Philadelphia High School Football

A Look at John "Whitey" Sullivan's 25-Year Coaching
Career (1974-85, 1987-99) at Father Judge High

  This page includes stories, special lists, record breakdown, recaps of wins in championship
games and the names of All-City/All-Catholic/honorees during Coach Sullivan's 25 seasons.
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QB Ed Tamasitis  (L) and RB Jerry Magallanes were stalwarts for Judge's 1984 and 1981 champs, respectively.
(Jerry didn't mind being on the ground. He'd just scored a touchdown.)

John "Whitey" Sullivan

Coach Sullivan's
All-City Players:
Bulletin, 1974-77/Daily News, 1978-99

Tony Marrone DL 1975
Matt Kaupp LB 1975
Mike Fallon L 1977
Mike McCloskey Rec. 1978
Tom Carboni L 1979
Vince Guckin LB 1979
Joe Lorenc DL 1980
Matt Donnelly LB 1981
Jerry Magallanes KR 1981
Tom McHugh L 1982
Brian Reidy KR 1982
Mark Arcidiacono DL 1982
Mike Elentrio RB 1983
Charlie Schretzman DB 1983
Mike Mulherrin L 1984
Tony Leneghan LB 1984
Joe Garlick AP 1985
John Shay P 1990
Kevin McGerry P 1996
Joe Mahoney DL 1997
Jim Casey RB 1997
Joe Muffler DB 1974
Mike McKay QB 1975
Chuck Bushbeck K 1976
John Parsons L 1976
Chuck Bushbeck K 1977
Ed McArdle LB 1978
Vince Stutz DB 1979
John O'Hanlon LB 1980
Greg Gallagher DB 1981
Pat Gallo L 1982
Paul Smyth L 1982
Tom Robinson P 1983
Mike O'Hanlon LB 1983
Dave Waskiewicz Rec. 1984
John Mohollen DL 1985
Chris Fagan QB 1987
Chris "Scooter" Ellis K 1987
Ed McGettigan DL 1987
Jason Shragher DL 1989
Dave Kniese DL 1990
Mike Surina L 1991
Jacob Bonelli RB 1991
Tony Volpe LB 1991
Joe Shenko QB 1992
Greg Yodis QB 1994
Paul Gimbel DB 1995
Tom Walsh LB 1996
Sean Friel DL 1997
Chris Roantree LB 1998
Mike Bailey L 1998
Tom DeGeorge P 1998
Ricky Lannetti MP 1999
Mark Everitt KR 1978
Jerry Clothier DL 1980
Mike Gwynn Rec. 1981
Pat Gallo L 1981
Rich McCloskey LB 1982
Ed Tamasitis QB 1984
Brian Dulin RB 1984
Jerry Langton Rec. 1985
Larry Lowry P 1985
Frank Gubler Rec. 1987
Dan Gallagher RB 1987
Colin Devlin DL 1988
Bill McNulty L 1989
Charlie Warner Rec. 1990
Casey Jones Rec. 1991
Brian Kennedy RB 1992
Mike Gubler WR 1992
Jason Berghaier LB 1992
Drew Dickson DL 1993
Jerry Gerth DL 1994
Jim Lannigan L 1996
Sean Friel DL 1996
Bill Walsh DB 1998
Jim Judge DB 1999
Dan Casey LB 1999
Whitey Sullivan
Tribute Page

  John "Whitey" Sullivan coached Father Judge High's football team for 25 seasons (1974-85, 1986-99), winning 196 games and five championships (four Catholic League, one City). In 1983, the Crusaders won their second CL crown in three years. Here is that story . . .

By Ted Silary

  Mike O'Hanlon's older brothers were as down as everyone else on a Father Judge football team that lost three of its first five games, then five of its first eight.
  Down far enough to resort to a below-the-belt hit. Verbal, that is.
  "My brothers were saying we had no character," Mike O'Hanlon said, "that we didn't want it bad enough."
  Them's fightin' words, pardner.
  Mike O'Hanlon, however, remained calm after hearing them (if you must know, his ears did redden a little) in deference to the fact his brothers had been there before and assumedly knew of what they were speaking.
  John O'Hanlon starred at linebacker for the 1980 Crusaders, making second- team Daily News All-City. Tim was an effective center in '81 and '82.
  "All I really said to them," Mike O'Hanlon said, "was that we did want it."
  As Judge yesterday hammered St. John Neumann, 35-0, before a nearly full house at Northeast High to win its second Catholic League championship in three years and third under 10-year coach John "Whitey" Sullivan, John and Tim O'Hanlon finally joined the ranks of the believers . . . that is, if they hadn't already done so.
  Some people will remember the '83 Crusaders as the most-defeated champion (8-6-1 overall) in Catholic League history; also as a team that ruled the CL, but didn't even rule Mayfair because of a 20-17 Thanksgiving loss to Abraham Lincoln.
  Others, hopefully the majority, will remember Judge for reeling off four consecutive do-it-or-else league wins against teams - Cardinal Dougherty in the regular season finale; Bishop Egan, Dougherty again and Neumann in the playoffs - with more talent; also for winning by the biggest margin since the championship game became an annual occurrence in 1963.
  Neumann was limited to 78 yards and did not enter Judge territory until midway through the third quarter, when Lenny Tenuto hit Len Nelson with a 7-yard pass to the 43. The Crusaders were so insulted, O'Hanlon promptly sacked Tenuto for an 8-yard loss.
  O'Hanlon finished with nine tackles, including six solos, and scrambled to recover a third-quarter punt that Chris Lamplugh blocked.
  "All along," O'Hanlon said, "people were wondering if I'd be as good as John. Sure, I thought about it, too. A couple of weeks ago, Coach Sullivan was quoted as saying I was the best linebacker at Judge in a number of years.
"John was kidding me. He said, 'Whitey must not have thought back too far. You're sure not better than I was.' " 
  The first time Judge played Neumann this season, emerging a 14-7 loser from Beach Bowl II in Wildwood, N.J., way back on Sept. 3, O'Hanlon finished with no tackles. No action, either, because of a broken right hand suffered in camp.
  "What that game showed us," Mike said, "was that the seniors, since the team was so young, would really have to take control."
  Not until the coaches got through with it, though.
  "The Wildwood people had an affair at Convention Hall after the game," said coach John "Whitey" Sullivan. "A guy said it would be nice if Neumann could continue on from here and go to the championship game. The Neumann guys
went crazy. Then he said it would also be nice if Judge could battle back and get there, too. You could have heard a pin drop. No response.
  "I said, 'We better take care of this, but quick. ' Turnovers take care of themselves if you work hard enough. Attitude doesn't. We had to work on our kids. They were so unsure of themselves."
  By yesterday, that feeling was long gone.
  As individuals, Judge's offensive linemen - center Jim Wittmer, guards Frank Garritano and Mike Lifsted, tackles Mike Mulherrin and Jim Bell, ends Dave Waskiewicz, Jim Higgins and Paul De Marshall - are not much more than marginal.  They're a helluva group, though, thanks in large part to highly respected assistant Bob Kaupp, who was a member of Villanova's final staff.
  continued right below . . .   

Catholic League
1974: 4-4
1975: 7-1
1976: 5-2-1
1977: 5-3
1978: 6-1-1
1979: 7-1
1980: 5-2-1
1981: 5-3
1982: 8-0
1983: 4-3-1
1984: 6-2
1985: 5-3
1986: Sabbatical
1987: 5-2-1
1988: 3-4-1
1989: 5-2
1990: 4-3
1991: 4-3
1992: 5-1-1
1993: 5-2
1994: 4-2-1
1995: 4-3
1996: 5-2
1997: 5-2
1998: 3-4
1999: 2-5
Total: 121-60-8
1974: 6-5
1975: 13-1
1976: 7-4-1
1977: 6-4
1978: 8-2-1
1979: 10-3
1980: 5-4-2
1981: 12-3
1982: 9-3
1983: 8-6-1
1984: 11-4
1985: 9-5
1986: Sabbatical
1987: 8-3-1
1988: 5-4-1
1989: 6-4
1990: 5-6
1991: 8-5
1992: 8-2-2
1993: 7-4
1994: 7-3-1
1995: 6-5
1996: 11-3
1997: 9-3
1998: 6-4
1999: 6-5
Total: 196-95-10

1975: Overall
1981: Overall
1983: Overall
1984: Overall
1975: Overall

STAT LEADERS, 1981-forward
800 RUSHERS Yards Year
Jim Casey 1,717 '97
Mike Elentrio 1,685 '83
Jerry Magallanes 1,388 '81
Jacob Bonelli 1,328 '91
Brian Dulin 1,322 '84
Jim Casey 1,089 '96
Dan Gallagher 1,082 '87
Ed Guzak 1,061 '97
Dan Casey 929 '99
Al Glackin 868 '98
Mike Elentrio 842 '83
Ed Guzak 825 '96
800 PASSERS Yards Year
Chris Fagan 2,012 '87
Ed Tamasitis 1,260 '84
Joe Garlick 1,141 '85
George Beisel 1,071 '89
Joe Tyer 1,017 '96
Joe Shenko 977 '92
Bill Hartigan 965 '82
Pete Gabriele 862 '98
Joe Affet 851 '91
Dave Kuptsow 842 '99
Greg Yodis 811 '94
400 RECEIVERS Yards Year
Frank Gubler 681 '87
Dave Waskiewicz 659 '84
Charlie Warner 554 '89
Matt Jones 508 '94
Mike Gubler 489 '92
Mike Fox 477 '96
Tom Garlick 494 '87
Rob Citrino 448 '99
Jerry Langton 402 '85

  Mike Elentrio ranks as one of the Catholic League's hardest-ever runners, but he didn't collect 106 yards and three TDs on
28 carries against Neumann, not to mention 1,685 and 24 on 372 for the season, by his lonesome."
  We don't break many long ones, but we'll get (gains of) 4, 4 and 4 pretty often," Elentrio said. "And when we play error-free
football like we did today (until appearance of second-team offense), it's tough to stop us.
  "You have to give my little Smurfs credit," added Elentrio, who has never been mistaken for Paul Bunyan himself. "They did
the job all season."
  Mike O'Hanlon, meanwhile, did the job for four-fifths of the season. He also missed two other games with stretched
ligaments in the right knee.
  "When I came back, I just wanted to tackle somebody," O'Hanlon said, bubbling. "I was so psyched. Today, the same thing.
I guess we're surprised to win by so much, but we were so fired up, anything could have happened."
  TITLE TIDBITS: Whitey Sullivan gave a game ball to Neumann coach Bill Brannau, who coached Sullivan at Judge in
1960: "The man taught me everything. Why not give him the ball? This was a fantasy, going against my old coach. I can't
afford to go to Disney World, so I had it here at Northeast" . . . Neumann's Len Nelson, battling back spasms, was limited to
45 yards on 11 carries. He finished with 1,642 on 364, with 28 TDs . . . Judge linebacker John Schmidt was out with an injury.
Chris Lamplugh, who earlier had filled in for Mike O'Hanlon, covered for Schmidt capably . . . Neumann (11-3-1) was seeking
its first title since 1954 . . . Brian Golderer (46 yards) and Tim Callahan (37) scored Judge's non-Elentrio TDs.

This story was written in 1975 after Whitey coached Judge to the City Title . . .

This story was written after Whitey stepped down after 25 seasons . . .

By Ted Silary
  Don't break out the black armbands for John "Whitey" Sullivan.
  When he resigned yesterday after 25 seasons as the highly successful football coach at Father Judge High, in Mayfair,
Sullivan, 56, rejected the notion the decision had left him feeling blue.
  "Sad, sorry, melancholy - those terms don't cover it," Sullivan said. "I'm a happy man. I knew in my head and heart
that it was time to do this, and I was smart enough to listen.
  "For a snot-nosed little kid from the World War II projects - who was 4-11 and weighed under 100 pounds when
he entered Judge as a freshman - I've done pretty well for myself. It's been a wonderful ride. "
  Meanwhile, the past tense might be premature, which was why resigned fit better above than retired. Sullivan said
he will "probably" seek to remain in coaching at either the high school or college level.
  "I'm not selling the house and moving to Pocatello, Idaho," he said, "but if the right situation comes up. . .Within
eason, I'd like to stay involved. I don't feel as though I'm 'done' in terms of being able to coach and reach kids."
  To wit: Sullivan coaches his 11-year-old daughter, Megan, in JV basketball at Christ the King School, in the Far
  "Megan's beside herself. She's so upset. You should see her eyes," said Carolyn Sullivan, Whitey's wife. "She's been
going to Judge games since she was 3 months old. This isn't easy."
  Sullivan began coaching the Crusaders in the '74 season and went straight through except for '86, when he took a
sabbatical from Judge and worked as a Temple assistant. Defensive backs coach Bill Koch was the only assistant to
remain with Sullivan throughout his tenure.
  Sullivan's overall record (196-95-10) makes him the winningest coach in Catholic League history and he trails only
current Malvern Prep coach Gaspare "Gamp" Pellegrini (208-126-9 in 31 seasons at three schools) among all-time,
city-leagues coaches.
  The Crusaders won CL championships under Sullivan in '75 (along with the old City Title), '81, '83 and '84 and
also advanced to the final in '76, '79 and '96. Six more teams reached the semifinals - '85, '87, '91, '92, '94 and '97.
  Sullivan started his career with five years ('65 to '69) as an assistant at Judge to his former coach, Bill Brannau.
He also assisted under Pellegrini at St. Joseph's Prep in '70 and Jack Boyle at Cardinal Dougherty from '71 to '73.
  "The most fun," Sullivan said, "was in watching hundreds and hundreds of kids go to college and play. What a
great bunch of kids we've had at Judge. We've had kids come out of Judge with the label 'learning disabled'
ho've gone on to earn master's degrees. Does it get any better than that?"
  In recent years, Sullivan became increasingly frustrated with what he saw as a Catholic League that was changing
for the worse.
  "It's not the Catholic League I remember, let's put it that way," Sullivan said. "I never thought I'd see the day
where schools would have 'marketing strategies to improve the football program.' We don't have those at Judge.
  "I don't know. Maybe it is a new time, a new place. Maybe we need to get going. I'll still be teaching at Judge.
Maybe my place is to help the new coach behind the scenes and work with the alumni so we can have 'marketing
strategies.' "
  He then laughed.
  "If I decide not to do anything football-related," he added, "I'll have time for lots of golf. Just think of all the
players I was nice to through the years. Just think of the nice country clubs some of them belong to now.
  "Torresdale to Merion. I'll take anywhere. I'm just looking for some invites."

  Below are the players who earned first or second team Coaches' All-Catholic honors
during Whitey Sullivan's 25 seasons as the coach at Father Judge.

Joe Muffler DB 1974 Fred Olivari L 1979
Tony Marrone DL 1975 Mike Gallagher DE 1979
Matt Kaupp LB 1975 Brian Flynn L 1980
Terry O'Neill L 1976 Bob Keyes L 1980
Joe Shelinsky RB 1976 Tom Herrmann Rec. 1980
Bob Coates LB 1976 Mike Mostak RB 1980
Dave Maimone DB 1976 Steve Purcell DB 1980
Mike Fallon L 1977 Mike Gwynn Rec. 1981
Brian Tierney RB 1977 John Higgins QB 1981
Tom Behr L 1978 John Hart DE 1981
Mike McCloskey Rec. 1978 Dom Sabato DL 1981
Ed McArdle LB 1978 Matt Donnelly LB 1981
Tom Carboni L 1979 Greg Gallagher DB 1981
Joe Lorenc IL 1979 Tim O'Hanlon C 1982
Vince Guckin LB 1979 Paul Smyth L 1982
Vince Stutz DB 1979 Mike Colligan RB 1982
Jerry Magallanes RB 1980 Dan Ellis K 1982
Joe Lorenc DL 1980 Rich McCloskey LB 1982
John O'Hanlon LB 1980 Mike Lifsted L 1983
Pat Gallo L 1981 Jerry Curran DL 1983
Jerry Magallanes RB 1981 Barry Keyes L 1985
Tom McHugh L 1982 Dan Bianco Rec. 1985
Pat Gallo L 1982 Joe Garlick QB 1985
Brian Reidy RB 1982 Vince Grimes DB 1985
Mark Arcidiacono DL 1982 Charlie Walker L 1987
Jim Casey DB 1982 Frank Gubler Rec. 1987
Mike Mulherrin L 1983 John Crowley LB 1987
Mike Elentrio RB 1983 Mike Duchossois L 1988
Mike O'Hanlon LB 1983 Tom Garlick Rec. 1988
Charlie Schretzman B 1983 Doug Briggs QB 1988
Mike Mulherrin L 1984 Dave Coyle RB 1988
Dave Waskiewicz Rec. 1984 Dave James DB 1988
Brian Dulin RB 1984 Bill McNulty L 1989
Tony Leneghan LB 1984 Jason Shragher DL 1989
Jerry Langton Rec. 1985 Brian Sebold LB 1989
John Mohollen DE 1985 Greg Clark Rec. 1990
Kevin Clothier LB 1985 Jacob Bonelli RB 1990
Chris Fagan QB 1987 Mark Potero DL 1990
Dan Gallagher RB 1987 Ed DiCamillo LB 1990
Chris "Scooter" Ellis K 1987 Mike Juliano DB 1990
Ed McGettigan DL 1987 Bill Dieterle DB 1991
Colin Devlin DE 1988 Tim Hart L 1992
Brian Sebold LB 1988 Jeff Murray K 1992
Charlie Warner Rec. 1989 Lou DiMichele DB 1992
George Beisel QB 1989 Warren Metzger DB 1992
Mike Hagen L 1990 Bill Hughes C 1993
Charlie Warner Rec. 1990 Rob Warburton L 1993
Dave Kniese E/OB 1990 Jim Sweeney K 1993
Anthony Mazzacano DB 1990 Joe Meehan DB 1993
Mike Surina L 1991 Matt Jones WR 1994
Casey Jones WR 1991 Keith Boggi RB 1994
Joe Affet QB 1991 Jerry Gerth DL 1994
Jacob Bonelli RB 1991 Joe Herzig ILB 1994
John Shay K 1991 Bud Walsh L 1995
John Shay P 1991 Mike Fox Rec. 1995
Tony Volpe DE 1991 J.R. Gura E/OB 1995
Chris Albertini LB 1991 D.J. Jones LB 1995
Ken Metzger L 1992 Joe Mahoney L 1996
Mike Gubler WR 1992 Jim Lannigan L 1996
Joe Shenko QB 1992 Ed Guzak RB 1996
Bill McGivern RB 1992 Sean Friel DL 1996
Steve Kurczewski E/OB 1992 Tom Walsh ILB 1996
Jason Berghaier ILB 1992 Sean Graf DB 1996
Tim Hart L 1993 Steve Schafer L 1997
Greg Yodis WR 1993 Sean McGlashen DL 1997
Drew Dickson DL 1993 George Ramey DL 1997
Chris Monaghan L 1994 Mike Brzycki E/OB 1997
Tony Kelly WR 1994 Tom Walsh ILB 1997
Greg Yodis QB 1994 Mike Bailey L 1998
Chuck Anerino E/OB 1994 Andy Clark L 1998
Mike Venango DB 1994 Sean Hennigar WR 1998
Kevin McGerry K 1995 Chris Roantree TE 1998
Paul Gimbel DB 1995 Tom DeGeorge P 1998
Jim Casey RB 1996 Mike Slabek DL 1998
Kevin McGerry K 1996 Dan Casey E/OB 1998
Kevin McGerry P 1996 Brian Bond DB 1998
Joe Mahoney L 1997 Kevin Bygott L 1999
Jim Casey RB 1997 Tony Briscella ILB 1999
Sean Friel DL 1997      
Jeff Judge DB 1997      
Al Glackin RB 1998      
Chris Roantree ILB 1998      
Bill Walsh DB 1998      
Ricky Lannetti WR 1999      
Paul Ragan K 1999      
Dan Casey E/OB 1999      

Recaps of Wins in Catholic League Championship Games

At Northeast
Judge 29, SJ Prep 6
    Mike McKay completed just four passes in 13 attempts and endured three interceptions, but fired TD passes to Pete Shelinsky (25 yards) and Paul Lafferty (83 yards). Jim DiGiovanni contributed 111 yards and a TD on 20 carries. Matt Kaupp, brother of Judge assistant Bob Kaupp, made seven tackles and recovered two fumbles. The Prep avoided a shutout with 0:50 left on Greg McIlvain's 9-yard pass to John Pedrotty.   
At Northeast
Judge 28, O'Hara 15
    Jerry Magallanes rushed for 133 yards and two TDs on 33 carries and caught a 46-yard scoring pass from John Higgins (5-for-12, 108). Ken Jones added 75 yards and a TD on 11 carries. Greg Gallagher and Ed Bambino had two interceptions each. For O'Hara, Sean Sullivan made four catches for 81 yards and a TD.
At Northeast
Judge 35, Neumann 0
    Mike Elentrio rushed 28 times for 106 yards and three TDs as Judge (8-6-1) became the most-defeated champion in CL history. Brian Golderer jump-started the Crusaders with a 46-yard TD run. Mike O'Hanlon's nine tackles led the defense. For Neumann, Len Nelson was limited to 45 yards on 11 carries and was unable to expand his one-season, city-league record of 29 TDs.
At Villanova Stadium
Judge 17, Carroll 10
    With Ed Tamasitis running for one score and passing for another and Brian Dulin contributing 108 yards on 19 carries, Judge captured its third out-of-nowhere title in four years. The Crusaders finished third in the North after fourth-place finishes in '81 and '83. Tony Leneghan made 11 tackles and recovered two fumbles. Rusher Chris Dransfield (16-102, TD) starred for Carroll, which advanced to the Judge 9 before time ran out.

Recap of Win in City Title

At Veterans Stadium
Judge 9, Frankford 6
    Pete Shelinsky caught three passes for 60 yards, including a 26-yard TD from Mike McKay (6-for-18, 91), and Mike Mullane recorded a safety. Late in the game, Frankford's 210-pound George Benson was tackled in the open field by 140-pound Bob Maley, likely preventing a go-ahead, 62-yard TD run. Matt Kaupp then made an interception. For Frankford, Mike DiSipio had two interceptions -- returning one for a TD -- and a fumble recovery and Jeffery Clark boomed a free-kick punt 80 yards.