Best Teammate 2002
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Ameel poses with his
trophy on 6/14 at West.

   West Catholic FB player Ameel Johnson is the winner!!! He compiled 37 points to top K-K's Dan Rafferty (34) and McDevitt's Mark Finley (30) in what became a three-man race.
   We had 15 total voters for 240 total points. Johnson was No. 1 on three ballots and appeared on 11 ballots total.
   The following contestants also received first-place votes: Finley (3), Rafferty (2), Russell Kubach, Joe Boland, John Gaynor, Greg Hennigar, Josh Carmen, Mike Gibbs and Mike Piotrowicz. These guys finished as high as No. 2 on ballots: Rob Ritterson, Mike McGarvey, Vince Salvatore, Chuck Richardson and Jason Welte. That speaks to the quality of the contestants.
   Thanks to everyone!!! Also, I hope everyone who was nominated feels extremely proud!!

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    Who is the best teammate in the Public, Catholic or Inter-Ac Leagues? And why?
    Is he always upbeat? Does he never stop hustling? Is he always dependable in the clutch? Does he always know just what to say in dark moments? Does he tell great jokes? Does he set a proper tone in practice?
    Nominations for stars, "mediums" or lesser lights are encouraged. One change this year: Only seniors are eligible. Athletes in any sport are eligible, though I'd imagine the winner will likely come from a sport I cover on a regular basis. 
    We'll take nominations through June 4, have the squad reach a decision and announce a winner shortly thereafter. I will spring for a handsome trophy or plaque.

    We've had fun all year and have even encouraged some spoofs. Please, everyone, just this once, be serious. I want thoughtful nominations. There will be no voting by website visitors. We will go entirely on nominations (though I might consult coaches to be sure that everything said about a kid is on the money.)
    Thanks for participating!!
    ---- Ted Silary
    P.S. -- You may make nominations anonymously.


For John Gaynor, Judge FB
    Ted, I would like to nominate John Gaynor for Best Teammate.  Although John goofs around on the site, and other places when it comes to the field, weightroom, wtc.  there are no jokes.  He was a captain for us (Judge) and would have been an All-Catholic if not for an unfourtunate injury.  When things are not always looking the best on a drive that has derailed "Gaynor" knows exactly how to get in your head and to make you concentrate on the play at hand rather then the play that just happened.  John is there for his teammates all the time, wether it is after you miss a block in practice, jump off sides in the game, or are fighting someone twice your size at midfield in the Prep game.  As I mentioned before John did not get some of the on field honors that he DESERVED because of injury, and I feel it would only be right if John was named BEST TEAMMATE.
---- GOOSE #78 Judge/Non-Public

For Josh Carmen, Conwell-Egan baseball
  It may be a stretch of the term teammate, but I want to offer Josh Carmen from the Conwell-Egan baseball program as an example of someone who deserves consideration for the honor.     
  I've seen him over the last couple of years develope into the kind of teammate every organization needs to have around.  He never lets the fact that he's a senior get in the road of helping out.  Whether its waiting on the bench until called to contribute, warming up the right fielder, helping to break down the equipment after a game, or chasing the errant foul ball, you can count on him to do the job.  Lord knows no one has more spirit during a game, though what he does to the language might leave an English teacher apoplectic, and the opposition scratching their heads.
  As a player, he gives everything he can with the tools he possesses, but this award has less to do with being a player of quality than it does with being a person of quality.  He enjoys victory with verve, and takes defeat with the grace and class that makes him a great example of what the program is about.
  I hope everyone who gets nominated has the qualities that Josh has, and I hope your decision is as tough as I imagine it will be.
---- anonymous

For Joe Boland, Bonner FB
   I would like to nominate Joe Boland for this award. Joe Boland was our best leader all year. He was the type of player everyone wants on their team. He had a quiet confidence about his ability and the teams ability. All the younger teammates voted him captain. He was the guy who if you told him to do something you wouldn't even have to worry about it getting done. I would like to say he almost took on a sort of a player/coach role. Every team has the player who yells at his teammates a lot to get them motivated. Joe was the type who lead by example. He never complained or whined about drills or running. He always did what he was told and you never got any back talk from him. To top it off there is nothing that shows more dedication to your teammates, coaches, and the team in general than to play half of a football season, going both ways mind you, with a fractured ankle. Joe did that and he would have kept playing if he wasnt risking not playing in the championship. He was always involved he would go out with water during timeouts and talk to us and motivate us. The best motivation we recieved all year was when one of our coach's said before one of our game, "When you feel like giving up and not going 100% percent look over to the sideline at Joe Bolnad and realize here is a player that would give anything to be playing football right now." That is how much Joe loved the game and loved his team. I know that Joe's work ethic and drive will one day bring him to that Golden Dome that he has coveted his entire life and I will be proud to say that I knew that man.
---- Michael P. Kozak, #60

For Mike "Pio" Piotrowicz, North Catholic, FB and baseball
   My nomination for best teammate is for Mike "Pio" Piotrowicz, of North Catholic. Mike is a born leader, and a great athlete, a great person, and most of all a friend. On and off the football feild and baseball diamond Mike displays charcter that cannot be matched. Through hard work and encouragement of his teammates mike deserves this award. Mike is a first team all catholic football player and also a first team selection is baseball. Mike experienced too rough seasons but did he quit? NO! He stayed up for each and every Football game and Baseball game. He was always there to lend a hand to his teammates, show them what they should be doing. Mike lead by exaple not by word of mouth. He shut up and just played. That is why "PIO" shoudl receieve this award.
---- anonymous

For Richard Cheek, Roxborough FB
   look at him, he's hyped when the team is down, he's hyped when the team is up. i really dont have much to say but look at him. Look at his stats(defensive) and how he received most sportsmanship this year in the all public game.
ps. it is time to change the leagues_every year the catholic league win-public has to win this year!

---- Jared M.

  I give a nomination to Richard Cheek of Roxborough High School's football team. He always shows love for the game and love for his teammates. I may not have been a team member, but I always came to the games and practices just to cheer them on for a while(laugh), and i mean "a while". The games really didn't last long, but he pumps his team up and shows great leadership on every play. He tells jokes to make you get loose for tight games and it really help the people that I talk to. They start off scared with butterflies, but when 'cheeks' comes around all gitters are gone. It's like thier cured. So, for my nomination, it should be Richard Cheek of Roxborough High.
p.s. You owe me Cheek.
---- Mike Gibbs (rox 2002)

For Tim Szychulski, Lincoln baseball
   hey ted i think it should be tim szyshulski because at practice all ways showing people how 2 be better showing them new ways how to play positions that helps alot.
---- anonymous

I would like to nominate Tim Szychulski for Best Teammate 2002. Throughout the year Tim came up with big hits that led us to a lot of our wins. He pitched a lot of games that kept us on top of Division B. Tim's best performance was against Frankford , in a game I don't think anyone who witnessed it will ever forget.
---- anonymous

Yo ted! After a long season and a day after
being apart of the greatest game of my life, there is
only one person I could think of that deserves this
award more than anyone else, Tim Szychulski. #13
pitched 11 strong innings, getting better and better
as the game went on. That was the story of all of
Timmy's pitching performances. He get's stronger and
stronger as the game goes on.
During the season, It was never in doubt that
Tim wouldn't come up big. If it was either at the
plate, on the mound or in the field, Timmy got the job
You had a great year Tim and we are all proud
of you.
---- Rob Cowie aka Batman

  hey ted i think it should be tim szchulski because he is a real good team player the guy fights 4 are team ever game and has to come all the way from swenson to play for are baseball team. he is a great guy if you were at the frankford game u would of saw how much the guy fights he piched 11 innings and never gave up at all
thanks ted
---- anonymous
   (Ted's note: I WAS at that game, for the record.)

  hey ted i think teammate of the year should be tim szychulski because i have a lot of resons. one is thaT the guy is the best player i have saw in high school baseball.two is that great team player never puts any one down and a really good guy.he teaches people how to play there postions better and it helps alot.he knows thatr he is one of the best players on lincoln baseball team and he never puts anyone  down ever how bad or good they are.he also has to come all the way from swinson to play baseball now u canm tell that the guy really   likes the sport and thers more but cant think of them
---- anonymous

For Ryan Brody, Roman football
   I'm nominating Ryan Brody from roman catholic as best teammate for 2002, He's been through the good(championship 1999) and the bad(1 league win 2002) but he never got down on us and kept us in the game even when were down by 40points, his patience was truly tested this year and he didnt give up on me or any of the other players. He wasnt very vocal, but when there was something that needed to be said he wouldnt hesitate, he led more by example then anything, and that was hard work and giving it your all. Thats why i belive he should recieve the BEST TEAMMATE AWARD FOR 2002.
---- Tom Sugden

For Jason Welte, Washington baseball
   I would like to give out a nomination to the man who deserves it more then
anyone, See over at Washington we have this  break away fence that we always
put up no one likes putting it up so we pretty much wait til last min to do
so in putting it up,, Jay gets out earlier then everyone else   just to get
the fence started. Me and Jay where in a fight earlier in the year we did
not talk for like 1 day  and that's about it  because he came up to me and
and made everything ok because we are teammates. Jay could care less who
gets the credit  all's he cares about is winning and having some fun. During
practice or a game Jay is  very involved always helping the coach out with
something and our teammates out with something, I don't know anyone else
that would fit the description better then Jay for Teammate of the year, Jay
is like  a Player coach if you get what i mean he will not stop at anything
he will try his best to do whatever he can  to help so my nomination goes to
Jason welte of Washington High School baseball
His Teammate
---- #10 Harry Parfitt III

For Vince Salvatore, Conwell-Egan FB-baseball
   Vince Salvatore has been a leader of the Eagles for four years.  He was co-captain his freshman and senior years. Although Vince never played footbal BEFORE high school, he has started varsity sophmore year playing both ways and leading his team in receptions senior year.  He was one of the main reasons Egan made playoffs for the first time in thirteen years. He was recently named MVP for the season and is the proud recipient of the Jimmy Seisser Scholarship. Vince always is upbeat when playing football or baseball and his enthusiasm for the game is always contagious to his teammates.
His All-Catholic nominations for three years  as well as graduating this year with first honors have made him an all around outstanding person. That is why I am nominating vince Salvatore as Teammate of the Year 2002!

For Mike Gibbs, Roxborough baseball
         I would like to nominate Mike Gibbs for Best Teammate.  He never says he is better then anyone on our team.  He supports everyone at practice and at the game. He is always up beat when we win or lose. He knows me might be drafted his summer and he never makes fun of anyone cuz they aint going to get drafted. That is why I am nominating Mike Gibbs.
---- anonymous

For Russell Kubach, Mastbaum FB
  I would like to nominate Russell Kubach , the offensive lineman from Mastbaum. He played his heart out every game on both sides of the ball. He was always on the field and in your words ted  was considered the "emotional leader" of Mastbaum's team. He was always showing the younger guys on the team the correct technique when blocking, always involved at practice, and always boosted the teams spirits. Since he worked as hard as he did he earned a spot on the Public League All-Star Team as  a starter. His hard work and encouragement of the team earned him the Hal Selvey Award. He is just a great guy who loves the game and loves being around the team and helping out. This award should go to Russell, definitely
---- #55 Mastbaum

  I nominate Russell Kubach from Mastbaum for the award. Every game I attended I saw him give everything he had. When he wasnt in the game he was on the sideline cheering his team on louder than anyone in the stands or any cheerleaders. He encourages everyone around him. Even at the All-Star Game with teammates he only just met was cheering his team on louder than anyone else and motivating them. I attended a few Mastbaum practices this year and he was always working with every to make the team better not just himself.
---- Loyal Mastbaum Fan

   I would like to nominate Russ Kubach. I played with him his junior season and he was always a great guy to be around, he made people laugh, always came through on big plays, and was able to just make people want to play better. From what I seen this year he has stepped his game up a very good amount and he's still on the field getting everyone up before , during, and after the game. He's a good guy and should get this award.
---- JE

  I would like to nominate Russ Kubach the hard working lineman of mastabum. I
seen him only play two games, but he definitley puts everything he has on
that field. I seen him play in the all star game and it seem like to me he
played every second of that game and never gave up, he is one of the hardest
dedicated workers I know. I think this award should go to my frined Russell
---- anonymous

For Ameel Johnson, West Catholic FB
       Ted, I would like to nominate Ameel Johnson for Teammate of the Year. On the field, Ameel is at home, and makes his team, his family. I can't even count how many times he stepped up for us, but I can count the four positions he played in one game before; guard, tightend, fullback, and linebacker. This proves to show how much he knows about the game. He is a weightroom legend at West and I look forward to him stepping through the doors everyday.
       As much as he knows about football, he knows many times more about life. He is something special. He takes the crookeds with the straights. At this years homecoming game, his family walked out with him on the field. Not his parents, but the brothers he has on the team. I do not consider him my friend. i consider him my brother. So I nominate Ameel Johnson for Teammate of the Year. Thanks alot Ameel, I love you bro!
---- Fran Enright #71

                  Ted, I think Ameel Johnson should be teammate of the year because, he never quits or gives up or complains he just goes onto the feild and plays his heart out. He never questioned what position he played whether it be FB, TE or G he just did the best he could do. Over the years I have learned alot from him, there would be times he would stay in the weightroom lifting with coaches well after everybody had left because he knew his hard work would pay off and that he was the team' leader and would always there for his team no matter the situation good or bad.
---- Michael C. wharton #54

Yo Ted,
       I have a great nomination for teammate of the year and that is my best
friend Ameel Johnson #35 on the field and #1 in the West Catholic Family
hearts.  He is not just are teammate on the field but in school, and most
important about life.  The world does not have enough for his heart.  Never
gave up on the team and most important me.  He would not let us go in the bag
if we wanted to.  If he didn't play one down in his whole life he could still
say he accoplished so much because the talks he gave the team and each person
on the team. His talks were uplifting.  He made each player feel like a
million dollars.  His work ethic is amazing and so is his heart.  The world
has a great man coming to them.  So Ted take a good look at are brother Ameel
Johnson you will not be disappointed if he does and should win the award.
Love you Ameel!!
---- #12

    I would like to nominate Ameel Johnson for the distinguished honor of
Best Teammate 2002.  Ameel is one of the few people in this world who can
make just about anyone smile by just being himself.  He is the
personification of dedication and commitment to the team--the West Catholic
    On our team shirts and warm-ups, one of the main aspects is that on the
back it reads boldly and in capital letters, "FAMILY."  Ameel takes this
seriously and lives by it.  During the Senior Game this year, the parents of
the players who are going to graduate join their son on the field for
acknowledgement and thanksgiving.  Since his family was not present, Ameel’s
true family stood there with him and let him know how much we love him--the
entire team.  This year, we all lost a member of our family in the legend
Abdul Sesay.  Ameel looked up to such players as Abdul and it totally killed
him to realize his brother was gone.  However, Ameel was a shoulder to weep
on and an ear to talk to.
    Being a teammate also means being there and a role-model.  Ameel is not
only dependable on the field, but additionally he is truly a brother.  Over
the past year, Ameel and I have grown increasingly closer because we shared
in an Encounter Retreat.  Ameel wore his football wardrobe almost every day
and expressed his love of the team.  He was there for all of the players and
everyone else who participated in the experience to talk and be there.  Ameel
is someone to look up to for his hard work, dedication, self-control (because
he is from a pretty rough neighborhood), sense of humor, and perseverance. 
    Whenever anyone on the team needed anything, from a good joke to a
mentor, Ameel was there.  Although I may just be the kicker and punter, Ameel
has touched me in a way that you have to give your all no matter what.  No
matter if it was at a practice, game, or football event, Ameel participated. 
    No matter what the result in a game, Ameel will always be a winner to all
of his teammates--his family.  Vince Lombardi once said, "I firmly believe
that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds
dear, is the moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies
exhausted on the field of battle-victorious."  I already know that when
anyone will recollect about Ameel, they will understand that he is number one
always in all of our hearts.
    For the rest of my life, I shall always understand how much Ameel Johnson
means because we are going to try to continue his mentality forever at West. 
Consequently, whether distinguished in Philadelphia’s sports leagues or not,
Ameel will always be my favorite teammate and I will always look up to his
---- J.M. #81

For Brian Gallagher, Wood FB/basketball
Hey Ted,
  i want to nimonate brian gallagher for teammate of the year for 2002. brian played football and basketball for wood. i was only his teammate in basketball. but i attended every football game. although he spent most the seaon playing on a fractured foot during football he always went out there and gave it his all. he may not have been a 100% but for the team to have one of their captains putting in that type of effort when he s hurt provides inspirtaion. i have been brians teammate for basketball for four years-- he is the ultimate team player. brian always kept his head up. he started out  high on coaches fav. player list- dressing var all soph seasoin - even seeing some PT. he started until he was injured his junior season. this year he never really got significant minutes and @ one point i dont think touch the cpourt in 5 straight games- but he didnt let it bother him...he always reamined upbeat n tried keeping us other guys upbeat a situatioon where some people might have quit0 bri made the most out of it n came to practice n made the rest of us he is a leader..kind of like another coach...excepts he understands the players...haha.....the reason i am specifically nominating him is because i was going to quit during this season i think after the first doughertyy game but brian convinced me to go have a meeting with coach sette before i did nething i wud regret...welll after this meeting i played more...n had the most enjoyable season of my life with the run we had...and i want to thank brian for being part of it n helping me stay a part of it..he helped me out all season long and is a true friend n teammate..his teammates in the future will be fortunate to know him . . . good luck bri in college.
---- Blair Klumpp

For Dan Rafferty, K-K baseball (and basketball)
       dan did not have the best year but let me tell you dan rafferty epitomizes the word leader.   dan was the first guy at practices and dan was the first guy to get us going at games.  dan was one of our team captains and dan is an all around guy.  i only had the priveledge of playing with dan for one year but it was one year in which my perspective of baseball totally changed.  dan showed me that the words "giving up" do not show up in a players vocabulary during a game.  when things werent going my way or whether they were hed be the first guy to tell me to keep my head up or keep up the good work.  its sad to see a season end but its worse to see a a guy leave a program who worked so hard and was so valuable to a team not only as a player but as a leader leave without a title.  so if what they say is right only the strong will survive, dan will be around for awhile, this is why dan rafferty deserves this award.
---- k-k #25

    From 5th grade to 8th grade, there was always this one player that I
absolutely hated playing against.  Not only was he from my grade school's
arch rival, but he played hard too.  He left everything on the court in grade
school and made me think on the way home, "what a warrior!"  Over the past 4
years, I had the pleasure of playing aside this person and not only did he
become my teammate, but also my best friend.
      Dan Rafferty continued his hard-nose, dedicated style from freshman
year to senior year at KK.  Although in four years, our basketball team
wasn't too successful, I never saw Dan give up or put his head down and I
feel that that has gained his unlimited respect and adoration within the
Catholic League.  His "never say die" demeanor propelled my game an extra
level and it pushed me to play harder.  Throughout these last few years, I've
seen "D Raff" emerge from a small, scrappy, quiet point guard into a natural
born leader that not only led by example, but also by his words.  Along side
him this past year as a basketball team captain and on the baseball team, it
showed me a lot about his character.  In dugout, everyone knew that the
baseball team was his team to lead because of his 4 years experience.  At KK,
Dan not only earned his athletic respect, but most importantly, he earned the
respect and undivided attention of his teammates.  In postgame huddles, when
#39 spoke, everyone listened and all the words out of his mouth were nothing
but inspration and guidance for a somewhat quiet baseball team.  His
encouraging words always found ways to get the guys going.  Whether it would
have been down the locker room before a basketball game or when we took the
field and Raff would belt out one of his signature "WOOOOOOOOOO!" that always
caught the attention of our opponents, he always knew how rise the level of
intensity.  I know for a fact that over his career, he has earned the respect
of many other players from other schools, not only as a player, but as a
clutch player.  Just recently, amidst his worse slump of the season, Raff
stepped to the plate against Bonner in a 3-3 game in the top of the 7th and
hit a laser that everyone in the dugout knew was gone and would give us a 6-3
       Despite his stature, the kid would never back down from anyone bigger
and one moment sticks out when we were juniors and he went nose to nose with
Tamal Forchion at the back of his teammate (well not exactly nose to nose
because Forchion is about 6'7, but you get the picture).  His teammates
always came before himself.  I can think of many other athletes in high
school sports these days that may deserve this award, but from what I've
witnessed over the last four years, no other person exemplifies the word
"teammate" like Dan Rafferty from the Kennedy Kenrick's basketball and
baseball teams.
---- Brian Beacham, K-K, #44/30

  Ted, I would like to nominate Dan Rafferty (better known as D-Raf to his teammates) for best teammate.  I've played w/ Dan for the past 3 seasons on K-K's baseball team.  He's always there for his teammates through the good and bad.  When we hit the wall in the middle of the season this year, Dan was there to pick us up and help us keep our confidence.  He's always there to encourage you for your next at-bat or next pitch.  I've never seen Dan give up or give in when he's playing on the diamond or out on the court.  If anyone deserves this award it's Dan.
---- #6 Luby

   I just want to let you know Dan Rafferty deserves the Best Teammate
award. He is a great athlete who only wants the best for his teammates. He
works hard and never gives up. He is the type of player that every coach
dreams of and every player wants to be near. He is a leader and his
teammates look up to him. He deserves this award.
---- Anon.

        I would like to nominate Dan Raff for Best Teammate 2002.  He is a natural born leader.  I played many times with and against this kid.  Back in the day and even now he strikes fear in the opposing team.  No team ever wanted to face him.  He had total respect from his teammates the fans, parents and all of his coaches.  In high school he has been the catalyst for both the baseball and basketball teams.  When he speaks he always get the other players undivided attention.  Failure is not in his vocabulary.
---- The Fan aka Dave Terpoilli

  It's hard for outsiders to sit and read nominations for who should be named the best teammate.  It is also hard to express in words how great of a teammate Dan Rafferty is.  As the dictionary states, a team is any group organized to work together.  A captain of the basketball team and the baseball team, Dan is the type of player that every coach dreams of having on his team.  D.Raff is the perfect "team" player.  He gives everything he has day in and day out, whether it be during drills in practice or during that final inning of a close ball game, he is constantly the one who will do everything he can to help the team succeed.
    As a junior, I can honestly say I will miss having Dan around next year, on and off the field.  As I wrap up this nomination I would just like to wish Dan the best of luck in the future.  Finially, one can only write so much about another in words, but the most important things can not even begin to be described.
---- Brian Rainone #3

For Brian Beacham, K-K baseball and basketball
  Disclaimer:  This nomination is hugely biased.
  He really started out in the PCL at age five in 1990 as the halftime and
timeout entertainment at his brother's Bishop Kenrick basketball games
running out to shoot before Nick, the janitor, could chase him off.  That
basically continued until his sister's basketball career ended at
Kennedy-Kenrick in 1994.  Only a few years later, he would be a student
there and a teammate in the basketball program (four years) and the baseball
program (three years).  He was never the strongest, fastest, or most
dominating player, but he always brought a tremendous amount of energy,
desire, and hard work to his respective sport that set an example for all of
his teammates.  He never gave up; he never accepted defeat.  He only grew
from it.  He knew the importance of what the PCL was all about at an early
age and influenced his teammates with that at every practice and every game
he was involved in.  Sadly, his career came to an end yesterday in the
playoffs versus Bonner, but I know that he will cherish the fact that he got
to participate in a PCL playoff game for the rest of his life.   I no doubt
feel that his affiliation did not come to an end with the PCL though; I
definitely see him involved in some capacity in the future.   Sadly, our age
difference has not allowed us to be teammates on the competitive level, but
I know that I would have looked forward to going to practice with someone of
his stature everyday.  I cannot possibly relay in an email how proud he has
made me.
---- Patrick Beacham

For Greg Hennigar, Judge FB
   I nominate Greg for best teammate 2002 simply because he is the best teammate. Greg was sidelined 2 yrs in a row with a broken collar bone in each shoulder.  Although Greg was one of our biggest leaders and we truly needed him, I don't remember if he ever missed a practice or ever had something negative to say. Greg showed just how good of a leader he was by doing this.  Greg is by far one of the hardest workers I have ever seen, the kid just works so hard for his abilities in the weight room and on the field.  Ted be real I cant see a better teammate or person then Greg Hennigar and all his work had paid off because he will be on the field someday at Penn State.
---- Justin O'Brien FJ Football

   Who else would be perfect for this award?He is a team leader.That is not only shown on the field but off the field also.Throughout his injuries the past season, the team has always believed in him.He still attended at all practices and (from personal experiences) is almost the first to help an freshman who knows nothing about anything with trouble in sports or school.From what I hear, he made himself the best he could be from freshman to senior year while everyone else was born with this talent and by attending Penn State this upcoming  year, he has definitley made the best of his opportunities, all by never giving up. Always dependable in clutch, shown in all-star game when non-public came back fom a 14-0 deficit.Jokes?It is hard to keep a strait face when this guy is around.Ask anyone who knows him as a player or person.Who could be better for this award?
---- BanksShots 

For Mike McGarvey, Penn Charter FB/bask/base
  I would like to nominate Mike McGarvey of Penn Charter as the best teammate for the 2001-2002 year.  He was the captain of the football and basketball teams, and also played varsity baseball.  He is a great all around athlete and was alsways encouraging to under classmen such as myself.  He had been an inspiration to many kids at Penn Charter. As a youth at Charter, Mike took me under his wing and guided me in the right direction throughtout the year.  This is why Mike McGarvey deserves the best teammate award.
---- Ryan Nanni PC '05

For Rob Ritterson, Washington baseball
Hey Ted
  My name is Dennis Massott and I am a member of the George Washington Baseball team this year. I was on the team last year as a sophmore but i didnt really see any action. This year i am earning my time at third base and playing catcher when a certain someone is in the pitching rotation. That certain someone is Rob Ritterson. I can't say enough about how much he means to our team , and how much more he means to me personally. First of all the kid has been through alot in the past couple years , more than i could ever imagine. He's the starting catcher for us , but he's also our number one pitcher . So at the start of the season i began to work at the catching position. I'll be the first to tell you that i dont think i looked like a varsity catcher, but Rob was right there to encourage me and give me tips and pointers all year long. To this day he will stay 10 minutes after practice with me just to throw some balls in the dirt at me. He leads by example. It's rare that you will ever hear his voice, you know what a player like Rob is thinking by the look on his face. He knows that there is a time to play around and have fun and he also knows that theres a time when it's time to get down to buisness. We recently made it to the semi-finals Ted, and Rob was the man on the mound to get us there , striking out the side in the top of the 7th of a 4-3 game. The whole team knows how good of a ball player that he is , We all know that when it comes down to crunch time , we can always rely on a guy like Robbie on and off the feild to get the job done. He gives some of the guys rides home after practice , including myself , and honestly its kind of far out of the way. Those are the little things that he doesnt have to do, but he does them any way. Another guy on the team Jay Welte was nomintaed as well , Both these guys are the heart and sole of this team, If you dont think that Robbie is a deserving person of this award, then make sure you give a look at Jay's name too. So, that's my nomination for Best Teamate of the year : Rob Ritterson.
---- Teammate and Friend, Dennis Massott #13

For Mark Finley, McDevitt FB/bask/base
   I would like to nominate Mark Finley from Bishop McDevitt for best teammate of 2001-2002 school year. He played Football , Basketball , and Baseball and was a captain on all three of the teams.  He showed more hustle and heart than anyone that I have ever played with.  He was a leader and a standout player on all three teams and was the ultimate team player.  That is why I think that he should be best teammate 2002.
---- Brian O'Meara

Dear Ted,
     I would like to nominate Mark Finley as best teammate for this year.  I
have never seen this kid get down on himself or his fellow teammates, and he
has the most upbeat attitude I have ever seen.  Although I only played with
him in football, I have often heard Finley from a fan's perspective,
cheering on his team and giving positive encouragement.   Mark has been like
this for some time though as well.  As a fellow St. Gens Wildcat, I know
that he has been a leader and has always had a great sense of sportsmanship.

Hey Ted,
   I would like to nominate Mrak Finley of Bishop McDevitt for Best teammate 2002. Mark is a star player for the Football, Basketball and Baseball teams but is never arrogant and is always willing to help a fellow teammate. He is a great teammate because you always know he is capable of making the big plays and he has nothing but respect and support for all of his teammates. He has always been one of the nicest people, on and off the field and won an award for the nicest student three times in a row in grade school. He is very dedicated to all his teams but can also have joke around and have fun. Mark the Shark exemplifies all the qualities of smortsmanship. He never argues with refs or gets technicals and always has respect for his opponents, which can be hard when you play teams like Wood, Carroll and Lasalle. I have been on several teams with him and he is the best team leader that i have ever played with. For all these reasons, i think Finley should is indisputably the best teammate for 2002.
---- Sean Woods

Dear Ted,
   I think the best teammate award should go to Mark Finley. He is a true leader on the field whether its baseball, football, or basketball. He leaves everything out on the playing field and he never gets down on players and is always upbeat about things no matter what the score is or how we are doing. After a tough loss to Cardinal Dougherty this year for baseball our coach walked away without everyone putting in there hands and saying "McDevitt" and Finley got the team together to say that, it seems like a little thing but it shows you how much he cares about the team and how much of a leader he is.He shows great sportsmanship and I think he should be Teammate of the year.
---- Greg Goettner

About Mark Finley
Always upbeat,never stops hustling,always dependable in the clutch,always
knows what to say in sullen moments,always sets a positive tone in practice.
The one thing he has to work on is telling great jokes. He promised me he
will spend the summer in North Wildwood working on his jokes. Everything
said about Mark is true,and one more thing,He is a great person. Kings
College is very Lucky to get him.
---- Jack Rutter

   I would like nominate Mark Finley for the best teammate award. Mark Finley is a three sport athlete. I also play three sports for Bishop McDevitt. Finley was always the upperclassmen who would help you out not push you around. During football season he always gave it his all no matter what the score was. During basketball Ross and Stewart would draw attention to themselves, not in a bad way, and the next play finley would come out of no where a hit a three pointer or dive for a lose ball. In baseball season Finley always was one of the players who would look on the bright side and he was proud to play for McD. He never complained or argued, he just turned around and beat you on the court or field. He always went the extra step to do what was right. If anybody deserves this award its Mark "the Shark" Finley.
---- TC Sawick
P.S. thanks for all the rides home Mark i really appreciate it.

Hey ted,
   Mark Finley has to be the best teammate that i have had the privilege to play with.  Never have i seen a more devoted player in my life.  Even when the action gets hot on the field, Mark keeps a cool head and never resorts to trash talkin or cursing.  He lets his talent do the talking.  He was an excellent role model for McDevitt teams in basketball, baseball, and football because he would never lose hope and never give up.  When team morale was low finley was the first to get it back up.   Although, he liked to joke around off the field, he was no joke during gametime.   Mark Finley is without a doubt the best candidate for best teammate and that's why i would like to nominate him.
--- Andrew Fallis

For Mark Wilson, Furness trainer
   i want to nominate mark wilson of furness h.s . mark is the trainer on the basketball and baseball team. he shows more school spirit then anyone in our school. he is at as many of our school teams games as he can. he also knows all the players on other teams and is stat junkie. mark is agreat example of what students should be for high school spirit.
---- furness school president ed daly

Hi Ted,
  I would like to nominate Mark Wilson from Furness H.S. He shows excellent sportsmanship and school spirit.He's an upbeat kid with a heart of gold.He sets examples to other students and has a couragous attitude toward school.He is the trainer for the basketball and baseball teams.Mark is heard loud and clear at basketball/'baseball games cheering loud for the falcons.Even though our teams have struggled, Mark is a constant boost to us.
---- Furness H.S Baseball Player Shawn Thomas 27

For John Bowes, Judge FB
      I would like to nominate John Bowes for best teammate 2002.  He is 5'6" tall and he was a solid starter for Judge's football team as a defensive back because of his tremendous heart and his relentless work ethic.  This year, Johnny was the brains of our defense.  He knew every formation and call better than anyone- even our coaches sometimes.  Johnny just went out every day and worked hard without looking for any credit.  He is a great example for the younger guys on the team to follow and his focused approach helped push all the seniors to become better players also.  Any kid who ever backed down from playing football because he thought he was too small should look at Johnny Bowes.  Even with his serious approach, Johnny will be the first guy to make you laugh on the sidelines, in the weightroom, or in the lockerroom with some jokes from a Friends episode.  Johnny was the guy who did all the little, unnoticeable things to make the rest of the guys on our defense look better.  Johnny never looks for any credit and he didn't receive any accolades from around the league but he was definitely an unsung hero of our football team.  He wasn't one of the bigger, known names on our team this year by people around the league but he is a big reason for the turnaround that Judge did from our 3-8 season in 2000 to our 9-4 showing in 2001.  I've been playing with Johnny for a lot of years and I know that he has made playing football and lacrosse a great experience for many people, including me.  Johnny's presence and work ethic has made me a better player, and Judge's football team as a whole better and that is why I am nominating him for best teammate 2002.  Ted you have to give Johnny Bowes the credit he rightfully deserves.

---- Frank Mallon, Judge FB

For Chuck Richardson, Roxborough baseball
         I would like to nominate Chuck Richardson for best teammate. His have been there since 10th grade playing his heart out. He works hard at practice to help make himself a better ball player. He helps people at practice too. He was one of the leaders this year as Roxborough played it's first year in the A division. He has been working hard since 10th grade to make 1st team all public. He deserved it in 10th grade but it didn't faze him. He helped a lot of people since it was there first year playing varsity baseball. He was always up beat if they won or lost. That is why I am nominating Chuck Richardson for Best Teammate
---- anonymous

For Dave Lorditch, Wood baseball (and FB)
   I would like to nominate Dave Lorditch (Archbishop Wood Baseball) as best teammate. His work ethic, even during practices, was an inspiration to us all. Although he is a senior, Dave was always the first to pitch in doing the underclassmen's jobs, e.g., carrying equipment, raiking the field, fetching water, etc. He played hurt most of the year, but you wouldn't know it by the 110% he gave at each practice. You never heard him complain. He is my hero.
---- anonymous

For Steve Gallo, Lincoln baseball
Dear Ted
   Steve Gallo, Lincoln's Senior shortstop, should most definetly get this award.  He has played his heart out for his team.  he literally has brought blood to every game.  He even played with a pulled muscle in his back.  This shows guts, team work, and outstanding leadership for him to do these kinds of things.   Steve is the backbone of the 2002 Lincoln baseball squad.  Every practice he gets there on time and takes care of all his players because he is our captain and we trust in him to lead us.  Steve is a quiet guy off the field but on the field is where he excells and becomes the absolute definition of BEST TEAMMATE.
---- Anonymous

Hey Ted,
   I am nominating Captain Steve Gallo of Lincoln High School's baseball team because this kid DESEREVES EVERY BIT OF IT...Steve brings so much to the  table....he is a quiet guy off the field but when he steps on teh field wheter its practice or a game he is focused on baseball and his teammates....when i came to lincoln as a walk on Steve welcomed me and got his friends to liek me too....i appreciate all he has done for me this year and I thin he deserves this award...  Steve is so underrated by the public league...he has made all public the last two years, and he has batted at least .400 this year and probably the last year too....Steve Gallo should get this award because it is the perfect fit for his courage,tenasity,and hsi heart for the love of the game...thank you.


   I feel that Steve Gallo should be the best teammate 2002.  He played a stellar season with Lincoln this year and also helped out the team extremely.  Steve would always try to help me out with hitting and fielding.  He also worked with the backup shortstop for the next season.  He always has us work together as a team when it comes to streching at practices and doing things as a team.  I also feel that Gallo should of gotten MVP of the B division because he shows the most teamwork on the team and also has the best numbers on the team.  He may not of been able to hit homeruns but he got on base most of the time.  Since he didn't get his rightful spot as MVP, I feel that Gallo should be the BEST TEAMMATE 2002.
----RF  #33 George Graham

       I would like to see Steve Gallo #17 SS, get some recognition.  So I am
casting my vote for him.  See we have a Swenson teacher as a Lincoln coach,
so therefore u only hear good things about Swenson kids.   Well, every game
Steve always plays with his body and would do anything for a "W."   For
practices we walk down to the field without the Swenson kids cause they don't
show up till later, but Steve is getting things started getting us warmed up,
and even though Steve is a Captain, he still will pick up after anyone that
has walked down to the field without anything.    
---- Jeff Livezey

   i am voting for steve gallo becuz he is a team leader, knwos wat has to be done, on time everyday, gives it his all everyday, is not noticed to be recongized for his works.  The best thign is that we never have our "other" captain timmy there becuz he goes to swenson and since taht is so steve runs teh pracitce as the swenson kids walk down ever so slowly as the rest of the TEAM is practing.  steve gives as mucha s advice as needed at any time to any player, he also has so ,much heart,power,and talent. he got a hit pretty much every game we ahd this season and he shoudl be recongized for these great deeds !!  thanx
---- i will remian unknown for certain reason conserning the team ted

Hey Ted,
  I would like to nominate Steve Gallo from Lincoln High School. I have played with him for the best 3 years at Lincoln and not only has he made all-public 2 out of the 3 years. He never criticizes any of his teammates, and always helps them.  He is a good going guy that likes to talk it up on the field and get the team going. Gallo batted .550 this season and in my opinion got robbed for the MVP this season. He never once brags about his game and always wants to improve it,along with wanting to help improve everyone elses game.Well Ted i really hope you pick Steve Gallo as the best teammate.
---- Devin

       Hey. Whats up Ted? I'm Alex Tsafos from Lincoln Railsplitters (# 19 , left field ) , I am just writing you to tell you about Steve Gallo , senior shortstop ( 1st team all pub) he is a great team player and a great captain , and a really good guy to be around. And I believe that he would be an awesome canidate for best teammate for 2002, if you knew him like i knew him and all my teammates know him , you would pick him too.
       Okay , thanks alot Ted,
---- Alex Tsafos , Lincoln Railsplitters # 19

   i would like to nominate steve gallo of lincoln's baseball team because he is always talkin during the games and is always up beat between innings tellin his teammates to keep their heads up and keep going...i dont know steve all that well personally other tahn him hanging out with my son but i know a good spirited boy when i see one and steve gallo is one of them...thank you ted
---- Diane Bates, Lincoln Baseball Mother


Hey Ted,
    This is Dennis Morrow. I just wanna thank you for picking Ameel for the Best Teammate Award. We were at graduation practice this morning when Ameel found out. After Ameel was informed that he won, he immediately started crying. Once the student body was told, we all went crazy. This award means so much to Ameel. You couldn't have picked a better candidate. This is something he'll definitely cherish his entire life.
----- Dennis Morrow
   (Ted's note: I spoke with Ameel this afternoon by telephone and he sounded very thankful. I gave him the choice of a trophy or plaque; he chose a trophy. I ordered it and it should be ready by next Thursday or Friday. I know Ameel appreciates the wonderful nominations he received. For the record, this was not my decision alone. We had 15 voters and points were given out on 6-4-3-2-1 basis for each voter's top five; I figured a first-place vote should carry a little extra weight. When I present the award to Ameel, I'll take some pictures and post them.)