Best Teammate 2003
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 wpe2.jpg (18274 bytes)   Northeast baseball player Ken Wlodarczyk is the winner!!! He compiled 43 points to win going away.
   We had 10 voters total for 150 points. Wlodarczyk was No. 1 on six ballots and appeared on all 10. The following contestants also received first-place votes: John Finnegan (2), John Paffen and Rob Dougherty. These guys finished as high as No. 2 on ballots: Matt Brazil (3), Wlodarczyk (2), Paffen (2), Billy Coles, Jimmy Porreca and Anthony Caines.
   Thanks to everyone. Also, I hope everyone who was nominated feels extremely proud!!
   Ken received his plaque on June 13. Click here to see some photos of the presentation.

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   Who is the best teammate in the Public, Catholic or Inter-Ac Leagues? And why?
    Is he always upbeat? Does he never stop hustling? Is he always dependable in the clutch? Does he always know just what to say in dark moments? Does he tell great jokes? Does he set a proper tone in practice?
    Nominations for stars, "mediums" or lesser lights are encouraged. Once again: Only seniors are eligible. Athletes in any sport are eligible, though I'd imagine the winner will likely come from a sport we cover on a regular basis. 
    We'll take nominations through May 31, have the squad reach a decision and announce a winner shortly thereafter. I will spring for a handsome trophy or plaque.

    I want thoughtful nominations. There will be no voting by website visitors. We will go entirely on nominations (though I might consult coaches to be sure that everything said about a kid is on the money.)
    Thanks for participating!!
    ---- Ted Silary
    P.S. -- You may make nominations anonymously.

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For JOHN PAFFEN, North Catholic baseball

  I believe that the Teammate of the year should go to John Paffen of the
North Catholic Baseball Team. Paff is a Friend of everyone on that team
and He is a competitor every time he steps on that field. Paff always
makes people laugh off the field but on the field he will push you that
much harder to make you a better player. No matter what his role in the
game is, whether it is playing outfield, catching, or not playing at
all, Paff is non stop the loudest and most supportive player on the
team. He not only fuels the other players on the bench to talk it up,
but he motivates the players on the field even more. Paff has put in
four hard years of dedication and support to the North Catholic Baseball
Program and He is without a doubt the Teammate of the Year.

-- Shaun Gallagher
NC Baseball

  The teammate of the year award should definitely go to John Paffen of the
North Catholic Falcons. I feel this way because I honestly don't think that
the falcons could have made it as far as they did without paff by our side
screamin' his words of encouragement. He has been there for his team every step
of the way, through the thick and thin, and his none stop chatter has help us
get through some tough times. He also is one of the main reasons that the
falcons are such a closely knit team. I feel that he has greatly earned this award
and is by far the best chioce!
-Brian Wehrman (NC Falcons!!!)

When I found out you were having the teammate of the year awar I immediately thought of an old friend and teammate from North Catholic baseball John Paffen. I don't remember the kid missing a practice or ever giving less then his best. I don't remember him ever downing another player only giving encouraging words. However, he did often annoy the other team with his cheering. I'm sure his positive ways carried on to this years team and helped them to be the successful team they are today.
-- Mike Pio
NC "02"

I feel the teammate of the year should go to John Paffen of the North Catholic baseball team because day in and day out he is always there for practice and never misses one, His voice always heard. No matter where he plays whether catcher or outfield or even pinch hit he always keeps a positive attitude. If you read Danny Paluch essay about NC baseball he said the key to a winning season is unity and that is exactly what Paff does for us, he keeps us up when we are down, he leads us on and off the field. Paff has spent 4 hard years at NC baseball and he deserves to win this award. He always keeps your spirits up even if we are losing. Even if he is not playing and you are he always cheers you on. He said, even if he don't play he loves this team because it feels good to win and hopefully North will come out on top of the Catholic league and he can graduate with that honor as well as the Teammate of The Year award. So he will always know how big his voice impacts the Falcons to thrive above the rest.

   I think that John Paffen of Northeast Catholic should be nominated teammate of the year.  Whenever Paff is seen on the feild or off the feild he can and will make you smile.  When the games are being played, no one is heard except for Paffin rattling on the other team, or cheering his heart out for his fellow Falcons.   His position is going to hard to fill as he moves on to college next year.   There isn't anyone on the team or in the league that deserves this award the way Paffin does
Eddie "Sledge" Jaskowiak
Northeast Catholic

   I'd like to nominate John paffen for the teammate of the year because he was the first one to talk to me when i went up to varisty.I mean as like the other people said he has never missed practice or a game.And desdpite not playin in alot of the games he is always 110% behind everyone,he also gets the team rowdy before a game with his chants.This is why i would like to nominate senior john paffen for the teammate of the year award
-- Jack Walker North catholic falcons

   How's everything going, Ted? Though I do not play for the North Catholic Baseball team, I'm close to the team and I basically know every member, and this nomination seemed fairly easy for me to make. I want to nominate John Paffen, a Senior Baseball Player at NC.  John is the epitome of what a high school athlete, teammate, and overall student should be.  John is a very vocal teammate and is a great person off the field.  John is passionate about his school and his team and always keeps the guys alive through the best and worst of times. Even when times were rough for John, personally, he continued to persevere, remain upbeat, and keep things together, unlike many people who would fold in his situation (like me). I just think it would be great for John to receive this award because he is so deserving. Four years of hard work on and off the field have certainly paid off for Paffen and receiving this award would just top off a great high school experience for him.
-- - Kevin Laukaitis (Old school Ted writer)

    When thinking of who could be the best teammate for this years award, a certain name comes to mind, John Paffen. Paffen is a great example of what every coach wants his players to be like. Im not a baseball player myself, but by attending most of North Catholic's games this year and by being on his CYO Basketball team I've noticed that his attitude displays school pride and the will to win, but most of all, he gives tons of support to the rest of his teammates. He always brings out the best in each teammate on and off the field which is why he is the best choice.
-- Tom Novak, NC

ted what up, i wanna nominate my boy jp for best teammate. i have playin ball with him since i was 9 years old. he is a really good player, and he deserves it more than anyone.
Mike~ G-BONE~ Gambone

The Teammate of the year should go to John Paffen of the
North Catholic Baseball Team. Before each game Paffen
does the we are NC chant, and during he makes me realize
how proud I am to be part of  NC Falcons baseball. John Paffen
deservise this award because he gives his heart and soul to our team
and nobody eles can even come close.

  yo whats up ted, i havent got a chance to get around to do it, but i would like to nominate my best friend john paffen for the award.   if anyone deserves it, he should definitely get it.  theres no doubt about it that he is the best teamate around.  if he was eligible last year to receive it he probably would have got it then too.  he is everything a  teamate is supposed to be.  even thought he hasnt played much in his years on varsity backin me up, there was no hard feelings between us and even though i didnt live up to expectations this year, he was behind me 150%.  always cheering on and telling everyone to keep our heads up, and is the man before the game to get everyone "HYPE".  if this award should go to anyone it is him.
- Mike Karpovich, catcher North Catholic

Hey Mr. Silary, without a doubt, John Paffen should receive the Best Teammate award.  He embodies every quality of the ideal teammate.   He is the most positive kid player on the team, never ever counts his team out.   At their playoff game against Judge, even with his team down by 6 in the last inning, you could still hear him cheering his last couple teammates at the plate.   Even with major controversy at the end of the season, Paff still stuck by his team with his support.  Not only is John the perfect teammate, he can be considered the best fan of the year.  He caught just about every single home and away, regular and exhibition NC football and basketball game.  He also made it to many soccer and wresting matches.  Having Paffen on any team would definatly boost team morale 1000% and that is I am giving him a nomination for teammate of the year.
-- Franny Mac

I think John Paffen of the NC baseball team should be the teammmate of the year.  He knows every game that he probly isnt going to play alot and maybe not even get in at all.  It would have been easy for any other person to quit or just not show up, but not paff he goes to every practice and game and he would never even think about quiting on his teammmates.  He is always there cheering on his teammates no matter what the situation and he is there to get the team going before every game.  All these reasons make paff the best person to receive teammmate of the year
-Greg Buehler

   I nominate John Paffen for  Teammate of the year. He has helped his teammates all year long. John has always kept a positive attitude thru out the year, even when things were not going his way.  John put the team first.   When I attended games he always was the most vocal and pushed his teammate to give there best.... John gave 100% on and off the field......

For KEVIN LILLY, of Malvern Prep FB

  I want to nominate Kevin Lilly from Malvern Prep.  Kevin was our team captain, but twice he relinquished he spot so another teammate could be captain in front of his friends outside of Malvern.  Kev also was always there to talk to when you neede some advice or help with the plays.  He always brought intensity and helped keep the spirits up when things went south.  Kev also looked out for everyone on the team and not just the starters.  He is the epitome of a teammate.

For WILL HOBSON, of Roxborough (3-sport)

   i want to nominate WILLIAM "WILL" Hobson of roxborough. ALthough Will has not got much time in the Public eye, he has said many encouraging words to teammates as well as fans throught his years as an athlete at roxborough. Even if We had lost a game, WIll was the one keepin the team happy through three years of Varsity Football, one at Varsity baseball and one at Varsity basketball. He also got a Marksmanship award during b-ball season. THanks

For MATT BRAZIL, of Conwell-Egan (3-sport)

Ted, I would like to nominate Matt Brazil for the Best Teammate 2003. Matt
"The General" Brazil always leads his troops into battle and is a ferocious
competitor. Brazil was also a leader on the much improved Conwell-Egan Catholic
Football team this year. This kid is the complete teammate, player, and friend.
If you choose anybody else your kidding yourself.

For ROB DOUGHERTY, of Bishop McDevitt FB and baseball

    For this year's Best Teammate award, I would like to nominate Rob Dougherty of Bishop McDevitt. This year Doc had the incredibly difficult job of taking over the quarterback position for the Lancers. Football is huge at McDevitt among both current students and alumni. Every bar in Glenside is filled with former players who reminisce about their glory days, and still follow the program closely. Coming into the season not many people had heard about Dougherty.  Doc is not the typical clean-cut, All-American boy quarterback that McDevitt fans were used to seeing. He wasn't from the area and was not the flashy quarterback that Glenside was accustomed to. He may have seemed like a maverick or a wild card, but on the field he was an unquestioned leader. Although he does not have great speed or moves, Doc is an excellent rusher because he refuses to go down. He was the MVP of the JV team during his sophomore and junior seasons, and after a great play in a JV game, a teammate yelled, "Alright Team!... I mean Doc" Although he was such an integral part of every team he played on, he never acted like it. He valued every player on the team down to the last man on the roster and never considered himself better. Even in his senior year he volunteered to run scout team QB. After a disappointing end to McDevitt's season our junior year, Coach Manzi told Doc that he had earned the starting quarterback job for the next season. Later that night Doc confessed, "I didn't earn it. There just aren't any other quarterbacks." I hope he realizes how much everyone appreciates his hard work over the years and that he truly did earn that spot. Off the field Doc was a total goofball, and it was a very familiar sound to hear people joke "this is our quarterback" after he did something stupid. He might have acted crazy, but he cared about each game more than anyone else. He felt like he had a huge burden of carrying the team, and unjustly took the grief of hearing about what he did wrong every Monday. He felt the pain of a defeat more than anyone. People might have questioned his dedication because he was usually always late and the last on the bus, and the first to leave after a game. What people might not have realized was that he worked at his job immediately before and after every game. That is an unbelievable task to get up early to go to work, then play your heart out in a game and instead of resting afterward, heading right back to work. Any one who saw the McD- Neumann playoff game knows about Doc's resiliency and even though McDevitt lost, he left everything out on that field. In baseball he always knew the right thing to say. In a preseason game against Abington our pitcher, Brian Rooney, was very tired. While other teammates gave support and cheered him on, Doc yelled a classic Rookie of the Year line from 3rd base that Rooney should use "HOT ICE" on his arm. Everyone could see the big smile that Doc had put on his teammate's face that seemed to have helped him get through the inning. Doc is also a reliable relief pitcher that throws with everything he has. He runs laps with everyone else, even though he is always far behind. It would be me in last place, but I'll usually cut out or throw up before we finish running megas. Doc has very little stamina but makes up for it with his drive and determination. No one else would punish themselves and keep running, even if they didn't have to. He did a great job as a pitcher and 3rd baseman for McDevitt, and also added consistent hitting. He worries about the game on the inside, but the way he acts lets everyone relax and have a good time. Another important thing about Doc is his attitude in the locker room. Although he is a lot of fun, he won’t hesitate to let teammates know when they are out of line, and when they take joking around too far. Yes, Robert Dougherty was the nuttiest player I've ever been on a team with, but he was also the most competitive and dedicated. That is why I a proud to say "This is our quarterback!" and nominate him for Best Teammate 2002-2003.
-- Sean Woods

   i want to nominate rob dougherty for best teamate. Doc was my QB, so since i was TE i had to have a good relationship with Doc. On the feild doc is one of the most sound and elusive QB in the league. In the clutch, Doc knew how to get things done, and usually made them happen. He threw for over 600 yards and ran for alot too. Doc could take hits like i have never seen. I took a open field head shot in the Neuman game, and got up and walked back to the huddle. He can also give hits out, in the egan game he laid out Matt Brazil on an interception. I trusted Doc throwin me the ball, we always knew where i was, and got me the ball, most of the time it was for a TD. Off the feild Doc is a hell of a guy, if you saw him off the field you would know he is a QB because, usually he doesnt know he's a QB, but once he put on the pads, nothing really changed, he is a crazy SOB who knows how to make things come together, "Thats our quarterback" rob dougherty
-- maha

For ED O'REILLY, of Chestnut Hill basketball

  I nominate Ed O'Reilly from Chestnut Hill Basketball for the teamate of the year in 2003. Ed was the best captain a player could ever ask for, constantly staying positive when the team was down and keeping us going when we were winning. If I ever had a problem with anything from coaches to school I went to Ed and he helped me with it. Ed put in 4 years of hard work and dedication to our basketball program, the players, and Mr. McArdle. I will be a senior next year and I will miss Ed's fine leadership. I will try to duplicate Ed's hard work and dedication to the program. I believe that Ed is no doubt the teamate of the year.

For MARIO MALATINO, of GAMP baseball

   I would say Mario Malatino Held GAMP together with his pitches, with the highest strike out in the public league I say. He was the best teammate this year. Him David S. and Anthony C. If anyone could see he was the Star of GAMP with his pitching. He works with his team to pull of the defense and makes everything work with the bats. He was a team player never saying we would loose, never bragging to his team say look how good I was pitchmen. He thanked his team for everything. He thanked them for making the plays in the field thanked them for hitting. Not saying GAMP couldn't hit cause GAMP is known for hitting the ball. I would say Mario Malatino was the best Team Player this year. He should have got First Team all-public for pitching not center field. That is what people should think of Mario Malatino.

For JOHN FINNEGAN, of Episcopal basketball/baseball

  Without a doubt, all the nominees are great teammates, but none can match the heart, determination, desire, and overall great team spirit brought to every practice and game by John Finnegan. After four years of playing basketball and baseball with John, I can honestly say that he is the best teammate I have ever had. During the winter John probably saw less playing time all season than I did in a single game, but he was more responsible for the team's success than I was. I don't think that ten miuntes went by in practice that John didn't hit the floor at least twice. Whether taking a charge or diving for a loose ball, Finn is the ultimate hustler. No one on the team ever pushed me so hard during sprints, and after every suicide, Finn would be doubled over, having pushed his shin-splinted body to the max. On the second squad his defense was second to none; holding, clutching, and grabbing. The only thing that made it bearable as a teammate was that he had a big smile, and words or encouragement after every drill. I've never met anyone more willing to sacrifice for the good of the team that John Finnegan. On the baseball diamond, his playing time increases dramatically, but his attitude doesn't change. He has started at catcher (the most thankless position in baseball) for the last three years, and done a great job behind the dish defensively. He blocks everything, and has bruises and scars to show for it (though he'll never show them to you). Despite receiving all-league honors for the past two seasons, his success has never gone to his head. In one of our last games this season, a frustrating loss to Malvern, Finn threw a bullet down to third as a runner attempted to steal, but for some reason, our third baseman wasn't covering the bag, so he had to reach back and attempt to tag the runner, which he could not. Finn, being frustrated, said "Damn it!" (the worst curse word he'd said all year by the way), which was immediately followed by an apologetic "Oh geez Brint [our third baseman], I'm not mad at you, it's not your fault, I just wish I coulda got him out, that's all." That's Finn in a nutshell, never blaming anyone else, just trying to win, and always smiling.
Thanks Finn,

-- Deas

    Looks like there's some great candidates with a lot of votes on here, but I just wanted to second Deasey's nomination of John Finnegan. He pretty much summed it up with his own words, but I'd like to follow that up with my own vote. Finn was the most hustling, team-oriented teammate I have ever seen, and no one enjoyed playing baseball more than he did. He truly took a joy in playing the game, and I would love to have a team of John Finnegans to play with: guys who will just go about their job without complaints and without pointing fingers. Thanks Finn.

For ANTHONY CAINES, of GAMP baseball
   I think that Teammate of the Year 2003 shouuld go to Anthony Caines of GAMP baseball. As a freshman, im constantly making mistakes, but Caines is always there to ease the pain of a rough lecture from Coach Kratch. He knows the game better than most and is always available for help and advice. On top of that, hes also an incredible athlete. Although he may sometimes slightly loose composure, he never takes it out on a fellow teammate. Hes rather impressive on the field, wether hes playing SS or pitching. As a hitter, hes just as good, and always looking to improve. He takes criticism in stride and does as he is told. He always sets a positive attitude, and it definately reflects upon his teammates. His seriousness about the game cannot be compared with anyone elses, mainly because hes the most professional-minded player in the Public League. Caines also sets positive goals for himself  and others in the school setting. Always upbeat, theres NEVER a dull moment when Anthony Caines voice is at least in earshot. He always keeps everyone in the game and on their feet. Not only an incredible athlete, but also an incredible person. Most teams, unfortuantely, lack the leadership qualities that Anthony Caines provides for GAMP, and therefore im rather proud to be a part of this team and to have Anthony Caines as a teammate. Hopefully, you'll all take this reccomendation into consideration when choosing you're Teammate 2003 award.

For KEN WLODARCZYK, of Northeast baseball

Hey Ted,
       I know that I graduated last year, but I still feel part of the Public League and Philadelphia city baseball. I followed my team, Northeast, as much as I could this year. When I found out Ken Wlodarczyk needed surgery on his throwing arm and would not be able to play at all this year, I felt so down. Ken is not only a great baseball player, but a great teammate and a great person. For something to happen like that to a guy like Ken Wlodarczyk is terrible.
       I got a chance to go out to a couple of the games this year and I hope to be attending their quarterfinal playoff matchup against last year's champion GAMP. Kenny is still the same guy cheering everyone on, getting everyone up for the game, and this year he has been the first base coach when Northeast's assistant coach wasn't the year. He even said jokingly one time to me that he was going for All-Public first base coach. He was doing whatever he could to help his team win; that is just the way he is.
       I have known Kenny for a few years now and I know that he had been looking forward to his senior year of playing baseball and being the captain since his freshman year. He loves baseball and I know that he must have been devastated watching games from the bench for a majority of this year.
       If he had played this year, there is no doubt in my mind he would have made All-Pub and quite  possibly All-City. I feel that Best Teammate 2003 should go to Ken Wlodarczyk just on the fact that he would do whatever he could to keep his team up and motivate them to win. He could have just sulked on the bench this whole year and gotten people to feel sorry for him. But he didn't; he was in uniform for games and I always saw him standing up cheering on his team. That, in my mind, is something a truly great teammate would do and it is also why I feel Ken Wlodarczyk should get the reward for Best Teammate 2003.
-- Ari Bluestein NE Vikings '02

Hey Ted,
         As a Northeast baseball spectator, I've come to notice a lot of loss that the Northeast team has had to put up with this year. They've seen great players leave the team, some inelligible, others that had no heart and just decided to quit, while one of their most important and player with the most heart sadly couldn't play due to injury. For most players as a senior with a season ending injury like that...they'd just give up. However, if your a true baseball player with heart like Ken Wlodarczyk, you'll be there with your team every practice and game just like you were playing on the field everygame. Not a lot of players these days have that kind kind of heart and compassion to be there for their team, however, Kendo does. Just from watchin in the stands, and watching friends on the team play, I see how dedicated Ken is from the sidelines, helping Coach Feldman and fellow team mates in whatever way he possibly can. Whether its providing tips, or keeping up the teams morale during tough times in a game, he is there for his Coach and team, injured or not, thats what being a true team mate is all about.
                --Fred Breeze, NEHS JR (Cut from JV Baseball sadly)

Dear Ted,
  Last year i seen ken wlodarczyk do alot of amazing things for the vikings.As a junior i think he was still the heart of the team.Being apart of the team this year an watching him go down hard on that day really makes me wonder what could have been,not only do i think we would be sitting on a better seed in the playoffs, but i also think the spirit an leadership would be there to guide the team to where it needs to be.As of right now the team has no true active captain,an coming up against stronger teams where you need inspiration everyone looks on ken to be there.I can recall one hot day when we had practice (yes ken doesnt miss a practice either in the gym on bad days or in 75 degree weather on the field)he made sure we had our mind on the next day an knowing what we were going up against even when no one wanted to be out there in the heat just for acouple more reps on the pitching machine.Hug! e arm brace an all Ken is the first person on the foul line to welcome you onto the bench after an inning in the field.I think i really realized what a guy he was after the washington marathon when afterwards the hurt an dissapointment you saw in his face knowing how hard we fought just to come up short but like i knew he was the first person to give his words of wisdom on probably my hardest bus ride back to our school.As Ari already pointed out he does coach first whenever out assistant is late or doesnt make it.Another moment i can remember Kenny really making a difference in team spirit is during the frankford game when we battled them at frankford only to fall short 3-2 Ken kept our heads in the game an let us know we are never out of a game,ultimitly sparking a late comeback to tie that game.If i could i would give Ken my right arm to play for a year,i cant express what this kid has done for our school,and our team in my eyes Ken Wlodarcyk is what a perfect teammate sh! ould be,even if he doesnt win i thought i would let the people know what a great guy he is an how much it helps to have him involved in the team.

hey ted,
  it's Jade here from NEHS! (ya know the older twin) okay I know I'm not a ball player or anything, and I may just be a manager, but for the past 2 years I have been a manager for Northeast Baseball and I don't know how other managers are, but the whole team has been a group of brothers to me. And out of every single one, I have the greatest bond with Ken Wlodarczyk. "Kendo"  came to us when NE played washington and told us he was done for the season. It was so heartbreaking to hear this from someone you thought was untouchable
  You would think that since he was done for the season, he wouldn't be back. Ken has been to almost EVERY game dressed and pumped as ever. He has yet to put his head down. When he gets on that field, his head is up and he's always ready to help anyway he can. Ken is constantly helping his fellow teammates when they have felt they've done something wrong. I know for a fact that it's hard for Kenny to do this because outside of baseball, when it's just the two of us, he feels down. But he NEVER lets a player see him that way. Whenever we're at games, he is always up and making sure they're the loudest team in the Public League.
  I honestly feel that there is only one person worthy of this award; and that is Ken Wlodarczyk. His heart and his love for this game and his teammates is one in a million in which you RARELY find. So matter how many votes there are for certain players, everyone knows that this belongs to Kenny "Kendo" Wlodarczyk. good luck ken!
-- Jade

         I would like to nominate Ken Wlodarczyk as the best teammate of the year. Ken has been on the varsity team ever since his freshman year. During those four challenging years I have never seen someone put some much of themself into something that they love so much. I can remember many times where he lost his voice because he was always there cheering the team on whether he was out in the field on the bench or trying to get his teammates up when they were down. He is not your average baseball player because he has great integrity. He thinks of his team before he thinks of himself. In many interviews he always mentions how much his team helped him out and he couldn't have played so great if it weren't for them. When he feels he is at his worst he worries that he has let his team down. This year I feel he has shown great character. Even though He suffered a major injury he continues to show great support. Like all players he works hard during practices and shows great energy during games. As the captain of the team he has a few unique priorities: To be the first and last on and off the field and to make sure not one teammate is sitting on the bench and that each player gives their fair share to the team. He does all of this because his love for the game. He doesn't have to go the games or even the practices. I feel he deserves this nomination because there are a lot of sports players and many of them are opportunist, only Ken has shown immense integrity, character and team spirit. He is what a true American baseball player should be.
Good Luck~ Liz

Hey Ted,
My nomination and heart goes to Ken Wlodarczyk. Since his Freshman year
on Varsity Baseball at Northeast High School, he has given his all
toward that team. He is the voice you hear in the stands when the team
needs support or praise. As his sister, I know how hard it was for him
to come to terms with the end of his season this year. He is the
strongest team player I know. I admire his abililty to go out to every
practice and game, and I know that I am not the only one. He is there to
make his players not only a group of guys playing baseball, but as a
team, their own sort of family. For him to be able to go out there and
face his greatest fear of not playing this year in the face takes
tremendous courage. He cheers his team on and always gives support to
them when it is needed. He is a true team player. He proved this by
going out there and upholding his Captain's duties. I know that one
baseball team is going to be very fortunet to have such a great
dedicated, hardworking, and talented player. I am so proud of you, Ken.
Keep up the great work and positive attitude. Love ya!

Dear Ted,
This is the first year I have really gotten into Northeast baseball. I just want it to be known that Ken Wlodarczyk deserves to be Teammate of the year. I have been looking over the nominees and yea they look like they are good teammates but they have not gone through what Ken has this year. He is fighting off an elbow injury. He was put out of his senior year in the first game of the season. Ever since than he has been to every practice and every game. He has shown up to every game in uniform. I heard over the spring break he even came out to a practice and he was fresh out of surgery. He is the heart and soul of that team. I was at the game against Kensington and GAMP and he was always telling his players to talk it up. After every inning he was meeting the guys on the field half way to the bench to congratulate them on a good play or a good hit. After every inning you see him always talking to the pitcher and giving him tips on what to do. When the pitcher makes a mi! stake he is always there to tell him to shake it off and to get them back. I have been reading the nominations that people have sent in for him. None of them tell a lie, everything they said is true. Ken is always there for his teammates. I watch him and they look up to him ( not because he is about 10 feet taller than they either) but because he knows the league. He was so happy going into this year being the ace. Than his elbow went. He is a great guy and a great teammate. If anyone in all of high school deserves this award it is Ken Wlodarczyk. Even if he doesn't't win this award in my heart and I am sure in his teammates and friends he is teammate of the year
Good Luck Big Guy,
You are my Teammate of the year.

Dear Mr. Silary,
  I think that Ken Wlodarczyk deserves the award for teammate of the year.  As everyone knows Kenny is enable to play because of the injury to his pitching elbow.   I didn't really know Kenny as a person before this season but it's not hard to get to know or to get to be friends with him.  Although I was new on the team and didn't know Kenny I knew he was the leader of the team not just because he is a captain but because of how he conducts himself in practice and in a game situation.  As the season went on I started to get to know him a little better although he wasn't playing, it almost felt like he was out there with us on the field.  If you ever need a little bit of encouragement you just have to start talking to him and something will come out of his mouth that will put a smile on your face.  After every inning good or bad he'll always be the first one coming over from the bench to pat you on back, and tell you good job.  Kenny doesn't have to get into full uniform for every game, but he does, his desire and love for the game is unbelievable and unlike any other player I've played with before.  Before every game he is the hypest player in the locker room and he carries that with him as he stands on the sideline cheering on his team and doing what ever it may take to help us win.
So I'm asking for you to please make an exception and pick Kenny "Kendo" Wlodarczyk for teammate of the year 2003.

Hey Ted,
I want to nominate Ken as teammate of the year. I think he has alot of heart to do what he does everyday for the team. He is out at every practice and never misses a game. Like one person put on his nomination Ken could just sit on the bench and sulk and make everyone feel bad for him. But that is the last thing on his mind. He is on that field everyday making sure that everyone has there head held up high. He keeps that team together with his leadership. All of these players that are being nominated are good leaders don't get me wrong. But Ken is doing this with an elbow injury. He is coming out to every game with his head high like he is in the lineup. I was at the game he hurt his elbow in. I had to do everything I could to keep from crying for him. He was mad but he still had his head held high and wanted to stay by his team. I think the reason why he was mad when he got hurt was because he had to leave the game and go to the hospital. But now he is at every game with his uniform on as if he was going to be hitting that mound. I could remember ever since freshman year all he wanted to do is hit that mound in the championship game. All he wanted to do was give his team and his school the Championship. Thats all he would say. Not I want the Championship or I'm going to win the Championship, but we are going to win the Championship. Like someone else said, in his interviews he gives everyone else the credit. In my mind and in alot of other peoples minds that is a true teammate of the year. Ken is the heart and soul of Northeasr Baseball. If Ken does not win this. We all know that in our hearts he is the Best Teammate of the Year.
We Love you Kendo,

You are you GREATEST,
Good Luck.

   hey ted, i just wanted to write in and nominate ken for best teammate..ken is one of a kind . i have played with him for the last four years and have nothing but positive thoughts. weve been through alot and with last year we both had great aspirations for this year but to be wrecked on that one pitch that day... he is a great teammate and a great friend, hes been there all year not able to play but everytime i go on the field hes out there with me.. he keeps the team up and alive and is no doubt the BEST  teammate.....
-- steve sandberg northeast # 22

Dear Mr. Silary,
My nomination has to go to the heart of the Vikings Ken Wlodarczyk. Ever since his season ending injury he has been at every game and practice. Not alot of kids do that, they think oh well I'm done for the season why should I show up anymore? But Ken never says that. He is always there no matter rain or shine he is always ther for his team. Ken is always there to pick his teammates up when they are down. I heard about the game against Washington, you know the one that went some 4 houres long. Ken kept every player in the game and made sure that they didn't put there heads down. He is always talking about how the team deserves the championship this year because of all they went through with people quiting and people getting kicked off the team. But not once did he ever mention himself. He is all about the team. He will never put himself before his team. Ken loves the team and loves the game. He wants the championship more for the team than himself. Ken has touched the he! arts of people all over with the way he is going to every game and cheering his team on. So if anyone in the league deserves teammate of the year. It is Ken Wlodarczyk.
Good luck Kendo,

dear ted,
  hi...this is jasmine...the other twin and the 2nd of 3 northeast managers. i would like to nominate ken wlodarcyzk for best teammate of 2003. i know im just a manager...but ive been doing this for 3 years and i can honestly say that i can see a good teammate. and i must say that within these 3 years, ive never seen a better teammate than ken. it hurt me so much that day of his injury. and you could see the hurt in his eyes. he held it in for the team and cheered us on and kept high spirits for everyone. and since then, he has been to all of the practices, has suited up for all of our games, and leads the team for warm-ups to make sure his team is well prepared for their upcoming game. he is also very respectful  to everyone and keeps his calm as best as he can when necessary.  even before that...he represented himself as the wonderful team leader that he is, and still does, why? because in my eyes and heart (and SO many others) he is our teammate of the year. and in my opinion, he should be picked by you as well.
thank you
jasmine (NE Varsity Baseball 2003)

How you doin Ted
       I would like to nomiminate Ken Wlodarczyk as teamate of the year. This year he had a season ending injury but he still makes every practice and he is still the team captian. Ken has been loyal to the NEHS baseball team though he cant play. He is stuck watching from the bench, where every sports player HATES to be. No matter what, hes there supporting HIS team, I think if it wasnt for the loyalty and support ken has for this team, they woudl no be compeating for the public league champs. Kens season was stolen by injury, he deserves this award more than anyone else, Thanks.
-- Paul M. NEHS #1 162 your the man Ken

Hey Ted ,
It is my honor to nominate Ken Wlodarczyk as Best Teammate of 2003. He lives for baseball and it shows. He is, by far, the best team player i have ever seen. He is always cheering his team on and telling them to keep their heads up and become motivated. Sportsmanship is his middle name; therefore, he desevrves the Best Teammate of 2003.
-- Rob

  Ted, when I became a member of the Northeast Vikings baseball team, I was really nervous. I'd take infield practice and worry about missing a ball and forcing throws. And this got me down on myself and took me out of my game. Everytime when he knew I got down on myself Ken Wlodarczyk would be right there saying "shake that off kid," or "dont worry about it."
    As a player, naturally I love the game, just as everyplayer. But if you try to measure  Kennys love for the game or his heart towards the team its impossible. Everyone knows that when Kenny went down the Vikings hearts sank to our toes. Losing him might of made us question who were as a team, but Ken wouldnt let us do that. He inspires the team to play as a team. Not once has he ever let any player sit on the bench. Everyone has to be up rooting on our teamates. 
    Kenny is the first person you see coming from the field and the loudest person you hear screaming from the bench. Ken Wlodarczyk defines leadership and he also defines what the title "Best Teamate" is all about.

Hey Ted,
     I just wanna nominate big Ken Wlodarczyk for teammate of the year. The kid is amazing. He had everything to look forward to his senior year. Everything was pointing towards a huge season... but it just wasn't to be. After that one pitch, HE was done, HIS whole year down the drain. But he knew just because HE was done, his TEAM wasn't. Hes been at everygame, watching every game, cheering every game. And now hes cheered them all the way to the championship! Go NE!!!!!!!!!
-- Itcha boy Jay D

  It is very rare too find a young man who's
senior baseball season is taken from him due too serious injury,
participate, encourage, captain, and lead by example his baseball
team.  Kenny has done all of these things.. He has been an
inspiration not only to his teammates, but to those that have
supported him as well..I have found being part of Kenny's difficult
season has strengthened him not only as a ballplayer, but a fine
young man as well.  I nominate him for teammate of the year without
question because of his total committment to the Vikings.   He has
never waivered in his appreciation for the game, as well as his
teammates..I only hope that others will follow Kenny as an example as
a true team leader..Funny thing..When I looked up in the dictionary
the definition of teammate....I saw Kenny's picture...Have a great
summer Ted..
-- Dennis Weiner

Hey Ted!!!
  Its Hilary 1/3 of NE's managers. i know im only a manger but i just had to say that Ken "Kendo" Wlodarczyk  is the BEST !! He deserves to be teamate of the year. Na u know skrew that, he is the best teamate in the whole league an he dont need an award to prove that. I been reading the other nominations an ok these other guys are alright but they aint no Kendo. Everybody knows about what happened to his elbo and why he cant play but not everybody knows why he still goes to every practice an suits up for every game even though he's done for the season an its hard to believe that they even have to question it. We've had guys quit because they werent playing and then we have Kendo who couldnt play but yet he never once thought about leaving. The day Ken told us he was done for the season it was so0o heartbreaking. He told me how he felt like he let the team down and he felt there was no point to his life anymore he said without baseball what is he. Off the field he was so down but he NEVER let anyone see that he was hurting. He didnt want anyone to feel bad for him and he wanted to do all he could to keep his team's hopes up. The team has gone through alot this year with loseing Kamil, havin guys quit, and the worst Ken's injury.But through it all Ken stayed stronge kept his head up an kept the team up.
I LOVE U KENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Even if u dont win sweethart (which we all know u will) To EVERYBODY u r the best teamate of the year!!!  <3 Hil

Dear Ted,
  This year as a sophmore I've seen players become ineligible due to grades; quitters, new comers, and more injuries then I've ever seen during a baseball season.  But there's one player that kept his grades up, got hurt, didn't quit on the team and even fulfilled his role as captain. I'd like to nominate Kenny "Kendo"  Wlodarczyk for best teammate 2003.  He started the season beautifully against Central at home but early in the game our starting pitcher/captain went down due to an injury to his forearm.  Kenny had to have surgery in his right arm and would be out for the rest of the season.  He's been a great leader showing me different techniques in the field at third base and also gave pointers to other players on the team.  Kendo has fought through this tough time for him on the sideline cheering and has taken every! second of this season so seriously like he could smell the championship since day one.  If he couldn't help the team on the field with his arms and legs he helped them with his voice of leadership from the bench.  When someone was having a bad game he would always pick them up with his words.  If anyone deserves this award this year no one deserves it like my teammate and friend Ken Wlodarczyk.
Thanks alot Mr. Silary
Chris Steinke Northeast 3rd Baseman #29

For KEVIN MAGARITY, La Salle Football

   I believe Kevin Magarity is the best teammate of 2003.  Kev is not what you would call a star but hes the type of kid who gets the job done.  Kev Magarity was mainly used as a blocking back and played a lil on defense but he would do whatever we needed.  He was quite the role player.  He isnt a really loud kid either; he leads by example and always gives his best effort.  He's the type of player thats essential to a teams atmosphere but people dont really recognize it because hes so quiet.  However, his intensity on the field kept us all sharp and focused at practice.  He never slacks off and sellouts no matter what the drill.   All around hes just a nice kid and he deserves this award.

For BILLY COLES, of Washington baseball

Hey Ted,
  I'm Eric Seidman, 1B/P of the Washington Eagles, and I would like to nominate Billy Coles for teammate of the year.  Billy is our starting catcher and although he isn't the absolute greatest player in the galaxy, you will not find somebody with more heart then him.  He had no at bats this year, because we DH'd for him, and despite dicouraged over the fact, I have never seen anyone work harder practice after practice at his hitting.  Before every game, our captain Dennis Massott usually gives us a speech to fire us up, but, it is also Billy's persistent efforts that give us somethin to play for.  In my opinion he is the Teammate of the year.

Billy coles More  Heart than anyone I know. If it was not for bill coles we
might not be where we are right now. Billy has always been their  for me and
Everyone, when other people are  putting them self's   down or putting
someone down bill is right their to talk to them.  Bill might not be the
best Baseball player  but he sure has the mind  of one. Bill coles  would do
anything  for anyone on that  team. when everyone gets  quit on the side
lines  He is the voice i always hear. When we come out to go to practice 
everything is always set up already  and done so we don't have to do it all
thanx to billy  coles. If more people where like   bill we would be in great
shape so Team mate of the year  should definitely go to Bill coles  of
Washington Baseball
-- Harry Parfitt III

For MIKE LORENTSON, of Malvern baseball

   The teammate of the year award should go to Mike Lorentson of the Malvern
Prep Friars.  Even though he may not have been known as a pitcher with dominant
stuff until this year, he always has the bench loose and ready to go play. 
When he's not pitching out on the mound he is keepin the team loose with jokes
and words of encouragement.  Even though the Malvern Prep Friars had a
dissapointing year, he shined posting a 5-2 record with two other games that should
have been W's and one hard-luck loss.  Those hard-luck losses didn't put a damper
on his attitude and he always gave his all out there on the mound.  What
makes him the Teammate of the Year is that even in the face of adversity, he
performed under pressure and always came through for the Friars.  Going into the
season he was going to be the 3rd pitcher in the rotation, but due to confusion
in the lineup he stepped up as the ace and carried the team.   I know you may
think he had a lucky season but his dedication in the off-season is what helped
him be the pitcher he is today.  As a freshman getting time at Varsity, he
was the first one to congratulate me when I got my first hit, and the first one
to tell me that I could do well at this level and contribute.   Without those
words of wisdom I don't think I would have done what I did.   Mike Lorentson is
the best teammate out there!

For JOHNNY ODOM, of Roman football

   For Best Teammate 2003 I would like to nominate Johnny Odom from Roman Catholic High School, Johnny didnt have the most natural talent on our teammate but he definetly had heart which i belive means more than anything. Johnny was on our scout team for the last two years playing against me at noseguard and preparing me for the games for the last two years also, he took a lot of bumps and brusies and caught tons of my frustration but never going easy on me and playing scout team like it was the super bowl. I no it wasnt easy for him even playing on this team because he often went to work right after practice then from work to look after his younger siblings while his parents were at work, i dont belive i could of pulled off this and for that matter most people cant. Johnny led the sideline cheering section all year always screaming always louder then everyone else. Johnnys hardwork finally payed off when Coach Murph gave him the start for the thanksgiving game and did a helluva job recording bout 3 or 4 tackles. It was such a privilage playing with him for the last couple of years and he is the definiton of teammate never looking for any spot light just having fun playing football i dont know if he knows this but roman catholic APPRECIATES you johnny odom even if you dont get this award you were a prime example on how a teammate should be Kudos to you buddy. Hopefully you will be choosen for BEST TEAMMATE 2003!
-- Tom Sugden, Roman FB

For JIMMY PORRECA, of Neumann FB/hockey/baseball

I hope coaches can nominate players/teammates. If I can add my 2 cents in this discussion, I would like to nominate Jimmy Porreca. Jimmy was not only a standout 2 way player on the football team this year, but was also an outstanding power hitting 1st baseman for the baseball team. He also made time to be a bruising forward for the ice hockey team. Jimmy was an inspiration to all. He lost a whole year of sports due to a torn ACL in the opening football game of his junior season.In twenty years of coaching in the PCL, Jimmy is one of my favorite people I have been around. He will make a great coach after his career is over.

Jimmy Porrecca should win because he is the mannn. ~~Harrigan 56 

For MIKE DEVINE, of Ryan basketball

   Mike Devine is a great teamate, he always keeps things going and makes everyone laugh.  When there is a serious moment he will make light out of the situation and to keep everyone.  He is also a very talented soccer and basketball player and he is my friend.  Mike Devine all the way.
-- J.C. '04