), Mike "Michael Jack" Lynch (14), Kevin
Trainer (24), Christian Barrett (53) and ??? (maybe Sean Guinan, 56).

wpeA.jpg (46426 bytes)

Some more seniors . . . Mike "Stat Boy" Grant (63), Fran Daulerio (65), Jack "In The
Box" Crouse (66), Brad Murtha (72). Jack does a bang-up job covering basketball for
the site and Stat Boy, oddly enough, keeps stats for him (smile). Jack made his first
start at left tackle in this one.

SJ PREP 28, WOOD 13   10/30
(Photos by P.J. Maley)

wpe7.jpg (23601 bytes)

Prep WR Tim Lutz and Wood DB John McFadden prepare for a jumpball.

wpe9.jpg (17424 bytes)

Chris Whitney is popped by Sean Forsythe.


wpe7.jpg (38375 bytes)

Dobbins' Rashad "Reds" Williams (29) fakes a defender to the ground and looks
for more yardage.

wpe9.jpg (42113 bytes)

Cedric Graham is wide open as he catches a 41-yard TD pass from Steve Sydnor.

wpeA.jpg (15729 bytes)

This pass is just beyond Christopher Hines' reach.

wpeB.jpg (61710 bytes)

The Mustangs have completed their climb back from an 0-4 start and are going to the playoffs.

CENTRAL 28, GRATZ 6   10/29
(Photos by Isaac Emmitt)

wpeA.jpg (17870 bytes)

Central QB Joe Marshall, wearing No. 86,
picks up yardage.

wpeB.jpg (12310 bytes)

Rodney Sykes prepares to hand ball to ref after
catching a TD pass.

wpeC.jpg (15729 bytes)

Michael Wilson is off to the races.

wpeE.jpg (51305 bytes)

The managers are quite happy with the 8-0 record.


wpe7.jpg (30486 bytes)

Brothers did battle in this one. Mario Evangelist is an assistant for Frankford.
Matt Evangelist, a star QB for Frankford, is an assistant for Northeast.

wpe9.jpg (23721 bytes)

Northeast WR Rockeed McCarter fights for yardage along the sideline.

wpeA.jpg (23144 bytes)

. . . And a few plays later, he fights off two tacklers en route to a 17-yard
TD catch from Cordia "Chop" Mosley.

wpeB.jpg (23692 bytes)

. . . And then he's unable to make this catch among three defenders.

wpeC.jpg (45480 bytes)   

The aftermath. Kyle Sample (1) does a good job of blocking Joshua Stokes' face. No. 52 is Cory Townes.
Manager Megan Fitzsimmons blocks out a few more Vikings (smile). No. 53 is Brandon O'Malley. No. 73
is Stephen Ortiz.


wpeB.jpg (41401 bytes)

Not a bad place to spend a beautiful fall afternoon.

wpeC.jpg (30579 bytes)

Jason Patton (54) delivers a block and Jerome Lewis runs for a TD.

wpeE.jpg (26336 bytes)

Chuck Hughes flips and FB Jerome Lewis provides protection.

wpeF.jpg (50492 bytes)

The Eagles chill at halftime.

wpe10.jpg (32369 bytes)

Terrell Denson lingers after running six yards for a late Lincoln TD.


wpe7.jpg (46423 bytes)

The artificial surface is almost ready for use!

wpe9.jpg (31597 bytes)

A worker sprinkles the field with ground-up tires, which help to keep the surface in place.

wpeA.jpg (34333 bytes)

The scoreboard is now at the opposite end of the stadium. That'll take some getting used to.


wpeA.jpg (19886 bytes)

WR Sherrod "Sheet Rock" Evers (left) is among those who have helped QB Markies Tavares put up
all-time passing numbers at Mastbaum.


wpe7.jpg (47271 bytes)

I spoke with a journalism class at SJ Prep, as taught by Mr. Andrew Whelan (top). Closest to him is Scott Howley, the center
and long-snapper (and the grandson of Ron Howley, assistant to Al Angelo during a great run at Frankford.) Also in the photo
is Pete "Crispy" Crispino, who covers Prep FB for the website. He's right behind the kid with the bow tie. I enjoyed the time.
Thanks, guys!

wpe9.jpg (40567 bytes)

Coudn't resist this pic, troops. When I stopped in an office to say hello to AD/soccer coach Jim Murray (upper
left), this kid was sacked out on a sofa. He's a soph named Vince Heggerty, and he wasn't feeling up to par. It's
one way to get your photo on the website, though.

SJ PREP 12, O'HARA 7   10/23

wpe7.jpg (33648 bytes)

John Dempsey runs 9 yards to the 17 on O'Hara's first drive . . .

wpe9.jpg (41557 bytes)

. . . And FB Pat Macaulay caps it with a 17-yard run. Here he's putting a move on Chris Whitney.

wpeA.jpg (16214 bytes) 

The Prep's Tim Lutz makes catch at the 11 and prepares to turn and
head to the end zone with 28-yard TD catch from Jim McCormick.

wpeB.jpg (40983 bytes)

Andrew Spross (9), Andrew Cabrey (33) and Andy Shalbrack are ready for Sean Barksdale and
the speed sweep.

wpeC.jpg (40584 bytes) 

Mike Boyle catches a 3-yard TD pass from Jim McCormick to give Prep the lead, at 12-7.

wpeE.jpg (52034 bytes)

The post-game chat. Among the heroes (standing) were Andrew Spross (9), Alex Wade (53) and Mike Boyle (2). Jim
Murray, Prep's AD and soccer coach, is next to Boyle.

CENTRAL 41, EDISON 0   10/22
(photos by Isaac Emmitt, Central student)

wpeF.jpg (16612 bytes)

Cornelius Bunch returns a fumble for a TD.

wpe10.jpg (37334 bytes)

Coach Frank Conway Jr. talks with QB Joe Marshall.

wpe11.jpg (82996 bytes)

Edison's cheerleaders hang out with the Owl.

wpe12.jpg (66517 bytes)

The Lancers are startin' to like this group exposure on TS.com (smile).


wpe9.jpg (35990 bytes)

Overbrook practices plays before the game.

wpeA.jpg (67474 bytes)

The cheerleaders were raring to go, as well.

wpeB.jpg (21510 bytes)

William Brownlee ran for 158 yards and a TD. Here, he's basically alone.

wpeC.jpg (46472 bytes)

David Carter, who has guided Overbrook's defense to six shutouts, reacts to a
strong play by his crew.

wpeE.jpg (42474 bytes)

Greg Wilkins (22), Jarrett Johnson (1) and William Brownlee (20) wait to go shake hands at game's end.

wpeF.jpg (65917 bytes)

The emotion was flowing . . .

wpe10.jpg (22444 bytes)

Coach Ken Sturm addresses the squad and Alex Alvarez takes much better
pictures for the DN than those you see on TS.com (smile).

BOK 8, BARTRAM 0   10/21

wpe7.jpg (24484 bytes)

Bartram QB Kris Brownlee has bee flattened, but his pass has been
caught by Sherman Hopkins. Cortez McLaughlin is at Hopkins' feet.
Notice his cleats -- one black, one white.

wpe9.jpg (38742 bytes)

Gregory Thomas (52) delivers a block and Cory Moultrie eases past Tyrell Winchester (88).

wpeA.jpg (23668 bytes)

Moultrie cuts and Nick Perrone (33) takes on a defender.

wpeB.jpg (60984 bytes)

Coach Tom DeFelice (hat, looking to left) talks to the Wildcats after the game.


wpe7.jpg (13635 bytes)

Here's Cornelius, a slotback and defensive end
and team leader for the 6-0 Lancers.

wpe9.jpg (40134 bytes)

The Lancers were more than happy to take time out from a tape-watching session to mug for the camera.

KING 14, LINCOLN 13   10/18

wpe7.jpg (3522 bytes)

Good action, huh?
Shame it was way
on the other side of
the field and the
zoom wasn't activated.

wpe9.jpg (16443 bytes)

Joe DiGrazio makes a catch in front of King's Jared

wpeA.jpg (19531 bytes)

Referee Tom McClain gets in the face of King assistant John Sheroda. He tossed
him moments later.

wpeB.jpg (22816 bytes)

Rory Stallworth has room to run and John Hardin-Bey for path-clearing.

wpeC.jpg (20125 bytes)

King's Larry Allen has just punted. Quie'n Simmons (6) puts a late
block on Antonio Wessells.


wpe7.jpg (53332 bytes)

It was Homecoming at Dougherty and the start of the game was delayed for 27 minutes.

wpe9.jpg (45280 bytes)

Running back Patrick Smith was the king.

wpeA.jpg (35041 bytes)

Dougherty's Mike Copestick punts.

wpeB.jpg (32334 bytes)

N-G's Paul Bryson (61), Mike McLaughlin (21) and Barry Canady (85) approach Patrick Smith.

wpeC.jpg (24616 bytes) 

Dougherty WR Ralph Smith is about to be engulfed by Hiram Bowman.

GTN. ACADEMY 21, MALVERN 20   10/16

wpeE.jpg (48436 bytes)

The Friar is Malvern's mascot. As for these other three guys, who knows? (smile)

wpeF.jpg (28913 bytes)

Will Miller carries for Malvern as Tom Matteo (51) and Dan Melero size him up.

wpe10.jpg (37772 bytes)

At the right, Alex Holcombe has just taken a speed-sweep handoff from Tyler Stampone. Matt Shearon is
blocking. Matt Brown is looking to help out.

wpe11.jpg (36529 bytes)

Malvern QB Brendan O'Sullivan needs more blockers as Matt Shearon (65), Joe Traynor (85) and Alex
Holcombe (5) close in. Joe Rawlings (66) tries to keep Tom Matteo on the ground.  

DOBBINS 20, BOK 14   10/16

wpe9.jpg (61101 bytes)

The Bok Wildcats will be the first team to represent the Public League (District 12) in a PIAA playoff. Coach Tom DeFelice is second from the
right. Assistant Vince Trombetta is next to him. Frank "Roscoe" Natale, the other assistant, is at the left.

wpeA.jpg (34404 bytes)

Dobbins' Rashad "Reds" Williams eases through daylight. Maurice Goodwin (4) defends.

wpeB.jpg (19916 bytes)

Bok's Cory Moultrie sweeps and Amos Leak gives chase.

wpeC.jpg (34302 bytes)

You can contain Bok QB Joe "Pepe" DeSalis only by grabbing his facemask (smile).


wpe7.jpg (44302 bytes)

With their game vs. Lincoln postponed because of a disturbance at Lincoln, King's players came
to watch the game at Washington. The players: 51 Mike Banks, 55 Caison Austin, 1 Cyril
Woodland, 8 Marquis Clark and Andre Jones.

wpe9.jpg (43470 bytes)

Northeast's Cordia "Chop" Mosley prepares to pass to No. 8, Rockeed McCarter. John McFillin is blocked while pass-rushing.

wpeA.jpg (45155 bytes)

Courtney Williams dashes 37 yards on a reverse to set up a TD.


wpe7.jpg (51742 bytes)

If necessary, Steve could probably fill in as the athletic director (smile).

wpe9.jpg (26405 bytes)

The quest for team honors is still going strong.


wpe7.jpg (42658 bytes)

Frankford coach Mike Capriotti was a star tailback/linebacker for the
Pioneers. He graduated in 1970. That's a team photo of the '69 squad,
which won the PL title.

wpe9.jpg (19579 bytes)

Mike is at the left in the front row (No. 37) in the team photo. Coach
Al Angelo is wearing the dark jacket. Line coach Ron Howley is in
the upper right corner.

WOOD 35, N. CATHOLIC 0   10/10

wpe7.jpg (50804 bytes)

This photo perfectly illustrates the Vikings' defensive effort. (P.J. Maley, www.m3photo.com.)

O'HARA 39, LA SALLE 7   10/10

wpe7.jpg (46201 bytes)

La Salle's Jack Forster limits Sean Barksdale to a 7-yard gain on a reception.

wpe9.jpg (32840 bytes)

Anthony Walters sizes up Chris Ashley (4-yard pass play.)

wpeA.jpg (30902 bytes)

Barksdale is behind everyone for a 30-yard TD catch from John Ward.

wpeB.jpg (45458 bytes)

This pass was meant for Tom Jorfi (hidden). The defenders are Anthony Walters (9) and Brian Giacobetti.

wpeC.jpg (38623 bytes)

O'Hara coach Danny Algeo makes a point to his players at end of first half.

wpeE.jpg (45328 bytes)

Even my wife could have scored this TD, and she thinks football is played in innings (smile). Steve Cook goes 2
yards for the final score (and his third).


wpe7.jpg (42156 bytes)

As steam comes off his head, Steve Slaton (22) gathers with his C-E teammates for the post-game
talk. Slaton rushed for three TDs and 263 yards, raising his career total to 5,016, and clinched
the win with an interception on C-E's 13 in the last minute.

SJ PREP 28, RYAN 10   10/9
(Photos by Joe Arleth, student at Holy Ghost Prep)
Click for more photos, courtesy of Ray Perfetti of www.preppics.com. 


wpeF.jpg (24767 bytes)

Prep WR Steve Quinn absorbs a hit.

wpe10.jpg (42584 bytes)

Prep's Matt Leddy breaks a tackle en route to 25-yard TD reception.

wpe11.jpg (31896 bytes)

John Shaw runs for 26-yard score.

wpe12.jpg (23543 bytes)

Ryan Bradley fights into end zone with a 6-yard TD catch from Jim

wpe13.jpg (45076 bytes)

The band plays and the kids watch The Hawk count the points with pushups.


wpeE.jpg (18295 bytes)

West WR John Maddox is tackled after a 6-yard
gain by Marcus Williams.

wpeC.jpg (35311 bytes)

Chris Diaferio holds and Josiah Morley prepares to convert a 33-yard field goal.

wpeB.jpg (31033 bytes)

The ball sails away after West Catholic's Antoine Stout failed to make a catch. No. 44 is
Hiram Bowman.

wpeA.jpg (21883 bytes)

West's Chris Diaferio eludes Brian McLaughlin on 33-yard punt return for a TD.

wpe9.jpg (22001 bytes)

This is the start of something momentous, folks. West Catholic's
Parris Shannon makes an interception three yards deep in the end
zone. He then ran 103 yards for a TD (though it officially went into
the books as a 100-yard return). No. 86 is Chuck French.


wpe9.jpg (29972 bytes)

Frankford's Malik "Flip" Walker runs and Matt Toland looks for someone
to block.

wpeA.jpg (27692 bytes)

Mastbaum's Sherrod "Sheet Rock" Evers makes a circus catch
as Maurice Miller tumbles.

wpeB.jpg (22064 bytes)

QB Markies Tavares takes off for a short gain.

WASHINGTON 48, KING 16   10/7

wpe9.jpg (20177 bytes)

Washington's Dominique Curry can't quite hold on to
what would have been a TD catch. Jared Williams

wpeA.jpg (44056 bytes)

King's Jeff Davis moves in to hold Raymond Roy to a 3-yard gain on a reception.

wpeB.jpg (37091 bytes)

Jerry Butler fends off Sammy Tranks as Lance Gribbin (58) and Caison Austin (55) give chase.

wpeC.jpg (45944 bytes)

The smallest Cougar has the biggest heart. With Jared Williams leading the way, 5-4,
140-pound Raheem "Rah-Rah" Isaac runs for yardage.

wpeE.jpg (53029 bytes)

The Eagles await coach Ron Cohen's post-game talk. No. 8, DB Mikal Sabree, seems to be in an especially
good mood (smile).

SJ PREP 23, LA SALLE 12   10/3

wpe9.jpg (50997 bytes)

Chuck "Gotta Have" Hart, SJ Prep's legendary manager and likely the long lost
brother of our own Thomas "Hockey Puck" McKenna, practices his kicking. At
summer camp, Chuck boomed a 40-yard FG from a tee to save the players one day's
worth of "gassers." Said coach Gil Brooks, "It was one of the greatest moments in
the history of sports."

wpeA.jpg (56816 bytes)

The Prep's student rooters.

wpeB.jpg (28139 bytes)

Tom Jorfi has just caught a TD pass from Mike Lynch and back judge Tim Gallagher
wants the ball. No. 6 is Andy Shalbrack.

wpeC.jpg (27718 bytes)

Chris Whitney, Prep's soph QB, loads up.

wpeE.jpg (28608 bytes)

Prep's David Clement makes one of his two fourth quarter interceptions in front of La
Salle's Rick Cosgrove. I'm told they played together on the Little Quakers a few years

  CARROLL 35, McDEVITT 14   10/2

wpeA.jpg (38248 bytes)

Brian Rorick (10) is among those wrapping up McDevitt's Damian Jordan.

wpeB.jpg (29599 bytes)

Carroll's Brent Christie is off to the races for a 91-yard TD.

wpeC.jpg (20204 bytes)

You can't take yourself too seriously, right? . . .
This might have been a decent picture had I not cut off
Josh Halladay's head. Sorry, troops.


wpe7.jpg (28680 bytes)

NE's Chris Banks ran for 133 yards and three TDs.

wpe9.jpg (30219 bytes)

Mastbaum's Sherrod "Sheet Rock" Evers puts a move on Darrin Smith
after making a reception.

wpeA.jpg (22964 bytes)

. . . and later makes one of his three TD catches.

wpeB.jpg (19600 bytes)

Head coaches Al Coleman (L) and Mel Hinton
have been best friends since their days at West


wpeC.jpg (25715 bytes)

The line closest to the camera is the 50. Fifteen yards of turf have been laid.

wpeE.jpg (33494 bytes)

A closer look. That's a thin coating of gravel below the turf. Beneath that is coarse gravel.

wpeF.jpg (33057 bytes)

Another look at the construction.

wpe10.jpg (29172 bytes)

One more look, from a different angle.

CENTRAL 36, BARTRAM 2   10/1

wpe11.jpg (17603 bytes)

Central's offense prepares to attack. (Photo by Nick Cammarota)