City All-Star FB Game, 2005

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    The 31th annual Daily News-Eagles City All-Star Game was played May 21,
7 p.m., at Northeast High.
    TV coverage: None.
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shipping), send check or money order to Joe Malizia, 305 Lodge Rd.,
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Most yards per carry (10 minimum): 13.3, 13-133, Jerry Butler, Washington, Public.
Most touchdowns (tie): 3, Jerry Butler, Washington, Public.
Longest TD With Interception: 67, Sammy Tranks, King.
Most points scored: 18, Jerry Butler, Washington, Public.


Non-Pub Public
First Downs 8 12
Rushes-Yards 30-40 30-228
Passing Yards 96 155
Total Offense 136 383
Passes 8-19-5 8-15-1
Return yards 92 120
Punts 2-37.5 3-21.3
Fumbles lost 2 0
Penalties-yards 4-30 6-50

Non-Public                                                            0     0    0    0 --    0

Public                                                                    9    14   0    7 --  30

  P: FG Tranks 31
  P: Butler 5 run (kick failed)
  P: Tranks 67 interception return (Tavares run)
  P: Butler 79 run (kick failed)
  P: Butler 15 run (Tranks kick)
  N-P: Evin Jones, Roman, 10-31; Chris Diaferio, West, 7-17; Joe
Waclawski, North, 4-(-12); Rob Deery, Chest. Hill, 3-11; Jim
McCormick, SJ Prep, 3-(-14); Kelven Quick, West, 2-2; Bruce
Holloman, N-G, 1-5.
  P: Jerry Butler, Washington, 10-133; Frank Jubilee, Frankford, 5-6;
William Brownlee, Overbrook, 4-37; Devon Johnson, Central, 4-22;
Terrell Denson, Lincoln, 3-15; Markies Tavares, Mastbaum, 2-13;
Joe Marshall, Central, 1-2; Rodney Sykes, Central, 1-0.
  N-P: Joe Waclawski, North, 5-11-2 -- 90; Jim McCormick, SJ Prep,
3-7-2 -- 6; Steve Quinn, SJ Prep, 0-1-1 -- 0.
  P: Markies Tavares, Mastbaum, 4-9-1 -- 69; Lamont Brown, Frankford,
3-4-0 -- 81; Joe Marshall, Central, 1-1-0 -- 5; Chuck Hughes,
Washington, 0-1-0 -- 0.
  N-P: Steve Quinn, SJ Prep, 5-86; Bruce Holloman, N-G, 2-8; Pat
Taylor, Judge, 1-2.
  P: Damon Griffin, Dobbins, 3-74; Rodney Sykes, Central, 2-7; Sammy
Tranks, King, 1-42; John McFillin, Washington, 1-18; Dominique Curry,
Washington, 1-14.
  N-P: Evin Jones, Roman, 3-25; Shane McNamara, North, 3-10; Bruce
Holloman, N-G, 2-57; Marcus Williams, N-G, 1-0.
  P: Cory Moultrie, Bok, 2-48; Jerry Butler, Washington, 2-5; Sammy
Tranks, King, 1-67; Cameo Ali, Bartram, 1-0; Damon Griffin, Dobbins, 1-0.
  N-P: Sean Matthews, Roman, 8; Joe Jackson, Ryan, and Shane
McNamara, North, 5.
  P: Joe DiGrazio, Lincoln, 11; Cornelius Bunch, Central, 9; Kevin Reeder,
Bartram, 7; Anthony Wallace, Gratz, 5.
  N-P: Marcus Williams, N-G.
  P: Cory Moultrie, Bok, 2; Sammy Tranks, King; Cameo Ali, Bartram;
Damon Griffin, Dobbins.
  P: Chris Banks, Northeast; Malik Walker, Frankford.
  N-P: Joe Jackson, Ryan, 1; Tim Plona, Roman, 1.
  P: Cornelius Bunch, Central, 2.5; Stefan Ruff, Washington, 1; James
Morgan, Overbrook 1; Dominique  Curry, Washington, .5; Kevin Reeder,
Bartram, .5.
  N-P: Steve Quinn, SJ Prep.
  P: Stefan Ruff, Washington; Cory Moultrie, Bok.
  N-P: Steve Quinn, SJ Prep, offense; Sean Matthews, Roman, defense.
  P: Jerry Butler, Washington, offense; Joe DiGrazio, Lincoln, defense.
  N-P: Jim McCormick, SJ Prep.
  P: Sammy Tranks, King.

(Positions are tentative)

No. Name School Pos. Ht. Wt.
8 Markies Tavares Mastbaum QB 5-11 180
10 Joe Marshall Central QB 6-2 190
11 Chuck Hughes Washington DB 6-1 200
12 Lamont Brown Frankford QB 6-3 180
14 William Brownlee Overbrook RB 5-9 180
15 Chris Mitchell Roxborough RB 6-1 200
18 Cory Moultrie Bok DB 6-0 180
21 Nafis Edwards Bok WR 6-2 190
22 Jerry Butler Washington RB 5-9 175
23 Devon Johnson Central RB 5-10 190
24 Cameo Ali Bartram DB 5-11 190
25 Sammy Tranks King DB 5-9 170
27 Malik Walker Frankford DB 5-10 175
31 Steve Sydnor Dobbins DB 6-2 195
33 Anthony Wallace Gratz LB 6-0 225
35 Frank Jubilee Frankford RB 5-8 175
37 Kory Carter Germantown FB 6-0 225
43 Darrel Smith Bartram TE 6-1 220
44 Joe DiGrazio Lincoln LB 6-2 215
47 Terrell Denson Lincoln RB 5-10 210
48 Chris Banks Northeast DB 5-10 170
49 Carlos Maldonado Edison LB 5-11 190
50 Deshan Lupton King LB 5-10 175
51 Brandon Stewart Northeast L 6-1 250
52 Daniel Buyag Central L 6-0 260
55 Kevin Reeder Bartram DE 5-11 225
56 Gregory Thomas Bok L 6-0 205
58 Kordell Morgan Franklin L 6-2 275
61 Jeff Banks Roxborough L 6-1 255
62 Andre Jones King L 6-1 255
63 Isaiah Stroman Frankford DE 6-0 225
65 Stefan Ruff Washington DL 6-0 270
66 Dave Gonser Washington DL 6-2 260
67 Jason Patton Washington L 6-0 240
71 Brandon Romeo Central LB 6-0 210
72 Cornelius Bunch Central DE 6-2 220
73 Jarrell Johnson Germantown L 6-0 245
74 James Cartwright Germantown L 5-10 180
76 Anthony Williams Univ. City LB 6-0 225
77 Jamie Ross Olney WR 6-4 180
78 James Morgan Overbrook L 6-0 205
79 Kyle Alston Gratz L 6-4 300
82 Damon Griffin Dobbins WR 5-11 180
83 Rodney Sykes Central WR 6-0 185
84 Devon Starks Overbrook WR 5-11 175
85 John McFillin Washington DE 6-5 240
89 Dominique Curry Washington DE 6-4 220
90 Sean Jessup Bok DE 6-1 235
  Coach: Frank "Roscoe" Natale, Bok. Assistants: Vince
Trombetta, Bok; Damond "Smash" Warren, Bartram; Gus
Felder, Gratz; Erik Zipay, Gratz
No. Name School Pos. Ht. Wt.
8 Greg Gontz Judge DB 5-8 155
10 Michael Evans W. Cath. DB 6-2 205
11 Antoine Stout W. Cath. WR 6-5 195
12 Josiah Morley W. Cath. K/P 5-10 165
14 Kenny Brown Neum.-Gor. DB 5-10 175
15 Jim McCormick SJ Prep QB 6-0 190
17 Marques Slocum W. Cath. DE 6-6 310
18 Joe Waclawski N. Cath. QB 6-0 185
21 Ralph Smith Dougherty DB 5-10 165
22 Dwight Williams N. Cath. WR 5-10 165
23 Bruce Holloman Neum.-Gor. WR 5-6 155
24 Shane McNamara N. Cath. DB 5-11 185
25 Marcus Williams Neum.-Gor. DB 5-10 160
27 Mike Pinto Ryan DB 5-10 175
31 Evin Jones Roman RB 6-0 205
33 Chris Diaferio W. Cath. RB 5-11 195
35 Kelven Quick W. Cath. FB 6-0 205
37 Chris Smith Ryan LB 6-0 220
43 Chris Baldwin Neum.-Gor. LB 5-9 200
44 Rob Deery Chest. Hill FB 5-10 215
47 Pat Taylor Judge TE 6-3 220
48 Steve Quinn SJ Prep WR 6-2 210
49 Brian Chiodi Roman LB 5-11 200
50 Anthony Colanecco Neum.-Gor. LB 5-9 195
51 Jim Moore Roman L 5-10 250
52 Tim Plona Roman DE 6-0 200
55 Roy Connor N. Cath. DL 6-0 350
56 Pat Lynch Judge DL 5-11 225
58 Thomas Davis W. Cath. L 6-0 240
61 Fran McIntyre Judge DL 6-3 240
62 Rob Rowan Ryan L 5-10 250
63 Scott Howley SJ Prep L 6-1 220
65 Hector Guzman N. Cath. L 6-1 250
66 Brendan Gilroy SJ Prep L 6-1 245
67 James Smart W. Cath. L 5-11 275
71 Mike Boyle SJ Prep DL 6-5 270
72 Robert Grant W. Cath. L 6-3 335
73 Carlos Gonzalez Ryan L 6-1 245
74 Matt DeMarco W. Cath. L 6-2 340
76 Alex Wade SJ Prep DL 6-0 225
77 John Haughney Roman L 6-0 240
78 Dan Voss SJ Prep L 6-3 285
79 John Baumann N. Cath. L 6-0 250
81 Sean Matthews Roman LB 6-0 205
82 Mark Giuliani SJ Prep WR 6-2 215
83 Andrew Spross SJ Prep LB 6-2 215
84 Derrell Hand W. Cath. TE 6-4 315
85 Chris McNicholas Dougherty DE 6-5 265


Joe Jackson Ryan DL 6-3 285

   Coach: Brian Fluck, West. Assistants: Chalie Szydlik, North;

Bill Koch, Judge; Albie Crosby, West; Steve Devlin, SJ Prep;

Virnest Beale, West.

Your comments . . .

I hope you, families, and all fans enjoyed the game as much as i did
Because i had a ball, im pretty sure everybody doubted us, even sad to
Say you too ted :-(
But we laced our cleates, tightend our pads, put the mouth pieces in,
And got down to the gridiron.  30-0, i enjoyed playing against my former
West catholic teammates  like "chris diaferio, kelven quick, matt
DeMarco, robert grant, tom davis, derrell hand, michael evans, and the
Soldiers  who couldn't play like marques slocum, and antoine stout."
Shout out to all of yall but we had to do what we needed to do.  The
Game went by to quick and that is crazy to think about how that was my
Last game in philadelphia high school football.  Well, if you can post
Like a little message on the site somewhere, let all the west catholic
Players know that "i love all of them, playing with and against them was
My best experience of my life and i hope they continue their success.
And to my teammates, we put on a display of what we can do when
Everybody on the team play as a unit and not individuals.  It is crazy
How well we connected together within 3 short weeks of practice.  For
Most of us, this is not the last time we will see each other play on the
Same field.  One day we all are going to be a success and make sure we
Never forget what little we had growing up so make sure we give back to
Make life better and take care of themselves.  And one day well will all
See each other in society somehow, someway, and sometime!!!!!"  to the
Coaches, coach warren, natale, trombetta, felder, zipay, and carfagno.  Thank you
For the coaching yall gave me individually to make me a better player
And a better person.  Good luck in future seasons of coaching and keep
This victory to show how the younger players how to do it.

Im going to miss your website reporting on me ted(smile) talk to you
Ps:  any of the players from my team or anybody want to holla at me, hit
Me up at and i'll Get back at you!!!
#55-kevin "hit-stick" reeder

"Famous Amos' Cookie Analyst Report of the All Star Game"

By: Amos Leak, Dobbins Tech legened (smile)

  Well, to start off, the game was mainly ruled by the Public League all game. As soon as things got rolling for the Catholic League, such as a great catch or a defensive stop, the Public League all-stars would come back stronger with an amazing catch or defensive stop, then a score.
   The game started on a kickoff by Steve Sydnor and recovery by Chris Banks and then Sammy Tranks, who to me was very impressive in play on both sides of the ball, kicked a field goal. All day it was three-and-out or four-and-out for the Catholic or just a interception or two -- matter of fact make it five for the PL and 1 for the Catholic by Marcus Williams. Later on Jerry Butler tore away the defense and ran all down their throats with hard runs. Then right before halftime, he added a great run for 79 yards for a TD. Then a 15 yard TD towards the end of the game Two other runners that impressed me was Devon Johnson & William Brownlee, who showed me impressive speed and moves to get in the open. The PL's interceptions were by Cameo Ali, Damon Griffin (who had a outstanding game on both sides of the ball), Sammy Tranks for a touchdown, and Cory Moultrie with 2. Also some great hits were given by Chuck Hughes and Steve Sydnor. Also some impressive tackles by Anthony Wallace (5), Joe Digrazio (11 total), Cornelius Bunch (9 with 2.5 sacks), Kevin Reeder (7 total). On the CL, some people impressed me even in defeat such as Evin Jones (he'll be a threat at any college; he's a hard runner). Also, I like Steve Quinn. He and Damon Griffin were my favorites in the game, getting the job done on both side of the ball. All the quarterbacks in the game showed promise such as Jim McCormick and Joe Waclawski. They showed they can throw accurate at points in time and can throw downfield in points where people can't get to. Markies Tavares...this quarterback showed all the great abilities in being a top-notch guy at the next level no matter where...strong arm...pocket presence...and most important accuracy in the pocket and on the run...and the same for Lamont Brown and Joe Marshall (even though he ended up injured). I also liked Sean Matthews with strong tackles and Derrell Hand with quickness and size. Joe Jackson and Shane McNamara showed some promise. I always save the best for last...the O-line...Brendan Gilroy and Dan Voss showed great play and as did Kyle Alston, who was the most aggressive lineman in the game. I also liked   Daniel Buyag and Brandon Stewart.

Hey ted its Joe DiGrazio from the public team [also lincoln]. That game was one of the best games i have ever played in. Every body thought the public was  going to get killed, well iam sorry but it was the other way around. We didnt care what people said, we stuck with each other and everybody brought there A game. I understand that we were the big time under doggs but hey its there to show you never look down on the public leauge. I meet alot of new people and earned alot of friends with this expierence to play in this great game. All of our coaches did a great job with getting us ready for this game. We did what we said we were going to do pub, we proved them all rong. our offence ran up and down the field and our defence well you all know what the defence did just look at the goose egg on the score board.I would like to wish the best of luck to everybody on the public team with whatever they are doing after high school.
PUBLIC LEAGUE PRIDE.................
PS: ted i think we broke a record with the biggest point differential in allstar history.

   Yo that game was bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S! I had so much fun practicing for the three or four weeks and then shocking the city by dismantling the Non-Public team. Maybe I am over excited but I think that this was best team that I have ever been around. Not because of the athletes and the win but because of the togetherness that we had. Throughout practice there was alot of talk but nothing ever got personal, everybody was real with each other. I will remember everybody on this team and on this game for the rest of my life. Throughout being in a championsjip this year and playing in both leagues, this is truely the highlight of my career. It was a team effort starting from the coaches putting people in the right spots even if the players thought different. Look at me; I played running back/fullback all my life and in three weeks( Thanks to Coach Trombetta, Coach Felder & Coach Zipay) I believe that I am now turned into a respectable D-Back.
After the game I was so excitied that I ran out of the locker room and didn't fully get to network with my teammates as far as exchanging numbers and stuff. If anyone from my team sees this message, hit me up at

- Mr. Chris Banks # 48
 Northeast High

  I would like to congratulate Frank "Roscoe" Natale (as well as everyone
else) on the historic win. It was overdue and well deserved. It felt
like old times back at Bartram when we had guys like Paul Northern &
Bryan Anderson. This experience rates near the top of my best
experiences in football. Playing in the 1983 All-Star Game and beating
Rich Gannon and company is still the best.

  I hope that every student athlete across the city in both leagues
continues to strive for excellence and achieves all of their goals.

Public League Pride!
Coach Warren
Bartram H. S.