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SEPT. 30
Friday's game vs. Lawrenceville Prep (NJ) turned out to be quite the special occasion for Penn Charter jr. RB Edward Saydee. Aside from raising his career point total to exactly 200, he carried the ball 33 times and a total that high for a PC guy had not been seen since 1984. In game No. 3 of that season, Pat Delaney rushed 34 times for 236 yards in a 7-6 win over now-closed Germantown High. The older folks among us might remember this nugget: Pat's sister, Kim Delaney, is an actress and in those days she was working on the "All My Children" soap opera. Later she won an Emmy for her work on "NYPD Blue" and more recently was part of "Army Wives." In yesterday's game, Edward gained 123 yards on the ground and his best run was a 44-yarder for a TD. He also made two catches for 24 yards. He played his first varsity season (50 points) at Prep Charter, in South Philly, and is now in campaign No. 2 with the Quakers (150 points). In all, he has produced 2,391 scrimmage yards. The starting grunts in yesterday's game were sr. C Casey Nicastro, soph G Dean Crocetto, frosh G Ryan Wreath, sr. T Luke Mattice and eighth grade T Elijah "EJ" Statham. The TE was soph Gavin Zavorski. Those guys are guided by assistant Casey Jones. Brian McCloskey handles the RBs and Chris Rahill is the offensive coordinator for coach Tommy Coyle

Edward Saydee's Career Stats at Prep Charter/Penn Charter
  Rushing Receiving Scoring
Year Car. Yards TDs Rec. Yards TDs TDs Conv. Points
2015 30 323 6 6 68 0 8 1 50
2016 155 907 15 24 337 3 18 0 108
2017 84 576 6 6 180 1 7 0 42
  269 1806 27 36 585 4 33 1 200

  Edward Saydee catches his
breath after raising his career scoring total to 200 with a 44-yard TD run vs.
Lawrenceville Prep (NJ).

SEPT. 29
Penn Charter 20, Lawrence
ville Prep (NJ) 17
  You could make the (goofy) argument that major credit for this victory should go to PC's middle school students. And here's the (flimsy) justification . . . When the MS kids were on hand, the Quakers posted 10 quick points. When they weren't, Lawrenceville managed to rack up a 17-10 advantage. Because this game started at 2 o'clock, school officials decided to make the MS kids spend the school day's last period in the stands. So at about 2:20, they came walking around the track to the far side and began to fill two sections just as soph Ryan Bradby was creating a 3-3 tie by hammering a 19-yard field goal with 43 seconds remaining in the first quarter. On LP's next play, soph LB Kyle Jones forced a fumble and jr. DB Gavin Tygh, after picking up the ball, scampered 18 yards for a TD at 0:08. Gotta love it. Alas, the MS students did not continue to impose their will on the game before their school day ended at roughly halftime. Otherwise, the MAJOR reason PC won this one was the defense. Fifteen LP plays lost yardage as the PC guys often looked as if they were ready to accept mail in the backfield. No fewer than 12 guys were involved in the lost-yardage plays and such variety was very encouraging to see. In the fourth quarter, yes, PC did allow two rather easy passing touchdowns due, in part, to mixups on coverage. But when tough defense was absolutely necessary to lock down the win, it was provided. LP had two possessions in the last 2:07. Frosh DB Aaron Maione ended the first with a far-sideline, in-traffic interception. The second was terminated as jr. DE Ryan Maloney and Tygh combined for a sack. A kneeldown sent the Quakers dancing across the field and gleefully up to the old gym. Before the game, it was impossible not to notice that the Big Red had some tall kids with sculpted bodies. One had to wonder how the young/inexperienced Quakers would fare. Not bad, overall. Even very good at times. Ten PC plays lost yardage and star RB Edward Saydee was able to break off runs of 10-plus yards just thrice in 33 carries. He was ever-tough, however, and did scoot free for a 44-yard TD run midway through the third quarter. (After Edward posted a decent gain on a twist/turn run to the left sideline, sub soph lineman Matt McGlinchey exclaimed, "Put 'em through the spin cycle, baby! I love it!" Much later, after jr. DT Wayne Derkotch burrowed through much taller guys for a sack, "Glinch" roared, "The Wayne Train is coming through!") Saydee finished with 123 yards and had to deal with cramping late in the game. Bradby also kicked a 30-yard field goal and went 2-for-2 on PAT for eight points. Sr. QB Will Samuel passed 10-for-16 for 94 yards while hitting NINE total receivers. Only Saydee had two catches (for 24 yards). Speaking of Samuel, Will's uncle, Mike, who starred for PC and wound up playing QB for Wisconsin, was probably the best ballhandler I've ever seen. LP's QB, jr. Rob Rolfe, was also very impressive. More than a few times guys without the ball were tackled due to Rolfe's handiwork. Also impressive was sr. WR-K Mohammed Diakite, who caught both TD passes while adding five kicking points; his FG covered 24 yards. LP started the game with one of the all-time hurry-up offenses. The Big Red ran nine plays in the first two minutes, or, a pace of 256 plays over a full game! Late in the first half, PC coach Tommy Coyle reached out toward an assistant trainer and indicated he'd like to drink some water from the plastic bottle in the guy's hand. The trainer said the bottle was empty, but that he'd go get another one. Tommy quipped, "Nah, that's OK. Just take care of the kids. They're more important. If I drop, tell my wife I love her." Among the visiting dignitaries: head ref Dan Solis-Cohen, chain ganger Jim Burner and two captains from last year's PC team, Harold Anderson (Penn) and John Grace (Villanova).

PC's starting offense . . . 
Will Samuel
TB Edward Saydee
SB Terence Thompson
Demetrius de Ramus
WR Brendan Thomas
TE Gavin Zavorski
T Luke Mattice
T Elijah Statham
Dean Crocetto
Ryan Wreath
C Casey Nicastro
PC's starting defense . . .
E Ryan Maloney
Gavin Tygh
T Wayne Derkotch
T Elijah Statham
OLB Trajan Womack
ILB Terence Thompson
ILB Kyle Jones
CB John Washington
CB Jalon Jones
S Brendan Thomas
S Edward Saydee

SEPT. 29

  As most of you have undoubtedly noticed, uniforms with single numbers have become all the rage in recent seasons. Can't say I completely enjoy the trend -- still gotta love a short/stocky fullback wearing No. 49 (ha ha) -- but it's not going away any time soon. Sooooooo . . . The list below includes my opinion of the best offensive guys with single numbers through Week 5, based on many factors. For whatever reason, not as many quarterbacks wear low numbers. They usually wear 10 to roughly 15. West Catholic's QB, Da'Vion Kidd-Jackson, wears No. 3. His passing numbers are listed here, but he has also rushed for 406 yards. 

Best Single-Digit Offensive Players Through Week Five
No.   Name, School G   Yards   YPG TDs
1 Rush O’Shaan Allison, Malvern 4 61 313 5.1 78.3 1
2 Rec Jaron Macon, Neum.-Gor. 3 9 218 24.2 72.7 3
3 Pass Da’Vion Kidd-Jackson, West 5 25-70 420 35.7 84.0 3
4 Rush Leddie Brown, Neum.-Gor. 3 35 231 6.6 77 2
5 Rush Patrick Garwo, Con.-Egan 5 66 620 9.4 124 9
6 Rush Edward Saydee, Penn Char. 3 51 453 8.9 151 5
7 Rec Brett Mallee, LaSalle 5 22 359 16.3 71.8 3
8 Pass Colton Niedzielski, Germ. Acad. 3 29-67 276 43.3 92 3
9 Rush Jordan Berry, Hav. School 4 67 261 3.9 65.3 1


SEPT. 27
In the 1966 football season, Father Judge's backfield included two guys who went on to great coaching careers in city leagues schools. Senior fullback Pat Manzi (right) went 189-151-5 in 33 seasons at McDevitt. Junior halfback Bill Gallagher (below) went 116-65-2 in 19 seasons at Penn Charter and Episcopal. (He also coached at Chestnut Hill, then not in the Inter-Ac for football, and Springfield Montco). In '66, Pat scored three TDs while adding five conversions. His primary job? Knocking over defenders for Bill, who posted 17 TDs in nine games (missed one due to injury). His best outbursts: four TDs vs. Dougherty and five (and a conversion) in the Thanksgiving game vs. Washington. Pat is McDevitt's long-time athletic director and Bill is now assisting at PC.


SEPT. 26
  Folks who've followed Catholic League football for any stretch from 1994 to now will find the list below absolutely crazy. It includes passing performances of at least 100 yards by La Salle guys from 1982 to 1993. There are only eight entries and just two for more than 113 yards. In that era, the Explorers focused on defense first, second and third and rushing dominated the offensive approach. That changed in 1994 when Drew Gordon became the offensive coordinator -- Dan McNichol reached 100 five times -- and mushroomed in '95 when his son, Brett, became the starting QB as a soph. All he did was pass for 6,837 career yards, the city record. Brett is the long-time offensive coordinator and Drew was the head coach from '06 through '14. There's not enough space even on the Internet to list all the 100-yard passing outings since '94 (smile). . . Three of the QBs on this list earned All-Catholic honors. Jack Stanczak was a first teamer. Chris Massella and Geoff Crawford were second teamers. La Salle's QB in 1992 was Sean McDermott, who's in his first year as the Buffalo Bills' head coach. His top outing was a 96-yarder vs. Egan. He earned first team All-Catholic and All-City honors at defensive back.

La Salle's Top Passing Performances, 1982-1993
Name/A-C Team Year School C-A Yards
Geoff Crawford  2 1991 North 8-15 178
Chris Massella  2 1989 North 6-11 127
Jack Stanczak 1987 Kenrick 7-9 113
Joe McNichol 1990 Egan 4-6 111
Chris Massella  2 1989 Judge 10-19 110
Jack Stanczak  1 1988 SJ Prep 7-11 108
Joe McNichol 1990 Wood 5-9 104
Jack Stanczak  2 1988 McDevitt 7-11 100

SEPT. 25
Kickers deserve love, too! (smile). So here it is . . . Through Week 5, Catholic/Inter-Ac kickers have racked up at least eight points in a game 13 times. SJ Prep's Anthony Tigano leads the way with three special moments. The breakdown is below. If we missed any, please speak up. Thanks. . . By the way, these are the respective city game records: 11 PAT by Carroll's Marty Higgins in 2000, 4 FGs by O'Hara's Dan D'Orazio in 1986, and 14 total points by Germantown Academy's Greg Davis in 1997. 

Kicking Performances of at Least Eight Points, Through Week 5
Name School Opponent K FG Pts
Ryan Bradby Penn Charter Interboro 6 1 9
Kevin Calamita O'Hara KIPP DuBois 6 1 9
Chris Clark Haverford School Penn Wood 3 2 9
Daniel Karrash La Salle Malvern 6 1 9
Daniel Karrash La Salle Ryan 6 1 9
Anthony Tigano SJ Prep Wood 3 2 9
Jack Barreras Conwell-Egan Carroll 5 1 8
Dan Fiorello McDevitt Valley Forge 8 0 8
Bob Hennessey Wood Roman 5 1 8
James Silvi Episcopal Bonner-Prendie 5 1 8
James Silvi Episcopal Conwell-Egan 5 1 8
Anthony Tigano SJ Prep Tampa Jesuit (FL) 2 2 8
Anthony Tigano SJ Prep Carroll 5 1 8

SEPT. 24
  Jr. RB Patrick Garwo came oh-so-close to breaking Conwell-Egan's single-game record for rushing yards Friday night in a 56-24 thumping of host Schuylkill Valley. He also dusted all schoolmates in the yards-per-carry category. Garwo carried the ball just 12 times while producing 288 yards (and five touchdowns) and that figures to an outrageous 24 YPC. Ed "Huck" Palmer tabulated the stats by watching the game tape and provided this breakdown: eight carries for 167 yards in the first quarter, 4-121 in the second. Patrick's night was finished by halftime. His TDs, in order, covered 5, 35, 51, 42 and 57 yards. Coach Jack Techtmann said Garwo's grunts were sr. C Gino Turchi, jr. G Chauncey Kratee, sr. G Ross Logan, sr. T Quameer Francis and sr. T Jonathan "J.T." Lavish. The TE was soph Sam Schurr. The school record -- and many of the other performances on the list below -- belong to 2005 grad Steve Slaton, who advanced to the NFL. As a freshman in 2001, in just his second varsity game, Steve carried 22 times for 290 yards (13.2 YPC) and four TDs in a 46-27 win over now-closed Cardinal Dougherty. He added a fifth TD on a reception. The rushing scores covered 45, 18, 20 and 41 yards. His best YPC number was 14.1 in a 17-239 effort vs. Bristol in 2002. Joe Ruggiero (16-265-16.6) owns the No. 2 spot on the list below. All 12 entries are from this century. By all accounts, the rushing record for Egan/C-E prior to Slaton's 290-yard outburst was 209 by Ed McDowell in 1969. Not sure if any other Eagles had rushed for 200 to 208 before Ed hit 209. And I'm still trying to determine the number of carries in Ed's outing. Oh, there's also this:  In Friday night's game, frosh Andrew Garwo also posted a rushing TD. He's Patrick's brother. . . UPDATE: According to an Inquirer story, McDowell rushed 22 times for 202 yards in the Eagles' City Title win over Frankford in 1969. The Bucks County Courier Times credited him with 209 and that number became the acknowledged record. That YPC is 9.5.

YPC Breakdown for Egan/C-E's Top Rushing Performances in This Century
Name Car. Yards YPC TDs Opponent Year
Patrick Garwo 12 288 24.0 5 Schuylkill Valley 2017
Joe Ruggiero 16 265 16.6 4 Carroll 2014
Steve Slaton 17 239 14.1 4 Bristol 2002
Steve Slaton 19 261 13.7 4 North Catholic 2002
Steve Slaton 16 215 13.4 4 North Catholic 2003
Steve Slaton 22 290 13.2 4 Dougherty 2001
Steve Slaton 22 253 11.5 5 Neumann 2003
Steve Slaton 19 218 11.5 2 Kennedy-Kenrick 2003
Steve Slaton 25 263 10.5 3 Carroll 2004
Joe Ruggiero 23 241 10.5 4 New Hope-Solebury 2014
Steve Slaton 23 235 10.2 2 Wood 2002
Steve Slaton 27 220 8.1 2 Neumann 2004

SEPT. 23
Penn Charter 45, Interboro 8

  Thanks to John Estok, PC's coordinator for strength and conditioning, this website report is going to include a first-time-ever nugget. OK, here we go . . . PC's longest touchdown was scored by jr. RB Edward Saydee. It was a rush and covered 72 yards. Edward ran to his left, made some great moves along the left sideline and had no trouble from there. And here's the nugget: He reached a top speed of 18.6 MPH. Geez, was John wielding a radar gun? Nope, he was in charge of some amazing technology. He was perched at a table along the sideline and two laptops were in front of him. At times, he also walked around with a tablet. Those devices allowed him to gain simultaneous access to the game film and, due to the installed technology, that was how he was able to make note of Edward's top speed. Wait, there's more. He also was able to note the heart rate of every player, along with other health-related numbers. Incredible! This game extended from 11 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. and though an occasional breeze helped out, the temperature reached the mid-80s and the humidity was semi-Julyish, too. Estok and Jess Rawlings, PC's chief trainer, made sure the players were relentlessly hydrated -- props also to head ref Bill McKeever, who ordered occasional "water timeouts" -- and if any Quakers suffered cramps, I didn't notice. This game went almost completely well for the Quakers, who continue to impress despite widespread youth/inexperience. Saydee rolled to 184 yards and two TDs on 19 carries and his 46-yard jaunt in the third quarter was an all-timer. Along the sideline, more than one person noted, "That looked like something you'd see in the NFL." There were jukes and bursts and twists and turns, with truck-'em elements mixed in, and all were semi-shocked when he was brought down at Interboro's 21. Sr. WR-DB-LB-KR-PR John "Wash" Washington also was impressive. In the waning moments of the first half, the Bucs had to punt from their 22. I thought the Quakers might opt for a fair catch. Um, nope. "Wash" made the snag at PC's 47 and was able to motor 53 yards to the left corner for PC's first score on a punt return since the 2014 opener vs. Fels. Luke Stansfield, now a frosh lacosse player at Drexel, notched that score and he was in attendance today. (It wasn't completely a "punt return" because the ball was on the ground and Fels didn't bother to down it.) John's other score came on a perfectly tossed right-corner fade from sr. QB Will Samuel. The play covered 26 yards. Rushing TDs went to jr. Jalon Jones (38 yards) and frosh Matthew Marshall (17 yards, right after a 23-yard gain). The grunts, as guided by assistant Casey Jones, made plenty of terrific blocks, both at the line and downfield. Soph Ryan Bradby went 6-for-6 on PAT and 1-for-2 on FGs, bagging nine points. Among the defensive leaders were jr. LB Terence Thompson, who exploded into the backfield for two TFLs, and jr. DE Ryan Maloney, who mixed a TFL with a fumble recovery. Interboro, having to go without some prime performers due to injury, mostly had major trouble trying to slap together drives. When the Bucs finally scored, the play was impressive. On a counter criss-cross, jr. Andrew Grieb scampered 34 yards to the end zone. The conversion was even better as jr. QB JD Delipriscolli used nice footwork to evade major pressure, then found sr. TE Brett McGlaughlin near the back of the end zone in the right-hash area. There was a funny moment early in the first half as Jess treated the refs to water and Gatorade and then asked if they'd like anything else. "Like maybe a burger?" One replied, "I want prime rib. This is a private school." Another shot back "Maybe a baked potato with sour cream . . . And maybe some bacon." Next time, guys. Next time. It was good to see former Constitution High principal Tom Davidson, a major 'Boro fan. He's now retired from the School District and stays busy with some adjunct professoring at local colleges. (Is "professoring" a legit word? smile). Former coach/chain crew guy Jim Burner was also on hand. He said he digs the website song choices. Even the wife's. Who doesn't? Ha, ha.

PC's starting offense . . . 
Will Samuel
TB Edward Saydee
SB Terence Thompson
WR John Washington
WR Brendan Thomas
TE Gavin Zavorski
T Luke Mattice
T Elijah Statham
Dean Crocetto
Ryan Wreath
C Casey Nicastro
PC's starting defense . . .
E Ryan Maloney
Gavin Tygh
MG Andre' O'Neal
T Wayne Derkotch
T Elijah Statham
OLB Trajan Womack
ILB Terence Thompson
ILB Kyle Jones
OLB John Washington
S Brendan Thomas
S Edward Saydee

SEPT. 23
  The football gods work in mysterious ways. But you already knew that. In the 2014 and '15 seasons, because there were three small divisions based on enrollment, still-big La Salle and a-shade-smaller Ryan did not even meet. Now, two years later, they're about to pop pads in La Salle's 1,000th all-time game and Ryan's 50th season as a Catholic League member. The tilt will take place at 7 p.m. at Plymouth-Whitemarsh and the Explorers will be the favorite. They own an eight-game winning streak in the series and have racked up a 278-34 scoring advantage. Overall, La Salle owns a 32-23-1 lead going back to 1968. The 'Splorers won five of the first six meetings. Ryan bounced back to capture six of the next seven, then lost nine in a row (three playoffs included). Below you'll find the best rushing/passing/receiving performances from 1982 through 2016. Ryan rusher Joe Zeglinski is now that school's basketball coach. La Salle QB Brett Gordon is that school's offensive coordinator and Ryan QB Tim Roken is the OC at St. Joseph's Prep. La Salle's Max Mullineaux is the son of Frankford's former coach, Tom. Ryan's Glen Galeone is the son of Ryan's former coach, also Glen.

Top Performances in La Salle-Ryan Series, 1982-2016
RUSHING         PASSING         RECEIVING      
Joe Zeglinski Ryan 211 2004   Chris Kane La S 293 2012   Connor Golden Ryan 141 2013
Syaire Madden La S 193 2016   Mike Lynch La S 206 2003   Rick Ferraiolo Ryan 141 2003
Jamal Abdur-Rahman La S 167 2008   John Harrison La S 200 2005   Kyle Gallagher Ryan 135 2001
Sean Miller La S 153 2001   Joe DeLeo Ryan 192 2001   Brian Hogan La S 126 2003
Al Settembrino Ryan 148 1986   Brett Gordon La S 190 1997   Tom Jorfi La S 120 2004
P.J. Varanavage Ryan 147 2000   Mike Lynch La S 186 2004   Jimmy Herron La S 114 2012
Max Mullineaux La S 140 2003   Tim Roken Ryan 184 2003   Jamal Abdur-Rahman La S 93 2010
P.J. Varanavage Ryan 138 2000   Bill Whalen Ryan 184 1986   Glen Galeone Ryan 93 1998
Joe Zeglinski Ryan 135 2004   John Harrison La S 181 2007   Jimmy Herron La S 85 2013
Chris Pennington La S 135 1998   Brett Gordon La S 173 1995   Tom Truitt La S 81 1994

SEPT. 22
  The game I've come to call the Duke-out of Delco -- O'Hara vs. Bonner-Prendergast -- will again take place tonight (7 at Upper Darby) and B-P will be out for double revenge. The Friars last year dropped both meetings, 28-0 in the regular season and 22-12 in a playoff. They'd fallen in 20 of the previous 23 meetings through the 2013 regular season, but then captured the '13 playoff by a score of 41-38, the '14 contest in the regular season by a score of 33-13 and the regular season meeting by a score of 20-0 in 2015. It was only the third shutout by Bonner/B-P vs. O'Hara and the first since 1969! The score that year was 30-0. The Friars also posted a blanking (14-0) in 1967. The O'Hara/B-P series began in 1965 and O'Hara owns a 41-21 advantage. In the games in '78 and '79, only five total points were scored! O'Hara won by 3-0, then by 2-0. The Lions also claimed a 2-0 victory in '75. In the teams' first 10 meetings, Bonner went 7-3. O'Hara swept six straight from 1975-80, then eight in a row from 1983-89 (one playoff mixed in). In three games vs. O'Hara, 2015 B-P grad Collin DiGalbo rang up 1,059 yards and 14 TDs! He passed 44-for-75 for 765 and nine while rushing 50 for 294 and five. Here are the top performances in rushing/passing/receiving from 1982-2016 and there was one qualifying performance in '16. In the teams' first meeting, O'Hara's Justin Santilla, who's still around, made six catches for 132 yards and two TDs. He's the brother of former O'Hara star Corey Brown, who advanced to the NFL (but had no major yardage outbreaks vs. Bonner).

Top Performances in O'Hara/Bonner(B-P) Series, 1982-2016
RUSHING         PASSING         RECEIVING      
Jeff Morelli Bonn 238 1991   Collin DiGalbo B-P 326 2013   Chris Hemmert Bonn 155 1993
*-Kevin Jones O'H 222 1998   Mike Mitros Bonn 286 1994   Mike Ockimey B-P 136 2013
Joe Hartley-Vittoria B-P 206 2015   Collin DiGalbo B-P 273 2014   Justin Santilla O'H 132 2016
John Dempsey O'H 192 2005   Mike Mitros Bonn 243 1993   Joe Oquendo B-P 127 2014
*-Kevin Jones O'H 172 1998   Mike Mitros Bonn 219 1994   Chris Hooper Bonn 125 2007
Max Ferguson O'H 161 2014   Iggy Schmitt Bonn 197 2007   *-Anthony Becht Bonn 118 1994
Drew Schiller Bonn 153 2003   Keith Cadden O'H 189 1991   Kyle Dawson B-P 110 2013
Art Condodina O'H 152 1984   Dashawn Darden O'H 188 2011   Rich Toal O'H 109 1985
J.T. Blyden O'H 152 2013   *Tom Savage O'H 178 2007   Chris Morrell O'H 104 1986
Collin DiGalbo B-P 143 2013   *Tom Savage O'H 167 2008   Frank Serratore Bonn 98 1994
  *-played in NFL

SEPT. 21
  One football family has certainly been kind to Catholic schools in the western suburbs. This morning I posted a list that includes individual scoring for Inter-Ac League champions over the last 31 seasons. The No. 3 scorer for a title team is Malvern's Troy Gallen, who racked up 144 points in 2013. His dad, Mike, can be found on the Catholic League list that was posted earlier this season. He was a star handyman and scored 84 points (No. 2 behind Marty Cull's 102) for O'Hara's 1980 CL kingpins. Let's go back one more generation. The dad/grandpop is Russ Hendricks. As a junior he starred at RB for Bonner's 1959 CL and City champs, scoring a second-best 59 points behind Tony Dolceamore (68). Russ scored the lone TD on an 80-yard dash as the Friars edged La Salle, 6-0, in the CL final. He followed up that performance with 22 carries for 143 yards and one score as Bonner dismantled Central, 54-0, for the City Title. I wonder how many families have produced major point scorers for championship football teams over three generations? In that 2013 season, Troy scampered his way to 1,990 yards of rushing/receiving (1,536/454) and earned a scholarship to Delaware. Unfortunately, his career has been derailed by injuries. Troy's brother, Tyler, was O'Hara's top receiver in the 2009 season (26-470-4). He wound up competing in track at Saint Joseph's as a long sprinter and enjoyed many special moments.

SEPT. 20
For the moment, Ben Murphy's claim to fame as a varsity football player for Haverford School is that he has not caught a pass but does own receiving points. Huh? Here's the deal: Conversion plays do not count for statistics, but Murphy caught a two-point pass Saturday in the Fords' 44-21 loss to Blair Academy (NJ). Murphy, a sophomore listed on the roster as a fullback-linebacker, is the son of coach Michael Murphy and here's hoping he winds up making his way onto the list below. It includes sons who earned first team All-Inter-Ac honors at the school where dad was the coach. Not in every case, however, did sons play for dad. The time frame goes back to the early 1970s and the Mayock family leads the way with four honorees. Mike the son is THAT Mike Mayock, the NFL draft expert. The Turner family leads the way with a pair of three-time first-teamers, thanks to Jim and Michael (commonly known as "Pup"). . . . I am still cross-checking this info. Please speak up, if necessary. Thanks. 

First Team All-Inter-Ac Sons of Coaches
Coach School Son Year Pos.
Jim Auch Episcopal Jamie 1980 DE
       1981 RB
Dick Borkowski Episcopal Jay 1978 OL
Bill Gallagher Penn Charter Bill 1989 LB
      1990 LB
Gamp Pellegrini Malvern Kevin 1989 Rec.
Mike Mayock Haverford School Mike 1973 DB
      1974 B
      1975 B
    Mark 1979 QB
    Dan 1980 Rec.
      1981 DL
    Matt 1983 DB
      1984 DB
Jack Turner Gtn. Academy John 1979 DB
    Jim 1980 LB
      1981 LB
      1982 LB
    Michael "Pup" 1988 RB
      1989 RB
      1990 LB

SEPT. 19
The Dooley Brothers are now in the Five Grand Club. This past weekend, Shane Dooley, a junior at Judge, passed 15-for-25 for 211 yards and two touchdowns in a loss to Ryan. And Paul Dooley, a redshirt soph at West Chester University, passed 12-for-19 for 164 yards and three TDs in a 62-28 frolic past Edinboro. Their yardage total, counting high school and college tilts, now stands at 5,322 and Paul is the far-and-away leader with 4,611. Entirely understandable, since he's older. We can only imagine how high the combo total will go . . .

Year School Com Att Yds TDs
  Paul Dooley        
2011 SCH Academy 0 2 0 0
2012 SCH Academy 3 6 42 1
2013 SCH Academy 108 214 1625 22
2014 SCH Academy 119 220 2325 27
    230 442 3992 50
2015 West Chester Univ. none      
2016 West Chester Univ. 1 1 11 0
2017 West Chester Univ. 43 72 608 9
    44 73 619 9
    274 515 4611 59
  Shane Dooley        
2015 Wood none      
2016 Judge 11 19 80 1
2017 Judge 42 85 631 8
    53 104 711 9
  Dooley Brothers Totals 327 619 5322 68

SEPT. 18
This is Bishop McDevitt's 55th season as a Catholic League member and, for the eighth time, the Lancers have marched to a 4-0 start. Notice we didn't use roared or stormed for the verb. That's because the We-They totals are 123-66 and only one of the four wins (56-14) was collected in blowout fashion. But, hey, that's one way a good team can prove its worth -- by winning the close ones. With each year below, aside from results, you can find the leading scorer through the first four games. This year's main point-getter through four games for coach Mike Watkins' squad is running back Jon-Luke Peaker, a freshman. One note: The '86 team was later forced to forfeit those first three wins due to the use of an ineligible player. If not for those setbacks, the Lancers would have gone 23-0 while seizing the '86 and '87 Catholic League championships.    

McDevitt's 4-0 Starts, 1963-2017
Year Opponent We They
2017 Lincoln 43 32
  Cheltenham 14 13
  Valley Forge MA 56 14
  O'Hara 10 7
    123 66
  Jon-Luke Parker 30  
2009 Lower Moreland 23 6
  Cheltenham 27 14
  Neumann-Goretti 35 0
  Kennedy-Kenrick 44 6
    129 26
  Gary Postell 30  
1999 La Salle 13 10
  Souderton 24 14
  Dougherty 39 0
  Conwell-Egan 25 0
    101 24
  Ralph Walters 30  
1996 Springfield Montco 42 6
  Carroll 13 12
  O'Hara 28 7
  Wood 28 0
    111 25
  Shanga Tabb 48  
1987 Egan 34 0
  Judge 26 15
  Kenrick  30 0
  North Catholic 21 0
    111 15
  Jason Hannings 26  
1986 Tennent 31 0
  Egan 28 7
  Judge 28 3
  Kenrick  14 0
    101 10
  Andrew Brown 42  
1983 Cheltenham 27 7
  Judge 28 7
  North Catholic 26 7
  Wood 27 6
    108 27
  Joe Vitelli 54  
1964 St. Matthew's 19 0
  St. Thomas More 22 0
  Roman 22 0
  Egan 20 8
    83 8
  Tim Dunleavy 25  

SEPT. 17
After noticing that La Salle has scored at least 40 points in three of its first four games, the curiosity kicked in. You gotta figure the Explorers will hit at least 40 once more this season (if not multiple times), so . . . How often has a four-pack of 40s happened over the last whatever number of years? In six seasons since 1991 is the answer. With highs of five times in 1996 and 2011. Now for the BIG shocker. That 41-point effort against then-Bishop Egan occurred on Oct. 19, 1991. All six TDs came on rushes and starters Max Guevara and Bill Tatar scored only the first two. Sean McDermott, now in his first season as the Buffalo Bills' head coach, led the defense with an interception and fumble recovery. That was game No. 7 of the season . . . and La Salle had not reached 40 points in the previous 223 games. Repeat: 223 games. Assuming there were no typos in season-by-season results. (As old heads and medium heads know, La Salle's focus was on defense first, second and third back in the day.) On Nov. 5, 1967, the Explorers dumped Wood, 40-0, as Joe Kohler (three) and Jim Koller (two) combined for five TDs. Then the lonnnnng wait until 1991 began. In that season, after the Egan game, they closed out the season with 10 against McDevitt, 40 against Dougherty, 45 against North Catholic, 7 against Judge in a playoff and 42 against St. Joseph's Prep on Thanksgiving. That Prep game was played at La Salle University's McCarthy Stadium. On the list below, the school record outbursts vs. Kennedy-Kenrick (59) and Dougherty (61) occurred in back-to-back games in '97 as Brett Gordon, now the offensive coordinator, threw for three and five TDs, respectively. That mark was snapped in 2010 with 63 points vs. Neumann-Goretti. Matt Magarity passed for three TDs while Jamal Abdur-Rahman and subs John Palermo and Colin O'Hara scored three apiece.

La Salle's Seasons With at Least
Four Games of 40 Points
Year Opponent Pts
1991 Egan 41
  Dougherty 40
  North Catholic 45
  SJ Prep 42
1996 Valley Forge MA 41
  Dougherty 42
  Conwell-Egan 41
  North Catholic 40
  O'Hara 41
1997 Kennedy-Kenrick 59
  Dougherty 61
  McDevitt 45
  Conwell-Egan 43
2008 Plymouth-Whitemarsh 45
  Bonner 40
  Roman 42
  O'Hara 48
2010 Roman 43
  Neumann-Goretti 63
  Judge 42
  Ryan 41
2011 North Penn 44
  Bonner 41
  Ryan 41
  Washington 41
  Nazareth 41
2017 North Penn 41
  Malvern 45
  Carroll 42
    more ??  

SEPT. 15
In what has truly been a golden era, Wood owns a 160-31 record over the past 15 seasons (2003-17). Last night the Vikings fell to St. Joseph's Prep, a school with a higher enrollment, by 27-7 and that 20-point loss owns a spot on the list below . . . Largest Losses During the Last 15 Seasons. Wood fell to the Hawks by 19 points last year. That 2010 game vs. Allentown Central Catholic featured an outrageous performance by ACC's quarterback, jr. Brendan Nosovitch. All he did was account for 602 yards of offense and all seven scores while running or passing on 49 of ACC’s 52 plays. He passed 17-for-28 for 419 yards and five scores and ran 21 times for 183 and two more tallies. ACC’s other three plays were runs for zero and minus-3 and an incomplete pass off a trick play. So, this kid outgained his team, 602-599!    

Wood's 10 Largest Losses During the Last 15 Seasons
Year Opponent Wood Foe Lost by . . . 
2009 *Selinsgrove 0 28 28
2008 *Thomas Jefferson 7 34 27
2005 O'Hara 0 26 26
2010 *Allentown Cent. Cath. 27 49 22
2009 O'Hara 14 35 21
2007 #West Catholic 7 28 21
2017 SJ Prep 7 27 20
2017 Paramus Catholic (NJ) 14 34 20
2016 SJ Prep 24 43 19
2016 Bergen Catholic (NJ) 16 34 18
*-state playoff      
#-Catholic League playoff      

SEPT. 15
Here's hoping Wood's 2017 season turns out to be extra special for the family of Wood's Nasir Peoples. The crew needs 807 rushing yards to hit 12,000. Brothers Charlie ('89 grad) and Darrien ('93) starred at Abraham Lincoln. Darrien's son, Desmon, did likewise at Prep for one year, then for two more at Wood ('12). Desmon and Brandon ('12), Charlie's son, were highly productive backfield mates in the '10 and '11 seasons. Now there's Nasir, Brandon's brother and a senior bound for Virginia Tech. Through his junior season, Nasir was almost exclusively known for his skills as a cornerback/safety. But this year he's also being used as a primary RB, and so far he has produced 294 yards and two TDs. Charlie and Darrien made college football waves at Indiana (PA) and Kutztown, respectively. Desmon played at Rutgers. Brandon did so at Wagner. Charlie is an assistant to Wood coach Steve Devlin. Wood's offensive linemen this season are sr. C Tom Walsh, jr. G Brett Gross, sr. G Albert Glasgow, jr. Ts Connor Bishop and Luke Stengel and sr. TE Kyle Pitts. Sr. Bill Shaeffer is used as a second TE. For the moment, the Peoples' Top 10 one-game rushing performances all belong to Desmon, Brandon and Charlie. We'll see where this goes . . .    

 ---- Public/Catholic League Rushing Stats for the Peoples Family -- With Top 10 Performances ----
Name/School Year Car. Yards TDs   Name Opponents Yards Year
Charlie 1986 149 712 2   Desmon Judge 279 2009
  Lincoln 1987 214 1191 14   Desmon Conwell-Egan 240 2010
  1988 240 1443 24   Brandon Strath Haven 230 2010
    603 3346 40   Charlie West Phila. 214 1988
            Charlie Washington 197 1987
Darrien 1990 150 514 1   Desmon Allentown CC 182 2011
  Lincoln 1991 136 543 5   Charlie King 181 1987
  1992 153 649 4   Charlie Olney 180 1988
    439 1706 10   Desmon O'Hara 173 2010
            Brandon Harrisburg McD. 172 2011
Desmon 2009 125 1050 10          
  SJ Prep/Wood 2010 165 1349 23          
  1 year/2 years 2011 136 1239 22          
    426 3638 55          
Brandon 2010 138 1113 13          
  Wood 2011 103 1013 19          
    241 2126 32          
Nasir 2016 16 83 3          
  Wood 2017 58 294 2          
    74 377 5          
    1783 11193 142          

SEPT. 14
Philadelphia is one of the most provincial places, ever/anywhere. So, as this century began, did you ever think Philadelphia schools would wind up playing MANY games against opponents from outside the area (meaning the five counties in Pa., plus South Jersey)? Beyond that, could you have possibly imagined that ONE school would play 32 games against outsiders over 15 seasons? Not counting state playoffs, that is. St. Joseph's Prep has done that. Former coach Gil Brooks got the streak started in 2003 with games against Bethlehem Catholic (PA) and Brooklyn Poly Prep (NY). Gabe Infante, the coach since 2010, has maintained/expanded the tradition. The Hawks' record in these games is 21-12. Biggest win: 54 points. Biggest loss: 42 points. The Prep has played teams from 12 states -- California, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia -- and the District of Columbia. Oh, and one team from Canada.
  UPDATE: Thanks to '75 grad Mike Robinson for a heads-up on another game from 2003. In late October, the Hawks played Gilman (MD). So the record is 21-12.

Year/Foe Foe's Location W-L Score
Tampa Jesuit Florida W 22-7
St. Peter's Prep New Jersey W 28-21
Oaks Christian California W 49-17
Don Bosco Prep New Jersey W 35-24
Evangel Christian Louisiana W 14-0
Don Bosco Prep New Jersey L 55-21
St. Ignatius Ohio W 35-6
Mt. Carmel Illinois W 28-27
Don Bosco Prep New Jersey L 35-7
St. Ignatius Ohio L 42-34
St. Joseph's Regional New Jersey L 47-29
Dallas Jesuit Texas W 48-27
Don Bosco Prep New Jersey L 42-0
Cocoa Florida W 16-7
Gonzaga Dist. Of Columbia W 28-14
St. Marguerite d'Youville Canada W 49-7
Gonzaga Dist. Of Columbia W 41-14
St. Peter's Prep New Jersey L 35-7
McKeesport Pennsylvania W 27-26
St. Peter's Prep New Jersey W 40-28
St. Anthony New York W 7-6
Don Bosco Prep New Jersey L 34-20
Paul VI Virginia W 61-7
Don Bosco Prep New Jersey L 31-28
Hilliard-Davidson Ohio L 17-14
St. Ignatius Ohio W 28-14
Gilman Maryland L 22-19
Pittsburgh Cent. Catholic Pennsylvania L 38-12
St. Ignatius Ohio L 26-6
Brooklyn Poly Prep New York W 27-12
Bethlehem Catholic Pennsylvania W 40-6
Brooklyn Poly Prep New York W 10-7
Gilman Maryland W 14-0

SEPT. 13
  This is O'Hara's 53rd season as a Catholic League member. In 15 of 'em, the Lions have slapped together at least a 3-0 overall start. This is year No. 2 in a row under coach B.J. "Butch" Hogan and the sixth in 10 seasons. The 2017 point total, 111, ranks fourth on the list below and we'll see what number eventually gets entered into the column on the right. That represents the length of the season-opening winning streak. Interestingly, the only team to finish with a perfect record, coach Chappy Moore's 12-0 1973 Catholic and City champs, scored the lowest number of points in the first three games (59). Taseer Jones leads this crew with 24 points while Kevin Calamita (21, the kicker) and Justin Santilla/Chris Kirby (18) are close behind. As provided by Hogan, the names of the grunts are Tom Wertz, Kenny Borrelli, Ewan Hagan, John Sheffer and Lou Perri. B.J. was a star d-back (first team All-City) for O'Hara's 2000 Catholic Red champs. That squad roared to 122 points, the No. 1 total on the list, in its first three games.        

O'Hara's 3-0 Starts
Year Points Wins
2000 122 5
2016 118 10
2010 115 8
2017 111 ??
1983 105 10
1977 100 7
2009 99 7
1987 98 7
2004 90 7
2008 89 7
1998 87 10
2001 78 3
1972 76 3
1976 68 4
1973 59 12

SEPT. 12
  Did you notice? In consecutive weeks, Carroll played games that required two overtimes AND were decided by one point. The Patriots won the first one, 39-38, over Conwell-Egan and lost the second one, 28-27, to Bensalem. The regulation scores were 24-24 and 13-13, respectively. This is the fifth time (see update below) a Catholic or Inter-Ac team has played back-to-back OT games and . . . Carroll was involved the first time! In 1995, the first season in which OT games were permitted in the regular season, the Patriots lost to O'Hara, 14-7, and then to Kennedy-Kenrick, 19-13. Those tilts required just one extra session. The first two-OT game involving a CL team occurred on Thanksgiving in '95 as Dougherty beat Olney, 19-12. It was also the city's first OT holiday game. Austin "Sonny" Nagle scored all three Dougherty TDs while rushing 20 times for 111 yards. Regulation ended 6-6. The CL's first regular season double-OT game took place on Oct. 20, 1996, as Judge beat Ryan, 32-29. Regulation ended 20-20. From there: Ed Guzak, Judge, run; Bob Lynch, Ryan, pass from Joe Corsanico (both teams missed PAT); Ryan Todt, Ryan, FG; Joe Tyer, Judge, run on a keeper. . . The CL's first OT game of any kind occurred in a 1981 quarterfinal playoff involving O'Hara and Roman. The game was played at Roxborough. The former won, 9-6, after regulation ended 3-3. Back then the OT possessions began at the 15. Roman opened with Martin Shields' 27-yard field goal. O'Hara answered with an 8-yard pass from Dan Murray to Steve Gentile. Wonder who got to keep the game ball? Might be valuable now (smile).
  UPDATE: When I posted this earlier today, I did so without having been able to find one of the research sheets. Ugh. Bingo, now it has popped up. Wood owns the record for most consecutive OT games, with three. In 2000, the Vikings beat K-K, 24-21, then lost to McDevitt, 16-13, and Dougherty, 26-23. Also, in 2004 Roman captured OT wins in Week Two (13-10 over Germantown Academy) and Three (13-7 over Valley Forge MA). And in 2006 La Salle lost to Roman, 27-21, in OT, in the final game of the Catholic Red regular season and then beat O'Hara, 39-38, in a first round playoff.   

SEPT. 11
  Danny Solecki
will never forget his first start as La Salle High's quarterback. How could he? Heading into Week Two, he was the backup to fellow sr. Isaiah Jones. But Jones suffered a knee injury in the game against McDonogh (MD) and Solecki was called upon to fill the void. He finished 11-for-21 for 150 yards and one touchdown in a 21-9 loss. This past Saturday night, the Explorers played Malvern and Isaiah was still sidelined. So, Danny made his first varsity start vs. Malvern and all he did was post La Salle's 10th passing yardage total of at least 300 yards. As the Explorers triumphed, 45-21, he went 24-for-33 for 327 yards and four scores. Six La Salle QBs have combined for the 10 outbursts. Solecki is the first to reach 300 in his initial start. Below is the breakdown. His receivers were Troy Holland (7-126, two TDs), Brett Mallee (4-49), Marvin Harrison (4-28), Octavious Carter (3-68), Liam Trainer (3-37, one), Joey Burnham (2-20, one) and Manny Quiles (1/-1). And here are the names of the grunts, left to right across the line as provided by coach John Steinmetz: T Chris Maloney, G Garrett Zobel, C Brendan O'Brien, G Craig Krug and T Colin Hirschmann. Brett Gordon, the first of La Salle's 300-yard guys, is the long-time offensive coordinator and his dad, Drew, guided the offense before becoming the head coach. Brett posted his 300-yarders late in his senior season. He came close in start No. 32 with 292 vs. McDevitt. . . Meanwhile, click here for Bill "The Wyzard of Wyndmoor" Wasylenko's report on the Malvern game, which starts with a very cool nugget about the Solecki family.

Career Start for 300-Yard Performances by La Salle's QBs
Name Yards Start Opponent Year
Danny Solecki 327 1st Malvern 2017
Kyle Shurmur 384 2nd Imhotep 2013
Drew Loughery 318 5th SJ Prep 2008
Chris Kane 328 10th SJ Prep 2012
Drew Loughery 378 11th SJ Prep 2008
Kyle Shurmur 345 12th North Penn 2014
Kyle Shurmur 353 13th Bergen Catholic (NJ) 2014
Brett Gordon 318 35th Conwell-Egan 1997
Brett Gordon 323 37th SJ Prep 1997
John Harrison 323 37th McDevitt 2007

SEPT. 10
Well, that didn't take long. After having to cut short its 2016 season because of low numbers, and being unable to meet Frankford last weekend in Wildwood, NJ, due to weather/field conditions, Neumann-Goretti is back to playing football and this 2017 squad has already created waves. Last night in South Philly, while rocking Interboro, 54-25, this new squad, stocked with numerous quality transfers and coached by former Imhotep boss Albie Crosby, became the eighth in school history to score at least 50 points. And it did so in quite unusual fashion. After falling into a 25-6 hole, N-G roared to 26 points in 1 minute, 49 seconds, according to the Delco Times' Matt De George, and continued the momentum to score 42 in 13:50. This is the 83rd season as a Catholic League member for Southeast Catholic/Bishop Neumann/St. John Neumann/Ss. Neumann-Goretti and the nickname was Pirates before the merger with girls-only Goretti. The Pirates scored 50 points in a 1949 game vs. long-gone St. John's, of Manayunk, and did not attain that number again until a 50-20 pasting of West Catholic in '82. On the list below, you'll see that the scoring leaders in two of the games, Anthony Sheridan and Billy Canady, exploded for 38 points apiece. In that 1949 game, Tony Latronica scored two TDs and six other guys had two apiece. Meanwhile, check this out: Southeast Catholic played 51 overall games, going 9-34-8, in its first six seasons as a CL member. It failed to reach even double figures 46 times.

50-Point Outings for SC/BN/SJN/N-G
Year Pts Opponent Score Leading Scorer Pts
1993 69 Southern 69-0 Anthony Sheridan 38
2002 68 Southern 68-0 Jimmy Porreca 28
2003 64 Dougherty 64-0 Billy Canady 38
2000 61 Southern 61-6 Pasquale Narducci 24
2017 54 Interboro 54-25 Leddie Brown 18
1949 50 St. John's 50-0 Tony Latronica 12
1982 50 West Catholic 50-20 Len Nelson 20
1999 50 Dougherty 50-36 Jason Gargon 32

How long does it take a team to win 10 games by at least 36 points? That question was bouncing around in my ever-curious mind after Penn Charter last night beat Bonner-Prendie and the answer for THIS school is . . . 24 seasons. The breakdown is below. Three of the leading scorers were quarterbacks: John Ryan, Chris Rahill and Brendan Moore. John is Matt Ryan's brother. Chris is now PC's offensive coordinator. Eric Muller was a kicker.

Penn Charter's Last 10 Wins of at Least 36 Points
Year Opponent Margin Score Leading Scorers Pts
2006 Haverford School 56 56-0 Eddie Bambino 12
2005 Pius X (Roseto) 49 49-0 Eric Muller 9
2013 Valley Forge MA 48 48-0 James Biggs-Frazier 18
2011 Germantown Acad. 47 54-7 Eric Neefe/Eric Berger 18
1994 Germantown Acad. 44 44-0 Steve Ley 12
2001 Haverford School 41 41-0 Tony McDevitt 18
2007 Scotland School 40 40-0 John Ryan 12
1998 Haverford School 40 47-7 Chris Rahill 18
1996 Haverford School 37 45-8 Pat Larkin/Brendan  Moore 12
2017 Bonner-Prendie 36 42-6 Edward Saydee/Jalon Jones 12

Penn Charter 42, Bonner-Prendie 6
  Let's start with the quite unusual. In the first half, B-P ran twice as many plays on one series (20) as PC did throughout those 24 minutes (10). Also, on those 10 plays, the Quakers racked up 272 yards and star jr. RB Edward Saydee posted 187 on his first five touches. I'll wait as you pick up your jaw off the floor (smile). Thanks to those weird happenings, I'm thinking there must have been a full moon tonight. Or a sliver shy of one. The Friars are short on players (just 31 dressed) and size (doubtful more than a handful weighed more than 200 pounds) and the confidence level could not have been very high since the first two games had produced a combined score of 79-0 in the wrong direction. PC frolicked early as Saydee converted a left-side sweep into a 46-yard touchdown and followed shortly thereafter with an 82-yard gain on a flip from jr. QB Will Samuel. On this play, Saydee lined up in the slot and found himself uncovered as he broke off the line. He made a great early move to break free and only serious hustle way downfield by sr. DB Kyrin Jackson prevented a 91-yard score. Jr. scatback Jalon Jones did score two plays later on a mostly free-and-easy run up the middle. TD No. 3 was racked up on the first play of the second quarter and, damn, it was perfect. Samuel hit Saydee with a left-side screen and he motored untouched 56 yards to the end zone. Soph T Dean Crocetto and eighth-grade G Elijah "EJ" Statham formed the effective envoy. Next possession? Again one play for a score. This time jr. RB Gavin Tygh turned a tight sweep, let's call it, into a 57-yard scamper to payturf. The scores by Saydee and Tygh were PC's ONLY plays of the quarter. The aforementioned 20-play drive by B-P ended the half, basically. Jr. RB Ty Gundy had some respectable runs and, eventually, the Friars were facing third-and-10 at the 11. The QB was jr. backup Michael Standen, a lefty. It was obvious what was coming: a fade to the left corner. Standen perfectly placed the ball and Jackson exhibited great concentration to pull it in. This was game No. 3 for B-P and it must have felt so good to finally dent the scoreboard. PC's second half scores went to Jones on a 1-yard run and Samuel on a 38-yard keeper. That play, likewise, was a gem. "Sammy" faked a handoff to Saydee and everybody bit. Will dashed to the end zone untouched. The last play of the night was actually B-P's best . . . until the ball was dropped in the end zone. It began on PC's 16 with almost no time remaining. It was a classic throwback as jr. QB Shon Nelson ran hard to his right, stopped and launched a perfect strike not far from the near left corner. Alas, the open received could not reel the ball in. PC's defense was largely outstanding. They caused 14 B-P plays to lose yardage while adding two interceptions -- one apiece by sr. DB John Washington and frosh DB Matthew Marshall. Statham had one sack and 2.5 TFLs . . . and even rumbled three yards forward with a loose ball on offense. Jr. LB Terence Thompson mixed a sack with 1.5 TFLs while Tygh, a DE, had a sack and 2.5 TFLs (in addition to 117 yards on six totes). This game was played on B-P's campus and the atmosphere was nice despite a nothing-special attendance. All the Friar folks watch from on or atop the hill in front of the ol' Prendergast building. There's one low wall that people can sit on. Because there's no fence to make the collection of ticket money easy, B-P instead charges cars that enter the property $10. It was good to see officials Chris Reynolds (head ref) and Bob Zanneo (head linesman) along with B-P coach Jack Muldoon and his helpers, Steve Clements and the Wagner brothers, John and Steve. Jack is hopeful B-P will get things rolling again soon, especially since the freshman team has 37 players. Also enjoyed listening to, as always, PA announcer Chris Doran. One of his quips: "That pass was incomplete . . . into the cheerleaders." Also, with the score at 42-6, he deadpanned that 4:50 remained "in regulation." In the third quarter, Tygh broke through and made a very quick tackle on a jet sweep. PC equipment guru Gerry Sasse cracked, "He should have just taken the handoff."

PC's starting offense . . . 
Will Samuel
TB Edward Saydee
SB Terence Thompson
WR John Washington
Brendan Thomas
Gavin Zavorski
Luke Mattice
Elijah Statham
Owen Peters
Rocco Palazzo
Casey Nicastro
PC's starting defense . . .
E Ryan Maloney
Gavin Tygh
T Wayne Derkotch
T Elijah Statham
OLB Trajan Womack
OLB Terence Thompson
MLB Kyle Jones
CB Jalon Jones
CB John Washington
S Brendan Thomas
S Edward Saydee

Temple 82
Bucknell 28
--- Honest!
  That was the one-column headline on the front page of the Inquirer's sports section on Oct. 9, 1966. Before 7,000 at the long-gone Temple Stadium, which was located a short distance from what's now the Northwest Supersite in Mt. Airy, the Owls really did rack up 82 points. And two "Our Guys" were heavily involved. Temple's quarterback starter was junior Tom DeFelice, who in '62 had steered West Catholic to the Catholic League championship. The primary receiver that day was junior Jim Callahan, a second-string product of Cardinal Dougherty; that school closed in 2010. Throughout that season, coach George Makris used two QBs -- Tommy D as the starter and soph John Waller (Ridley) as the sub. In the game against Bucknell, DeFelice, still a college basketball ref and the head football coach at also-closed Bok Tech for 18 seasons through 2010, passed 18-for-24 for 210 yards and two TDs while adding two more scores and 53 yards on four carries. Waller passed 10-for-21 for 269 yards and six TDs. As for Callahan, he made five snags for 158 yards and all five went for TDs! The distances were 86, 20, 29, 22 and 1 yards. Get this: Those TDs all were notched when Temple was very comfortably ahead. In fact, the 1-yarder made the score 82-14 before Bucknell managed to post two late TDs. Imagine if such a scenario happened today. Passing TD after passing TD to completely embarrass an opponent. Social media would go absolutely berserk. When asked about his offensive decisions right after the game, Makris said, "We have a pro offense and we had to follow the game plan and throw the ball. Everyone played near-perfect football. There was nothing I could do. I can't tell my players not to play so well." He added, 'Hell, I used the second, third and fourth teams for the majority of the game." But there was more. Bucknell had dumped the Owls 12 straight times. In '65, the score was 40-14 and Bucknell threw again and again to Tom Mitchell (Oakland Raiders) in the fourth quarter. Several reporters tried to get comments from Bucknell boss Carroll Huntress after the 82-28 game. As the guys entered the locker room, Huntress bellowed, "Out! Get out!" Meanwhile, these five TDs were part of an amazing stretch for Callahan. On Oct. 22, in the first half of a game vs. Connecticut, he caught TD passes of 35 and 42 yards from Waller. Those were his ninth and tenth TDs of the season. On his ninth and tenth catches. That's right. Ten snags, 10 scores. That streak was broken in the second half when a 19-yarder did not produce a TD.

In the hallways and lunchrooms this week at La Salle and Wood, here's hoping no doom and gloom football discussions are taking place. Yes, both schools last weekend suffered somewhat disheartening defeats in games against strong teams from outside this area -- La Salle to McDonogh (MD), 21-9, and Wood to Paramus Catholic (NJ), 34-14. But a check of decently sized recent history shows us bouncebacks are definitely possible. The list below reveals records in the first two games of the season for the Catholic League's overall champs from 1987 through '98 and large-enrollment champs from '99 through 2016. Exactly half of the 30 champs lost at least one of their first two games and four dropped two. La Salle, especially, has been able to rebound. The Explorers won 11 titles during the span. They were dealt early setbacks in six of those seasons. 

Records in First Two Games for Catholic League Overall)
(1987-98) and Large Enrollment (1999-2016) Champions 
Year School W-L Year School W-L
1987 McDevitt 2-0 2002 SJ Prep 2-0
1988 Ryan 2-0 2003 SJ Prep 2-0
1989 La Salle 1-1 2004 O'Hara 2-0
1990 Ryan 1-1 2005 SJ Prep 2-0
1991 Ryan 0-2 2006 La Salle 2-0
1992 Ryan 2-0 2007 Roman 2-0
1993 Ryan 1-1 2008 La Salle 1-1
1994 Bonner 0-2 2009 La Salle 2-0
1995 La Salle 0-2 2010 La Salle 1-1
1996 La Salle 2-0 2011 La Salle 1-1
1997 SJ Prep 1-1 2012 La Salle 2-0
1998 La Salle 2-0 2013 SJ Prep 1-1
1999 Roman 1-1 2014 SJ Prep 1-1
2000 O'Hara 2-0 2015 La Salle 1-1
2001 SJ Prep 0-2 2016 SJ Prep 2-0
    17-13     24-6

  In today's world of instant info, I understand that some (many?) people don't care about things that happened four days ago let alone four-plus decades. But while doing some research on individual scoring for Catholic League champions in what I call the Non-Enrollment Era (through the '98 season), I came across two nuggets that I thought were pretty darn cool. So here they are: In the 1971 season, Carroll, the eventual champ, rang up 35 points in a regular season win over West Catholic and ALL 35 were scored by the identical Adelizzi twins, Steve and Mike. According to the boxscore in newspapers, Steve caught TD passes of 28, 34 and 16 yards (Nos. 1, 3 and 5) while Mike snagged passes of 9 and 18 (Nos. 2 and 4). Mike was also the Patriots' kicker and went 5-for-5 on PAT. Carroll's QB that season was Bill Zwaan. He went 13-for-24 for 190 yards in that game and is now in his 15th season as the coach at West Chester University . . . One season beforehand, in 1970, Bishop Egan won the CL championship and, assuming the info in all boxscores was reported correctly, not once did any Eagle score more than one touchdown. That's nuts, right? Talk about balance. Egan scored 227 points that season and racked up at least 12 points in 10 of its 13 games. Only a guy named Tim Koch posted more than six points in a game. He had 12 vs. La Salle (a TD and six kicks) and eight vs. Woodrow Wilson (a TD and two kicks).

So far this season, have you not recognized many of the starting quarterbacks' names for Catholic and Inter-Ac teams? There's a good reason. Only five of the 19 schools have veterans in that leadership spot (Neumann-Goretti has yet to play, and still has not provided a roster) and one of the guys below might need an asterisk. That's Ryan's Chris Reed, who was roughly a half-season starter due to an injury to then-senior Matt Romano. The list includes 2016 and so-far-in-2017 stats.
  UPDATE: Sorry for jumbled stats earlier today for two guys and for an incorrect first name. Thanks to Huck and Drew Maginnis for speaking up!

Passing Stats for Returning Catholic/Inter-Ac QB Starters
Name School Year Com Att Yards TDs
Jack Colyar Wood 2016 111 208 1900 21
    2017 13 27 143 2
      124 235 2043 23
Drew Gunther Malvern 2016 91 143 1100 12
    2017 16 23 211 3
      107 166 1311 15
Da'Vion Kidd-Jackson West 2016 96 190 1543 19
    2017 8 31 79 0
      104 221 1622 19
Marquez McCray SJ Prep 2016 149 260 2164 21
    2017 11 18 105 1
      160 278 2269 22
Chris Reed Ryan 2016 35 65 492 5
    2017 10 20 145 0
      45 85 637 5

Since I began compiling full city football stats in the 1982 season, with major help from many great people, 11 Catholic/Inter-Ac players have posted four receiving touchdowns in one game. The newest member of the club is Carroll senior Dahmir Ruffin, who notched his four scores Friday in Wildwood, NJ, on passes from Kamal Gray while fueling the Patriots' 39-38, two-overtime win over Conwell-Egan. In all, Ruffin made eight snags for 99 yards. He also rushed 15 times for 81 yards and one of those carries produced his team's first TD. His second receiving TD came with 20 seconds left in regulation to make it 24-24. He then racked up one apiece in the OT sessions and his second was followed by Carlon Brown's decisive conversion run. Along the way Jules Mastrocola hit a field goal and four PAT. On the list below, Ruffin is one of three guys to score 30 total points in his outrageously special performance. Those TDs were also scored via rushes. Two other CL players enjoyed four-TD receiving outings prior to 1982 -- North Catholic's Mike Casey in 1966 and Neumann's Bob Smith in 1970. The opponents were Neumann and Southern, respectively.

Four-TD Receiving Performances by Catholic/Inter-Ac Players, 1982-2017
Name School Opponent Year Rec.-Yds YPR Points
Dan Rizzo Kenrick Ryan 1982 5-122 24.4 24
Mickey King Dougherty Wood 2000 8-78 9.8 24
Tyler Yerk Gtn. Academy Hun (NJ) 2002 6-221 36.8 30
John Decker Haver. School Great Valley 2003 11-139 12.6 24
Colin Buckley La Salle North Penn 2011 9-168 18.7 24
Thaddius Smith O'Hara Carroll 2012 7-157 22.4 30
Christian Summers Bonner-Pren. Wood 2012 5-189 37.8 26
Sean Coleman La Salle SJ Prep 2012 14-138 9.9 24
Jordan Johnson SCH Academy Malvern 2013 13-240 18.5 24
Jimmy Herron La Salle Wood 2014 8-132 16.5 24
Dahmir Ruffin Carroll Con.-Egan 2017 8-99 12.4 30

Penn Charter 20, Lansdale Catholic 6
(At Ocean City HS)

  Mud on the field and '57 Chevys in the parking lot. Add those two nuggets and this game would have been a 100-percent throwback to a simpler time instead of an 80 to 85-percenter. When was the last time you saw a game with 16 passing yards, combined? Unless you saw this one or are old enough to be currently receiving a pension, you probably can't raise your hand (smile). This tilt was played on the turf field behind Ocean City High. not far from the boardwalk, and the rain ranged from drizzle to persistent to holy crap! Plus, the wind was blowing straight in off the ocean and at some points the angle was 30 degrees, maybe as high as 45. Plus, for whatever reason (and mud can't be blamed, since there was none), the balls proved to very slippery and bobbled/dropped snaps sucked the life out of plays that likely would have produced passes. Anyway . . . PC's far-and-away hero was jr. RB Edward Saydee. He displayed an admirable mix of speed and strength and more than a few times helped his cause with crafty straight-arms. He never zipped past everyone, but did slap together eight gains of more than 10 yards while garnering 194 yards and two touchdowns on 24 carries. The scores, in the first and second quarter, respectively, covered seven yards to the right and 12 yards to the right again. Soph Ryan Bradby added the extra points. Jrs. Gavin Tygh (10-69) and Jalon Jones (6-44) also enjoyed productive outings and the former scored the Quakers' other TD on a 24-yard, third-quarter run. Alas, Bradby was unable to hit the PAT, thus ending PC's streak of 39 in a row. In these teams' meeting to start the 2016 season, Adam Kuper's first PAT was blocked. He hit his final 36 and Bradby mixed in a 1-for-1 performance, along with the aforementioned first two today. Jr. Jordan Wilson got the start at quarterback while sr. Will Samuel and soph Kyle Jones also took snaps. They went a combined 0-for-1 and that's the first time in PC's 130-year grid history that no passing yards were gained! (I'm kidding . . . I think. No way it has happened very often.) The names of the offensive linemen are listed below this report and here's hoping the guys are happy with the job they did. They're young and inexperienced (no returning starters), so this was a good start. The defense got a big early play from jr. DB Muhammad "Moe" Harris, who receovered a dropped snap on LC's 17. Saydee scored three plays later. The Crusaders responded on the ensuing possession and sr. RB Matt Casee (15-100) capped it with a run from the 1. The drive covered 71 yards in 10 plays. The Quakers notched TD No. 2 with 1:42 showing until halftime and a 19-yard, drag-many run by Saydee caused someone in the press box to exclaim, "He's a moose!" PC asserted itself right away in the third quarter, driving 65 yards in 10 plays for Tygh's 24-yard TD. J. Jones got it started with a 20-yard jaunt. There was a VERY weird play shortly thereafter. Samuel dropped the ball and backward and more backward it went. Finally, on the 5, LC sr. LB Alex Arnow picked it up and appeared headed for an easy six points. Alas, he fumbled just before reaching the end zone. The ball squirted into and out of the end zone, bouncing over the left sideline. That's a touchback. PC was given possession on its 20. Though the Quakers did not convert the good deed into a TD, jr. LB Terence Thompson blocked a punt (and made several hard pops). He and Saydee, along with sr. DB John "Wash" Washington, are PC's tri-captains. I'm wondering if THAT'S a first: More non-senior captains than seniors. Especially considering the crappy weather, LC had a great turnout of students and adults. Um, PC did not. It was nice to see LC coach Tom Kirk, former Wood star, and ex-Wood assistants Tom White Sr. and Jr., who now work with Tom. Three LC gals did great jobs singing "God Bless America" (solo act) and the "National Anthem" (sister act). I apologize for not getting their names. If someone wants to send them, I'll add them.

PC's starting offense . . . 
Jordan Wilson
TB Edward Saydee
SB Terence Thompson
John Washington
Brendan Thomas
Gavin Zavorski
Luke Mattice
Elijah Statham
Owen Peters
Rocco Palazzo
Casey Nicastro
PC's starting defense . . .
E Ryan Maloney
Gavin Tygh
T Wayne Derkotch
T Luke Mattice
Trajan Womack
OLB Terence Thompson
MLB Kyle Jones
CB Jalon Jones
CB John Washington
S Brendan Thomas
S Edward Saydee

Carroll not only earned an exiting win yesterday in Wildwood, NJ. The Patriots also claimed a lofty spot on this list: One-Point OT Games in This Century, Involving Catholic League Teams, With the Highest Point Totals. The Carroll/Conwell-Egan score was 24-24 at the end of regulation. The teams scored points apiece in the first extra session, then Carroll captured the second OT, 8-7. Some of the games on the list below were playoffs. Wilmington-West Catholic was even a state final (2A).

Year Winner Pts Loser Pts OTs Total
2008 Pennridge 43 Wood 42 Three 85
2017 Carroll 39 Conwell-Egan 38 Two 77
2006 La Salle 39 O'Hara 38 One 77
2013 O'Hara 36 Bonner-Prendie 35 One 71
2008 Wilmington 35 West Catholic 34 Two 69
2012 Ryan 32 Judge 31 One 63
2013 Upper Darby 28 Bonner-Prendie 27 One 55
2012 La Salle 28 SJ Prep 27 One 55
2006 West Catholic 28 Neumann-Goretti 27 One 55
2016 O'Hara 27 West Catholic 26 Two 53
2011 Perkiomen Valley 27 Lansdale Catholic 26 Three 53

My strong guess is that most coaches decide to follow the X's-and-O's path only if they had terrific experiences while playing high school and/or college ball. While researching the list that was posted yesterday -- West Catholic's individual scoring going back to 1940 -- in newspapers/yearbooks, I came across the names of many former Burrs who wound up becoming coaches. Many played for brothers Vince and/or John McAneney from the mid-1950s through mid-'70s and it was easy to notice that those guys, during their coaching careers, displayed many of the Mac Brothers' wonderful traits, especially determination and outgoing personalities. Below are the names of 20 ex-Burrs who've been Catholic/Public head coaches from the mid-'70s to now. Hopefully, no guys were missed, but if so, please reach out. tedtee307@yahoo.com. Those with asterisks were first team honorees on the coaches' All-Catholic list. Quarterback Tom DeFelice was a first-teamer in '62 and '63 and steered the '62 squad to the Catholic League championship.    

West Catholic Grads Who've Been Cath/Pub Head Coaches, Mid-'70s On
Name School Years
John Amendt Roman 1985-87
*Tom Bazis Bartram 1984-89, 1992-96
Dan Bielli Carroll 1995, 1999-2010
  Kennedy-Kenrick 1996-97
*Nick Cirone West Catholic 1977-83
Frank Conway Jr. Central 1996-2008
Albie Crosby Imhotep 2012-15
  Neumann-Goretti 2017
*Lou D'Alonzo Olney 1993-94
  Southern 1995-99
*Tom DeFelice Bok 1993-2010
*Brian Fluck West Catholic 1999-2017
*Joe Gifford Edison 2015-16 
Dan Harrell West Catholic 1995-98
Gene Kane Dougherty 1985-89
Brian Kelly Edison 2010
Vince Knoll Bonner 1977-83
*Frank "Roscoe" Natale Bartram 1997-2003
  Bok 2011-12
  Southern 2013-17
Pat O'Hara West Philadelphia 2008-10
Anthony Pastore Furness 2007-13
  Boys' Latin 2017
*Ralph Rapino West Catholic 1990-94
Ralph Ricapito Mastbaum 1967-75
Bill Travers North Catholic 1971-75
  Egan 1976-84
*-first team All-Catholic    


AUG. 30

  While plowing through some old clippings earlier this week, I found the one on the left. The year was 1977 and I was in my second and final football season of covering high school sports for the long-gone Philadelphia Bulletin before switching to the Daily News in mid-December. Tom Kirk, the guy who ran for that 99-yard, kickoff-return touchdown, is now the coach at Lansdale Catholic and I took a cell-phone pic of the clipping and sent it his way, figuring he'd get a kick out of it. He said it made him smile. As part of his return text, Tom also noted that the game was played in "pouring rain at George Washington HS. It took me about a minute from start to finish running in slop." In those days, Wood ran the wishbone offense under coach John "Skip" Duffy and Tom was a first team coaches' All-Catholic honoree. He and his teammates were also part of perhaps the strangest playoff sequence in Catholic League history. At Veterans Stadium, Wood met Cardinal Dougherty in the Northern Division final. In that era, overtime sessions were not part of the process and playoff ties were decided by total yardage. Dougherty had a BIG advantage in that category as the game wound down, so Duffy had no choice but to go for a first down even though the ball was on Wood's 15 with the score tied at 15-15. After the play did not succeed, Duffy had no choice but to tell his defense, "Let them score." His hope was that his team could stop the conversion and roar downfield for a touchdown AND a conversion. The Vikings did prevent the conversion, but Dougherty triumphed, 21-15, as Wood's final possession resulted in a turnover. Meanwhile, Wood's highlight in that game was a 96-yard TD on Kurt Schneider's quarterback keeper. I can't imagine too many teams have posted two TDs covering 195 yards in the same season.

AUG. 29

  Think about how many father-son combos have been stars in city football history. I can't imagine too many have matched the feat of the Marvin Harrisons. Marvin Sr., who played at Roman and last year was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, scored three touchdowns in his first varsity game. Marvin Jr., formerly of Penn Charter, made his varsity debut for La Salle last Friday night against North Penn and turned one reception into a 27-yard TD. Now for the extra nugget: Sr. was a sophomore; Jr. is a freshman. In the 1987 season, Sr. played exclusively for Roman's freshman team. On Sept. 9, 1988, the Cahillites dragged a 22-game winless streak into their varsity opener with Wissahickon. Sr. notched his first TD on an 81-yard kickoff return (after Wissy had scored) and added two more on receptions. In all, he made six catches for 131 yards on passes from Jim McGeehan and a 57-yarder with 44 seconds left provided a 32-26 win . . . So, there you have it. In their varsity debuts The Marvins combined for four TDs and were also quite young -- soph and frosh, respectively. Sr. finished his Roman career with 36 TDs counting rushes (18), receptions (13) and returns (5). By his senior year, he was more of a rusher than a receiver. We'll see what happens with Jr.

AUG. 28
  Teams with plenty of young'uns aren't able to experience much football fun, rumor has it. But on Friday, in what was the season's first game due to the 10 a.m. starting time, youthful Bishop McDevitt carved out a 43-32 win at Abraham Lincoln. Six guys touched the ball on offense and only one was a senior. Plus, the leading ground-gainer for coach Mike Watkins was a freshman, Jon-Luke Peaker. All he did was turn 13 carries into 206 yards and two TDs. Lonnie Rice, the sophomore quarterback, added 68 yards and three scores on 17 carries. His passing stats? He went 0-for-3. But since the ground game produced a whopping 495 yards on 48 rushes, no one came close to minding. Of the grunts, three were seniors. But the tight end was not, so half ot the primary blockers were also "youngsters." Congrats to the Lancers on an impressive start and check below for the names/stats.

McDevitt's Offense vs. Lincoln
Name C-Y / Pos. Year
Jon-Luke Peaker 13-206 Fr.
Lonnie Rice 17-68 So.
Quamir Reynolds 7-48 Jr.
Robert Laurie-Clark 3-56 Jr.
Tyseem Caesar 7-72 Sr.
Amari Jones 1-45 So.
Andrew Metro C Jr.
Nasir Pettus G Sr.
Giancarlo Kelly G Sr.
Jared Warren T Sr.
Tyrone Fowler T So,
Lawrence Richardson TE Jr.

AUG. 27

  Not often does the most significant number of a football weekend turn out to be 0. But in its opener last night vs. Pottsgrove, West Catholic failed to venture into the end zone and that hadn't happened in quite a while. The Burrs had scored in 58 consecutive games while racking up 2,135 points for a 36.8 average. That's not the school record, however. After falling to Wood, 29-0, in the 2004 Catholic Blue final, West scored in 85 consecutive games before being blanked in Weels Two and Three of the 2011 season by Wood and La Salle. Right after that, the 58-gamer began. Somehow, West suffered three straight shutouts -- 26-0 (regular season) and 35-0 (playoff) to McDevitt, 47-0 to Penn Wood on Thanksgiving -- to conclude the 2002 season. So, ever since, the got-blanked total is only four. Below are the most impressive school-record, avoid-shutout streaks among Catholic/Inter-Ac teams.

Longest School Records for Avoiding a Shutout
School No. Years
SJ Prep 173 1998-13
Malvern 136 2004-16
Wood *101 2010-17
Penn Charter 98 1979-91
O'Hara 97 1997-05
West Catholic 85 2005-11
La Salle #76 1994-00
  #-has now scored in 74 in a row  

AUG. 26
  La Salle and North Penn are high-enrollment football powers stationed about 13 miles apart in Montgomery County, so the annual let's-see-where-things-stand opener makes all kinds of sense. The series began in 2010. When it did, I doubt anyone would have predicted that La Salle would win eight of the first 10 meetings, counting two playoffs, and outscore the Knights by almost 100 points (251-156). The score last night was 41-28 and, like pretty much always, La Salle's quarterback was a headliner. Senior Isaiah Jones, who missed all of last season due to a training camp knee injury, passed for 137 yards and two touchdowns and ran for 105 yards and one score. Almost exclusively for a long time, La Salle's QBs have been pass-only guys. But Jones is a classic dual-threater. His first high school was Germantown Academy and his first position was running back. As a freshman in 2014, he carried 169 times for 1,010 yards and nine TDs. He did make one QB start in that season and passed 5-for-9 for 121 yards and a score in a 35-34 loss to SCH Academy. . . Anyway, La Salle's QBs have averaged 202.7 passing yards in the 10 games with North Penn. Kyle Shurmur is the kingpin, thanks to a 345-yard, four-TD outburst in 2014. In 2010, as Matt Magarity nursed an injury, star receiver Kevin Forster played QB in a game vs. Judge and rushed for 103 yards. The last time a "regular" La Salle QB rushed for as many as 100 yards was 2004, when Mike Lynch racked up 143 vs. Judge. Seventy-four of those yards were gained on one play, a keeper around the end.

La Salle's Passing Performances vs. North Penn
Year W-L Name Yards TDs
2010 W, 27-14 Matt Magarity 206 3
  W, 38-35 Matt Magarity 180 2
2011 W, 44-27 Matt Magarity 225 4
  L, 21-14 Matt Magarity 184 2
2012 W, 20-7 Chris Kane 286 2
2013 W, 34-7 Kyle Shurmur 181 2
2014 W, 29-7 Kyle Shurmur 345 4
2015 W, 24-12 Chris Ferguson 136 1
2016 L, 33-24 Tom LaMorte 147 0
2017 W, 41-28 Isaiah Jones 137 2
      2,027 22

AUG. 14
Neumann-Goretti certainly knows how to provide football entertainment. Last season the Saints had to shut down their season quite early because of low numbers. Now N-G is going to own the Catholic League record for most consecutive years with different coaches -- five. The new boss is West Catholic grad Albie Crosby, the former head man at Imhotep Charter, of the Public League. He follows C.J. Szydlik, Chalie Szydlik (son and father, respectively), Dan Concannon and Lincoln Townsend Jr. The former mark (four) belonged to Roman Catholic and St. Thomas More (located at 47th & Wyalusing, it closed in 1975) in the early 1940s.

C.J. Szydlik 2013 6-5
Chalie Szydlik 2014 9-5
Dan Concannon