Speedy Morris Ends His Career
Philadelphia High School Basketball

Speedy Morris' Wonderful Career

On March 7, 2020, St. Joseph's Prep lost to Reading, 57-45, in the first round
of the PIAA Class 6A state playoffs, thus bringing to an end the marvelous,
52-year coaching career of William "Speedy" Morris (counting high school
boys and college men/women.)

Click here for a photo set from the 2018 season, when Speedy notched career
win No. 1,000.

**Posted at Bottom of Page . . . Recaps of Wins Nos. 100 Through 700 at the High
School Level; Names of Speedy's Players at Roman, Penn Charter, La Salle
University (Men & Women) and SJ Prep; Rotations of Championship Teams.**

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Late in Speedy's final season, SJ Prep named the court to honor his legacy.

Lookin' Dapper . . .
 Speedy Morris' official photo for Penn Charter in 1983, his first season as the Quakers' coach.

Speedy in 1968
First Roman Season

Speedy's All-League players:


1969: Mike Bantom
1970: Jim O'Brien
1971: John Beecroft
1973: Chico Singleton, Donald Kelly
1974: John Griffin, Donald Kelly
1975: Zane Major
1976: Mike Morrow
1977: Reggie Jackson
1978: Reggie Jackson
1979: Lonnie McFarlan
1980: Lonnie McFarlan
1981: Randy Monroe, Glenn Welton
1968: Keith Coady, Steve Collins
1969: Mike Moody
1971: Ed Hoban
1972: "Chico" Singleton, Frank Sykes
1976: Reggie Jackson
1978: Larry McGill
1979: "Yosh" Siorek, Rakph Mack
1980: Glenn Welton, Gerald Roberts

1976: Steve Compton
1977: Larry McGill
1978: Charlie Robbins

1983: Andy Vye
1984: Carl Arrigale
1983: Carl Arrigale
1984: Marv Dunmeyer, Joe McGarvey,
  Drew Meyers

1985: Linda Hester
1986: Linda Hester, Jill Crandley

1985: Jill Crandley

LA SALLE MEN, 1987-2001

1987: Lionel Simmons, Tim Legler
1988: Lionel Simmons, Tim Leger
1989: Lionel Simmons, Doug Overton
1990: Lionel Simmons, Doug Overton
1991: Doug Overton, Randy Woods
1992: Randy Woods, Jack Hurd
1993: Kareem Townes
1994: Kareem Townes
1995: Kareem Townes
2001: Rasual Butler

1988: Rich Tarr
1989: Craig Conlin
1994: Paul Burke
1995: Paul Burke
1999: Donnie Carr
2000: Donnie Carr
2001: Victor Thomas

1996: Romaine Haywood
1998: Donnie Carr
1999: K'Zell Wesson
2000: Rasual Butler

ST. JOSEPH'S PREP, 2002-20
 2002: Mark Zoller
 2003: Mark Zoller, John Griffin
 2004: Chris Clark, John Griffin
 2005: Reggie Redding
 2006: Reggie Redding
 2007: Matt Griffin
 2008: Jim Mower
 2009: Joe Nardi
 2010: Joe Nardi
 2011: Stephen Vasturia
 2012: Stephen Vasturia, Miles Overton
 2013: Stephen Vasturia, Miles Overton
 2014: Chris Clover
 2015: Chris Clover
 2017: M. Kyle Thompson
 2018: Darius Kinnel
 2002: John Griffin
 2003: Chris Clark
 2004: Reggie Redding
 2005: Corey O'Rourke, Joe Fox
 2006: Dave Stefanski
 2007: Larry Loughery, Jim Mower
 2010: Gene Williams
 2011: Gene Williams
 2012: Gene Williams
 2016: M. Kyle Thompson
 2017: Darius Kinnel, Edward Croswell
 2018: Ed. Croswell, M. Kyle Thompson
 2019: Trevor Wall
 2020: Trevor Wall
 2002: Chris Clark
 2003: T.J. Valerio
 2004: Mike Kearney
 2006: Matt Griffin, Larry Loughery
 2009: Pat Stewart, Dan Fitzpatrick
 2011: Miles Overton
 2014: Kyle W. Thompson
 2015: James McGovern
 2016: Pete Gayhardt
Speedy Morris
Celebration Page

  This story, which perfectly captured Speedy's career and his impact on so many, was written after he coached his final Catholic League regular season game 

  By Kevin Callahan
  WYNDMOOR – Before the last regular season game for 
Speedy Morris, his former assistant coach Rich Prendergast smiled. Although the ending of the legendary career of Morris is truly sad, the memories will always bring a smile.

  And, the memories …

  “We met on this court,” Prendergast said, shaking his head to the circle of life he was experiencing Sunday afternoon at La Salle College High School. “It was 1965 and Speedy was coaching St. John the Baptist (Manayunk) and I was coaching Saint Timothy (Mayfair) and we played in the second round of the CYO tournament here.

  “I knew he was a good coach and demonstrative, but what I remember most is when we were shaking hands after the game, he said to me, ‘my scouts didn’t tell me how good your press was,” Prendergast said laughing. “I was thinking, ‘you have scouts, I was just hoping to find my station wagon to drive the team home,’ and we stayed close all these years.”

  The story by Prendergast really punctuates the success of Morris as a coach and a person. As a coach, Morris did what other coaches wouldn’t at every level to prepare his team, to give his team an edge. As a person, once you were a friend of Morris, you were a friend for life.

  “It’s really been overwhelming, everybody saying so many nice and warm things,” Morris said before the Hawks defeated La Salle 59-56 as the Prep improved to 12-10 overall. “I wish we were winning a few more games but …”

“It’s really humbling,” Speedy added quickly. “I’m seeing so many people and I’ve met so many people in basketball, it’s been a blessing.”

  Morris, 77, announced in December his retirement at the end of his 19th year at the Prep and 52nd season coaching on the high school and college levels due to health issues.

  Thankfully, the end isn’t here yet as the ninth-seeded Hawks move into the first round of the Philadelphia Catholic League playoffs on Wednesday at 5 p.m. at Archbishop Carroll.

“It definitely is in the back of our minds,” said senior forward Chris Arizin after scoring eight points, admitting not wanting the career of Morris to end this week. “He is such a legendary coach and this could be his last game, our last game, and we don’t want either of those so we are going to play our hearts out every game.”

  Only the hearts of the many who played for Morris at Roman Catholic, Penn Charter, La Salle University men’s and women’s teams, and St. Joseph’s Prep can tell how his 1,000-plus wins doesn’t do justice of the impact the kid from Manayunk has had on the Philadelphia basketball community.
  “The last four yeas I have worked my way through the ranks and it has been the best experience,” said Arizin, whose father Chris played at Drexel and his grandfather Paul starred at Villanova and is one of the NBA’s all-time greatest. “He pushes us and the little things are the most important, even the way we pivot, he coaches that, and it carries over to so many other aspects of life.

  “He is a really caring guy and is very personable and everything he teaches really carries over.”

  Mike Keenan, a senior guard, drained five 3-pointers and scored 18 points for the Prep in front of a packed gym that gave Morris a standing ovation before the game while players on both teams wore t-shirts with “52 Seasons - Philly Legend, One of a Kind” on the backs.

  “We love him, he is a Philly original,” La Salle coach Mike McKee, who played at Roman Catholic, said. “There is Rocky, there are soft pretzels, there are cheesesteaks and there is the Liberty Bell and there is Speedy Morris.

  “He is just an unbelievable person and I’ve always admired him and it means a lot to just be a part of this.
  “He is the best, he is a great role model,” McKee added before La Salle dropped to 10-12 overall. “We are trying to get our guys to understand, this is about 52 years. It is a beautiful day.”

  Keith Morris played for his dad at La Salle and has been by his side on the Prep bench.

  “I think the greatest thing about him is the older he has gotten, some of the stuff he would have been harder on the kids about, he has a softer approach,” Keith said.

  “I think one of the things that strikes me most about him and he has said it multiple times, is the greatest gifts he has ever been given is invitations to former players weddings, invitations to their children‘s christenings. Some of his former players are his best friends. He takes more pride in seeing them go out and be a hard working family man than anything, it is beyond basketball.
  continued right below . . .

1968: 9-5 / 17-7
1969: 14-2 / 26-4
1970: 8-8 / 15-9
1971: 11-5 / 17-8
1972: 11-5 / 19-6
1973: 13-3 / 24-6
1974: 15-1 / 31-3
1975: 15-1 / 28-6
1976: 11-3 / 28-5
1977: 11-3 / 24-8
1978: 13-1 / 32-4
1979: 13-1 / 31-5
1980: 13-1 / 31-3
1981: 14-0 / 24-8

1983: 6-4 / 20-7
1984: 9-1 / 21-7

1985: 9-3 / 22-8
1986: 10-2/ 21-9
1987: 10-4 / 20-13
1988: 14-0  / 24-10
1989: 13-1 / 26-6
1990: 16-0 / 30-2
1991:12-4 /  19-10
1992: 12-4 / 20-11
1993: 9-5 / 14-13
1994: 4-6 / 11-16
1995: 7-7 / 13-14
1996: 3-13 / 6-24
1997: 5-11 / 10-17
1998: 5-11 / 9-18
1999: 8-8 / 13-15
2000: 5-11 / 11-17
2001: 5-11 / 12-17

2002: 11-3 / 24-6
2003: 13-1 / 30-2
2004: 13-1 / 27-4
2005: 13-1 / 26-5
2006: 11-3 / 24-5
2007: 11-3 / 22-8
2008: 8-6 / 16-11
2009: 8-6 / 14-9
2010: 9-5 / 17-8
2011: 8-5 / 14-9
2012: 11-2 / 21-6
2013: 11-2 / 24-6
2014: 8-5 / 16-7
2015: 10-3 / 18-5
2016: 7-6 / 13-10
2017: 8-5 / 15-8
2018: 7-6 / 19-9
2019: 7-7 / 13-11
2020: 6-8 / 13-12 

( High School )
366-122 / 754-237

1968-81: Roman, 171-39 / 347-82
1983-84: Penn Charter, 15-5 / 41-14
2002-20: SJ Prep, 180-78 / 366-141
(  College  )
1985-86: La S. women, 19-5 / 43-17
1987-01: La S. men, 128-96 / 238-203
( 513 - 223 )
(  Overall  )
1,035 - 457


1969: 14-2, 26-4
1973: 13-3, 24-6
1974: 15-1, 31-3
1978: 13-1, 32-4
1979: 13-1, 31-5
1980: 13-1, 31-3
2003: 13-1, 30-2
2004: 13-1, 27-4
1984: 9-1, 21-7
1988: 14-0, 24-10
1989: 13-1, 26-6
1990: 16-0, 30-2
1992: 12-4, 20-11

(Coached by Speedy;
All or Part of Career)
SCHOOL Pts Sr. Yr.
"Chico" Singleton 1,127 1973
Reggie Jackson 1,861 1978
Lonnie McFarlan 1,842 1980
Glenn Welton 1,323 1981
Linda Hester 1,490 1986
Jill Crawley 1,451 1986
Suzi McCaffrey 1,011 1986
Allison Hudson 1,138 1987
Tracey Sneed 1,486 1989
Larry Koretz 1,382 1987
Tim Legler 1,699 1988
Rich Tarr 1,004 1988
Craig Conlin 1,159 1989
Lionel Simmons 3,217 1990
Doug Overton 1,795 1991
Randy Woods 1,811 1992
Jack Hurd 1,693 1992
Kareem Townes 1,925 1995
Paul Burke 1,368 1995
Romaine Haywood 1,083 1996
Mike Gizzi 1,319 1998
Donnie Carr 2,067 2000
Victor Thomas 1,765 2001
Rasual Butler 2,125 2002
Mark Zoller 1,317 2003
John Griffin 1,488 2004
Chris Clark 1,239 2004
Reggie Redding 1,568 2006
Stephen Vasturia 1,764 2013
Miles Overton 1,133 2013
Chris Clover 1,247 2015
Kyle Thompson 1,074 2018
Darius Kinnel 1,046 2018
Trevor Wall 1,109 2020


“The Jimmy O’Briens, the Mike Bantoms, the Lionel Simmons’ and the Steve Vasturias are all great friends, but it is
everybody, there are guys who come around who were last men on the bench, there are managers that just love him.”

  Matthew Morris is the son of Keith and the grandson of Speedy. He is a 6th grader who plays for his
Plymouth-Whitemarsh town team and St. Genevieve school team.

  “Until 5th grade, I was like that is just my Pop-Pop,” Matthew said. “And, then all of a sudden, one of my buddies said, ‘hey,
I looked up Speedy Morris and he is all over Google,’ and I was like, “oh my gosh, everybody knows him.’

  “And, I will be stopped at my basketball games and people will say, ‘you’re Speedy Morris’ grandson’ and it is a shock to
me, everyone knows him as a basketball legend and that is my Pop-Pop.

  “So it is really cool to be able to go to his Hall of Fames and to be able to say my Pop-Pop is a Hall of Famer,”
atthew gushed, “and for people to recognize me as his grandson.

  Mike Brophy also enjoys a unique and close perspective of Speedy Morris since not only did his son, Sean, play for him
at the Prep, he played against Morris’ Roman Catholic teams in the mid-1970’s when he starred in Archbishop Carroll’s
backcourt with 
Butch Lynam and Greg Webster, who both went on to play for La Salle.

Brophy recalled trailing the Cahillites at halftime by 10 points and he could hear Morris through the walls at Carroll.

“It didn’t matter they were up, Speedy was a perfectionist and he wanted everything done right no matter what the score,”
said Brophy, who scored 1,000 points and captained Ursinus’ Final Four team in 1981 along with Springfield coach 

  Brophy also was a Division I official and reffed one of Morris’ La Salle games at the Carrier Dome, so he might have heard
Speedy on the sideline, too.

  But Brophy recalled Morris softer side off the court, which has endeared the veteran coach to so many over the years as well,
telling the story when his son had his wisdom teeth removed and Speedy showed up at their house with a milk shake for Sean.

  “And, Sean was only a sophomore,” Brophy said.

  Brophy admired how Morris was able to install offensive sets and systems to maximize the talent of his teams and top players.

  “He had good players everywhere he went, but he made those players pretty spectacular and highlighted them,” Brophy said.
“Obviously, he has been a winner anywhere he has gone.”

  Steve Vasturia, the all-time leading scorer at St. Joseph’s Prep School, crossed the Delaware River to play for Morris from
South Jersey where Speedy’s legacy reached.

  “I was so lucky to have played for Speedy at the Prep where I was able to grow immensely as a player and as a person,"
Vasturia said when contacted over the weekend in Germany where he is playing professionally with
 Rasta Vechta. “I learned
so much from him and he really helped to shape me into the person I am today.”

  The leading scorer in the Prep’s prestigious history with 1,764 points, Vasturia was the Prep’s first player to be named team
Most Valuable Player and All-Catholic League for three consecutive years.

  “He has made such a major impact on the Philadelphia basketball community and countless players and families," Vasturia said.

  Vasturia, who had his No. 32 retired at The Prep, was a four-year starter at the University of Notre Dame.

  “Today, I’m lucky to call him a friend and am extremely proud to have been a part of his program," said Vasturia, who was
the Gatorade Pennsylvania Player of the Year as a senior for Morris,

  Donnie Carr is one of only six players in La Salle history to top 2,000 points (2,067) in his four-year career playing for Morris.

“He was a guy that was before his time,” Carr said. “The way he played in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s is the way
veryone is playing now,” Carr said.

  The four-time First Team All-Big 5 honoree, who ranks second in school history with 308 three-pointers and sixth with 404
assists, is in his third season as an assistant coach for the Explorers.

  “He is the one who put the idea of one day coaching in my head,” said Carr.

Carr was star guard at Roman Catholic where Morris’ legacy started in the PCL.

“Everyone knows about his unbelievable career, his Hall of Fame career as a coach, but he is also a Hall of Fame person,,”
Carr said. “He is an unbelievable guy, and I was just blessed to play for him and learn from him for four years of my life.”

  Randy Monroe also played at Roman Catholic for Morris and is a former assistant coach under him at La Salle. He is
currently an assistant coach with the Hawks and a dean at the Prep.

  “He’s a man who has put his whole heart and soul into coaching the game of basketball and nurturing young men and
when it is time to say good-bye so to speak,” Monroe said.

  “I do recall my days playing for him at Roman Catholic and if I could turn back the hands of time, I would go right back
to Roman and play for him again.”

  Former La Salle University coach John Giannini noted how Morris was a mentor to several generations of coaches.

  “Fran Dunphy is the winningest Big 5 coach and he learned to coach under Speedy Morris, Joe Mihalich is having an
incredible career (at Hofstra) and beat UCLA at Pauley Pavilion this year and he learned under coach Morris and you
can go on and on,” Giannini said. “Then you have coaches who are a little bit younger like myself and for me he was a
friend and a role model.

  “He was a friend because he always encouraged me and he wanted me to succeed and he was a role model because he
was a good coach and a family man.

  “I got really close with his family over the years and everyone talks about balance in life, how can you be great at your
profession, but also have a good family life and he does both of those as well as any coach I’ve been around.”

  Current Explorers head coach Ashley Howard and sophomore forward Ed Croswell, who played for Morris, sat behind
he Prep bench after playing a tough Atlantic 10 Conference game on Saturday night against rival Saint Joseph’s.

  “It was an honor to play for Coach Speedy,” Croswell said. “He just taught me so much about the game, how to
slow down, he was very technical about how he wanted us to run his plays and he has been a great mentor to me.

  “He is just a great person to be around and people don’t know that he is hilarious off the court and I just love to be
around him.”

  And, some like Prendergast have been blessed to be around Speedy Morris for over 50 years, but no matter how
long anyone has shared the court with him, they have been touched by the man.

  “The Prep’s motto is ‘men for others’ and I don’t know of any man for others more than my dad,” Keith Morris
said, “and, that is quite a blessing.”

  And, legacy.

Coach Speedy Morris (front, R) with Penn Charter's 1984 Inter-Ac League champs. No. 32 (front) is Carl
Arrigale, the league MVP and long-time, highly-successful coach at Neumann/Neumann-Goretti.



  Below are recaps for wins Nos. 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 and 700 in Speedy Morris' lengthy career
as a high school coach. . .

No. 100
Dec. 15, 1972 - Friday night
Catholic South
At O'Hara
Roman 46, O'Hara 44

  O'Hara scored 11 of the game's first 13 points. Jim "Chico" Singleton finished with 18 points and Donald Kelly
scored 11 of his 17 in the last quarter. Steve Oristaglio (17) led O'Hara. O'Hara's star in the previous season
(first team All-City) had been Michael Arizin, the son of NBA all-timer Paul Arizin. Michael's son, Gabe ('19), was a starter for SJ Prep (see recap for No. 700.)
No. 200
Feb. 13, 1976 - Friday afternoon
Catholic South
At Roman
Roman 58, Neumann 51

  Soph Reggie Jackson saved 14 of his 18 points for a 32-25 second half and Mike Morrow added 15 points
overall. Afterward, Roman stat man Bob Beecroft joked, "We're calling it 198 and a half. Speedy got thrown
out at Carroll last week and was sick for a game last year."
No. 300
Dec. 11, 1979 - Tuesday night
At Kenrick
Roman 72, Kenrick 58

  Lonnie McFarlan shot 21-for-30 and 3-for-4 for a school-record 45 points. He also collected 12 rebounds.
Glenn Welton added 18 points and 11 rebounds while '81 grad Randy Monroe -- he's now in his first season
as Speedy's assistant at SJ Prep -- grabbed nine boards. Kenrick's coach was Phil Martelli, who's now an assistant at Michigan after 24 seasons as the boss at Saint Joseph's University. One of Phil's assistants was Geno Auriemma, who has enjoyed wild success as the women's coach at the University of Connecticut.
No. 400
Jan. 6, 2002 - Sunday afternoon
Catholic South
At SJ Prep
SJ Prep 54, O'Hara 38

  Mark Zoller and John Griffin contributed 15 points apiece and Ryan Lynch hit three treys en route to 11
points. Griffin's brother, Matt ('07), also played for Speedy at the Prep -- he was a starter in win No. 500 --
and is in his third season as Roman's coach. Their dad, John ('74), was a star for Speedy at Roman.
No. 500
Dec. 14, 2005 - Wednesday afternoon
At Malvern
SJ Prep 43, Malvern 39

  Reggie Redding offered 14 points, seven rebounds and four assists. Larry Loughery had 11 points and eight
boards. Dave Stefanski -- his dad, Ed, a Bonner product, has long held front office jobs for NBA teams --
also scored 11 points. The best pre-game line came from Malvern assistant Joe Redican, in reference to
interim coach Kurt Ruch. Mindful that the Friars would be entering play with one win, Joe said playfully,
"Kurt has a chance to do something today that Speedy will never be able to do -- double his win total."
No. 600
Jan. 31, 2011 - Monday night
Catholic League
At West Catholic
SJ Prep 70, West Catholic 31

  The Hawks created major distance with a 25-5 run to start the second half. Gene Williams (23), Stephen
Vasturia (15) and Miles Overton (11) paced the romp. Overton's dad, Doug, enjoyed a lengthy NBA career
and is now the coach at Lincoln University.
No. 700
Dec. 30, 2016 - Friday afternoon
At Widener University
SJ Prep 67, St. Georges (DE) 48

  Juniors Kyle Thompson (21), Darius Kinnel (17) and Ed Croswell (12) scored in double figures. Soph
Gabe Arizin snagged 13 rebounds and Croswell was right behind with 12. Counting Morris' stints with the
women and men at La Salle University, this was his 1,400th game as a head coach (981-419).

  Below are the players who helped Speedy Morris accumulate 1,035 wins at the high school/college levels.
Year indicates the player's final season. Most were seniors. Some transferred and some were underclassmen
who did not play in the following season. The '81, '84, '86, '01 and '20 teams include multiple underclassmen.
(Note: In the '82 season, Speedy was an unofficial assistant at Bonner.)

1968-81 Seasons
1985-86 Seasons
2002-18 Seasons 
Charles DiCicco 1968   Patty Fallon 1985   Evan Pierce 2002
Dan Avington 1968   Trish Giordano 1985   Jim Good 2002
Dennis Mathews  1968   Gina Tobin 1985   Matt Stefanski 2002
John Proud 1968   Kelly Briar 1986   Mike Haubrich 2002
Keith Coady 1968   Mary Coyle 1986   Ryan Lynch 2002
Larry Avington 1968   Jill Crandley 1986   Brett Novielli 2003
Steve Collins 1968   Linda Hester 1986   John Oberlies 2003
Bill Braunsberg 1969   Allison Hudson 1986   Kyle Eisenmann  2003
Bill Medina 1969   Suzi McCaffrey 1986   Mark Meehan 2003
Bob Giballa 1969   Cheryl Reeve 1986   Mark Zoller  2003
John Pindynski 1969   Suzy Springman 1986   T.J. Valerio 2003
Larry Storm 1969   Linda French 1986   Antoine Joseph 2004
Lorenzo Hough 1969   Kelly Greenberg 1986   Chris Clark 2004
Mike Bantom 1969   Tracey Sneed 1986   Jared Black 2004
Mike Moody 1969   Jenniger Snyder 1986   John Griffin 2004
Bob Zakrzewski 1970   Sheila Wall


  Mike Boyle 2004
Charles Gardner 1970         Mike Kearney 2004
Dennis Carr 1970  

1987-2001 Seasons

  Pat O’Toole 2004
Jim O'Brien 1970     Paul Lynch 2004
Rich Giusti 1970     Corey O'Rourke 2005
Ed Hoban 1971   Larry Koretz 1987   Joe Fox 2005
John Beecroft 1971   Ron Barnes 1987   Oscar Griffin 2005
Marty Corcoran 1971   Len Robinson 1987   Sean Barker 2005
Tony Smith 1971   Gary Jones 1987   Charlie Schrier 2006
Bob Blumber 1972   Tim Legler 1988   Dave Stefanski 2006
Charlie Rumsey 1972   Rich Tarr 1988   James Oberlies  2006
Dave Henderson 1972   Ken Palczewski 1988   Kevin Fox 2006
Ed Jones 1972   Eric Lee 1988   Kevin Funston 2006
Fran Sykes 1972   Marvin Woods 1988   Kevin Gallagher 2006
John Murphy 1972   Craig Conlin 1989   Matt Beck 2006
Mike Cannon 1972   Steve Wriedt 1989   Mike Lombardi 2006
Mike Foster 1972   Ralph Flowers 1989   Mike McCauley 2006
Rich Maguire 1972   Sam Rines 1989   Reggie Redding 2006
Bob Cahill 1973   Derek Brown 1989   Chris Farrell 2007
Chico Singleton 1973   Lionel Simmons 1990   Drew Horgan 2007
Jim Harrington 1973   Bobby Johnson 1990   Larry Loughery 2007
Rocco Piliero 1973   Doug Overton 1991   Matt Dolan 2007
Adrian Moody 1974   Broderick President 1991   Matt Griffin 2007
Donald Kelly 1974   Lamont Carter 1991   Mike Mifka 2007
Jack Kelly 1974   Mike Stock 1991   Rob Coney 2007
John Griffin 1974   Randy Woods 1992   Sean McNulty 2007
Marcellus Pringle 1974   Jack Hurd 1992   Casey Convery 2008
Mike LaPera 1974   Milko Lieverst 1992   Jim Mower 2008
Ike Robertson 1975   Bron Holland 1992   Joe Meehan 2008
Ira Brown 1975   Keith Morris 1992   Matt Williams 2008
Jeff Marcial 1975   Blitz Wooten 1993   Mike Bradley 2008
Joe Garrett 1975   Don Shelton 1993   Phil Giordano 2008
Keith Green 1975   Jeff Neubauer 1993   Rich Hofmann 2008
Rich Smith 1975   Ray Schultz 1993   Sean Dooley 2008
Terry Christian 1975   Luteke Kalombo 1993   Brandon Robinson 2009
Tom Griffin 1975   Chris Donato 1993   Dan Fitzpatrick 2009
Tony Rapone 1975   Mike Bergin 1993   Drew Valerio 2009
Zane Major 1975   Terquin Mott 1994   Kevin O'Neill 2009
Bob Alessio 1976   Quincy Lee 1994   Mike Leithead 2009
Greg Flannery 1976   Kareem Townes 1995   Pat Stewart 2009
Jim Benincasa 1976   Paul Burke 1995   Pete Buzby 2009
Jim Dougherty 1976   Derick Newton 1995   Tom Griffin 2009
Mike Morrow 1976   Romaine Haywood 1996   Bryan Bacskai 2010
Rich Blasetti 1976   Chris Copeland 1996   Connor McIntyre 2010
Steve Compton 1976   Everett Catlin 1997   Joe Nardi 2010
Frank Ward 1977   Travar Johnson 1997   Joe Oberlies 2010
Fred Braunsberg 1977   Mike Melchionni 1997   John Hrabrick 2010
Jim Parson 1977   Jasper van Teeseling 1997   John Regan 2010
Kevin Eagan 1977   Matt Comey 1997   Sean Brophy 2010
Mark Dugan 1977   Steve Fromal 1997   James Stewart 2011
Ray Finney 1977   Ronnie Braxton 1997   Matt Stahl 2011
Tyrone Dent 1977   Mike Gizzi 1998   Mike Fee 2011
Warren Catlett 1977   Shawn Smith 1998   Mike Levy 2011
Charlie Robbins 1978   Olof Landgren 1998   Gene Williams 2012
Chris Kelley 1978   Sid Catlett 1998   Joe Kane 2012
Greg Hayden 1978   Brian Flickinger 1998   Kevin Oberlies 2012
Jim Braunsberg 1978   K'Zell Watson 1999   Matt Gorman 2012
John Siorek 1978   Jermaine Peebles 1999   Tom Stewart 2012
Larry McGill 1978   Deon Jones 1999   Trevor Johnson 2012
Reggie Jackson 1978   Bobby Collins 1999   Wes Hackman 2012
Roosevelt Prescott 1978   Donnie Carr 2000   Dan Nedbal 2013
Bill Dillard 1979   Alexsandar Pavlovic 2000   Dan Sherry 2013
Kevin Copes 1979   Mike Pidhirsky 2000   Kyle MacWilliams 2013
Leonard Stubbs 1979   Mike Sidebotham 2000   Mark Hueber 2013
Mike Lally 1979   Rasual Butler 2001   Miles Overton 2013
Ralph Mack 1979   Victor Thomas 2001   P.J. Kelly 2013
Ray Gorham 1979   Julian Blanks 2001   Stephen Vasturia 2013
Darryl Williams 1979   Garrett Bragg 2001   Alex Stewart 2014
Gerald Roberts 1980   James Jordan 2001   Chris Hoffner 2014
John Ross 1980   Rasheed Quadri 2001   John Luciano 2014
Lonnie McFarlan 1980   Anwar Wilson 2001   Kyle W. Thompson 2014
Steve Scheier 1980   Jackiem Wright 2001   Malik Macon 2014
Alex Staranowicz 1981   Dwayne Jones 2001   Rick Slusarczyk 2014
Anthony Abron 1981   Joel-Jean Baptiste 2001   Ryan Wall 2014
Craig McClellan 1981   John Clark 2001   Tom Fox 2014
Dallas Comegys 1981         Austin Gallagher 2015
Glenn Welton 1981         Billy Kramer 2015
Jim Capella 1981         Billy Kramer 2015
Jim Parrella 1981         Brendan Burns 2015
Marc Jones 1981         Chris Clover 2015
Marc Jones 1981         Jack Henkels 2015
Mike Morris 1981         James Leible 2015
Randy Monroe 1981         James McGovern 2015
Steve Dangerfield 1981         Mark Scarlett 2015
Steve Pettit 1981         Zach Talke 2015
            Alim Kamara 2016

1983-84 Seasons

        Anto Keshgegian 2016
        Chris Montie 2016
        Evan Wall 2016
Andy Vye 1983         Fintan O'Toole 2016
Art Duff 1983         John Kueny 2016
Dennis Foley 1983         Keith Williams 2016
Joe Doherty 1983         Pete Gayhardt 2016
Abe Dunmeyer 1984         Temi Aiyegbusi 2016
Brian Duffy 1984         Vincent Luciano 2016
Carl Arrigale 1984         Mike Barton 2017
Drew Meyers 1984         Matthew Cruz 2017
Ed Small 1984         Brian Griffin 2017
Hank Weiss 1984         Matt Hartz 2017
Joe Gleason 1984         Joseph Paparone 2017
Joe McGarvey 1984         Askia Hamilton 2017
Marv Dunmeyer 1984         Max Frantz 2017
Tom Burke 1984         Vincent Busico 2018
            Riley Burns 2018
            Edward Croswell 2018
            Mike Hagan 2018
            Darius Kinnel 2018
            M. Kyle Thompson 2018
            Christian Tomasco 2018
            Gabe Arizin 2019
            Jacob DeAnnuntis 2019
            Dan DiSandro 2019
            Aiden Hartey 2019
            Jacob O'Connell 2019
            Michael Wusinich 2019
            Chris Arizin 2020
            Reese Clark 2020
            John Egan 2020
            Ryan Gaffney 2020
            Brian Geatens 2020
            Colin Hagan 2020
            Austin Hodgens 2020
            Michael Keenan 2020
            Jimmy King 2020
            Chad McMonagle 2020
            Liam O'Neill 2020
            Richard Thomas 2020
            Jaiden Vargas 2020
            Trevor Wall 2020



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Mike Bantom Lonnie McFarlan Lionel Simmons
Mike Moody Gerald Roberts Doug Overton
Larry Storm Glenn Welton Randy Woods
John Pindynski Randy Monroe Jack Hurd
Jim O'Brien Steve Scheier Milko Lieverst
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Bill Medina Steve Pettit Bobby Johnson
Lorenzo Hough Marc Jones Bron Holland
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Jim "Chico" Singleton Carl Arrigale Randy Woods
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Jack Kelly Ken Palczewski  
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