Philadelphia High School Track
Inter-Ac League Championships
Penn Charter's Main Scorers (Top 3), 1887-1956
(There Were No Relays in This Time Frame)

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Original research by A.L. Graburn Jr.
Thanks to Mrs. Dotcom (a k a The Wife), Steve Bonnie and John Burkhart for their help.
Abbreviations for early discontinued events . . .
HMW: Half mile walk . . . MW: Mile walk . . . MBR: Mile bicycle race
2BR: Two-mile bicycle race . . . SHJ: Standing high jump
SLJ: Standing long jump . . . BT: Baseball throw . . . TOW: Tug of war.

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Penn Charter's Leading Career Scorers in Title Meet, 1887-2016
Point System: 6 for 1st, 4 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd (relay and 4th/5th not included)
Kamal Marell 2006 11 1 2 76
Barney Berlinger 1926 *10 3 #1 73 1/2
Shawn Morgan 1993 10 1 0 64
Herb Shoemaker 1911 @10 0 1 61 1/3
Daryl Worley 2013 9 0 0 54
*-includes tie for 1st          
#-includes tie for 3rd          
@-includes 3-way tie for 1st          

Year Event First Place Effort Other Top Finishers Place
1887 100     William Evans 2nd
2nd 220 Brown *25.0    
34 HH William Evans *22.2    
  MW Art Hacker *8:55 3/4    
  HJ     Henry Brown 2nd
  SLJ     Spencer Robinson 2nd
  TOW Penn Charter      
1888 440     John Sinclair 3rd
2nd HH Henry Blair *19.8    
37 HJ Cipriano Andrade *5-0 1/2 Henry Blair 2nd
  LJ     Henry Blair 2nd
        John Sinclair 3rd
  MW William Granger *8:30.0 Van Dusen 2nd
  MBR Richard Atwater *3:35.0 Ed Woolman 2nd
  SHJ     John Sinclair 3rd
  TOW Penn Charter      
1889 100     Cliff Rosengarten 3rd
1st 220     Cliff Rosengarten 2nd
39 440     Cliff Rosengarten 2nd
        Joe Noblitt 3rd
  880     George Chandler 2nd
        Joe Noblitt 3rd
  HH     John Sinclair 3rd
  HJ Cipriano Andrade *5-3 John Sinclair 2nd
  MW William Granger 9:04.0    
  MBR     Ed Woolman 2nd
  SLJ     Cipriano Andrade 2nd
  BT     Sam Purviance 2nd
  TOW Penn Charter      
1890 440 McKenzie 57.6    
2nd 880     McKenzie 2nd
29 HJ     John Sinclair 2nd
        George Chandler 3rd
  MW John Longacre 8:49.0 Henry McBirder 3rd
  MBR     Hayward 3rd
  SHJ     George Chandler 2nd
        Edgar Dilley 3rd
  SLJ     George Chandler 3rd
1891 440 J.V. Binder 55.5 Sutton 2nd
1st       McKenzie 3rd
38 880 Sutton *2:13.25 J.V. Binder 2nd
  HJ     Claflin 3rd
  LJ     Edgar Dilley 2nd
  MW     Longacre 2nd
        Dan Bates 3rd
  MBR John Rodgers 3:06.0    
  SLJ     Edgar Dilley 2nd
  TOW Penn Charter      
1892 100     Edgar Dilley 2nd
1st 220     Edgar Dilley 3rd
58 440 J.V. Binder *55.0    
  880 J.V. Binder 2:18.4 Ed Wollman 2nd
  Mile Ed Wollman *5:23.0 McDonald 2nd
        J.V. Binder 3rd
  HH Edgar Dilley 20.4    
  LH Edgar Dilley *29.4 Walter Alcock 3rd
  HJ     Jim Butterworth T-3rd
        Edgar Dilley T-3rd
  LJ     Edgar Dilley 2nd
  SP Bill Hearn *31-5 1/2    
  MW     Dan Bates 3rd
  MBR John Rodgers *2:52.4 Howard Butcher 3rd
  SLJ Edgar Dilley 9-9    
1893 100     Horace Patterson 3rd
1st 220     Horace Patterson 3rd
48 440     Edward Rodgers 3rd
  880     Richard Shoemaker 2nd
  Mile     Richard Shoemaker 3rd
  HH Edgar Dilley 18.4 Walter Alcock 2nd
  LH Edgar Dilley 29.8    
  HJ     Edgar Dilley 2nd
  LJ Edgar Dilley 20-7 Van Der Wielen 2nd
  PV     Purves Taylor 3rd
  MW     Ben Coates 2nd
        Augustus Shearer 3rd
  MBR     Howard Butcher 2nd
  SLJ Edgar Dilley 9-3 1/4 Edgar Janney 2nd
        Howard Butcher 3rd
1894 100 Livingston Jones 10.6 Charles Hunsberger 2nd
1st 220 Livingston Jones *23.8 Charles Hunsberger 2nd
71 440     Darrow 2nd
  880     Warren Thorpe 3rd
  Mile     Oscar West 2nd
        Warren Thorpe 3rd
  HH Samuel Purviance 19.2 Theodore Branson 2nd
  LH Samuel Purviance *28.4 James Rorer 3rd
  HJ Theodore Branson T 5-1    
    James Rorer T 5-1    
  LJ     Charles Hunsberger 2nd
        Samuel Purviance 3rd
  PV James Rorer *8-8 1/2    
  SP     Sewell 2nd
  HMW     Augustus Shearer 2nd
        Ben Coates 3rd
  MBR     Livingston Jones 3rd
  SLJ Butcher 9-6 Tomkins 2nd
1895 100 Livingston Jones 10.8 Charles Hunsberger 2nd
1st       James Bailey 3rd
66 1/2 220 Livingston Jones 24.6 Charles Hunsberger 2nd
  440 Livingston Jones 58.0    
  Mile     Raimund Guernsey 2nd
  HH Theodore Branson 18.6    
  LH Theodore Branson 29.8 James Rorer 2nd
  HJ James Rorer 5-2 1/2 Theodore Branson T-3rd
  LJ Theodore Branson 19-7 James Rorer 2nd
  PV Lou Hanson T *9-0 1/2 Theodore Branson T-3rd
    James Rorer T *9-0 1/2    
  HMW     Shearer T-2nd
  SLJ     Theodore Branson 2nd
        James Rorer 3rd
1896 100     Charles Hunsberger 2nd
1st 220     Charles Hunsberger 2nd
56 440     Henry Ashmead 2nd
  880 William Little *2:12.2    
  Mile     William Little 2nd
        Brown 3rd
  HH Ed Marshall 19 George Walenta 3rd
  LH Ed Marshall 30.5 Horace Jenks 3rd
  LJ     George Knight 2nd
        Charles Hunsberger 3rd
  PV Lou Hanson *9-6 Meredith Colket 2nd
  SP     Ed Marshall 2nd
  HMW Brooke Evans 3:53.5 Herb Gibbons 3rd
  MBR     Abram Mott 2nd
        Howard Levick 3rd
  SLJ     George Knight 3rd
1897 440 Henry Ashmead 55.6 Clarence DeArmond 3rd
1st 880 William Little *2:09.6 Charles Thorpe 3rd
54 Mile William Little *5:01.2 Charles Thorpe 3rd
  HH Sam Freeman *18.0 George Walenta 3rd
  LH Lou Hanson #28.4 Sam Freeman 2nd
  HJ     Clarence Kline 3rd
  LJ     Howard Levick 3rd
  PV Lou Hanson 9-0    
  SP     James Schoch 3rd
  HMW Herb Gibbons 3:37.4 Frank Evans 2nd
  MBR Howard Levick *2:40.8    
  SLJ     Harry Neely 3rd
1898 100 Clarence DeArmond #10.4    
1st 220 Clarence DeArmond 23.8    
56 440 Clarence DeArmond 57.4 Dean Garvin 3rd
  Mile     Charles Thorpe 2nd
  HH Griswold Dolson 18.6    
  LH Lou Hanson #28.4 Griswold Dolson 2nd
  HJ Clarence Kline T5-3 1/2 Bernard Bloch 3rd
  LJ     Clarence Kline 2nd
  PV Lou Hanson *9-7 Damon Pfeiffer 3rd
  SP     James Schoch 3rd
  HMW Al Herkness 3:48.0    
  SLJ     Charles English 3rd
1899 100     Clarence DeArmond 3rd
1st 220     Clarence DeArmond 3rd
45 440     Dean Garvin 2nd
  880 R.C. Joslyn 2:10.8 Charles Thorpe 2nd
  Mile Charles Thorpe 4:58.8    
  HH Howard Levick 18.8 Thompson 2nd
        Bernard Bloch 3rd
  LH     Alfred Phillips 2nd
        William Heisler 3rd
  HJ Thompson 5-2 Bernard Bloch T-2nd
  LJ     Howard Levick 3rd
  PV     Bernard Bloch 3rd
  SP     William Donaldson 3rd
  MBR     Walt Rossmassler 3rd
  SLJ     Bernard Bloch 2nd
1900 100     Duff Ashmead 2nd
1st 220     Duff Ashmead 3rd
52 1/3 440     Dean Garvin 2nd
        R.E. Joslyn 3rd
  880 Everett Welsh 2:10.0 John Rodman 2nd
  Mile     Evan Chandlee 2nd
        Everett Welsh 3rd
  HH Harral Tenney *17.4 Thompson 2nd
  LH     William Heisler 2nd
        Harral Tenney 3rd
  HJ James Ferguson 5-2 Thompson 2nd
        Harral Tenney T-3rd
  LJ     James Ferguson 3rd
  SP     Donaldson 2nd
  SLJ Clement English 9-5 1/2 Bernard Bloch 2nd
1901 100     Duff Ashmead 3rd
1st 220     William Heisler 3rd
52 1/6 880 Heebner Terry *2:04.8 Wilbur Collins 3rd
  Mile     Heebner Terry 2nd
        Evan Chandlee 3rd
  HH Harral Tenney *17.4    
  LH Harral Tenney *27.4    
  HJ James Ferguson 5-1 Arthur Bloch T-2nd
        Thompson T-2nd
  LJ     John Read 3rd
  PV Harral Tenney *9-8 1/2 Ken Crawford T-3rd
  SP William Donaldson 40-10 Philip White 2nd
  SLJ Arthur Bloch *9-11 Clement English 2nd
1902 100     Norman Conderman 3rd
1st 220     Norman Conderman 2nd
61 880 Wilbur Collins 2:08.0 Edward Tatnall 2nd
  Mile Edward Tatnall #4:51.0    
  HH Thomas Brown *16.8    
  LH Francis Galey #27.4    
  HJ Frank Moorshead 5-6 Phil Sadtler T-2nd
  LJ Thomas Brown 19-8    
  PV Clayton Nichols 9-4 1/2 Westerfield 2nd
  SP Philip White 42-5 Bill Piersol 3rd
  SLJ Thomas Brown *10-1 Philip White 2nd
1903 440     Howard Rogers 3rd
1st 880 Howard Rogers 2:05.2 Alfred Steele 3rd
36 Mile     Alfred Duke 3rd
  HH Harral Tenney #16.8 Frank Moorshead 2nd
        Tim Pfeiffer 3rd
  LH     Harral Tenney 2nd
  HJ Frank Moorshead 5-4 Henry Register 2nd
        William Dana T 3rd
        Miller T 3rd
  PV Harral Tenney *10-10 3/4 Joe Bushnell T 3rd
        S.L. Crawford T 3rd
        Ed Sample T 3rd
  SLJ     Howard Rogers 3rd
1904 440     John Reeves 3rd
1st 880     Alfred Steele 2nd
48 1/2 Mile     Ernest Nachod 2nd
  HH Tim Pfeiffer *16.6    
  LH Frank Moorshead 26.6 Tim Pfeiffer 2nd
  HJ Dudley Shoemaker 5-7 Frank Moorshead 2nd
        George Bard T-3rd
  LJ     George Bard 2nd
  PV     Edson Nichols 2nd
        Henry Register 3rd
  SP Lawrence Porter 39-8 1/2    
  SLJ Dudley Shoemaker 9-10 Lawrence Porter 2nd
1905 880     Charles Buchanan 2nd
3rd HH     George Bard 3rd
19 1/2 HJ Henry Register 5-5 George Bard T-3rd
        Jervis Burdick T-3rd
  LJ     Sargent Hoffman 3rd
  PV George Bard T 9-9    
    Herbert Conway T 9-9    
  SP     Frank Besson 3rd
1906 100     Christine 2nd
1st 440     Alan Keay 3rd
65 880     Paul Chambers 3rd
  Mile     Focht 2nd
  HH Ed Hoffman #16.4 Christine 2nd
        Herbert Conway 3rd
  LH Christine 27.6 John Redmond 2nd
        Norman Cantrell 3rd
  HJ Ed Hoffman *5-7 3/4 Jervis Burdick 2nd
  LJ Ed Hoffman 20-7 1/2 Sam Parke 2nd
  PV Lou Parke 10-4 Herbert Conway 2nd
        John Redmond 3rd
  SP Robert Stein 39-11 Ed Hoffman 2nd
1907 440     Edwin Levin 2nd
1st 880 Samuel Parke 2:14.0    
64 Mile William O'Neill 5:01.6    
  HH     Ed Williams 2nd
        Jervis Burdick 3rd
  LH     Carleton Nichols 2nd
  HJ Jervis Burdick 5-5 Alan Keay 2nd
        Morton Fetterolf 3nd
  LJ Alan Keay 19-9 1/2 David Fulton 3rd
  PV Jervis Burdick T 9-7    
    Norman Cantrell T 9-7    
    Ed Williams T 9-7    
  SP Fred Guetter 39-9 Norman Cantrell 2nd
        Harold Ogden 3rd
1908 100     W. Brown 2nd
1st 440     William Lowden T-2nd
63 1/2 880     Jervis Burdick 2nd
  HH Ed Williams 17.0 Jervis Burdick 3rd
  LH Thomas Allen 28.8 Aaron Dettra 2nd
        Stanley Mulford 3rd
  HJ Jervis Burdick *5-10 Morton Fetterolf 2nd
        Linn Brown T-3rd
        John Mulford T-3rd
  LJ     Morton Fetterolf 2nd
        Oliver Porter 3rd
  PV Jervis Burdick T 8-9    
    Morton Fetterolf T 8-9    
    Oliver Porter T 8-9    
    Ed Williams T 8-9    
  SP Morton Fetterolf 37-9 Ed Williams 3rd
1909 100 Dick Marshall 10.6    
1st 440     Don Danenhower 2nd
48 1/2 880 Ed Linnard 2:09.0    
  Mile     John Walther 2nd
        Emanuel Wilson 3rd
  HH Herb Shoemaker 17.0 Stanley Mulford 3rd
  LH Stanley Mulford 28.4    
  HJ     Ron Shrigley 2nd
        Herb Shoemaker 3rd
  LJ     Oliver Porter 2nd
  PV Oliver Porter 9-6 Henry Johnstone T-2nd
  SP     Paul Nichols 3rd
1910 100 Dick Marshall 10.4    
2nd 220     Dick Marshall 2nd
45 1/2 880 Don Danenhower 2:08.6    
  Mile     Percival Collins 3rd
  HH Herb Shoemaker 17.6    
  LH     William Doyle 2nd
        Howard Ingersoll 3rd
  HJ Herb Shoemaker 5-6 3/4    
  PV Herb Shoemaker 9-7 Henry Johnstone 2nd
        Randolph Hahn T-3rd
  SP Herb Shoemaker 38-10 1/2    
1911 100     Howard Barnes 2nd
1st 220     Howard Barnes 3rd
63 2/3 440     Willett Danenhower 3rd
  880 Don Danenhower 2:04.4    
  Mile Don Danenhower 4:56.8 Anthony Durell 2nd
        Lawrence Glover 3rd
  HH Herb Shoemaker 17.4 Robert Anderson 3rd
  LH Herb Shoemaker 27.2 Thomas Andrews 3rd
  HJ Herb Shoemaker 5-6 Robert Anderson 3rd
  LJ     William Pohlig 2nd
  PV Henry Johnstone T 10-2    
    Herb Shoemaker T 10-2    
  SP Herb Shoemaker 40-10 3/4    
1912 220 William Pohlig 23.8    
2nd 440     Milton Hohlfeld 3rd
50 3/4 880 Willett Danenhower #2:02.4 Milton Hohlfeld 3rd
  Mile Anthony Durell 4:48.0    
  HH Henry Johnstone 17.8    
  LH     Charles Paulson 2nd
        Henry Johnstone 3rd
  HJ     Klemm Urquhart 3rd
  LJ     William Pohlig 2nd
  PV Henry Johnstone *11-0 1/4 Robert Hunter 3rd
  SP Harry Bunting 42-11 1/2    
1913 100     Milton Hohlfeld 2nd
1st 220     Milton Hohlfeld 2nd
67 1/2       John Foley 3rd
  440 Milton Hohlfeld 57.8 Lane Crawford 2nd
  880 Anthony Durell 2:15.0 Richard Jones 3rd
  Mile Anthony Durell 4:59.6 Stuart Cooper 3rd
  HH     Alan Hisey 2nd
        RobertHunter 3rd
  LH     Klemm Urquhart 2nd
  HJ Alan Hisey 5-5 Robert Hunter T-3rd
    Alan Hisey 5-5 Klemm Urquhart T-3rd
  LJ     Klemm Urquhart 2nd
        Alan Hisey 3rd
  PV Robert Hunter 10-7 1/2 Joe Beardwood 2nd
  SP     Alfred Jurist 2nd
        Robert Hunter 3rd
1914 100 Zebley Guyer 10.8    
1st 220 Milton Hohlfeld 24.4 Zebley Guyer 3rd
70 440 Milton Hohlfeld 54.4 Walter McAdoo 3rd
  880 Max Nearing 2:04.2    
  Mile Max Nearing *4:43.8 Ben Allen 2nd
  HH Alan Hisey 17.2    
  LH Alan Hisey 27.6 Magarge Walsh 3rd
  HJ Alan Hisey 5-5 1/2 Robert Hunter 3rd
  LJ Alan Hisey 20-10 Zebley Guyer 2nd
1915 100     Zebley Guyer 2nd
1st 220     Zebley Guyer 2nd
53 880     Rowland Evans 3rd
  Mile Ben Allen 5:01.4 Franklin Develin 3rd
  HH Magarge Walsh 17.4 Charles Pennock 2nd
        Ed Rowland 3rd
  LH Magarge Walsh 28.4 Griffith Calder 2nd
  HJ     John Moore 2nd
  LJ Zebley Guyer 19-3    
  PV Earl Shuman 9-4 Charles Pennock 2nd
        Ed Rowland 3rd
1916 100 Magarge Walsh 10.8    
1st 220 Griffith Calder 23.8    
81 440 Griffith Calder 54.2    
  880     Franklin Develin 2nd
  Mile     Franklin Develin 2nd
  HH Magarge Walsh 17.2 Lou Sigel 2nd
        Charles Pennock 3rd
  LH Magarge Walsh 27.2 Lou Sigel 2nd
        Charles Pennock 3rd
  HJ Alvin Brown 5-5 5/8 Lou Sigel T-3rd
        Magarge Walsh T-3rd
  LJ Alvin Brown 19-6 1/8 Magarge Walsh 3rd
  PV Charles Pennock T 10-6 Davis Smith 3rd
    Earl Shuman T 10-6    
  SP Griffith Calder 43-10 1/4 Earl Shuman 2nd
        John Williams 3rd
1917 100     Bart Lippincott 2nd
1st       Frank Sitley 3rd
62 7/12 220     Rush Smith 3rd
  440 Bart Lippincott 53.8 Thomas 3rd
  Mile     Ralph Schoble 2nd
  HH Meade Barr 17.8    
  LH Lou Sigel 28.4 Tatnall Brown 3rd
  HJ     Meade Barr 3rd
  LJ Frank Sitley 19-5 1/2 Thomas 2nd
        Meade Barr 3rd
  PV Harvery Smith 9-3 Mahlon Jacobs 2nd
        Bart Pfingst T-3rd
        David Roney T-3rd
        Ed Wigfall T-3rd
  SP Frank Sitley 41-5 1/2 Tatnall Brown 3rd
1918 100     Meeker 3rd
1st 220     Meeker 3rd
46 2/3 880     Don Moyer 3rd
  Mile     Ralph Schoble 3rd
  HH Tatnall Brown 19.0 Louie Childs 2nd
        Ross Simpson 3rd
  LH Tatnall Brown 29.2 Harlan Statzell 2nd
  LJ     Ed Wigfall 2nd
        Roney 3rd
  PV Mahlon Jacobs T 10-0    
    Ed Wigfall T 10-0    
  SP Tatnall Brown 40-11    
1919 100     Oscar Fow 2nd
1st 220     Oscar Fow 2nd
61 440 Don Moyer 55.8 Al Duckett 2nd
  880 Don Moyer 2:13.2 Mears 2nd
  Mile Ralph Schoble 5:07.2    
  HH     Ray Riday 2nd
  LH     Ray Riday 3rd
  HJ     Oscar Fow T-2nd
        Howard Goddard T-2nd
  LJ     Ed Wigfall  
        Harlan Statzell 3rd
  PV David Roney 10-0 Miller T-3rd
        Ed Wigfall T-3rd
  SP Leroy Leap 37-5    
1920 100     Harlan Statzell 2nd
1st 220     Ed Higgins 3rd
48 1/2 440     Mears 3rd
  880 Mears 2:10.0    
  HH Ray Riday 18.2    
  LH Ray Riday 28.0 Harlan Statzell 2nd
  HJ Mears 5-2 5/8 Bob Hadley T 2nd
  LJ     Harlan Statzell 3rd
  PV John Murray 10-0 Alden Strong 3rd
1921 100 Ken Smith 10.4 Harlan Statzell 3rd
1st55 220     Clark Brill 2nd
        William Smith 3rd
  440     Jake Gould 3rd
  880     Northrop 2nd
  HH Ray Riday 17.4 Bill Howell 2nd
  LH Harlan Statzell 27.6 Ray Riday 2nd
  HJ Bob Hadley 5-4 Robert Shoemaker 3rd
  LJ     Art Shuman 2nd
  PV John Murray 10-9    
    Alden Strong 10-9    
1922 100     Ken Smith 2nd
1st 220     Ken Smith 2nd
50 880     Fred Middleton 2nd
  Mile     Wally Hawkins 2nd
        Dean Joly 3rd
  HH Ben Lowry 16.8 Bill Howell 2nd
        Sam Evans 3rd
  LH     Bill Howell 2nd
  HJ     Ben Lowry 2nd