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wpe7.jpg (20757 bytes)

C-E's Chris David follows through on curve.

wpeA.jpg (11941 bytes)

La Salle's Matt Zielinski; also a lefty.

wpeB.jpg (55750 bytes)

La Salle's Bill Warrender prepares to move pinch-runner Jeff Liberatore (top) to third with a bunt. Catcher is Rich
Dupell. Third baseman is Brian Herman.

wpeC.jpg (40296 bytes)

And this is the following squeeze bunt by Nick Manzi that scored Liberatore. It became a hit when
first base was left uncovered.

wpeE.jpg (45412 bytes)

Some of La Salle's student spectators. Hot dogs and sodas were available.

wpeF.jpg (82799 bytes)

Mike Pennington slides home with a sixth-inning run (on Bill Warrender's sac fly.)


wpeC.jpg (24426 bytes)

Mansion coach Lou Zambino throws BP without the
benefit of having a screen in front of him.

wpeE.jpg (30443 bytes)

King's Roberto Hernandez uncorks a curveball.

wpeF.jpg (15633 bytes)

Mansion jr. RHP Matthew "Moo"
Johnson gives his glove a rest on his
hat before throwing warmups.

wpe11.jpg (36611 bytes)

King's Larry Allen moves up to third on a wild pitch. Basir Rashad reaches for throw.

wpe12.jpg (50153 bytes)

King's battery -- Roberto Hernandez and Duane Stith.

wpe13.jpg (65528 bytes)

With the bases loaded in the home eighth, Matthew "Moo" Johnson prepares to send a game-ending
liner to LF Deshan "Fresh" Lupton.

BONNER 5, O'HARA 3   4/25

wpe7.jpg (53460 bytes)

I went to a baseball game and a track meet broke out . . . Bonner's Joe McGilligan steps out between pitches as
someone flies past in the 400 intermediate hurdles.

wpeA.jpg (35340 bytes)

The fans hang out on the hill behind Bonner's bench area.

wpeB.jpg (53448 bytes)

Huck was in attendance and was going to take a picture of the barbecue crew behind the
leftfield fence. These guys stopped him and threatened bodily harm if he didn't take THEIR
picture (ha ha). L to R -- Mike "Unit" Tarzwell, Andrew Spross, Brian "Lil Dippy" Smith and
Nate Higgins.

wpeC.jpg (32019 bytes)

With a complete game, Tom Moran upped his innings total to 13 within a
5-day period.

wpeE.jpg (47190 bytes)

Tom Connelly grounds out leading off the seventh as a pinch-hitter.


wpe12.jpg (25954 bytes)

That's the home side to the right.

wpe13.jpg (64042 bytes)

This shot was taken from a different angle. That's the fieldhouse in the background.


wpeB.jpg (9634 bytes)  

Germantown's Robert Fisher follows through
with first-inning pitch.

wpeC.jpg (51672 bytes)

Brandon Cuff receives congratulations from the Fisher brothers, Andre (50) and Robert, after smacking a solo
homer in the second inning.

wpeE.jpg (55856 bytes)

Roxborough coach Howard Leight waves Doug Sponsler around third base with a
fourth inning run.

wpeF.jpg (51783 bytes)

Robert Fisher powers a single to leftfield. The catcher is Sean Murphy.

wpe10.jpg (32490 bytes)

Spectator Mike Barnes could not take all the action.

wpe11.jpg (13177 bytes)

Brandon Cuff uncorked some wicked curves in a
seventh-inning relief appearance.


wpeB.jpg (53523 bytes)

GA sr. LHP Mark Shimrock, shown here working to leadoff hitter Nick Tom in the first inning, allowed just one hit,
a scratch infield single off his glove (hit by Tom) in the third inning.

wpeC.jpg (58789 bytes)

Haverford soph RHP Mike Galetta allowed four hits in six innings.

wpeE.jpg (55288 bytes)

Tyler Stampone hits as John Barr gets a good lead off first. The 1B is Chris Becker.

wpeF.jpg (42617 bytes)

The son-father umpiring team of Jeff and Ed Kerrigan.

wpe10.jpg (52307 bytes)

Jeff King checks his swing on a high fastball, which Danny Overcash is a split-second away
from catching.


wpeA.jpg (27444 bytes)

C-E shortstop Brian Herman throws to first as infield drill winds down.

wpeB.jpg (57597 bytes)

Joe Jordan plays pepper with some teammates.

wpeC.jpg (31182 bytes)

Ed Kovacs prepares to cut against Ryan Geiss.

wpeE.jpg (12841 bytes)

Ryan's Rob Fisher follows through.

wpeF.jpg (50359 bytes)

Ryan Terry has his head on the ball.


wpeC.jpg (38190 bytes)

North's Tim Wallace pitches against Judge. Those are paper cups in the fence along with a hat, of
course. The third baseman is Sean Murphy.

wpeE.jpg (59058 bytes)

Joe McDermott is in his 30th season as Judge's coach.

wpeF.jpg (30939 bytes)

Judge's Jerry Gaul leads off third. Tim Wallace is in the stretch.
Derrek Etsell is holding Jeff McMahon at first.

wpe10.jpg (50006 bytes)

Tim Wallace, as visible through the fence. He ripped an RBI triple in this at-bat.

wpe11.jpg (34357 bytes)

With ice on his upper arm, Tim Wallace watches as Chris
Dougherty closes out the win.


wpeB.jpg (59887 bytes)

Penn Charter coach Rick Mellor works hard on pre-game preparations (smile). This photo was staged,
in case you're wondering.

wpeC.jpg (37753 bytes)

PC's Sean Rust delivers game's first pitch to Anthony Biello.

wpeF.jpg (55581 bytes)

Penn Charter's Ryan Nanni is an instant away from connecting with a Cory Broderick pitch.

wpe10.jpg (25829 bytes)

Scott Dziengelski stretches to nip PC's Mark Adzick.

wpe11.jpg (81378 bytes)

Marc Spagnoletti checks his swing. Shot was taken from behind CHA's bench.

wpe12.jpg (72642 bytes)

Scott Dziengelski can't catch up with Sean Rust's fastball as R.J. Hollinshead does the receiving.

ROMAN 8, CARROLL 5   4/11

wpeB.jpg (35605 bytes)

Carroll coach Fran Murphy (right) uses a pair of backup catchers, John
Thomas (hand to face) and Pete Coppa, to give signs to starter Andrew
Szalejko. Or maybe one guy's signs are live and the other's are a decoy?
At left is assistant Father Ed Casey.

wpeC.jpg (30904 bytes)

Junior Ryan Weber went the distance for Roman, allowing seven hits. Tim Hoban is the SS.

wpe10.jpg (21416 bytes)

Carroll RHP Brian Rorick is a Coastal Carolina signee. 

wpeE.jpg (45171 bytes)

Tim Hoban fouls off a pitch.

wpeF.jpg (45357 bytes)

After smacking a three-run homer, Nick DeMalto is greeted for helmet taps by the guys who were
on base, Brian Cooper (22) and Bob Spinks.

RYAN 17, DOUGHERTY 7   4/7

wpeB.jpg (22737 bytes)

Joe Kerrigan Jr., Dougherty's new coach, hits
groundballs during the infield drill.

wpeC.jpg (41144 bytes)

Ryan's Nick Klein pitches to Dougherty's leadoff hitter, Luke Ashenbrenner.

wpeE.jpg (36721 bytes)

Nick DiEnno prepares to take a cut. The catcher is Mike Copestick.
Notice the Green Monster across the street (smile). It's part of a

wpeF.jpg (43136 bytes)

Don't fence me in . . . Dougherty subs Matt Boerner (45), Eric Richards (43) and Sean Higgins watch Nick Klein work.

wpe10.jpg (23758 bytes)

Kevin McGovern returns to first as Rob Fisher has trouble handling an
errant pickoff throw.

wpe11.jpg (20838 bytes)

Kevin McGovern, a soph, pitched two scoreless innings with four strikeouts
and two popouts.


wpeB.jpg (38908 bytes)

FLC's friendly and competent managers, L to R  . . .
Sirren Bright, Eboni Childres, Tiffany Moton.

wpeC.jpg (12733 bytes)

FLC junior Brian "Bibby" Franklin,
normally a SS, is now pitching because
two other guys are ineligible.

wpeE.jpg (14096 bytes) 

Jr. RHP Sthalin Hidalgo was two strikes away
from a five-inning no-hitter when FLC collected
three hits and two runs.

wpeF.jpg (75980 bytes)

Justin Velazquez has just made contact and the ball is headed for the light tower in left-center. This resulted
in a two-run double. Ricardo Feliciano is ready to score from third.

wpe10.jpg (18578 bytes)

Joe Velazquez needs a little help
to be taller than 6-5 first baseman
Odaly Santana.

CENTRAL 5, GAMP 4   4/1
(Photos by Andrew Morgan, Central student)

wpe7.jpg (9216 bytes)

This lady held up the proceedings when she walked
across the field. That's Central coach Bob Barthelmeh,
returning to the dugout after an argument with her.

wpeA.jpg (12361 bytes)

And there she goes . . .

wpeB.jpg (10966 bytes)

Ryan Challender works from the stretch.

wpeC.jpg (19288 bytes)

GAMP's John Dunn steals second.

O'HARA 2, BONNER 0   3/31

wpe7.jpg (17479 bytes)

Josh Rickards, a Marist signee, pitched a
one-hitter with 12 strikeouts.

wpeA.jpg (42450 bytes)

Matt Catania dives back to the bag. First baseman Kevin Ward awaits the throw.

wpeB.jpg (29526 bytes)

Tom Moran also fanned a dozen. Note the Bonner students hanging
out beyond the centerfield fence.

wpeC.jpg (18514 bytes)

Kevin Ward enjoys a short rest after breaking
up Josh Rickards' no-hit bid on a single with
two outs in the sixth.


wpeB.jpg (19973 bytes)

Junior righthander Richard Jimenez allowed two hits (both
singles) in six innings and fanned 13.

wpeC.jpg (37841 bytes)

Ramon Reyes comes home with run No. 2 as catcher Joseph
Bundy makes way.

wpeE.jpg (43402 bytes)

William Rodriguez takes a short lead off third and Jon Bracero stands ready to bluff him
back to the bag.

wpeF.jpg (45618 bytes)

Senior SS Luis Alicea is considered the Pub's top player. He
also does some closing.

wpe10.jpg (21118 bytes)

Luis Alicea worked the seventh as Richard Jimenez moved to shortstop.