Philadelphia High School Football

A Look at Bishop McDevitt's Two Consecutive
*Perfect Seasons, 1986-87 (12-0, 11-0)
  *-Three wins in 1986 were forfeited due to the use of an ineligible player. A part-time guard, that
player had no effect on the outcomes. The Lancers won those three games by a combined score
of 87-10.

  This page provides stories/lists/details for Bishop McDevitt's back-to-back championship
seasons in 1986 and '87. The Catholic League played its first season in 1920 and retained
an all-one-league setup through '98; the "enrollment era" began in '99. (There was no CL
competition in 1929). Through the all-one-league era, 17 teams finished with perfect
overall records. McDevitt was the ONLY team to achieve perfection (on the field) in
back-to-back seasons.
  Pat Manzi was the coach in both seasons. The assistants: Dave McDowell, Bill Jackson,
Mark Paluszek, Ed McKee, Dan Smith, Gerry Fasano, John Krupsack
(all both years),
Dan DiMaria, Paul Smith (both in 1986), Joe Barrett, Ed Harkins, Tom Hartman,
Scott Powell, Craig Peters, Pat White
(all in 1987).   

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Andrew Brown, top rusher in 1986

Dan Taylor, QB in both seasons

Coach Pat Manzi in 1987

1986 Kind McD Opp.
*William Tennent N-L 31 0
*Bishop Egan League 28 7
*Father Judge League 28 3
Bishop Kenrick League 14 0
North Catholic League 14 7
La Salle League 27 0
Archbishop Wood League 7 3
Cardinal Dougherty League 14 6
Archbishop Ryan League 14 7
Father Judge Quarter 25 6
Archbishop Wood Semi 27 6
Cardinal O'Hara Final 20 0
  Totals   249 45
  Averages   20.8 3.8
*forfeit loss      
1987 Kind McD Opp
Bishop Egan League 34 0
Father Judge League 26 15
Bishop Kenrick League 30 0
North Catholic League 21 0
La Salle League 28 7
Archbishop Wood League 44 21
Cardinal Dougherty League 36 14
Archbishop Ryan League 26 7
Cardinal Dougherty Quarter 37 14
Father Judge Semi 35 12
St. James Final 14 0
  Totals   331 90
  Averages   30.1 8.2
RUSHING Opponent Yards Year
Andrew Brown Tennent 187 1986
Jason Hannings La Salle 149 1987
Andrew Brown La Salle 135 1986
Kevin Blackstock Egan 134 1987
Jason Hannings Wood 134 1987
Andrew Brown Judge 123 1986
Andrew Brown Dougherty 117 1986
Andrew Brown Judge 114 1986
Jason Hannings North 111 1987
Andrew Brown Wood 109 1986
Jason Hannings Egan 109 1987
PASSING Opponent Yards Year
Dan Taylor Wood 226 1987
Dan Taylor Judge 218 1987
Dan Taylor Judge 175 1986
Dan Taylor La Salle 162 1987
Dan Taylor Dougherty 156 1987
Dan Taylor North 149 1986
Dan Taylor Egan 142 1986
Dan Taylor Judge 133 1986
Dan Taylor Wood 123 1986
Dan Taylor Dougherty 101 1987
RECEIVING Opponent Yards Year
Mark Gregorio Wood 119 1987
Howard La Salle 102 1987
Bob Thompson Egan 98 1986
Howard Wood 96 1987
Mark Gregorio Dougherty 81 1987
Kevin Blackstock Judge 67 1987
Howard Judge 56 1987
Howard St. James 55 1987
Jake Kolen Judge 54 1986
Bob Thompson O'Hara 53 1986
Tribute Page
McDevitt's Consecutive
Perfect Seasons

This story was written in 1987 after the Lancers wrapped up their second consecutive perfect-on-the-field season (23-0 total) by beating St. James, 14-0, for the Catholic League championship . . .

By Ted Silary

  Now that Bishop McDevitt has swept to a second consecutive Catholic League football championship, it is time to ask the big question.
  Not this: Could the Lancers defeat Suburban One National powerhouse Central Bucks West, winners of 43 consecutive games?
  This: Have the 11-0 Lancers - 14-0 winners Saturday over St. James at Villanova Stadium - earned the right to be anointed the best team in Catholic League history?
  Already, we can hear howls of protest from old-timers and medium-timers in Levittown, Chester and even inside the city limits.
  But for us and many others, the question is packed with merit. And you might be surprised how many votes for "McDevitt '87" would be deposited into a ballot box.
  Open up for discussion the subject of the Catholic League's better teams of the past 25 seasons - if you go too much further back, comparisons become virtually impossible because one-platoon football was commonplace - and three names pop up over and over. Bishop Egan, '66; Cardinal Dougherty, '68; and St. James, '72.
  Although coach Dick Bedesem produced five Catholic League champions at Egan from '63 to '70, his '66 squad is generally regarded as his best. The Eagles (11-1) outscored their opponents, 438-50, and squashed Ben Franklin, 27-0, in the city title game. Their one loss, 6-0 to La Salle, came in the last week of the regular season, after the Northern Division championship had been clinched.
  Dougherty's '68 team, coached by Gene O'Pella, was 11-0. The Cardinals outscored their opponents, 370-117, and capped their season by coasting past Northeast, 48-14, in the city title game. They won every game by a minimum of 13 points.
  In '72, coach Joe Logue's St. James team received acclaim for its size as much as anything else. Combined, the '66 Egan and '68 Dougherty teams started only two players taller than 6-2 and one who weighed more than 220 pounds. But the Bulldogs had several giants - Joe Gallagher at 6-3, 240; Jim Clough at 6-4, 243; Frank Finn at 6-4, 248 - and when a respectable Frankford team was embarrassed, 42-0, in the city title game, larger-than-life status was assured.
  Bishop Kenrick did push St. James to the limit (29-27) in the CL championship game, but the season was quite the breeze otherwise (358-71 scoring edge).
  Now for the '87 Lancers . . .
  Coach Pat Manzi's team has it all, from overall record (11-0) to scoring advantage (331-90, including 86-26 in three playoffs) to size (the average offensive line starter was 6-1, 210).
  A year ago, McDevitt - 12-0 on field; three wins were forfeited because of the use of an ineligible player - also boasted a team worthy of high praise. But since many of the top players were juniors, it is reasonable to assume that this year's squad was stronger.
  "We couldn't have played better defensively than we did last year," Manzi said, "but as an overall package, I'd say this year's team was better. We had more capability on offense, and you also have to add in the maturity factor."
  While he declined to state flat-out that McDevitt's '87 team is the CL's best ever, Manzi welcomed any and all accolades.
  "Recognition like that (even being considered among the best) doesn't come a team's way too often," said Manzi, whose six-year McDevitt record is 47-18-2, counting the forfeits. "It's not hype or exaggeration. It's legitimate. If people want to talk about best teams, these guys are right there.
  "I've been coaching in this league for a long time (20 years) and this is as good a team as I've seen. We were very sound offensively and our defense (coordinated by Dave McDowell) constantly pressured people and created turnovers.
  "Offensively, we were very similar offensively to the '68 Dougherty team. We had a lot of weapons. If people concentrated on our running game, we were more than happy to throw the ball."
  continued right below . . .

  Manzi probably can assume safely that four senior Lancers - quarterback Dan Taylor, safety Brian Quigg,
linebacker Phil DiMaria, defensive tackle Scott Young - will receive Division I-A or I-AA scholarships. He also feels
that four more upperclassmen - center Eric Householder, wide receiver Kevin Howard, guard Mike Dougherty,
wingback Jake Kolen - could surface next year in I-A or I-AA situations.
  Taylor, Kolen, Dougherty, junior tackle Derick Pickett (he's merely 6-5, 230), punter-kicker Brian Evans, Young,
DiMaria (he moved into the lineup late last season, after recovering from an injury) and Quigg were two-year starters.  
  As strange as it may seem, Manzi feels those eight players, and many others, derived long-range benefits from the
forfeits of '86.
  "We were placed in a situation where if we lost one game, we were out of playoff contention, he said. "The kids
learned all about pressure, then they carried what they learned into this season. We had a streak going and we were
the defending champion. Everyone looked at us every game. Pressure became the norm."
  So did winning.
  McDevitt's seniors completed their careers never having lost a game. They were 8-0 as freshmen, 8-0 on the junior
varsity as sophomores and 23-0 as varsity players.
  "Amazing," Manzi said. "Unless you're on the field, it's hard to imagine the intensity these kids play with. They're
like choir boys off the field, but savages on it.
  "They needed very little motivation from us as coaches. They brought so much of that with them. When you have
kids who are tough and talented and motivated . . . hey, there's not a whole lot else you need."
  TITLE TIDBITS: McDevitt also pitched a shutout in last year's championship game (20-0 over O'Hara). At the
time, O'Hara coach Bob Ewing, whose career dates back to '63, said McDevitt had "the best team one of my teams
has gone against." . . . McDevitt's TDs, both in the second half, came on a 5-yard run by fullback Kevin Blackstock
and a 19-yard pass from Dan Taylor to Kevin Howard. Another Howard TD reception, a 26-yarder, was wiped out
by a highly questionable procedure call . . . St. James's Marcas "Old" Bradley was held to 27 yards on 11 carries.
His final career rushing totals: 682 carries, 3,108 yards, 34 TDs (and 37 TDs overall).

This story was written after the Lancers won the 1986 Catholic League crown . . .

By Ted Silary
  Pat Manzi was staring hard at the plaque, symbolic of the Catholic League football championship, won moments
earlier by his Bishop McDevitt team.
  Swirling all around the coach were the school's delirious fans, who chose to celebrate Saturday's 20-0 victory
over Cardinal O'Hara by hugging, slapping hands and screaming on seemingly every portion of Villanova Stadium's
artificial turf.
  Then, starting guard Bill Dougherty approached Manzi and asked, with an equal mixture of reverence and
  "Could I see that? I've never seen one of those . . . Not a football one, anyway."
  How innocent, and meaningful.
  Dougherty has seen almost identical plaques in the school's trophy case, because McDevitt owns seven league track
championships (five outright, two shared) dating back to 1967.
  Now, the Lancers possess their first-ever football championship plaque. And in a link to that track heritage, one
of the prominent contributors was Scott Young, a young man whose brother is an old hand when it comes to success
on a track.
  If you follow track to even the slightest degree, the name of Carlton Young has to ring a bell. Young, before his
graduation in 1979, attained legendary status during an honor-filled sprint career at Central High. He then succeeded
to virtually the same degree at Villanova.
  Carlton Young, a spectator Saturday, remains long and lean. His brother is neither, and the family must have
figured the chances were slim that the body types would match when not-so-little Scott cracked the 50-pound
barrier at age 2.
  But Scott Young's beefy yet muscular legs can carry him places, in what must border on record time for a kid
ith 5-10, 240-pound dimensions.
  Scott Young, a junior, made seven stops at defensive tackle as McDevitt consistently stymied (and often
punished) an offense that had been averaging 24.4 points.
  The ultimate reward was, Dave "Pumpkin" McDowell's defense recorded only the second shutout in the 24-year
history of the championship game, prompting Scott Young to say, "We know our defense is the best in the league.
We're not satisfied unless we put a zero on the board."
  The Lancers pitched only four shutouts in 12 games, but they never allowed more than seven points and their
average defensive yield - on the field, not counting adjustments to three final scores after an ineligible player was
discovered - was a microscopic 3.75. That's the stingiest by a league champion since La Salle's 1955 team
allowed an average of 2.0 in 10 games.
  Better yet, only one of six touchdowns scored against McDevitt came on the ground.
  "We're physical and we're aggressive," Manzi said. "People can't appreciate us from the stands. They have to
play us."
  Or stand on the sideline and listen. The sound tracks featured on productions by NFL Films have nothing on
McDevitt's pad-popping symphonies.
  O'Hara's best chance for a score came late in the third quarter, when Rich Myers ran 29 yards to McDevitt's
26. Young, with help from equally impressive end Pat White, crashed through to drop quarterback Ed
Dougherty for a 6-yard loss. Four plays later, at the 12, Young again overmatched his opponent and knocked
he ball free from Dougherty's hands on what would become a 15-yard loss.
  "With Scott Young, you can't say, 'He's quick for a big person,' " Manzi said. "He's quick, period. For anyone.
  "Against William Tennent, he looped around his man and made a tackle at the line of scrimmage on the other
side of the field. All season, he has made phenomenal plays. He's averaging three sacks a game. That's a definite."
  So was this: that Scott Young did not play football until he entered ninth grade at McDevitt.
  "My mother (Gwendolyn) stuck me with the Hunter Soccer Club, where I played for six years," Scott said. "I
used to beat kids up and they'd tell me, 'Why don't you go play football?'
  "I have to give a lot of credit to my parents. They'd tell me, 'Be yourself and do what you want to do. Don't
do things because you're trying to follow in Carlton's footsteps or because you're trying to keep up with him.'
They'd say, 'Set, then accomplish, your own set of goals.' "
  Offensively, as it turned out, the Lancers required only six plays to score all the points they would need, as
unior Dan Taylor passed 29 yards to tight end Bob Thompson.
  However, fullback Mike Thomas would rush for two more scores before the half. The second came with
3:05 left, after O'Hara star Bryan Dempsey showed indecision while trying to field Brian Evans's punt and had
he ball, on a short hop, skip off his fingers. Center Dan McCarthy recovered at the 17.
  Twenty-seven frustrating minutes later, O'Hara coach Bob Ewing told reporters, "They're a better team and
they whupped us. I've got no problem with that." In a class move, Ewing then asked Manzi to gather McDevitt's
players and delivered basically the same message to them.
  And what message does Manzi have for people who might be doubting that the Lancers would have won all
12 games if the forfeits had not forced them to maintain season-long intensity?
  "I don't know how this will sound, but 'yes,' " Manzi said, when asked whether he felt the Lancers could have
gone 12-0 no matter what. "These kids always come to play. If I said we have a game next week in the back
parking lot, these kids would buckle 'em up and play the same way as always.
  "They only know one style, to get after it. They're able to zero in on what they have to do while tuning out
everything else."
  TITLE TIDBITS: McDevitt joined the league in 1963, but never had made the playoffs before 1982, Pat
Manzi's first season. The Lancers have returned every year since and Manzi's record is 36-18-2, counting
the forfeits . . . Andrew Brown rushed for 106 yards on 18 carries and finished the season with 1,267 on 235.
Joe Vitelli (1,310 in 1983) holds the school record . . . Defensive back Fran Lorenzo had two interceptions,
raising his season total to six . . . O'Hara, the defending champ, had not been blanked since the first game of
last season. The Lions have been shut out only seven times in 10 seasons.

This story was written after the Lancers earned a spot in the 1986 playoffs . . .

By Ted Silary
  A poke in the right eye prevented Andrew Brown from going the distance yesterday, in one sense.
  In another sense, Brown did go the distance, on a 58-yard third-quarter touchdown run, enabling himself and
every other person associated with Bishop McDevitt's football program to avoid something much more serious
than a poke in the eye.
  Like a kick in the teeth.
  To reiterate, the use of an ineligible player caused the Lancers to forfeit Catholic North victories over Bishop
Egan and Father Judge (and another non- leaguer over William Tennent) and placed them in a precarious
position entering yesterday's regular season finale at Archbishop Ryan.
  A loss for the Lancers, coupled with Archbishop Wood's 20-6 victory over La Salle, would have signaled a
sudden, sorrowful end to McDevitt's season instead of a trip to the playoffs.
  "Win, we're in. Lose, we're done," Brown said. "That's the way we looked at it."
  McDevitt won, 14-7, but that outcome wasn't apparent at halftime. Ryan held a 7-0 lead on a play that created
a swirl of controversy, and it looked as if the running backs would have to do in the second half exactly what
hey had done in the first - basically, run in place in the muck and brace for the inevitable gang-tackle.
  But as the teams regrouped, so did Mother Nature. The rain stopped, the wind lessened considerably and
- voila - a reasonable facsimile of football again could be played.
  So, when McDevitt began its second possession of the third quarter, coach Pat Manzi ordered a right-side
sweep by Brown. There were great blocks made by wingback Jake Kolen - an absolute bone-rattler; a 12 on
a scale of one to 10 - and fullback Mike Thomas, and Brown scooted for the 58-yard touchdown.
  When linebacker Christian Kane ended Ryan's subsequent possession by tackling Dom Cerruti for a 4-yard
loss on fourth-and-1 from McDevitt's 41, the momentum snowballed. The decisive eight-play drive was
highlighted by Kolen's 28-yard burst. It ended when Bob Thompson cradled a 16-yard touchdown pass from
junior Dan Taylor, on the play after Brown received his injury and retired for the day. Kolen then followed
with the conversion run, thanks in part to a block by right guard Mike Dougherty.
  That completed McDevitt's comeback from a deficit that was created on a strange second-quarter play.
  Fran Lorenzo easily snuffed a 31-yard field goal attempt by Ryan's Tim Cunniff, but Ryan's Tom Erwin
somehow gained possession out of a scramble and ran 13 yards for a touchdown as first the Lancers, then the
officials, looked at each other in bewilderment.
  Finally, head ref Frank May signaled a touchdown.
  "He caught that ball in the air," the Ryan people contended.
  "He picked it off the ground, and his knee was touching when he did it," the McDevitt folks countered.

  Until the films come back, who knows? All we can say for sure is that Erwin somehow emerged from the
muddy mass of humanity with the football. We can't even be positive that his dash covered 13 yards. If so,
it was illegal, as the offense can advance a blocked field goal only when possession is gained at or behind the
original line of scrimmage. In this case, that was the 14.
  Whatever. Because the TD stood, and because the elements still were horrible, the Lancer players entered
the locker room wondering whether an army of black cats had crossed their paths.
  The coaches huddled on a ramp under the stands, then trudged inside.
  "We were trying to think of something to say to calm them down," Manzi said. He has led the Lancers
to playoff appearances in all of his five seasons as head coach; they never had been there before he came.
"But it was the other way around; they calmed us down. They were saying all the things (to each other) that
I was trying to think of. They beat me to it. Probably said them better than I could have, too.
  "There was not an atmosphere of panic or frustration. They were very calm, very reassured."
  They also were getting drier. Brown (from No. 1 to 19), Thomas (30 to 11) and Kolen (40 to 41) were
among the Lancers who switched to clean jerseys. Brown, for one, followed by clearing all negative thoughts
out of his mind.
  "I still felt I could break one on them," said Brown, who gave way to future star Jason Hannings, a
sophomore, after the eye-poking episode. "I just had to wait, because the field wasn't too great. When it was
raining, I couldn't get a good grip on the ball and it was slippery trying to run. But then it sort of cleared up.
That helped.
  "Ryan only had us 7-0. I knew we could at least put two scores on the board, and that our defense would
hold them."
  McDevitt's opponent in Saturday's playoff opener (7 p.m., Northeast) will be Father Judge. As league
insiders long ago had assessed, the Crusaders were much more adamant than Egan (at least on the record)
that McDevitt should be charged with the forfeits.
  Clearly, the atmosphere will be electric for the rematch.
  "I give our kids all the credit in the world for hanging tough," said Manzi, whose defense sentenced Ryan
star Al Settembrino to 4 yards on 18 carries. "I hope people dwell on what they've accomplished on the field
(a 9-0 record, if not for the forfeits) for a change, and forget all the other nonsense. All along, our kids did a
better job handling the situation than the adults who were in and around it. They handled it with a lot of class.
I'm very proud of them."

These players were starters or key subs for McDevitt's 1986 and '87 champions. Please speak up
with adjustments/additions. Thank you. . .

First Last Pos. Year
Chris  Agnew T 1987
Mike  Avila G 1987
Kevin Blackstock FB 1987
Andrew  Brown RB 1986
Mike  Colbridge LB 1987
Kevin Crawford OLB 1987
Phil  DiMaria ILB 1986-87
Paul DiMaria DE 1986
Joe  Donahue TE 1986
Mike  Dooley ILB 1986
Mike  Dougherty G 1986-87
Bill  Dougherty G 1986
Bill  Doyle G-DE 1987
Brian Evans K-P 1986-87
Mark  Gregorio TE 1987
Jason Hannings RB 1987
Tom Hartman CB 1986-87
John  Heffernan OLB 1986
Eric  Householder T-C 1986-87
Kevin Howard WR 1986-87
Wayne Hunter LB 1986
Christian Kane ILB 1986
Brian Kienzle CB 1987
First Last Pos. Year
Jake  Kolen WB 1986-87
Fred Lamb T 1986
Fran Lorenzo CB 1986
Dave Maguire CB 1986
Mark  Mangini LB 1987
Dan McCarthy C 1986
Dan Moore T 1987
Craig Peters ILB 1986
Derick Pickett T 1987
Mike  Powell DT 1987
Mike  Quallet G 1987
Brian Quigg S 1986-87
Steve Schaeffer LB 1987
Brian Schaeffer CB 1987
Bill  Schmon DE 1987
Dan Taylor QB 1986-87
Mike  Thomas FB 1986
Bob Thompson TE 1986
Pat White DE 1986
Geoff Wilson OLB 1986
Chris  Wixted LB 1987
Scott Young DT 1986-87
Keith Young WR 1986


1986 Boxscores . . .
WT   0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -- 0
BM   13 - 8 - 10 - 0 -- 31

BM: Andrew Brown 65 run (Brian Evans kick)
BM: Brown 46 run (kick failed)
BM: Brown 4 run (Dan Taylor run)
BM: Mike Thomas 20 run (Evans kick)
BM: FG Evans 27

BE   0 - 0 - 0 - 7 -- 7
BM   14 - 7 - 7 - 0 -- 28

BM: Jake Kolen 6 run (kick failed)
BM: Andrew Brown 9 run (Kolen run)
BM: Robert Thompson 59 pass from Dan Taylor (Brian Evans kick)
BM: Brown 69 run (Evans kick)
BE: Jim Schurr 7 pass from Mike Carr (Joe Beck kick)

FJ   3 - 0 - 0 - 0 -- 3
BM   0 - 21 - 0 - 7 -- 28

FJ: FG Chris Ellis 25
BM: Robert Thompson 30 pass from Dan Taylor (Brian Evans kick)
BM: Mike Thomas 2 run (Evans kick)
BM: Thomas 5 run (Evans kick)
BM: Andrew Brown 9 run (Evans kick)

BM   0 - 7 - 0 - 7 -- 14
BK   0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -- 0

BM: Andrew Brown 24 pass from Dan Taylor (Brian Evans kick)
BM: Taylor 4 run (Evans kick)

BM   6 - 8 - 0 - 0 -- 14
NC   0 - 0 - 0 - 7 -- 7

BM: Andrew Brown 1 run (kick failed)
BM: Safety, Paul DiMaria tackled Chuck Morganti in end zone
BM: Keith Young 47 pass from Dan Taylor (kick failed)
NC: Jamie Makowski 9 pass from Dave Markowski (Dave Heineman kick)

BM   7 - 0 - 20  - 0- -- 27
LS   0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -- 0

BM: Andrew Brown 1 run (Brian Evans kick)
BM: Brown 1 run (Evans kick)
BM: Brown 5 run (kick failed)
BM: Wayne Hunter recovered fumble in end zone; defense (Jake Kolen kick)

AW   3 - 0 - 0 - 0 -- 3
BM   0 - 0 - 7 - 0 -- 7

AW: FG Marc Paradis 33
BM: Keith Young 12 pass from Dan Taylor (Brian Evans kick)

CD   0 - 0 - 6 - 0 - -- 6
BM   7 - 0 - 0 - 7 -- 14

BM: Andrew Brown 2 run (Brian Evans kick)
CD: Wilmer Scott 21 pass from John Jakeman (kick blocked)
BM: Brown 5 run (Evans kick)

BM   0 - 0 - 14 - 0 -- 14
AR   0 - 7 - 0 - 0 -- 7

AR: Tom Erwin 14 run with blocked FG attempt; offense (Tim Cunniff kick)
BM: Andrew Brown 68 run (kick failed)
BM: Robert Thompson 16 pass from Dan Taylor (Jake Kolen run)

FJ   0 - 6 - 0 - 0 -- 6
BM   6 - 12 - 7 - 0 -- 25

BM: Dan Taylor 3 run (kick failed)
BM: Mike Thomas 18 pass from Taylor (pass failed)
FJ: Kurt Estes 45 punt return (run failed)
BM: Kevin Howard 8 pass from Taylor (kick failed)
BM: Taylor 1 run (Brian Evans kick)

AW   6 - 0 - 0 - 0 -- 6
BM   0 - 21 - 0 - 6 -- 27

AW: Frank Maier 18 run (kick blocked)
BM: Andrew Brown 15 run (Brian Evans kick)
BM: Kevin Howard 15 pass from Dan Taylor (Evans kick)
BM: Keith Young 28 pass from Taylor (Evans kick)
BM: Young 6 pass from Taylor (kick failed)

CO   0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -- 0
BM   6 - 14 - 0 - 0 -- 20

BM: Robert Thompson 29 pass from Dan Taylor (kick failed)
BM: Mike Thomas 4 run (Thompson pass from Jake Kolen)
BM: Thomas 1 run (kick failed)
-- Mike Dougherty, L; Dan Taylor, QB, Andrew Brown, RB; Pat White, DE; Scott Young, DL; Wayne Hunter, LB; Brian Quigg, DB.
SECOND -- Dan McCarthy, C; Brian Evans, K.

FIRST -- Mike Dougherty, L; Bill Doyle, DE; Scott Young, DL; Phil DiMaria, LB; Brian Quigg, DB.
SECOND -- Derick Pickett, L; Kevin Howard, Rec.; Dan Taylor, QB; Jason Hannings, RB.

1987 Boxscores . . .
BM   0 - 20 - 14 - 0 -- 34
BE   0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -- 0

BM: Brian Evans 19 pass froom Dan Taylor (Evans kick)
BM: Kevin Blackstock 20 run (Evans kick)
BM: Taylor 13 run (kick failed)
BM: Blackstock 47 run (Evans kick)
BM: Jason Hannings 63 run (Evans kick)

BM   7 - 0 - 0 - 19 -- 26
FJ   3 - 0 - 7 - 5 -- 15

FJ: FG Chris Ellis 28
BM: Jason Hannings 1 run (Brian Evans kick)
FJ: Tom Garlick 50 pass from Chris Fagan (Chris Ellis kick)
FJ: Safety, ball centered through end zone
FJ: FG Ellis 20
BM: Mark Gregorio 24 pass from Dan Taylor (run failed)
BM: Kevin Blackstock 44 pass from Taylor (pass failed)
BM: Steve Sheaffer 44 interception return (Evans kick)

BK   0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -- 0
BM   7 - 0 - 10 - 13 - 30

BM: Kevin Blackstock 17 run (Brian Evans kick)
BM: FG Evans 27
BM: Blackstock 1 run (Evans kick)
BM: Mark Gregorio 33 pass from Matt Bucksar (Evans kick)
BM: Mike Colbridge 17 interception return (run failed)

NC   0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -- 0
BM   0 - 8 - 7 - 6 -- 21

BM: Jason Hannings 1 run (Hannings pass from Kevin Howard)
BM: Jake Kolen 10 pass from Dan Taylor (Brian Evans kick)
BM: Hannings 2 run (no attempt)

LS   0 - 7 - 0 - 0 -- 7
BM   14 - 7 - 7 - 0 -- 28

BM: Kevin Howard 40 pass from Dan Taylor (Brian Evans kick)
BM: Jason Hannings 33 run (Evans kick)
LS: Ace Amachi 14 run (Chad Hellman kick)
BM: Taylor 4 run (Evans kick)
BM: Hannings 24 run (Evans kick)

BM   10 - 7 - 13 - 14 -- 44
AW   7 - 14 - 0 - 0 -- 21

BM: FG Brian Evans 25
AW: Jack Mulholland 80 run (Marc Paradis kick)
BM: Jason Hannings 2 run (Evans kick)
AW: Dan McCormac 1 run (Paradis kick)
AW: Bill Burke 17 pass from McCormac (Paradis kick)
BM: Mark Gregorio 31 pass from Dan Taylor (Evans kick)
BM: Kevin Howard 7 pass from Taylor (kick failed)
BM: Gregorio 16 pass from Taylor (Evans kick)
BM: Delzingaro 1 run (Evans kick)
BM: Gregorio 19 pass from Taylor (Evans kick)

BM   15 - 7 - 7 - -- 36
CD   0 - 0 - 8 - 6 -- 14

BM: Jake Kolen 15 run (Brian Evans kick)
BM: Jason Hannings 2 run (Kevin Howard run)
BM: Dan Taylor 1 run (Evans kick)
BM: Kevin Blackstock 22 from Taylor (Evans kick)
CD: Fred Harrison 30 pass from Ricky Lombardo (run failed)
CD: Safety, ball centered through end zone
BM: Mark Gregorio 34 pass from Taylor (Evans kick)
CD: Eldon Niblett 81 run (run failed)

AR   7 - 0 - 0 - 0 -- 7
BM   6 - 0 - 6- 14 -- 26

AR: Frank Wycheck 7 pass from Bill Sachs (Mike Petrakis kick)
BM: Jason Hannings 1 run (kick failed)
BM: Dan Taylor 12 run (run failed)
BM: Hannings 4 run (Mark Gregorio pass from Taylor)
BM: Taylor 1 run (kick failed)

CD   7 - 0 - 0 - 7 -- 14
BM   10 - 20 - 7 - 0 --37

BM: Jason Hannings 5 run (Brian Evans kick)
CD: Fred Harrison 53 pass from Ricky Lombardo (Bill Eddis kick)
BM: FG Evans 25
BM: Dan Taylor 3 run (Evans kick)
BM: Jake Kolen 17 pass from D. Taylor (Evans kick)
BM: Mark Gregorio 16 pass from D. Taylor (kick failed)
BM: Kolen 16 run (Evans kick)
CD: Ricky Lombardo 59 run (Eddis kick)

FJ   0 - 0 - 0 - 12 -- 12
BM   0 - 21 - 14 - 0 -- 35

BM: Dan Taylor 1 run (Brian Evans kick)
BM: Jason Hannings 2 run (Evans kick)
BM: Kevin Howard 11 pass from Taylor (Evans kick)
BM: Jason Hannings 6 run (Evans kick)
BM: Jake Kolen 26 run (Evans kick)
FJ: Dan Gallagher 3 run (pass failed)
FJ: Frank Gubler 12 pass from Chris Fagan (no attempt)

SJ   0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -- 0
BM   0 - 0 - 7 - 7 -- 14

BM: Kevin Blackstock 5 run (Brian Evans kick)
BM: Kevin Howard 19 pass from Dan Taylor (Evans kick)

Recaps of the Six Playoff Victories

McDevitt 25, Judge 6
    Dan Taylor ran for two TDs and passed 13-for-26 for 175 yards and two more scores. Andrew Brown added 114 yards on 24 carries. Phil DiMaria made 11 tackles and a key fumble recovery. Judge's Kurt Estes accumulated 170 yards and one TD on returns.
At Veterans Stadium
McDevitt 27, Wood 6
    Dan Taylor notched just six completions in 19 attempts, but they yielded 123 yards and three TDs (two to Keith Young). Andrew Brown carried 27 times for 109 yards and a score.
At Villanova Stadium
McDevitt 20, O'Hara 0
    Brian Quigg (eight tackles), Scott Young (seven) and Fran Lorenzo (two interceptions) spearheaded the defense as McDevitt completed a 12-0 season on the field and recorded only the second shutout in the 24-year history of scheduled title games. Mike Thomas ran for two TDs and Andrew Brown gained 106 yards on 18 carries. The Lancers finished 9-3 officially, forfeiting three league games for using an ineligible player. O'Hara, averaging 24.4 points going in, suffered only its seventh shutout in 10 seasons. Chris Morrell managed five catches for 60 yards.

McDevitt 37, Dougherty 14
    Jake Kolen caught two passes for 52 yards and a TD and turned his only carry into a 16-yard score. Dan Taylor ran for one score and passed for two more.
At Northeast
McDevitt 35, Judge 12
    Jason Hannings rushed for two TDs, while Dan Taylor ran for one and passed for another.     Kevin Crawford posted two sacks and an interception.
At Villanova Stadium
McDevitt 14, St. James 0
    Dan Taylor passed 8-for-16 for 92 yards and a TD to Kevin Howard (4-55) as McDevitt ran its two-season, on-field record to 23-0. Jason Hannings (20-67) and Kevin Blackstock (8-47, TD) handled the rushing. The Lancers posted an 86-26 scoring advantage in the playoffs and 331-90 overall. For St. James, Marcas Bradley was held to 27 yards on 11 carries, but finished his career with 682 carries for 3,108 yards and 34 TDs (37 overall).