Philadelphia High School Basketball

A Look at Paul Romanczuk's 15-Year Coaching
Career at Archbishop Carroll High (2003-04, 2006-18)

  This page includes stories, special lists, record breakdown, recap of win in state championship game and (at the bottom) the
names of all varsity players during Coach Romanczuk's 15 seasons. . . . To provide additions/

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Carroll's boys AND girls won state titles in 2009. A parade on campus was followed by a celebration in the gym.

Coach Romanczuk's
All-Stars  and 1,000-Point Scorers

2003-04, 2006-18
* - Played in NBA

2003 Jordan Ingram
2009 DJ Irving
2009 Juan'ya Green
2010 Juan'ya Green
2011 Juan'ya Green
2012 Yosef Yacob
2013 Yosef Yacob
2014 *Derrick Jones
2014 Ernest Aflakpui
2015 *Derrick Jones
2016 Ryan Daly
2016 Josh Sharkey
2018 AJ Hoggard
2003 Mike Springman
2004 Mike Springman
2008 Kasheef Festus
2009 Kasheef Festus
2010 DJ Irving
2010 Ben Mingledough
2011 Tracy Peal
2011 Yosef Yacob
2012 Alec Stavetski
2013 *Derrick Jones
2013 Nick Jones
2014 Austin Tilghman
2015 Josh Sharkey
2015 Dave Beatty
2017 Justin Anderson
2018 Keyon Butler
2018 Justin Anderson
2006 Darrell Floyd
2007 Ellis Rogers
2007 Kasheef Festus
2009 Andre Wilburn
2017 AJ Hoggard

* - Played in NBA

2011 Juan'ya Green
2014 *Derrick Jones
2015 *Derrick Jones
2016 Ryan Daly
2018 AJ Hogard
2003 Jordan Ingram
2009 DJ Irving
2010 Juan'ya Green
2010 DJ Irving
2013 Yosef Yacob
2016 Josh Sharkey
2013 *Derrick Jones
(All or Part of Career)
* - Played in NBA
1,645 -- Derrick Jones
1,493 -- Juan'ya Green
1,205 -- Jordan Ingram
1,137 -- Yosef Yacob
1,117 -- DJ Irving
1,065 -- Mike Springman


Paul Romanczuk
Tribute Page

  Paul Romanczuk coached basketball at Archbishop Carroll for 15 seasons (2003-04, 2006-18), winning 283 games and the 2009 Class AAA state championship; that was the first for a Catholic League member. Here is that story . . .

By Ted Silary

  STATE COLLEGE -- So now the vacation begins for Juan'ya Green.
  He says he'll do his schoolwork, chill out with family members, play some video games . . .
  And here's guessing he'll glance, oh, about a million times at the gold medal that will no doubt wind up in a place of living-room prominence.
  Somebody had to be first. And it was Archbishop Carroll High.
  In Year 1 of the Catholic League's full-fledged PIAA membership, the Patriots are the initial state champions. They earned that distinction last night before 4,270 at Penn State's Bryce Jordan Center, frolicking past Greensburg Salem, of suburban Pittsburgh, 75-54, in the Class AAA final.
  Green, a 6-3, 185-pound sophomore combination guard, did his part by totaling 16 points, five rebounds, five assists and three steals.
  Imagine if he were 100 percent physically. For a good while now, Green has been battling tendonitis in his left knee. If you'd looked closely, you would have seen the occasional limp. Frequent glances would have confirmed few soarings to rim level, and those are part of his charm.
  "I've been icing it every day after practice and doing exercises, like lifts and lunges, trying to make it stronger," Green said. "It's not too painful. It's more that it's frustrating because it prevents me from playing at full strength.
  "The doctor said I could keep playing, but to shut it down right after the season. And to make sure when I do start playing again, I stay off concrete. So that's what I'll do. He said I could need an operation if it gets worse. I don't want that, so I am going to shut it down for 2 weeks until my AAU season starts [with Team Philly]."
  Though Carroll indeed trekked first to Title Town, it had some help.
  The first game of last night's doubleheader involved Cardinal O'Hara in the AAAA girls' final. A right ankle injury to Steph Holzer, the franchise center, helped to turn a three-point lead, held with 5 minutes, 48 seconds left in the third quarter, into a 67-58 defeat to Mt. Lebanon.
  "When we went into the locker room at halftime, I figured they'd win," Green said. "It was a shock to hear they lost. And then to find out later about [Holzer's] injury . . .
  "We knew we had our chance to be first. We didn't want to mess it up."
  Green, who is being pursued hard by Villanova, said he kept thinking again and again about three words uttered during Thursday's practice by coach Paul Romanczuk, and then a few times again during yesterday's light workout.
  Hearing them even gave him a partial case of goosebumps:
  Champions are forever.
  "That was really hitting me," Green said, smiling.
  Honestly, Greensburg Salem was thoroughly outmanned. The Golden Lions were significantly smaller and thinner and not nearly as deep, and their feisty ways enabled them to hang tough only through a 16-14 first quarter.
  Carroll seized the second stanza, 21-11, and there were two significant omens. One, Kasheef Festus (18 points, six rebounds) converted a follow on the fifth shot of the same possession. And then, after falling and winding up flat on his back, Green grabbed a defensive rebound that fell right into his arms. 
  continued right below . . .

Coach Paul Romanczuk

League / Overall
2003: 7-7 / 14-12
2004: 6-8 / 9-16
2005: medical leave
2006: 3-11 / 12-13
2007: 6-8 / 10-16
2008: 8-6 / 14-11
2009: 14-2 / 27-3
2010: 14-2 / 24-5
2011: 11-2 / 21-6
2012: 11-2 / 20-8
2013: 10-3 / 23-7
2014: 11-2 / 23-5
2015: 11-2 / 23-7
2016: 12-1 / 23-4
2017: 7-6 / 20-9
2018: 10-3 / 20-8 
22 Seasons, 1987-2008
League - 141-65
Overall - 283-130
Appearances Ended in  . . .
Quarterfinals (2)
2003, 2017
Semifinals (7)
2009, 2012, 2013, 2014,
2015, 2016, 2018
Finals (2)
2010, 2011

Ryan Daly 2016 22.2
Juan'ya Green 2011 19.6
Derrick Jones 2015 17.4
Keyon Butler 2018 15.8
Juan'ya Green 2010 15.7
Jordan Ingram 2003 15.5
Mike Springman 2004 15.5
Alec Stavetski 2012 15.5
Yosef Yacob 2013 15.3
Ben Mingledough 2010 15.3


Kasheef Festus
Andre Wilburn
DJ Irving
Ben Mingledough
Juan'ya Green

  DJ Irving's three-pointer on a pass from sub Romance Turner made it 25-16. Green, on a pass from Irving (17 points,
seven steals), added a fast-break layup and Andre Wilburn (12 points) followed with a steal and drive for three-quarters
court and a layup. Ben Mingledough also was a factor, thanks to eight points and six boards. 
  The only drama in the second half centered on when Romanczuk would satisfy Carroll's rabid student rooters and wave
Mike Lauer to the scorer's table. It happened with 4:09 left. A kid immediately yelled, "Lauer, don't pass the ball! " Mike
didn't listen, at first. He tried for assists. But down the stretch, he did go 0-for-2 on treys.
  While accepting their medals and championship trophy, Romanczuk and the Patriots were standing roughly along the foul
line, and foul line extended. Perched nearby on the baseline, beaming and dreaming of a similar moment, were the members
of Carroll's girls' team. They'll play tonight at 6 o'clock in their own AAA final, vs. Lampeter-Strasburg.
  The floor joy was followed by a stint on the PCN cable network for interviews with Romanczuk and several starters. Little
by little, a program assistant convinced more and more of the subs to enjoy the moment by filling in behind.
  Then, with the arena's lights mostly dim, everyone returned to the court to pose for pictures with the trophy and family
members. That session finally ended at 10:37.
  Earlier, Romanczuk had been hit with what he acknowledged was a very tough question. In light of the fact, as a star
forward, he'd helped pace Carroll to the 1994 CL title . . . How do the playing/coaching feelings compare?
  "I still think that nothing beats playing basketball," he said. "But, man, coaching and winning this championship is a very,
very close second."
This story was written in 2009 after Paul guided the Patriots past N-G in a state
quarterfinal . . .

By Ted Silary
  Pat Daly briefly insisted he does not drive his teammates crazy during Archbishop Carroll High's basketball practices.
  Then he smiled and added, "Not that much, at least."
   Hey, it's his job to drive them batty.
  You think he'll give you an uncontested drive to the basket? No way. He'll scramble to a spot, plant his feet, maybe
say a quick prayer and - thud - take your best shot before tumbling backward to collect yet another black or blue mark.
  "He hurts people," cracked star guard DJ Irving.
  The Pat Daly Story is one of persistence. Just like his ballclub's.
  If you happened to take a peek at yesterday's Daily News, you learned Carroll had fallen to Ss. Neumann-Goretti (and
forerunner St. John Neumann) 18 consecutive times (and twice this season) dating back to 2000-01. The skid did not
reach 19, in part, because Daly is willing to bounce on his, um, butt.
  Carroll 70, N-G 65.
  That was the score last night in a wonderful (though foul-plagued) PIAA Class AAA quarterfinal before a crowd at
Archbishop Ryan that was about 60 percent of capacity.
  The Patriots showed hints of emotion as the final buzzer sounded, then roared down a hallway that led to a distant
classroom. Some players' feet might have even touched the floor. Once inside, they exchanged 1,247 hugs/hand slaps
(rough estimate) and then clapped in unison as an assistant coach bellowed several times, "We got the monkey off our
  Soon, coach Paul Romanczuk, referring to the Catholic League and state titles, was telling his players, in a surprisingly
calm tone, "They got our one goal. They weren't going to get our other goal."
  After the Patriots changed their clothes and returned to the gym, they were greeted in spirited fashion by maybe 100
  As you might expect in this important an accomplishment, heroes were numerous.
  And Daly showed they can come from unexpected places. And earn their praise exclusively because of a desire to
make sacrifices. The own-body variety, for instance.
  Daly, a 6-5, 215-pound senior, scored no points as Carroll's sixth man; he missed his only shot. Didn't even grab a
rebound. But he dove on the floor at any and all opportunities and, best of all, three times he stepped in front of N-G
guys to take charges.
  Each time, the Patriots - on the floor, and on the bench - roared their approval.
  "We go over that all the time in practice. Just stepping in. Taking one for the team," said Daly, who sported a wicked
scratch on the back of his neck. "Coach Paul preaches that the team is more important than the individual. That's our
hilosophy. We build on that.
  "Coach Paul is always saying, 'Take the charge! . . . Take the charge! . . . The little things make the difference!' "
  By now, Daly knows that it pays to listen to Romanczuk.
  As mentioned earlier, Pat's story is one of persistence. Truth is, it featured hesitancy before Romanczuk opted for
  Daly was cut from the CYO team at St. Anastasia in Newtown Square as an eighth-grader. Got sliced again when he
tried out for Carroll's freshman team. Didn't bother to give the program another whirl as a sophomore because he
figured, "Why go through that again?"
  But he was growing. After entering Carroll at 5-8, he was up to 6-4 by late fall of his junior year. Romanczuk
happened to see Daly running up and down the court during an open-gym session and asked him to show up for
  "I missed that first one," Daly said, sheepishly. "Still a little nervous, I guess . . . He came looking for me."
  In effect. What Romanczuk did was have [a school employee] reinforce the notion that Pat should put in a tryout
appearance. The rest is you-know-what.
  "I knew I'd see some time this season," he said. "Just didn't know how much. I back up [classmate] Kasheef Festus.
I bang him around in practice. Not only does that make him a better player, it makes me better, too."
  Because of gamelong foul miseries, Festus had to settle for three points and seven rebounds. Irving (26), Juan'ya
Green (16), Andre Wilburn (14) and Ben Mingledough (11) combined for the rest of the points, while Wilburn led
in rebounds (10).
  Green, largely quiet beforehand, packed 12 of his points into the fourth quarter . . . after Irving had lit up the third
with 13.
  Included in DJ's total were three consecutive treys. He hit the last - with a straight-on dead swish, in fact - from
three-quarters' court while beating the buzzer. The miracle shot made it 44-39.
  "I did that my freshman year vs. West Catholic. Same way. Same spot," Irving said. "I knew it was going in. It
gave us energy going into the fourth quarter, which was exactly what we needed."
  Overall, the Patriots went 28-for-38 at the line. N-G was 9-for-22.
  Though Carroll led, 58-50, with 4:09 left, the Saints roared back almost exclusively behind junior guard Tony
Chennault, who already has committed to Wake Forest. He scored 10 of his 21 points down the stretch, and his
follow reduced the lead to 65-63. Irving and Green combined to go 5-for-6 at the line thereafter.
  " refused to lose to them again," Irving said. "I wasn't going to let my seniors go out like that."
  Chennault added 11 rebounds and three steals. Niagara signee Andre "Scooter" Gillette totaled 14 points, eight
rebounds and seven blocked shots.
  Carroll will play York Suburban, a 47-35 winner over Crestwood, in a Tuesday semifinal. Details to be announced.
  This much is already known: In practices beforehand, Pat Daly won't change.
  Uh! . . . Uh! . . . Uh! That's him taking shots to the chest from teammates, who, deep down, are appreciative.

This story was written in 2011 after Carroll's Juan'ya Green tied a Catholic League
playoff record . . .

  Kyle Locke no longer stands alone atop one of the Catholic League's most noteworthy basketball mountains -
specifically, the one reserved for guys who have enjoyed major point outbursts in playoffs.
  In the 1992 CL final, Locke, a forward, exploded for 39 points as Roman Catholic bested Cardinal Dougherty.
Last night, in a quarterfinal, senior guard Juan'ya Green rang up the same amount of markers as Archbishop
Carroll topped visiting St. Joseph's Prep, 72-65.
  The Niagara signee shot 12-for-17 from the floor (two treys) and 13-for-15 at the line. He also notched six
rebounds, seven assists, two blocks and one steal.
  He finished the first quarter with four points, all on free throws; he'd attempted only one shot from the floor.
Carroll posted 20 field goals over the final three sessions. He was responsible for 18, scoring 12 and assisting
on six.
  "Juan'ya willed us to victory," coach Paul Romanczuk said. "He was determined that this was not going to
be his final Catholic League game. Prep was hitting shot after shot, doing a great job. Every answer we
eeded, Juan'ya provided it.
  "Thirty-nine points and seven assists . . . It was like he was responsible for pretty much all our points."
  For Prep, the scoring leaders were sophs Stephen Vasturia (27) and Miles Overton (26).
  In CL playoff history, no one aside from Locke and Green has surpassed 32 points.

This website item about unusual circumstances was written in 2014

  In back-to-back 2014 Catholic League regular season games, played Jan. 31 vs. O'Hara and Feb. 2 vs. Ryan,
15 and then 14 of Archbishop Carroll's varsity players made their way into the scorebook. The combined total
of scorers was 16. Thirteen players scored in both games. Jimmy Covello and Damone Jones scored vs.
O'Hara, then did not vs. Ryan. Brian Mulligan did not score vs. O'Hara, then did vs. Ryan. In league play,
over the last 20 seasons, no CL team had produced more than 13 scorers in one game. If 15 scorers is an
all-time city leagues record, that would not be a surprise. Against O'Hara, Carroll's leading scorer was Ernest
Aflakpui with nine. Filling that same bill vs. Ryan was Derrick Jones (17).
Coach Paul Romanczuk said his starters played only two-three minutes into the third quarter vs. O'Hara
before becoming spectators. Eleven guys scored two to four points. The Patriots used 16 players. Mulligan
played about five minutes, Romanczuk figured, but never attempted a shot. With a free throw, Quadere Allen
became the 14th scorer. With a breakaway layup off a teammate's steal/pass, Damone Jones (no relation to
Derrick) became the 15th.

Carroll's 15 Scorers
vs. O'Hara
Ernest Aflakpui 9
Quadere Allen 3
Dave Beatty 4
Nysier Brooks 2
Jimmy Covello 4
Ryan Daly 7
Damone Jones 2
Derrick Jones 7
Joe Mostardi 4
John Rigsby 3
Josh Sharkey 4
Armand Sorrentino 2
Samir Taylor 4
Dion Theroulde 2
Austin Tilghman 7
Carroll's 14 Scorers
vs. Ryan
Ernest Aflakpui 8
Quadere Allen 2
Dave Beatty 7
Nysier Brooks 4
Ryan Daly 6
Derrick Jones 17
Joe Mostardi 7
Brian Mulligan 2
John Rigsby 2
Josh Sharkey 10
Armand Sorrentino 2
Samir Taylor 9
Dion Theroulde 1
Austin Tilghman 2


Recaps of victory in state championship game . . .

At Penn State's Bryce Jordan Center
Carroll 75, Greensburg Salem 54: The Patriots, who had to capture a winner's in-loser's out District 12 consolation just to make the tournament, completed a strong state-title run with amazing balance. Kasheef Festus (18), DJ Irving (17), Juan'ya Green (16) and Andre Wilburn (12) reached double figures in points and Ben Mingledough came close with eight. All five of those guys also claimed from five to seven rebounds. Carroll won the middle quarters, 41-20. Irving made seven steals. Green had five assists. This was the second game of a night doubleheader. In the opener, O'Hara's girls (AAAA) missed out on a chance to become the Catholic League's first state champ in a loss to Mt. Lebanon. The next night, Carroll's girls completed an emphatic sweep of state titles by swamping Lampeter-Strasburg, 68-45.


Below are the players who helped Paul Romnczuk claim XXX wins and
one state championship in 15 seasons as the coach at Archbishop Carroll.
The year indicates the player's final season. Most were seniors. Some
transferred and some were underclassmen who did not play in the
following season.

Brandon Preske 2003 Alec Stavetski 2012
John George 2003 Eric Wallace 2012
Jordan Ingram 2003 Francis Jackson 2012
Kyle Giresi 2003 Isaiah Warren 2012
Pat Malatack 2003 Lou Dominique 2012
Anthony Watson 2004 Pat Finnegan 2012
Bobby Giuliano 2004 Shane Randall 2012
Brian McCann 2004 Tom Rymal 2012
Dustin Pio 2004 Trevor Peal 2012
Eugene Adams 2004 Nick Jones 2013
John Durante  2004 Sean Chambers 2013
Matt Chambers 2004 Yosef Yacob 2013
Micah Wilson  2004 Zafir Copeland 2013
Michael Welsh 2004 Armand Sorrentino 2014
Mike Keogh 2004 Austin Tilghman 2014
Mike Springman 2004 Brian Mulligan 2014
Taney Willcox 2004 Dion Theroulde 2014
Tomas Arechabala 2004 Jimmy Covello 2014
Andrew Haefner 2006 Joe Mostardi 2014
Darrell Floyd 2006 Nysier Brooks 2014
Dutch Gaitley 2006 Quadere Allen 2014
Lyndon O'Connor 2006 Damone Jones 2015
Mike Logue 2006 Dave Beatty 2015
Mike Walther 2006 Derrick Jones 2015
Pat Filippelli 2006 Ernest Aflakpui 2015
Shelton Hylton 2006 Kuan-Hsien Liao 2015
Bill O'Brien 2007 Samir Taylor 2015
Chris Davis 2007 Tony Thomas 2015
Dan Joyce 2007 Zaheem Garrett 2015
Erick Johnson 2007 Alex House 2016
Kevin Jones 2007 John Rigsby 2016
Pete Clancy 2007 Josh Sharkey 2016
Shamus McNulty 2007 Miks Antoms 2016
Bender Retif 2008 Ryan Daly 2016
Brian Concio 2008 Colin Daly 2017
Chris Yakscoe 2008 Jahmir Marable-Williams 2017
Ellis Rogers 2008 Jesse McPherson 2017
Jared Poindexter 2008 Jimmy Lake 2017
Lamar Jackson 2008 Khari Williams 2017
Luke Wischnowski 2008 Mark Bradshaw 2017
Andre Wilburn 2009 Rich Rivers 2017
Kasheef Festus 2009 AJ Hoggard 2018
Mike Lauer 2009 Cole Burkitt 2018
Mike Payne 2009 Derrell Jones 2018
Pat Daly 2009 Devon Ferrero 2018
Romance Turner 2009 Gabe Legido 2018
Ryan Hanley 2009 Joey Finley 2018
Trevor McNulty 2009 Justin Anderson 2018
Anthony Butler 2010 Kasheem Thompson 2018
Anthony Hamilton 2010 Keyon Butler 2018
Ben Mingledough 2010 Kiyl Mack 2018
DJ Irving 2010 Luke House 2018
Lou Dominique 2010 Ny'Mire Little 2018
Mike Bowens 2010 Padraig Casey 2018
Vince Mostardi 2010 Shawn Johnson 2018
Franco Pellicciotta 2011 Tairi Ketner 2018
Geoff Wittenberg 2011    
Jay Donovan 2011    
Juan'ya Green 2011    
Matt Donaldson 2011    
Rob Pittman 2011    
Thomas "Toe" Boyle 2011    
Tracy Peal 2011