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 Observations, notes, etc., on games I've seen during
the 2015-16 season . . . Plus some Tedbits.

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  To all scorekeepers: PLEASE try to make sure that correct info on scoring is called into the Score Service (215-854-4570). Generally, it's better when the winning team calls in the results. That way the papers receive info to explain HOW the game was won because representatives of the winning team will usually be in a better mood (just human nature) to provide extra details such as rebounds, assists, etc., or the identity of someone who maybe hit a winning shot. Thank you.

JAN. 31
For the moment, for the sixth time, at least three Catholic/Inter-Ac players boast overall scoring averages of at least 20 points. Just once, in the 2001-02 season, have more than three CL/I-A guys averaged 20 or more. Six did so that year. This year, Malvern's Will Powers is right on the doorstep at 19.5. For now, Episcopal jr. Nick Alikakos owns the top CL/I-A average in this century at 24.5.

Years in This Century When at Least Three CL/I-Ac Guys
Have Averaged a Minimum of 20 Points Per Game
Year/Name School G Pts Avg
Terrence Mack Episcopal 26 576 22.2
*Matt Walsh Gtn. Academy 30 626 20.9
Mike Spadafora Wood 24 489 20.4
Charron Fisher Roman 25 582 23.3
*Matt Walsh Gtn. Academy 29 650 22.4
Andrew Holland Conwell-Egan 25 542 21.7
Ryan Rich Kennedy-Kenrick 25 528 21.1
Cameron Youngblood Haver. School 25 528 21.1
Rob Sullivan La Salle 18 365 20.3
*Sean Singletary Penn Charter 27 617 22.9
Charron Fisher Roman 28 609 21.8
Marshall Taylor West Catholic 26 520 20.0
Jeff Jones Bonner 26 569 21.9
*Wayne Ellington Episcopal 30 657 21.9
*Gerald Henderson Episcopal 31 667 21.5
Chris Clover SJ Prep 23 503 21.9
Ja'Quan Newton Neumann-Goretti 31 670 21.6
Tyrell Long McDevitt 25 537 21.5
Nick Alikakos Episcopal 19 465 24.5
Ryan Daly Carroll 19 414 21.8
Devon Goodman Gtn. Academy 23 476 20.7
*-advanced to NBA        

JAN. 30
Penn Charter 60, Cristo Rey 45

  Tired? Who's tired? Lacking focus? Who's lacking focus? Not PC! Playing for the third time in four days, the Quakers rolled to an easy victory. Admittedly, CR is far from a powerhouse. The relatively new school, located on Broad Street just a short distance south of Central High's football field (and the starting point for The Broad Street Run), has seniors for the first time this year and coach Guy Moore, formerly the head coach at North Catholic (final year of existence in 2010; succeeded current PC assistant Mike McCarron) and West Catholic (the next three years), is still trying to build the program. Even taking the Blue Pride's neophyte status into consideration, the Quakers had one big reason to feel good after this one: How well they shared the ball. At times, the pill was damn near talking as it zipped from guy to guy to guy, and no one was coming close to being selfish. Seven of the team's first eight baskets were scored off assists and that trend continued . . . 17 of 22 (77 percent) for the game. PC rolled to a 13-1 lead and, over time, CR was not completely dusted because PC boss Jim "Flipper" Phillips substituted with major compassion, especially after his squad scored 40 of the game's first 62 points. Only soph WG Mason Williams scored in double digits, draining five treys en route to 21 points. He also snatched seven rebounds. Jr. WG Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky was also prominent early in the third quarter, posting three apiece of rebounds/assists in the first 3:26. In the fourth quarter, frosh WG Ryan "Poochie/Pooch" Holmes totaled five points, four boards and two assists while soph G Owen Pighini absolutely snatched four rebounds. Jalil Moseley led Cristo Rey with 22 points. He hit three treys and had a very quick release. He'd be just standing there, holding the ball and looking around and, zoom, there it would be, passing through the net. Aside from Guy Moore, it was nice to see CR's junior varsity coach, Gerald "Moosha" Redding. He was a third team All-City honoree for Frankford in 1999, then starred at Millersville. His cousin, Reggie Redding, was a first-teamer for St. Joe's Prep, then played at Villanova and is now a pro in Turkey. One of the refs in the varsity game (I was also on hand for the two preliminaries) was Tom Coia. His deceased distant cousin, Angelo Coia, advanced from Northeast to the NFL and was mentioned earlier this week in a Tedbit about the longest NFL/AFL TDs ever scored by Public/Catholic/Inter-Ac guys. His longest was an 80-yarder, the same distance racked up by Roman product Marvin Harrison. His son, also named Marvin, plays for PC's middle school hoops varsity. (Yes, he also plays football.)

JAN. 30
Lansdale Catholic has not experienced much basketball fun since the school was strong-armed by the Archdiocese -- VERY much against its will -- into joining the Catholic League for the 2008-09 school year. The Crusaders are 23-84 in CL regular season play and have won by more than 15 points just three times. Also,  they have captured two consecutive wins just twice. The details are below. The wins in 2012-13 ended the regular season. Three games remain in the 2015-16 season -- at Wood, home with Carroll, at Ryan -- and another win will be extremely difficult to notch. Anyway, congrats to first-year coach Joe Corbett and his players for pulling off this  double-win feat.

Lansdale Catholic's Two-Game CL Winning Streaks
Year/Dates/Opponents Score Leading Scorer Pts
2013 (2/8 & 2/10)      
West Catholic 58-42 Andrew Riviello 17
Conwell-Egan 50-47 Andrew Riviello 19
2016 (1/27 & 1/29)      
McDevitt 58-54 (OT) Dan Modestine 14
Bonner-Prendergast 51-50 Tyler Grant 12

JAN. 29
Malvern 65, Penn Charter 61

  Paul Westhead. That name likely means nothing to most (all?) the young bucks reading this report. But it rings many bells for the old heads and I thought about him often during tonight's first half. In the 1990 college basketball season, Loyola Marymount (Calif.) flew up and down the court again and again while averaging -- hold on to your hat -- 122.4 points a game. Paul Westhead was the Lions' coach and would you care to guess where he played his high school ball? The answer: Malvern. And he played it well, earning first team coaches' All-Inter-Ac honors in 1957. Malvern's current coach, John Harmatuk, also favors the let's-fly style and the first half was quite the entertainment festival, with Malvern winding up on top, 39-34, thanks mostly to 8-for-19 shooting from behind the arc. Many spectators were likely thinking, "No way the second half will be as crazy as the first." Right, they were. But that's not to say the game lost its appeal. Not even close. This one was quite the sweetheart throughout and the Friars managed to ultimately own it thanks to a 7-2 advantage over the final 3:16. At that moment, PC claimed its first lead, at 59-58, thanks to a three-point play by jr. G Dylan Burnett off a wonderful pass from jr. PG Adam Holland. The play drew the night's biggest reaction as PC's rooters, students and adults alike, went absolutely berserk. Alas, that momentum could not be sustained. PC did not score again until 6.6 seconds remained and attempting a two-point shot with so little time remaining was not a correct decision because the deficit stood at six points. Hey, it happens. Sometimes guys lose their bearings in the heat of the moment. Malvern's biggie was a three-point play by star sr. WG Will Powers with 42.1 on the clock. Just two days earlier, Powers reached 1,000 career points. In this one, though, he was largely ineffective thanks to strong defense by jr. G Mason Williams (most of the time) and sr. G Jake McCain (some of the time). But with Malvern really needing a big play, Powers made a hard burst to the hoop and got hammered on his release. He threw up a prayer. Ah, but it was a well-pondered prayer. Though he was turned sideways off the bump, he perfectly figured what he needed from that angle in terms of loft/touch and, wouldn't you know it, banked the ball in off the glass. He then added the free throw for a 62-59 lead. PC missed shots on its next two possessions while Malvern countered with three of four free throws for 65-61 arithmetic at 13.1. Malvern's scoring was about as balanced as you'll ever see. Sr. C Mike Hollingsworth had 16 points (7-for-11 floor), but five other guys scored from nine to 11. Soph WG O'Shaan Allison, a lefty and already a star running back, had 11 points and drained three treys. This was my first look at him. He was ill when the teams met earlier this month. I also liked the aggressiveness shown by sr. G Mike Narzikul, who never hesitated to take it to the Quakers with frisky penetration. Four Q's scored in double digits and another came close. Sr. F Harrison Williams led the way with 15 points. Behind him were Mason Williams (14), Burnett (11), jr. G Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky (10) and Holland (eight). With nine boards, two steals and two blocks, Burnett was back in whirlwind mode. H. Williams and Hnatkowsky halved 10 boards while Holland/Hnatkowsky halved eight dimes. Tonight was Senior Night for PC -- McCain, H. Williams, G Michael Berk, F Evan Ferrell and Sean Foley (injured all season). The first four started along with Holland and Malvern rolled to a 10-2 lead in the first 3:21. Luckily for PC, a little-by-little comeback took place. Among the PC supporters were Mary Jane and Frank McGlinchey. Mary Jane, a junior, plays for the varsity girls squad. Frank (OPC '15) is now doing a post-grad year at Hill School and will head to Franklin & Marshall from there. You might be aware of their cousin. Some guy named Matt Ryan. Plays QB somewhere? In a league that pays its players? Something like that (smile). Today's first stop was the wrestling room for PC's varsity vs. an impressive team from Haverford School. The pic set also includes the fourth quarter of the JV hoops tilt vs. Malvern. Tomorrow, PC hosts Cristo Rey, a new school right down Broad Street from Central High's football field, so that'll be the third game in four days.

JAN. 29
In city leagues history, two father-son combos have reached 1,000 career points. Are we on the doorstep of welcoming combo No. 3? As of this morning, Carroll senior Ryan Daly owns 798 points. He is averaging 21.8 and the Patriots have four league games remaining. In the PIAA era, which started in the 2008-09 season (and saw Carroll win the AAA state championship), the Patriots have averaged just under seven postseason games per year, counting CL, City Title and state games. So . . . let's say Carroll plays 11 more games and Daly, a Hartford commit, averages 22 points. Bingo, he finishes with 1,040. In 1988, Ryan's dad, Brian, finished with 1,253 points after leading Bonner to the CL championship. He was also the Daily News City Player of the Year. The other father-son combos are Anthony and Tony Chennault, and Maurice "Mo" and Ashley Howard. Ashley played for SJ Prep, his dad's alma mater, through his junior season, then transferred to Bonner.
  Other notable father-son combos, as they come to me: In 1969, Tom Ingelsby (O'Hara) was the Markward Club's top senior. In '97, his son, Martin Ingelsby (Carroll), won that honor . . . In 1987, Doug Overton (Dobbins) was the MC's top senior. In 2013, his son, Miles Overton, was a third team All-City selection for SJ Prep . . . In 1973, Roxborough's John "Chubby" Cox was the MC's top Public League senior. In 1999, his son, John Cox, was the MC's overall winner . . . In 1934, Roman's Matt Guokas was a first team coaches' All-Catholic honoree. In 1962, his son, Matt Guokas was the MC's overall winner for SJ Prep. In 1988, his son, Matt Guokas, was a first team All-Inter-Ac honoree for Penn Charter . . . In 1991, Gratz' Levan Alston was a second team All-City honoree. In 2015, his son, Levan "Shawn" Alston, was the MC's top Inter-Ac League senior . . . In 1976, Overbrook's Mike Blackshear was a second team All-City honoree. In 2002, his son, Micheal Blackshear, was a second team All-City honoree for Gratz . . . In 1974, Roman's John Griffin was a third team All-City honoree for Roman. In 2004, his son, John Griffin, was a second team All-City honoree for SJ Prep. In 2007, another son, Matt Griffin, was a third team All-City honoree for SJ Prep . . In 1986, Southern's Marshall Taylor was a third team All-City honoree. In 2004, his son, Marshall Taylor, was a second team All-City honoree for West Catholic . . . In 1986, Roxborough's Sean Lloyd was a second team coaches' All-Public honoree. In 2014, his son, Sean Lloyd, was a second team All-City honoree for Imhotep . . . In 1988, Franklin Learning Center's Mike Terry was a second team coaches' All-Public honoree. In 2010, his son, Mike Terry, was a third team All-City honoree for North Catholic . . . In 1992, West Philly's Joe Newton was a second team coaches' All-Public honoree. In 2014, his son, Ja'Quan Newton, was the MC's overall winner in 2014 . . . In 1971, Edison's Jim Roundtree was a second team coaches' All-Public honoree. In 2003, his son, Troy Roundtree, was a third team All-City honoree for Northeast . . . In 1943, Roman's Joe Rogers was the leading votegetter on the coaches' All-Catholic team. In 1973, his son, Joe Rogers, was a second team All-City honoree for Carroll . . . In 1941, Bartram's Jerry Rullo was a second team coaches' All-Public honoree. In 1989, his son, Jim Rullo, was the MC's top Inter-Ac League senior for Malvern . . . In 1963, SJ Prep's Vince Curran was a second team coaches' All-Catholic honoree. In 1987, his son, Vince Curran, was the MC's top Catholic League senior for SJ Prep. If you can think of other notable combos (with at least one having earned All-City or Markward Club honors, and the other having earned at least all-league honors), let me know at tedtee307@yahoo.com. Thanks!

Name School/Year Points
Anthony Chennault Frankford '81 1,026
Tony Chennault Neumann-Goretti '10 1,621
*Maurice "Mo" Howard SJ Prep '72 #1,296
Ashley Howard SJP/Bonner '99 1,254
Brian Daly Bonner '88 1,253
Ryan Daly Carroll '16 798
*-advanced to NBA
#-estimate based on several factors

JAN. 28
In today's high school world, many athletes limit themselves to one sport. And then you have what we like to call The Greater Loughery Family. In this century, seven members have attended Penn Charter. Basketball has been a secondary sport for all, but all have played through senior year and many have been primary contributors. John Loughery's dad, also named John, was a quarterback for Penn Charter and Boston College. The other guys are sons of his sisters. Jake McCain is now a senior, but this run is not about to end. There are four more boys in The Greater Loughery Family and it's likely most/all will attend PC. There is only one girl in the clan. Mary Jane McGlinchey, a junior sub, is a first-year member of PC's varsity, and here's hoping she barges her way onto the list below before the end of the season (smile). Matt Ryan is the Atlanta Falcons' quarterback. Mike McGlinchey is a starting offensive lineman for Notre Dame. John Loughery was a backup QB this past season for Temple. John Ryan played QB at Brown. Pat McCain is a freshman at Dickinson while Frank McGlinchey is doing a post-grad year at Hill School. Together, the seven members of TGLF have scored 2,282 points overall and 858 in Inter-Ac play. (The oldest Ryan brother, Mike, was a QB at Malvern in the late '90s. Sam McCain, brother of Pat and Jake, played football at Archbishop Wood.) In this century, as noted in a football Tedbit first posted in October, the seven PC members of TGLF (and Sam) have accounted for 14,777 yards and 124 TDs.
  UPDATE: On Feb. 5, in the fourth quarter of a game at Agnes Irwin, junior Mary Jane McGlinchey, sister of Mike and Frank, drilled a three-point shot to score her first varsity points. Her name has been added to the list below and the totals for cousin Jake McCain have been updated. The next bit of research will have to be done WITHIN the family. As in . . . Is Mary Jane the first member of the Greater Loughery family to score her first varsity points via a trey? She's hoping! (smile).
  FINAL UPDATE THROUGH 2015-16 SEASON: The numbers for Jake and Mary Jane -- and the overall totals -- have been finalized.

Name I-A Over.
Matt Ryan    
2001 59 111
2002 115 287
2003 114 284
  288 682
John Ryan    
2008 11 15
2009 11 31
  22 46
John Loughery  
2010 25 80
2011 19 96
  44 176
Mike McGlinchey  
2010 46 81
2011 47 217
2012 104 289
2013 111 275
  308 862
Pat McCain    
2014 19 54
2015 105 237
  124 291
Frank McGlinchey
2014 2 2
2015 9 21
  11 23
Jake McCain    
2015 38 156
2016 42 71
  80 227
Mary Jane McGlinchey
2016 3 3
  3 3
Totals 880 2,310


JAN. 27
Episcopal Academy 47, Penn Charter 39
  You've all seen games like this: Team A maintains a narrow lead throughout and you think to yourself, "Team B is gonna pull this out at the end. Maybe even on a last shot." And then we had today's situation at PC. Episcopal led and led and led, though never by much, and down the stretch . . . PC could provide no miracles. Primarily, EA won because it sniped 10-for-10 at the line in the final 1:37 -- four double-bonus situations and a one-and-one -- after jr. PG Adam Holland drained a left-wing trey to draw PC within 37-34. The marksmanship was provided jr. G Conner Delaney (6-for-6) and sr. G Matt Woods (4-for-4). Almost all shots produced perfect swishes, too. Beforehand, neither guy had attempted a free throw all game, so major props for the cool-as-a-cucumber displays. Entering this one, the Quakers had to think they were sittin' pretty because, in effect, this was their second home game vs. EA. The first meeting had taken place in the I-A's opening tripleheader, right up School House Lane at Philadelphia University. PC pulled off an upset in that one, so EA definitely arrived today with plenty of motivation. Overall, we'll go with jr. G Jermaine Rhoden as EA's primary hero. Wait, didn't he contribute just four points? True. But he played great defense on soph WG Mason Williams and was mainly responsible to holding him to eight points (and nine shots from the floor). Jr. F Nick Alikakos (14) and Delaney (10) reached double figures and Woods (nine) came close. As you may remember, Woods, a competent mad bomber, posted no points (0-for-6 from floor) in the teams' first meeting mainly due to jr. G Dylan Burnett. Today? Woods owned three points just 26 seconds into the game. However, he scored no more points through the third quarter (0-for-4) as Burnett again counted cavities. He did nail a right baseline jumper with 5:34 remaining to provide a 32-29 lead to again create a hint of distance after PC had drawn close. One of those days. Especially in the first half, PC experienced a case of Bad Hands Disease. Most of the Quakers' turnovers resulted from fumbles over the baseline. Thanks to seven points (also two assists) in the fourth quarter, Holland finished with 10 points. No one claimed more than three rebounds (among 14 total) while the totals for assists and steals were five/five. Though this game was obviously low-scoring, it didn't hurt the eyes too much. The teams went at it hard and it seemed, to me at least, like a game with a score in the 60s and 50s, not 40s and 30s. However, there were almost no fast breaks. It was great to see EA coach Craig Conlin (I've known the family since the early '70s) and his assistants, Jon Kelsey, Tom Kossuth, Woody Burke and Tim Ivory. Woody is also a fast friend of the famous Thomas "Hockey Puck" McKenna and he, too, received a text shortly before gametime providing news that Puck had been moved from intensive care to a regular room! The day's best moment, by far! Journalists on hand for this one and/or the second half of the doubleheader (PC's girls beat Notre Dame) included Aaron "Ace" Carter, Josh Verlin, John Knebels and Tom Utescher. Bill Gallagher, Ace's hoops coach at PC as well as the former football coach at PC and EA, was also in the house. Before the girls game, Tom Clark, a starting forward and third team All-Catholic honoree for Bonner's 1983 Catholic League champs, walked over to say hello. His daughter, Caitlyn, starts for Notre Dame and is primarily known for defensive lockdowns. Afterward, the handshake guy was Mike Purcell, a star guard (20.4 league average) for Haverford School in 1975. His daughter, Leanne, was a two-year starter for ND, but is out for her senior season due to a serious health issue. She is fighting the battle with major resolve. Best of luck, Leanne!

JAN. 27
Cue the Twilight Zone music . . . again. Three seasons ago, in a 73-41 victory over Lansdale Catholic, seven guys scored for La Salle in numerical order, from 12 points down to six. Last night, the Explorers lost to Carroll, 66-52, and all seven scorers were guys whose names can be found right in a row, alphabetically by surname, on the roster. This time, there were no other scorers. We'll also call this one a city record (until someone proves otherwise -- smile). And maybe athletic director Joe Parisi will take a picture of these guys, too! Click here for the 2013 page. And, yes, Amar and Jarrod Stukes are brothers.   

2013 Game     2016 Game  
Feb. 4     Jan. 26  
Lansdale W, 73-41   Carroll L, 66-52
Numerically     Alphabetically  
Malik Janifer 12   Konrad Kiszka 3
Steve Smith 11   Ryan McTamney 15
Pat Cooney 10   Matt Paulus 8
Amar Stukes 9   Allen Powell 2
Jon Naji 8   Dan Remolde 4
Ryan Winslow 7   Shane Stark 10
Alex Cuoci 6   Jarrod Stukes 10
Other Scorers        
Shawn Witherspoon 4      
Najee Walls 2      
Mick Barrett 2      
Jalen Herdsman 2      

JAN. 25
In yesterday's item, we noted that three guys had scored at least 20 points for Neumann-Goretti in Friday night's win over Carroll. Welllllll . . . something else was quite noteworthy about that victory. It was No. 700 all-time for N-G (originally Southeast Catholic, then Bishop and St. John Neumann before the merger with Goretti) in 81 seasons of Catholic League regular season play! Congrats to coach Carl Arrigale and the Saints (nee Pirates). N-G is averaging 8.6 wins per league season. Judge leads the pack at 9.7, followed by La Salle (9.1) and Roman (8.8).  

(nee S. Cath. & Bish./SN Neum.)  
Coach Years League
Johnny Oakes 1936-38 24-20
John "Jocko" McGarry 1939-45 83-27
Lou Fiorella 1946-47 16-12
Jack Kraft 1948-59 91-75
Jim Usilton Jr. 1960-62 16-26
Al DiGiacomo 1963-71 69-59
Jim Stinger 1972-80 63-71
Dave Duke 1981-85 31-37
Bob DiFlorio 1986-93 50-62
Mike Doyle 1994


Tom Dougherty 1995-98 33-23
Carl Arrigale 1999-15 217-28

JAN. 24
  While beating Carroll on Friday, 98-75, Neumann-Goretti pulled off a feat that had not been accomplished in a Catholic League game since 2004. What was it? A Triple Twenty. Yes, three guys scored at least 20 points. Zane Martin racked up 22 points while Rasheed Browne and Quade Green posted 20 apiece. (Plus, Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree came oh-so-close with 18. Meanwhile, Ryan Daly poured in 33 points for Carroll.) Early in league play in 2003-04, DeSean White (25), Shane Clark (21) and future NBAer Kyle Lowry (also 21) were part of a Triple Twenty for Dougherty in a win over Ryan. In the interim, there were eight-nine almosts before Friday night. N-G had two alone in the 2005-06 season. In Game No. 3, vs. Bonner, the numbers were 23 (Earl Pettis), 20 (Derrick "DJ" Rivera) and 18 (Rick Jackson). In Game No. 13 vs. Kennedy-Kenrick, they were 25 (Jackson), 24 (Rivera) and 19 (Pettis).

JAN. 23
Confirmation time again. If you saw the score of last night's Inter-Ac game between Germantown Academy and Malvern and suspected that an I-A game had not produced that many points in quite a while, you were correct. GA won, 88-84, and the 172-point total ranks No. 1 over the last 17 seasons (2000-16). Could it be the highest ever? Not sure I'll be able to nail that down, but an answer of "yes" would not surprise. Below are the top 10 totals over the last 17 seasons. Penn Charter's Zack and Sammy Zeglinski are brothers (and brother Joe is Ryan's first-year coach). GA's Matt Walsh and PC's Rob Kurz/Sean Singletary advanced to the NBA. And -- drum roll, please -- Kyle McCloskey's dad, Mike, played in the NFL. Oddly, four of the games listed below were part of the I-A's annual opening tripleheader.
  UPDATE: On Feb. 5, Haverford School beat Malvern, 93-86, to claim the top spot.. The Fords, who trailed by 20 points in the third quarter, received gigantic efforts from senior Jack Marshall, freshman Gavin Burke (24 points) and soph Kharon Randolph (21). The teams combined for 22 three-pointers. Malvern won that duel, 16-6.

Inter-Ac's Top 10 Highest Scoring Games, 2000-16
Date Year Winner Pts Loser Pts Total Winner's Leader Pts
Feb. 5 2016 Haver. School 93 Malvern 86 179 #see below 24
Jan. 22 2016 Gtn. Academy 88 Malvern 84 172 Kyle McCloskey 28
Jan. 18 2002 Penn Charter 92 Haver. School 68 160 Zack Zeglinski 35
Feb. 8 2002 Gtn. Academy 90 Haver. School 63 153 Matt Walsh 30
Jan. 6 2015 Episcopal 78 Malvern 75 153 *see below 28
Jan. 24 2003 Penn Charter 89 Malvern 63 152 Rob Kurz 26
Jan. 4 2003 Penn Charter 81 Gtn. Academy 69 150 Sean Singletary 30
Jan. 9 2010 Malvern 75 Gtn. Academy 72 147 DeQuann Walker 25
Feb. 10 2006 Penn Charter 81 Haver. School 65 146 Sammy Zeglinski 22
Jan. 30 2007 Gtn. Academy 74 Penn Charter 71 145 Kyle Griffin 21
Jan. 4 2014 Malvern 75 Penn Charter 70 145 Andy Pancoast 14
#-Jack Marshall and Gavin Burke scored 24 points apiece
*-Nick Alikakos and Mike Jolaoso scored 28 points apiece


Ray Baran 3 1-3 2 9
Will Powers 9 0-0 4 22
Billy Corcoran 6 2-2 2 16
Mike Narzikul 4 0-1 1 9
Brady Devereux 3 0-0 2 8
O'Shaan Allison 4 3-6 4 15
Mike Hollingsworth 2 0-0 0 4
Quinn McCahon 1 0-0 1 3
  Total 32 6-12 16 86
Jack Marshall 7 10-13 0 24
Gavin Burke 7 5-8 5 24
Micah Sims 1 3-4 1 6
Kharon Randolph 6 7-8 2 21
Asim Richards 3 2-4 0 8
Tommy McNamara 4 0-0 2 10
  Total 28 27-37 10 93
Malvern                                   22 - 29 - 20 - 15 -- 86
Haverford School                    20 - 19 - 25 - 29 -- 93

JAN. 22
Some guys wind up in fast company. And then you have Liam Shanahan and Jesse Turkson. They now find themselves in lightning-speed company. Shanahan and Turkson, who play for Julia Masterman, are just the second classmates in city leagues history to reach 1,000 points while still in their junior year. Shanahan reached 1,000 on Jan. 14 and now stands at 1,033. Turkson did so yesterday and his total is 1,002. The other duo to go the 1,000-as-juniors route? Episcopal Academy's Gerald Henderson and Wayne Ellington. Both advanced to the NBA after three college seasons and this is season No. 7. Gerald plays for Portland while Wayne can be found in Brooklyn. Their final totals at Episcopal were 2,059 for Gerald and 1,756 for Wayne. After the 11th grade, they owned 1,392 and 1,099 points, respectively. Below are all combos that graduated together and scored at least 1,000 points at the same school. Some guys listed below did score points at other schools before transferring to the school from which they graduated. Those other points are not included. There are two other NBA classmate combos: Rob Kurz and Sean Singletary (Penn Charter '04) and twins Marcus and Markieff Morris (Prep Charter '07)
  UPDATE: Roman's Bernard Jones and Marvin Harrison ('91) have been added. I missed them. Thanks to Tom Taylor!

1,000-Point Classmates
Maurice "Doo-Wop" Watson 2012 2,356
Carlos Taylor 2012 1,020
Ahmad "JR" Gilbert 2015 1,491
Kimar Williams 2015 1,245
*Greg "Bo" Kimble 1985 1,596
Eric "Hank" Gathers 1985 1,251
*Gerald Henderson 2006 2,059
*Wayne Ellington 2006 1,756
Jerome Allen 1991 1,027
Eric Moore 1991 1,008
Tom Catlett 1994 1,370
David Spady 1994 1,254
*Matt Walsh 2002 1,601
Lee Melchionni 2002 1,261
Otis Ellis 1985 1,421
Rick Williams 1985 1,358
Ryan Ayers 2005 1,370
Brian Grimes 2005 1,352
Nick Lindner 2013 1,234
Greg Dotson 2013 1,013
Kevin Benton 1990 1,293
Warren Hawthorne 1990 #1,130
Shawn Munford 1997 1,287
Corey Dickerson 1997 1,059
Liam Shanahan 2017 1,033+
Jesse Turkson 2017 1,002+
Antonio "Scoop" Jardine 2007 1,299
Rick Jackson 2007 1,239
Tony Chennault 2010 1,621
Danny Stewart 2010 1,038
Brett Storm 2000 1,398
Sean Knitter 2000 1,170
*Rob Kurz 2004 1,258
*Sean Singletary 2004 1,137
*Marcus Morris 2007 1,178
*Markieff Morris 2007 1,147
Bernard Jones 1991 1,633
#Marvin Harrison 1991 1,166
Shep Garner 2014 1,437
Rashann London 2014 1,103
Stephen Vasturia 2013 1,764
Miles Overton 2013 1,133
John Griffin 2004 1,488
Chris Clark 2004 1,239
Howard Evans 1984 1,341
Henry Smith 1984 1,139
*-advanced to NBA    
#-advanced to NFL    
#-best estimate based on assorted factors

JAN. 21
Here's guessing Justin Gans will never forget the non-league basketball game played last night by Bonner-Prendergast against visiting Parkway Center City. The length of the game was amazing enough; B-P won, 93-88, in four overtimes. This was even more outrageous: the 6-1 Gans, a junior, scored 26 points, 20 more than he'd ever scored in a varsity game. Assistant Bill Cassidy reports that Gans shot 3-for-5 on threes and 11-for-14 at the line. He also noted that varsity coach Jack Concannon is always asking the JV guys "who/when will somebody step up?" Bill added, "Justin Gans stepped up last night!! Great kid, too!! He got some (early) confidence and took off from there." Christian Lane (19) and Keith Washington (13) also scored in double digits. John Hargraves, Dylan Higgins, Michael Perretta (nine apiece) and Ryan Germany (seven) came close, so the Friars almost placed seven guys in double figures. According to information provided to Score Service, Perretta got fouled launching a trey with 0:00 showing in regulation and hit all three shots to force OT. And Lane went 6-for-6 at the line in OT. Earlier this season, Germantown Academy earned a 77-74, four-OT win over St. Vincent Pallotti (MD). Evan-Eric Longino (20), Devon Goodman (16), Bailey Whitman (14) and Kyle McCloskey (11) fueled that win . . . In case you're wondering, four OTs were played in the highest scoring game in city history. On Feb. 3, 1998, Washington beat West Philadelphia, 130-127, as Shannon Bussey (44) led the way. Derrick Johnson (34) topped West. . . In 1988, Frankford topped West Philly, 71-64, for the Pub title at Temple's McGonigle Hall. Both teams lost four starters to personal fouls. Frankford's ninth man, guard Jeffrey Mack, made a huge steal in the third OT, then made another in the fourth. The Pioneers took the lead for good, at 64-62, on Jason Warley's rebound basket with 2:34 left. Warley had 22 points and 23 rebounds. His brother, Carlin, a sophomore, had 16 points and 15 rebounds. For West, Mik Kilgore had 27 points and 10 rebounds . . . In the 1976-77 season, Chestnut Hill beat Haverford School, 29-28, in SIX overtimes. Quite the snoosefest (smile). No one scored in double figures. Four guys total -- two for each team -- managed to rack up eight points . . . On Jan. 21, 1977, Wood edged visiting North Catholic, 75-71, in FIVE overtimes. I covered that game, which ended just after 11 o'clock, in person for the ol' Philadelphia Bulletin. The Vikings scored the final four points thanks to Tom Robinson's right-wing jumper at 0:35 and Neil Collins' one-and-one conversion at 0:08. Three players for each team went the 47-minute distance (OTs were only three minutes back then). Five guys scored in double figures for Wood -- 20 for Robinson, 14 apiece for Collins, Tom Hanks and Gordy Miller, and 11 for Bernie Lajeunesse. Three did so for North -- 26 for Joe Schoen, 20 for John Regan and 12 for Leon Rysak. Robinson said after the game, "This is beautiful, but I hope it never happens again, even if the results are the same. Let's keep things to regulation."

JAN. 20
Penn Charter's 63-33 win over SCH Academy, racked up yesterday, was rather noteworthy. It was the first time the Quakers won by at least 25 points in 10 seasons and the third time they won by at least 30 points over the last 16 seasons. Seven games on the list below were played in the 2003 and '04 seasons, when the Quakers' stars were future NBAers Sean Singletary and Rob Kurz. Chris Kurz is Rob's brother. Sammy Zeglinski's brother, Joe, is Ryan's first-year coach. Brian Teuber's sister, Lindsay, is an assistant to PC's girls coach, Joe Maguire.
  UPDATE: The Quakers' 67-41 win over SCH Academy on Feb. 5 has been added.

Penn Charter's Inter-Ac Wins by at Least 25 Points, 2001-2016
Date Year PC Pts Opponent Pts Margin Leading Scorer Pts
Feb. 3 2004 Penn Charter 94 Chestnut Hill 45 49 Sean Singletary 25
Jan. 20 2004 Penn Charter 87 Haver. School 57 30 Sean Singletary 24
Jan. 19 2016 Penn Charter 63 SCH Academy 33 30 Mason Williams 18
Jan. 31 2006 Penn Charter 81 Gtn. Academy 52 29 Sammy Zeglinski 27
Jan. 20 2006 Penn Charter 66 Haver. School 37 29 Chris Kurz 16
Jan. 18 2005 Penn Charter 57 Haver. School 29 28 Brian Teuber 12
Jan. 24 2003 Penn Charter 89 Malvern 63 26 Rob Kurz 26
Feb. 4 2005 Penn Charter 71 Haver. School 45 26 Joe Rauchut 19
Feb. 5 2016 Penn Charter 67 SCH Academy 41 16 Harrison Williams 16
Jan. 21 2003 Penn Charter 76 Episcopal 51 25 Sean Singletary 25
Jan. 23 2004 Penn Charter 69 Episcopal 44 25 Rob Kurz 18
Feb. 10 2004 Penn Charter 69 Malvern 44 25 Rob Kurz 25
Jan. 16 2004 Penn Charter 64 Chestnut Hill 39 25 Sean Singletary 17

JAN. 19
Penn Charter 63, SCH Academy 33
  Maybe the best option for PC's basketball team is A REALLY Silent Afternoon (smile). No classes were held today, so I'm not sure even five students were in attendance for this late afternoon tilt. Instead of losing by 14 (see Friday's report for the "Silent" reference), the Quakers stormed to a 30-point win. Hmmmmmm. SCH is young and inexperienced, so a PC win did not surprise. The one-sidedness did, however. The Quakers won the first quarter, 13-8, then got two quick buckets by soph WG Mason Williams to start the second. Good looks and snappy passes made those happen and that was quite the theme today. PC finished with 14 assists while really making the basketball talk. A decent amount came off high-low or corner-close baseline feeds. Coach Jim "Flipper" Phillips undoubtedly had to be highly pleased with his players' awareness and unselfishness. Williams wound up scoring 18 points (two treys) and seizing seven rebounds. Two other Quakers deserve individual attention. Sr. F Evan Ferrell is almost always a starter, but today he was the fourth guy off the bench. He brought the right mindset into the fray and finished with nine rebounds. Frosh WG Ryan "Poochie" Holmes, a sub, filled up the stat sheet with 12 points (two steals), four boards, two assists and four steals. Holmes also had the play of his young varsity life. In the fourth quarter, he made a steal at roughly three-quarters court, used a behind-the-back dribble to get away from the guy he'd just victimized, roared to the other end, pogo-sticked upward and . . . uncorked a slam!! The bench guys unleashed major joy. In PC's long hoops history, I wonder how many ninth-graders have ever thrown down a slam? Especially a non-frontcourt player? (Holmes is listed at 6-2.) This was truly cool! Shortly thereafter, Holmes fed sr. F Harrison Williams for a layup that enabled PC to double the score, at 60-30. Today was also noteworthy for soph F Ryan Dickson. In his varsity debut, Dickson snagged an offensive rebound with three minutes left. Meanwhile, the Moron of the Year Award has already been claimed by the person who ordered SCH's away uniforms. The primary color is light blue. The numbers are also light blue. The numbers are thinly outlined. Not well enough to get the job done. Brutal. I didn't track the Blue Devils' points. For now, the Runnerup Moron of the Year is . . . me. I used a different memory card to shoot pics of the girls game vs. Germantown Academy, but somehow misplaced it. I THOUGHT I placed it the left pocket of my pants. When I got home . . . not there. Ugh!! Maybe it's on the floor somewhere in PC's gym? Sorry, gals! Very frustrating. One of the pics was of PC girls assistant Colleen Magarity and her dad, GA assistant Joe Magarity. Colleen starred for GA. Joe was my teammate 53 seasons ago -- we lived close by (Joe's crew at 830, our crew at 914) on East Rittenhouse Street -- on the East Germantown Rams 12-and-under team. We came in second in the city. Not first. To this day, I remain devastated (smile).

JAN. 19

  Just because a guy is good enough in one sport to make the highest pro level doesn't mean he can't perform well in another. Below are top league scoring averages, over the previous 50 seasons, for Public/Catholic/Inter-Ac guys who wound up advancing to the NFL or MLB. The top spot, by far, goes to Roxborough's Walter "Buddy" Harris, who had a short stint in the majors as a righthanded pitcher. His dad, Bucky, coached hoops at Philadelphia Textile (now Philly U.) and then Penn Charter, and his brother, Billy, was a scoring machine at PC (top league average of 28.7 in '71; dad coached him only through the '69 season). Right below Buddy on the list below, five guys averaged 17 ppg. Of course, there were other NFL/MLB guys who also played hoops. If you think other guys deserve to be on this list, based on league scoring average, please let me know at tedtee307@yahoo.com. Thanks.  

Top Basketball Scoring Averages for Future NFL/MLB Guys, 1966-2015
Name School Sport Year G Pts Avg.
Walter "Buddy" Harris Roxborough MLB 1966 14 475 33.9
Uhuru "Joby" Hamiter Mastbaum NFL 1991 10 178 17.8
Ben Davis Malvern MLB 1995 10 174 17.4
Joe McEwing Egan MLB 1990 16 276 17.3
Dom Curry Washington NFL 2005 13 223 17.2
Marvin Harrison Roman NFL 1991 14 238 17.0
John Cappelletti Bonner NFL 1970 16 198 12.4
Mike Mayock Haver. School NFL 1976 10 117 11.7
Ryan Nassib Malvern NFL 2008 10 116 11.6
Matt Ryan Penn Charter  NFL *2002 10 115 11.5
Mike McCloskey Judge NFL 1979 15 169 11.3
Brent Grimes Northeast NFL 2001 16 167 10.4
Anthony Walters O'Hara MLB 2006 14 137 9.8
Don Clune O'Hara NFL 1970 15 141 9.4
Jim Cooper Dougherty NFL 1973 16 146 9.1
Phil Gosselin Malvern MLB 2007 9 64 7.1
Mark Gubicza Penn Charter MLB *1980 10 62 6.2
*-junior season            


JAN. 18

  Last Wednesday, the semi-retirement trail led to Penn Charter's Graham Athletic Center for photos of varsity/JV games involving the girls middle school basketball teams. The varsity was to play first and I was standing along the baseline near the gym's entrance, taking some pregame pics of PC's gals in the layup line. Soon, a guy was standing nearby, facing in the other direction and talking to some other people and I happened to notice his right leg was actually a prosthesis. Maybe a minute later, he removed his coat and . . . oh, my goodness, he was wearing a striped shirt! He was going to ref the game! As I learned later, the man was Bill Fahringer. He played multiple sports at Roxborough High ('77) and has long been involved in youth sports as a coach, official and administrator. According to a bio that appeared in the Roxborough Review, a local newspaper, in the fall of 2014, shortly before he was inducted into the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame by the Lou Cappiella Chapter, Bill suffered a severe work injury in 2006 and lost his leg to amputation in 2009. After a year of rehab, he received the prosthesis and, in time, made a triumphant return to officiating. It was fascinating to watch Bill work. He efficiently moved up and down the floor, never once stumbling or teetering, and was always in position. Plus, he worked well with his partner and displayed friendly interaction with the players. He also provided some entertainment. Each time there was a quick movement of the ball from one spot to another due, say, to a deflected pass, steal or crazy bounce off the rim, Bill would let loose with a low-volume "whoop" . . . kind of like Curly of "The Three Stooges." Ha, ha, ha. After the varsity game ended, Bill and his partner did not leave the gym. They sat down near the scorer's table. Hmmmm. Yes, they wound up working the JV game, as well! So, for roughly two hours, on one leg and one prosthesis, Bill Fahringer went up and down that court again and again and again. Of course, officiating a game is not like running in a 5K. There are all kinds of stops/starts and occasions where a guy has to quickly shuffle out of players' ways. Bill Fahringer did it all in flawless fashion. More than a few times, admittedly, I pointed the camera toward the players and mindlessly snapped away, while instead watching Bill perform his duties. Thanks for providing inspiration, Bill. And congrats on your wonderful comeback from such a difficult moment. Truly amazing.

Bill Fahringer


JAN. 17
Another suspicion turned out to be legit. After Episcopal topped Malvern by one point, at 70-69, on Friday night, I had the feeling, This might be the highest-scoring, one-point Inter-Ac game in a long time. It was. Below are details for all one-pointers in the last 15 seasons. This one won by 10 points and Episcopal junior Nick Alikakos notched 27 points to claim winner's-leading-scorer honors over fellow EA player Wayne Ellington (25), who's now in the NBA. There were no one-pointers in 2002, '03, '04, '06, '07, '11, '14 and '15. The most (four) occurred in '12.
  UPDATE: In its next game, Episcopal won by two points, 58-56, over Germantown Academy. Only one other team listed below did that. In 2005, after beating Chestnut Hill, 43-42, Haverford School won its next game by 33-31 over Malvern. 

One-Point Inter-Ac Games Over the Last 15 Seasons
Date Year Winner Pts Loser Pts Leading Scorer Pts
Jan. 15 2016 Episcopal 70 Malvern 69 Nick Alikakos 27
Feb. 3 2012 Gtn. Academy 60 Haver. School 59 Nick Lindner 20
Feb. 11 2005 Malvern 55 Chestnut Hill 54 Matt Borgerson 17
Jan. 16 2009 Penn Charter 54 Episcopal 53 Dylan Moody 14
Jan. 14 2005 Episcopal 52 Gtn. Academy 51 Wayne Ellington 25
Jan. 13 2012 Malvern 47 Gtn. Academy 46 Steve Perpiglia 18
Feb. 9 2010 Chestnut Hill 46 Episcopal 45 Malik Garner 13
Jan. 28 2005 Haver. School 43 Chestnut Hill 42 Rory Perner 15
Jan. 15 2013 SCH Academy 42 Malvern 41 Drew Dowds 19
Feb. 3 2012 Penn Charter 41 Episcopal 40 *see below 12
Jan. 25 2013 SCH Academy 39 Penn Charter 38 Drew Dowds 14
Jan. 31 2012 SCH Academy 39 Episcopal 38 Malik Garner 14
Jan. 9 2009 Chestnut Hill 38 Gtn. Academy 37 #see below 13
Jan. 5 2008 Gtn. Academy 36 Malvern 35 Jeff Holton 12
*-Mike McGlinchey and John Moderski scored 12 points apiece
#-Todd Cramer and Gary Lawrence scored 13 points apiece

JAN. 16
Two unusual circumstances in Catholic League games played yesterday . . .
  As SJ Prep downed West Catholic, 77-58, sr. Temi Aiyegbusi scored as many points (26) as he'd scored in the Hawks' previous five CL games. In the others, his totals were 2, 5, 6, 4 and 9.
  As O'Hara fell to Bonner-Prendergast, 52-42, just three Lions managed to make an appearance in the scoring column. Zakee Griffin (20) and Jayelyn Peebles (17) were the mainstays while Martin Osayi notched five points. By the way, three scorers is not a CL record. In 1982, just two players scored for Carroll in a 46-41 win at the Prep. That game was played on Jan. 14, 1983, and I was there to see it. Rich Conboy , a senior guard, shot 10-for-20 from the field and 4-for-5 for 24. Manny Carlis, a junior forward-center, shot 9-for-15 and 4-for-6 for 22 . Four other players (including Mark Tassoni, who missed a one-and-one with 17 seconds left to clinch the freak occurrence) combined to shoot 0-for-12 from the floor and 0-for-2 from the line.
  Two scorers was not a national record.
  Nineteen years earlier, in Birmingham, Ala., a pumpin' fool named Walter Garrett scored all of West End's points in a 97-54 win over Glenn Vocational.

JAN. 15
Germantown Academy 64, Penn Charter 48

  After the first quarter ended, GA's student rooters, camped out in the northwest corner of PC's gym, turned toward PC's posse (northeast corner) and belted out "Silent Night." They weren't trying out for some TV singing contest. They were busting stones. Perhaps you've heard of the "Silent Night" tradition started a while back by the student fans of Taylor University, a small NAIA school in Upland, Indiana. The kids dress up in all kinds of outrageous costumes and remain completely quiet until their team scores its 10th point. Then they go berserk and, depending on the circumstances, remained juiced through the end of the game. One BIG problem: Taylor's 10th point doesn't always come quickly. And tonight, neither did PC's. In fact, GA frolicked through the first quarter, seizing a 21-7 lead, and PC didn't score point No. 10 until 6:05 remained in the second stanza. Points 10-11-12 came courtesy of a top-of-the-key trey by jr. PG Adam Holland off an assist from sr. F Harrison Williams. Yes, the explosion of emotion was impressive. Even more of a yes: It really stunk that the PC kids had to wait and wait and wait before they were able to start to have an impact on the game. Change the rule, somebody. Break the "silence" after the very first point! Waiting until 10 makes NO sense! (Just my thought. Yours can be different . . . and wrong. Smile.) Anyway, the early part of this game was much like Tuesday's at Malvern. The Quakers shot poorly and were burned in transition by a mixture of treys and in-tight buckets. The Patriots' early hero was jr. F Kyle McCloskey, who's also the quarterback. Showing impressive versatility, McCloskey, a lefty and the son of former NFLer Mike McCloskey (Judge; great pregame convo, Mike!), scored twice on the blocks, or thereabouts, and then stepped to the left corner to drain a trey. That handed GA a 13-7 lead and eight more points were scored before the buzzer sounded -- a trey by jr. F Evan-Eric Longino off a pass from McCloskey, a layup by sr. PG Devon Goodman (Penn) off a pass from Longino and three free throws by Longino after a trying-a-trey pounding. Thereafter, poor shooting kept PC from creating more than a slight hint of drama. The Q's shot 8-for-29 (27.6 percent) in the first half and 17-for-54 (31.5 percent) for the game. The Patriots, meanwhile, boasted 21-for-34 sniping (61.8 percent) for the game. Yes, almost twice as good. As the fourth quarter started, soph WG Mason Williams missed a trey, but immediately hit another after the rebound bounced back to him. That good fortune moved PC within 51-41, but GA again created more-than-comfortable space. Goodman and Longino halved 42 points while McCloskey had 12. Holland and M. Williams halved 26 and H. Williams had nine. Jr. G Dylan Burnett paced the Q's in rebounds (seven) and steals (three) . . . Amauro "Amar" Austin, a forever website stalwart, was in attendance. He's still glowing after the recent birth of his son, Elijah Amauro "LA" Austin. LA stands for "Little Amar." Also on hand was Allen Rubin, a more-than-forever talent evaluator, and former La Salle High forward Barry Whelan ('94). His brother, Andrew, teaches at SJ Prep and is now the PA announcer for the Hawks' games. Also on hand: Jon "The Original Gerry Sasse" Kinley, Rich Miller and GA all-timer Alvin Williams ('93), who enjoyed a lengthy NBA career and is now an assistant to the man who coached him, Jim Fenerty. Great to see you, Alvin! PC's kids had one quality chant back at GA's: "45-17! . . . 45-17! . . . 45-17!" That was the score of PC's football win vs. the Patriots. My first stop, at roughly 3:30, was the same gym in which the boys' games was played. I wanted to say hello to Matt Paul, a former Chestnut Hill star who, as it turned out, was making his debut as SCH Academy's girls coach. I also wanted to get a pregame pic of the famous Mo'ne Davis, who's also a hoopsterette. Then it was over to the north side of campus, in the ol' building next to the football field, for the varsity wrestling match vs. Episcopal. PC seized that one, 54-24. In between the wrestling match and boys' JV basketball game? A visit to the drive-thru at the Checker's on Hunting Park Avenue, right off Fox Street! Every so often, I get a hankering for those spicy fries. Can't be helped.

JAN. 15
As of now, seven teams own winning records in Catholic League play and Neumann-Goretti is the least likely to face a junk defense. The 6-0 Saints have been led in scoring by four players. Ryan Daly has led Carroll in all five of its games. No one else has set the pace more than thrice.

Leading Scorers for Catholic League Teams With Winning Records
Team W-L Leading Scorers --- Point Totals ---
Neumann-Goretti 6-0 Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree 22 18      
    Quade Green 15 21      
    Zane Martin 21        
    Rasheed Browne 29        
Carroll 5-0 Ryan Daly 24 26 26 20 19
SJ Prep 5-0 Kyle Thompson 13 18 (16)    
    Darius Kinnel 11 (16) 11    
La Salle 4-1 Ryan McTamney 17 (12) 12    
    Jarrod Stukes 20 18      
    Shane Stark (12)        
Conwell-Egan 3-2 Kar'ron Johnson 18 13      
    LaPri McCray-Pace 23 25 15    
Roman 3-2 Tony Carr 17 17      
    Lamar Stevens 26 23      
    Mikeal Jones 19        
Ryan 3-2 Izaiah Brockington 10 17 18    
    Austin Chabot 24 25      
(  ) = Shared scoring lead

JAN. 14 (Evening)
Bonner-Prendergast will honor all veterans with a program prior to tip-off between Bonner/Prendie and O'Hara boys’ basketball teams this Friday evening.
  During the program Marine Lance Corporal Patrick Concannon (nephew of B-P coach Jack Concannon); Marine Sergeant Matt Sondermann, who served three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and received the Purple Heart; Vietnam Veteran Dennis J. Murphy, who is a member of the Monsignor Bonner Hall of Fame and received the Purple Heart and Silver Star, will unveil a memorial in the form of “one empty seat.” The event is sponsored by the “POW-MIA National Chair of Honor” Program/’One Empty Seat."
Friday, January 15, 2016
6:30 p.m. (Program)
7:00 p.m. (Tip-Off)
Monsignor Bonner and Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School (Gymnasium)
403 N. Lansdowne Avenue
Drexel Hill, PA 19026 (Delaware County)
In addition to the presentation of the memorial, the Upper Darby Marine Corps League Detachment #884 will lead a March on the Colors and the invocation and benediction will be given by Reverend John Ames, Dean of the School of Theological Studies at Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary. At the conclusion of the program “Taps” will be played by Anthony M. Montagno of the Vietnam Veterans MC, Chapter E.
  Accompanying the chair will be a plaque that reads: “You are not forgotten, since World War I, more than 92,000 American soldiers are unaccounted for.”

JAN. 14
As the final scores for last night's Catholic League games rolled in, this thought came to mind: Whoa, look how many points some of these winning teams are racking up. How often does THIS happen in Catholic League games? Eventually, I added up the total points for the four winners with at least 80 -- that came to 345 -- and then checked final scores over the last 15 seasons. That total is the highest for four winners on the same day/night! Of course, as many as four games are not always played. But they often are, so this accomplishment is rather noteworthy. Below are the Top 7 numbers, with breakdowns. In the extra amazing category, we give you this: Two of the seven numbers listed below were posted two days apart -- Jan. 10 and 12 in 2003. (And two more were posted 12 days apart -- Jan. 11 and 23 in 2004). On Jan. 10, 2003, Steve Wolf's 30 points came close to Judge's school record (34, that's still the mark). On Jan. 23, 2004, Jim Welsh's 22 points led Ryan past McDevitt. He's now a Catholic/Inter-Ac ref. One more nugget: On Feb. 16, 2007, Judge beat McDevitt, 74-40, so on that date five winners combined for 409 points. Last night's No. 5 outburst squad was SJ Prep, which beat McDevitt, 70-32. So that total is 415, six points better.  

Date Year Winner Pts Loser Pts Leading Scorer Pts
Jan. 13 2016 N-G 97 B-P 65 Rasheed Browne  29
    Roman 89 West 42 Tony Carr 17
    Judge 80 Wood 71 Marc Rodriguez 24
    Carroll 79 Ryan 48 Ryan Daly 19
Feb. 16 2007 N-G 89 West 65 Rick Jackson 19
    SJ Prep 86 K-K 48 Jim Mower 14
    Roman 84 O'Hara 55 Brian Wanamaker 21
    Dougherty 76 C-E 52 Kahlil Mumford 15
Jan. 12 2003 Dougherty 116 McDevitt 81 DeSean White 31
    Neumann 85 K-K 35 Adon El 13
    Bonner 66 West 62 Randy Reid 26
    Roman 65 SJ Prep 59 Charron Fisher 19
Jan. 10 2003 Judge 93 McDevitt 56 Steve Wolf 30
    SJ Prep 92 K-K 35 John Griffin 21
    Dougherty 80 Wood 56 DeSean White 21
    Ryan 65 North 48 Mike Devine 21
Jan. 8 2010 N-G 86 Wood 75 Tyreek Duren 28
    C-E 86 McDevitt 50 Andrew Schaefer 21
    North 81 Judge 64 Woody Redding 23
    Roman 70 Bonner 61 Rakeem Brookins 24
Jan. 11 2004 Dougherty 87 Ryan 58 DeSean White 25
    North 79 Judge 60 Nate Edwards 14
    La Salle 77 McDevitt 41 Nick Shattuck 14
    Bonner 76 K-K 46 Derrick Graff 20
Jan. 23 2004 Neumann 90 K-K 58 *see below 16
    Ryan 79 McDevitt 50 Jim Welsh 22
    Roman 75 O'Hara 52 Charron Fisher 27
    La Salle 75 C-E 45 Nick Shattuck 26
*-Earl Pettis and Phil Love scored 16 points apiece

JAN. 12
Malvern 70, Penn Charter 50
  Talk about misleading . . . Each team drained eight three-pointers, so that's a standoff, right? Not really. Malvern hit seven in the first three quarters while building a 48-34 lead and PC notched five in the last quarter while falling even further behind. Under coach John Harmatuk, the Friars like to run and run some more and in this one, except for a brief spell in the third quarter, they were not only running, but doing impressively so on all cylinders. They were equally productive, inside and outside, while also playing sticky-enough defense to force PC into consistent off-kilterness. Exhibit A: soph WG Mason Williams finished with 17 points, but the other starters combined for just nine markers. Also, though the Quakers' defensive efforts have often been very good to great this season, in this one they logged just four steals. No need for any blow-by-blow descriptions. Well, just this one: Malvern scored nine consecutive points in roughly 85 seconds to open the fourth quarter, upping its pad to 57-34. The most impressive Friars were sr. WG Will Powers and sr. F Mike Hollingsworth. Powers hit four treys en route to 20 points. He's not a jet, in terms of flat-out speed, but does have quick hands -- he can shake it back and forth, big time -- and a very fast release. Lots of nice D-IIIs are after him and it's possible he could opt for being a D-I walk-on. The 6-6 Hollingsworth has the look of a classic late-bloomer. He showed good body control, and hands, and was quick off his feet with good hops. Reminded me a shade of La Salle grad Dave Krmpotich, who's now a freshman at Colgate. He had 15 points and made all of his free throws. (Only three, admittedly, but still a good sign.) His body is nowhere close to being finished. For PC, Williams hit two late treys en route to his 17 points and also grabbed seven total boards. Sr. Gs Jake McCain and frosh Ryan "Poochie" Holmes halved 18 points. Jake swished two treys in the third quarter as PC made a semi-run and moved within nine . . . Among the spectators was MLB infielder Phil Gosselin, who's now with the Arizona Diamondbacks after beginning his career with the Atlanta Braves. Phil (Malvern '07) watched the tilt with Malvern's baseball coach, Freddy Hilliard. Other Malvern folks it was great to see: teacher John Ostick (his son, Paul, a football star at Malvern, is now an assistant grid coach at East Catholic HS in Manchester, Conn.), Director of Stewardship Chuck Chinici ("Basically, I'm a schmoozer," he cracked), assistants Drew Flanagan (former website writer!) and Joe Hoban (grid/hoops star), AD Kurt Ruch and former baseball star Tom Grandieri, who now assists at Episcopal (but is cool enough to avoid being ostracized -- smile). Believe it or not, Malvern's gym now has a video board! Before the game, it was playing one of those "One Shining Moment" NCAA videos, old clips of Motown stars (love it!), a story about Steph Curry and an intense training session from Rocky III, among others. Once the game started, the Rocky video played a few times during timeouts and after it ended some Malvern rooters whistled the Rocky theme. In one corner of the gym was . . . a small leather sofa! Ha, ha. Shane Muntz and Nick Miller were in it prior to the game, but did not hang tough. Joe Panichelli and Jamey Piombino then assumed command and stayed there pretty much throughout. Gals from nearby Villa Maria Academy comprised the Friars' cheerleading group. Niiiiiiiice!

JAN. 12
Never know when something noteworthy is going to take place. In a Catholic League game last night, TWO freshmen scored at least 20 points. McDevitt's Malik Heyward had 22 vs. West Catholic and West's Imere Harris had 21 right back against McDevitt. Below are the performances of at least 20 points by Catholic/Inter-Ac freshmen, in league games, in this century. Only a player's best outing is listed.
  UPDATE: On Feb. 5, in a 93-86 win over Malvern, Haverford School's Gavin Burke scored 24 points; he hit five three-pointers. His accomplishment has been added to the list below. Congrats to Gavin! 

Best Outputs by Catholic/Inter-Ac Freshmen
In League Games, 2000-16
(One Per Player)
Name School Pts Opponent Season
Zack Zeglinski Penn Charter 35 Hav. School 2002
Rob Hollomon W. Catholic 28 Kenn.-Ken. 2006
Andrew Pomager N. Catholic 26 Wood 2004
Gavin Burke Haver. School 24 Malvern 2016
Stephen Vasturia SJ Prep 24 La Salle 2010
#Joe Zeglinski Ryan 23 Con.-Egan 2003
*Malik Heyward McDevitt 22 West Catholic 2016
Jaron Macon McDevitt 22 O'Hara 2015
Evan-Eric Longino Gtn. Academy 22 Penn Charter 2014
Anthony Cafagna Chestnut Hill 22 Episcopal 2004
@Gerald Henderson Episcopal 22 Penn Charter 2003
*Imere Harris West Catholic 21 McDevitt 2016
Justin Anderson SCH Academy 21 Penn Charter 2015
Shep Garner Roman 21 O'Hara 2011
Cody Fitzpatrick Wood 20 Bonner 2011
Travis Robinson Penn Charter 20 Episcopal 2007
Nick Alikakos Episcopal 20 Hav. School 2014
#-played varsity at Penn Charter as an 8th grader (scored 20 vs. GA)
*-same game
@-Inter-Ac's ol' postseason tournament (amusement purposes only)

JAN. 11
Carroll's 54-41 win over Roman, accomplished thanks to Ryan Daly (20), Josh Sharkey (13), Miks Antoms (12) and John Rigsby (10), was rather noteworthy. It was only the second time in this century that Roman (2-2) suffered a second loss within its first four games of the Catholic League season. The Cahillites first fell in game No. 2, 85-68, vs. Neumann-Goretti, as Dhamir "DaDa" Cosby-Roundtree (22), Quade Green (20), Zane Martin (19), Rasheed Browne (15) and Vaughn Covington (nine) did all of the Saints' scoring. In the 2004-05 season, Roman dropped its first and second games, to SJ Prep and N-G. The Prep won, 57-50, on Jan. 4 behind Reggie Redding (20), Corey O'Rourke (14) and Joe Fox (13). N-G won, 66-58, on Jan. 7 thanks to Derrick "DJ" Rivera (20), Earl Pettis (16) and Antonio "Scoop" Jardine (15). So far in this century, Roman has dropped more than two CL games just five times. These two were four days apart (Jan. 6/10). The two in '05 were three days apart (Jan. 4/7). Its worst record (6-8) was posted in '02.

Breakdown of Roman's Seasons
With One or Two CL Losses, 2000-16
Year W-L 1st Loss No. 2nd Loss No.
2016 2-2 N-G 2 Carroll 4
2015 11-2 La Salle 7 Wood 12
2014 13-0        
2013 12-1 N-G 7    
2012 10-3 N-G 7 Prep 10
2011 9-4 La Salle 4 N-G 7
2010 11-3 La Salle 5 Judge 6
2009 13-1 Ryan 12    
2008 14-0        
2007 12-2 N-G 1 Prep 7
2006 13-1 Prep 14    
2005 10-4 Prep 1 N-G 2
2004 12-2 Prep 8 Prep 14
2003 10-3 Neumann 2 Neumann 9
2002 6-8 Neumann 1 Bonner 5
2001 12-2 Neumann 1 O'Hara 11
2000 13-1 Neumann 1    

JAN. 9
The Inter-Ac's Opening Tripleheader, named in recent years for former Malvern/Episcopal coach Dan Dougherty, is in the books and Germantown Academy still owns it. Yesterday at Philadelphia University, the Patriots topped Haverford School, 60-50, upping their tripleheader record to 19-3 (.864). Also, with a 52-36 triumph over Episcopal Academy, Penn Charter is no longer alone in last place. Look below for each school's record and a list of the assorted sites. The first tripleheader to open league play would have taken place in January 1994, but a wicked snowstorm intervened.

Records in I-A's
Opening Tripleheader
Germantown Academy 19-3
Malvern Prep 14-8
Episcopal Academy 10-12
Haverford School 9-13
CHA/SCH Academy 7-15
Penn Charter 7-15
Sites of I-A's
Opening Tripleheader
1995 St. Joseph's Univ.
1996 Palestra
1997 Drexel
1998 Haverford College
1999-2003 La Salle Univ.
2004-09 Arcadia
2010-12 Cabrini
2013 Neumann Univ.
2014-16 Phila. Univ.

JAN. 8
Penn Charter 52, Episcopal 36
(At Philadelphia University)

  The defining moment occurred with just under three minutes remaining. In Episcopal's frontcourt, along the sideline opposite the benches, the ball squirted free and PC jr. G Dylan Burnett made an aggressive dive in an attempt to recover it. That didn't quite work and the ball rolled a shade to the left. No problem! Sr. F Harrison Williams also made an aggressive dive, recovered the ball and a timeout was called. Right nearby, a PC fan, sitting in the first row, leaned forward, stood up, bellowed words of encouragement and pumped his fists in celebration. Identity: Notre Dame football star (and 2013 PC grad) Mike McGlinchey. Very cool! When you saw that score line, perhaps you wondered, "Did he list that backward?" After all, EA is expected to give Germantown Academy a decent run for its 2016 money and PC last year went 1-9 in league play. Yet, no mistake was made. The Quakers DID win and pulled off the feat in semi-comfortable fashion. Defense was the major reason and the previously mentioned body sacrifices were a pretty close second. Almost all of PC's players are stronger than EA's, and they played with juice throughout. EA rarely was able to take comfortable shots and, though known for sniping, was able to hit just one three-pointer. In all, the Churchmen were 1-for-13 beyond the arc. Honestly, much of the first half was barely watchable. Neither team had played since 2015 and the cobwebs were prominent. But the Q's slapped together a nice run near the end of the half to take a 19-13 lead. The last two baskets were a trey by sub sr. G Jake McCain (McGlinchey's cousin) on a pass from jr. PG Adam Holland and a layup by sub jr. F Justus Sanders on another feed from Holland. PC racked up 10 straight points in the first four minutes of the third quarter -- Holland was big with a top-of-the-key trey and a layup off an aggressive drive -- and the Q's just had to maintain their poise and make plays the rest of the way, which they did. The major defensive focus involved star jr. F Nick Alikakos. Nick the Not Thick But Quick, who has just been offered by Penn, entered the game needing 51 points for 1,000. PC coach Jim "Flipper" Phillips put Williams on Alikakos and most went well . . . except for bothersome whistles. Williams picked up two early fouls and the dog-him duties were switched to Burnett, who is usually the classic pain-in-the-you-know-what. He was today, too. Burnett remained on Alikakos through halftime and Williams was on him almost exclusively through the fourth quarter. Of course, there were numerous double-teams and Nick was able to use his savvy (and brass) to get to the foul line for 12 free throws. He made seven en route to 19 points. Love it! Why? Because he has now scored an odd number of points in NINE consecutive games! Here we go: 23, 33, 35, 37, 19, 19, 19, 35 and 19. Gotta be a city record, right? (smile) Even a world record? From the field, he went 7-for-12. EA's second leading scorer this season has been sr. WG Matt Woods. He was held scoreless mostly because of Burnett's cavity-counting defense. Jr. G Conner Delaney scored seven of his 10 points in the last quarter. Holland (14, all in second half) and Williams (10) scored in double figures while soph WG Mason Williams (eight, no relation) and McCain (seven) made sniffs. Sr. F Evan Ferrell and M. Williams grabbed six boards apiece. The best moment was interacting with Dan Dougherty, for whom the tripleheader is named. Aside from great conversation, he gave me a present! Ha, ha. It was an envelope filled with cool mementos (clippings, pics, programs) from Dan's playing career at St. Joseph's. I'll post a story about Dan tomorrow, hopefully, along with the cover of a Palestra program from Jan. 13, 1956. Syracuse was playing La Salle that night in a doubleheader (prior to St. Joe's-Manhattan) and the pic on the front featured Syracuse's seven veterans. One was Jim Brown! Yes, that Jim Brown, the one who went on to enjoy MAJOR, MAJOR pro football success. Guess what else? Many long-time followers of lacrosse insist that Brown, a Long Island native, was also that sport's best-ever player. Incredible . . . Many legends (aside from I-A head coaches) in the house today. I'll throw some names out there, in the order they come to me. As always, apologies to those not mentioned. Aaron "Ace" Carter, Drew Flanagan, Rick "Best Character on The Goldbergs" Mellor, Bill Gallagher, John Loughery Sr. and Jr., Pat and Sam McCain, Anthony Dade, Gerry Sasse, Ed Malandro, Steve Black, Dennis Hill, Larry Storm Sr., Brian Dougherty, Dave Bass, Jim King, Bobby Jordan, Marty Weiss, Ed/Ted/Sean Foley . . .
UPDATE: In EA's next game Jan. 12 vs. Haverford School, Alikakos scored 30 points, ending his odd streak at nine games.

JAN. 8
Neumann-Goretti's Wednesday night win over Roman was at least a little noteworthy. Reason: It enabled the Saints to leave behind a losing record vs. Roman in regular season games in this century. The teams are now 12-12. Ah, but N-G (formerly Neumann) is 9-3 in playoffs, so overall it's 21-15. The playoff breakdown: 4-3 in finals, 2-0 in semis and 2-0 in quarters. Below are all individual point performances of at least 20 points. Roman's Charron Fisher, who played his college ball at Niagara before embarking on a still-active pro career overseas, leads the pack with a 32-pointer. Also, he scored at least 25 points six times.

Top Individual Point Performances
In N-G/Roman Series, 2000-16
Name Sch. Pts Occ. Year
Charron Fisher RC 32 RS 2002
Lamin Fulton N-G 30 RS 2011
Charron Fisher RC 29 RS 2004
*-Eddie Griffin RC 28 RS 2000
*-Maalik Wayns RC 27 RS 2008
Charron Fisher RC 27 RS 2003
Charron Fisher RC 27 RS 2003
Lamar Stevens RC 26 RS 2016
Lamarr "Fresh" Kimble N-G 26 RS 2014
Tyreek Duren N-G 26 F 2009
Antonio "Scoop" Jardine N-G 26 RS 2007
Charron Fisher RC 26 RS 2004
Derrick "DJ" Rivera N-G 25 Q 2005
Charron Fisher RC 25 Q 2003
Rakeem Brookins RC 24 F 2009
Nazeer Bostick RC 23 F 2015
Ja'Quan Newton N-G 23 F 2014
John Davis N-G 23 RS 2012
Khalil Ferguson RC 23 RS 2004
Tamal Forchion RC 23 RS 2001
Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree N-G 22 RS 2016
Rashann London RC 22 F 2014
Mike Ringgold RC 22 RS 2005
Robert "Beattie" Taylor Neu 22 RS 2001
Quade Green N-G 21 F 2015
Ja'Quan Newton N-G 21 RS 2013
Jamal Wilson N-G 21 RS 2008
Bradley Wanamaker RC 21 RS 2007
Brian Wanamaker RC 21 RS 2007
Richard "Tabby" Cunningham Neu 21 RS 2002
Brent Welton RC 21 RS 2001
Tamal Forchion RC 21 RS 2000
Quade Green N-G 20 RS 2016
Ja'Quan Newton N-G 20 RS 2012
Shep Garner RC 20 S 2012
John Davis N-G 20 RS 2011
Will Kirkland RC 20 RS 2008
Rick Jackson N-G 20 RS 2007
Bradley Wanamaker RC 20 RS 2006
Bradley Wanamaker RC 20 RS 2006
Derrick "DJ" Rivera N-G 20 RS 2005
Tamal Forchion RC 20 RS 2001
*-advanced to NBA        

JAN. 7
As you may remember, O'Hara scored just 16 points in a loss to SJ Prep (39 points) back on Dec. 22. Below is a list of all outputs of 29 or fewer points in CL games in this century. The Prep has done the strangling 19 times . . . all with Speedy Morris as the coach ('02 season onward).

Low-Scoring Teams in CL Games, 2001-16
School Opponent Victory
16 O'Hara SJ Prep 23 2016
17 O'Hara Carroll 47 2014
18 O'Hara SJ Prep 32 2003
19 Lansdale SJ Prep 53 2011
19 Judge SJ Prep 14 2010
19 La Salle Wood 32 2005
19 K-K Carroll 30 2003
20 Lansdale Ryan 29 2011
20 O'Hara Bonner 35 2007
22 McDevitt Judge 13 2001
22 Lansdale Carroll 36 2013
22 K-K SJ Prep 44 2008
22 C-E Carroll 21 2014
23 B-P SJ Prep 36 2014
24 Judge Ryan 23 2007
24 Bonner SJ Prep 40 2006
25 Bonner O'Hara 26 2012
25 O'Hara SJ Prep 25 2010
25 O'Hara SJ Prep 18 2009
25 O'Hara Roman 34 2004
26 O'Hara SJ Prep 51 2015
26 Lansdale Ryan 21 2013
26 Bonner N-G 28 2012
26 O'Hara SJ Prep 24 2010
26 Ryan SJ Prep 17 2009
26 La Salle Ryan 32 2007
26 Judge Ryan 13 2006
26 K-K SJ Prep 35 2005
27 West Roman 34 2011
27 SJ Prep Roman 12 2009
27 West Carroll 30 2006
27 O'Hara Neumann 39 2004
27 Bonner Carroll 14 2003
28 Lansdale SJ Prep 23 2015
28 O'Hara Roman 35 2012
28 Bonner Ryan 14 2012
28 K-K Carroll 37 2007
28 C-E Dougherty 36 2007
28 K-K Carroll 34 2007
28 West Carroll 10 2006
28 La Salle Judge 17 2005
28 K-K O'Hara 15 2003
28 K-K Neumann 46 2003
28 West Carroll 48 2014
29 B-P SJ Prep 44 2015
29 C-E Carroll 24 2010
29 Wood Ryan 15 2007
29 C-E Ryan 25 2007
29 Carroll SJ Prep 18 2006
29 La Salle Judge 15 2005
29 O'Hara SJ Prep 19 2004
29 O'Hara Carroll 11 2003
29 O'Hara SJ Prep 26 2003
29 K-K Roman 44 2003
29 K-K SJ Prep 48 2003
29 Wood La Salle 17 2003
29 K-K Carroll 9 2001

JAN. 5
We posted this list two seasons ago and now have added guys who've since earned spots. So far this season, not too many Catholic League games have been played and no sophs have scored as many as 25 points. There's still time, guys. Fire away! (If you have your coach's permission -- smile.)

Best Outings by Sophs in CL Games (2000-16)
Name School Pts Opponent Season
Pat Smith Wood 34 West 2012
Jeff Jones Bonner 34 Roman 2005
Izaiah Brockington Ryan 32 C-E 2015
Andrew Louden O'Hara 32 Ryan 2014
Charron Fisher Roman 32 Neumann 2002
John Griffin SJ Prep 31 Carroll 2002
Pat Smith Wood 30 Roman 2012
Rob Hollomon West 30 N-G 2007
Jeff Jones Bonner 30 N-G 2005
Stephen Vasturia SJ Prep 28 N-G 2011
Gene Williams SJ Prep 28 Bonner 2010
Lenny Young North 28 Dougherty 2008
Steven Griffin Judge 27 *Roman 2011
Stephen Vasturia SJ Prep 27 *Carroll 2011
Aquil Younger West 27 C-E 2009
DeSean White Dougherty 27 La Salle 2002
Charron Fisher Roman 27 Carroll 2002
Charron Fisher Roman 27 West 2002
Quade Green N-G 26 Carroll 2015
Quade Green N-G 26 *La Salle 2015
Steven Griffin Judge 26 N-G 2011
Joe LoStracco Wood 26 O'Hara 2012
Miles Overton SJ Prep 26 *Carroll 2011
Jeff Jones Bonner 26 West 2005
Charron Fisher Roman 26 SJ Prep 2002
Quincy Reed Judge 26 B-P 2014
Marc Rodriguez Judge 25 *B-P 2015
Derrick Jones Carroll 25 Ryan 2013
Shep Garner Roman 25 Ryan 2012
Stephen Vasturia SJ Prep 25 McDevitt 2011
Stephen Vasturia SJ Prep 25 O'Hara 2011
Lenny Young North 25 SJ Prep 2008
Danny Stewart N-G 25 O'Hara 2008
Clay Penecale La Salle 25 Dougherty 2006
Jeff Jones Bonner 25 Roman 2005
Joe Zeglinski Ryan 25 La Salle 2004
Chalie Evans North 25 C-E 2002
Charron Fisher Roman 25 K-K 2002
"Tabby" Cunningham Neumann 25 West 2002
"Tabby" Cunningham Neumann 25 O'Hara 2002
Isaac Greer Dougherty 25 McDevitt 2001

JAN. 4
When a coach is in his 31st season, how can he possibly have a new experience? Well, it might be happening to William "Speedy" Morris. Morris coached Roman Catholic for 14 seasons, Penn Charter for two and he's now in his 15th at St. Joseph's Prep. And . . . It's possible (likely?) that, for the first time, his top two scorers in league play will be sophomores. The Hawks have played just two league games so far, but the top scorers are soph point guard Kyle Thompson (23 points) and soph wing guard Darius Kinnel (18), a transfer from Highland Regional High, in Blackwood, NJ. They are also the Hawks' overall scoring leaders with 144 and 118 points, respectively. Senior Pete Gayhardt is third at 10/83. Just once has one of Speedy's teams been led in scoring by a sophomore. That was Stephen Vasturia (249) in 2011. He's now playing for Notre Dame. Sophs have earned the No. 2 spot five times and the No. 3 spot six times. Vasturia placed third as a frosh in 2010. Not surprisingly, considering that they were so productive so early, all guys listed below wound up having wonderful careers.   

Young Bucks Who've Finished Among Top Three Scorers
In League Play for Teams Coached by Speedy Morris
(All Were Sophs Except for Stephen Vasturia, a Freshman, in 2010)
 ----- Roman Catholic (1968-81 Seasons) -----
Year 1st Scorer Pts 2nd Scorer Pts 3rd Scorer Pts
1971         Chico Singleton 199
1976     Reggie Jackson 203    
1978         Lonnie McFarlan 153
 ----- Penn Charter (1983-84 Seasons) -----
Year 1st Scorer Pts 2nd Scorer Pts 3rd Scorer  
1984     Marv Dunmeyer 136    
 ----- St. Joseph's Prep ----- (2002-16 Seasons)
Year 1st Scorer Pts 2nd Scorer Pts 3rd Scorer  
2002     John Griffin 187 Chris Clark 109
2004         Reggie Redding 159
2006     *-Larry Loughery 152