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 the 2017 season . . . Plus some Tedbits.


September 2017 (and earlier)

OCT. 31
SCH Academy (nee Chestnut Hill) rejoined the Inter-Ac for football in 2006 and that means three games have taken place played in league-play weekends 58 times over 12 seasons (with two more remaining this season). Overall scoring is down a shade in 2017 and over these last two weeks the losing teams have combined for just 17 and 14 points, respectively. The Bottom 10 performances for losing teams are below. Just once -- in Week 8 of 2008 -- have all three losers been blanked. One interesting nugget: Malvern has not found itself on the wrong side in any Low Output Weekends. 

Low Output Weekends for Inter-Ac Losers, 2006-17
Year Week Points Loser Points Winner
2008 Week 8 0 Chestnut Hill 0 Malvern
      Episcopal 0 Haver. School
      Gtn. Academy 0 Penn Charter
2009 Week 8 6 Gtn. Academy 0 Chestnut Hill
      Episcopal 0 Malvern
      Penn Charter 6 Haver. School
2011 Week 7 6 Gtn. Academy 0 Malvern
      Episcopal 3 Penn Charter
      Haver. School 3 Chestnut Hill
2011 Week 8 6 Episcopal 0 Chestnut Hill
      Gtn. Academy 0 Haver. School
      Penn Charter 6 Malvern
2007 Week 9 7 Haver. School 0 Chestnut Hill
      Penn Charter 0 Episcopal
      Gtn. Academy 7 Malvern
2010 Week 7 13 Chestnut Hill 0 Haver. School
      Episcopal 6 Penn Charter
      Gtn. Academy 7 Malvern
2011 Week 9 14 Episcopal 0 Malvern
      Gtn. Academy 7 Chestnut Hill
      Penn Charter 7 Haver. School
2011 Week 11 14 Chestnut Hill 0 Malvern
      Episcopal 7 Haver. School
      Gtn. Academy 7 Penn Charter
2017 Week 10 14 Gtn. Academy 0 Episcopal
      SCH Academy 7 Penn Charter
      Haver. School 7 Malvern
2007 Week 8 17 Haver. School 0 Malvern
      Penn Charter 7 Chestnut Hill
      Episcopal 10 Gtn. Academy
2017 Week 9 17 Gtn. Academy 3 SCH Academy
      Episcopal 7 Malvern
      Haver. School 7 Penn Charter

OCT. 30

  Let's say you're a sophomore football player and the field is mostly a rumor. You're not too tall (5-9) and definitely light (135 pounds) and you're wondering whether it makes sense to continue playing the sport. Need some inspiration? Say hello to Ryan Loughlin, of Archbishop Wood. By his junior year his dimensions improved to 5-11, 151, but he still barely played and when he did it was only on special teams. Now? He's a two-way force as a wideout and defensive back. Aside from co-leading the Vikings with three interceptions, he boasts 21 receptions for 506 yards (24.1 average!) and four touchdowns. In two games already this season, Ryan, whose brother, John ('15), also played for Wood, has topped 100 receiving yards and he's just the sixth Viking to have accomplished that feat over the last 35 seasons. Very cool, right? Coach Steve Devlin says Ryan, who's now 6-foot, 170, is a "great kid" with a "great story." He added that Ryan "really worked in the off-season to get stronger and faster." Indeed. One guy NOT on the list below is Bill Burke. The 1988 grad had three straight quality pass-catching seasons for Wood. Though he never had two 100-yard games in the same season, he did rack up one apiece in '85, '86 and '87 and he came thisclose to a double in '85 with 100 vs. McDevitt and 99 vs. North Catholic. His highest output was 189 vs. Kenrick in '87. Meanwhile, congrats to Ryan Loughlin on his breakout season and here's hoping he posts more 100-yard games.

Wood Receivers With Two 100-Yard Performances in One Season, 1983-2017
Year Name Yards Opponent Quarterback
2017 Ryan Loughlin 134 Bergen Catholic (NJ) Jack Colyar
    121 La Salle  
2016 Raheem Blackshear 127 Roman Jack Colyar
    116 Gratz  
2015 Mark Webb 139 Ryan Anthony Russo
    109 Allentown (NJ)  
2011 Nate Smith 218 West Catholic Joey Monaghan
    113 Pottsgrove  
2001 Dave Lorditch 109 Kennedy-Kenrick John Spinosa
    102 Tennent  
1999 Tom Hall 199 Judge Jeff Crompton
    100 McDevitt  

OCT. 29
Talk about being top-heavy. The Catholic League's regular season ended this weekend and the Red Division was dominated by the three schools that have been powers for a while now -- SJ Prep, Wood and La Salle. As for the others . . . not easy. Ryan, Roman, Judge and Carroll went a combined 0-12 against the big three and were outscored 512-77, which figures to an average, rounded-off score of 43-6. The mercy rule affected most of those games and the losing teams often scored their TDs after the winning team had finished peppering the scoreboard. In 6A semis, Roman will meet La Salle and Ryan will play the Prep. There are only three 5A teams. Ryan will play Carroll and that winner will go against Wood. For inspiration, all big underdogs can take a trip in the Way-Back Machine to 1982. In the Northern Division, McDevitt earned a playoff spot for the first time ever with a record of 3-3-2. It then stunned 8-0 Judge in the quarterfinals by a score of 10-0. Here's that recap. (Chris Conlin played in the NFL. His brother, Craig, is Episcopal's basketball coach.)
McDevitt 10, Judge 0
  Pat Lawn scored on a 57-yard pass from Matt Kolen and John Moran
kicked a 31-yard field goal as the Lancers, making their first
postseason appearance in their 20th season of CL play, stunned the
undefeated regular season champs. Down linemen Bob Arnold and Chris
Conlin combined for 35 tackles, including 20 solos.   

Division Results for Catholic Red's Non-Powers
  Ryan Roman Judge Carroll
vs. SJ Prep 6-42 0-49 7-42 6-38
vs. Wood 6-42 6-38 19-49 7-49
vs. La Salle 7-45 7-42 0-34 6-42
  19-129 13-129 26-125 19-129
77-512 (6.4 - 42.7)

OCT. 28
Penn Charter 28, SCH Academy 7

  PC sr. T Luke Mattice is a big, friendly kid and the last thing anyone would call him would be conceited. It appears he has some dry humor talents, however, because he said this with a smile to some teammates just before the second half started. "I show up. Two touchdowns." Here's the back story: Luke was not on hand for the first 11 minutes because he'd been taking the ACT at Abington High. And when he appeared on PC's sideline to do some quick running to prepare himself for action, the Quakers and visiting SCH were locked in a scoreless tie. Plus, four plays had lost yardage and star jr. RB Edward Saydee had not made even a hint of an impact. Then came PC's first two possessions of the second quarter. As did the aforementioned TDs. Luke Mattice = good luck charm (smile). The first one was set up when frosh CB Matthew Marshall forced and recovered a fumble off a short swing pass. The drive needed to cover just 42 yards. Truthfully, there were no legendary plays -- well, sr. QB Will Samuel did show good ballhandling skills on a keeper that earned him nine yards -- and Saydee bulled for a 6-yard TD on play No. 9. SCH responded with a 22-yard pass play from jr. QB Aaron Angelos to sr. WR Myles Hugee, but a delay then was called and the next snap did not go well. PC sr. LB Trajan Womack made a leaping pick along SCH's sideline. Soon, brass made an appearance. On fourth down from the Blue Devils' 47, offensive coordinator Chris Rahill (maybe in a group decision with others?) decided to go with a fake punt. Up man Kyle Jones, a soph, raced downfield for a 24-yard gain and Samuel followed immediately with a scoring pass to Saydee. Oops. Holding wiped out the play, moving the ball back to the 33. No sweat. Samuel lofted a perfect, right-corner fade to wide open sr. WR John "Johnny Wash" Washington and the kick by soph Ryan Bradby made it 14-0. Wash struck again just three minutes into the third quarter. The play began at PC's 40. After snagging a left-to-right slant at almost exactly the middle of the field, Wash made a mad dash to the left corner to make the scoring play a 60-yarder. Late in the quarter, the BDs received an interception and 27-yard return by Hugee to place the ball at PC's 5. On fourth and goal from the 3, Angelos rolled right and tried to hit Hugee close to the back line. The throw was a shade too high, however. There were two scores in the fourth quarter -- a 63-yard run by SCH soph RB Andrew Gwynn and a 70-yarder by Saydee. Edward burst through the line on the right side and one of his blockers on that side was . . . you got it, The Lukester. PA announcer John Burkhart had a strong nugget after Saydee scored his first TD. "Saydeeeee . . . . TDeeeee . . . for PCeeeeee." The Quakers are 7-1 with two games remaining. They last notched eight wins in 2006. They haven't claimed nine since 1905. Yes, 1905. That's not a typo. Good guy Frank McAnulty, who usually works the sidelines, served as the head ref. SCH has been hit with some key injuries. One result: Soph Nick Shragher, wearing No. 52, was the fullback. He gained six yards on three carries. Hugee turned three snags into 72 yards. Angelos passed 12-for-26 for 136. Coach Rick Knox has some thick, sturdy kids. Among them: 6-4, 310-pound sr. L Anthony Marrone. For PC's defense, jr. DE Ryan Maloney notched two sacks and one TFL. Jr. LB Terence Thompson had two TFL. Marshall and Jones were members of the force/recover fumble club. PC's student rooters showed lots of enthusiasm during a Pink Out. Eighth grader Elijah "EJ" Statham, already a force on both lines, has been sidelined by an injury. Hang tough, EJ. Once again, the weather was amazingly nice, especially for this late in October.

PC's starting offense . . . 
QB Will Samuel
TB Edward Saydee
Trajan Womack
WR John Washington
WR Brendan Thomas
TE Gavin Zavorski
Ty Needham
Ryan Wreath
Rocco Palazzo
G Dean Crocetto
C Casey Nicastro
PC's starting defense . . .
E Ryan Maloney
Gavin Tygh
T Andre' O'Neal
T Wayne Derkotch
LB Terence Thompson
LB Kyle Jones
Trajan Womack
CB John Washington
CB Matthew Marshall
Aaron Maione
S Edward Saydee

OCT. 28
Over the last 30 seasons, La Salle has suffered losing streaks of at least two games against Catholic League opponents just 10 times. Three have occurred in these last three seasons and the deed-doers each time, in the same order, have been St. Joseph's Prep and Archbishop Wood. The games in 2016 and '17 were part of Catholic Red play. The '15 tilt was non-league. Some of the other losses listed below also took place in non-league games. Also, playoffs were not considered for this breakdown. There were gaps of 12 years from 1989 to 2001 and eight years from 2007 to 2015.

Year Opponent La S Opp.
2017 SJ Prep 14 28
  Wood 17 31
2016 SJ Prep 35 63
  Wood 8 31
2015 SJ Prep 24 27
  Wood 24 49
*2007 West Catholic 14 24
  SJ Prep 7 48
  Roman 3 20
  O'Hara 13 28
2006 SJ Prep 14 42
  Ryan 12 14
  Roman 21 27
2004 Roman 12 25
  SJ Prep 12 23
  O'Hara 7 29
2003 Roman 7 28
  SJ Prep 0 37
  O'Hara 7 14
2001 SJ Prep 0 21
  Bonner 7 13
  O'Hara 6 20
  Judge 6 7
1989 Ryan 7 14
  McDevitt 22 35
*-two separate streaks

OCT. 27
Somewhere, Zac Fernandez is not a happy camper. This kid was so competitive (and productive, and fun to watch) during his multi-sport career at Malvern, no doubt he'll be upset that he missed claiming a spot on the rushing portion of the list below by one measly yard. Last year, he ran for 121 yards as the Friars bested Haverford School, 24-21, and Keith Maguire, who's still around, scored two TDs in that game. The teams will meet again tonight at Malvern and HS owns six wins in the last eight meetings. Overall? Malvern has been dominant at 44-25. From 1972 through 2008, Malvern suffered just three losses vs. HS, won the final 17 in a row and posted eight shutouts in those last 12 games. In 2015, the Fords won by the reasonably comfortable score of 31-14. That was at least semi-surprising because the Fords' top rusher, Malik Twyman (then a junior, was unavailable due to injury. In that game, classmate Tommy Toal stormed his way to 317 passing yards, more than 100 better than the previous best from 1986 forward. The top two receiving outings were also posted -- 157 by Dox Aitken and 139 by Keyveat Postell. Malvern played its first Inter-Ac season in 1950 and teams split the two meetings that took place beforehand -- 20-0 for HS in '42; 6-0 for MP in '49.
SFBN will broadcast the game here)  

Name Sch Yds Year   Name Sch Yds Year   Name Sch Yds Year
Chris Downs MP 264 1996   Tommy Toal HS 317 2015   Dox Aitken HS 157 2015
Chris Downs MP 191 1997   Ed Rush HS 214 1990   Keyveat Postell HS 139 2015
Michael Treston MP 186 2001   Frank DeFazio HS 200 1996   Trevor Gallagher HS 105 1996
Mike Ambrose MP 173 1998   Alex Hornibrook MP 199 2014   AJ Jones HS 104 2009
Chris Layne MP 169 2006   Doug Borgerson MP 178 1995   Kevin Pellegrini MP 101 1989
Matt Schuh HS 162 1996   Ed Rush HS 173 1989   Dave O'Brien MP 91 1995
Matt Nelson HS 123 1992   Ed Garno HS 166 1986   Dennis Connor HS 90 1986
Jeff Caldwell MP 122 1987   Luke Leslie MP 161 1989   John Lieb HS 90 1990
Jeff Browning MP 122 1993   Bryan Savage HS 156 2003   Andy Myatt MP 84 1998
Phil Poquie HS 122 2013   James Chakey HS 152 2011   Andrew Mackrides MP 84 2003

OCT. 26
From 1999 through 2013, La Salle and Wood were located in different divisions and somehow never bothered to meet. Luckily, they decided to connect in '14 and '15 and they've been in the same division (Red) these last two seasons. The games in '14 and '15 were terrific while last year's was a partial dud; Wood won, 31-8. The next battle will take place tomorrow night, 7 o'clock, at William Tennent. In 2014, La Salle overcame a 31-14 deficit to win, 35-31, as Kyle Shurmur (19-for-31, 274) and wideout Jimmy Herron (8-132) connected for four TDs. It was the Explorers' 13 consecutive win in the series. In 2015, Wood was the winner, 27-24, as Anthony Russo passed for 248 yards. La Salle leads the series, 21-15-1. The tie, which occurred in '84, produced a 0-0 score. Wood's best run (8-1) took place from 1974-82.
  Bob Long Sports will offer a live video broadcast of the game. Click here.

Top Performances in La Salle-Wood Series, 1984-1998, 2014-16
RUSHING         PASSING         RECEIVING      
Name Sch. Yds Year   Name Sch. Yds Year   Name Sch. Yds Year
Jarrett McClenton Wood 293 2014   Kyle Shurmur La S 274 2014   Jimmy Herron La S 132 2014
Joe Catalano Wood 193 1985   Anthony Russo Wood 278 2015   Tom Truitt La S 116 1994
Tim Foster La S 159 1994   Brett Gordon La S 225 1997   Tom Dufner Wood 106 1995
Frank Maier Wood 145 1986   Mike Becker Wood 163 1997   Jeff Pietrak La S 86 1997
Syaire Madden La S 134 2015   Brett Gordon La S 155 1995   Dan Rush Wood 84 1993
Brian Smith Wood 131 1994   Jack Colyar Wood 152 2016   Mike Mattia La S 82 1995
Jack Stanczak La S 128 1994   Tom LaMorte La S 149 2016   Brett Mallee La S 80 2016

OCT. 25
  The two lists below speak volumes. What the heck is going on? The weather so far this season has mostly been outrageously nice, and that usually allows QBs to ch-ching their way to lots of passing yards. One element: Only three of the 2016 guys were juniors. Interestingly, not one has yet to reach 1,000 this season.  

1,000-Yard Passers Through Week Nine in 2016
Name, School G Cp.-Att. Yds. Pct. YPG TD
Stephen Honick, Carroll 9 131-261 1635 50.2 181.7 7
Rob King, Judge 9 88-177 1376 49.7 152.9 17
*Marquez McCray, SJ Prep 7 83-145 1235 57.2 176.4 13
Anthony Butler, Roman 9 95-185 1193 51.4 132.6 6
Tom LaMorte, LaSalle 8 96-161 1159 59.6 144.9 11
*Jack Colyar, Wood 8 76-148 1157 51.4 144.6 12
Tommy Toal, Hav, School 7 79-141 1127 56 161 12
Evan Raiburn, Bonner-Pren. 9 87-176 1107 49.4 123 6
Matt Rahill, SCH 7 76-131 1103 58 157.6 13
*DaíVion Kidd-Jackson, West Cath. 8 74-150 1099 49.3 137.4 11
Max Bryson, McDevitt 8 55-126 1005 43.7 125.6 23
1,000-Yard Passers Through Week Nine in 2017
Name, School G Cp.-Att. Yds. Pct. /Gm. TD
Shane Dooley, Judge 9 92-174 1305 52.9 145 16
Danny Solecki, La Salle 7 102-150 1225 68 175 14
Drew Gunther, Malvern 6 80-155 1122 51.6 187 11

OCT. 24
Fairless Hills is still alive with the sound of touchdown music. As you likely heard, Conwell-Egan rolled to a 63-21 win over Bonner-Prendergast last Friday night and packed all 63 of its points into the FIRST half. A 63-point outburst in one half is not a city record (Penn Charter had 82 in a 127-0 pasting of Friends' Central in 1915, that MIGHT be the record), and I'm still trying to determine whether a Catholic League team had ever accomplished that feat. Stats guru Ed "Huck" Palmer watched the game via Hudl and thanks to him for the breakdown. The Eagles' first four scoring "drives" lasted just two plays apiece. The last two required four and five plays, respectively. So, C-E needed just 17 plays to score those six scrimmage touchdowns. Some other nuggets: The six scrimmage TDs totaled 241 yards . . . The three return TDs totaled 208 yards . . . Grand yardage total for all nine TDs - 449 . . . C-E ran 10 plays while going scoreless in the second half -- 3 and punt, 3 and punt, 4 and failure to gain a first down . . . On their 27 total plays (all rushes), the Eagles gained 348 yards . . . Conversion plays do not count in the stats. By the way, Chuck Layton is the holder . . . C-E had one other punt return in the game - for 19 yards - so its five returns totaled 227 yards . . . All-purpose yardage total: 575 yards . . . Aside from Terome Mitchell's 79-yarder to start the explosion, there were no other kickoff returns. B-P did squib kicks after its three TDs in the second half . . . In 2008, West Catholic's powerhouse squad scored at least 63 points four times. A check of game reports by Huck showed that the Burrs' most prolific half was a 56-pointer vs. Kennedy-Kenrick . . . Carroll's 2000 powerhouse scored 77 points vs. Wood and 74 vs. West Catholic. The first half point totals were 56 and 46, respectively.
  UPDATE: It appears C-E owns the record for most points in one half for a Catholic League team. I checked a bunch of blowouts and the most points I could find aside from West's 56 vs. K-K and Carroll's 56 vs. Wood was 53 by Roman vs. Roxborough in 1999. In 1914, St. Joseph's Prep scored 112 total points vs. Strayer Business College. No need to check the breakdown. The CL didn't exist that far back. Also, Egan scored 68 points vs. McDevitt in '62. Also no need. Those schools joined the CL in the '63 season. But I couldn't help myself (ha ha). Egan scored 44 points in the first half of that one.   

Terome Mitchell 79 kickoff return (Jack Barreras kick), 7-0
Terome Mitchell 68 run (Jack Barreras kick), 14-0
Patrick Garwo 65 interception return (Jack Barreras kick), 21-0
Alex Goldsby 50 run (Terome Mitchell pass from Chuck Layton), 29-0
Patrick Garwo 63 run (Jack Barreras kick), 36-0
Patrick Garwo 42 run (Jack Barreras kick), 43-0
Alex Goldsby 5 run (Jack Barreras kick), 50-0
Dajuan Harris 64 interception return (Jack Barreras kick), 57-0
John Kelley 13 run (kick failed), 63-0

OCT. 23
The date is Nov. 21, 2015, and St. Joseph's Prep has just been nipped by La Salle, 29-28, in the Catholic 4A final. Coach Gabe Infante gathers his crestfallen Hawks in the pin-drop locker room and tells them, "Men, we are going to bounce back from this in incredible fashion. Juniors, will you leave the Prep with NO MORE losses. Sophomores, you will still be perfect deep into your senior season . . . " Did something like that actually happen? No idea. But if it did, Infante could make some side-hustle money as a fortune-teller. The Hawks' winning streak is up to 21 games. They stormed to a 14-0 record in 2016 and Friday night's 28-14 win over La Salle, which clinched the Catholic Red title, upped their '17 mark to 7-0. The results for all games are below and, as you'll see, these seasons have been different while at the same time being the same. Huh? In each season, the Prep has notched the wins by roughly 24 points. But in '16, the rounded-off, per-game point total for both teams was 56 while this year it's 42. So far this season, just twice has someone scored as many as 12 points in a game and the leading scorer through seven games is the kicker, Anthony Tigano (45 points). Last year, only once did someone not score as many as 12 points in a game.

A Look at SJ Prep's 21 Consecutive Victories
Opponent W We They Leading Scorer Pts
at Oaks Christian (CA) W 49 17 D'Andre Swift 24
Don Bosco Prep (NJ) W 35 24 D'Andre Swift 12
at Wood W 43 24 Marquez McCray/Christian Waller 12
Carroll W 42 6 Khari Jones 12
at Roman W 22 10 Terrance Grene 12
Judge W 35 13 five with . . .  6
at La Salle W 63 35 D'Andre Swift 42
Ryan W 35 14 Khari Jones/Kolbe Burrell 12
Roman  6A 1/2 W 45 7 D'Andre Swift 12
La Salle  6A F  W 35 14 D'Andre Swift 18
Northeast  6A CT W 44 6 D'Andre Swift 12
Parkland  6A state 1/4 W 38 17 D'Andre Swift/Terrance Greene 12
North Penn  6A state 1/2 W 35 25 D'Andre Swift 24
Pittsburgh Cent. Cath.  6A state F W 42 7 D'Andre Swift 18
  Totals 14-0 563 219 D'Andre Swift 180
  Average   40.2 15.6    
at Tampa Jesuit (FL) W 22 7 Anthony Tigano 8
St. Peter's Prep (MJ) W 28 21 four with . . .  6
Wood W 27 7 Marques Mason 12
at Carroll W 38 6 Anthony Tigano 8
Roman W 49 0 eight with . . .  6
at Judge W 42 7 Kolbe Burrell 12
La Salle W 28 14 four with . . .  6
  Totals   234 62 Anthony Tigano 45
  Average   33.4 8.9    
  Overall Totals   797 281    
  Average   38.0 13.4    


OCT. 22
In the fourth quarter of yesterday's Penn Charter-Haverford School game, HS faced fourth-and-59 after a crazy sequence that could have been worse. HS was hit with a personal foul after roughing up PC's Terence Thompson at the end of his 80-yard TD catch, so Ryan Bradby kicked off from the Fords' 45 and hammered the kickoff into the end zone. From the 20, Logan Keller ran for nine yards. An interference call moved the ball to HS' 44. A 30-yard pass from Ben Gerber to Isaiah Winikur put the ball at PC's 26. Gerber gained five yards on a keeper, placing the ball at the 21. Then came the nuttiness. Holding call; 14 yards back to the 35. Holding call; 17 yards back to the HS 48. Incompletion. Holding call; 18 yards back to the 30. Five-yard sack, back to the 25. Holding was also called on THAT play, but PC declined the penalty. The punt by Jack Denious traveled 32 yards to PC's 43. Here are some other nutty sequences . . .
1979, Egan vs. Bensalem
  After Egan scored a late TD on a 7-yard run by QB Joe Shannon, Bensalem was hit with four consecutive penalties for personal fouls/unsportsmanlike conduct. The refs marched the ball from Egan's 40 to Bensalem's 45, then 30, then 15, then 7 1/2. We'll assume kicker Pat Guerin had no trouble reaching the end zone.

  Pic by Ed Foley

2002, Overbrook vs. Edison (played at Roxborough)
  The problems began after 'Brook earned first-and-goal at the 9. A procedure call moved the ball back to the 14. Quarterback Neil Fisher then kept
retreating and bobbing and weaving and retreating some more and finally dumped the ball, drawing an intentional-grounding penalty. The ball was
placed on the 'Brook 45. Fisher threw an incompletion, then was dropped by Brad Parker for a 15-yard loss. The Panthers faced fourth-and-goal
on the 70! (Or, their own 30, if you prefer -- smile). Coach Ken Sturm declined to show all-time brass and Keenan Brooks punted.
2007, Gratz vs. Mastbaum (played at Northeast)
  This one featured turnovers on five consecutive plays. All were lost fumbles (even though the weather was perfect). On the gameís third play,
Mastbaum's Rasheen Tookes dropped a pitchout and Gratz' Muhammad Dudley recovered. Next play: Gratz' Hal Chambliss dropped the ball
and Mastbaum's Jamil Thomas recovered. Next play: Mastbaum's Hason Franklin you-know-whated and Gratz' Elijah Akbar made a scoop and
return for 15 yards to the 10. Next play: No fumble. Woo-hoo!! But, a 10-yard scoring run by Dudley, on a reverse, was wiped out by a holding
penalty (Because the penalty was behind the line of scrimmage, that play did not count as a "play." Next play: Mastbaum's Donald Vodopija
sacked Dominic Marrow for an 11-yard loss and Mastbaum's John Turner recovered. Next play: Tookes coughed up the rock and Dudley
recovered again. It was craaaaaaazy! But the lunacy was hardly over. Five plays later, Vodopija again caused a fumble and teammate Andrew
recovered. So, thatís six lost fumbles in 10 official plays. You want more? Four plays later, against the wind, with the line of scrimmage the
14, Mastbaum's Robert Fitzhugh sent a punt pretty much straight up. The ball bounced backward and settled on the 1 for a minus-13-yarder.
Chambliss ran 1 yard for a TD. Oops. There was motion and the ball was placed at the 6. Chambliss carried four more times in a row and finally
scored from the 1 on fourth down.
2013, McDevitt vs. Conwell-Egan (played at Cheltenham)
  McDevitt was hit with 50 penalty yards after setting up for first-and-goal. "Only" 35 were marked off, however, because of offsetting personal
fouls. Stephen Leach ran for 3 yards to the 7; Leach ran for 1 yard to the 6 but three dead ball personal fouls (two vs. McDevitt) were called after
a brief dustup, moving the ball back to the 21; Max Bryson passed for 18 yards to Vincent DiLeo, but a hold in the vicinity of the tackle moved
the ball back to the 13; procedure moved it back to the 18; Bryson hit Gary Meakim for 15 yards to the 3; another procedure moved it back to
the 8; Brendan Hanagan booted a 25-yard field goal.

OCT. 21
Penn Charter 21, Haverford School 7
  Every team wants to post a shutout. But, in retrospect, PC's best moment in this noteworthy game occurred when HS jr. RB Logan Keller ran three yards for a touchdown with 6:46 remaining. How, you ask, does that make any sense? Stay with me. PC had not topped HS since 2007 and the two most recent meetings had yielded losses in three OTs (2015) and one OT (2016). So, when Keller's TD cut the lead to 14-7, some (many?) guys along the PC sideline, players and coaches included, were undoubtedly experiencing the uh-oh feeling. Not to this degree, hopefully: "Damn, I can picture this not ending well." But at least to this degree: "Hmm, I wonder where THIS is headed." Fortunately for all, any doubts were quickly erased. After the kickoff was boomed into the end zone, PC started its possession at the 20. Then? See ya in the other end zone! Sr. QB Will Samuel, who had struggled a shade to that point, threw a perfect, right-to-middle slant to jr. WR Terence Thompson. TT reached out and up and gathered in the ball maybe 15 yards upfield. Then he did about a half-spin to shake off one defender and pretty much a full spin to get away from another and then, there he was, racing down the sideline for an 80-yard score. "We DO have heart! . . . We're NOT going to crumble! . . . The streak is gonna END!" Those thoughts were dancing around in every head. A conversion toss from Samuel to jr. handyman Brendan Thomas made it 21-7 and HS was unable to score on its one remaining possession. That did start well as a 30-yard completion from jr. QB Ben Gerber to sr. WR Isaiah Winikur moved the rock 30 yards to PC's 26, and a 5-yard rush by Gerber advanced it some more, but then it was time for The Holding Festival. Holding was called on three of the next four snaps (with an incompletion mixed in) and the penalty was yardage was 14, 17 and 18 yards. That set up third and 54! Next snap? ANOTHER hold! But since Gerber was dumped for a 5-yard loss by jr. DE Ryan Maloney and soph DT Dean Crocetto, coach Tommy Coyle, understandably, declined the penalty. Damn! We could have seen a "world record," four holding calls in a five-snap span! (ha ha) Oh well. PC ran out the clock with bits-and-pieces gains from jr. RB Edward Saydee and a 22-yard keeper by Samuel that got the ball all the way to the 7. One kneel-down ended the game and started the fiiiiiinally-the-skid-is-over celebration. The game got off to a great start for PC. Thompson stormed through for a 7-yard sack and the next play, a pass basically down the middle, resulted in an interception for a late-leaping Saydee . . . and much more! He returned the ball for a 65-yard TD and Bradby nailed the PAT. Early in the second quarter, PC forced HS to lose yardage on three consecutive plays -- TFL for Thompson, back-to-back sacks for Maloney -- and a short punt put the Quakers in business at the 33. A TD would have been nice, but PC had to settle for Bradby's 32-yard field goal. The next score -- Bradby's 34-yard FG -- did not occur until the second play of the fourth quarter. A pair of decent runs by jr. backup RB Jalon Jones (14 and 21 yards) helped to set it up. Then came the Fords' scoring drive (12 plays, 70 yards) and Thompson's memorable catch-run heroics. That 80-yard connection enabled Samuel to finish 5-for-15 for 114 yards. Saydee had 114 yards of rushing-receiving. Maloney logged 2 1/2 sacks while Thompson recorded two TFLs and a sack. Eighth-grader Elijah "EJ" Statham had 1 1/2 sacks before suffering a shoulder ding. Keller turned 21 rushes into 79 yards and Gerber went 6-for-13 for 72 yards. Best wishes the rest of the way to HS coach Michael Murphy and his assistants I know -- Mike Nolan, Don Richardson, Brian Martin and Darrell Dulany. This almost felt like a Week One game in terms of the weather. Darn near hot with pretty much no wind. Crazy for Oct. 21. HS honored its seniors before the game. PC's final three league games will be played at home.

PC's starting offense . . . 
QB Will Samuel
TB Edward Saydee
SB Terence Thompson
John Washington
WR Brendan Thomas
TE Gavin Zavorski
T Luke Mattice
T Elijah Statham
G Rocco Palazzo
G Dean Crocetto
C Casey Nicastro
PC's starting defense . . .
E Ryan Maloney
Gavin Tygh
T Elijah Statham
T Wayne Derkotch
LB Terence Thompson
LB Kyle Jones
Trajan Womack
CB John Washington
CB Matthew Marshall
S Brendan Thomas
S Edward Saydee

OCT. 21
Just for the sake of balance, today's game between Haverford School and Penn Charter needs to go two OTs. After all, in 2015 three extra sessions were required (HS won, 41-40) and last year the total was one (the Fords won again, 21-20). The series between these schools goes alllllll the way back to 1887. Alas, it hasn't been gone straight through. HS was not in the Inter-Ac from 1905 through 1920 and the matchup did not take place. But since the teams met twice in 1888 -- 6-6 tie, 24-0 win for PC -- the series has included 115 tussles and PC leads, 69-40-6. PC achieved streaks of 10 (1892-1901), seven (1954-60) and 16 wins (1992-2007), and captured 27 of 28 (lost in '91) from 1980 through 2007. Since then? Nine straight wins by the Fords. The most compelling game, by far, was that 2015 affair, the longest game in I-A history. It was borderline dark as the game ended. The Fords slapped together one other impressive streak, going 11-0-4 from 1935-49. Below are the Top 10 performances in rushing/passing/receiving from 1982 through 2016. This year's game will start at 2 p.m., at HS. One other nugget: PC won the 1967 contest, 33-14, and star jr. RB Rick Mellor had quite the performance. It's almost certain he racked up over 400 all-purpose yards. As mentioned in a Daily News story I found online, Rick returned a kickoff for a 90-yard TD, had a 49-yard reception and returned a last-moments interception 73 yards to HS' 25. Complete stats are not mentioned in the story, but Rick, who played in college at Penn, was told he'd rushed for 200-plus. He's a long-time football assistant at PC, and he coached the baseball team for 33 seasons (1979-2011) before co-coaching with Jon Cross for one last campaign in '12.

Top Performances in PC-HS Series, 1982-2016
Brandon Shepherdson PC 264 1993
Dave Stilley HS 231 1991
Kenny Devenney PC 177 2000
Pat Larkin PC 171 1996
Paul McKinney HS 169 2000
Pat Delaney PC 157 1983
James Berry PC 156 1998
Pat Larkin PC 151 1994
Zachary Rego HS 141 2011
Nick Craig HS 139 2010
Tommy Toal HS 268 2015
Mark Skoczynski PC 267 1986
Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky PC 243 2015
James Hannah PC 227 2004
Larry Storm PC 212 1995
Ed Wojdon PC 190 1988
*-Matt Ryan PC 186 2001
Jeff Goane HS 184 1993
Tommy Toal HS 184 2016
James Hannah PC 161 2003
Dan Coleman HS 156 2003
Cody Sweeney PC 151 2015
Chris Nanni PC 149 1986
Tyrone Tolbert PC 123 1995
*-Daryl Worley PC 109 2010
Corey Kelley PC 107 2013
Jack Walls HS 105 1993
Eddie Bambino PC 98 2007
Mike Sullivan PC 95 1986
Steve Ley PC 93 1995
*-advanced to NFL      

OCT. 20
Below are guesses on tonight's SJ Prep-La Salle game. Among the contributors are guys with no direct ties to football. Just figured I'd give them a shot. More picks will be added tonight. Must be received by 7:30. Send to tedtee307@yahoo.com. Thanks!
  Note: Phil Martelli, the basketball coach at St. Joseph's University responded this way . . . Best High School in America 27, A Fine Institution Also 24. Ha, ha. He played hoops for the Prep and was a starter for the '71 CL champs.
  UPDATE: Keith Hines, a Frankford basketball assistant and formerly Ted's long-time stats sidekick at the Daily News, hit the SJ Prep-La Salle final score on the nose, at 28-14. Other close guesses: Former Bishop Kenrick football star Bill Conners missed by one point at 27-14; Saint Joseph's University hoops coach Phil Martelli missed by two points total at 27-13; Ryan baseball coach Nick "Chic" Chichilitti had three points too many for Prep at 31-14; referee Dan Solis-Cohen missed by three points total at 27-16; West Catholic football lensman Matt "Cauls" McCauley, four points short for Prep at 24-14. Thanks to all for their efforts! . . . Of his two-point miss, Phil Martelli joked via text, "I was unaware of each team's prolific kicking game!! Just assumed each would miss an extra point!!"

  SJ Prep La Salle
Nick Chichilitti 31-14  
Kevin Cooney 35-31  
Fran Costello 31-23  
Pat McLoone   31-30
Bill Gallagher Sr.   21-14
John Knebels   30-27
Joe Mason 27-21  
Ernie Gallagher   10-7
Gerry Sasse 31-10  
Frog Carfagno 31-17  
Keith Hines 28-14  
Amauro Austin 31-23  
Joe DiGrazio 38-28  
Matt McCauley 24-14  
Bill Conners Sr. 27-14  
Joe Messina 35-17  
Tom Kirk   35-31
Big Willie McGonigle 31-28  
Dave Cebular 31-20  
Steve Nejman 28-7  
Dan Fitzgerald   34-28 OT
Dan DiBerardinis 28-24  
Jon "Duck" Gray 24-21  
Phil Gormley 44-14  
Keith Morris 35-24  
Joe McCourt 21-7  
Marty Weiss 28-21  
Carl Arrigale 28-21  
Joe DeBarberie 34-20  
Colin Leach   35-31
Ed Barkowitz 23-13  
Jim DiGuiseppe Jr. 31-21  
Tom Kehoe 21-7  
Ed "Huck" Palmer 28-20  
Woody Burke   27-23
Dan Solis-Cohen 27-16  
Phil Martelli 27-13  
Kenny Devenney   38-35
Dan Hoban 35-21  
Craig Conlin   28-24
Greg "Bubba" Bernhardt   23-21
Tom Oropeza   31-28
John Mosco 24-17  
Tom Kossuth 24-17  
Brett Greenberg   31-27
Jerry Greenberg   24-20
Kevin Pellegrini 35-28  
Bob Dillon 42-14  
Tom Meakim   31-28
Chris Stoffere 20-0  
Tony Coulter   28-21
Bill Zeits 20-10  

OCT. 20
The latest meeting in the Catholic League's best rivalry will take place tonight, 8 p.m. at Widener University. Will there be anything close to the fireworks created in the 2016 regular season meeting? It's gonna be hard, folks. In that one SJ Prep's D'Andre Swift, who's already making noise at Georgia, exploded for seven TDs in the Hawks' 63-35 win. He rushed for 275 yards and six scores and added six more points on a reception, thus becoming the second player in Catholic League history to post seven TDs in one game. La Salle and Prep are 4-0 in Catholic Red play while Wood sits right behind at 4-1. Wood is off this week and next week's schedule will give us La Salle-Wood and Prep-Ryan. The Prep last year swept the two meetings with La Salle, 63-35 and 35-14. The teams have met 31 times in this century and the Prep owns 22 victories. Prior to the 2013 season, La Salle had captured eight of the last 12 contests. But the Hawks are now on a 7-1 run and the successes vs. La Salle have led to state titles in 2013, '14 and '16. All time, the Prep leads the series, 49-36-5. Best runs: the Hawks were 13-0-3 from 1920-43, the Explorers were 14-3 from 1976-92 and the Hawks answered with 13-0 dominance from 1999-through the regular season meeting in '05; La Salle broke its skid on Thanksgiving. Immediately below are the top 10 performances in rushing, passing and receiving from 2000 through 2016. Below that are guys who would have made the top list, going back to the first season (1982) in which we began publishing stat leaders each Tuesday in the Daily News. If you can't make it to tonight's game, you can pay $10 and watch it here via Sports Fan Base Network.

Top Performances in La Salle-SJ Prep Games in This Century
RUSHING         PASSING         RECEIVING      
D'Andre Swift Prep 275 2016   Drew Loughery La S 378 2008   Pete Chromiak Prep 171 2000
Danny Jones Prep 251 2003   Chris Kane La S 328 2012   Sean Coleman La S 138 2012
Jamir Livingston Prep 250 2006   Drew Loughery La S 318 2008   Anthony Johnson Prep 137 2008
Jamal Abdur-Rahman La S 243 2010   Drew Loughery La S 297 2009   Pete Chromiak Prep 130 2000
Kyle Ambrogi Prep 226 2000   John Harrison La S 290 2006   Jack Forster La S 123 2006
Kyle Ambrogi Prep 205 2001   Chris Martin Prep 276 2013   Sam Feleccia La S 119 2008
John Shaw Prep 202 2004   Jack Clements Prep 232 2014   Jamal Abdur-Rahman La S 112 2008
Syaire Madden La S 202 2016   Kyle Shurmer La S 222 2013   Chris Garzone La S 101 2003
Olamide Zaccheaus Prep 198 2012   Mike McGann Prep 198 2000   Brett Mallee La S 98 2016
D'Andre Swift Prep 176 2016   Mike McGann Prep 195 2000   Sam Feleccia La S 97 2008
        Tom LaMorte La S 195 2016          
****Guys Who Slapped Together Strong Performances in La Salle-Prep Games from 1982-99****
Jess Sodaski Prep 160 1993   Brett Gordon La S 323 1997   Tim Kueny Prep *145 1986
Aaron Brown Prep 150 1997   Frank Costa Prep 271 1988   Jim Jankiewicz Prep 130 1998
        Steve Comly Prep 241 1998   Chikwere "Obi" Amachi La S 121 1997
        Brett Gordon La S 240 1996   Brian Kraus Prep 116 1995
        David Hand Prep 220 1995   Andy Cobaugh Prep 109 1988
                  *-on 3 catches

OCT. 19
Off the first week of Inter-Ac play, you gotta think Malvern and/or Episcopal have decent shots at capturing the Inter-Ac championship. The teams will meet tomorrow night at Episcopal and the result will be very important. Here's hoping this year's game matches last year's in terms of entertainment value . . . Episcopal won, 37-34. The Top 8 performances in rushing, passing and receiving from 1982 through 2016 are listed below. There were no meetings before MP joined the Inter-Ac for the 1950 season and the Friars have truly been dominant, at 47-17-3. They won every game from 1971-80 and again from 2005-11. EA had two small runs with two wins and a tie -- 1981-83 and 1990-92. The top rushing performance is not a typo. Malvern's Troy Gallen did indeed rush for 372 yards! Also, thanks to Kyle Virbitsky, EA now has two guys in the receiving category.

Top Performances in MP-EA Series, 1982-2016
Troy Gallen MP 372 2013
Brian FitzPatrick EA 222 2004
Chris Downs MP 216 1997
Chris Flynn EA 197 1983
O'Shaan Allison MP 194 2015
Michael Treston MP 184 2001
Zac Fernandez MP 180 2014
Mike McGillian EA 160 1998
Adam Strouss EA 257 2012
CJ McAnallly EA 242 2016
Ryan Whayland EA 237 2013
Kevin Doyle MP 230 2015
Drew Gunther MP 228 2016
Mike Ryan MP 186 1998
Alex Hornibrook MP 148 2014
Frank Mascaro EA 144 1987
Ian Strain EA 141 2012
Mike Ambrose MP 138 1998
Kyle Virbitsky EA 113 2016
Mike Melvin MP 111 2002
Joe Hoban MP 90 2006
Zac Fernandez MP 89 2016
Kevin Barr MP 85 2000
Frank Oschell MP 84 1991

OCT. 18
What were the chances? In Week 7, Lincoln sr. Sam Karr broke the Public League record for rushing yards in one game with 418 yards (and seven TDs, one short of that record) vs. Washington. Then came Week 8 and . . . Overbrook sr. WR Moriba Perry broke the city record for receiving yards in one game with 284 vs. Southern, and tied the mark for TD catches with four. This game was quite the lengthy track meet and Southern won it, 54-42, in roughly three hours. Lincoln assistant Joe DiGrazio first tabulated Karr's stats and website legend Ed "Huck" Palmer confirmed the numbers by watching the game tape on Hudl. He even found two extra yards for Karr. As for the Overbrook-Southern game . . . Mark "Frog" Carfagno, also a great contributor to this website through the years, is a long-time buddy of Southern coach Frank "Roscoe" Natale and keeps stats at the Rams' games. He double-checked/confirmed his in-person numbers for Perry by watching that tape on Hudl. Perry needed just eight catches to reach 284 yards. Here they are, in order: 54 yards, 8, 50 (TD), 30 (TD), 5, 10, 62 (TD) and 65 (TD). The QB was sr. Wilbur Smith, who went 13-for-28 for 374 yards and six TDs. The city record for receiving yards had been owned by Roman's Will Fuller (276 in 2011), who's now in his second season with the Houston Texans. The Pub mark for passing yardage is 409 by Central's Mike Roche in 1986. Smith now shares the TD standard with Fels' Tyree Rucker, who fired his six in 2010. Thanks for your hustle on this, Frog, and congrats to Moriba and Wilbur!

OCT. 17
Assuming the boxscores I found for games involving Bishop Egan's 1970 Catholic League champs were correct, these guys were part of an all-time occurrence. Through the 13-game season (8-3-2 record), NO guys scored more than one TD in any game. That is crazy, right? Especially for a championship team that totaled 227 points. Beyond that, Tim Koch did score 12 points vs. La Salle and eight vs. Woodrow Wilson. In each game, he scored a TD and kicked PAT for the other points. The quarterback was Dick Bedesem Jr., son of coach Dick Bedesem.

Breakdown for Touchdowns Scored by Bishop Egan's 1970 Catholic League Champs
Opponent Points TD Scorers
Neshaminy 0 None
McDevitt 12 Dick Bedesem, John Schailey
North Catholic 12 Dick Bedesem, Mike Fogarty
Kenrick 28 Dick Bedesem, John Schailey, Mike Fogarty, Bob Brett
Judge 23 Dick Bedesem, Bob Brett, Mark Donahue
SJ Prep 8 John Schailey
Wood 21 Dick Bedesem, John Schailey, Mark Donahue
La Salle 42 Dick Bedesem, Mike Fogarty, Bob Brett, Mark Donahue, Tim Koch, Chuck Baker
Ryan 23 Dick Bedesem, John Schailey, Gerry Gallagher
Dougherty 18 John Schailey, Mike Fogarty, Tim Koch
Woodrow Wilson 14 Mike Fogarty, Tim Koch
*St. James 20 Dick Bedesem, John Schailey, Mark Donahue
#Central 6 Mike Fogarty 
*-CL final . . . #-City Title

OCT. 16
  Aside from one of the coolest names in local football history, Episcopal jr. RB DeeWil Barlee has plenty of production to offer. Through six games this season for the 4-2 Churchmen, DB owns a scoring average (17.0) that even a basketball player would be proud to call his own. Beyond that, he has scored 60.7 percent of his team's points. The Daily News began compiling stats in 1981 and nine Inter-Ac players have averaged at least 14.7. Barlee's current number ranks third. But as you'll see on the list below, his number for percentage of his team's points ranks first. Episcopal has accumulated 1,843 scrimmage yards so far and DeeWil has contributed 61.5 percent (862 ground, 272 air). The team's totals are 1,283 and 560. As provided by coach Todd Fairlie, here are the names of EA's primary blockers -- soph C Dom Minicozzi, sr. G Harry Riley, sr. G Mike McFillin, jr. T Ryan Rockenbach, sr. T Adam Klein and jr. TE Jack Purcell. . . Ibraheim and Rashad Campbell are brothers. Ibraheim and EA's Kyle Eckel advanced to the NFL. DeeWil's brother, Dee, was also a star RB for EA. He's now a soph at Ursinus and sees some time at RB. One note about the list: Overall, Matt Blewitt scored 38.7 percent of Germantown Academy's points in 1997. But we let him slide with 43.5 (smile) because he missed one game with an injury.    

Inter-Ac's Top Season Scorers, Points Per Game, 1981-2017
Name School Year PPG Team Player Pct.
Ibraheim Campbell Chestnut Hill 2009 18.0 325 180 55.4
Chris Downs Malvern 1997 17.3 333 190 57.1
DeeWil Barlee Episcopal 2017 17.0 168 102 60.7
Rashad Campbell Chestnut Hill 2007 16.2 162 341 47.5
Troy Gallen Malvern 2013 16.0 361 144 39.9
Malik Twyman Haver. School 2016 15.4 335 154 45.9
Matt Blewitt Gtn. Academy 1997 15.3 317 138 43.5
Alex Holcombe Gtn. Academy 2006 15.2 278 152 54.7
Chris Flynn Episcopal 1983 15.0 240 120 50.0
Kyle Eckel Episcopal 1998 14.7 250 132 52.8

OCT. 15
The scores came rolling in and by the time the last one was received . . . Hmm, how often does THIS happen? As in, how often do six Catholic League teams score at least 40 points in the same weekend? Not too often. This was Week 8 and we had to go back to that same week in 2011. The respective breakdowns are below. 2011's Explosive Six topped 2017's version by 30 points, 294-264.

CL's Most Recent Weeks With Six 40-Point Outbursts
School Points Opponent Leading Scorer Points
  WEEK 8, 2011        
McDevitt 60 Conwell-Egan Keith Young 28
O'Hara 60 Carroll Jay Watkins 18
Wood 49 Bonner Desmon Peoples 12
SJ Prep 42 Roman Eric Medes 12
Judge 42 Lansdale Matt Smalley 18
La Salle 41 Ryan six with . . .  6
  Total 294      
  WEEK 8, 2017        
West 50 Bonner-Prendie Da'Vion Kidd Jackson 14
Wood 49 Carroll two with . . .  12
La Salle 42 Roman three with . . .  12
SJ Prep 42 Judge Kolbe Burrell 12
McDevitt 41 Ryan Lonnie Rice 18
Neumann-Goretti 40 Lansdale Qaadir Monroe 14
  Total 264      

OCT. 14
Malvern 23, Penn Charter 9

  Somebody's streak had to go . . . and it would not be Malvern's. The Friars now own 11 consecutive wins over PC and the Quakers have not gotten off to a 6-0 start. Though the argument is often made that football is the ultimate team sport, you could make the case that this game was truly decided by one guy -- jr. WR-LB Keith Maguire. Somehow, the first 18 minutes and 8 seconds were scoreless, then Maguire made a terrific leaping catch on a right-corner fade from classmate Drew Gunther to notch a 7-yard TD. (On the preceding play, sr. WR Quinn McCahon also made a nifty snag on a low pass close to the left sideline. That play netted 21 yards). After sr. Garrett Reilly nailed the PAT, PC sr. QB Will Samuel dropped back and fired a pass over the middle. Maguire was exactly where he needed to be and made the interception. Plus, he raced 27 yards to the 7, though a holding flag limited his actual yardage production and placed the ball at the 25. No matter. The Friars of first-year coach Dave Gueriera followed with a drips-and-drabs, six-play drive and sr. RB O'Shaan Allison scored from the 3. A jarring sequence, to say the least. Eighteen-plus minutes of scoreless ball, then 14-0 just like that. PC's rough stretch wasn't over. Malvern jr. K Sebastian Constantini, with no help from any hint of wind, absolutely blasted the kickoff to, in effect, the minus-9 yard line. On first down, there was a way-errant snap and star jr. RB Edward Saydee was tackled in the end zone for a safety after he scrambled back there, recovered the ball and did his best to try to salvage the play. Malvern scored another TD on the fourth play after receiving the free-kick by jr. Terence Thompson. (Soph Ryan Bradby was playing soccer on the adjacent field.) The score was registered by Allison (32 carries, 171 yards) on a 35-yard run that mixed power and moves. Twenty-three points in 3:32. Opting not to go the shrinking-violet route, PC made its way onto the scoreboard with a three-play, 66-yard drive that produced the TD on a 39-yard, catch-and-run effort by sr. WR John Washington. "Wash" showed maximum effort while making sure plenty of guys with decent chances didn't bring him down. That score made the combined output 29 points in 4 minutes, 12 seconds. Phew! By comparison, not much happened in the third quarter. In the late going, Saydee's 6-yard run placed the rock at the 1. PC opted for a pitchout instead of a sneak/power run and, oops, Edward was dropped for a 5-yard loss by sr. LB Cole McCabe. Thompson guided a 24-yard field goal through the uprights two plays later. Remember that Keith Maguire guy? He again imposed his will with 4:08 remaining. PC had the ball at Malvern's 29 after sr. DT Ryan Betz, a force all day, broke through and recorded a 16-yard sack. Again, Samuel looked downfield over the middle and, again, Maguire acted as if he'd been tabbed as the intended receiver. Up into the air he went, and down with the ball he came. Had the Quakers converted that drive (and/or the one just beforehand that reached MP's 15 before jr. LB Quincy Watson and soph LB Chris Bockrath combined to stop Samuel on a fourth-down, left-side flushout), the stretch run could have been VERY interesting. Instead, it wasn't. . . Saydee finished with 37 yards on 13 carries, but PC got him enough room to turn five catches into 108 yards. Samuel passed 18-for-36 for 264 yards and the other productive receivers aside from Saydee were sr. handyman Trajan Womack (4-44), Thompson (3-49) and Washington (2-41). Some of the catches were made in traffic and involved major hits, so kudos to the guys for hanging on. On defense, Thompson made two TFLs, soph LB Kyle Jones posted one TFL and two half-TFLs, and jr. DE Ryan Maloney/jr. DB Gavin Tygh had sacks. . . . This game was Malvern's Homecoming. The crowd was impressive and the campus was all dressed up with Halloween/fall displays. Among MP's Hall of Fame inductees were three guys who played one or more major sports: Luke Leslie, Derrick Downs and Ryan Edginton. Congrats, guys! When Thompson took a hard hit that caused a momentary delay, a PC fan yelled, "Stay there! . . . Take a nap! . . . Get some rest!" TT definitely deserved a hint of down time. PC grad Aaron "Ace" Carter, of budding video fame (aside from writing -- smile), was on hand to cover the game for the Inky. Stay strong through all these changes in our beloved industry, Ace. OK, now sit tight. I'm going to try not to miss anybody. It was great to see these people, of assorted fame: Mike McGlinchey, John Loughery Sr., Mike Ryan Sr., Mike Ryan Jr., Joe "Pulse" DiTullio, Joe Redican, Joe Sells, Chuck Chinici, Tony Nabb, Jim Panetta, Kurt Ruch, Jim Tucker, Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky, John Grace, Billy Costello . . .

PC's starting offense . . . 
QB Will Samuel
TB Edward Saydee
SB Terence Thompson
John Washington
WR Brendan Thomas
TE Gavin Zavorski
T Luke Mattice
T Ryan Wreath
G Elijah Statham
G Dean Crocetto
C Casey Nicastro
PC's starting defense . . .
E Ryan Maloney
Gavin Tygh
NG Elijah Statham
LB Terence Thompson
LB Kyle Jones
LB Andre' O'Neal
CB John Washington
CB Matthew Marshall
S Brendan Thomas
S Edward Saydee
S Trajan Womack

OCT. 14
Once again, West Catholic has racked up at least 50 points vs. a fellow Catholic League member. Last night at Widener University, the Burrs rolled past Bonner-Prendergast, 50-0, and eight guys scored points. Sr. QB Da'Vion Kidd-Jackson led the way with 14. This was the Burrs' 19th 50-pointer in this century vs. CLers. How many occurred beforehand? Just one. In 1943, West powered to 59 points against St. John's, of Manayunk, a small school that was in the CL for just 15 seasons (1935-49) and often absorbed major lumps. Its league record during that stretch was 17-84-13. West's leading scorer in that 1943 game was John Tulskie, who notched four touchdowns.

West Catholic's 50-Point Explosions vs. Catholic League Oppoents
Year Opponent Pts Leading Scorer Pts
2017 Bonner-Prendie 50 Da'Vion Kidd-Jackson 14
2014 Conwell-Egan 54 Ahkil Crumpton 14
2013 McDevitt 52 Greg White 20
  Carroll 50 Greg White 36
2012 Conwell-Egan 52 Greg White 18
2011 Conwell-Egan 50 David Williams 18
2009 Kennedy-Kenrick 62 two with 12
  Dougherty 57 Brandon Hollomon 14
2008 Carroll 63 Rob Hollomon 18
  Kennedy-Kenrick 50 two with 12
  Dougherty 64 two with 12
  McDevitt 62 two with 36
  *Kennedy-Kenrick 63 Rob Hollomon 36
  Carroll 56 Rob Hollomon 30
2007 Kennedy-Kenrick 57 Raymond Maples 18
2006 Dougherty 51 Dennis Shaw 24
2005 Conwell-Egan 53 Dennis Shaw 18
2003 McDevitt 56 Curtis Brinkley 38
2002 *Neumann 55 Curtis Brinkley 24
1943 St. John's 59 John Tulskie 24

OCT. 13
Inter-Ac League play starts tomorrow and Penn Charter will visit Malvern for a 2 o'clock game. Will it again resemble the 4rh of July? As in, will we again see serious offensive fireworks? Can't imagine to THAT degree, but who knows. In last year's tilt, won by Malvern, 35-28, the former's Zac Fernandez rushed for 326 yards and four TDs on 36 carries and the latter's Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky passed for 316 yards and two TDs while going 25-for-42. That's 78 plays involving just two guys, not to mention the 642 yards. PC's Chris Tucker made 10 catches for 153 yards and two TDs. There were 130 total plays (65 apiece) and Malvern won the yardage battle, 447-445. The game took 6 hours, 22 minutes (slight exaggeration -- smile). Anyway . . .   As noted in previous postings on this matter, the MP-PC series began in 1949, when the former won a non-league affair, 7-0. Malvern, which owns a 43-24-1 advantage, joined the Inter-Ac for the '50 season. Streaks: PC, eight wins in a row from 1952-59; PC, six from 1963-68; Malvern, 13 from 1969-81; Malvern, 10 from 2007 to now. On the list below, Chris and Derrick Downs are brothers. John Loughery, Pat McCain and Mike McGlinchey are cousins. Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan, another cousin, was on this list in 2014, but his 173 no longer qualifies. Alex Hornibrook, now starting for Wisconsin, is the nephew of former MLB catcher Ben Davis, who's also a Malvern product. John Loughery's dad, John, was a star QB for PC in the late '70s. The other three guys are his sisters' kids. PC's Pat Delaney is the brother of actress Kim Delaney, who starred in "All My Children" and "NYPD Blue", among other endeavors. PC receiver Daryl Worley is in his second year as a starting cornerback for the Carolina Panthers.

Top Performances in Malvern-Penn Charter Series, 1982-2016
RUSHING         PASSING         RECEIVING      
Zac Fernandez MP 326 2016   Mike Hnatkowsky PC 316 2016   Daryl Worley PC 175 2012
Chris Downs MP 276 1996   John Loughery PC 298 2009   Joe Price MP 170 2008
O'Shaan Allison MP 253 2015   Pat McCain PC 275 2012   Chris Tucker PC 153 2016
Chris Downs MP 214 1997   Alex Hornibrook MP 264 2014   David Martina PC 138 2009
Bobby Hill MP 210 2009   Billy Conners MP 244 2008   Troy Gallen MP 123 2013
Shawn Wilson MP 196 2011   Larry Storm PC 224 1995   Tyrone Tolbert PC 123 1995
Ian Mitchell MP 183 2005   John Loughery PC 195 2008   Billy McKinney PC 117 2000
James Berry PC 159 1998   James Hannah PC 189 2003   Troy Gallen MP 110 2012
Derrick Downs MP 154 1994   Alex Hornibrook MP 186 2013   Mike McGlinchey PC 100 2012
Pat Delaney PC 153 1984   Brendan McNally PC 184 2005   Trevor Morris MP 96 2014

OCT. 12
  Bonner-Prendergast, O'Hara and Carroll can be found in Delaware County . . . and often at each other's throats. B-P and O'Hara are white-hot rivals and Carroll is 1A for both. This is season No. 49 for all three together as Catholic League members and through seven weeks they have combined for eight wins. The trio's record for wins is 30 and it was set in 2001. The low-water mark is seven in 2006. Here are the Top 10 and Bottom 10 win totals along with W-L-T breakdowns. In '94, Bonner beat Carroll in the CL championship game, 21-0. Last year, O'Hara beat B-P, 22-12, for the CL AAAA title.

Combined Good-Bad Years for B-P/Carroll/O'Hara, 1969-2016
Year Bonner Carroll O'Hara Total
--- Top 10 Win Totals ---
2001 10   2   0  12   1   0    8   4   0 30
1985    9   3   0    7   4   1  12   2   0  28
2000    4   8   0   13   0   0   10   2   0 27
1976    6   4   0  10   1   1    8   2   0 24
1984    9   3   0   10   4   0    5   5   1 24
1994  11   2   0     9   2   2    4   5   1 24
1973    4   5   0    7   2   1  12   0   0 23
1980    5   5   0    7   4   0    11   2   0   23
1990    6   4   0  11   2   0    6   5   0 23
2004    4   9   0    8   5   0  11   1   0 23
--- Bottom 10 Win Totals ---
2006    0 11   0    4   7   0    3   8   0 7
2015    4   6   0    3   8   0    1   9   0 8
2013    3   8   0    3   6   0    4   6   0 10
2014    8   2   0    2   8   0    1   9   0 11
1969    5   3   1    1   8   1    6   4   0 12
1992    7   5   0    1   9   0    4   6   0 12
1995    4   7   0    4   6   0    4   6   0 12
1970    4   6   0    3   7   0    6   3   0 13
2011    6   5   0    1   9   0    6   4   0 13
2012    4   7   0    4   6   0    5   5   0 13

OCT. 11
  What a difference a year makes . . . In the first five games of St. Joseph's Prep's 2016 season, then-junior Marquez McCray passed 61-for-105 for 896 yards and nine touchdowns. Through five games this year, his numbers are 37-for-68 for 417 yards and four TDs. What's going on? A MAJOR change in personnel, for one thing. In 2016, the Hawks' six most productive receivers were seniors. Over that whole season they combined for 2,079 yards and 20 TDs on 133 catches. Seven guys have caught passes in both seasons. This year's leaders are Brandon Sanders and Johnny Freeman, who last year made just two receptions apiece. If these assorted circumstances had occurred at some schools, the Year Two losses would outnumber the wins and spirits would be down. Not at the Prep. The Hawks have rolled to a 5-0 start while racking up 32.8/8.2 scoring advantage.

Stats for SJ Prep's Only Two-Year Receivers
Year Name Rec. Yards TDs
2016 James Cherry 6 33 0
2017 James Cherry 5 68 1
2016 Johnny Freeman 2 50 1
2017 Johnny Freeman 8 150 1
2016 Vaughn Hines 1 45 0
2017 Vaughn Hines 2 18 0
2016 Anthony Leneghan 4 12 1
2017 Anthony Leneghan 2 9 0
2016 Marques Mason 2 19 0
2017 Marques Mason 3 42 0
2016 Brandon Sanders 2 22 0
2017 Brandon Sanders 13 149 3
2016 Jack Sutton 1 5 0
2017 Jack Sutton 2 10 0

OCT. 10
Their graduations from Roman Catholic took place 22 years apart and their football journeys led to the same place, the NFL. As we all know, Marvin Harrison forged ahead into the NFL Hall of Fame. Will Fuller is only two years into his career with the Houston Texans and who knows how great his career will go? In one category, he's outdone Marvin. Not until his fourth season, in 1999, did Marvin post two consecutive games with at least two TD catches. Will has already accomplished the feat, and he did so coming off an injury. The breakdown for both guys is below. Pretty amazing: In Will's two games, two-thirds of his six snags went for TDs. Counting Roman, Notre Dame and Houston, Will owns 332 catches for 5,619 yards (16.9 average) and 63 TDs. Marvin's totals for 20 seasons at Roman, Syracuse and Indianapolis: 1,388 catches, 19,645 yards (14.2 average) and 163 TDs.
  UPDATE: It's likely Marvin and Will are the only "Our Guys" who've accomplished this feat. Via www.pro-football-reference.com, I checked game-by-game breakdowns for the following players -- some were primarily RBs -- and none posted back-to-back games with at least two receiving TDs . . . Anthony Becht, Curtis "Boonah" Brinkley, Corey Brown, John Cappelletti, Dick Christy, Don Clune, Angelo Coia, Kevin Jones, Leroy Kelly, Larry Marshall, Mike McCloskey, Andy Nacrelli, Bob Oristaglio, Johnny Papit, Bo Roberson, Steve Slaton, Maurice Stovall, Jaelen Strong, Wendell Tucker, Charles Way, Frank Wycheck. If you can think of someone else, please speak up. Thanks.

Consecutive Games With at Least Two TD Catches
Marvin Harrison
Year When Opponent Rec. Yards TDs
1999 Week 1 Buffalo 8 121 2
  Week 2 New England 7 105 3
2002 Week 9 EAGLES 6 137 2
  Week 10 Dallas 14 138 2
2003 Week 4 New Orleans 6 158 3
  Week 5 Tampa Bay 11 176 2
2004 Week 6 Jacksonville 5 70 2
  Week 7 Kansas City 5 119 2
2006 Week 14 Cincinnati 8 86 3
  Week 15 Houston 8 112 2
Will Fuller
Year When Opponent Rec. Yards TDs
2017 Week 4 Tennessee 4 35 2
  Week 5 Kansas City 2 57 2

Click here for a highlight video of this game from Hudl. One TD, especially, is beyond incredible.
  Sam Karr
wasn't the only guy working like crazy last Friday afternoon as visiting Abraham Lincoln pasted George Washington, 48-22, in a Public League game. So was Joe DiGrazio. Joe, formerly a star linebacker for the Railsplitters ('05 grad), is an assistant coach under head man Ed McGettigan and also serves as the statistician. His figures showed Karr, a 5-10, 177-pound senior, rushed 21 times for 416 yards and seven TDs. Because the total was so impressive, and everybody involved wanted to make sure it was correct, Joe agreed that our own beyond-supreme stat man, Ed "Huck" Palmer, should watch the game tape via Hudl and cross-check the numbers. Guess what? Karr now has two more yards! Huck's play-by-play scrutiny came out to 21 carries for 418 yards. The breakdown: 15 for 158 in the first half -- with TDs of 1, 10 and 33 yards -- and 6 for 260 in the second -- with TDs of 15, 80, 55 and 50. The other carries in the second half went for 65 yards, right before the 15-yard TD, and for minus-5, right before the 55-yard TD. Sam also rushed for two conversions, so his point total is 46. This 418-yard outburst is No. 1 in Public League history, topping 337 by Bartram's Paul Northern in 1995. The city record is 453 by Germantown Academy's Reed Marko in 2007; Karr's number ranks second. The city record for points in one game is 48 by Bartram's Hector Scott in 1982 (on eight rushing TDs). Thanks to Joe and Huck for their help and click here for a story by Joe Mason of the Northeast Times (written when the number was 416). . . Also, here's a comment from Joe about Sam: "He's a great kid, too. One of the most humble kids I've ever met."

OCT. 9
  O'Hara has posted at least four shutouts in four of this century's 18 seasons and B.J. "Butch" Hogan has been prominent in three of them. This is his second year as the head coach and in 2000 he was a first team All-City defensive back. This year's defense, as coordinated by Jim Connor in tandem with Mike Connor, has yet to allow a touchdown. Chester scored on a fumble return and McDevitt posted a pick-six (along with a field goal). O'Hara is the fourth school to post at least four blankings in consecutive seasons, joining Carroll in 2000-01, SJ Prep in 2005-06 and Wood in 2007-08. That 2000 Carroll powerhouse racked up eight shutouts and Episcopal claims Inter-Ac honors with six in 2012.

O'Hara's Starters

CL/I-A Teams With at Least Shutouts, 2000-17

Pos. Name Year School Shutouts Streak
E Ken Borrelli 2017 O'Hara 4 2 in a row (twice)
E Tyric Gould 2016 O'Hara 4 2 in a row 
T Kendall Jones 2013 Judge 4 3 in a row
T Tom Wertz 2012 Episcopal 6 3 in a row
OLB Taseer Jones 2011 Wood 5 none
ILB Jamir Redd   Malvern 4 none
ILB Cameron Blair 2010 La Salle 4 none
OLB Jalen Smith   O'Hara 5 3 in a row (and 2)
CB Justin Santilla 2009 McDevitt 4 2 in a row  
CB Derrick Patrick 2008 Wood 5 5 in a row
S Josh McCalister   Malvern 4 none
    2007 Judge 4 2 in a row
      Wood 5 4 in a row
      Chestnut Hill 5 2 in a row (twice)
    2006 SJ Prep 5 2 in a row
    2005 La Salle 4 2 in a row
      SJ Prep 4 2 in a row
      West Catholic 6 2 in a row
      Malvern 5 2 in a row